Jun. 18th, 2017

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You know, it's clear to me now how much of an internet shut-in I have been my entire life, because I keep being amazed how many places don't have threaded comments outside of LJ/dreamwidth. Why? What the fuck? It's so impossible to have a conversation. I've started leaving comments on some of the Let's Play videos I watch (on their personal site only because a) fuck Youtube comments, and b) fuck G+ making you tell it your address), and it's just. Ridiculous. You can't reply to a comment on a comment. If someone replies to my comment, I can't respond to them. As far as I can tell? I know a comments section is different from say, a forum, but still. Jesus Christ.

Also, at the tender age of 32, I have figured out why people do spring cleaning. It's because you want your house clean by summer, and it is a genuine nightmare trying to do it in summer heat.

I watched Casualty last night, and it made me cry, as it always does since Cal died. It's awful, but I'd also almost forgotten soaps could do that to me, so well done to them.

(Also, I went into the coronation street Tumblr tag the other day to see if anyone anywhere shipped Daniel and Adam, and it was mostly porn. Like, straight up porn. And pictures that looked very much like they'd been stolen from soap actresses' phones. What is this world?)

It's too hot for most thoughts. I got a new MP3 player yesterday because my old one fell and the down button stopped working, and now I've learned that most of my music collection didn't carry over when I swapped to the new computer. Woe.
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