Apr. 29th, 2017

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I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And I really enjoyed it. Some parts of it felt forced and a bit 'eh', but mostly it was still the fun, fresh sort of film the first one was. I still really liked all the characters, and a lot of their dynamics and the dialogue. It's weird how some Marvel films can be so good. Also I saw a trailer for Wonder Woman, which I'm also going to see, which also looks pretty good.

Big spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy )

And then I got followed by a guy. I was walking home from my local town centre, and I got to this part with a medieval ruin which is kind of deserted, and suddenly someone called out 'hey' from behind me. I stopped, thinking maybe it was someone who needed help, and this guy came up, not saying anything, holding his chest and panting, saying he wanted to catch his breath. At which point I knew he wanted something, but I hoped it was only money, or maybe something to do with drugs. But no. He said he was from Zimbabwe, and told me his name, and told me he'd seen me by the bus station, about five minutes earlier, and had followed me. I told him that was a little creepy, and he assured me that he wasn't as creepy as I thought, and he wasn't a stalker, and he hadn't seen me at all before today. Then he looked at me and asked if I knew what he wanted to ask me. And I said yes. He asked me if I was married, and I said no, and that I liked girls. Which is not technically a lie, but makes me feel a little shitty, because it does undermine actual lesbians who genuinely mean that and will never be interested in a man. But sometimes you just want to get away. He looked a little taken aback, and then said he could watch the two of us, and I said no he couldn't. I said thank you, and that I was flattered, but I had to get home. He shouted after me that I was lovely, though, and I said thank you to that. Then he called out something else I couldn't hear and ignored.

So nowhere near as upsetting and aggressive as the last time I got followed around by a guy in the town centre, but still kind of creepy. I just don't know if guys know how unpleasant that kind of behaviour can be for women. Like I said, he wasn't aggressive - he kept leaning towards me, and I was really worried he was going to put a hand on my shoulder to 'steady himself' while he was catching his breath - but I didn't feel threatened or anything, and I looked behind me after I left and could see he wasn't following me. But I was still checking behind myself all the way home. Just in case he'd decided to try and find out where I lived, so he could try again later. It's fucking weird. And unpleasant.
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