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I went to see Spiderman Homecoming )

I came out of the cinema and almost immediately was expected to do some childcare, or y'know. My crazy mum, after two days working in a row, decided to have all three kids over even though she knew I would be out at the cinema, and my dad would be out all morning at a work thing, which he ended up having to come back late from. It was fine, the kids weren't too badly behaved, and we went up to an event up at the castle and watched Viking re-enactment fights for about half an hour. But we're going to be having the dog later today, and trying to get him to meet the cat and get him settled into the house. I'm hoping to have some rest this weekend.
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Coronation Street )

Apparently the Avengers cast are falling apart on their UK tour, and it's kind of awful, but kind of hilarious.
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Hello. I saw both Captain America and The Avengers last week. I've been sort of trying to figure out what to say about them. But anyway, here it is:

My thoughts on Captain America, spoilers for Captain America )

The Avengers, spoilers for The Avengers )

Right. So. The other thing I've been meaning to post is that my mum's been on holiday, and I wasn't really looking forward too much to spending two weeks home alone with my dad. But it turned out to be a lot better than I thought it was going to be, quite nice really. And my mum's back tonight. So that's that, I guess.
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