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Firefox updated itself yesterday and, as far as I can tell, switched off my adblocker and all of my online security. Which is not the most helpful thing it's ever done.

Things are going okay here. I have successfully walked the dog twice now. I'm still not thrilled about picking up poo, but it occurred to me yesterday that he's going to have to poo eventually, and I'd much rather he did it up the field than in the kitchen, and now whenever I have to clean up after him on a walk it's almost a joy. I did have some slight trouble getting him back on his leash, though - my mum called today and claims you have to wait until he's investigating some long grass and get him. Last night I had to wait until he took an interest in a nearby couple, which I'm not happy to do on a regular basis. The man told me the best thing to do is have him on the lead in the garden, and call him and sort of pull him in, and then when he gets to you give him a treat, and eventually he'll get the message. I tried to do some of that in the garden today, but I think he was too tired after the walk. Also he eats feathers, and I'm certain he swallowed some last night while running away from me, so I'm a bit concerned that's going to cause him some health and/or digestive issues. But so far he hasn't showed any signs, so we're not having any problems so far.

Mum said things are apparently okay for them too. They had a few problems at bedtime - to be expected - but today the two youngest are on the beach with her and dad, and my ON is inside, not dressed, using the tablet. Where he loves to be. I hope the weather holds out for them. And that there is enough to do in Scarborough that they stay entertained. On Friday, my MN asked if they could take the dog with them on holiday, and my YN said he didn't want to go on holiday because "the seaside's boring. [Our local entertainment complex]'s not boring". We'll see.

I went to see Logan Lucky yesterday, which was fine. A perfectly pleasant way to spend a few hours. And it's nice to see Daniel Craig getting to do something that isn't James Bond. It wasn't as good as The Hitman's Bodyguard though. I'm definitely going to see that again. It was slashy, I don't know if I ever said that, or that I was hoping for that when I went to see it. And in a really lovely way. I really enjoyed it.

I also saw the It trailer again yesterday. On second viewing, it is scary. It just doesn't look very much like It. I had "you'll float too" echoing in my head for the rest of the day yesterday though. It puts me in a bit of a dilemma though, because part of me - given how fast I was reading it - was hoping to finish It before the film came out, so I could compare the two and not be spoilered. But it made me feel like I was reading it too fast, and not enjoying it properly. So when the film looked terrible, I felt like I didn't care about seeing it, and that pressure came off. So now I don't know. And the film's apparently out in two weeks, rather than around Halloween like I assumed.

More things I am now afraid of because of It:

  • The word 'float'.

  • The word 'Kenduskeag'.

  • Actual clowns.

  • Washing things away down the drain, because where do they go, they don't just cease to exist because I wanted rid of them, what am I doing?

  • I was playing a game called Cities: Skylines, because I've felt a bit burned out on games lately, and I think maybe management games are the exact thing I want to do at the moment, and I was genuinely uneasy about putting in sewage pipes for my town. The town is called Beep Beep.

  • The Sims 4 almost immediately started advertising an expansion pack to me featuring clowns and pools, as if clowns and water are anything I need right now.

  • The Sims 4 also has a range of clown paintings you can decorate with, and the first one is like "clowns r sad, because they're only one popped balloon away from the end of their career", and I'm like "leave me ALONE, The Sims"

  • The deadlights (???? !!! ???)

  • Whatever happened to Patrick Hockstetter, the fact they're putting up a missing poster for him in the trailer for the film makes me think it's significant.

But I also, at the same time, kind of want to make all of the kids from It in the Sims in one household, and make Pennywise their sole guardian.
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I'm back from my holiday.

Suffice to say, it was probably the worst holiday I've ever been on in my life.

Details to follow, probably. For now, internet.
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Ughh, I'm going on holiday tomorrow. Which is fine. Lovely. I'll probably enjoy it when I get there. But before that I have to pack, and it's a little weird because we're only going to Bridlington. Which is about an hour and a half away, on the coast. So we're still going to basically be in Yorkshire, and the weather is (*isn't) particularly summery at the moment. Much better than it being crazy hot, of course, but it's like, I'm going to be taking a lot of my summer/holiday gear, but I'll probably get the most use out of the clothes I wear pretty much day in day out. It's also kind of nice that if I feel like it's too much I can just take a quick train back home - but on the other hand, that sort of underlines the fact we're not going very far, which doesn't make it feel very holiday-y.

I have done a bit of shaving though, as usual. Just my bikini line, in case we go swimming. So that'll probably be growing back in and itching all week. It does kind of bug me that every time I go on holiday and need to look 'presentable' for all the activities I want to do, I end up in pretty huge physical discomfort. But I'm not even shaving my armpits or legs at the moment, so maybe I'll get over even the bikini line thing in time. Anyway - point being, it makes it feel a little holiday-ish. And I am sort of looking forward to it - imagining the looks on the kids faces when we get there. Before or after they all start arguing. Still. And packing shouldn't be too much of a pain, since I basically just need Regular Clothes and Holiday Clothes, and my parents mostly put all our stuff in binsacks, to save space in the boot. Plus, since it's so close and we can't even check in before one, we don't have to set off till pretty late morning at the earliest.

After the argument I was having online over the last few days, I ended up having a nightmare about my sister last night. So I'm a little tired today. And what with everything going on tonight I might not get much sleep either, and then I'll be in a new place which always makes it hard for me to sleep, at least the first night. So I'm not really looking forward to being super-tired over the next few days. But - I am mostly looking forward to it. We'll see how it goes.
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The holiday is on Friday. I'm feeling a bit better about it - mostly because D from the Hospice called asking me to work that week, and I realised there really were less fun things I could be doing. Apparently our boss is off - she has regular problems with her nerves, and I'm guessing that's the issue since I was being called for a shift two weeks beforehand. Which is probably not making things very easy for D, who was only supposed to be working ad hoc and a couple of shifts a week while the building work was happening. But that's how it is, unfortunately. At least there are no patients in that might be affected by any turmoil. Anyway. I still think, as I realised last week, that my ideal holiday of the moment would be a week away with just me and my parents, or a week here with just me and my parents. Just a nice long time without my nephews coming down or any childcare at all. But like I say - I've realised there were less fun things I could be doing. Also I got really excited to see Suicide Squad, and that's out literally on Friday, and not something I could really take the kids to see as a fun activity while we're away. Well, there's a midnight showing on Thursday. But I don't I'd enjoy what that would do to my sleep schedule. Also there's a good-looking game that everyone's been excited for for months out next Tuesday, so I can't try it out myself and form my own opinions before the internet makes up its mind. But I can wait.

Luckily I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, to review my medication, which will be a good chance to get it renewed before it runs out next week. Assuming she continues my medication, but I don't see why she wouldn't when it's working really well for me. And then - god it's weird how packed my schedule feels, when there's not really that much in it. I've got the holiday next week, then I'll probably be back at the hospice, then at the end of August we'll be going to Insomnia, a games convention, then it'll be September and my sister's birthday and Back To School. And then it'll be October, when I have two trips with LJ pals lined up. And then it'll be practically Christmas. I guess I'm more amazed at how time flies.

I did finally get on and try to apply for Jobseeker's online. It turns out I can't apply if I've received ESA in the last calendar month. Which is really weird, when the guy who called to tell me about my assessment decision offered to transfer me to the Jobseeker's department there and then. But anyway. I have to wait. Which I discovered after quite a lot of confusing searching. Thanks, government. I guess I can start looking for work though.
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lkjkhjkjhk. I have things to say, but no real drive to make a proper post about them.

I went to the Jobcentre today, to try to get on Jobseeker's Allowance. Time is moving on, and if I ever want to be able to afford another video game again I'm going to need to get a job, or at least be on benefits. I walked into town today to go into the Jobcentre, and they told me I needed to call the Jobcentre phone line and apply on there. I came home, called the phone line, and they said I needed to apply online, unless I don't have internet access. So. As soon as I'm done doing a virus scan, so I can feel secure about typing out my personal details, I'll get right on that. Unless they tell there's somewhere else I need to apply.

My cat is poorly. A little bit poorly. Last night she came in and was just sort of laid in the corner of the room, and when my parents tried to move her into the garage so they could go to bed, she was walking funny. She was a lot brighter this morning, meowing at me to stroke her, but she was obviously still walking oddly, and not even attempting to jump up onto anything. She's probably just had a bit of a knock and is fine, or will be with a bit of rest, but I'm worrying about her, especially when she wanders off on her own. Mum also pointed out we're going on holiday next week, and she'll be on her own mostly that week as well. Which mostly just reminded me that holiday is coming up. And just - eh. When I think about going on holiday, to Flamborough, and having a week by the seaside and a bit of a break from computer games, I'm really looking forward to it. When I think about going for a week to the seaside with my three nephews, I just feel exhausted. A part of me would be thrilled if my parents just suddenly announced they were taking my sister instead of me, and I could stay home and have my own little holiday in the house, by myself. I'm sure it'll be fine. The fact is, if they took my sister, it'd mean more work for them - or at least more arguments, and probably less help. And if I just didn't go, it would definitely mean more work for them, and they'd be outnumbered. It's just - hard to think of it as a holiday, when I know it'll just be childcare and refereeing my nephew's fights for a week. Also, we'll be going in my mum's big car, because you can rearrange it so it has seven seats. Said big car has been all over the news, because apparently a bunch of them are defective and burst into flames for no reason, and they have to take ours in to have it checked in August, after the holiday. And the last time we went on holiday, they realised there was no room in that car for all the luggage AND the seven seats, so I had to go on the train. So. There's those cheery facts.

I went to see Ghostbusters again at the weekend. A part of me wants to go see every week until I am sick of it, or until it's out of cinemas - but another part of me doesn't really want to be sick of it. I still love it. I love almost everything about it. I love that it is a genuinely good film, with a plot that moves along, and characters that are coherent from beginning to end. I love the way they made it attractive to kids without making it awful for adults, and how colourful it is. I love Erin. I love that she had a proper hero moment, of running into city streets where a disaster was happening, while everyone else was running away. Chris Hemsworth - is not the best thing in the film - but I love how he just resisted the urge to go full Thor. He must have had so much fun. I love that they made the bad guy a proper bad guy, and they it clear he hated people, and wasn't just lonely. I love "don't compare me to the mayor in Jaws". A lot. It's a shame that they often went the Sassy Black Woman route with Patty. And that whole scene where she held Holtzmann up one-handed, when she was only one storey up and could have happily jumped to the floor, and run back up the stairs to help with the fight. But I still loved her. And they actually gave her a character and background and stuff. Hopefully they'll do even better with her, or more character stuff, in the sequel, which I am hoping there will be. I WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GHOSTBUSTERS. All the lego toys.

Coronation Street )
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I'm back from holiday.

The holiday )
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Going away on holiday, bye, see you later!
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So here's what we decided in the end:

Mum, dad and the kids are going on holiday today. I'm going to stay behind, and then go up on the train on Wednesday (maybe Tuesday if I'm feeling up for it) and spend the last couple of days with them. It gives me a chance to recharge my batteries, do some of the stuff I planned to do this week when I thought I wasn't going at all, and when I do go it'll be a bit easier knowing it's only for a few days.

It turned out to be a pretty good thing I wasn't going with mum and dad though. Not needing the extra seat means they have room for more stuff, and - man. Today when they were packing the house was more bag than house. Dad's already told me I may as well get a return ticket on the train, because there probably won't be space for me coming back either. Mum then quietly, half-jokingly begged me for my space on the train, so she didn't have to come back in the car. Maybe there will be room by next Saturday - there's a lot of stuff that might be eaten or used up over the course of the week. Still, that's self-catering (British) holidays for you. With three kids.

Meanwhile, my sister called last night because my ON was at ours, and I had to fight with him to get him to come off the computer and talk to her. When he passed the phone off to mum, apparently my sister asked her if I was 'like a kid with him' when we fought, and when mum said no, she's an adult and he's a child, my sister asked 'is she too much like an adult, is she too full on?'. Then she said she'd been 'thinking about it over the past couple of weeks, and -', and my mum cut her off, because holiday stuff, and because my sister has no right to tell us how to behave with her kid when she's not here, bar us abusing him. But apparently she's been thinking about it. Fuck's sake.

Anyway. My plan is to get my bedroom a bit tidier while my parents are away. It seems almost impossible, but I feel like I'm close to having it actually tidy? I need to make a list, but I spent the morning wrapping a few ornaments in bubble-wrap to take them to the charity shop. They're all ready to go now. Most of my other stuff is either going there or to the library, or somewhere specific, apart from a couple of region 1 dvds. I'm going to have a look in a drawer under my bed and get rid of some old books I don't look at anymore, and then hopefully I can put some of my many boxes under there. And then I'll have the whole side of my bed back, and a bedside table that doesn't have anything in I don't think. And then when I clear a few sides - I'll be almost done, I think. Yippee!

Partly related to this, I am sort of re-reading a book at the moment where the bad guy is called Zebulon, while also playing a computer game where the bad guy is called Zarpedon. I don't need this many Z---on people in my life.
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So now I can go on holiday. My mum told my sister yesterday that I'd said she could go in my place, and then my sister said actually she had an appointment with her drugs service on Monday, and she'd need to talk to them anyway because her methadone prescription was Thursday to Thursday, so if she couldn't get one for the full week she was away she couldn't go. She said something about trying to get in 'before the end of the week'. My mum saw her today and said she needed to make a decision, because it wasn't fair on me to not know if I was going or not (a conversation we had yesterday), and my sister said never mind, I could go. She apparently has a lot to do at home, and it's complicated, so she should really get on with it. My mum suspected my sister only asked to come because she was drunk and upset, and apparently she was right.

Except now I don't know again. I was on the fence about it, and only said I'd go to sort of give it a whirl, and try to build up some enthusiasm this week before going. And now this has thrown me for six, worrying about my sister and constantly going back and forth about whether I'll be here next week or not. Ugh. I still - I'll still feel bad for my YN if I don't go, basically. But I'm feeling completely indifferent to the actual holiday again. Would rather stay home and play on my PS Vita. And I just got my period yesterday (a week late, but better late than never), and I'll have to shave my legs if I want to go swimming, and - UGH.
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RPF drama )

The holiday my parents have booked with my nephews is nearly upon us, and I still don't know if I'm going. Everything in me was saying 'no' last week, because a holiday being expected to watch and play with at least 1 of my 3 demanding nephews doesn't sound restful or fun. But it turns out my dad, who thought I was going, has booked to have the living room redecorated the only time they could do it - while they're away on holiday. With a decorator they trust, obviously. So the living room will basically be like a bombs hit it all week, and there won't be any furniture or the big TV in there, and there'll be a stranger in the house most days probably, and I'll be picking my way around paint and wallpaper paste if I even want to walk through. So. I'm not looking forward to that. And now mum's saying we're going to a holiday park, so there'll be clubs and stuff and that's where the kids will be most of the time, so. I don't know, now.

Kickboxing really wiped me out tonight, I came close to asking the teacher if I could leave the mat because I was feeling lightheaded. But I'm due a period this week, so I'm assuming it's down to hormones, and my sleep still being messed up. I have a spot at the corner of my mouth, I hate PMT (fun fact: earlier today I was trying to think of "PMT", and the first thing my jumped in with was "PTSD").
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I am back from Nine Worlds, and it was good, and I am tired. I returned with 4 new books and a beautiful tiny jar of Pure Honey.

But for the past few weeks/months we've been talking about taking my YN away to Scarborough for the weekend since he never gets to go abroad on holidays, and mum has now realised that she is working every other weekend before the school holidays end (??? I guess), so she thinks we should go away this weekend. She basically told me 'don't unpack'. I AM SO TIRED, and I have volunteering and CBT this week, and I wanted to maybe go to Leeds but hahaha. I love Scarborough and my YN a lot, but I don't know if I can manage. Maybe I should float the idea of just going for the day somehow.

I am still bang into Far Cry 3, have enduring love for Borderlands and Handsome Jack, and am still often in the back of my head thinking about Dragon Age. Is this the time for Guardians of the Galaxy fic to take off and for there to be a bunch of fic I want to read? No.
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Parents are just going to bed, aiming to get up about 20 minutes after I'm planning to go. Will have to wait and see if that throws my sleep pattern off enough that I don't get up in good time for CBT. Also literally tonight I realised that the bag I normally pack to go to cons is one my parents were planning to take on holiday with them. Whoops. They're going to try to do without it, and if they can't I'll have to go buy a new one. Even so, it's better than realising that when I tried to pack on Wednesday night.
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Coronation Street, tw for cancer and suicide )

I went to Blackpool! It was lovely, even though the weather was changeable enough to make it difficult. The first night we were there it was just throwing it down all night. On Saturday it started out dry at least, then the sun came out and I was wondering around without a coat for a bit. Then there was a thunderstorm. It was funny actually, mum and I were in a cafe on a pier - which was already rocking because of the water underneath - just eating lunch, and then I noticed one of the girls from behind the counter asking if any of the other workers minded if she borrowed a jumper, and putting it over her head before she ran outside. Then we just heard the rain, sheeting down on the roof and outside. People started running in to take cover. Then the thunder started rolling. It was like being on the Ark. Like we were the last people in the world safe from the rain. One poor woman ran in with her kid, completely drenched, and told whoever she was meeting in the cafe that they'd been at the top of the big wheel when it started coming down. It let up enough that mum and I managed to leave, and we were planning to go to the Sealife centre just down the road anyway. When we came out it was dry again, and it was just sort of drizzling on and off for the rest of the night. It got cold though. The next day it was sunny in the morning, and then just started raining and showering for the last few hours we were there. There was a train at 2 and a train at 4, but we were both knackered and the weather was terrible, so we ended up going at 2. Then on the way home there was a rainbow over the Pennines. British weather, eh?

So it was a little difficult, but it was lovely, and I glad we went. We stayed in a great B&B on the North shore, so it was really quiet, but within walking distance of everything. On Saturday we went up the Tower, which I'd never been to before. We watched the dancers in the ballroom, including one young couple who must have been professionals and were amazing, had a drink in the cafe looking out over the sea (ocean?), where I had the finest traybake I've ever had in my life. I'm not sure any other will ever compare to it. Then we went to the top of the Tower - we had to have a 4D Experience on the way, but I did learn some interesting things, like that there are more B&B and hotel beds in Blackpool than in all of Portugal. Weird. The views from the top were lovely, as the sun was out at that point, and I did do the Skywalk, but I think the effect was spoiled a bit by the scaffolding a few stories below us. Anyway. Then we went and looked round the Winter Gardens, where mum said she'd gone back in the 60s, and walked down to the Central Pier and had lunch. Thunderstorm, and then the Sealife Centre, which was lovely, but they did have a weird attitude to their sharks. Telling you all about how sharks are endangered and not to buy products made from sharks one minute, and then playing Jaws-style music in the tunnel and selling shark's teeth in the shop the next. Didn't know what to make of that. But it was nice to see the fish.

Then mum and I walked down to the south pier and Pleasure Beach, but we were pretty knackered at that point and possibly about to do our feet an injury, so we just had dinner and went back to a bar near out B&B on the tram. I tried a Strawberry Daiquiri, finally, which was lovely, but as it was made in a Wetherspoons from what was apparently a pre-made mixer, I suspect it still wasn't the genuine article. Anyway. The next day we were both tired and it kept raining, so we just walked the opposite way up the North shore, came up from the slipway and walked to the end of the illuminations - all the way to Bispham station - then walked back, had some lunch and went for the train. Mum was talking about staying till the 4 o'clock train, but I don't know what else we would have done there. We were both tired, our feet were killing us, I didn't want to walk back into town anyway, and it was raining. And it had forecasted thundery hailstorms for later on. So we came back. And that was our weekend in Blackpool. It was grand.

I also went into Wakefield last week to try to get my netbook sorted out, or get some tips on fixing it. I don't think I ever posted about it, but I went to [ profile] jekesta's on the 4th and took my netbook with me, and it connected to her wireless internet immediately. In Wakefield, in the shop where I bought it, it also connected to their internet immediately. So the guy said it couldn't really be the computer, or the software, because it was staying connected and loading webpages. He said it must be our router, somehow, even though all our other computers can connect through it. There might be something I can do with changing the internet options on the netbook, apparently, but he couldn't do anything there because I wasn't on my dad's network. So his only advice was to call our internet provider and talk to them about it. I'm not looking forward to that really. But it's the only thing being suggested at the moment. And if they can't help, the guy said I could bring it back and send it to them for a service, and he'd make sure it went even though there was nothing to say it was a problem with the machine itself, but he wasn't sure there'd be anything to fix, you know? Sigh. It's a conundrum, this netbook. But I may as well keep at it. One thing he did say was that registering my warranty online, like I was being prompted to do at [ profile] jekesta's, wasn't an issue, and I'd have a warranty whether I did that or not, which was the only thing I was freaking out about. So at least that's not such an issue.

Other than that I'm mostly watching Coronation Street and replaying Oblivion. I've been replaying a lot of my old RPGs lately, but Oblivion's a slightly more serious one because I wasn't really that bothered about it when it came out. I bought it in 2011, when I finally got a laptop that could cope with it, and I kind of rushed through it so I'd be all caught up when Skyrim came out. And the Empire/Cyrodiil was always my least favourite part of the Elder Scrolls world. But now I'm going through it properly and have thought a bit more about my character and class, I'm enjoying it a lot more. The number one thing that still irks me though is that Foxglove Nectar doesn't have the Damage Health effect. Foxglove is like one the deadliest plants in the world. Worse than Nightshade, I think. It should definitely be a poison, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE THE BEST POISONS EVER WITH IT. Bethesda!

Also I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited because it was £3.74 on Steam. Fun!
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I am back from my holiday.

My holiday )

And I did have a plan to not do anything much today. But I ended up going to the doctor's to get a sick note, getting some toothpaste and Welcome To The Punch on DVD, and finished the night by catching up completely on Coronation Street with my parents. So. I have things to say about Coronation Street, but some of it is long, some of it is just about how beautiful David is, and some of it is just keysmashing, so I'll maybe leave it for another night. Oh, and also I came home to a letter yesterday saying that they'd set a date for my ESA hearing. 27th September. So I can look forward to that. Yay.

I hope you have all been great, I've sort of caught up on my flist, but not on everything. If there is anything vital you think I should know you should probably tell me now. Otherwise, hello.
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Oh my God, I'm going away tomorrow. TOMORROW. I'm feeling sort of calm about it though, or at least I was until half an hour ago when I started getting my clothes out and stuff. Possibly I was in some sort of eye-of-the-hurricane sort of denial. Mostly though, I'm hoping it's going to be a fairly easygoing holiday, in a sense. Like, we're taking my two eldest nephews, so I assume we're going to be mostly running around with/after them, and I'm hoping because of that we're not going to try to fit in a lot of sight-seeing or shopping or whatever. Dad made noises when we booked it about how "it should be a holiday for us, too", but I think maybe he's kidding himself on that score. As long as he doesn't try to push the issue, I think we should be fine.

I'm also not going to have a room to myself, for the first holiday in a while. I'm sharing with my ON, and our room's connected to my parents and MN's room. So I won't have anywhere to go be alone if I feel like I need it, which might be tricky. But then as long as we're around the hotel, the room will probably be empty most of the day if I need a break. I don't know what to expect about when the kids will go to sleep on a night, but it's not like I'm used to early nights at the moment. Although I'm not used to early mornings. Well, we'll see.

So anyway. Yes. I'm going away for a week. If you don't hear from me, that is why. I'm a little wound up about it and a little not. So, see you in a week.
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Oh David.

Spoilers for Coronation Street, and mention of suicide )

I went to see Pacific Rim again today, mostly because people were talking about it being considered a flop in America, and when I checked lo and behold, there were only one or two showings a day even now at my local cinema. So I wanted to rewatch it again before there were no showings, or I had to wait months for the DVD. Mostly I noticed all the things people were pointing out in fannish posts, behind the scenes interviews and reviews. Like how much they use orange and blue, especially around Raleigh and Mako. Honestly, it's like "Orange and teal, they do it with zeal: The Movie". Some of it was quite nice though. And you know, complimentary colours, whatever. Also I remembered that I actually really like Mako Mori, and think she is pretty. AND, now I know exactly which Tumblr posts I saw were wrong, lolololol.

Christ. We're flying out on holiday with my nephews in a week. Like, this time next week we'll be on a plane. Friday's trip to Leeds went about as well as could be expected. My mum was obsessed with me getting some cropped trousers, even though the shops refused to provide them, for hours until I pointed out actually I had quite a lot of trousers for holiday-style hot weather, just not England hot weather. But I did get some new trainers, since I've basically worn my other pair out, and some jogging bottoms from New Look I'd been eyeing. In my size and everything, after some wrangling with a checkout woman. Unfortunately, I also bought an umbrella that turned out to be broken when I got it home, so I was hoping to take that back before we went away. But tomorrow I have another appointment with a new mental health service that's picking me up, on Wednesday my mum's having my YN and on Thursday she's having my ON. And then Friday will be our last weekday before we go away. So if I have to actually go back to Leeds and want a day of peace to do it on, they're probably going to be in short supply. They'll probably take it back in my local branch, to be fair.

I've been thinking about nuclear radiation a bit lately. Which may be a bit odd. There was a post I saw on Tumblr saying some pretty horrific things about the Fukushima plant in Japan and it's outcomes, which I have since learned basically came from a regularly debunked 'news' site. So it's just Pretty Bad, not Unimaginably Bad. But between that and playing Fallout 3, a game set in a post-nuclear wasteland, and watching Pacific Rim, which had it's fair share of nuclear plot points, it's sort of got me thinking. It's so weird that it's something we did. Like, at the moment obviously people are really worried about nuclear threats and what would happen if a nuclear-equipped country went to war with anyone. But sometimes I forget that people have actually dropped nuclear bombs. Two on actual inhabited areas. Areas people still inhabit. And so much testing in America, and in the Pacific Ocean itself. And so many accidents that were so horrifying - and yet we still build them, and have nuclear power plants. Everyone's SO worried about it, and yet we have done all that stuff, and continue to do it. I don't know, it boggles my mind sometimes.
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And in fandom news from the past few weeks:

  • Allie Brosh's book is apparently available in October. I assumed, what with how ill she's been, that she just wouldn't have been working on it, but no, apparently it's coming soon. Which pleases me. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, so in case you're interested and hadn't heard, there's the link.

  • I'm getting on with the main plot in Fallout 3 again, and you know, the more I think about the storyline, the more annoyed I am about what a wasted opportunity I think Bethesda had. Spoilers for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas )

  • I have been listening to this fanmix, and I want to rec it, because it makes me really happy. so maybe it would make you guys happy too. I didn't even know Electro Swing was a thing, but apparently it is. Also, it's a fanmix for Benny/F!Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, so if you ship that, you may love it doubly hard. NB: I cannot be held accountable if you don't love it.

And I was going to talk about some of the animals my cat has been bringing in as 'presents' lately, but I remembered in my last post I said I wasn't going to make another post about animal death for a while. Suffice it to say, I'm half horrified and half impressed.

And in the last few weeks, I saw three films. Three whole films.

The first two weeks ago was The Internship, which I saw mainly because it had Vince Vaughn in it and he looked like he might not be a dick to people in it. Which I was correct about! Although there were some slightly odd things in the film, overall he and Owen Wilson were both quite nice, and quite nice to other people. It was a slightly odd film - a lot of the scenes sort of felt like they were ad-libbed, and maybe they should have done more ad-libbing until they got something better/funnier. And the ending was basically a big ass-kiss to Google. But overall I enjoyed. And I somehow got a fluff pairing out of it. Mild spoilers )

Unfortunately, Vince Vaughn has turned out to be the latest actor I liked who disappointed me horribly, mainly by having fairly shady politics. It's nothing that would make me want to stop watching him, but apparently he's agreed to make a conservative TV show about his politics. So the night is young!

Speaking of which, I'd forgotten that the next Mark Wahlberg film I was looking forward to also featured Denzel Washington trying to do a comedy role for once, which I wanted to support. I may go see it. For Denzel.

Anyway. Then last week, I went to see Now You See Me and Pacific Rim.

Now You See Me, some spoilers )

Pacific Rim, some probably pretty big spoilers )

I think that's all my fandom news. Also I have started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, but I think I mentioned that in the last post. Also a few other things. But these are the main ones I think.

I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with my mother, because we are going on holiday with my two oldest nephews in less than two weeks. I need some holiday clothes. But I don't know exactly what I need or want. So tomorrow will probably be interesting, to say the least.
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I got my passport renewed this week, or I sent off the forms to have it renewed at least. I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm going on that holiday with my parents and two of my nephews this summer. So I'm going to need it by then. I always hate filling in forms, and having passport photos taken, but the real kicker was the fact it costs £80 now, including the 'check and send' service. Following a week where I'd decided I had enough money to finally get a few random things I'd been meaning to for a while, and when my LJ account suddenly needed renewing. All of which left me a little closer to overdrawing on my bank account than I'm used to. I've had a payment from the DWP since then though, so I'm sort of alright for now.

However tomorrow I'm taking my ON to the cinema, just me and him, after suggesting it earlier this week. Despicable Me 2 is out, and I figured he'd want to see it, and that mum wouldn't be interested in taking him/us on a weekend, and he's old enough now that I can probably manage him on my own. It does mean I'm going to have to talk to my sister though, for the first time in a few months, to arrange times and stuff. I've already called her, but she was in a shop, so I'm just waiting for her to call me back now. I basically have two things to ask her about or tell her, so hopefully it will be pretty straightforward. And short.

It was mum's birthday on Wednesday as well, and I was concerned things might get awkward if we went out for a meal or something, or if we went and didn't invite my sister. We did go across the road in the end, but not anywhere my sister would probably expect to have been invited to, and mum went to see her for some cake before that anyway. I do feel awkward sometimes with how my family has to deal with the fact I don't want to see my sister much, especially if it's making mum feel bad, or making things complicated for her. But we did manage to have a conversation on Wednesday anyway, about my sister and the way I feel right now, and about some of the stuff that happened when we were younger that I consider abusive. I don't think she wholeheartedly agreed with me, but I think she understands where I'm coming from a bit more now, and some of the stuff I told her about she said she didn't even know about. So there's that, I guess.

Cut for mentions of pet death )

I have no fandom news that is happier than that news. Adele and Lana Del Rey apparently have the same tattoo now, I'm forced to assume they're in love. I've started playing video games again, mainly Deadly Premonition (which is good, but strange), Remember Me (yay female main character, but so difficult to control), and trying to finish the Borderlands DLCs, finally, so I can maybe start Borderlands 2. I would have liked to start The Last Of Us as well, but it came out a week after Remember Me, and I've been having the aforementioned money problems.

It seems to be drama week on all the big soaps at the moment, Lauren in Eastenders and Debbie in Emmerdale are both falling apart. And once again, I would love to have kept up with Coronation Street for David Platt, but I go out on Monday nights and find it hard to catch up again after that. I'm planning to do it tonight though. I love David. I love how much shorter he is than Nick.

And yesterday I saw a Tumblr post with promos for a bunch of new shows starting up in autumn in America. They were, if I recall, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, Believe, Almost Human and Resurrection. And the ones I missed were apparently Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (by the same people who brought you Once Upon A Time!) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. They all looked dreadful, down to pretty much the last one. Except Almost Human and Resurrection, but I can't understand why Resurrection wouldn't just be a film, and unless I'm very much mistaken, all of the people of colour in the Almost Human trailer were playing non-human parts. So. There's that. Perhaps I'm wrong. And perhaps I'm wrong about all the shows, maybe they'll all somehow be amazing. Even Dracula inventing lightbulbs. But mostly - unless there are plenty more shows coming out on other channels or something - I am not holding out too much hope for anything brilliant coming out of this autumn.
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I have to go to bed pretty shortly because I'm going on a trip with my mum and YN tomorrow, and I have to be up at quarter to 8. Whimper. We are going to Cannon Hall farm though, to hopefully see lambs and baby goats and calves. So that's all good.

Also I have agreed to go on holiday with my parents and ON and MN this year. In about six weeks in fact. We're going to Spain, and it'll be the first time my nephews have been on a plane, and I thought it might be nice to be there for that. And I was feeling sort of up for a holiday with them this year. But the fact we'll also be running around with them in the blazing sunshine in a foreign country might be a strain though. I am looking forward to it, I'm just also a little wary of what it might actually be like. We'll see I guess.

What it also means is that I'm going to have to get my passport renewed pretty quickly, which currently costs £80. So money will probably be a little tight over the next few weeks. Up until I need to start saving to go away, probably.

Things. Other things I keep meaning to post about. At the moment it's mostly David Platt. And Only You by Ellie Goulding.
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