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  • Did anyone watch X Factor at all tonight?? CHRISTOPHER MOLONEY'S EYES OF DEATH WILL KILL US ALL.

  • In unrelated news, I recently spent weeks trying to work out who the posh woman in The Paradise is and meaning to look it up. Only to find out yesterday that she's Abby Mills from Harper's Island. HER ACTING STYLE IS VERY DIFFERENT IN THE PARADISE. No wonder I didn't connect the two roles.

I went to Thought Bubble in Leeds today. I do love Thought Bubble. I spent quite a lot, as usual, but it's only once a year. And some of the artists you never see there again. I still wish I'd picked up a poster from Sister Claire's artist the first year. But oh well. My dream is to one day have enough money left from buying books to be able to buy some of the art on sale there. Because it is quite beautiful. But a lot of the artists, at least, do seem to come back year after year, I guess because doing commissions at a con is often pretty good business for them. But before any of you think about judging me, I would just like to point out that the guy who does Romantically Apocalyptic was there, and he was selling his books for £40 each. And I was sort of tempted to get one, because they're always going to be £40, and this way at least I would save on shipping. But I didn't! I just spent at least £40 on OTHER books!

Also, I got a cuddly Mameshiba. Which I adore. I didn't even know you could buy them.

I also got a letter from the DWP today. Well, I got 3 letters. The first was to tell me that they were going to pay me through my appeal, £61 a week from 12th October. The second was to tell me that they were going to pay me through my appeal, £61 a week from 18th October. The third was to tell me that since they were going to pay me through my appeal, they were going to need doctor's certificates again, so I should get one into them by 12th October. So yes. They're planning to pay me, at least. I don't know exactly how it's going to work with the doctor's certificates, but before I stopped needing them (for a bit) they were happy to just give continuing ones that I could pick up from the reception, without needing to see a doctor. Obviously I haven't been getting them for a few months now, but given that my condition is ongoing, maybe they'll be willing to do another continuation again? And if they are going to - or even if they're not going to - I might be able to ask them to backdate it, since, as I say, my condition is ongoing. I don't know. I'll need to call them this week. But at least the DWP are happy to pay me. And I'd still like to check with an advice organisation that they won't have any leverage to ask me for it all back if I lose my appeal, so I can feel comfortable spending it, but I don't think they will. It would make the ESA and appeal process even more unfair if they could do things like that. So hopefully, I'll at least have some money coming in for the next few months (although not as much as I did before, unfortunately).

Kate Beaton was supposedly at Thought Bubble. But when I went by her stall in the afternoon she wasn't there (that I could see), and there was nothing on sale that I particularly wanted to buy. And when I went by again before I left, just for the novelty of seeing her in the flesh, there was a sign on her stall saying she wouldn't be back for another 45 minutes. A more suspicious person would suspect maybe she wasn't there at all. But she probably was. Just away from me.

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Things That Have Happened:

I had a birthday. And I partied like it was my birthday. It was an odd day, sort of. It started off with my sister (who I'm not talking to) calling me up at 11am, while I was in bed but not asleep, to wish me a happy birthday, and let my MN wish me a happy birthday. She started talking very excitedly about what I was doing later, and she didn't know what our/our mum's plans were. Also she kept asking me if I was okay, because I sounded a bit 'down' and quiet. My non-verbal signs that I didn't want to talk to her apparently weren't working. Anyway, she also apparently asked my mum what was happening that day, whether we were all going round to hers for cake as usual. Which is what I TOTALLY THOUGHT SHE WOULD DO. But we worked it out, basically, we've just made some plans that didn't involve going to see her. It still feels mean, but I just really don't want to see her, or deal with her on my birthday. Anyway. As it was nice weather, I went out to our local town gardens, then met my mum and ON out of school and we went to a local tearoom for some cake. Then I went for my counselling in Wakefield, and when I came out I went and met up with mum, dad and my ON at the Pizza Hut in Wakefield and we had dinner. Yesterday my MN came over as usual, and we had my birthday cake and candles and stuff, and sent most of the cake back to their house. So he didn't feel left out either.

And the birthday celebrations are sort of still going on. I expressed a wish to go to Cannon Hall Farm, as it is spring and they tend to have lots of baby animals, unlike our local farm shops. So we're doing that tomorrow. And then mum said we can go out for dinner on Sunday, which is also partly because it's Easter next week and I will be in London. It's really nice all of it. My only concern is that it's a little bit full-on, doing all these things, given that I've still got a bunch of appointments next week and then a trip to London to gear up for. But I'm pacing myself and I'm having quite a few days off, so I'll probably be fine.

I also got my feedback from last Friday's interview on Monday. It's a bit confusing really, because the woman said she could only find one HR form for me - making it sound like there should have been more - and she said there were eight questions in the interview, when I'm pretty sure there were nine. There were three people and they had three questions each. But whatever. In any case it was weird, because the questions I thought I'd done worst on were the questions I'd done the best on, and the questions I thought I'd done better on, I did worse on. She told me the marks I got out of ten for each question, and the first three, where I really felt like I was babbling and not saying much of relevance in, I got 8s and 7s for, while the rest were all 4s and 5s. But anyway. It suggests what I need to work on, in any case. I also called my Employment Coach, and told her about the feedback, and she sort of agreed with me that the fact they weren't giving me any sort of feedback, or asking me to expand on any answers - especially when I was only getting 4s and 5s - was a bit weird, and maybe they weren't exactly the best at interviewing either. But anyway. It's nice to know it wasn't a complete disaster, and like I say, I've got things to think about and work on for next time, at least.

Other things that have happened, in the week when I had the interview, included my finally finishing two games, The Darkness and Wet. It was sort of funny really, I'd not played either of them for about three months while playing Saints Row 2 and Skyrim, and had studiously avoided looking anything about them up in case of spoilers, and then when I actually started playing them again it only took me a few days to a week each to finish them. Oh well. None of you probably know what either of those games are. Suffice it to say that the ending of The Darkness was weirdly left hanging in a way I didn't expect, and then when I looked it up I was suprised to find out that The Darkness is actually a comic book series from 1996, and only got recently made into a game. Which possibly explains the unfinished feeling of the first game. And I'm quite looking forward to playing the game's sequel, which came out last month, and which I'm hoping is as good as the first one. And I love Wet. And Rubi Malone. Nobody ships her with the man I ship her with (except possibly one person who made a video). But it's still brilliant. And maybe I can look up posts about 'Wet' a bit more safely now that Tumblr has apparently got rid of a lot of it's porn.

Speaking of which, I still haven't heard back about either my complaint to ITV about that victim-blaming Loose Women thing, or the complaint I sent to Tumblr about the dumbthingswhitepplsay thing. I wonder if I ever will. I have no idea what the general timescale for replying to complaints is.

The only thing I'm really watching at the moment is Coronation Street. They seem to have mysteriously ended the Carla storyline by not looking at or having any scenes with Carla, which is...odd. But it's sort of miles better at the moment because they're letting David be onscreen again, and letting him shout at and try in a messed-up way to protect people again. Even though the argument he had with Audrey last night seemed a bit weird. I did pause right in the middle of it to listen to something mum was saying in the kitchen, but it didn't seemed to end with Audrey saying things she would never say. In my opinion. Anyway. It's a shame that I only really believe in Kylie when she's being a nasty, money-grabbing cow, but that the only reason I can see for her getting involved in the storyline too. Because she doesn't really seem to care that much for Audrey. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she has good, beautiful reasons for being involved.

So. My main job at the moment is too remember not to spend all my money before next weekend. Which is a little unfortunate, because Black March is ending tomorrow, and there are things that I've been sort of putting off buying. But I still need to pay my half of the hotel room, and it's the convention I go to that doesn't involve food in the room price, so I'll have to have some money put away for that too. I do at least have my tickets all booked and sorted though. And I do have a bit of birthday money at the moment, and I should be getting another ESA payment on Wednesday, so I should be alright. As long as I remember not to spend about £400 in the next week or so. I really shouldn't do that. I am planning on getting another secondhand console at some point though - it turns out that CEX (which I totally love) really does sell PS2s, and at a pretty good price. Just not in the next few days.
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Hello. I've been meaning to post for the past, um, few weeks. But I've been keeping myself on a pretty steady diet of Skyrim, Saints Row 2, rewatching about half of Season 2 of Oz for Peter Schibetta reasons (who I love MORE THAN EVER), and watching American Dad, for humour and intergenerational het incest reasons. THE BEST REASONS THERE ARE. Also, I managed to get onto the jewellery making course in Leeds for a second term, and I've been going to see my employment coach again. Christmas is truly over. Even if all the sales aren't. So I haven't really had a lot of time to do other things.

Some nice things that have happened to me lately:

  • My new nephew came home from the hospital on Monday, yay!

  • On Saturday in the post I got both a slightly gloomy, but lovely, card from [ profile] jekesta containing beautiful stickers (thank you [ profile] jekesta), AND a letter saying I'd won a premium bond, for the amount of £25, including a cheque for it. It was a good day for post.

  • I got back on my jewellery making course. I was lucky to do so, really, in a slightly sad way, because I was only on the waiting list, and they didn't call me the morning of the first lesson like they did last term. But I called them and they said yeah, come in, so I went in and enrolled and went to the class. And then the tutor took the register and realised one person - who had also been on the course last term - wasn't on the register, and there were 13 people in the class when the maximum was usually 12. The woman who wasn't on the register said she hadn't signed any forms or spoken to the people running things upstairs, she'd just come back to the class. She and the tutor went upstairs to talk to the people in the office, and then the tutor came back down and said the woman had had to go home, because there wasn't a place for her. So assuming she wasn't on the waiting list like me, I probably ended up with her place. Which I did feel slightly bad about. But not entirely, because assuming I don't win my appeal - which I don't think I will - by the time the next term comes round, I might well have less money to spend on courses, and no concessions, so it would cost £50 instead of £5. So mostly I'm just relieved about it.

  • My Oglaf book came in the post today, hurrah!

Some bad things that have happened to me lately:

  • Yesterday at my jewellery course, I managed to cut my thumb with tin snips, which if you know anything about tin snips is pretty hard to do, but I managed it. I also burnt my fingers quite a lot while trying to polish things, scraped my elbow on part of my desk, and get hit by a tiny drop of boiling water while someone was quenching another piece. It really was not my day yesterday.

  • I got a call from the Tribunals service today (and yesterday). It turned out it wasn't about anything much, though, but still. A reminder that it is coming :(

Hmm. In other news, Skyrim's wicked. The only problem I'm having with it is that there are so many quests, SO MANY quests, and you don't have to take them all, but I always worry that turning them down WILL mean you don't get to still do them, or that I'll forget that people are offering them and miss out on them. But now I have probably about fifty 'to do', and it's sort of stretching my own suspension of belief that people would not be upset that I took a few months to basically take something to another town for them. So I'm trying to work my way through them at the moment. And basically running into and getting more along the way. But still. It's pretty good.

Further adventures in gender included a quest where I had the choice between taking the side of a woman in hiding or the side of the men hunting her for supposed crimes, and taking her side led to the men accusing me of being fooled by a 'pretty face'. However, Minor spoilers for Skyrim, maybe ). So maybe Skyrim/Tamriel really IS meant to be a world where it's perfectly okay and accepted to be gay. In which case, well done, I guess, Bethesda.

Adventures with gender in Saints Row 2 have been slightly more confusing. By and large it's fairly straightforward or not mentioned. But there's an activity you can do in the game called "ho-ing". Which, as far as I can tell, is where you gain respect by going to strip clubs and "pleasing" - strippers, I guess - after which your sexual prowess is known throughout the land, or whatever. I went and did it as part of another job though, and you don't actually get to see any of the act, but you hear voices, and my character was definitely in there with a man. So. I don't really know whether I earned or spent money after that activity. Was it a male ho? Was it just some random guy and we were using a strip club as basically a motel, without paying any of the actual people who worked there? Which is kind of insulting if you think about it. Apparently you can earn money as a pimp by ho-ing, but I don't know how or if I did. But it sounded like a good time was had by all, at any rate. So fine.

Saints Row 2 is getting a bit tricky at the moment in that it's got to that sort of middling part of games, where you're quite good at it, but not super-good at it, so I'm feeling a bit cocky perhaps but the challenges are getting slightly harder and I can't just breeze through them like I could the earlier stuff. Which is a little bit aggravating. But I'm still really enjoying it. Especially now that I've figured out I can steal helicopters if I want to. Even if I can't quite fly them yet. Still.

I haven't really been watching any TV or anything lately. Although I did have dream the other night about hanging out with my awesome nana, before realising, in the dream, that she was actually Rita from Coronation Street. Which led to a weird dream about an alternative Coronation Street, where David Platt had a cat he walked on a leash, and Karen was still hanging around. Good times. Anyway, other than that, nothing really. Other than Oz and American Dad. YOU ARE FREE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT PETER SCHIBETTA OR HAYLEY SMITH IF YOU WISH. I love you guys. x
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Today I:

  • Watched some of the snooker and fell slightly in love with Dominic Dale. I'M SORRY JUDD TRUMP. I try so hard to support you. But I just never do. He was very good again by the end though.

    I have a slightly odd relationship with snooker. I really enjoy it, but my actual commitment to watching matches is sort and out. But then there are particular players to whom I seem to have the same reaction as in this Hark! A Vagrant strip. Except not sexual. Mostly. In any case, previously this has only really been John Higgins. But today Dominic Dale sort of joined those ranks. Well done to him. I wish he had won his match.

  • Having seen quite a lot of videogame art on Tumblr and having recently fell in love with (though still not finished) the game Wet, I decided to search for 'wet' on Tumblr. I won't be doing that again.

  • I was going to call my doctor and arrange an appointment before my current sick note runs out again, but I checked it today and apparently I'm good until the 28th. And the last I remember, you can only make appointments at my doctor's surgery for the following week, unless I'm very much mistaken. So I don't really know what to do about it now. I decided to not call today and maybe try going in and asking about it tomorrow, or some other time.

  • I got my mum to go and put various bits of cash I had stashed around the house into my bank account, so I can actually buy some things. Like tickets for my trip to London this weekend. Hurrah!
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Aaaaaahhhh. I got up at 9am this morning, for an 11 o'clock appointment in Wakefield. I went to bed at 1am, and went to sleep at about 6am. And then got up at 9am. I would say it's not so bad, I can just sleep it off tomorrow, but really I need to go to bed early tonight and then get up semi-early tomorrow, so I can go to bed early-ish tomorrow night and get up at 8am on Wednesday morning. For an appointment, and then another appointment in Wakefield in the afternoon. And then, possibly, get up on Thursday so I can go into town with my mum and buy/pick out food before she goes away to Portugal.

I'm aware that to people who go to work and stuff every day this probably sounds quite run-of-the-mill. It's just INCREDIBLY OUT OF THE ORDINARY FOR ME.

It wasn't a completely terrible day, though. I checked my bank balance, and found out I still have quite a bit of money at the moment. I bought my train ticket to Durham for next week, for Connotations. And I discovered the wonders of the game department in the CEX in Wakefield, and bought a game because it had a female main character on the front of it, AND she appeared to be fully dressed! I mean, I couldn't see all of her, and her midriff was naturally showing. But still, compared to others, woo hoo! Also, it was five pounds. Double woo hoo.

Speaking of underdressed ladies, I ended up catching some of Strike Back: Project Dawn last night. I meant to watch it from the start, but I decided my dad wouldn't want to watch it (I was incorrect about this), taped it, and then never caught up with it. I spent most of what I saw of the episode thinking I recognised every black guy in it - although I did not twig that the bad guy was Mr Eko from Lost. I'm still pretty sure the guy driving the car at the end was a paramedic from Casualty a while back. However, what I did pretty much catch was the preview of next week. Slight spoilers for that )

Also, I went to the Pets At Home shop. To look at lovely rabbits and rats and fish. Man, I would like a rabbit or some rats or some fish.

Anyway. I am so cold. And one of the t-shirts I loved at Threadless and haven't bought yet has sold out. Sadface.
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Here's what's been happening in my life:

  • I watched Sleepy Hollow again. It is kind of rubbish, but Johnny Depp is very good.

  • I went to see X-Men: First Class again. It is still kind of rubbish.

  • I went to Santander! (I know it doesn't have any punctuation in it, but that's just how I want to say the word whenever I think of it) to try to get my banking details sorted out so I can pay mum back for the expensive necklace I bought in Prague. Also so I have access to my banking details. While I was there I checked my balance and turned out to have slightly more money than I thought I did. Hurrah!

  • The Riverside Festival in Nottingham is happening in about a month, and despite having a bit more money than I thought I did, I am still uncertain about whether I'm going. K and I talked about going together when I was in London in February, but I haven't heard from her since. And it feels a bit odd to contact her about it when I don't actually know if I can afford to go. Hmph.

  • I've started my appeal process. I finally got the form filled in over the weekend, went in to the Jobcentre on Monday to check I was doing it right, got some slightly confusing advice (the man told me to call and notify the office on the letter, and when I called they weren't bothered about that). But I sent it off that day, and got a call today saying the appeal process was in the works, and in the meantime they'd be paying me. Now I just need to get a doctor's note again though. Hmph.

  • I watched Coronation Street tonight, and David has weird hair again and made a joke about his wife doing things to him that 'weren't consensual'. I love him. He didn't become INCANDENSCENT like the Sky programme description promised he would, but still.

  • I've been sending a few 38 degrees emails to my local MP, Yvette Cooper, and now she's emailing ME asking me to fill in questionnaires and petitions. Booooo.

  • I discovered a new webcomic to follow, Band Vs Band. It's got some quite lovely art, and a lot of slash. And how. Honey/Turpentine forever.

  • I finished Folklore, a game I have been playing for a few months! And a thing I thought was going to happen sort of happened, but not really in the way I was expecting it. It was pretty sad though. Also I ended up sort of shipping Ellen/Keats. Who knew?

I think that's about it. Mostly my life in the last week has involved appointments, form filling in, and checking the X-Men kink memes. A prompt of mine got filled! That was pretty nice. It wasn't for a pairing, but still. It's still only vaguely alleviating the kink meme experience for me though. And finding other anonymous Charles/Shaw fans. I still keep checking though. No-one is less proud of me for doing this than me.

Also, I found some old/newer episodes of Will and Grace on some channel on Sky somewhere. Oh Karen! And Will a bit. And Jack sort of. And whenever Karen and Will get to have scenes together. And y'know, Grace. It's kind of weird seeing some of the jokes they used to do on there, but kind of lovely all the same. Oh Karen! That's mostly my reaction.

Also I love Mitzeee and Brendan Brady and Jacqui from Hollyoaks. And Carmel is pretty this week! That is all.
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So. I had a 'courtesy call' from the Department for Work and Pensions this morning. I have been decided to be capable of some forms of work. How I feel about that )

Anyway. Some happier things include: Slight spoilers for Coronation Street from Friday ). I really liked Scott and Bailey last night, even though sort of spoilers ). And a comedy email newsletter I have been getting for a bit basically justified all the months I have been getting it today, by informing me that the Psychoville finale is on tonight, not on Thursday. I'm really enjoying Psychoville at the moment, especially last week's episode, so I'm glad to have heard about that (although it was on series record anyway, it turned out).

Also, is it my imagination, or did Horrible Histories repeat a sketch they'd already done in Friday's episode? The one with Queen Elizabeth? I'm really sure I'd seen that before, down to being able to predict what happened up to the end of the sketch. Either they've repeated it, I saw some sort of preview somewhere, or I HAVE THE POWER TO SEE THE FUTURE. That's all I can think of.

Also, is it my imagination, or are there tons and tons of new dramas, and detective dramas, coming out at the moment? Maybe I've just not been very into the genre before, and this happens every spring, but my god. There are tons on, and I'm having trouble watching all the ones I like the look of. I watched Vera all the way through, and I would have liked to watch the Shadow Line, but I just don't have the mental room for it alongside everything else I watch. I was sort of interested in Case Sensitive, but again not enough to remember to watch it alongside everything else I was watching. I missed Exile with John Simm as well. I'm watching Scott and Bailey at the moment, have started watching Case Histories, I think new Luther is starting this week, and according to the itv drama preview, they have a couple of new shows on the way, including a new series of Single-Handed. Now, I'm pretty happy about there being a new series of Single-Handed, but I hope at least some of the other series' finish before I start watching that. Seriously. Is it just me, or is this a thing this spring?

I did quite enjoy Case Histories, though. Spoilers )
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Further thoughts on Coronation Street )

Well. I've pretty much enjoyed this week of Coronation Street, even with it's occasional lows, anyway.

Also, some Emmerdale news! Possible future Emmerdale casting/return spoiler )

Also, I'd like to tell you that in the end I just gave up and decided to open the MP3 player and start using it. I've been gearing up to buy it for a while, and the one from the website wouldn't come for at least 3-5 days, and I'm going on holiday in two weeks, so I don't really want to be messing about or possibly missing the return date. And it's only £10, and I didn't go to the cinema this week, so it probably evens out. I'll probably be annoyed if I have to pay for another customs charge on some Threadless t-shirts though. Growl.

The only problem now is that I've plugged it in to charge, and the only user's manual I got is a tiny booklet that explains what the buttons are for, so I'm not really sure how I'll be able to tell when it's charged. Hmm.

I want to go check if So You Think You Can Dance is on now. I don't think I ever said how sad I was about Charlotte going last week. It's really kind of a shame that the first week she wasn't with Matt, she got pretty bad comments for pretty much all her dances, and then got sent home. But I could kind of see some shortfalls in her dances compared to some of the other girl's dances. I have decided that Matt is my favourite now. Especially after that boys' group dance. With Kirsty coming in probably second. And Lee B probably in third. Ironically, I decided I quite liked Bethany Rose last week, for the first time, while she was doing her hip-hop dance, which the judges hated. I get the feeling Katie will win though. Partly because she's a really good dancer, partly because she's quite pretty, and partly because she's been pretty popular all the way through. I'll still probably be watching until the end though (or until all my favourites go, if that happens, I guess).
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I'm back.

I asked my mum to get me some ice-cream when she went to the supermarket, for my throat, even though we weren't a hundred percent sure the fridge was fixed, and we'd had to defrost the freezer before the man came to fix the fridge, and even if they were both working they weren't back to normal yet, so I had nowhere to store it. I figured that would be fine, since I tend to eat the whole tub in one go, or in one day, at least, so we wouldn't need to store it. However, my mum came back with it at tea-time, with it already going soft and no way to store it until after tea-time. So I've just had to eat a whole tub of ice-cream now, in one go, and I will be having my tea whenever I don't feel too sick to eat it. But hopefully at some point before I go wash my hair tonight. My forward planning: Needs some work.

In other news, [ profile] cakesy recently introduced me to the joy and wonder that is Ripper, and the walkthrough by The Spoony Experiment, a game 'based' on the Jack the Ripper killings, but set in 2040, starring Wolf from The 10th Kingdom, and Christopher Walken. It's most of what I've been thinking about for the past couple of days. I decided I slashed Quinlan (Wolf) and Magnotta (Christopher Walken), have been spending some time fighting my way through acting which is not the finest and slightly all over the place characterisation to think of scenarios for them. Mostly they involve handcuffs. And police custody. Because I am unimaginitave.

It also made me think of one of my favourite games from my childhood, with fairly similar graphics, Escape From Horrorland. And sure enough, I found a walkthrough for it online. The walkthrough isn't the best, partly because the woman doesn't always remember what to do (which I do), so you have to watch her figure it out, and partly because apparently she can't really see the graphics very well on her computer, which makes doing the visual puzzles - interesting. But hands down the best part is when a vampire lady turns up, and the woman says "oh I love her, she's so pretty. She always reminds me of Isabella Rosselini, although obviously Isabella Rosselini is way to good to do this game." And then we get a close-up of the woman's face, and she's all "....What? Is that Isabella Rosselini? Is that actually Isabella Rosselini??!" BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY ISABELLA ROSSELINI. ISABELLA ROSSELINI WAS ALL OVER ESCAPE FROM HORRORLAND. And then Jeff Goldblum turns up, and shit goes down. It's pretty special. The other best bits are obviously the bits with Madison Storm (swoon). But I'll stop boring you with tales of my adolescent crushes on evil scientists now.

Hmm. In other news, I don't even know what's going on with my money anymore. I've not been keeping that tight a hold on it, I've made trips to Lancaster and bought a number of Threadless t-shirts. Which is really Threadless' fault for repeatedly reprinting designs I used to like. But anyway. Every time I go to the bank machine and check my balance, I expect it to be like £100, or perhaps £0. But every time I go back, it's still around £250. That's roughly what it was yesterday anyway. I suppose I got my grandma's pocket money at the end of the month. Which suggests I'm still due an Employment Support Allowance payment (I hope) roughly tomorrow. Hmm. I'm not really complaining. It's just weird not knowing where it's all coming from. Again, not complaining though. It does make me worry about spending it wisely, now that I have it. I still need to buy a second pair of jeans, and register for Connotations. And there's an MP3 player in WH Smith that is £30 reduced from £60 (if it's still there), since my old one is broken. So maybe I can make a commitment and buy some stuff, finally. Although I should also be saving up for this holiday in a few weeks, I guess. Hmm. And there's a woman I've found an etsy who does lovely little art illustrations of cartoons and films from the 80s and things, for about £4 each, which I've been agonising about. That's less of a priority though, obviously.

Anyways, I'd best be off and start trying to sort out dinner before Coronation Street (hurray!) tonight. Ghost!Tony sighting: Still zero. Hmph.

P.S. The girl on Hollyoaks decided to cover up her lying with MORE LYING, by the way. Oh, Leanne.
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Hello. I went to [ profile] jekesta's for the weekend to watch Eurovision with her and [ profile] cakesy. Which was lovely. I was rooting for Iceland and Moldova and possibly Ireland, but Azerbaijan stormed through. Somehow. Also we watched MANY OTHER THINGS. I can now proudly say I have watched all of the paintball episodes of Community, and the latest Parks and Recreation (I am a fool to not keep up with it), and roughly half of Crusoe. Neither Crusoe nor Friday are kings of Narnia (probably). But that doesn't mean it would have been weird for them to make themselves crowns.

Also [ profile] jekesta watched Vera with me, which was lovely of her. Now she too knows how lovely Vera and Joe are, and how slightly incompetent at being police they sometimes are. Also I saw some of Summer Holiday for the first time, and was only squicked out by some of it, and while [ profile] cakesy was there we saw one of the weirdest episodes of Columbo ever. Apparently if you date the main witness of a murder you commit, you can nearly get away with pretty much anything. Also, sharks help solve crime. Fact. Um. Sort of.

Anyway. We also watched So You Think You Can Dance (oh, Rithy), and Doctor Who. Well.

Spoilers for The Doctor's Wife )

Anyway. I'm back now. I got the Settle-Carlisle line back to Leeds, which sadly now appears to be the Leeds-Carlisle line. It was still lovely though. There were all sheep and lambs in the fields, often getting spooked by the train running past. I quite love the train journeys to and from Lancaster.

In other news, money. After accidentally leaving a gap in my sick notes and not hearing anything from the Department for Work and Pensions about it, I wasn't sure how much I had last week. So I checked just before going to Lancaster, tomake sure I had enough for train tickets and food and stuff, and they had totally paid me, and I had £300. I'm pretty sure I have quite a lot less than that now though. After going straight out to New Look to buy some clothes I'd been wanting but didn't think I could afford, and then some random bits of jewellery from Topshop, and then some t-shirts when Threadless reprinted some designs I'd wanted. But I'm hoping to keep it a bit more under control from now on, and I should be getting paid again on Thursday anyway. Yay.

In other news, next week isn't looking like it's going to be a fun week for me. I was thinking last week that it was going to be tough, because I had a doctor's appointment that week, then my first new counselling session, then my disability assessment, then my confidence course. But then I remembered that no, my doctor's appointment was this Friday, so it wasn't so bad. Then this morning I got a letter from my doctor, saying that sadly my doctor's appointment on Friday would have to cancelled, so could I call up to arrange another. I called up and the earliest they can see me is next Monday. So it is pretty much going to be like I thought it was going to be. Hmph.

Also, re: this week's Oglaf: askdfjklasdfhjkasdfnhj what?
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Regarding tonight's Coronation Street )

Hello. I'm not sure what news I have to give any of you. I'm really enjoying the sunshine at the moment. I like that it's sunny and warm but not quite ridiculously hot yet. Yesterday my mum and I had my oldest nephew, because we normally have him on Fridays but tomorrow is Good Friday and his dad will be at home, so we're not having him on Friday, so mum said she'd have him Wednesday or Thursday instead. And we were playing with him and stuff, and we were just about to go around to our local shop, when my sister called to say she had an appointment with the dentist, five minutes before she rang, could we meet her at the dentists and take my youngest nephew off her hands until she was finished in there. Apparently she's got a rotten tooth that's been giving her a lot of toothache for the past few days, and she just managed to get an emergency appointment that day. So it wasn't so bad that she asked really. But me and mum and my oldest nephew had to go uptown and pick up my youngest nephew and look after him for half an hour or so. Anyway, the point of this story was that we ended up going to the local gardens, which are just down from the town centre and where we hardly ever go. And it turned out it was really lovely down there. I haven't been for years, and it's got a bad reputation as somewhere you don't want to go at night, but during the day at least it's lovely. Lots of grass, hardly anyone there, right next to the local bowls club and pitch and at the moment lots of the trees are full of blossom. It was a really lovely way to spend half an hour or so. The only off-putting thing really was the broken benches and every now and then the path was full of broken glass. Which is a shame really. But mostly it was lovely.

Other things: I finally got around to cancelling some phone insurance I've had for nearly 7 years apparently, on Tuesday. I don't even have the same phone anymore, so it was about time I cancelled it really. And now I have and it is done. So now all I have to do is change my account to a regular one that I don't have to pay £7 or £8 a month for, and I will have gotten rid of all my bills and won't have an overdraft anymore, and I will just have the money I have and I will be able to see it and hopefully none of it will disappear without my noticing. Which is really nice.

In other news, my youngest nephew is now getting pretty good at riding his bike with stabilisers, and my oldest nephew has just learned pretty much how to ride his bike without stabilisers. And I really like Lush's Breath Of God perfume. Hurrah. I also went to my third session of the confidence course this week. There seem to be less and less people coming every week. But I'm still sticking with it. I think there is a lot of value to a lot of the stuff the guy says, although I can also understand some other people maybe thinking there's no point to it or it's not for them. But it's not so bad. And I even got some expenses back this week. Hurrah again.
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So. I've had a busy week. Sort of. On Tuesday I went to Nottingham )

And on Thursday I went to Wakefield and Leeds )

Anyway. Then today my mum came back from her holiday with my sister and my two nephews. I was invited on this holiday, but I said no in the end, because I remembered what happened last time we went on holiday to Filey with my sister and my two nephews in April, and I didn't feel like I'd be up to doing it at the moment. She got back tonight at about half past seven, and she looked shell-shocked, and I asked her how it had been, and she said "Put it this way, this morning I bit a hole in a football." Which I think says it all. She's glad to be home, I think.
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Livejournal just stopped working for me for a bit, in a NEW AND EXCITING WAY than it usually doesn't work for me. But it's back now, so never mind.

Before I came upstairs and Livejournal wouldn't work for, I was downstairs watching an episode of Life On Earth that seemed to be from the 1980s, and it had some of the most perfect 1980s-style background music you've ever heard. It gave me a proper yearning to watch Watership Down again. Sometimes I think about showing Watership Down to my nephews, and then I remember the slightly horrific bits and I think maybe not. Not till they're 16. Also, they don't always sit and watch films at the best of times. So not till they can both handle and appreciate it. Anyway. It was just quite a nice blast from the past. Also, I learned interesting things about insects and how they and plants evolved once they stopped living in water. So it was all good.

My dad bought a shelf for the Playstation yesterday. But my youngest nephew was here, and when he'd gone my dad was watching Holby City and Silk. Also, it probably takes a while to safely and correctly put up a shelf. But mostly I'm so sick of waiting I feel like I want to punch things. Which is pretty unreasonable. But still. The game I ordered online that I was interested in, and was thinking I was going to have to OH GOD WAIT to play is here. And I have nothing to play it on. Hmph.

Here I talk about some fantasy film and TV shows I have been thinking up, you don't have to read this )

In other news, Employment and Support benefit is very confusing. I was told they wouldn't be deciding whether to give me it until they'd done an assessment. But then I got a letter last week saying they'd decided to pay me, and how much they were going to pay me. On the same day as I got a questionnaire, which I assume is part of the assessment, which says I don't need to return it until 6th May. Which is long long after my current sick note runs out, although to be fair they didn't have that until after they sent me the questionnaire out. Then today I got another letter saying they'd be paying my Employment and Support into a (correct) bank account, and that they'd already paid £1.42 into it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL. But I'm going to carry on with it, obviously.

It hasn't stopped me from spending money, though, obviously. My birthday money is already pretty much gone, on that game I ordered. And on commissioning a piece of jewellery from Alys Power, who I love. I've asked for a Little Red Riding Hood themed charm/recycled necklace. It's been on my to do list for some time, so it's nice to finally be getting a move on it. Also, commissioning a piece of jewellery in general is sort of on my to do list for my life. So it's sort of killing two birds with one stone. A hopefully beautiful stone.

But I do need to be thinking about money again, really. I'm pretty sure my mobile phone bill will have sorted itself out by now, and I can stop worrying about that. So I just need to cancel the phone insurance I'm paying for with a direct debit and don't really want now, and check that my bank balance is in credit so I can cancel my overdraft. And then I won't have any bills going out really, and I'll be able to just look at my account and see what I have to spend. At the moment it's a bit tricky though, because I'm pretty sure I don't have much to spend, and my LJ paid account is apparently about to run out. And I'd really like to go to Nottingham at some point in the next few weeks to see an exhibition by this artist, who I really like. And I should probably start saving up for Connotations at some point. So hmm.

I have an appointment in Wakefield tomorrow, and an appointment in my home town on Friday, and then on Friday afternoon my oldest nephew will be coming to our house. But on Saturday Adam and Joe are coming back! So it's not all bad. I need to remember to buy a card for Mother's Day on Sunday though. Probably tomorrow, while I'm in Wakefield. Also, my dad has come home since I started writing this post, and it sounds like he's drilling and installing a shelf in the bedroom next door as we speak. So I could well be playing on a Playstation, or at least working out how to play on a Playstation, before the night is out. Yay.
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My parents gave me £50 for my birthday. And apparently, the Playstation 3 is coming tomorrow. Which is very nice of them. Especially since I realised that even if I have the Playstation 3 and manage to hook it up to a decent screen, I don't have any games to play on it, and I can't afford the ones I like. But now I can. I'm a bit excited really. This is the first time I've ever had a games console, aside from the time my sister borrowed a Playstation off a friend of hers for a few days when I was in highschool. We played a bit of Tomb Raider for a few days, couldn't get out of a cave, and then gave it back. Good times.

We went out for lunch as well, to The Rustic Arms, which is a pub in Ackworth that I haven't been to since I was a teenager, and used to go to a bit as a kid. It had a big playground and a lake/pond, and we thought it might be better for my nephews than the slightly posher place we normally go to. The playground has either been changed or I remember it being a lot bigger, and the pond was fenced off for the local fishermen/people, but it was lovely, and really child-friendly, and the food was really nice, so it was quite a nice day out. We came back to my parents' house for some cake, and brought my grandma down, which she ended up complaining ferociously about (as always), but there were no real fallings-out and it stayed quite nice. And then I came back and watched the Dancing On Ice final, and Chris Dean and Jayne Torvill danced the Bolero, and Craig Mclachlan, with beautiful scruffy hair and a load of stubble, skated a little bit of his routine he did in the first week. Which was all lovely.

However, I am not so pleased about this habit of me having to lose an hour of my birthday, world. I dimly recall it happening before, I think. Less of that, please.

Anyway. In other news:

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Things I have gotten from town today:

  • A sick note for 4 weeks from my doctor.

  • A biscuit jar shaped like a teashop.

It does occur to me that, lovely as that biscuit jar is, if I'm really going to try to be sensible about money, at some point I'm probably going to have to stop being ludicrous about what I spend it on.

Talk about benefits and money )

In other news, I did watch quite a bit of Comic Relief on Friday night. I actually watched the finale of Let's Dance last Saturday, and kept meaning to post about it, but never remembered to. Essentially, I've not been that into the Mighty Boosh lately and was never a big Howard/Vince or Julian/Noel shipper, but it still made me incredibly happy when Julian turned up dressed as Heathcliff after Noel's dance. And I was ridiculously attracted to Russell Kane, but that's something I've just had to get used to with Let's Dance over the years. Oh, and I was quite happy that the two who won it won it. They were really good. WHO KNEW JOHN BARTON COULD TAPDANCE? He has skills beside being a sex symbol, though sadly still not parenting.

With regards to actual Comic Relief, I didn't watch the first few hours, and the bits I enjoyed the most were probably some of the much later ones, namely Newport State Of Mind, and the Axis of Awesome's massive four-chord-songs-song. And I quite loved Ron and "the albino kid" offering to go to Africa together. Is it just me, or are all the sketches with Smithy mostly funny because of the lines/reactions of everyone BUT Smithy in them? But maybe he's the lynchpin that holds it all together. Or maybe I just don't like James Cordon. Hmm. Whatever. But anyway. I was looking forward to Uptown Downstairs Abbey, but there weren't that many lines that actually made me laugh in the end. Mostly the one by Olivia Coleman. Also, is the footman really evil in the show? That seems like an unfortunate stereotype. But anyway, I quite enjoyed it on the whole. And I was wondering if the disaster in Japan might mean people didn't donate as much this year, but apparently it was their most successful night ever. So that was nice too.

Other than that, I have mostly been playing Morrowind (again), getting furious that Morrowind doesn't have the EXACT FEATURES I WANT IT TO, and getting into a bunch of new webcomics. I don't know what happened. I was on the No Rest For The Wicked site, mooching around and hoping vainly for a sudden update, and ended up on the links page, and looking into a bunch of webcomics on there. And I saw a link to another webcomic on the page of a webcomic I read pretty regularly, and I ended up reading that. And then those webcomics kept mentioning or referencing OTHER webcomics, which I ended up looking into. And then I had about 5 or 6 new ones I was reading. They are, and you can pretty much take these as recs:

Webcomic recs )

In other news, blah. I don't have any money. Oh, also I went to an alternative comics fair, the 2nd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair, on Saturday, where the writer of Bad Machinery was going to be, and, um, bought a bunch of Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery stuff. But that was totally worth it. Also on the same day, I found out where the Leeds Cathedral was, which I may have seen before, but this time knowing what it was. And I found out about the Craft Centre in Leeds, which apparently I'd not found out about ever before. That was also pretty great. I got home at the end of the day though, and found out my parents, who'd had my two nephews for the day, had slightly done me by taking them to Cannonhall Farm for the day, a place I have been interested in going to for some weeks. Growl. Next time, they have promised. It's always next time.

Talk about my birthday next week, and the possibility of asking for a Playstation 3 )

And that's pretty much all my news, I think. Most of it, anyway. I have to pick a film to do a pairing picspam of this week, and I don't know which one to pick. I'd like to choose one that doesn't have a really messed up pairing in it, but I'm no longer convinced I have many of those. Also I'd probably end up feeling like I had to do three, for the rest of the 'run' until my next non-visual pairing/something else post. I don't know. Mostly I'd liked to post this week's at some time before midnight. That's my main aim for the next one.
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Hello, it's me again. It probably doesn't need saying at this point, but I'm not doing a pairing picspam today. I still don't have my antivirus protection sorted out, so I can't relaly use my computer at the moment. My current situation with my antivirus protection is that I went into my local WH Smiths, not expecting them to be selling Norton Antivirus protection, but they were, but it was the new 2011 package so even with the discount they were offering it was still £35.99. Which is better value than £39.99 to update my old package, but not much cheaper. My dad either looked at the licenses he's got and found out they were no good and didn't tell me, or decided not to do that and didn't tell me, or forgot about it, but he's not mentioned it since. But he's said that if people have Barclays online banking, which I have, they can get free antivirus protection packages with that. But he didn't say what kind or how good they were, so I'm meant to be looking it up, which I haven't yet. But yes. My progress is still basically in the planning stages.

Meanwhile, I have been playing lots of Black And White 2 again, and am nearly finished with it. I'm on the last level, and things were looking a bit awful for a while, but I got some unexpected in-game help and now I just have to impress the Aztecs or destroy them. One of the two. But anyway. I got excited a few days ago, because I thought that if Black And White 2 works on my new laptop when it didn't on my old one, maybe Oblivion, which I never bought because my old computer didn't meet the system requirements, might work on it too. Oblivion is one of the Elder Scrolls games, in the same series as Morrowind. I may have mentioned before that I LOVE THEM INCREDIBLY. And it looks like Oblivion totally would work on my new laptop, so I'm pretty excited to get that at some point. Except not now, because with the two expansion packs it's still about £40. BUT, Bethesda announced suprisingly last year, after no word on it for ages, that they were bringing out a new Elder Scrolls game in November this year, Skyrim. And after thinking maybe Oblivion would work on my new laptop, I briefly thought that maybe Skyrim would work on it as well, given that it's a brand new laptop, and they are unlikely to make a game that you can't play on anything that wasn't bought a few days before the game came out. But then I remembered I have a new laptop, and it's PCs that the games are generally designed to be played on. And there are no system requirements out for Skyrim out at the moment, but based on some predicted system requirements someone made, it sounds like it wouldn't work on my laptop. Which is pretty irritating because generally, I was a lot more psyched about General spoilers for Skyrim storyline ) than political intrigue in the Imperial City. But whatever. I probably can't convince my dad I need a brand new pc in the same year as I got a brand new laptop. Oh well.

In other news, blah. I'm still not unpacked from London. I don't think my bank account is looking very healthy. Past Times has some new jewellery out for this season, and some of it's lovely and costs more than a few pounds, and that isn't really fair. I watched the last episode of Mad Dogs. And I just recently watched the episode of Emmerdale after detective Nick something shot himself in front of Katie and OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. Everything I predicted about how she would react to it and towards Andy came true but even worse than I imagined, oh God. And I can't stand how soaps have women do bad things but for justified (to them) reasons and then let people/men shout at them in a really intimidating/demeaning way over it, I really can't. They've done it to Becky in Coronation Street this week, and they did it to Ruth in Casualty, and oh my God. I properly hate it. But David's turned up with fiancee, finally. A few weeks ago the actress playing her was doing an interview in one of the soap mags and discussing how Gail would react, and the woman said everyone knew how "possessive" Gail was over David. Hmm. Possessive. Yes. She was getting a bit possessive tonight. I'm sure this will turn out pretty much as well as the last time Nick got engaged to someone. Although David's slightly less inclined to take it from her, I think. Well, we'll see if they make it to the wedding, I guess.
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The latest crazy 80s song I have fallen quite in love with: Gold by Spandau Ballet. They played this in one of the shops in Camden that K and I went inot, and it was so loud I sang along at the top of my voice pretty much, and no-one could hear me. K and I went upstairs where it was a bit quieter, and talked about what a good song it was, and then it ended and we said we wished they'd play it again. And then, they did. We think someone heard us, and put it on again in the hppe that we'd stay in the shop and buy somehting. Otherwise there's a vintage clothes shop in Camden that plays Gold on repeat. Possibly allt he time. Which is a pleasant thought.

In toehr news about stuff that is brilliant - I can't believe I never thought of it before, but I found Rescue from Midnight Castle, the My Little Pony special I used to watch when I was younger, on Youtube.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Megan! Scorpan! The Sea Ponies! Everything I remembered and forgot!

And so is Escape From Katrina:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Cartoons for the win.

In other other news, I got a power bill yesterday. Which put a dampener on my plan to buy everything I could afford from Threadless. Hmph.
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You know what's a good film? The Big Easy. I watched it, or the last half of it, last night. Cajun detectives may be my favourite kind of detectives. Although John Leguizamo may soon PROVE ME WRONG. Oh. The main detective was called Remy, and had a bweautiful accent, and called people "cher". He was a bit creepy at the woman he liked, but mostly he was very good. And you know how people sometimes get excited that Dennis Quaid is going to be in films? I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT NOW. Dude.

In other news, good news! You remember that CD I was banging on about a lot a few weeks ago, that I might have to go to Paris for? I've found a place on the internet that sells it. Thank you, Wales. Unfortunately just at the moment I have no money. TO say I have zip would be being kind. I had to transfer money from my savings account, which I said I wasn't going to do anymore, to cover this month's rent. But hmm. Eventually.

Right now I have wet clothes to hang up , and I have to go do this week's food shopping. Eventually I'll have time to myself. I might watch Being Human tonight.

I've been thinking about taking one of the film courses at the Broadway as well this autumn. Oddly, I'm not usually interested in any of them, but now I'm looking at three. There's one about Canadian cinema, which appeals to me even though I'm not sure why. There's one about An Alternative History of the Western, which looks at female-led Western films, I think. And there's one about Anime from the Second World War to now, which probably wouldn't interest me so much except except that I really love Laputa: Castle in the Sky. And it's meant to be quite renowned, I think, so they might talk about it. They all sound a bit great.
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I am the worst grown-up you have ever met. Seriously. Some general ranting )
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Hello. I spent the weekend at my parents. It's my dad's birthday today. Most of the weekend was spent doing a puzzle at my nephew's behest, and trying to finish it before he smashed it. Also trying to work out a lot of what he was saying, like telling "No me scared" from "Mummy, red". He has gone from calling me 'Rari' to 'Ra-el'. I love him quite a lot. Also, parents and I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Mostly what I've learned from it is that Clive Owen really can act like a twat, and Samantha Morton is a bit hot as Mary Queen of Scots. But personally, I prefer Blackadder's Elizabeth.

Anyway. I'm sort of out of a job at the minute. There was a lot of confusion at the university job, with me going next week and then possibly needing to stay another week, but they couldn't get in touch with HR, and basically they didn't tell me I was definitely finishing last week until 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon. After which I immediately called the agency, but the only job they had was another university job which had also been filled by their HR. Blathering about work )

But yes. I'm sort of a bit penniless at the moment. Mostly getting through it by going through old dvds I never watched, and a plan to stay in the flat. After getting some food. I might need to sign up with some other agencies if nothing turns up.

Mostly at the moment I am intrigued by Being Eliza Bennet: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure. I saw it in Waterstones today, and omg, what. You get to choose who you marry, but sometimes they get crushed by carriages. And you get to have a list of failings. It's sort of on my Christmas list.

Probably you're all out at bonfires. WELL FINE.
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