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I haven't been watching the dancing this year, but I keep catching bits of it when my parents have it on. I have to say I find Peter Andre a really unsettling human being. Like, if there was one person in the world that I wouldn't be surprised to find out was a robot, it'd be him.

My procedure's on Monday. Ever since I got the pre-op stuff all sorted I've been paranoid about getting a cold, because they don't like you having a productive cough if you're going to be anaesthetised. And now I have a small one. To be honest, my mum had a cold last week, my YN came down on Thursday having been up coughing all night, and I worked an extra shift at the Hospice yesterday and the lead receptionist was coughing all morning too, so I guess it's no surprise. So far it's just my nose feeling a bit sore and snotty, and my throat feeling a bit sore and having a frog in it every now and then. Nothing that would mean the procedure would have to be called off, but I keep worrying it's going to get worse. I'm going to take some paracetamol and get an early night tonight, and hope my body just fights it off. I really don't want to have to put off the appointment, I want to get it over and done with.

There's more to consider though. I had thought once I was done with all the pre-op stuff that was it, I just had to get to the hospital on time and let the doctors do their thing. But I have to go nil by mouth, and I can't have anything to eat after 7.30am on Monday. And mum and I have worked out that I probably won't be having the procedure until at least 2.30pm, so. That's a long time to go without food. So do I get up specially and have something to eat at 7? That would mean I could take my Sertraline with a meal and a drink (as this box tells me to do), but then it's like...what do I do after that, until I have to leave for the hospital about 11-ish? Stay up? Go back to bed? It's really very convenient for me to have the procedure in the afternoon, but now I have OTHER DECISIONS to make. Sigh.
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Spoilers for tonight's Strictly final )

Also I really liked the Coronation Street Text Santa skit last night, and if you love David it's kind of worth it just for the 9 seconds he's in it. This is a slightly jumpy video, but it's the best version I could find online:

But in other soap news, Emmerdale has brought in a new family - or an extension to an old family - and they don't seem like baddies so presumably they want them to be liked. But the dad is Charlie Stubbs from Coronation Street, and one of the sons is an actor from Hollyoaks, whose character had to leave after he raped someone. GOOD JOB, EMMERDALE.
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Coronation Street: I love David. And I kind of hate Michelle. She's SUCH a bitch when she's being bitchy.

And on Strictly Come Dancing last night: I really loved Natalie Gumede's rumba, but was it a bit weird to have her dancing to a song that's about domestic abuse, given her most famous role to date? It was kind of weird to have that as one of their songs on 'love week', frankly. I found it really strange and off-putting last night.
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Trying again. Shorter version. Highlights of the day included:

  • Watching the back end of Gone With The Wind this morning while opening presents.

  • My mum's story about how she got me Far Cry 3 because she saw the cover, thought it wasn't very Christmassy, went off to look at the two other games I'd suggested, looked at Borderlands 2, looked at Dead Island, then went back and got me Far Cry 3.

  • Hearing the story of how my MN, who will be 5 in a month, was apparently crying his heart out in bed last night, and when my sister went to see him and asked him what was wrong, he said it was because he thought he might be on Santa's naughty list, and wouldn't get any presents this morning.

  • Things not kicking off with my sister, despite all my fears. Possibly because I was relieved about this, we ended up all having kind of laugh together, and it was a pretty good Christmas actually.

  • Catching the tail end of Shrek Forever After and it almost making me cry again.

  • Watching bits of the Strictly Come Dancing special, and my YN (who's now 1) doing his version of 'dancing' (turning his torso from side to side) whenever the music was on.

  • Also my YN's now super awesome walking skills.

  • And a lowlight would probably be catching any of the Doctor Who special. Seriously? Did the power of a single emo tear SERIOUSLY save the world/London this time? SERIOUSLY?

Is this all good? No eating this time? Hurray.
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For anyone who's interested, I totally did do that research on the company I have an interview with last night. And even found out some quite useful stuff. So go me.

As for what I'm doing today, well, so far it definitely hasn't included dancing round and round to Always by Erasure. For sure.

Something I have been doing though is watching a bit of snooker. Has it always been blue? Have I just not noticed or not seen a match set in York before? I hate it.

Also, I watched Strictly for once last night. Which was lucky for me, because much as I kind of hate all the theme weeks they and X Factor and stuff have nowadays, I do quite like film night. I love Chelsee the most, even if I find it a bit weird the way she talks. Mostly I hope that for once one of the people at the bottom of the leaderboard go this week, because it really does seem like it should be Robbie or Alex. Also, Chelsee's dress was amazing. And yet Tumblr seems to be weirdly full of Harry. Whatever.
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Misfits, spoilers for up to the Christmas Special/2.07 )

So. Yes. I have other thoughts about other programmes, but mostly I'm busy worrying about Christmas (3 presents out of 6 bought), the appointment I've got on Wednesday with the Jobcentre, and tidying up my bedroom before Christmas to be able to think properly about them. I watched Hollyoaks after I watched the Misfits Christmas Special, and I can't really believe how weird the writing's gotten. I know it was always bad, but they didn't just talk about things like they'd happened onscreen when they hadn't actually happened, to the best of my recollection. I'm still kind of enjoying it, or enjoying bits of it rather, but it's a really strange watch nowadays.

On the other hand, I did get a Christmas card from [ profile] jekesta. THANK YOU [ profile] jekesta. I thought about doing Christmas cards this year, and then realised I didn't actually have most people's addresses. Oh well. But it was lovely to get one, thank you. And thank you for your undivided wishes also.

Matt Baker is not going to be on my TV every weekend doing dances for me anymore. I'm kind of just getting used to that :(
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  • I hope Matt Baker goes through to the final in tonight's Strictly results. I hope so greatly.

  • I watched about half of the first session of the Higgins/Williams match today on the snooker, then I gave my dad the remote and he found a rather beautiful film about Robert Mitchum being a marine on an island with a nun. TV has been quite good today. Hopefully it will continue with the Strictly results. I can't believe Scott. And I'm kind of much less fond of Natalie, since she's started going all weird and emotional all the time. And talking about how Scott is the best partner she's ever danced with, when Ricky Whittle got her to the final last year. Whatever, Natalie.

  • I'm spending a lot of my time nowadays still going on Digital Spy most days, in the vague hope that they will, for some reason, mention Lyndon Ogbourne and Nathan Wylde, in a positive way, through some chance. I am a sad picture of fannishness just at the moment.

  • Coronation Street happened this week, the tram week happened, and the live episode happened, and it was all kind of amazing. A part of me thinks they put too many storylines into the one night/week, and it was all just a massive coincidence - on the same night, there was Peter's stag party, Molly leaving Tyrone, Becky's sister coming back to take Max briefly and demand more money, John killing Charlotte, a gas explosion that then caused a tram crash, and an accident on a nearby motorway that meant they couldn't get as many ambulances and fire engines to the disaster as they would normally be able to. And the accident somehow knocked a lot of the mobile phones out. But it is the anniversary week I suppose. But it was great, especially the live episode, and David, oh God David. After having Nick not involved at all in David's recent charged-with-attempted-murder/epilepsy storyline because he was involved in the affair-with-Leanne storyline, when Nick was trapped in the Joinery David ran up and joined the dangerous attempt to clear the rubble to try to get him and the others out, and when Nick was brought out he ducked under a police cordon and raced across the cobbles to him. I just love how even though David is often properly awful, and does genuinely awful things, sometimes they have him just be really, genuinely lovely. OH AND THEN HE HUGGED NICK IN THE HOSPITAL. It was beautiful.

    A lot of it was sad though, and we're meant to be expecting another death - I don't think that's a spoiler since ITV have been using the tagline 'Four Funerals and A Wedding' all week, and I don't even know for sure. However, it's become unfortunately comedic since I realised that apart from one, all the people who seem like they might die next week all rhyme - I think it's either Keiran, or Rita, Peter, or Sunita. Hmm. Although it may be none of those four - some people are wondering if they might find someone when they clear the rubble, or if the man trapped in the car that the fire officers mentioned last week might turn out to be someone from the street. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • Also I watched The Event. Read more... )

  • And I went to see two films. I saw the Warrior's Way, which is mostly like a cross between a martial arts film and the Lemony Snicket film, with the effects from Ninja Assassin. And, mysteriously, bills the Asian lead below all the three of the other white main cast members, including the villain who isn't really in it for that long. Okay. And I saw the new Narnia film. Oh Edmund. Oh. Mostly I liked the inclusion of Spoiler, although not if you've seen the tv adverts I'd guess ) and the fairly strong 'Let's go look for clues. And make out' vibes between Edmund and Caspian. But it was also a very good film overall, I think. Which was nice.
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Other things:

  • The Strictly Results )

  • It is December. I'm not sure I've entirely realised that. Christmas Day is two weeks on Friday, apparently. I've not bought any presents. I've not thought about any presents, really. I've not sent any cards. I've not put any decorations up. I've not really thought about the fact that it is Christmas soon. Help.

  • I'm still watching The Event. Spoilers up to 1.08 )

    The main problem I have with The Event is that if I wanted to go looking for fic or fandom for it, I can't really because the Channel 4 episodes are a few weeks behind the US episodes, still, I think. And I genuinely don't want to be spoilered for it. Although, my cursory searches for things are suggesting there isn't really that much fandom for it. Which is kind of sad really.
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Snow adventures )

In TV news:

  • Thanks to my parents having it on, I have been watching quite a bit of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here over the past few days. I think I might be a bit in love with Stacey Solomon. However, it seems like most of the country seems to feel the same way, so it's not exactly a suprise.

  • I watched Misfits on Thursday. Spoilers for 2.04 )

  • I watched Strictly Come Dancing tonight. Spoilers )

I think that is everything. Snow and TV. Yay.
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Things that aren't Emmerdale and thus are a bit more cheerful:

  • It's been years since I found it, and yet Folksongs Are Your Friends is still one of the funniest things on the internet for me.

  • New Bad Machinery story, woo! Sometimes I think about if I ever did the Slashies again, who would I have for each category. I properly couldn't think of anyone for Best Dressed except maybe Cheryl from Hollyoaks. How I ever forgot Lottie, I will never know.

  • The other week I came downstairs to get something just as my parents were watching the end of a film they had taped on the Sky box. It involved Dougray Scott being a bit of a psycho and chasing a young man all over his house. They told me that was basically the plot of the film, except in Edinburgh generally, not just Dougray Scott's house. I was intrigued. Chase films/pairings are a bit of a kink of mine, and Dougray Scott was gaying it up, as far as I could see. So I bought the DVD quite cheaply from and watched it all this week. It is called New Town Killers. And it's really quite gay. I very much enjoyed it at any rate. Alistair/Sean, dudes. Or Alistair/Jamie. Or Jamie/Sean. Whatever.

  • And I watched Strictly. Spoilers for this week )

  • I have been watching Misfits! Spoilers up 2.03 )

  • It snowed here Friday and today, hurrah! Although me not having to go out in it might be making me happier about it than I otherwise would be.

Tomorrow I have to call the Jobcentre to reschedule an appointment, call the doctor's to reschedule another appointment, and I'd like to tidy up my incredibly messy bedroom a bit, if I can. We'll see.
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Strictly )

Other things I have been doing in my life, apart from watching Emmerdale:

  • Watching Coronation Street. The thing I love most about David's current court case/possible epilepsy storyline - aside from watching David freak out and worry and pass out occasionally - is that he's having massive friction with his mum over it, he's bonding with his gran because she's on his side and believed him all the way through, and his mum and gran are having massive friction over it...and his brother Nick, who lives on the street, is nowhere to be seen. I don't think I've seen David have a single scene with him since it all started. At one point someone asked Nick how David was, before they found out it might be epilepsy, and he said David was in bits over it all. That was it. He doesn't seem to care if his brother tried to kill his best friend, if his brother was about to get charged and possibly sent down for attempted murder, or if his brother has epilepsy or possibly something worse, like a brain tumour. It's kind of amazing.

    This paragraph is about Maria and a bit of Tony/Maria )

    It's Halloween tomorrow, and it's seeming more and more likely that Coronation Street aren't going to make me that 'Ghosts of dead characters haunting people on the street' episode I wanted. Sigh.

  • I have been watching Hollyoaks and Hollyoaks Later, and I didn't really want to watch Hollyoaks Later because I don't even love Hollyoaks that much and it sounded like it was going to be all about footballers and possibly have a gang rape in it. But then it turned out that Mitzeee, who is a character I've heard good things about and quite liked when she was onscreen and hasn't been onscreen much lately, was going to be in it, so I tried to watch it when I could. Happily, there wasn't a gang rape, and especially since Mitzeee seemed slightly in danger of being involved, she wasn't gang raped. But oh my God, dudes. She's - so beautiful, I'm actually finding it hard to look at her sometimes. Not in the way I used to be with Michael Bluth, where I actually had to look away from the screen, but where I find myself focusing on just one part of her face, like her hair or her eyes or her teeth. She has AMAZING teeth. And I don't even care about teeth. This is her:

    Isn't she amazing? And she has a beautiful accent. And, unless I'm massively lowering my standards because I'm watching Hollyoaks, she can act. I think I'm a little bit in love with her. Oh my god.

  • I have been to two Halloween parties in the last two days, with my nephews. They put on some quite nice dos for Halloween in my home town, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. So hurrah.

  • I'm kind of irritated with my dad at the moment, because he shut the car door on my back while I was trying to strap my oldest nephew into his seat tonight. After, I thought, huffing about having to take my youngest nephew over to the side of the car where his seat was, rather than just putting him in the back and leaving him there. And then he didn't even bother to strap him in. But I'm sure that irritation will pass. Ow.

  • I saw the film RED/R.E.D. Spoilers, some pretty big )

  • Other things probably, but I have to go and watch Casualty now.
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Internet problem of the day: When my dad decided to put some extra security on our wireless network and decided not to tell me about it or that that was why I couldn't get a signal for about an hour or two.

Things I have done this weekend include:

  1. Watching Strictly. I think I might be in love with Felicity Kendall. I thought I was during the first/introduction show a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be because she was wearing a colour I really love. But I saw her again on Friday, and no. Still kind of love her. So that's who I'm sort of rooting for. In other news, Matt Baker was suprisingly good, as was Gavin Henson. When I saw Patsy Kensit in the introduction show I thought she looked really uncomfortable with her partner, but having watched them since then and seen their training and stuff, I think she might just be a bit nervous in front of cameras, maybe. I feel a bit bad for her, she does seem quite self-conscious and stuff, and she didn't dance too badly, so I hope she relaxes and maybe does better in the next few weeks. Also, she was wearing an AMAZING dress. And Paul Daniels! He did magic! And sang along. He was quite sweet. I hate Bruce Forsyth.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the 'show without voting' thing. On the one hand it seems like a way to get rid of the complaints about people having to go after just one show, and it not being fair because they were nervous, when it's a dance contest and everyone's in the same boat, really. But on the other hand, it might stop things happening like people voting to give people who've performed badly another chance, and having slightly better dancers go out first. Hmm. I'm interested to see how things play out next week, anyway.

  2. I watched Casualty. Casualty )

  3. I found out Nathan Wylde from Emmerdale has a birthday. I was wondering if he officially had one, since he's been in the show for about two years now, and we've seen quite a lot of the Wyldes' private lives, and I'm pretty sure they've mentioned it before when it was Maisie's birthday, and I knew something had happened years ago when it was Mark's birthday, but I couldn't remember them ever saying anything before about it being Nathan's birthday. But there it is, on Wikipedia. 4th September 1984. I cannot blame them for not making a big deal out of it though. I think last year it was about September when Nathan was told his father had had an affair with Faye, possibly? And this year he had the whole murder cover-up and his sister accusing him of killing their dad and stuff to deal with, I think. Not exactly the best times for celebrations.

  4. Bedroom tidying - some. Mostly tidying up the mess I've made since the last time I actually tried to organise it a bit.

  5. Watching the stuff I said I would watch before Connotations/ever - none. I should proably get on that this week, maybe.
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Re tonight's Strictly results: Oh well.

I had my second interview yesterday. And I don't to my knowledge have another one coming up, so I can now think about other things while waiting to hear back about them. Things like Christmas shopping, which I haven't done much of yet. I'm in the usual I can't think of anything/the things I like are too expensive bind, but hopefully I can get something sorted in the next couple of weeks. At least I've got plenty of time free, although then again not that much money. Hopefully there'll be some nice not-too-expensive stuff around.

The second interview, as it turned out, was not with the same woman as before - I was waiting in the waiting room (a bit early, yay!) and a woman walked by asking if I'd seen a guy walk past me, and I told her I'd seen a few, and she laughed and then said "Oh, are you here for the interview? We'll be with you in just a second". Which was unexpected. It turned out that the woman who was meant to be interviewing me couldn't be there that day (not because she'd interviewed me before, as I'd possibly thought) and it was actually her senior who was doing the interview, along with a clerical officer from the actual health centre. And I thought "fine", but wasn't sure if I should say something about being interviewed before. Early on in the interview though she asked, when I said I'd been applying for a few NHS positions, if I'd had any interviews lately and I mentioned I'd had one the other week with the woman who was meant to be there that day. And she said fine and didn't say anything about it.

The interview went on, and most of the questions were ones I'd had in the interview before, except for one, I think, and then just near the end the woman said "actually, can I ask you - ". She broke off and said she'd finish what she'd been talking about, and then said "Can I ask you, you said you'd had an interview last week with [the woman I was meant to be being interviewed by]. Have you had these questions before?". And I had to say yes. But she was laughing and smiling about it, so I don't think it was that big a deal. She asked if I'd thought it was odd having the same questions again, and I said because it was basically the same post I'd thought they might have standard questions to ask in the interview. Apparently I was meant to have had different questions, but they don't get the names of people on their applications until the day before the interviews happen, which is probably why no-one realised I was having another one. But as I say, she was laughing and smiling about it, so I don't think it was too big a problem. And she'd said the reason she'd suddenly thought I might have had the questions before was because she'd been thinking my answers were "a bit good", which is a hopefully good sign. I won't hear anything until some references come back from the preferred candidate, but hopefully I should hear about both jobs shortly.

The only problem is - I applied for both jobs at the same time, on the same night, and because they were the same post and had the same job description, I got a bit confused between them. When I got the message asking me to come to an interview for the first one I had a feeling it was part-time, but it turned out to be full-time. During yesterday's interview, however, they mentioned that that post was only 20 hours. Which isn't really enough for the money I need, at present. So if they don't offer me the full-time one and offer me the part-time one, I don't know if I'll be able to take it, unless I get another part-time job. But I can't make any decisions till I hear back about either job, so there's no point getting worried about it now, I guess.

Anyway. I watched Misfits yesterday. Spoilers for Misfits 1.04, and the preview for next week )
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Tonight's Strictly )
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Hello. I am stupid. Jobseeker's appointments and benefits stuff )

Anyway. On a slightly happier note, having had some money finally to spend I obviously set about spending some of it on slightly trivial things that I'd been wanting for a month or so. Including some nice new underwear from La Senza. I was going to make a post the other day starting with "They make Oscar the Grouch underwear for men but not for women, WHAT KIND OF FOUL SEXISM IS THIS???". I didn't, but I feel that my point still stands. Oscar the Grouch for all, I say. Anyway, some of my new underwear can only really be worn at Christmas, but it's still rather lovely.

And I have been watching TV:

  • I missed most of the It Takes Two shows this week, due to appointments and going to the cinema and such things. However, nothing will ever be funnier than Len trying to teach Claudia how to rumba. And I did see Erin's house with it's lovely mirror. And shoe collection. And weird bug thing. And amazing rug, where she choreographs routines. I'm quite looking forward to tonight, with it's new dances. I happen to know from (Sue Perkins) experience that the Charleston is a bit great, frankly.

  • True Blood, up to 1.08 )

  • Coronation Street, natch )

  • Also I have been reading Looking For Group, again. I love Cale. I love Richard. I love it. I'm not finished though, so don't spoil me please.

  • Misfits, up to 1.03, and speculation )

And I believe that's all of my TV-watching for the week. I'm going to make a pizza now. Mmm, warm pizza.
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So. I have an interview next week. An interview I know about ahead of time, even. I have about fifteen things to do before then, but it's an interview, which I've not had many of so far in my job hunting. And it's funny, because before I got the message about it I was gearing up to make a post about how I thought I was probably going to have to move back to my parents' pretty soon. Which I probably still will if I don't get the job, and there's a chance I won't. I was in a bit of a tiz at the beginning of the week, because I was pretty sure I was going to have to move back to my parents', even though I hated the thought of leaving my flat, and then I got the news about the interview and it pretty much threw me, but I talked about it with my counsellor on Thursday and I'm feeling much better about it now. I'm just going to try to get ready for the interview, hope being stressed out doesn't affect my performance in the interview, and see what comes out of that before making any other decisions.

I got a letter from the Jobcentre anyway, saying that I could start having Jobseeker's Allowance again. Except that it used to be £50 a week and is now down to £40-ish a week. My mum pointed out that this is probably the same payment less the £10 a week my grandma gives me. Which I have always declared whenever I claimed. Bastards.

Anyway, like I say I'm just going to try to get on with things and do everything I need to do before the interview. Like buy an interview suit. My mum wants to come down and help me get one (especially since she's offered to pay for it), and the only time she's really free is Monday. Which is sooner than I was expecting company next, but she doesn't want to stay over in the flat, so it should be alright.

Today I went to a craft market in Sherwood because a jewellery maker I like was going to be there, explained to her when we saw each other that I didn't actually have any money at the moment and was just browsing, failed generally at social interaction, and then came back into Nottingham. Where I ended up either trying on or looking for dresses I liked that were either way out of my price range (£0) despite being reduced and were probably going out of stock soon, or had gone out of stock mere weeks after I had first seen them. I think it's only been a few weeks. I assume I've just got taste in clothing like no-one else's, because everything I like seems to go out of stock really quickly. But it's pointless anyway, because for the first time in a while I've got an actual interest in maybe buying some clothes, and I have less money than ever to spend on anything. Which is mostly annoying. I'm guessing that when it comes to dresses and faux fur coats I won't get much sympathy from my parents either.

Anyway. What was up with Strictly tonight? This series in fact? How many injuries have there been so far? It makes me think that maybe the professionals are pushing the celebrities too far this series, but maybe it's just a run of bad luck. I'm glad Laila went through, it was sad for her really that she got injured even if she did choose to do the dance anyway. What I could see of her rumba while she was managing to dance it looked beautiful, although it was hard to tell while she was obviously in pain. I'm glad she went through, anyway. And I'm glad Ricky and Erin went through, I really liked their viennese waltz, especially the second time around. I thought it showed that maybe Ricky had a little more of himself to show us, or something different to show us, whereas I wasn't getting that really from Phil. I liked him, but he seemed to always be either Cheeky or Trying Not To Be Cheeky in his dances. Frankly, I'd quite like to see Ricky and Ali go at this point, and the rest of them battle it out for the number one spot. But probably that's just me.

Also, has anyone seen the new show Misfits that started on E4 this week? It looked from the trailers I saw to be about a bunch of teenagers or young people on ASBOs or community service or something, but I've just learned from the internet that it's about a bunch of teenagers or young people on ASBOs or community service with superpowers. One of the female characters gets the power of being able to cause lust in other people, of which YAY!, but apart from that it looks alright. Is it any good?

Also, has anyone seen the new mobile phone advert which basically seems to be about organising a big redheaded breeding programme? It's a bit creepy, in my opinion. But in a way sort of pleasing, to me at least. It's like the spirit of Luke Rattigan lives on!
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I have a question - has anyone ever been to the London Coliseum (I think you know what city it's in)? There's a couple of things on there that I want to see in January and April next year, and I got my parents to put up half the money for decent-priced tickets. I went to my first opera - I don't think I mentioned, it was brill - and sat in one of the cheapest seats, and it wasn't actually that bad. But looking at these other things now, there are still some of the most expensive, stalls seats left for only a bit more, and I'll be up on the second balcony otherwise. And it strikes me that if the London Coliseum is bigger than the Nottingham Theatre Royal, and chances are that it is, it might make a big difference. Anyone actually know what it's like in there?

Well, anyway. I'm still working. I got let go from the job I had at the beginning of the month because the work dried up, but the Monday after that the agency that had got me that job, had another one for me. Which I wasn't expecting. And it was a reception job, so they were all "Can you go in this morning? Can you go right now?", and hadn't had a shower or washed me hair or in fact had more than about five hours sleep, as I recall, and I was all "WHAT??", but we managed to negotiate for about half past twelve, and I had a semi-quick cold shower, and everything was fine. It's not too bad actually, it's a reception post at a little civil engineering company, and last week most of the staff were on holiday or at various sites, so apart from a bit of typing I mostly didn't have much to do all day. Which is fair enough. They want me for this week as well, so I'll have worked a full month, yay! I have a feeling I should be saving at least some of my wages in case I don't have anymore work for a bit. But on the other hand, almost every band I like seems to be playing somewhere this autumn, so - we shall see. The odds don't appear to be in saving up's favour though, honestly.

I've been watching TV, I have things to say, I generally have so many things to say about it that by the time I get round to posting anything I have FAR TOO MUCH TO FIT IN A POST. The main things were though, about why lots of people - mostly men - think it's alright to make fun of Deborah Meaden on Dragon's Den? Particularly since she's the BEST ONE, and BEAUTIFUL. She has the BEST LAUGH I HAVE EVER HEARD. I LOVE HER. And people are very strange about her. Also, Strictly Come Dancing. I only just found out because I was looking up when it was coming back on. BUT WHAT THE FUCK? They've fired Arlene? They've fired ARLENE? And replaced her with a younger woman? What the fuck, BBC? And the younger woman is Alesha Dixon, because she used to be a contestant. What? I vaguely get their point about her knowing what it's like to be a contestant and being able to offer advice the dancers can possibly understand better - but isn't the point that it's a dancing show, and they have the judges for technical criticism and the public for sympathy, and their partners for actual specific help? Wasn't that how it all worked. And do the BBC actually not see a problem with making the only female voice on the judging panel no longer an informed, technical one, but a basically emotional one? What the hell? Also, they have fired Hayley and hired another female dancer, for no apparent reason. What is that?

Hmph. Anyway. There's been TV I like. Single-Handed was brilliant, and it's now over. I love Jack Driscoll, in all his self-righteous, furious-about-corruption-but-willing-to-use-it-for-his-own-ends glory. You can still watch it on the itvPlayer, if anyone is interested. I highly recommend it. I'd say I don't think I've slashed anyone with their evil father quite so much before, but that would mean ignoring Logan/Aaron, so never mind. Gary's coming back into Coronation Street this week. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT. Check out his look of UTTER HATRED for David on his return. You can see the hatred right? That certainly couldn't be confused with any other emotion. I love Coronation Street. Also I'm loving Ugly Betty at the moment. Every episode is a bit pointlessly upbeat, but I HONESTLY DON'T CARE. OH GOD BETTY AND AMANDA AND MARK. I LOVE THEM. ALL I WANT IS THE THREE OF THEM, AND OFTEN THE SHOW DELIVERS. 2 ASSISTANTS AND A RECEPTIONIST DREAM TEAM FOR THE WIN. And Daniel is quite good, and Wilhelmina. BUT THEY'RE NO BETTY AND AMANDA AND MARK. OH. Also in NCIS this week they made Ziva and McGee go out on a case together. I don't understand why they can't be partners all the time. They could keep DiNozzo with Gibbs, or send him away somewhere, and I everyone would be happy. I should be running television. Honestly.

So from this post you can probably tell what I've mostly been doing lately. TV and work. Hurrah. I'm hoping that the agency I'm using at the moment might find me some work after this job finishes too. Although I do need some time off in September. But even so, some wages would be nice. Who knows?
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  • My plan for today was to go into town and do some Christmas shopping, grab some lunch, see Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, do the food shopping, then get back to my flat in time for Strictly. To be honest, it was was never completely feasible, even though I did all my washing last night. Particularly when I stayed up, slept in, and didn't get out until about 12 o'clock. Christmas shopping is going to be done this week after work I think. I bought one thing, a Makka Packa bath toy/washee. I have a few more things to buy. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was quite good.

  • I'm doing overtime tomorrow at work. I forgot to mention that's why I had (or was supposed to) do everything today.

  • I'm not that bothered about who goes out of the dancing tonight. I liked Lisa's tango, and would like Tom Chambers to go because his face still annoys me and I'd quite like the final to be a girl-off. But other than that I'm not that bothered. Lisa did wear a lovely dress for her quickstep though.

  • Everyone is doubting Maria in Coronation Street and thinking she's mad, even though she is SOME KIND OF GENIUS, and knows exactly who was having affairs with who, and who killed who. It's slightly frustrating. Carla came back yesterday though, and hopefully she will see the truth in her words, and all will be great.

  • On Casualty - I've sort of gone off Toby/Jordan a bit, because it turns out Jordan's a bit of a prat, and I don't like the way he's treated Ruth, and if he'd only do the same to Toby then I think he's better off without him. And since we've got canon gay/bi!Toby, I don't think we're going to get canon Toby/Jordan, except for the unrequited crush Toby seems to have on him. I could be wrong of course, but I'm don't think they'll do it. And I like Toby/Ben, but I do find it a bit skeevy that Ben was his counsellor. Mostly I have fallen a bit in love with Toby and Ruth and their rivals/friends thing, and I want them to run aaway to the coast together and fight crime, and not to break up, and I'm pretty sure that tonight they might do. Which sucks a bit.

  • I have other things to say. My film courses, the Canadian Cinema course and the Anime film course, ended this week. There were highlights in both. The bit of Bon Cop, Bad Cop the lady showed us and the free film screening of C.R.A.Z.Y. in the Canadian course. The classic cartoon we saw and Gattaman, who the them e song subtittless assure me are "ninjas of science", as well as many other things. I've really enjkoyed them, and am sort of sad they're over. I might do another course in the next season at Broadway, but nothing looks appealoing just at the moment. I might leave it for a few months, and see what they have in the next season.

  • I must go eat pizza now.
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