Mar. 1st, 2017

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Possible titles for my future autobiography:

  • "And Now This"

  • "Endless Annoying Whining"

  • "How Am I Gonna Be An Optimist About This?"

I fell over today. I just plain fell the fuck over. I went into town before work, to pick up Horizon Zero Dawn, and I was going down a funny little backstreet to get to the train station, and I stepped down on a pavement that was on a bit of an incline, and I just went over. I think I have weak ankles. I don't know if that's a problem a doctor can fix.

Then also there were more train cunts, although happily they didn't bother with me. In fact, they sat near me on the journey and one of them (who was drunk) leaned over backwards and almost onto me, and he looked around and apologised, and said no more about it. But before that they were stood on the train platform singing really loudly, and whistling really shrilly, and repeatedly, whenever the train conductors whistled before closing the doors of a train, and it was incredibly irritating. And then, on the walk home from the train station, I met some missionaries from a church, and ended up getting into a long conversation with them. They had badges on saying they were from the Church of Latter Day Saints, so I knew immediately what was probably happening, but it was still almost a masterclass in circular talking. They asked me about the area, and for a while I thought maybe they just genuinely wanted to know their way around, since one had an American accent. Then they started talking about the history of the area and the castle, and hey, just down from there, isn't there a church? Had I ever been inside the Church? Oh, I had, for Christmas? Did I know what a Christingle was? And did I consider myself someone who celebrated the spiritual side of Christmas? It was amazing. But fine, they were really lovely. We had a chat about my time at Catholic school, and my atheism and what I think it means to me. Then at the end when I said I had to go, they gave me a card, and told me there was someone who existed who really loved me, and if I ever wanted to find out more about their church I was free to look into it. Then they wandered off to talk to some other people about the area, I guess.

Also I went to Redemption last weekend. It was lovely. It was a little odd. Because of Storm Doris (which fucked up my trains on Thursday night too), a bunch of people hadn't been able to get there, and a lot of the ones who had were running around trying to do damage control. So as a result a lot of panels sort of didn't happen, or there was only one panellist there looking frightened, because they'd only agreed to do it that morning to fill out the numbers, and they didn't have a plan for what to say. So it was quite quiet. But still really lovely, and it was nice to see people and be among a lot of fannish people. Mostly [ profile] jekesta and I learned what we already suspected, that there isn't really a lot of sci-fi out at the moment and people still really love Marvel and Doctor Who.
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A Vine:

That's mostly how I feel about Trump supporters. And some Bernie Sanders supporters.
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