Feb. 1st, 2017

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It finally rained in Stardew Valley, and the first fish I caught was a Walleye.
girlofprey: (R for raygun)
2016 was a bad year for celebrity deaths, but this week we lost the man who founded Morrison's, and the man who invented Pacman, which I think we can all agree was a harsher blow.

Work is still stressful. It's just so much busier than it used to be, and everything's so last minute. The biggest problem though is the car park. The woman who runs it has decided she wants all the spaces filled now, whenever they become free, even if it's on the morning they become free, to try to stop people just parking where they shouldn't and complaining that there's always spaces, so why shouldn't they? But that means that now, if someone tells me their space is free the next day, at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I still have to go through the waiting list and trying to reallocate it. OR - I manage to fill the car park, and then suddenly someone wants a last minute space for a meeting that suddenly sprung up, and I have to kick someone off the waiting list out of a space I've given them to give it to the visitor, and just hope they see the message before the following morning and we don't have two people trying to park in the same space. Also we have rules such as, you can't give someone a space just because they're working late - unless you can. And, we don't provide spaces for external visitors - unless we do. Meanwhile the new buyers are still wandering around the building, and we're all wondering if we're still going to have jobs in a few months time.

But anyway. It's fine. It's fine. It does keep me busy at least. It's just annoying being stressed if the car park's full, because then if there are any last minute visitors I don't have a space for them and might have to kick someone else out of theirs, and being stressed if the car park has spaces, because then I have to try to fill them. But I've decided on a magical solution of not trying and not caring. My boss thinks the car park's a farce anyway, and I had a word with the woman running the car park today about just how impossible it is trying to fill spaces at the last minute sometimes, which she agreed with, so. We'll just keep on, I guess.

I could look to see if we're out of the EU yet, but frankly I don't want to be too depressed. I think I always sort of hoped, or assumed, that something would happen that would just stop it, and we wouldn't, they'd be like "it's all a mistake". Ken Clarke just did a whole lovely thing yesterday. I was flicking through a bunch of Friendship Poems today, and found one about how "I cannot draw the frontiers/That divide me from you", and it made me think of the EU. I didn't really have much strength for a protest when it was all going on, but maybe I'll have enough for an elegy. I just can't believe something that was literally created to try to prevent World War II, and to some degree the Nazis, from happening again, has been ruined by people using literal Nazi propaganda. How did we let that happen?

Anyway. In happy graffiti news, on a building round the corner from where I work someone has graffiti'd the words "Fuck off", and someone has graffiti'd over that "Cheer up Leeds!". Also on the bridge I walk over to work, someone has put "#savePepe". Which I assumes mean 'save Pepe from being a weird mascot for awful facists'. Which is a thing worth saving him from.

I also completed Resident Evil VII over the weekend. That is a good game. I also love Lucas Baker, which is probably not a surprise, but apparently the game loves him too because Spoiler ). And I've finished all the seasonal stuff for the community centre in Stardew Valley, which is always the stuff I find the most stressful. So now I only have to get a truffle, and wait for one of my rabbits to 'drop' a rabbit's foot, which in my first game, they never ever did. I might be hanging out near where the witch has her wagon quite a lot.
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