May. 27th, 2017

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Today, I started bleeding even though I'm on the pill, a storm broke out, and a crow that has been hanging around our garden lately brought down a bird on our lawn and started eating it. A more superstitious person would think they were signs of the end of times. I just think it's been a pretty weird day.

The bleeding is a relief, in some ways - I've been having weird pelvic and back pains for a few weeks now. Which might be more to do with sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours, and eating badly and upsetting my guts, but still, bleeding makes a lot more sense. I have taken a paracetamol. I don't know if it's because I've forgotten to take my pill or have taken late a few times in the last few weeks, or if this is just something that happens sometimes, but it still sort of took me by surprise.

I also got my hair cut, which I've been looking forward to all week because of this blasted heat. It's not that much shorter, to be honest, but it feels way better. And my poor mum, who got back from London at something like 9pm on Thursday, got a call yesterday morning from work, asking her to do a 4 till 11 shift - after she rushed into town to do some food shopping - and right now she's doing the twilight shift she was always scheduled for, from 11 till 11. Poor mum.

Also, I want everyone to know that I was right, and Jen was wrong, or if not wrong about the subject, at least wrong to doubt me. I heard a collared dove make the same awful sound, as it was coming in to land somewhere not singing, and it was definitely the dove because nothing else was around. And, in the words of the RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife; "the call is harsh 'krurrr', and the song is a loud, repetitive 'coo-oo-cuk, coo-oo-cuk'", Identification paragraph, page 45. I was right.

I also saw a baby crow today, fluffy and huddled up in the corner of a graveyard near an old church near our house, cawwing warily at me. That somewhat took the edge off the bird the other crow killed today.
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