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a series of unfortunate events, achievement hunter, alistair theirin, american gothic, ballet, clark kent, coronation street, dane vogel, daniel/eli, david platt, dc comics, dick grayson, dragon age: origins, emmerdale, fallout 4, fanfiction, far cry 3, ghostbusters 2016, guardians of the galaxy, jason brody/vaas montenegro, jewellery, jusis albarea, kate bush, legend of heroes: trails of cold steel, lucas buck/matt crower, machias regnitz, machias/jusis, mass effect: andromeda, max lewinsky/jacob sternwood, nightwing, pacific rim, paragon, prison break, ross barton, saints row 2, superman, t-bag/abruzzi, the clash, the smiths, there will be blood, video games, welcome to the punch, yondu udonta
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