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Yesterday I had a Jobseeker's appointment at 10am. I woke up at 9:23. Thankfully, it's only about a 20 minute walk from my house into town, so I jumped up, brushed my teeth, my hair, put on some clothes and whizzed out of the house. I made it to the Jobcentre for 10, then sat around waiting for my appointment. After fifteen minutes I was still waiting, and no-one looked like they were late with their appointments or in a rush or coming to see me any time soon. You're supposed to tell someone if you're waiting 15 minutes or more, so I double-checked my appointment time. And the appointment was actually for today. So I went home, and had some breakfast.

The reason I was probably so tired was because I decided to finally give myself a breast exam, which I haven't done in a few months. I never like to do them, because I get so wound up it ends up taking me a couple of hours, and I get so worried about checking everything that feels like a lump I usually end up hurting myself. I sort of need to get on it though, because I'm on the pill now, and the hormones will probably end up changing them a bit anyway, plus it slightly increases my chance of getting breast cancer. So I did one, rather than continuing to worry about the fact I hadn't done one in a while. It took me three and a half hours, and I hurt myself so much I was still getting really sharp pains the following morning. I get the feeling my technique is not the best.

Anyway. Overall, it has led to me feeling tired, still, today, and I had to get up for my actual Jobseeker's appointment this morning (which went fine). So now I don't know if I'm too tired for kickboxing tonight. I really ought to go, because I haven't been in over a month now, and I am planning to switch over to the Wakefield branch, so I need to at least call and tell my instructors about it. But I am tired, and it's sparring tonight, which is really high energy and involves keeping up with other people, and sometimes when I go and I am tired I start feeling really light-headed and like I'm about to pass out. Ugh. Maybe I will just call them. I'm definitely switching over though - I gave my notice in at the Hospice on Saturday. I'm going to miss it, but I just think I get more out of kickboxing (when I go regularly), moves on. My boss woman is coming in to see me on Saturday if she can, since she's away during my last weekend. So yeah. It's a shame, but I think it's for the best.

Other adventures I have had this week: my mum was working on Monday, so I decided to go out and get Chinese takeaway for dinner. I forgot that our Chinese takeaway isn't open on Mondays, so I had to walk in the complete opposite direction to get pizza. On the plus side: pizza. On the minus side: ughhhhladkjaslkd.

Emmerdale is the worst at the moment. I can't believe Robron.
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I went to Fairburn Ings today with my mum and YN, which is our local RSPB reserve. It wasn't as sunny as it had been, but it also wasn't as insanely hot, and it was pretty nice, other than my nephew getting bored and being a little bastard. Also I bought some hedgehog food and have decided to start leaving some out, since we might have some in the area. I've decided not to tell my dad about this until it's established and the hedgehogs expect the food and there's nothing that can be done. Also I bought a bug/bee house, which came with some free wildflower seeds for your garden. I might try to figure out how to put those up also without dad noticing.

I had my ESA assessment the other week. It was late, as usual. They told me when I got in that I might be waiting at least half an hour, and I ended up waiting an hour. They offered me another appointment, and I could have taken it and just gotten paid for another few weeks probably - but I figured why bother, when that appointment would probably be late too, and I don't really want to be stuck in an endless loop. So I bit the bullet and waited for it. It went about how I expected. The lady was a little humourless, and I tried to be as honest as possible when answering the questions, while still making clear the problems I do have. She said it might take a couple of weeks, and I'd be paid until then - I got a call yesterday of somebody telling me the decision, and offering to talk me through it. I got 0 points, as usual, but it's not so bad this time. And certainly not unexpected. And it was nice to get a call I guess, rather than just the report. Happily, I was due a payment yesterday, and the guy said that had gone through, so I got a last payment at least, to tide me over. But I am officially off ESA now. I can appeal, of course, but I won't, I don't even feel like it anymore. So I'm going to need to go on Jobseeker's pretty shortly. Or find a job. Ideally, get a job either way.

I think I'm going to have to leave Tumblr, at least for a little bit. It's a shame because it's where fandom is at the moment, but the way it happens I just feel like I'm having arguments constantly. Without even saying anything. Of course, being in video game fandom feels like that anyway. People are going to need to learn the difference between sex, sexy and sexualised, or I'm going to start screaming. And all the Ghostbusters crap hasn't been fun. On the plus side, we got a great film out of it. On the minus side, every time I think I'm a horrible bitter person who hates the world, something terrible happens and I realise that I'm actually an incredible optimist. Which is to say that terrible things are happening to Leslie Jones at the moment, especially on twitter, because people are cunts. If any of you feel like doing anything to support her, that would probably be much appreciated right now.

Also I stopped playing The Witcher 3 and went back to Fallout 4. I'm so happy.

Emmerdale is swinging back and forth between moments of massive hilarity and extreme annoyance, dotted with the occasional moment of incredible beauty, right now. But on Coronation Street, they might finally make true the fact that David probably has PTSD. I loved Sarah wanting to look after him so much. I just want her to make him lie down on a bed with her, and put her arms round him and kiss his hair. I forget that he's the youngest sometimes.
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This tumblr post pretty much sums up my entire feelings about the EU referendum.

Also this post is a nice round-up of a few confusing, frightening, and hilarious things that have happened in the wake of the result.

Mostly the way the referendum has affected me - outside of how annoying and depressing it is, and being now worried about the future of the economy when I'm really going to have to look for a job soon - is that I've been arguing with my dad more. Some interesting opinions I've learned he holds: that human rights in Britain will be okay because we ended slavery, that nuclear weapons keep us safe, and that no-one will try to chip away at human rights for profit because 'people aren't devils'. Also, as usual, he thinks I have no opinions of my own, or that I'm willing to lie about them, because I only argue with him to spite him. He's a cock.

I am caught up with Emmerdale though. Nicola and Jimmy are gods.
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sfkjlskdfasklfhklsjahfjk The most infuriating soap person on Tumblr just made a post about scene between two female friends, and tagged it with stuff about how rare strong friendships are in soaps, especially between women, that aren't 'demeaning' and just all about men, and Tumblr won't let me reblog the post or @ the guy, and every time I try to make a post about how WRONG he is, WRONG, I have to start off explaining all the things Tumblr won't let me do and it's so awkward the whole post feels ridiculous after that. HE'S SO WRONG. And he doesn't watch Coronation Street because he tried one episode and 'the hypocrisy was too much for him'. But he still talks shit about Coronation Street, and everything they should change about the show, every time it comes up, even though he doesn't even watch it. If he wants female friendships he should just go to there. He's going to feel that way when apparently he mostly watches Eastenders.

Anyway rant over. Tomorrow, I have accidentally scheduled a shopping trip to Leeds, a soap podcast, and voting in the EU referendum. The EU referendum is almost making me feel sick. I mean, I finally get to do the one thing I can actually do about it, and vote to stay in, but also we're going to have the results by tomorrow night. And so many people are being hugely racist. And is that if, if the country votes to leave? Do the politicians have to do it? Or do they just have to take it under advisement? I know if we vote to leave and then we don't, people will just vote UKIP in the next election. It's weird how much momentum the Leave campaign seems to have, but I also assume that they're just loud extremists. And there was a lot of buzz about Scotland leaving the UK during their referendum, and they didn't. I guess I just worry that the Stay people might not bother to vote like the extremists probably will. Like how people forgot to vote against the Conservatives.

The shopping trip can't really be moved though - it's my mum's birthday on Sunday, and she's actually going away over the weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to give her a present. Or what to get her. Mum's one of those really annoying people who don't really want anything, and if you ask them, say "really - don't make a fuss" - but is also the person who least deserves to get up on their birthday, and then realise "oh...nobody did make an effort". But I'll find her something. Even if it's just bath stuff or whatever.

My parents are getting on with buying my sister a house, as I mentioned before, and then they booked a holiday for this year for my sister's kids. Which seems like a lot of expenditure. My mum joked afterwards that they might have to borrow something off me to pay for it - but in that way where people wouldn't even make the joke if they weren't kind of thinking about it. And then today my dad asked me 'where's your money?', and about my bank accounts, and how easily I could access my savings. And...I really don't want to lend them money. And it feels really ungrateful when they're letting me stay here for free and paying for stuff for me, but I know if they borrow anything it's just going on all this stuff for my sister, and my sister is a black hole as far as money is concerned, like she is definitely contributing no money to the holiday my parents are taking her kids on, zero. And I really don't want to get dragged into that. That is an insecure enough investment that I really really don't want my finances - what little I have - dragged into it too.

AU number fifty-eight that the Daredevil kink meme came up with and then barely used: a highschool AU where Matt and Fisk were opposing debate team captains, and every time they argued their friends just rolled their eyes because the UST was incredibly palpable. Someone prompted that, and someone else wrote 300 words about it instead of 30,000. Why?
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Well, so I stayed up last night to watch the Bethesda conference. At my mum's suggestion, I decided to set my alarm for 3am and try to have little nap beforehand. Except it turned out, having '3' stuck in my head, I'd set the alarm for 3.45, not 2.45. So I ended up waking up about quarter to 4. I got up and tried to watch the rest of it. Things were going well, until I tried to make the video fullscreen, and my entire computer froze and I had to shut it down. When I turned it back on, it went straight back to the livestream, where I'd left off. Then it froze again - but only on the embedded video, I hadn't made it fullscreen, so I was able to reload the page. But that actually took me back to the beginning of the video, 2 hours before, for half an hour of an 'it's coming' page and then another half hour of pre-show. But I managed to skip through it, and got to watch the whole conference. It turned out it had been delayed by about 15 minutes, so I hadn't even missed as much of it as I'd thought. But overall, it meant I ended up staying up till 5am to watch it, rather than 4am.

Think I'm just gonna stay up to watch the Sony one at 2am tonight.



What an array of unlikeable people we had onscreen last night.

Coronation Street

What the actual fuck, Corrie?

Billy and Todd have no chemistry. Billy doesn't even look at him. What the fuck?


Jun. 10th, 2016 08:22 pm
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Tonight's Emmerdale )

Also, I'm not thrilled with what Coronation Street are doing with Billy and Todd. Why wouldn't Billy just tell Sean about his brother? I was assuming the guy was a prostitute he slept with, when he was all worried about keeping his sexuality a secret, and he didn't think Sean would understand. You would tell someone you loved about an awful brother. Also, I think Todd and Billy work great as friends, with opposing sets of morals, and it seems like they're going to try to put something sexual in there, and ugh. Or just make Sean jealous, to throw a spanner in his and Billy's relationship. Or have things come out about the Platts and Callum, I guess. But it's annoying. I was really happy when Billy and Sean got together, and Sean got a nice boyfriend and a storyline of his own. And now it's just suddenly all about Todd. Ugh.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 11:09 pm
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Robert Sugden did a little psychological child abuse on tonight's Emmerdale, and I went on Tumblr just to see if anyone else hated it, and it's mostly people posting about how funny and/or hot it was. I should have learned. But I haven't.
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I ship Ross Barton on Emmerdale with his dad, because I just can't stay away from incest in soaps apparently, but honestly watch this scene where they are first together on screen and tell me you've ever seen an actor look more like they want to make out with another actor:

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Emmerdale )

I went to Leeds today with my mum and ON. I love my ON, but...oh my god he is so irritating. I feel awful, but alsdkjsakd. He keeps talking and talking and doing a running commentary on everything he's doing, and interrupting my mum and I while we were speaking to talk. And I know he's doing it because he wants to be a Youtuber, and they - because they are making videos - talk and talk all the time to avoid dead air. But you can turn Youtube videos off. Or just watch one a day. My nephew, not so much. We were in a comic book store, and he only went in to buy Pokemon cards - that's still a thing - and he bought them almost immediately, and I told him I'd be a while because I'd be looking at all the comic books that are out, since I don't get to come very often, and he just spent the rest of the time whispering under his breath, and talking about the other cards on display, and doing loud maths to see how many other packs he could afford to buy with the rest of his money that mum was holding, and doing a whole performance of going down the stairs in the shop to see what was on sale in the basement floor, and skfldjlsdk. While I was reading. While I was trying to concentrate so I could get out of the shop sooner, so he wouldn't be stuck in with me, bored. On the way home on the train he started playing games on his smartphone, and doing a running commentary on those, mostly under his breath, but slightly louder whenever your gaze vaguely turned in his direction. I'm not his audience. It was exhausting.

Anyway. I've mostly been playing Fallout 4 recently, since the Far Harbor DLC came out. I love the Far Harbor DLC, but unfortunately they have a fog effect in most of the new area that makes my game lag like crazy. I thought it was just me though, because my save files getting so big things had started lagging in other areas, where they never did before. But apparently it's a problem lots of people are having, so they're meant to be releasing a patch to fix it, so maybe it'll get a lot better soon enough. Also Fallout 4 became a little frustrating because my favourite companion is Deacon, and I saw some stuff people made online talking about a bunch of obscure things in the game that, together, suggest that Deacon's kind of an asshole. They didn't think it made him an asshole, but I think if he was doing what they thought he was doing, he's kind of an asshole. Which kind of soured my/my character's relationship with him. And it's not like you can have it out with fictional characters, or ask them if it's true. Or have it out with them about things that happened literally in front of your face, if the game doesn't give you an option to do so. So I had to sort of re-evaluate and come up with a theory that made him less of a dick, but still made sense with all the little hints, and believe that instead. It's cool now. He's fictional. But we're tight.
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I love Ross Barton, and I just want to put flowers in his hair.

- - -

My appointment for an ESA assessment came through, for 15th June. So I guess that's when my benefits will be stopping.

Other things:

  • Damn, Johnny Depp.

  • I love it when the weather is warm enough that you can just leave your window open all the time, even through the night, and everything smells slightly like outside. I appreciate that I live on a pretty quiet street and other people might not get the joy from it that I do though.
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My new mattress is here. We spent last night talking about when it might come, and if maybe they'd bring it up the stairs for us, and maybe take the old one away. In the end it was the least helpful delivery it could possibly have been. First off, I was in bed and mum was out - I set my alarm for 8, but I did not get up, my sleep has been fucked up this week and I was too tired. So they knocked and I had to jump out of bed - the bed we were hoping they might take away a few minutes hence. And then the guy was at the back door, rather than the front, which opens right at the bottom of the stairs, which would make it way more convenient for us (though admittedly, not for him). And then he just said "I've got a delivery for you", and then walked off, and I wasn't even sure it was the mattress at that point, it was just one guy. But then he dragged an obviously mattress-shaped cardboard box onto the patio and got it up through the door and pushed it into the kitchen. Then he just had me sign a thing and was gone.

So now it's just sitting downstairs, in a big box. We're going to have to move a bunch of furniture to get it into the stairwell, so my mum suggested we not do any of that until my dad gets home. And then we'll have an old mattress we won't know what to do with. But! I will have a new mattress. To sleep on. Hurrah. And to be honest - even though the stairs are going to be tricky - it's going to be way easier for me than trying to clear my bedroom floor so there's a clear path between the door and the bed, and strip the sheets off my old mattress, while deliverymen wait on the landing for me to do it and I'm still half asleep. Will let you know how it goes tonight. Or, I'll be asleep.

I finished The Division. The Division is a hell of a game, but it makes my eyes hurt. It's a cover shooter, which means you spend most of your time shooting at people and jumping behind cover, like a wall or a box or a covered railing, so they can't shoot at you. And between getting into cover, looking out so you can shoot, and using scopes to aim, the camera angle changes a lot, so if you play enough of it your eyes and head start to feel a little funny. But it's still awesome. Aaron Keener is a hell of a baddie. He wants me to join him. I probably won't.

And, like a fool, I also got into the new craze that's sweeping the games world: Stardew Valley. If you start Stardew Valley, you will have no free time. But you will love it. Growing a fake cauliflower has never been so satisfying. Don't get into it. But maybe do. To be honest the whole thing freaks me out a little bit - there's a lot of mystical shit going on in your town and the local farm, and for a while I was pretty convinced it was going to turn into a Lovecraft type thing, and they would sacrifice me at the dawn of the third year. But they probably won't. They seem nice enough. For now.

I mostly post about Emmerdale at Tumblr these days, when I bother to post at all, but I have to say Ross and Charity are one of my favourite ships that have almost not quite happened, ever. I hope they fall in love and heist and raise their baby forever.
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Okay, but for real though, the worst thing about our new living room is that the cat is no longer allowed in it. Maybe forever. Because we have fake leather seats in the kitchen and her claws have made lots of marks in those, so she can't ever be allowed on our stupid leather sofas. Or near them, since she occasionally stretches up at us and her claws come out. So...yeah. Some people might have thought "hey we have a cat - maybe we shouldn't get leather sofas". But not my dad. So now we have to either watch her constantly like hawks, relegate her to the garage, or keep the kitchen door closed at all times. I certainly can't stroke her while she sits next to me or let her sleep on me, like she used to. Awesome.

In happier news (for me), a few weeks ago I was out having Sunday lunch with my parents, and we ran into a neighbour who commented on how I'd lost weight. Naturally my brain is translating this as 'drastic weight loss', but w/e. My mum said I had in fact lost some weight, so yesterday I went through my wardrobe trying on all the dresses I love that I thought didn't fit me anymore. And they fit me again! Even one that I really thought was like 'those days are gone, never to come back' and only hung onto because I loved it. And all the dresses I bought even though they were a bit tight fit. And all the 18s I have that I also like still fit too, they look 'comfortable' but not ridiculous or shapeless. I'm wearing one of my old sun dresses right now. My mum says she wants to go on holiday again just so I can wear them all. That was pretty top.

In other other news, I may have to come off Tumblr. The only time I seem to talk to anyone is to argue with them, or if they seem to be in a really dark place and I want to offer them a little support or advice. I was on there because I really like talking about Emmerdale, and quite a few people on there are doing that, but - this is going to sound a little xenophobic, but a lot of them are americans, and I don't think they understand...what they are seeing. Or how soaps are written. The dude I am arguing with currently is not the guy I was arguing with before, who runs a podcast, it is just this dude who constantly complains and talks about the writing and slams every character for bad behaviour while obviously being a fan of the most misogynistic, homophobic, borderline abusive sociopath on the show. And then yesterday he was talking about an affair storyline, where an outside character was saying they'd told their wife it happened and she just blamed the 'other man', while the married woman they were related to was "blameless, of course". And this dude said he loved that line, because it was clear even the character saying it didn't believe that, when - that was the entire point of the line. When pretty much no-one in England would use the phrase "[blank]'s blameless, of course" unless it was sarcastic. BUT HE'S SO CONVINCED HE'S RIGHT. AND KNOWS WRITING BETTER THAN THE EMMERDALE WRITERS. AND IT'S NOT HARD TO DO THAT LATELY, BUT LKSJDLKASJKFLD. AND I JUST NEEDED SOMEWHERE TO VENT ABOUT HIM. GOD.
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Arguing with someone about Emmerdale on Tumblr.

Wondering if and when is a good time to say "well I have an English degree, so I probably understand narrative better than you!"

Possibly a little too obnoxious.
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The new hard drive for my PS4 arrived yesterday. I have downloaded the Playstation firmware onto a USB stick, and copied my save game files onto ANOTHER USB stick. All that remains now is to actually replace it. I do need a Phillips screwdriver, which I'm probably going to have my dad for - I was hoping to not let him know so he wouldn't try to get involved. Already had plenty of that over the weekend when he gave me the Smartphone ("You don't need your OWN contacts Rachael, just use your mum's old ones!", "You don't need to rename them to what YOU think of them as", "Do you want to see my clever special way of organising favourite contacts OR DON'T YOU?"). Maybe he'll still stay out of it. Maybe he'll give me hints on how you know when you're over-tightening screws. I'm hoping to get some guidance on that from how tight the screws are when I remove the current PS4 hard drive.

One way or another I decided to do it tomorrow - for one reason or another I don't like doing big jobs that make me anxious when I have ANY sort of time limit at all, and it's kickboxing tonight. Today I booted up Borderlands and started to play and then remembered I'd already backed up all my save files, and backing them up again would mean deleting things, so there really was no point at all.

Really I was meant to be saving money since buying the Wii U, but then I - didn't.

People on Tumblr are annoying me so much about Emmerdale right now, I CAN'T BELIEVE SO MANY PEOPLE CAN BE SO WRONG, and the only person who's talking sense about it I disagree with about basically everything else (read: Coronation Street). As if Kal dying when he and Zeedan hadn't sorted out their issues yet wasn't the most tragic and brilliant and realistic thing, as IF.
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Coronation Street )

Emmerdale, by comparison, is getting really difficult to watch. Superbly over female characters being in constant agony for months at a time.
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Halloween was on Friday. I enjoyed Halloween. I made a Spooky Songs playlist, and just about had it finished before I went to bed and it wasn't very appropriate to listen to it again for another year. Also there were a bunch of songs I wanted to put on, but for some reason my laptop won't recognise a lot of my older CDs as CDs so I couldn't rip them. I could buy the MP3s, but I am loathe to pay for them having already paid for them. I could get the MP3s for free but I have forgotten how to do it while simultaneously avoid viruses. I'll try again next year.

But my point is that it's Bonfire Night - and my dad's birthday - on Wednesday, and I realised that after then we are technically into Christmas season, as far as I'm concerned. Also my YN's birthday is in early December, as a little ambush event. He's just old enough to realise if someone forgot to get him something, and to be discerning between presents, so I'll have to get ready for that. Ugh. I LOVE HIM. But ugh. Also about a million PS4 games are coming out, which will be hella expensive. I'll have to choose wisely among them.

I sent in my application form for the Hospice, and they called me up to come in for an informal interview on Thursday. It's nice that that's bobbing along, but I remembered that I'll probably have to dress semi-formally if I start working there, and probably for the interview, so I'll have to get some new clothes. And shoes probably. I always used to work in low-heeled boots, but the ones I used to wear fell apart long ago, and I remember it was a pain to get them. I'll have to check through my wardrobe to see if I have anything suitable, and if not buy some more. And a shirt. And probably some work jumpers, since the weather's finally on the turn. It's not that bad, the position's only for one half-day a fortnight. The problem with the shoes is that the Hospice is on an awkward road. I'll either have to get into town and walk quite a way down and along from there, or get a bus and then walk through a bunch of estates I don't really know to get there. I'd rather not have to do that in uncomfortable shoes. I'll have to check out my wardrobe tonight.

So my plan for tomorrow is to go into Wakefield, buy a new shirt (preferably blue), buy my dad a card and present, and maybe buy some new work shoes. It's funny how once you start spending money you tend to have to continue spending money. But you do tend to get things you need. So.

Thought Bubble's coming up in a couple of weeks. Oof.

I hate Tracy on Coronation Street, but she did have quite a funny line about a carriage clock on Friday. We missed a chunk of that episode, so I had to catch up today. Also saw David being like "well, we thought he was up to something and he was, so". I missed quite a lot of Emmerdale this week too, after having to go out on Wednesday, and caught up mostly yesterday. Charity is spectacular. I'm glad the show remembered that. Also spectacular is Nicola. And I love Ross even though he's a bit shit. And Debbie. Well, I love quite a lot of people. They should whittle the show down to just the people I love, and let them have a show of their own, is what I'm saying.
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I hate having spare half-hours. The time between the first Coronation Street and the second one on Fridays is always the worst.

In Emmerdale, I can't believe Moira continues to be such an idiot. It's been a long time since she tried to buy her daughter heroin to get her over her heroin addiction, and still. Why on earth hasn't she told Cain? Surely he has just a contact in jail that could look after Adam?

I would love to see some sort of weird bonding or affair between Charity and Moira, when she finds out about the prison racket scam. Even though it'd mean Charity and Cain couldn't be in the same room as each other ever again. Charity smelling Moira the other day was a nice reminder that's she actually bisexual. But I suspect instead it's just going to be a case of Charity finding out, telling Cain, and it coming between Cain and Moira so Charity and Cain can have some UST again. Cut for domestic violence/murder ). Where is Aaron, anyway?

I love Leyla. "Pillock of the community". I wish they could settle on a characterisation for her.
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  • Emmerdale, mentions of abortion/miscarriage )

  • I am enjoying the new Borderlands game. It's weird, the fact it's called 'the Pre-Sequel' makes me assume it's an expansion, but it really isn't, it's a whole complete game. I'm enjoying the new mechanics and Action Skills. And for once I had a choice of female characters to play! Will wonders never cease? It's a little weird they're portraying Jack as even semi-heroic given what we already know about his backstory, but maybe they'll go more into it or have a 'twist' or something later on. I'm enjoying it though. No spoilers please.

  • I have an RPS fandom, for pretty much the first time (not The Apprentice), and people on Tumblr keep posting 'Shipping Rules' based on things they have LITERALLY ASKED THE REAL PEOPLE IN QUESTION ABOUT SHIPPING AND FIC. I don't know what to do with that fandom.

  • It looks like my MN is genuinely on the points of being expelled from his school. In the last few weeks he's either been excluded altogether for days or been sent home early almost every day, for physically attacking or swearing at teachers. Currently he's on six weeks of 'mornings only' school, in that he can go in in the morning and get a mark for attendance, but then is given schoolwork to do and is sent home for the afternoon. Or rather, he WAS due to start that this week, but then he had a day of attacking and swearing at teachers, so he got excluded until next week. So it should be starting then. Unless he gets sent home again. Don't really know what's going to happen with all that.
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