Jun. 10th, 2017

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Well, the DUP thing's depressing as fuck. I was fool enough, when I saw the name Democratic Unionists, to think they were a left-wing group, and would either pull the Tories in a left-wing direction or be unable to make a deal with them. I've since learned exactly what kind of group it actually is (creationism, climate change denial, and mispending huge amount of taxpayers money are pretty much the least bad things). So that's a little scary. But we're just going to have to see how it turns out, and it's not going to go down well for the Tories even if they do make a deal with them. Not that they seem to care too much about the public seeing them as evil. At least there's a strong opposition to them in parliament, given the results of the election, no matter what happens - pretty much every major party left hates them, and wants to get in the way of everything they want to do.

But you know what? I woke up yesterday to find the country had voted much more in favour of saying 'fuck you' to the Tories than I ever dreamt, and was more more in favour of genuine socialism than I ever imagined in this day and age, and that's given me faith back in the other people I share a country with, in other people in the world, no matter how this turns out politically. Although I hope this doesn't turn out the worst it possibly could, politically.

And I have a week off work, the weather's been pleasant enough the last few days, and E3 starts today. E3 is gamer Christmas, in case you didn't know. It technically starts on Monday, but a bunch of big developers have started moving their conferences to the weekend before E3 to be independent and edgy, but mostly it just feels like there's more E3. First conference is tonight - although it's all on America time, so my schedule's going to be all over the place since I want to watch them live. One conference I really want to watch is on at 5am tomorrow. So. I might be setting my alarm for that one.

But tonight I shall order delicious takeaway pizza, and learn new things. Tomorrow is the Microsoft conference - we shall learn if they have anything to offer other than a super-powerful new box and more information on what games they're making that they haven't cancelled yet. I sort of hope they have. But it's hard to imagine it not being slightly disappointing regardless.

Not that life is all fun and games. I ripped a hole in my trousers on our desk at work right before I was leaving, so I'll have to buy another pair, and last night my train home was late getting to the station, and then broke down, so we had to sit there for half an hour while they tried to get it started before they could find us a new train. I tried to find a sketch from Man Stroke Woman that perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards Northern Rail, but it seems to be the only one that hasn't been put up on Youtube. Suffice to say: I'm angry.

I was also going to say that things seemed to have calmed down a bit with my family, but apparently my parents currently have all 3 kids, because their dad was going to spend time with them 'if it wasn't raining', and it is, and my mum just had to have an argument with my YN about the filthy shorts my sister let him put on. So there you go.

I have a new game, and I'm going to Morrowind.
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