Mar. 24th, 2017

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So. I got yelled at today by an extremely aggressive employee of the bank, who at one point referred to me as "the woman" to his friend. He was angry that I wouldn't let him through the barriers, into a BANK, without his security pass, and didn't want me to call his manager down to authorise a temporary pass. And my boss is on holiday for a week, so I can't talk to him about it, and the guy in charge in his absence I think is the guy in question's friend. So. There's that.

Also, before that, I was an idiot and decided to look at the comments on an article to do with video games and racism, and found out that everyone except the "far left" thinks that America should be mostly white and Mexican immigrants are trying to take over part of the country. I always thought that it was a bit wanky to just assume left-wing politics had the moral high ground, but apparently no, it's the literal definition.

And now I'm going to eat chocolate and watch D and D videos.
girlofprey: (R for raygun)
And now I'm fighting a boss fight, which isn't supposed to be a boss fight, it's supposed to be a side quest against a fairly powerful creature, against a boss that 1) has huge amounts of health, 2) has defence so high I can barely dent it, 3) seven ultimate attacks from all my characters at full power still can't kill it, 4) can restore it's own health, and increase it's strength and defence at the same time, 5) is incredibly fast apparently, since it can go three times in a row before my characters can do anything, 6) has attacks that make my characters faint, taking them out of the fight, and 7) that is when it doesn't use an attack that just straight up knocks them out, taking them permanently out of the fight.

It's very frustrating.
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