Jan. 14th, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
Well. Here's a thing I learned today. My ON loves Minecraft, and he loves playing online multiplayer Minecraft games. Because my dad's computer's is way faster and better than his, he loves to come down here and play them. It turns out that when he does, because we're splitting a wired connection, my internet is so slow as to be almost unusable. So that's going to make things interesting. Particularly if I get into any online multiplayer games I also want to play all the time.

Yesterday was cold at work again, and now my cough has slightly come back. It never fully went away, and I haven't really had my voice back for a few weeks, but it's come weirdly tickly again today, although without any extra phlegm really, so just for no reason at all. I don't know what I did to the Queen, what any of us did really, to deserve this, but I hope it ends soon. For God's sake.
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