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Other things that happened over the weekend: I learned that my dad reads the Daily Mail these days. Apparently the online articles are 'very quick', and you can catch up with a lot of stories during your lunch hour. Given what my dad was already like, it's not really a great combination. More like two disastrous tastes that taste disastrous together. But there you go. It's happening.

Also we had to have a discussion, after he said the English were 'a bunch of French people, ruled over by Germans' (because apparently Queen Victoria is German/was of German descent, so the Royal Family is just Germans), about whether or not the English are mostly descended from the Anglo-Saxons, who originally came from Germany. Spoiler: they are. I know for a definite fact they are.

But meanwhile, Vera literally just gets better and better. I mean it's still ridiculous, but it's amazing, she is so beautiful, I genuinely find it feminist in a lot of important ways, especially the last episode. So beautiful. So beautiful.
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I saw a story on ITV news yesterday about the 'benefits' of climate change. Financial, obviously. Really, England?

I have also signed up for Netflix - I'm not having a great time downloading stuff anymore, and it's pretty cheap at £7 a month really and I get it streamed straight to my PS4. I'm on my free month at the moment, and I've already watched all of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I enjoyed thoroughly. So it's working out pretty well so far!

Also I have been going through some of my old notebooks, trying to collect all my original story ideas into one place in case I want them later on. It's a weird little trip through memory lane - from the to do lists I had when I lived in Nottingham to the angsty stuff I wrote about my family in University. Surprisingly little has been unbearably embarrassing though - I've only had to destroy a couple of pages so no-one can ever read them again, including me. Also odd to find all the little snippets I wrote for fics and pairings from years past, which also were way less embarrassing than I figured they'd be. Maybe I really am a good writer. Huh.
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The saddest thing about the X Factor, for me, is that you see all these people go into the auditions with beautiful voices and being lovely...and then a few months later they come back after 'training' and they sound horrible and tinny and just like everybody else. And they don't even get a career out of it. It's so sad.

On the other hand, Gadget Man is an amazing programme and you should all be watching it. I put the first episode on the other day, and I had to pause it to laugh by about 2 minutes in. Amazing.
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I have suspected it for a while, but today I found out for sure that the Secret Circle had named their Scary Black Man character - with an accent - 'Eben'. Pronounced 'Ebon'. Similar to ebony. Well done, Secret Circle.

Also I still mostly ship Cassie with her soulmate's alcoholic dad. But it turns out Adam has way more chemistry with another girl called Faye than with either his soulmate or his true love, so that works out quite nicely. And now Jake has John Blackwell to gaze soulfully at. So everybody's happy.

The final two episodes are next week. Final two episodes FOREVER. Finally I will know all of their ridiculous, ridiculous secrets.

Also Got To Dance came back. AND MADE ME SO HAPPY. They've changed the format, which I didn't like, but have gotten used to, it is quite good in some ways. And all the same judges are there and they all still love each other. Unfortunately while searching for Kimberley Wyatt love on Tumblr I found another slightly racist promo of her, I wish she would stop doing that. But other than that I love her. She got married, and Ashley brought it up and pointed her 'One Ring'. Yesterday he had a troubled moment while picking an act and we found out Kimberley calls him 'Ash' quite casually. And she's just broken the news publicly that she's pregnant, so they may talk about it on the live shows coming up. I hope they do another series together. Ashley and Adam would love her baby so much. Although I suppose it would mean she had to spend less time taking care of it, if she was busy doing a show. WELL. Some sacrifices have to be made.
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Ken's first storyline on coming back to Coronation Street is not caring what his wife wants, and criticising what she wears and how much she drank. Good job, Coronation Street.

David is the best.
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Well. Just when I think Livejournal can't fuck up any harder, they suddenly do. I've attempted to fix the mess as best I could. I know it's a pale imitation at best. Almost makes me wonder what styles, exactly, they offer in the new format. Sigh.

My parents are going away tomorrow. I'm a little concerned I haven't remembered any of the stuff I'll need for Nine Worlds, and I'll be stuck trying to sort it all out at the last minute on my own, but eh. They have enough to deal with anyway. Much like when I was younger, they booked this year's holiday pretty late, so the only flight they could get was at 6.30am. Which means tomorrow night we've got to have ON and MN to stay over while mum and dad are packing, and they've all got to get up at 3am (around the time I generally go to bed) to leave for the airport at 3.30am. Good luck to them.

Haven't been doing much lately. I went down to that volunteering place, and they finally let me through the door, woo hoo! It was a little nerve-wracking sitting there with all these chat websites open, waiting to see if someone would ask me a question, especially when it'd been 2 months since we actually discussed what I was meant to be doing there and what questions I was able to/trained to answer. But I had a word with another volunteer there, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's nice to be there doing stuff at any rate.

And I have been playing Far Cry 3, a game I got a year and a half ago, mostly because it seemed to be a game about shooting and stabbing things. It is indeed a game about shooting and stabbing things, and a pretty good one at that, also pretty beautiful. It's set on a jungle island in the South Pacific, which has been nice in the recent swathe of hot weather, because it meant I got to enjoy summer and beautiful scenery without actually having to stand in sunshine. I'm a little concerned the game is heading for a racist place - or more racist, I suppose - but I wasn't exactly expecting great things when I saw the box. Also I can't tell if the main character is meant to be weirdly emotionless because of shellshock-related reasons or they just randomly made a Main Character without paying attention to the story they'd written for him. But on the whole I'm enjoying it.

Nick tried to go on a crime spree without back-up and emotional support from David. More fool him.
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The best part about researching the ENTIRE WORLD of a game/show you like, as I am doing currently, is when you find out things that wildly change your entire outlook on the game. For me right now it's Dragon Age, and I just found out that it is literally canon that Alistair was 20 years old during the events of Origins. I had a feeling the characters were younger than I assumed they were, since Morrigan is voiced by Claudia Black, who is definitely not a teenager, but is constantly referred to as 'girl'. But wow. 20. Which sort of implies they aimed for the Warden to be younger than I was assuming, to be of a like age - and which s/he'll kind of have to be for a lot of her relationship with Alistair/Morrigan/etc to still make that same peer-to-peer sense. Huh. 20.

I also I found out about things like the Murder Knife. Which I'm pretty sure I have used a few times without realising it. Better get used to that being canon too.

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The other week, when the volunteering dudes disappeared again, I went to see Belle because I figured it wouldn't be out at the cinema for much longer, and I could go see 3 Days To Kill - a spy action film starring Kevin Costner - another time. But now 3 Days To Kill has gone out of the cinemas while Belle was on for an extra week, lasjdkasljl.
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Our Sky box is playing up, and we can't get it fixed without paying £40-£60 for an engineer callout. So my dad is planning to cancel Sky altogether and just get Freeview, for £7 a month instead of £67. It's a pretty good deal, obviously, but mostly I'm annoyed because I was getting into The Secret Circle, and it's only available on Sky Living. It's not on any other channel, or any On Demand service, and they never put out DVDs and it isn't on Netflix. I can't even find terrible knock-off DVDs on ebay. I've never missed Megaupload so keenly as I do in this moment.

I mean, the show's kind of bad in a lot of ways and I'm mostly in it for Sad Roy Earle and to see how they changed it from the books. But. I LOVED IT.

So. That's annoying.

Also I found out that the hardest part about writing a long-ass fic in a faux-historical universe in when you realise you don't know shit about designing medieval crowns.

I'm going volunteering tomorrow, for the first time since that time they all disappeared. Hopefully they'll be there tomorrow. Who knows?

And the no handwashing homework is going better than I thought it would while also being pretty damn difficult. But oh well.

It's the end of June. Half the year is over with. I honestly cannot believe that.
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Soaps are ridiculous. But it's a little sad how excited a David/Gary scene still makes me, after all this time.
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This week is getting super-busy. I'm seeing my service worker tomorrow, my CBT guy on Friday, and we're going on a playgroup trip with my nephew to a local farm centre on Thursday. Although mum's not sure if we'll make it, since she has to take my MN to school and that will probably take us past the time we've been asked to be there for the coaches. But we're supposed to be going. It's also my mum's birthday on Thursday, and I don't have a present or even card for her yet. I'd like to go to Leeds, but there's only really Wednesday to do it now, unless I go after my service worker thing tomorrow. Also we're meant to be going out for a meal on Wednesday, because my mum got emailed a voucher for it since the restaurant somehow knew it was her birthday. And there's two films out I want to see, that probably won't have as many showings next week. Phew.

Also I have some CBT homework that's a little stressful. I've got to keep a note of how many times a day I wash my hands, and not go over a maximum number of times that decreases every day. It's actually alright so far, there's plenty of things I just don't need to wash my hands for that I do most of the time, and the maximum number's coming down gradually. But it's going to get to a point where I don't have many times at all - eventually, I'm meant to get down to only twice per day, and then zero. Just for one day, but still. I know CBT needs to be drastic, because anxiety is drastic, but still. I'm not looking forward to it.

In the meantime I have been playing a new game called Thief. I am not as crazy into it as I was with Borderlands 2. I chose it specifically because I didn't think I would be. Mostly it makes me laugh with how exactly like Dishonored it is, except without the stupid Karma system, which I think is a plus. Also how every game-maker out there setting things in pseudo-London seems to think the industrial revolution and the Plague happened at the same time. But also with steampunk! And magic! But no people with British accents though. That would just be going Too Far.
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Things of the day:

  • The volunteering dude I was talking about emailed me today to say he'd been off sick last week, and would let me know when he'd be getting back to work. This is still a little vague, but at least he's not MIA anymore and I don't have to do some sort of volunteering scavenger hunt, hurray!

  • Coronation Street could literally be renamed 'Men Being Dicks' right now.

  • I actually emailed ITV about the no helplines thing with Anna's storyline. They replied for the first time. It was not a good or convincing reply.

  • I got my PS4 connected to the internet yesterday! This sounds like a small thing, but we have been having problems with our modem for a few months and I kind of thought it would never happen. But I did it all by myself, and then updated the software like a boss. It turns out it wanted me to manually input the name of the wifi network rather than just pick it out of a list of networks it had scanned for. This is a little odd, but actually is a problem I sometimes have with my PS3, so eh, it's just a Playstation thing I guess. And it worked at any rate.
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Wow Rob doesn't feel guilty about murdering Tina.
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