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Just a quick one:

Batman: The Dark Knight )

And now I'm going to see it again. Look, there were scheduling and ticket booking issues. Don't judge me. See you in a bit!
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Hello. I haven't been here for ages. I went to see [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] alicamel, [ profile] nerdcakes and [ profile] calapine for New Year's Eve and they kidnapped me they were difficult to leave. But I couldn't have had a better time if someone had taught me to dance, so it's really all fair.

All of that (where 'all' is subjective) )

And then today I finally managed to get up in time for the Lancaster-Leeds train with no changes, and it turned out to be on the Settle-Carlisle line. Which is gorgeous, and goes through some fantastic countryside, and I highly recommend - if you're ever going to Lancaster from Leeds on the train. I wasn't always sure I was going to Leeds, but I'm pretty sure we went along the coast, and I saw what looked a like a kestrel, and what looked like a yak, and stations with names like 'Giggleknees'. And I ended up in Leeds a mere two hours later! And am come here now.

Naturally we watched the Green Wing special. Thoughts )

And I didn't do any '2006 in retrospect' or 'this year in fic' (sparse) posts, and I haven't finished reading Yuletide even, or done my 'Big Reveal' (I wrote Underbelly, Neverwhere), but I did have a really good time in Lancaster, and I don't regret it. Even when we turned a weekend into a looong weekend. So hurray :)
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Guy! Going feral! Making friends with wolves! Omg the love!
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I don't talk about it all the time, and it's the best show in the world, but sometimes I really do love Emmerdale (spoilers).

If you click on the pictures, you can watch my beloved characters talking and moving and stuff. By which I mean, watch Carl's spiky, pretty hair.

ETA: Oh God, and watch Rosemary's exasperation in action!
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I love Daniel Handler. I would like that to be known. Book the Thirteenth, with spoilers )

I have also finished Blackadder Goes Forth. They all wear leather and suspenders, and I don't think that's very fair. But it is great. I love Kevin Darling. This probably isn't much of a suprise, given that I've been spreading the news far and wide, but - I do. Why did no-one tell me he was played by Tim McInnerny, aka Percy from series 2? Why did it have to come from this guy? I love him. I love that he spent two lifetimes as Edmund's adoring, unappreciated idiot friend, before getting himself reincarnated as his frustrated slightly smarter enemy. I love that he is still TIED UP WITH LOVE FOR HIM and doesn't know why. He twitches! He breaks his pencil! Blackadder calls him 'Darling', and he can't say anything about it! It is beautiful. And they are a good pairing, which is nice. Blackadder stares at him, a lot. At one point Darling says something about not having been born yesterday, and Blackadder says 'that's a shame, we could have started your personality from scratch', and I love it when people say things like that, because it's basically like saying 'I'd really like you if you weren't such a complete tit'. Lucas Buck says something similar about Matt in one episode of American Gothic, and it is yay. Anyway. WHY ISN'T THERE MORE BRITISH COMEDY SLASH??? But there is actually fic for this pairing, which is a beautiful and rare occurence for me. Rabbitholes and Foxholes features the twitch, and OH GOD OH GOD. No Man's Land rescues me from the bleakness of the final episode. Choose Life gets a special mention just for the suggestion that Darling might alphabetise the paperclips. Yay. And Tinlow Industries AU where they're both 18 in America, working as cashiers and bagging boys in the same shop. It's not actually that bad, even if they once again have Darling EVEN CAPABLE OF SAYING OR UNDERSTANDING WHAT HE WANTS. Dude.

I love Yuletide for supplying me with most of these fics. I keep thinking about signing up for this year (if I can), then backing out because of my general intertia in that area. Also there are strange new rules I'm not sure I understand. And I might have missed the fandom sign-up date. Hmph.

Anyway. Back to Lemony Snicket. I'm pretty sure I won't finish it tonight, but I have some train journeys tomorrow. It's all good. Then maybe I'll finally get round to writing that con report. Um. Yes.
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Deadwood Episode 1.10 )

I'm back from Connotations. I'm pretty sure things have been running amuck in my room. Given the dusty pawprint on the bed and the fact all Celtic warriors and flying robots have been knocked down. I will do a post tomorrow probably, assuming time does not escape me again. First I have to go to work and catch up on the filing since last Thursday. Hmph.
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Oh, oh, it's like someone called God and told him I've been a really good girl this year! I'm not sure I have, but I'm willing to accept the glorious gifts! The only theatre group I really care about (who did that gay dancing a few years ago and are basically in love) are doing a new show in October and November. Not in any towns I am nearby, but I'm sure I can get over that minor obstacle. And they appear to be doing further tours of Sinner in 2007 and 2008, so I can SEE IT AGAIN MAYBE!

And according to the Boosh (under News), their live DVD will be available from November 13th. And they're currently putting together Series 3.

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I've been feeling much better lately. I was unreasonably annoyed this afternoon, when taking the security tag of an Urban Decay lip gloss, so I could stop making things beep, ripped the box. It's a slightly pathetic thing to be annoyed about, I know. But it was a nice box. It was purple, with shiny knife patterns on it. But other than that I've pretty much been on the upswing.

Things that apparently make me feel better:

  • CRAZY weather! Apart from, um, the damage the tornadoes did to people's homes and stuff. Suddenly Global Warming isn't looking like the hilarious jape we always thought it would be.

  • The compilation CD my dad made for me. Of which I may be uploading the best later on, so you can all share the goodness too. And make me songvids with them. Except for those of you who don't have a computer to yourselves at the moment.

  • Laputa action figures on ebay! The flying robots! And if that doesn't make you want to see the film, nothing will.

  • Spinny clock!
Also, I just bought what appears to be a Laputa DVD with the original 1988 English dub. Win :)

Mum and I went to the cinema last night. For we are rebels. And saw Talladega Nights )

I'm slightly worn out now. Must stop writing more than I intend to. Anyway. There was also a Ben & Jerry's vending machine in Xscape. Will wonders never cease?
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"Steve Irwin was once asked what his favourite childhood TV shows were. He said his favourite was Thunderbirds, but there'd always be a special place in his heart for Stingray"

Ah, the social post-mortem.

Anyway. Work totally GANGED UP ON ME today. I should have known that having less filing to do suddenly would eventually lead to having loads to do all at once. But I am daft, and enjoyed getting on with Northern Lights*. Managed to get it all done, partly by staying late because I had to, because dad wouldn't leave because I am dedicated. Apparently I get to edit more reports soon. Great. Except that it means I'll need to use the computer all day. And thus have the desk. Haha! Take that, fellow Copying Man!

I love Carl being the only King in Emmerdale. They put him in every storyline. I hope it goes on forever. Tonight he chased the male Dingles (rough, poor, hilarious types) into the woods where they were poaching, and they just touched his chest and offered him a drink. It's alright though because he's practically one of the family, and they wouldn't "do" one of their own. Which is probably why I can't get my smoking hot Cain/Chastity pairing kickstarted. At least the Kings have no such policy. (Though they haven't made anyone a mind-reading ninja either. Woe.)

Emmerdale is great. So are sultana scones, one of which I've just had. And so is [ profile] calapine, who is giving me Babylon 5 season 1. So I can possibly have a faked television orgasm of my very own. I think maybe I win a little bit :)

*To which my general response is mostly 'Oh God, Lyra!'/::weeps::

ETA: Um, I can apparently track things now.

LJ might come to regret giving me this power.
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Interests collage, yay!

Cut for some, um, porn )

I don't know what all of them are...or why I appear to be interested in them...but you can rest assured, they're the pictures I definitely liked best. Out of the ten.
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My Sleepy Hollow DVD from ebay arrived. I did not realise that having bought it from someone in the Netherlands, it would in fact be Dutch. But it has English audio, so all is well and I don't have to resort to just looking at the pictures.

Ichabod's so pretty.

In other news, Morrisons is fabulous. I went with mum when she picked me up from the train station, and first there was a fresh, hot batch of potato wedges from the deli, and then there was the Marlon Brando DVD Collection, for £5.99. Whenever I just try to get The Wild One, it's usually £20, maybe £15 if I'm lucky. And now I have it and three other black-and-white, classy-looking Brando-y films besides. Genius.

And I've started watching Supernatural. My main thoughts so far:

  • The car is pretty.

  • Dean is pretty.

  • Sam is quite sweet.

  • And I might like him best, but he's been whining a lot lately, and Dean's been mildly crazy and kick-ass. So. I DON'T KNOW.

I'm trying to think of others, but I think that's pretty much all I've picked up on so far. But I'm quite enjoying it. They should join forces with Ichabod. That would be the best one-off special ever.


Aug. 19th, 2006 11:40 pm
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I still love Folksongs Are Your Friends. So much.
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I'm off work for the second time this week because of my period. Damn you period. Except for the part where I'm - off work. Naturally I feel perfectly fine now, but the paracetomol wasn't working very well on Monday, and Day Three can sometimes be worse than Day One, and I don't really want to faint. Again. So. I'm home. Tee hee

I haven't been posting or commenting. I have been watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars. Neither today nor yesterday did I know what day it was, and (as per usual) I can't quite remember what my favourite character looks like. VERONICA MARS ATE MY BRAIN. Fact.

But I've just realised there should totally be a crossover called Life On Veronica Mars, with Veronica and Logan going back in time, and to England, and my bra is totally on inside out. Dudes. ATE MY BRAIN.

But anyway. I finished Series 1. And it is yay. Except for the part where I still can't go and read all the fic and discussions in comms because they're spoiled for Season 2. Since I pretty much ignored my family, my kittens, any sort of social interaction and a healthy, happy attitude to work in order to finish it so quickly (to be fair, so I could stop HATING ON family/social interaction/work that was keeping me away from watching more) - I kind of told myself I'd take a break before getting into Season 2. Though not longer than till this weekend, I'm guessing. But...I sort of want a fix. And possibly need help. Oh dear.

Anyway. Obsession aside, my thoughts on S1/the show: Spoilers (possibly vague ones for S2) )

So. I am mad with fandom. But resting for a while. I have been spending time with the kittens, and, y'know, feeding them and stuff, and they are both lovely. One is lovelier than the other - Kell purrs and comes to see you and meows (a little intensely) at you - but they're both pretty swish. Pictures later, probably. Mainly tonight I am looking forward to A Town Called Eureka on Sky - another rarity for me and television. But it looks slightly ace. It's about a hidden town full of eccentric geniuses in North America. Small, insular community? Check. Strange goings on? Check. Quirky, geeky, intelligent characters? Check. Some sort of law enforcement official I don't have to care about? Check. I am SO THERE, people.


Jul. 17th, 2006 10:32 pm
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Margaret Atwood, Good Bones, 'Alien Territory' (after a lot of stuff about how men don't have bodies):

"Those ones. Why do women like them? They have nothing to offer, none of the usual things. They have short attention spans, falling-apart clothes, old beat-up cars, if any. The cars break down, and they try to fix them, and don't succeed, and give up. They go on long walks from which they forget to return. They prefer weeds to flowers. They tell trivial fibs. They perform clumsy tricks with oranges and pieces of string, hoping desperately that someone will laugh. They don't put food on the table. They don't make money. Don't, can't, won't.

They offer nothing. They offer the great clean sweep of nothing, the unseen sky during a blizzard, the dark pause between moon and moon. They offer their poverty, an empty wooden bowl; the bowl of a beggar, whose gift is to ask. Look into it, look down deep, where potential coils like smoke, and you might hear anything. Nothing has yet been said.

They have bodies, however. Their bodies are unlike the bodies of other men. Their bodies are verbalized. Mouth, eye, hand, foot, they say. Their bodies have weight, and move over the ground, step by step, like yours. Like you they roll in the hot mud of the sunlight, like you they are amazed by the morning, like you they can taste the wind, like you they sing. Love, they say, and at the time they always mean it, as you do also. They can say lust as well, and disgust; you wouldn't trust them otherwise. They say the worst things you have ever dreamed. They open locked doors. All is given to them for nothing.

They have their angers. They have their despair, which washes over them like grey ink, blanking them out, leaving them immobile, in metal kitchen chair, looking out at the brick walls of deserted factories, for years and years. Yet nothing is with them; it keeps faith with them"

And, suddenly, I have a fancy reason to like all those rubbish, hopeless, and yes, often mentally unstable characters :)

Not that I imagine this is all of it, of course.
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It's quite sad how every time Emmerdale do/try to do Epic Disaster I just end up giggling helplessly. Ah well. It was mostly pre-Explosion stuff - too much talking, not enough angst. Carl and Matthew were mostly mean to each other, though basically about who the other was sleeping with, which I choose to read biasedly. Also Matthew grabbed his arm and gave him a menacing look, which was nice. Chas and Sadie had a rather nice close-standing bitchfight. Chas has a degree, yay! And then the explosion and oh, oh, Carl was the beautiful voice of reason, standing highest on the pile of rubble and making everyone stop and listen. I love how he can both be in on the Kings' ruthless business stuff and yet also mucking in with the other villagers. He's a bit like a whore. But I love him.

And then Spoiler, I suppose )

In the past two days, I have received in the post/bought:

  • The Philadelphia Story

  • King Kong (2005)

  • Strangers on a Train

  • Third Rock from the Sun Season 1

  • The hardcover English translation of Night Watch.

  • UB40: The Best Of (it was £2.57, and let me get free Amazon Delivery, and I FEEL NO SHAME, shut up)

  • That 70s Show Season 2

  • Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series (yay!)

  • Supernatural: Part One. Because I like the supernatural, and cars and weapons and pretty boys, and apparently incest, so I should give it a go.

Ask not how much it all cost. I feel the urge to spend my newfound wages before I get accustomed to them and start budgeting. But I am THE HAPPIEST I HAVE BEEN IN WEEKS. And you MAY NOT SEE ME FOR MORE WEEKS. Hurrah.
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I am home from work. And have all the DVDs and post in the world ever! :D

It is less than half an hour to the Emmerdale Explosion Special. With extra 'bang!'. I look forward to desperation and rubble and Carl being sort of helpful but then just completely breaking down. Huzzah.
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Jack squee! )

I also went to my sister's house today to decide which of the kittens I want. Despite the fact that it's less pretty than I remember it and sadly did not leap on me with joy, I think probably still the orange and black one. Because I liked it at first, so that's probably worth sticking with. It's also occured to me I'm going to have to name it. And I had one idea but no, it's so bad, and awful, and not conducive to pet-owning mental health.


And I also watched TV. 8 Out of 10 Cats had that Asian guy from the actual news - I should learn names. He had his shirt slightly open and Was Authoritative when the others knew nothing, yet also took the mick and said 'that's the Japanese for you!', and it was quite good. And David Walliams wanted to see Jimmy Carr's knee, and then tried to convince him to let him kiss him, and Jimmy Carr's smile was SO BEAUTIFUL. And I can't believe I am fangirling and slashing a topical British quiz show, and it's not HIGNIFFY!! HOW CRUEL IS THE WORLD?!?

And Matt King was on Emmerdale, and I nearly squeed out loud to see him. Oh. Now he's all fucked up over his younger brother (did I say about their huge breakup?) and missing his estranged father, I'm apparently fangirling him like woah. Perhaps more than Carl, though Carl is still love. They have upcoming angst and I'm quite happy. Also, if there are Matt and Carl clips on the Emmerdale Interactive DVD, I may have to buy it. Yes, I really am that sad.
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London )

That recap was going to be well-organised, clever and witty. But then I sort of just wrote stuff. Apologies for any incoherency.

This morning one of my Betty Boop statues broke off her stand, and then her head fell off. I was going to hide it from my nephew for fear of traumatising him, but he seems unphased. Then mum and I and he went to the mysteriously renamed Freeport for some new work shoes. I think I was remarkably subtle about enjoying the DVD buying part more (Mirrormask and Seven Swords, yay!). And now I need to stop ignoring the presence of my grandmother and go downstairs, I think.

Toby Dr Who in half an hour! Yay!


Jun. 7th, 2006 07:23 pm
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I deleted because of the thing. The breastfeeding thing. You know the one.

Anyway. I'M GOING TO LONDON TOMORROW! TO SEE HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! AND ALL THE PEOPLE! I'm quite excited, and hope there will be sunshine. Since it turns out you cannot just magically change the destinations on tickets, I'm going to have to get a two-hour train to Nottingham to get a two-hour train London, rather than just getting a two hour train to London from Leeds. I plan to take books. It's a situation in which the Lemony Snicket 6 audiobook would come in very handy, but it's really my own fault for not buying it. Anyway, the point of this is that I will in fact be in St Pancras when I said I would, and I can text [ profile] jekesta or you/she can text me if something happens otherwise. And I SEE YOU TOMORROW! Yay :)

Outside of Exciting Trips: mostly I have been filing. It has slightly lost its novelty, after 24 or so collective hours. I've learned to hate people who put in documents to be filed without putting the job/file number on them. But its okay, because I have a plan. I'm going to train to be a ninja, silently break into their houses at night, put a sword over their necks while they are sleeping, and leave notes saying 'I could have killed you, and did not. Please put the file numbers on your documents'. Yes.

And otherwise I've been slightly mobbed by plotbunnies for Toby from Doctor Who. Spoilers/talk about The Impossible Planet )

Also, my dad has a button in his car marked TA/RDS

If it turns out he is a Time Lord, I will be immensely pleased.

This was my day.
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