Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Stardew Valley update:

I got real confused the other day, because I assumed most of the kids in Stardew Valley were highschoolers. What with their kickflips and emo hair, and constant complaining about homework. It turns out most of them are probably college age, and one works in his basement as a freelance programmer. Even the one constantly talking about 'school' is apparently taking some online classes, and seems to be more working on a degree than anything. I was fooled by Americans' tendency to call everything from kindergarten to studying for a PhD 'school'. Anyway. It did seem really creepy that the main character was of an age to have a job and own their own farm, but most of their romantic options were young teenagers. But now it's a little less creepy. Although I still consider them emotionally immature, what with the kickflips.

My farm is in its second year, which means I get to raise the new crops. And I finally gave in and started using sprinklers, so I could have some energy for anything other than watering, and do anything else with my mornings. Such as fishing. I still can't remember when you can catch sturgeon, but other than that I think I'm probably en route to completing the community centre this year, if I can upgrade my barns and get all the animals I need. I've been whizzing through it a little bit, trying to get to the same place I was in during my last stint in the game, but it's all coming along pretty nicely.

Shane still doesn't love me. But I'm working on it. I feel like I've reached the point now where I'd know enough about him to give him his favourite things, and his birthday is soon. The guy who made the game has really ramped up the whole depression side-story he seemed to be running with Shane though, which is considerably better than ignoring it completely but. It makes scenes with him kind of uncomfortable sometimes, from the perspective of romance. I feel like many of our dates will be spent in the doctor's office, trying to get him some help.

Quite a few other people in the town want to do me though. Success!

Anything else update:

My games shop got Resident Evil 7 five days early, so I have been playing it. I tried to play it after dark with all my lights off, but it turns out that's not so easy when you have a keyboard and mouse glowing like a rainbow behind, flashing into different colours every few seconds. And a lightbar on your PS4 controller that you can't turn off. I'm still enjoying it though. It's very puzzly. It seems a lot like playthroughs I have seen of the original game, albeit with less nameless enemies so far. I'm only a few hours in though. Apparently the whole game can be beaten in just 15 hours. With my performance and constant hiding in corners, we'll see.

It's cold today. I feel sad for the birds. I suggested the idea of getting a bird feeder the other day to my dad, but the idea was treated with levity. We had two magpies in our garden last week, and then a squirrel. Which has never happened before. Then I saw a deer from the train on my way to work. And then rats in a little green area behind where I work. Although I have no idea how common that is. At least it is finally cold though, and not creepily, unusually warm.
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