Jun. 11th, 2017

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Video game update: EA is boring as fuck.

My current project in my bedroom, is attempting to get rid of a large candle I don't want anymore by burning it out completely, so I can clean out and recycle the glass jar. What I have learned is that candles are shit. Every time I turned around, after burning it for a while, the wick - which had started in the middle of the wax, I promise you - had started listing over to the side, melting only half the wax in the candle, and getting to a point where it was about to disappear under the wax, which would put out the flame. In these cases, if I even turned it around - because there's a picture above the candle I like and don't want to get smoke damage - the wax would whizz up over the wick, extinguishing it. Numerous times, I had to put the wick back into a usable position with a pair of scissors. Which are now encrusted with wax and, ironically, unusable. And I say wick, but by the end it was pretty much just a black lump that may have been metal, may have been string, I don't know. All I know is that it burned. Nevermind the fact that as the wax went down, it got harder and harder to light the wick without burning my fingers. Or, since I had to do it at a tilt, without melting the wax over the wick, causing it to run down and extinguish any flame I managed to make. Plus how nauseous the constant burning smell from all the matches has made me. I've currently got it down to about a fifth of it's previous height, and it extinguished itself yesterday, just from burning, and the wax (which was green) has gotten a dirty brown look, which makes me think some of the soot or muck or smoke from the burning wick has gotten into it, and might not burn anymore. I get the feeling I might have to finish it off by warming it in the other, as is my mother's way. Which will leave me with a bunch of hot wax to clear out, still.

I blackened the glass today, trying to light the wick, which I did not achieve. Fuck candles.
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Well, I tried to watch the Xbox conference live, and as soon as I switched to the channel my computer crashed. At first I thought it was just part of the conference, but no. I switched it back on, and it automatically loaded the conference up when I opened Firefox but it. kept. stopping and. starting. and I. couldn't. bear. it. so I switched to a different livestream (which ran perfectly), but couldn't go back to the beginning again. I'm currently waiting for them to put up a video of it, so I can watch the first half hour that I missed.

Technology, huh?

It was pretty good though. Most of the stuff they announced is coming to PCs too, so I don't feel too left out of any of it.

And then I get to decide how much sleep to try to get before getting up at 5am for the Bethesda conference.

But I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Yay.
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