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But anyway. As a palette cleanser from that - I don't think I ever made a New Year's post. What with being in Lancaster and the Red Death and all that. While I was at Jen's we held the Slash Awards 2016, which was quite a nice round up of the year. I would love to post the whole thing, but I'm just really tired, so essentially the results were:

Slashies 2016 (warning for an underage pairing, also lots of pictures and some blood) )
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I am at [ profile] jekesta's, and I have a cold, and it's awful. Jen has given me all the drugs, and that's helping, but still, ugh. I sort of blame my place of work for making me work in freezing conditions for a bit, and Jen thinks that would make me a weak, Victorian-like woman who would just die of the cold, but I think she is wrong and I am great. Sarah and [ profile] slemslempike are also here, and they are great, and we did the Slashies, and there isn't as much slash in the world/our lives as there should be, but we remembered some and that was lovely, and many awards were given out, hurray! Also Rita is here and she loves me and that is great. I have to go now because they are back, but that's pretty good, and also happy new year!
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Well, the computer's mostly built. I'm glad I decided to start it a day early, because it really is a big job. Although a lot of yesterday was taken up by me sleeping in, and then me cleaning my room and desk, and then the kids coming down again for Boxing Day. But anyway. We had a few issues with not knowing if the CPU cooler would be tight enough on the CPU, and the fact the radiator for said cooler didn't fit in the front of the case, so we had to install it differently to how the installation guide showed us. Also dad obviously hated the case I bought, so there was a quiet simmering resentment throughout the process. Plus, even though the idea was for us to build it together so I could get some idea of how it was done, it mostly involved dad building it, and mostly asking me to hold the torch for him, and acting like I had no faith in him when I asked any sort of question. But! We sorted out all of the problems, and got all of the parts installed. Now we just need to connect everything to the power supply - and possibly connect the motherboard to some things (??) - and then we should be able to turn it on and make sure everything works. Then I'll just need to hook up the screen, and see if I can convince Microsoft to let me have Windows. Dad is dragging his feet, because he planned to clear out my sister's old house today, and apparently I can wait and just have it half made on my desk for a few weeks and we'll work on it in the evenings after I get back from work. I'm not a fan of that plan, so I'm trying to get it done today. It's been many months, and I'm ready to just have a computer again.

For Christmas I bought my dad a 75-year celebration of the Green Lantern comics, because Green Lantern was his favourite when he was a kid, and I ended up getting an encyclopaedia of DC comics characters. In it I read about Green Lantern's mentor-turned-enemy, who for one set of issues enslaved him for fun, and now I may need to borrow my dad's Green Lantern book. Slash is hard.
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It's hard to find time for porn, video games, and all the other practical things in my life I kind of need to do. Also writing. And soaps. I'm falling very behind on soaps at the moment. We stopped watching them during the holiday, and then there were the Olympics, and now this. I'm meant to be doing a soap podcast again in a few weeks, too.

On the plus, I did find a really incredible fic for a fandom I have no interest in getting involved in - which is sometimes the best combination you can manage, since you're not spending all your time thinking 'this isn't the fic I really wanted, though', or 'I don't think [character X] would have phrased it exactly like that. Essentially, I was looking through a kink tag, found a new fandom and pairing with a dynamic I enjoyed through that kink tag, decided to read all the fic for that pairing, and then found a really good fic that was actually a turn-on and restored my faith in slash fic of the moment. Also there is genuine video online of that (RPF) pairing, where one of them is spoon-feeding the other one pudding for the pleasure of the audience. So that was nice.

I was hoping after that video from the weekend that the tags for my pairing from the Let's Players would be flooded with serial killer!AUs (with fluff), and carrying fic. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. But maybe it's in the works.

Yesterday I finally got around to applying for benefits again. It turned out my last ESA payment was on the 20th of last month, not the 15th, so I couldn't have applied before this weekend anyway. But it was probably some of the least fun I've ever had. First off, it told me I couldn't have Jobseeker's Allowance, I qualified for Universal Credit because of my postcode. Then - having taken me to the Universal Credit page - it said I could make a full claim if my postcode started with a certain set of numbers and letters. It didn't, so it said I could make a partial claim if I lived in 'one of the below areas', and gave me a list. I didn't live in any of them. But the form had said I qualified for Universal Credit, so I started an application anyway. And it turned out I did. Way to make applying for benefits accessible and easy to understand, Conservatives. Anyway, then I actually got to fill out the form - woo! - and it involved needing to know my parents' exact dates of birth and whether they received any benefits at all, and then exactly how much money I had in total. My online banking decided to break at that exact moment, so I ended up having to guess from recent bank statements. They didn't really say how specific I had to be, but whatever. But finally I actually submitted the form - and it gave me some details about what would happen from then on. Which was really nice, but mostly what I learned was that I'll be getting paid £100 less than I did on ESA, and I probably won't receive any payment until October 5th at the earliest.

After I submitted the form, the page took me directly to the government's job-seeking page. I already had an account on there, so I signed in and had a look. I spent a few minutes wading through jobs it suggested for me in Rotherham and Manchester, and then tried a different searchword and almost immediately got offered a zero-hours contract.

Then today I got some ice-cream, and tried to play a free trial of a game I got offered, which ended up taking 3 hours to download. Still. Joy.

I am still working on my Dragon Age fic. I really want Zevran to be involved, and I have an idea for how he could be, but I don't think I could make it believable with other characters involved in the fic. I would also like Morrigan and Wynne involved. And I thought maybe Leliana, but she would literally just talk all the time about how great it was my character was part of the Chantry now, and not understand when my character wanted to have her own beliefs in private, and when Loghain found out there was a literal Orlesian spy in the court he'd probably just kill everyone. So, there's that.
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Well. So. This happened with one of my Let's Player pairings over the weekend.
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Nobody writes good Uncharted fic. They just write filthy het.

And tomorrow I have to go to Wakefield, because dad took us having our boiler replaced last week - and having to empty out our boiler room/cupboard - as an opportunity to go through all the stuff in the boiler room/cupboard, and he found my solid deodorant from Lush and decided it was probably an old piece of soap nobody wanted, so he threw it away. Naturally he didn't ask if it was an old piece of soap, or if nobody wanted it. So now I have to go replace it. He's going to pay for it though.
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Still working on finishing Uncharted 3. Nate/Sully might be one of the best pairings I've ever seen. And I suddenly understand some things I accidentally saw before, involving canonical mind control drugs, and ohhhhh. I am looking forward to the fic.
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Infamous fandom did not take the extended break for incest I hoped it would. I don't know how fandoms exist without angsty first-time fic.
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Coronation Street )

Apparently the Avengers cast are falling apart on their UK tour, and it's kind of awful, but kind of hilarious.
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ABO is my secret shame. But I continue to torment myself that there is a way it can be done well, and be hot? And omegas who don't give a fuck are basically some of the best characters there are. So have some snippets of ABO David/Kylie/Callum fic.

I'm sorry )
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But what I didn't know is that in Mass Effect 2, in the 'extra' level I am playing, if you survive all the waves of enemies, you get to hear Harbinger - a sentient ship that wants to wipe out or absorb all intelligent life in the galaxy - just WHISPERING SWEET NOTHINGS into Shepard's ear as you fight. "There's no need to fight, surrender and be spared". "Struggle if you must. Your mind will be mine". There has never been a gayer ship than Harbinger, and it has never been gayer for anyone than it is for Shepard.
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  1. I want to know what this magic house is of Tony's that is worth exactly 10 grand.

  2. Little bit of casual misogyny from Owen there at the beginning. Naturally.

  3. Please don't make Carla be friends with Tracy, she's suffered enough.

  4. The way Callum's eyes lit up because he met a female David.

  5. It's weird how they're pretending Lily doesn't exist while this Callum and Max storyline is going on. Like, where did she sleep last night? In David's room with Bethany and Sarah? It would be nice if they - or even David - remembered her, and maybe they acknowledged that Max has a reason to want to stay in the Platt's house besides David.

    Also I have a mighty need for Callum to see David with her, a child that really is his own, who is also Kylie's other child, and at an age that Callum missed out on with Max.

  6. Also I just realised tonight that on Sunday, when Callum was LITERALLY PRETENDING TO BE GAY DADS with David, he said "we're hoping for a girl next". He has his eyes on Lily already.

  7. Tony's phone had Liz twice, Tracy, and no Jason. So many more questions raised than answered by that shot. Who is Vic? Who is Will? Will we ever know?

  8. It's a shame mpreg isn't a plausible storyline for soaps, because David and Callum sniping at each other for a few months, then having a random night of drunken hatesex, then David finding out he is pregnant with Callum's child, having a child that is literally both his and Callum's, would make my life. Callum would just be wandering around starry-eyed. And David would just want to kill.

  9. I hope Sarah does run off with Callum, because they are both such horrible people, I literally don't know how she is getting away with staying in David's house while constantly poking him about POSSIBLY LOSING HIS CHILD. Also Bethany just obviously stealing a top only to immediately throw it on the floor was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. CAREER CRIMINAL IN THE MAKING, THERE.
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Well, I seem to have gotten to the 'brutally, aggravatingly hard' part of Far Cry 3. Also the 'much more racist' part. I mean, Spoilers, warnings for rape, drugs and racism )
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The Secret Circle, up to 1.10 )

And I've just started a new computer game where the main villain started off by ranting about the protagonist's "pretty boy face". Ahhh, video games.
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Bank Holiday today. I've just had Chinese food for dinner and I'm tidying tidying tidying again.

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight )

Also Springwatch is starting again tonight. I'm hoping for lovely baby birds and more strange Chris-Michaela UST. Hurrah.
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My up and down Christmas )

And I also watched the Coronation Street Christmas episode )

And then there was Yuletide. I found one slash story for a pairing I loved in a fandom that doesn't get much fic, which was pleasing. But I remember when Yuletide used to be more exciting than this.

Um. Merry Christmas?
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Was I wrong to think for a second that this ad was going to be about the love story between the supermarket man and the bread delivery man? I think not.
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Is there any alternate version of Cinderella where the stepmother is gay for Cinderella, and doesn't want her going off to balls or getting married because she just doesn't want her leaving the house? THIS QUESTION HAS PLAGUED ME FOR MANY YEARS.

And in case you were wondering, the ballet I went to see today (Cinderella) was fabulous. I like ballet, but there's never been one that's made me want to cry before. I don't think it's touring at the moment, but if it does or if you live near Leeds I would definitely highly recommend it. Northern Ballet Theatre is great.

And I bought my final Christmas present today, aside from money for my sister. I bought dad vodka because mum says he likes it - I've never seen him drink it, so I hope she's right. I was going to get a litre, as the biggest 'gift' bottle on the shelf, but it looked genuinely massive, so he'll have to make do with 70cl. Hah.

I also picked up the last few things in Leeds I wanted before Christmas. Mostly this was comics. I am kind of enjoying getting comics issue by issue at the moment, something I've not really done before, but between some comics taking months and months to put out a new issue, some selling out of an issue before I have a chance to pick it up so I have a bit of the story missing, and the fact I keep finding new and exciting comics to start even though they cost about £2.50 each and it does add up if you're just following more and more new titles - I don't know if I'm going to keep doing it long-term. Hmph.

Also I got a Christmas card from [ profile] jekesta, thank you [ profile] jekesta. It's nice to know Roger Moore had some bearing on my cards this year.

I have to go now because I had to get up early to get into Leeds for shopping and ballet and now my head is killing me, byyyyye.
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