Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Well, this is it. The government wrote to tell me I no longer qualify for tax credits, and that I owe back £750 that they've paid me. I guess it's a good thing I didn't just spend it all. But now I just have to refigure out my finances again, and particularly my savings - because I know it's a pretty good idea to save money at this point in life. Or any point really. It was a quite a load off knowing I could just save my tax credits and then just enjoy pretty much the rest of my wage. And now, with rent to my parents and my train fare every month taken off, if I do what people suggest doing, putting exactly half my leftover money into my savings, I'll have less to spend per month than I did back when I was on ESA. But I'll have savings, obviously. But that's just one of those things about life I guess. And if I don't like the amount I'm earning at my current job, or the amount it's costing me in travel, I can try looking for a new job. It's the first time it's just been my responsibility in a while.

P.S. Wonder Woman is great. Really brilliant. A brilliant superhero movie.
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