May. 21st, 2017

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I'm not going to go on about this game, but every day I break the law...of gravity.

Sometimes when I'm trying to log into Dreamwidth, I type my username as girlofpry. She's my nosier alter-ego. Don't trust her.

I've spent this weekend doing basically nothing so far. I went and picked up a new VR game and controller yesterday, and had to carry it home from town, and my arm ached all yesterday and even though I knew why it still felt like maybe I was having a heart attack all day. Also I broke the law, of gravity. But other than that, kind of nothing. That's basically how my time seems to go these days. I spend all week when I'm working thinking "I'll do that job at the weekend, when I have time", "I'll do that job at the weekend". And then the weekend comes and I just feel like I've been at work all week, and I just want to rest. Also the addictive nature of playing lots of video games and just trying to keep up with the internet all day, of course. I need an organiser of some kind. But not to be too OCD about it all. Hm.

It was a slightly odd week at work. Along with all the stuff I already talked about, on Wednesday I sent the wrong package away with a courier who came to do a collection. It was weird, because when I came in, the guy (from the post room) who had been covering the lunch break pointed at a package on the desk and said it was 'for collection' - which I would never say for a package that was being picked up by someone in the building - and I vaguely knew there was another package for collection, but it was big and at the back of the room, and I was busy, so when the guy came in to collect something I just thought the one on the desk was all we had, so gave him that. But it turned out the package I gave away had been on the desk all day, and was actually for a woman in the office who had been down three times that day, after getting an email from the courier that the package was delivered that morning, and they'd not given it to her because they thought it was for someone else. So idk. I didn't get into trouble about it, but it brought up the question (again) of why we're dealing with packages and collections rather than the post room. In a way, it makes sense for us to just take things at the desk, rather than having to let couriers through the barriers and a few magnalocks into the post room. But in other ways, it does not.

At the same time, I was trying to look into our taxi process, because on reception we book taxis for people, and when employees want them on account, they have to bring their forms to us, and we put them in the file and fill in a different form. Basically, since I started the job I've just been doing that no questions asked, even though as far as I know we don't do anything with the actual accounts. But this week I had to cancel a few taxis, so I wanted to know if there was anything I should put on the forms we'd filed. I'd been told the other part of the taxi business was handled by HR, so I emailed HR, and they told me to contact reception about it. After we sorted out that misunderstanding, they basically said they had nothing to do with taxis, as far as they knew. I asked my boss about it, and he said it was probably to do with finance, but until the buy-out that was happening went through, there was probably no point actually asking anyone about it. I just wrote 'cancelled' on the forms and put them back. But it's kind of made me think about what my job is. Obviously reception's always going to be important - although apparently they just had security guards before us - but when this new company come in, if they ask us what our responsibilities are, it's going to be like "the post...sometimes", and "taxis...but also finance might do some of that". It's kind of bizarre. But a lot of people seem to think the new company won't be looking at Facilities and our role too much to begin with - that they'll probably want to get merging the customer base, and having all our IT services brought into line with each other, sorted before they start examining contracts for the building. So my job's probably safe for a while. But still. It's a funny job.

George Gently's on tonight. That's a surprise, because as far as I knew they weren't making anymore. But no, there's some on tonight. Hopefully George hasn't ditched his young man assistant like Vera did, but we'll see. It's a nice surprise, but does sort of block out some more of my time.

I also bought some jewellery yesterday. The lovely jewellery shop that's been in my town since before I was born is closing. I spoke to a woman behind the desk, and apparently the landlord wants them to commit to another 10 years to renew the lease, and the owners are getting older and don't really want to commit to that, so they're having to close down. Which is a real shame. I usually go there when I want stuff repaired - once they fixed a ring for me for free, since there was a chance fixing it would break the stone anyway. But they were having a closing down sale, so I took the opportunity to get something I'd liked for a bit (and could afford) on the cheap. I'm probably going to get something else I like less on the cheap in a bit, before they close down. But I've just been paid, so it's not so bad. Going through my jewellery collection is another job I keep planning to get around to, but haven't yet. But yeah. I got video games, chocolate and jewellery yesterday. It was one of my most satisfying shopping trips lately.

People are talking about American Gods pairings on Tumblr, and it got an 8.6 out of 10 on imdb. Ugh.
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