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My mum got a call on Sunday night from my sister's neighbours. My nephews were apparently in the garden yelling and throwing stones and throwing stones at cars that passed, and my sister was coming out occasionally to call them morons but not do much else. Apparently, my nephews have been doing plenty to these neighbours, such as weeing in a bottle and throwing it over their fence, and throwing stuff over the fence in general, and throwing large amounts of stuff from their bedroom windows into the garden, or into a gap between their garden fence and their conservatory. The woman who lives their used to teach my ON at his school, and they're very sympathetic to the kids and my sister, but they say they've been living in that house for 42 years, and now it's just like being in hell.

So that's nice.

The thing of it is, it's not even like the kids had been in all weekend and were going stir-crazy. My parents had my MN on Friday night, as they usually do, and he slept over, even though there was no football the next morning. Instead he had a presentation, and all of the kids went to that, even though my ON was a bit weird apparently. Then they came back to our house for a few hours. And on Sunday their dad had them, and took them out for the day. So what else can be done? Frankly?

Based on that, my sister/mother called a meeting with my sister's social worker, which went...okay, apparently. The neighbours, on my mother's advice, reported the kids to the police for anti-social behaviour, and now they're not sure how far that's going to go. But it sounded like there was stuff the social worker didn't know, like genuinely how often my parents have the kids. So maybe something will come of it? But who knows. At the moment we're mostly preparing to have their dog, Frank. I wish I was more excited, because I do want a dog, but again I wanted it to be my dog. And all I can think about is how this is going to disrupt things for the cat, if they never get familiar with each other, and how we can never have the doors open when it's hot in summer again, and we're going to have to have a walk schedule and someone's going to have to pick up after him, and etc. But apparently she's still forgetting to feed him, and she hasn't had his coat clipped in months, so I don't know if there's much else we can do. In good conscience. Other than call the RSPCA or send him to the pound. I'm sure it'll be lovely. He's a lovely dog. But it is basically just cleaning up after my sister, again.

I called the doctor's yesterday, to see about talking to someone about my mental health stuff. Apparently I can't book an appointment, because all the pre-booked ones are now taken until the middle of August. The best I can do is call them in the morning to try to get a same day appointment. Which means getting up to call them at 8am, just to see if I can get through, and if I can get a suitable appointment, and at the moment rushing around to change my routine at short notice isn't going to be good for my stress levels, to be honest. But it is the best shot I'm going to have apparently, so I'll probably try to do it later in the week, or next week or something. I also looked into one of the helplines my mother recommended, and it was closed down, but I told my mum and she said she'd just spoken to them a few days ago, and it turned out I had the name slightly wrong. So there's always that if things get bad.

But still. You've got to laugh, haven't you?
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I've been feeling so stressed lately. Just stuff going round and round in my head, like I want to write essays or something about it, but I don't. I couldn't sleep last night. And it's one of those things where I can't tell if me getting too anxious about that stuff, or if I'm anxious because of other stuff going on in my life, family stuff and that, and my anxiety's getting an outlet through worrying about other things. I've also been having weird cramping today and yesterday, so it could be pre-menstrual tension, but I just have no idea what my cycle is or what's going on with my body anymore.

My MN is coming around, and I've been thinking about saying something to him about perving on those girls, because I don't want to let him think it's okay. But we've just had some neighbours round, because we live in a residential cul-de-sac, and the lovely older couple who've lived down at the end since we moved in are having some sort of planning war with the guy who lives near them, and wants to stop them parking their cars where they always have so he can knock down a wall and have a driveway at the back of his house. Despite the fact he's completely block-paved the front of his house and has been selling multiple cars from it for years - which he's not supposed to do. So now I'm too tired to even try to have a discussion with my MN.

Video games make me happy. Most of the video games I really want to play are not coming out for a year or so. I tell a lie, some are coming out very soon, but they're not the ones I'm obsessing over because they're not the ones that are far away.
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Soaps just seem to be full of rape victims being tormented by their rapists these days.

And on a similar note, the police were apparently around at my sister's the other day, because my MN and his arsehole little friend were 'perving on some girls'. On the one hand, I'm not surprised given that similar things have happened before. On the other hand, I genuinely never thought my nephew would be the type of boy who would hurt girls just to impress other boys. But here we are.
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Hello. I spent the weekend at my parents. It's my dad's birthday today. Most of the weekend was spent doing a puzzle at my nephew's behest, and trying to finish it before he smashed it. Also trying to work out a lot of what he was saying, like telling "No me scared" from "Mummy, red". He has gone from calling me 'Rari' to 'Ra-el'. I love him quite a lot. Also, parents and I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Mostly what I've learned from it is that Clive Owen really can act like a twat, and Samantha Morton is a bit hot as Mary Queen of Scots. But personally, I prefer Blackadder's Elizabeth.

Anyway. I'm sort of out of a job at the minute. There was a lot of confusion at the university job, with me going next week and then possibly needing to stay another week, but they couldn't get in touch with HR, and basically they didn't tell me I was definitely finishing last week until 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon. After which I immediately called the agency, but the only job they had was another university job which had also been filled by their HR. Blathering about work )

But yes. I'm sort of a bit penniless at the moment. Mostly getting through it by going through old dvds I never watched, and a plan to stay in the flat. After getting some food. I might need to sign up with some other agencies if nothing turns up.

Mostly at the moment I am intrigued by Being Eliza Bennet: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure. I saw it in Waterstones today, and omg, what. You get to choose who you marry, but sometimes they get crushed by carriages. And you get to have a list of failings. It's sort of on my Christmas list.

Probably you're all out at bonfires. WELL FINE.
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Right. I was going to do a picspam over the weekend, but sort of forgot how long screencaping takes. Especially when you decide to just screencap the WHOLE THING. And then yesterday I learned that you're not even safe from Bank Holiday family outings after you've moved out. But it was fine, mum and dad brought my nephew down and we went to a kids theme park thing. I learned his favourite number and colour (4, and pink). And we played in a maze. And saw a monitor lizard. Oh, and they had fallow deer! That was quite good. Generally speaking, a good time was had by all, except when my nephew tried to spit on me.

Anyway. In all that I mostly forgot to post, and probably as a result didn't mention that my job for next week was pulled forward to this week. I had my first day today. It all seems alright. After some kerfuffle with the buses and the internet not telling me where they are it turns out they go from the town centre every ten minutes and only take ten minutes to get there, and because I'm only working 27 hours, I get a day off every week and get to go 45 minutes earlier than my other jobs. I'm working in basically the NHS complaints department, which means we get to order investigations into how wards and clinics are being run. We also look into inquests and homicide reviews, which should be, y'know, fun. And due to the sensitive nature of the information, I'm not allowed to speak to anybody about what I'm dealing with. Not even other NHS staff, who may or may not be being investigated. IT'S A BIT STRANGE. But quite interesting, if sometimes horrible. That's meant to be going on until the end of September, unless they can get someone permanent to start before that. And apparently I'm perfectly welcome to try for the permanent position. Hmm.

The other two days working round the corner were quite good as well. There was an IT crisis, which meant my computer wasn't connected to the network and an IT guy kept asking me to get off it so he could try to fix it, and there was an event they kept asking me to create registration forms for, but mostly it was quiet. It was quite strange really. I've never really been down that road before, even though it's just round the corner - it leads to a bad area - but there's tons of stuff down there. A big supermarket selling fresh fruit and Polish cake mix. Which is nice to know. And it turns out the cleaner from the NHS clinic I was working at before goes to the place I was working at last week quite regularly, where they try to set people up with employment. Apparently he's an expert in renewable energy, and has had dozens of papers published. But according to his contact there he doesn't present himself very well in interviews and they have trouble converting his degree (from Sudan I think) into an English equivalent. Which is apparently an English degree. All of which was suprising, and really quite a shame.

Anyway. A fascinating fact I learned in my last week at the NHS clinic - Mary Mary, Quite Contrary is actually about executions. Mary is Bloody Mary, who was executing quite a few people at the time for religious reasons. "Gardens" is apparently a reference to graveyards, the "silver bells" are thumbscrews (they looked like that it seems), "cockleshells" is supposedly a torture device they attached to your genitals, and the pretty maids were a reference to guillotines. Bet you'll never look at that nursery rhyme in the same way again. And I have the second series of Arrested Development. Hurrah!
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