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I am 1000 pages into IT, and I'm so proud of myself, and I sort of don't want to talk about it in case I ruin the magic somehow. But I also don't want to not talk about it in case I make too big a deal of it in my own head and ruin it. I don't want IT to be one of those things I don't finish. But also I am tense because it is finishing. This is it. I'm going to get answers and find out what really happens. But I'm also going to get answers and find out what really happens. When I was about halfway through the book, I estimated it was about 1400-1500 pages, but looking at it now I think it's closer to 1300. Which doesn't seem like enough for all the stuff I know is going to happen. Spoilers )

But I am getting close to the end, and I am excited. But also, at the same time, I read Tommyknockers as a teenager and I remember there was one bit where a character went into Derry to get some more batteries and thought they saw a clown in a storm drain for a minute. And I remember thinking at the time "that's a reference to It", and now I can't remember what year The Tommyknockers was set in. It was after 1985, I don't even know. They better beat the damn death clown, Stephen.

It's so cold lately, it's September and it's sunny, but it's still cold. I don't understand why. I felt like after the not-summer we had in June and July and then how hot it was in August, it would just continue to warm for another few months. Now I'm worried we're going to have a really cold winter. I don't do so well with the cold. Or maybe we'll have a really hot one? I don't know.
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I'm not really a fan of hot hot heat. But I do really like the way everything looks in the sunshine, and the way smells carry further, and the way everyone smells like skin and suntan lotion, and you can hear flip-flops every now and then throughout the day.

I find it much weirder that the Doctor's never been a non-white man than that he's never been a woman. But eh.
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The sky seems to have remembered it's July and gone sunny.

HMRC wrote to me yesterday. Apparently the letter I got saying I owed them £750 was only from one part of the tax year, probably from when I was no longer eligible to receive the benefit at all. For the time before that, I owe them £250 of mony they overpaid me. So they want about £1000 from me in total. Which is...frustrating, considering I didn't really do anything wrong. If they had a date in mind when I was no longer eligible to receive a payment, I think I gave them that information, they could have easily kept track of it themselves and done a review when it ran out. And of the time before that, they just miscalculated I guess, or something, but it wasn't me. But it was just money they gave me, which I didn't spend, so I can pretty easily get it back out and give it to them. My parents are saying I should complain or say I don't have the money, and tell them to take it back out of my tax code or something - but I'd just end up paying the same amount to them anyway, just slower. I'd rather take it out in a lump sum and give it back and have done with it. I'm thinking about complaining about the way it was all handled though.

I've been going through my old CDs some more again. It's a little more irritating given that a lot of songs I thought I had saved to my computer haven't been saved, or have updated till I can't play them anymore, but it's still odd to go through a CD, realise you really like a lot of songs on it, but still feel no need to keep the CD. One of those songs is this one, which I think is one of my favourite ghost stories ever. I did not keep the CD.

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My computer is making distressed noises.

I'm hot too, computer.
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I'm not having my window open while I sleep tonight.

I'm having two windows open.
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Traditional summer post:

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Alright summer, you have summered it up, it's great, you can go now.

My mum is back from London. Which is nice, because I was a little anxious about her, given the state of things. Purely for anxiety reasons, I know logically it was unlikely anything was going to happen to her, and things do tend to actually be safer when everyone's on high-alert than the rest of the time, really. But still. It's nice to have her home.

I don't even know what to think about the state of the country right now. It's so sad, but I'm also constantly waiting for news of reprisals against Muslims. There already have been some, and yesterday a guy who works in our post room stood and watched a guy from the Centre for Muslims on our (silent) tv that just shows Sky News all days, and then said "bastards!" not quite under his breath, and walked out. And I know people want to feel safe, and it's good for people to feel safe, but seeing all the soldiers on the streets sometimes just makes me think of those dystopian films where you get flashbacks, and it's like 'this is when martial law started'. And maybe if the Tories hadn't cut funding for the police so much, and the numbers of police officers so much, we wouldn't need so many soldiers. We're going to have an election soon, in this atmosphere - I genuinely think they should postpone it, but I guess that would be letting terrorism mess with the political process, which wouldn't be great either. It's just...fucked up.

Anyway. Since talking about how I never get anything done at the weekend, I sorted through my jewellery collection - I have a lot of jewellery, is my takeaway from that, and I really like ceramics and glass - and I cancelled my kickboxing membership, and I picked up my new prescription for the pill, and I renewed my application for working tax credits. I had to call them up to tell them about my change in circumstance, in that I no longer qualify for the Disability element, timewise, so I basically had to do it over the phone. But it was relatively painless, once I had all the information. I think at best I'll get much less money than before - they might even want some back from me, since I haven't qualified for the disability element since March - but you know, it was nice to get it in the first place, and I wasn't expecting it. So we'll see what they decide in the future. I've told them what I can, at least.

I got all of this done pretty much by not playing video games for a bit. Except, you know, an hour and a half of my vita game every day, and Pokemon Picross when I'm bored (I'm on the alt-world challenges). So basically now, instead of playing video games all the time and feeling bad about all the stuff I haven't done, I'm doing things and feeling bad about all the video games I haven't played. Sucks to be me.
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Stardew Valley update:

I got real confused the other day, because I assumed most of the kids in Stardew Valley were highschoolers. What with their kickflips and emo hair, and constant complaining about homework. It turns out most of them are probably college age, and one works in his basement as a freelance programmer. Even the one constantly talking about 'school' is apparently taking some online classes, and seems to be more working on a degree than anything. I was fooled by Americans' tendency to call everything from kindergarten to studying for a PhD 'school'. Anyway. It did seem really creepy that the main character was of an age to have a job and own their own farm, but most of their romantic options were young teenagers. But now it's a little less creepy. Although I still consider them emotionally immature, what with the kickflips.

My farm is in its second year, which means I get to raise the new crops. And I finally gave in and started using sprinklers, so I could have some energy for anything other than watering, and do anything else with my mornings. Such as fishing. I still can't remember when you can catch sturgeon, but other than that I think I'm probably en route to completing the community centre this year, if I can upgrade my barns and get all the animals I need. I've been whizzing through it a little bit, trying to get to the same place I was in during my last stint in the game, but it's all coming along pretty nicely.

Shane still doesn't love me. But I'm working on it. I feel like I've reached the point now where I'd know enough about him to give him his favourite things, and his birthday is soon. The guy who made the game has really ramped up the whole depression side-story he seemed to be running with Shane though, which is considerably better than ignoring it completely but. It makes scenes with him kind of uncomfortable sometimes, from the perspective of romance. I feel like many of our dates will be spent in the doctor's office, trying to get him some help.

Quite a few other people in the town want to do me though. Success!

Anything else update:

My games shop got Resident Evil 7 five days early, so I have been playing it. I tried to play it after dark with all my lights off, but it turns out that's not so easy when you have a keyboard and mouse glowing like a rainbow behind, flashing into different colours every few seconds. And a lightbar on your PS4 controller that you can't turn off. I'm still enjoying it though. It's very puzzly. It seems a lot like playthroughs I have seen of the original game, albeit with less nameless enemies so far. I'm only a few hours in though. Apparently the whole game can be beaten in just 15 hours. With my performance and constant hiding in corners, we'll see.

It's cold today. I feel sad for the birds. I suggested the idea of getting a bird feeder the other day to my dad, but the idea was treated with levity. We had two magpies in our garden last week, and then a squirrel. Which has never happened before. Then I saw a deer from the train on my way to work. And then rats in a little green area behind where I work. Although I have no idea how common that is. At least it is finally cold though, and not creepily, unusually warm.
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We've got an electrical storm flashing disco lights across the sky where we are. No rain, no thunder, but on just one side of the house there's sheet lightning flashing across the sky once every few minutes. It's pretty awesome.

Anyway. In what I'm sure is more interesting news than my job-hunt, I decided the computer that the guy in my computer games' shop's mum was selling wasn't really for me. I started looking at some of the new games coming out that I wasn't even paying attention to, because I didn't have a machine that could play them, and a lot of them need a much more powerful processor. His mum's only had Intel i3, which is what my laptop actually has at the moment. So I said thanks but no, and that I'd have to go to PC World instead, and he said you were generally better off and saved more money by building your own. So...I'm thinking about it. If it's cheaper, I may as well. It's a lot easier to get parts than I thought, Amazon literally sells them off individually, but none of the sites I've seen so far in my search for 'how to build a gaming PC' actually tell you how to build a gaming PC. It's just 'pitfalls for the beginner to avoid', not literally how the nuts and bolts screw together. So I'm continuing to search. Because I'm a fool who always wants to go big or go home, I have my heart set on an Intel i7 processor. The rest of the parts are to be confirmed, i.e. whatever some site tells me are the best ones. A site like techradar or pcgamer though. I'm not a total mug.
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I am ready for the thunderstorms you have promised, sky, please send them.
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It's gonna be fun trying to sleep tonight.
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Oh my God, it was close today. Weather-wise.

I did finally manage to get to see X-Men: Apocalypse though. My main question: who didn't like this movie? The reviews were terrible, people were saying it was worse than Last Stand. And - it was not. I forgot that Bryan Singer is a possible-paedophile, and I had been thinking of boycotting his movies - forgot about that till his name came up massively on screen. But the film itself was well done. Bits of it were awesome.

Also - a thing I forgot to mention the other day: after my assessment-that-didn't-happen, I went into my local games shop to pick up a game I'd asked them to order for me. I got chatting to the guy behind the desk about E3, and started talking about how I'd found the Microsoft conference quite boring, and that the trailer for Scalebound, the only game I'd been interested in before E3, had actually put me off it more than anything. I was aware someone had come and stood at the desk just beside me, waiting for their turn, but then they started talking about the trailer, and I turned around and realised it was an Xbox rep. He talked in the most robotic way I've ever heard in real life, he had an Irish accent so there was every reason his voice should have had personality, but it didn't. I mentioned how the game had been delayed from this year to next, and he said like, 'yes, we have such a strong lineup of games this year we didn't think it was necessary to release it this year', 'we didn't want to crowd Christmas again, and as we have such a strong line-up of games we thought it best to push it to next summer, so people can enjoy it then, and it won't get lost at Christmas'. He was wearing all-black, including a black fleece with 'Xbox' emblazoned on the arms, and had mirrored sunglasses on so you couldn't see his eyes, and it was just like talking to a robot. Terrifying.

The thing with the MP woman is still fucked up, and now the right-wing newspapers are describing her killer as 'a loner with a history of mental illness'. Cheers. Thanks for that, newspapers.
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I love Ross Barton, and I just want to put flowers in his hair.

- - -

My appointment for an ESA assessment came through, for 15th June. So I guess that's when my benefits will be stopping.

Other things:

  • Damn, Johnny Depp.

  • I love it when the weather is warm enough that you can just leave your window open all the time, even through the night, and everything smells slightly like outside. I appreciate that I live on a pretty quiet street and other people might not get the joy from it that I do though.
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I was going to post about how nice it was that I could finally just wear a hoodie around the house and be warm, instead of having to wrap up in a fleece blanket also. But here I am sat wrapped in a fleece blanket. So never mind.

My mum has had another bump in the car, although this wasn't in any way her fault. So she has another hire car, which she hates. Apparently she's starting to detest driving full stop. I mentioned maybe going to Cannon Hall Farm for my birthday, and spring, and she said she couldn't imagine driving that far - which has always been true. But now she says the idea of being driven that far is even worse. So. Don't really know what to do about that. We go to places in the car sometimes. It's all getting a little BA Baracus. "I ain't getting in no car, Rachael!".

Currently I am playing The Division, which is a game about the aftermath of a virus in New York City. I'm also playing Trails of Cold Steel, still, and it's as gay as ever, but they had the noble boy and commoner boy make up a little, so they could have other people fight and then have to make up. The noble boy still likes to make comments like "not only am I chained to Regnitz [the commoner boy's surname], now I have to put up with people like this too" and "Can't wait to see Regnitz sweating trying to catch up to your score on the next exam". They aren't very subtle, but they are very good. But anyway. Point being, I'm playing The Division, which features an incredibly realistic recreation of New York City. And I just got into the Hell's Kitchen area, and the new season of Daredevil is out tomorrow on Netflix. Which is almost as good as when I spent all that time running around in a post-apocalypse version of Boston in Fallout 4 and then went to see that Moby Dick film. Apparently the Division has a lot of little references to other shows and video games and stuff, so I was really hoping there'd be a Daredevil reference in there somewhere. Maybe you could find their law offices or an eerily familiar old phone message. But while I was in there, I ran into a high-level gang leader enemy, who sometimes just wander the streets with a bunch of lower-level enemies as back-up. And they killed me, and on the screen when you die it tells you exactly who killed you. And this time it was Daredevil. Daredevil killed me. Go fuck yourself Daredevil.
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Snow, in my March?

It's more likely than you'd think.

I am mostly busy these days playing a game called Trails of Cold Steel. In it there are two boys, one of whom is a noble, and one of whom is the son of a Chancellor who thinks there shouldn't be a difference between nobles and commoners, and is a commoner himself. They fight a lot, and it's pretty great. But they have to learn to form a bond so they can fight together, which involves 'being aware of each other's body, every breath they take, and every movement'. Which is also pretty great. Choice lines include: "Let me show you how much better than you I am", and "I will accept no more failures. Today, we will form a Combat Link". But the noble boy is actually a bastard, and his mother was a commoner! But the commoner boy just got arrested by the noble boy's father on trumped up charges, as a way of getting at his father! It's all going pretty swimmingly so far.

Also it's a little bit depressing that Livejournal continues to think I'm Spanish. It's not really bothering me so much, but I get the feeling it's going to be difficult when I have to renew my account or something. I guess I should try to get it sorted out, but I'm not sure how. Should I write to them in Spanish? Livejournal has quite regularly talked to me in Russian before, but it usually sorts itself out after I sign in. This just seems to be continuing for some reason.
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Wow, Leeds is considerably under water.
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Continuing the clear out of my bedroom, went through my wardrobe today. Got rid of a lot of stuff I was only keeping because it was still in good condition or for sentimental reasons. Or stuff that never really fit, and I only kept it to remind myself I looked nice in it so I should get a bigger version one day. Anyway. Realised I could keep my old leather biker jacket, which is a 14, if I didn't try to zip it up and just wore it like a cardigan. Also managed to get into a size 12 skirt (!) somehow - the button was pulling at the buttonhole, but I could breathe in it, and mum said I should keep it, it looked fine. Don't know if I will - still not sure where I'll wear it and I'm a little concerned about being able to sit down in it, but. It was a surprise nonetheless. Meanwhile a size 12 coat I kept from some reason didn't fit me at all anymore. Whatever, clothes sizes.

The saddest part was probably trying to figure out what to do with my uncle's old leather jacket. He died before I was born - killed himself at 20 - but he and my dad were really close growing up. My sister used to wear the leather jacket around, and after she stopped I took it, even though I never wore it. It's just hanging in the back of my wardrobe now, with one of his old denim shirts. I forgot I had it, and it seems a shame that it's just hanging around doing nothing when it still looks wearable. But it seems a shame to get rid of it too. I asked my dad, and he looked sad, but said yeah I could give it to charity, there was no point hanging on to it. Then my mum suggested we keep it for one of the boys when they grow up, which is a nicer option. Who knows if they'll want it, but black leather jackets never really go out of style. We might box it up and put it in the loft, or something.

Anyway. After that I tried on a couple of hats that are just sitting around my bedroom, just as a formality or last interaction before I gave them away I thought. But then I realised I look pretty good in them. I look like a gangster in the fedora, and an adventurer in the Indiana Jones hat. So now I'm keeping them. I might become a hat person. Mostly I just need to find a place for them where they won't gather dust again.

Here's some happy news: I was reading a Nature magazine yesterday (I get some free because I joined the RSPB), and apparently Deustche Bank (which I assume is an actual bank) are predicting that within 2 years solar power will be so cheap it will be uneconomical for countries to still use conventional sources like fossil fuels. So climate change might have one less thing egging it on. If it's true it makes the current argument about fracking look even more ridiculous, but eh. Fingers crossed.

We had a storm last night (which I suppose is somewhat related), and the crossroads at the end of my street flooded, as it frequently does, and apparently the hospital where my mum works flooded. It's in a bit of a dip behind the town centre, and mum said water was running down the walls from the upper street level entrance. I'm a little worried about the Hospice where I volunteer - they had a terrible flood a few years ago, and they couldn't use a bunch of their rooms until they raised some money and got them refurbished. Their building's also in a dip, and the last time there was a storm you could see where all the water had washed soil from the gardens down to the front entrance, although it didn't flood. Apparently after the big flood they had some new features put in place to stop it happening again, but. We've all heard that before. Fingers crossed, again, I guess.
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I like summer thunderstorms, but I don't like being caught in them, which I just was when I attempted to go for today's walk. Did anyone else get thunderstorms on Friday night? I had my window open, so the sheer noise of the rain woke me up first, then the constant flashing - more than we had of thunder - and then when I tried to get back to sleep thunder that sounded like a bomb going off kept waking me up. But then the next morning my dad claimed the lightning woke him up but he didn't hear any thunder, and my ON slept straight through all of it apparently.

I'm currently playing Affordable Space Adventures on the Wii U, and if more people on my flist were gamers and had Wii U's I would recommend it to everyone. I specifically got it because a game magazine I had said it was great, it was a Wii U exclusive, and it made a real point of using everything it could on the Wii U gamepad, every experience you couldn't get on any other console. And it's all true, and it's amazing. It's sort of Portal-like, but without any sort of GlaDOS figure. Just an eerie/cute sci-fi puzzler. It's really making me enjoy the Wii U - the way a game that used everything the PS Vita could do really made me enjoy the PS Vita. But everywhere I'm looking is saying the PS Vita and Wii U are commercial failures (which is true, but not because they're terrible machines), and very few game designers are tailoring ANYTHING specifically to what they can do, and there probably won't be that many games for them at all in the future and they're basically 'dead'. Sigh.

Does everyone know about Nicki Minaj's Starships? If not:

And have another song I have just discovered and love, could probably describe quite a lot of my pairings. Annoyingly, I have the album it's supposed to be on, so it's probably a bonus track on a version I don't have. Warning: It is a bit murdery.

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I was really cold in bed on Saturday night, so I asked to change my duvet to a winter one. Mum had thrown the old one out so she had to buy a whole new one yesterday, and we messed about putting it on my bed. And now it is unseasonably warm. Honestly, I was in Leeds today and it felt like May, not October. Going on November. Cheers, the weather. Now I will have to do something creative like sleep just under a sheet BUT in warm pyjamas BUT with a window open.

Autumnwatch is back. I still can't really handle the UST between Michaela and Chris. Tonight Michaela turned to Chris to talk about one of their live cameras, and she came really close to touching his hand, but held herself back. Then later she was saying some statistics and Chris put his hand on her knee and told her she was doing great at statistics, great. Meanwhile Martin was in a pond somewhere. I love how much they all love each other.
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Well, it's been dark all day because of the thunderstorms. But now, at 7pm in the evening, there is glorious sunshine. Beautiful England.
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