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Oh David.

Spoilers for Coronation Street, and mention of suicide )

I went to see Pacific Rim again today, mostly because people were talking about it being considered a flop in America, and when I checked lo and behold, there were only one or two showings a day even now at my local cinema. So I wanted to rewatch it again before there were no showings, or I had to wait months for the DVD. Mostly I noticed all the things people were pointing out in fannish posts, behind the scenes interviews and reviews. Like how much they use orange and blue, especially around Raleigh and Mako. Honestly, it's like "Orange and teal, they do it with zeal: The Movie". Some of it was quite nice though. And you know, complimentary colours, whatever. Also I remembered that I actually really like Mako Mori, and think she is pretty. AND, now I know exactly which Tumblr posts I saw were wrong, lolololol.

Christ. We're flying out on holiday with my nephews in a week. Like, this time next week we'll be on a plane. Friday's trip to Leeds went about as well as could be expected. My mum was obsessed with me getting some cropped trousers, even though the shops refused to provide them, for hours until I pointed out actually I had quite a lot of trousers for holiday-style hot weather, just not England hot weather. But I did get some new trainers, since I've basically worn my other pair out, and some jogging bottoms from New Look I'd been eyeing. In my size and everything, after some wrangling with a checkout woman. Unfortunately, I also bought an umbrella that turned out to be broken when I got it home, so I was hoping to take that back before we went away. But tomorrow I have another appointment with a new mental health service that's picking me up, on Wednesday my mum's having my YN and on Thursday she's having my ON. And then Friday will be our last weekday before we go away. So if I have to actually go back to Leeds and want a day of peace to do it on, they're probably going to be in short supply. They'll probably take it back in my local branch, to be fair.

I've been thinking about nuclear radiation a bit lately. Which may be a bit odd. There was a post I saw on Tumblr saying some pretty horrific things about the Fukushima plant in Japan and it's outcomes, which I have since learned basically came from a regularly debunked 'news' site. So it's just Pretty Bad, not Unimaginably Bad. But between that and playing Fallout 3, a game set in a post-nuclear wasteland, and watching Pacific Rim, which had it's fair share of nuclear plot points, it's sort of got me thinking. It's so weird that it's something we did. Like, at the moment obviously people are really worried about nuclear threats and what would happen if a nuclear-equipped country went to war with anyone. But sometimes I forget that people have actually dropped nuclear bombs. Two on actual inhabited areas. Areas people still inhabit. And so much testing in America, and in the Pacific Ocean itself. And so many accidents that were so horrifying - and yet we still build them, and have nuclear power plants. Everyone's SO worried about it, and yet we have done all that stuff, and continue to do it. I don't know, it boggles my mind sometimes.
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Right, so, my Netbook that I ordered? I still haven't received an email saying it had arrived in the store, so I decided to check the emails I had been sent. One, saying it had been shipped, had a tracking number, so I went to the Royal Mail website and put it in, and it claimed my Netbook had been delivered on 11th April. Which is last Thursday. So I called up the PC World sales line, eventually talked to someone, gave him my order number, and he said yep, it's in the store.

So basically it's been delivered, and it's been there for about 4 working days, and they just didn't bother to either email me or call me like they said they would. Great. Who needs customer service? Not I, when you can just fiddle about with tracking numbers and websites and stuff.

I'll try and get into Wakefield tomorrow and pick it up. Assuming they haven't sent it back or something. But that's quite annoying. Growl.

In other news, the problem with Ghost Master is that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do the levels within the time limits to earn more plasm to level up your ghosts, when completing said levels involves Sims doing exactly as they should - which they don't - very quickly, and not glitching in the process. Other than that, I'm very much enjoying it. Considering I bought for £10 while I was at uni, it is amazing.
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I just wrote out my appeal form. They give you the tiniest space to write your reasons why you don't agree with their decision. Which is largely how I felt about the assessment form - although apparently I was some good at filling that in this time. Maybe I just feel like I have A LOT OF REASONS to give them. But I think I got at least some relevant points through, and it's completed now at least. Now I just need to send it out so it will get to Barnsley before Monday. Sigh.

I also caught up with Dallas yesterday, and then watched the final episode. Dallas )

The new series apparently begins in America in January. So obviously I either need to get downloading, or really enjoy these few months of being all caught up before I lose them again.

We also had the American election this week. I am happy and genuinely a little bit amazed that Obama won. As well as all the 'shenanigans' I'd been hearing about, things sort of came to a head on Tuesday night when I started seeing posts on Tumblr about how people were taking pictures of their pro-Obama ballots and posting them online because they were so excited, but that they shouldn't do that, because they could be arrested and have their votes annulled. I was ready to give up, get ready for Romney to win, and be all "2012, End Of Days". But then Obama won. And apparently it wasn't even close. So hurrah.

I also finished Portal, and bought Portal 2. I liked the song at the end. A LOT. And while I was looking for Portal 2 (in vain) in my home town, I found out that the little games shop I used to see when I was a teenager was still open, and both stocking and selling Bioshock action figures! It was a good day all around.

And we had my YN over at my house today. He is sweet, and can pull himself up on furniture, and make lots of noises now. And point. At one point he looked up at one of our houseplants, pointed at it and went "Aaah!", and then went back to playing with his cars. He plays with cars by pushing them along and going "aaaaaaah" or "grrrrrrrrr". He is lovely. I also learned that my mum thinks he's "weird". Which, in fairness, is something I would expect a sitcom granny to say about their baby grandchild, so at least we're living up to the stereotype, thanks mum.

And I saw a bit of Emmerdale today with Declan in it, and it gave me Declan/Nathan feelings. Sigh.

And I had a dentist appointment today, which went quite well, with quite a lovely new lady dentist. It was her first day apparently. She didn't make any mistakes which could only be covered up by saying "It's my first day!". Yay. And we had Bonfire Night, which means we're now in the period of time I officially recognise as Pre-Christmas. Argh. And...something. I'm on my period, and I'm really tired. Oh, and I attempted to buy trousers from H&M, and I found out that of all the weird sizing issues there are from shop to shop, H&M might just take the cake for 'obviously a lot smaller than the number would imply'. And yet I also tried a jumper from there, and the Large was too big for me so I had to get a Medium. Weird.
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I cancelled that thing tomorrow, in the end. I was already feeling pretty tired just from stressing out yesterday, and then it turned out that mum hadn't managed to find any ankle wellies, just some fashion wellies that were wider at the top but still too tight. So I cancelled it. Given that I have a workshop, an appointment with my employment coach, and I have to start getting ready for the holiday, the next week or so is already starting to feel like an uphill obstacle course, and I might start tripping over any moment. So I think it's probably the right decision.

Some good things:

  • My mum and I finally took the dog to the vets last week after me nagging mum for a couple of weeks. He's old and has had some problems getting up in the last few months, and mum seemed to think they'd just say it was time to have him put to sleep. But instead they gave him anti-inflammatory medication, and he's getting up and moving around a lot better :D

  • John Ross from Dallas is super pretty.

  • Lottie from Bad Machinery is amazing.

  • I went to Connotations, the last one ever, and it was totally brilliant. We finally learned about Asylum films. Thank you [ profile] moonlettuce and [ profile] temaris.

A bad thing:

  • Apparently while I was away my sister, her partner and the kids came down to my parents' house for Sunday dinner. Which is a bit weird and alarming. But maybe it won't become too regular a thing. Hopefully.

Also, partially inspired by my stress out yesterday, I present to you one of my favourite angry songs. It's not entirely about calling women whores or homophobia (but still a bit!), but mostly about running people over with your car:

Move Bitch - Ludacris
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Without a doubt the most irritating habit I have (or one of them) is my tendency to see things in shops, like books or films or whatever, intend to write down the title or something so I can find them again, and then think "Oh, it'll be alright, I'll do it later" and then never do it. Only to vaguely remember, a few months down the line, the thing that I was interested in, but not any details that might help me find the thing again. Grsdklakdl.

Also, I think Amazon (or any site) could massively improve it's search feature by letting you exclude whole books or series. Because I know it's not a Sandman comic book. I would remember it and also not want it if it was.
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A list of things I was going to post earlier because basic reactions were all I had, but you can have them now just because:

  • Vera is amazing. The show and the lady.

  • I am annoyed with Infamous, because it has so many problems and is kind of shit, but I also really enjoy playing it, and like the story-telling, if not the story, and now I have a pairing. A pairing with no fandom. Home at last.

  • There is no kink meme for Infamous, but there is for the game it's apparently constantly having fights with.

  • However, I've decided Infamous is probably the most difficult fandom there is to Google, especially when it comes to kink memes, because almost everyone non-fannish who talks about a fandom's kink meme seems to describe it as 'infamous'.

  • I really think I would be less annoyed about Infamous if more people talked about the problems with it, in a way that didn't make me think it was just me, and in a way that there was a good chance of the creators seeing it, so there was just a chance they would try not to make the same mistakes next time. There isn't even an 'Unfortunate Implications' link on the TV Tropes page, and they tend to be pretty good about things like that.

  • I did find the last pigeon in Infamous though. Hurray!

  • I commissioned a piece of work from an artist on Etsy. But apparently she just got a deal with a children's publisher, and has been working to deadline, and - even though she's apparently done it - she keeps forgetting to talk to me about it. This wouldn't be so bad, except one of my emails got lost on it's way to her before, or 'buried in her inbox', so whenever there's a long gap in emails, I'm never sure if she's just busy, or actually hasn't seen it.

  • I still haven't seen the film I was planning to see for ages, Lockdown, with Guy Pearce and Peter Stormare in it.

  • The Avengers film is out (I think), and I still haven't seen Captain America. I did not realise it was coming out as soon as April. However, given how popular it already is, chances are it will be in cinemas for a while. However, given how long it sometimes takes me to watch one film, never mind two, that might not necessarily help.

  • On the plus side, I've been largely ignoring the long, long pre-release buzz, so maybe I can mostly ignore the post-release buzz until I've seen it as well.

  • There also doesn't appear to be a Prison Break kink meme. That seems impossible to me. I was going to say that, well, it started in 2005, so maybe it just didn't quite catch that boat. But then just the other day I found out there was a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang kink meme. So I don't know. Unless I'm just not googling properly.

  • Guess which Playstation game I'm playing at the moment? If you guessed "Saints Row 2 again, because you love it", you are correct. If you also guessed "Shadows Of The Damned, because you saw it on Two Best Friends Play and it looked wicked", you are also correct. But that's a bit creepy. Shadows Of The Damned has a non-white main character. In terms of race, it's already streets ahead of Infamous. There is some slightly odd stuff about his white (white, white!) girlfriend who he almost constantly refers to as 'Angel' though. Hmm.

  • I hate my dad slightly less now. He's still a cunt though.

  • There are about five million dance shows on pretty much this month and next, mostly in London or other parts of the country where I don't live, which I'd really like to go see, but it's really just not feasible at all. Really. Which kind of sucks.

  • I don't feel like throwing up anymore. This day is looking up.
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Some things that have happened:

  • I have finished the main questline of both Oblivion expansion packs. I am now the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild, Master of the Fighter's Guild, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Champion of Cyrodiil, Divine Crusader of the Knights Of The Nine, and God-Queen of the Shivering Isles. Which is nice.

  • I have a job interview. In two weeks. I keep meaning to talk to my employment coach woman about doing some interview preparation, but I haven't yet. I am seeing her tomorrow though, so I can probably talk to her then. My main concern is that I haven't worn my interview suit in nearly two years and it might not fit me anymore. Also that I have a JOB INTERVIEW. Jesus.

  • Death Valley had it's season finale, which I didn't realise until after I'd started watching it. It was quite good. They did another weird thing. And, suffice it to say, true love died young. Not that it matters. There is no fic or comms or anything :(

  • Also, we missed an episode of Once Upon A Time because of the American Music Awards, and there was no warning for that until it just didn't turn up on Monday. WHATEVER, AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS.

  • It's nearly December, which means that all the shops have all their scarves, sparkly jewellery, and Christmas themed-stuff on sale. I don't think this is fair.

  • Having missed yesterday's E4 episode because I was out at a counselling appointment, I've just watched two of the strangest Hollyoaks episodes I've probably ever seen. Hollyoaks ended their long-running rape storyline on Friday (on E4) with an entire episode dedicated to the main three characters involved, which was AMAZING. But tonight. They've had a family of robots for a while on the show, and now they seem to be moving onto vampires. And there's been a whole meesed up family/paternity mystery plot running for weeks where no-one has at any point mentioned the words 'DNA test'. A DNA test might be difficult given that the baby's dad is either a guy or his own father. But still. A DNA TEST PEOPLE. THEY EXIST.

  • I went to the Thought Bubble comic convention on Saturday. It was lovely, I spent probably a bit too much, but got some nice, fairly cheap new comic books. The only annoying thing is that there was an artist there who was there last year, when I bought a preview of his comic that wasn't in print yet. This year, he was back with three issues of the comic - but by the time I got there (two or three hours after the convention opened), they'd done better than they thought they were going to, and had sold out of the first issue of it. But apparently I can buy the first issue online when it gets reprinted. Still, it's annoying. But other than that it was lovely.

  • I have no money, I need a number of things, including a new desk chair, and it's Christmas really pretty soon. Boo.

  • My sister's new baby is due on the 28th, apparently, and rather than us having the kids for five days, the new arrangement is for my mum to go pick them up at 6.45am every weekday, take them to school, and then get them when they come out of school, take them to our house and give them their tea, and then take them back to their dad every evening when he gets in from work. I had vague plans to try to avoid the house while all this was happening, but now it's like next week, and I don't have any plans, and I don't really have any money, and - given the current proposed set up, I don't even know what it's going to be like. So I don't even know. But that's next week probably.

  • Oh, and I saw the movie Thor over the weekend. Mostly because I'd heard it was good, and I saw from someone's fanvid a few months ago that the guy who plays Loki in it is Tom Hiddleston, who used to be in Suburban Shootout. And I'm apparently VERY INVESTED IN THE CAREERS OF SUBURBAN SHOOTOUT VETERANS. So yeah, I watched it. I quite enjoyed it, although it seemed to me to have a lot of weirdly Christian imagery for a film based on Norse mythology. And mostly I liked Loki. But basically the outcome is that now - despite how much I hated Iron Man 2 - I suddenly have an interest in the Avengers film coming out next year. And I should probably dig up Captain America at some point so I'm all caught up on the canon before it comes out. Sigh.

  • And now, on [ profile] jekesta's suggestion, I'm going to go try out some Danger 5. Which does look AMAZING.

  • P.S. Also, I love 666theheartless666. It's a shame he's not really doing videos anymore. Another sigh.
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A nice thing: Seeing this jacket on Eastenders, and then finding out where it was from online.

A not nice thing: Finding out it was on sale months ago, and isn't any longer. Oh stock rotation. You giveth and you taketh away.

A nice thing: Getting conkers from the park.

A not nice thing: Figuring out what to do with conkers from the park.

A nice thing: Being inspired by [ profile] cakesy to visit my local charity furniture store, and finding out they actually have some really nice furniture in there.

A not nice thing: Having no opportunity to buy or use said furniture. However, there was quite a nice triple CD storage unit which I might go back for, if I can figure out where to put it in my bedroom.

A nice thing: Getting Man Stroke Woman series 2 in the post.

A not nice thing: Watching all of Man Stroke Woman series 2, and having no more.

A not nice thing: Wishing that I wasn't so easily won over by Boots' Christmas gift set things every year, so I could have more respect for myself.

A nice thing: Boots' Christmas gift set things, eee!

A just plain weird thing: Hearing 666theheartless666, whose Lets Play videos I have been watching for a bit now, suddenly announce on a video from two years ago that in a few days, he'd be 20! For some reason, just from his voice and the way he talked, I was thinking mid-twenties. Even when he mentioned his uni course. But no. He's been 19 or younger for most of the videos I have been watching, and even now, is only 22. Which is just plain odd.
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A mere two days after deciding I would have to cut back on my spending for a bit, and I am already contemplating going to see Batman Live after [ profile] cakesy gave it a pretty good review, going to see Northern Ballet's Hamlet after spending the last five years or so wishing they'd put it on again so I could finally see it, and whether or not to finally go through with my dream to own a white(-ish) faux fur coat. And a feather skirt.

Come on, Rachael. You can do this.
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I LOVE NSTF: SD: SUV::. It's not brilliant, but I do kind of love it. Two episodes ago they had guest actor spoiler ) on the show. In the last episode, they had guest actor spoiler )! Trent Hauser gets the best enemies. No lie.

Anyway. I have only recently returned from Leeds, where I spent £30 on jewellery today. Which I don't really regret. But I am going to have to start saving up shortly, because it's Connotations in about a month. For which I will need £150, if memory serves me correctly. Plus train fare. Plus money for drinks. Yes. So yes. I'm planning for today to be my last spending blow-out for a little while.

But I'm quite happy today anyway, because last night I was checking the requirements for the upcoming Elder Scrolls game Skyrim, and I was on the same site I was on a few months ago, which told me again that my graphics system probably wouldn't be good enough to support the game, although everything else was fine. But then I went on another site, which was basically answering people's specific questions about whether or not their computers would run the game, and they said my graphics system WOULD be good enough for it! It's all just speculation of course, until the game comes out (in November), but it's closer to the release, and that's more hopeful at least. I probably wouldn't be worrying so much, but it's an Elder Scrolls game, which I've been playing since highschool probably, so I am excited. And the nice thing is that even if the PC version won't work on my laptop, I can always now get the PS3 version - but for me the Elder Scrolls games will always be PC games more than anything. I don't know, maybe they're much better on the PS3 and Xbox. But on the PC is how I'm used to playing them, and how I would like to play the new one, so if it will work on my laptop, that would make me very happy. Hurrah.

Also, last night I watched the end of Hollyoaks Later, and I love Seth more than ever now, and have a lot more love for Warren (the nutcase that set him up), and I love Mitzeee, as usual. And I also watched Totally Tom, which is a pilot for a new sketch show on E4. It's a bit dark, but I thought it was quite funny as well. I hope it gets a series. Although I haven't watched many other new comedy programmes lately, so I have no idea how it compares to other stuff that's out there.

Also, I completely missed the first rugby match of my team in the world cup yesterday, due to completely forgetting it was on until sometime late in the evening. I hear that we lost though. Bugger.
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I went to Wakefield and Leeds today, and I bought some earrings and some nail polish. And I tried on some perfume from Lush. It's very nice, but it turns out for a proper bottle of Lush perfume it costs about £32. And even the atomiser costs £15. Also, Jon Burgerman has designed a new tin for Lush which has bath bombs in it. This also costs about £30. Hhrrrghksjdfkdsj.

Anyway. Other things I have done as well as watch Harry Potter:

  • Watched the last episodes of Case Histories. Sniff. Vague character spoilers that no-one will probably care about )

  • Watched the first two episodes of Single-Handed. Sometimes when I am busy loving Jack Driscoll, I forget how genuinely really bleak Single-Handed is. It reminded me in these episodes. And now they have another evil ex-Garda come in to make the community more awful and make Jack Driscoll's life hell. And this one doesn't even love him, like his father. Jack's life is truly awful.

I've been thinking a bit about my fandoms lately. Especially with Connotations coming up and everything. At the moment, they mostly seem to be soaps, webcomics, and weird British/UK detective shows. And films, sometimes. I don't know what the detective shows thing is at the moment, possibly just the fact I've been watching a lot this spring. Most of them don't even have an obvious pairing. At the moment, my head is like a weird little detective agency. Filled with very competent people, who will get the job done, but might just fuck everything up and fuck their own lives up while doing it. Still, at least they have EACH OTHER. Which is often more than they have on their own shows.

Maybe I should focus on Danny Phantom, which has actual fic, and only has ghost, murder and underage issues.

Although I did watch Coronation Street tonight. They made Ken's gay grandson a calculating conman, and then GOT RID OF HIM. I know it's good to have positive gay portrayals on TV, but given that a lot of soaps now have gay and lesbian characters, I'm quite ready to see something outside the general gay and lesbian characters they have. Like villains. Hollyoaks has had a gay gangster for ages, and I know it's Hollyoaks, but they're doing quite well with it. Anyway. But no. He's gone now. Also, Gail got all jealous over people trying to date Nick again (I think they have to stop doing that, at some point. Or make it canon). And Gary is going crazy, and Izzy has to put up with it. Oh well.

Also, I watched a bit of Emmerdale last night and tonight, and I feel like I might be able to start watching it again. Except, as well as pairings which are just sort of starting out and then someone dies, one of the most annoying things for me is watching one half of one of my OTPs just be swanning around without the other one. I think that's half the reason I still go on about Toby De Silva and Toby/Jordan sometimes - because I watch Casualty sometimes nowadays, and Jordan is STILL THERE, being really clipped and brisk and slightly short with his colleagues, and then maybe finding out he was wrong and having to go apologise to them, and running the department on his own no matter what problems arise. And it's so easy to just imagine how much better things would be if he had Toby just quietly standing next to him, watching him, and when he'd had an argument with someone smoothing things over, even if just with his presence. And doing spare paperwork, and being lovely with the patients. And Jordan would have someone supporting him, and someone to take care of, and someone to shout at sometimes eventually leading to a heartfelt apology while Toby didn't look at him. And it just feels very much like it would improve his life. I once had a plotbunny, when all the actors and/or staff were leaving Casualty, about Toby coming back for some reason and finding Jordan running the department literally single-handed, except for maybe the paramedics bringing patients in, and helping to run it with him. That was a lovely plotbunny.

Anyway. My point is that it's weird watching Declan wander around and get on with his life when Nathan isn't there. And how much EASIER his life would be if he had Nathan to mock and argue with, and then jump in to help maybe when Nathan did something TRULY ridiculous. However, Declan's awful wife and not that brilliant daughter are apparently leaving soon. Maybe that will make things easier. Mostly I want Carl to have pushy, not-explaining-the-whole-truth arguments with Aaron about murder, and how at least Aaron had a good reason. But I don't think Emmerdale is going to give me that somehow. Hmph.

I'm sorry if any of this is coming out weird. I didn't get much sleep last night, and now my head and eyes hurt. I am TYPING THROUGH THE PAIN.
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I went into Wakefield today, after an appointment with my employment coach woman, and I found an item that's almost as amazing as the swordgun - the knuckleduster-bag. I tried one, and the rings genuinely do make it easier to hold the bag, and also, to punch someone in the face. One day, my friends, I plan to amass a whole arsenal of these. I will be so multi-functional it hurts. Someone else.

Anyway. I am still around, I've just been distracted by appointments and things, and catching up on TV. I've caught up with Scott and Bailey and Horrible Histories and sort of with the Apprentice, but not really much else. Thanks to 4 On Demand, I'm all caught up with Hollyoaks though. And I kind of want to punch Barry M in the face. Sadly, that isn't possible. But still. I'm sure no-one on my flist cares about Hollyoaks, but even so - posited a while back that a new female character Liberty was actually a robot, and it always seemed pretty plausible, but I have to say after last week, I don't think it's even in doubt. Also, if she's a killing machine, it makes her friendship with (unknown to her) teenage murderess Theresa even more understandable. Anyway. I'm going to stop talking about Hollyoaks now.

I've also been pretty distracted lately by getting into X-Men: First Class a little bit. I'm not exactly proud of this. And I've also managed to fall into the trap I usually do of shipping a little-known pairing and getting into a bunch of kink memes. However, I've decided to be a grown-up about it this time instead of whining about it. But. Hmph.

Today I was planning to go to the cinema while I was in Wakefield, and I was pretty much planning to go see X-Men First Class again. I had a bit of a dilemma about it, because on the one hand I wouldn't mind watching it to get some characterisations a bit more sorted in my head and watch Kevin Bacon again, but on the other hand I don't really want to give any more money to a really quite racist and quite sexist film. But in the end I decided to cave. But I was foiled anyway, because it doesn't seem to be on anymore. Making way for the new blockbusters, like Transformers and Green Lantern and stuff. I've managed to find some other times it's on at a local cinema though, so I'll probably go see it again then. I also want to go see Bad Teacher, which stars Cameron Diaz, and which at first look I assumed would be about a guy being a bad teacher and trying to get with Cameron Diaz, or him trying to get with Cameron Diaz who's a bad teacher. But apparently no, it's about Cameron Diaz, being a bad teacher and kind of a loser. In shades! And!! I then found out that her co-star is Lucy Punch! <3<3<3 So. I'm up for that at some point. Just not really today, especially when the next showing was an hour after I got to the cinema. I also kind of want to see The Green Lantern, partly because my dad is really into the Green Lantern and wanted to go see it with me before he started hearing all the bad reviews for it, so I got kind of psyched up to want to go see it, and partly because having heard all the bad reviews for it, I kind of want to see if it really is that bad. I've heard some reports to the contrary. But anyway. I don't really want to go see it enough to go immediately, or (again) wait an hour until it was on after I got to the cinema, or pay 3D prices to go see it. But possibly. At some point.

If anyone's interested, the pairing I like (or am interested in) from X-Men First Class is Charles/Shaw. Which is a tricky one because [sort of spoilers], and [other spoilers], and on the kink meme, even the fics that get written about Charles/Shaw tend to either start with Charles/Erik, end with Charles/Erik, or be a mere plotpoint in a larger Charles/Erik story. But I don't care. Mostly I've been having a lot of Charles/Shaw plotbunnies along the lines of a Labyrinth AU, and they make me quite happy. Even though most of them I tend to get for situations after the events of the plot/film (of Labyrinth), which feels like a new length to go to for one of my little pairings, even for me. Still. I quite like them anyway. Also, Shaw just works incredibly well as the Goblin King, and that's just a fact. Fact.
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A few further things about Prague:

A few further things about Prague )
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I'm having a bit of a conundrum at the moment. I decided to go get that MP3 player from WHSmith yesterday, while I was in Wakefield, and I decided to get the 8GB one, since it was only £10 more than the 4GB one. But it turned out even though they had the boxes, they didn't have the 8GB ones in the store, or not in the colour I wanted anyway. I decided I'd try in my local store today, and then decided to see if they had any in the online store or if they'd sold out there or something. But the online store has what looks like the exact 8GB one I wanted, in the right colour, for £10 less, and with free delivery. I couldn't be sure it was the exact one I wanted, and didn't understand why the price was different though, so I figured I'd at least go check out if my local store HAD any. And decide if I wanted to just avoid the hassle and buy one while I was there. Sadly though, the only way you can actually check if they have any is by taking the box to the till (since the boxes themselves apparently mean nothing), at which point it felt a little awkward to not buy one. And it felt a bit easier than worrying if the one online was even the one I wanted anyway. So I bought it.

But now I've got it home, and looked on the online store again, it's pretty obviously the same one, for two different prices. So I don't know now whether to take this one back and get it from the online store, or order one from the online store and wait till it comes and then make sure it REALLY IS the same one and then take the more expensive one back, or just to stick with the one I've got. For the sake of £10, it feels like both too much hassle to do it, and a bit daft NOT to do it. Also, I have the expensive one NOW. I don't know. Hmph.

It probably wouldn't be so annoying if I hadn't just had to spend an extra £12.14 on my first (of possibly many!) customs charge for a Threadless package. Growl.

Anyway. Horrible Histories is still back, OH I LOVE HORRIBLE HISTORIES. They aren't probably that good at women, looking at some of the recent episodes, and they also appear to have added a new person to their regular line-up, and that person is also white and male. But largely it's very good.

And then there's Coronation Street )
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I'm back.

I asked my mum to get me some ice-cream when she went to the supermarket, for my throat, even though we weren't a hundred percent sure the fridge was fixed, and we'd had to defrost the freezer before the man came to fix the fridge, and even if they were both working they weren't back to normal yet, so I had nowhere to store it. I figured that would be fine, since I tend to eat the whole tub in one go, or in one day, at least, so we wouldn't need to store it. However, my mum came back with it at tea-time, with it already going soft and no way to store it until after tea-time. So I've just had to eat a whole tub of ice-cream now, in one go, and I will be having my tea whenever I don't feel too sick to eat it. But hopefully at some point before I go wash my hair tonight. My forward planning: Needs some work.

In other news, [ profile] cakesy recently introduced me to the joy and wonder that is Ripper, and the walkthrough by The Spoony Experiment, a game 'based' on the Jack the Ripper killings, but set in 2040, starring Wolf from The 10th Kingdom, and Christopher Walken. It's most of what I've been thinking about for the past couple of days. I decided I slashed Quinlan (Wolf) and Magnotta (Christopher Walken), have been spending some time fighting my way through acting which is not the finest and slightly all over the place characterisation to think of scenarios for them. Mostly they involve handcuffs. And police custody. Because I am unimaginitave.

It also made me think of one of my favourite games from my childhood, with fairly similar graphics, Escape From Horrorland. And sure enough, I found a walkthrough for it online. The walkthrough isn't the best, partly because the woman doesn't always remember what to do (which I do), so you have to watch her figure it out, and partly because apparently she can't really see the graphics very well on her computer, which makes doing the visual puzzles - interesting. But hands down the best part is when a vampire lady turns up, and the woman says "oh I love her, she's so pretty. She always reminds me of Isabella Rosselini, although obviously Isabella Rosselini is way to good to do this game." And then we get a close-up of the woman's face, and she's all "....What? Is that Isabella Rosselini? Is that actually Isabella Rosselini??!" BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY ISABELLA ROSSELINI. ISABELLA ROSSELINI WAS ALL OVER ESCAPE FROM HORRORLAND. And then Jeff Goldblum turns up, and shit goes down. It's pretty special. The other best bits are obviously the bits with Madison Storm (swoon). But I'll stop boring you with tales of my adolescent crushes on evil scientists now.

Hmm. In other news, I don't even know what's going on with my money anymore. I've not been keeping that tight a hold on it, I've made trips to Lancaster and bought a number of Threadless t-shirts. Which is really Threadless' fault for repeatedly reprinting designs I used to like. But anyway. Every time I go to the bank machine and check my balance, I expect it to be like £100, or perhaps £0. But every time I go back, it's still around £250. That's roughly what it was yesterday anyway. I suppose I got my grandma's pocket money at the end of the month. Which suggests I'm still due an Employment Support Allowance payment (I hope) roughly tomorrow. Hmm. I'm not really complaining. It's just weird not knowing where it's all coming from. Again, not complaining though. It does make me worry about spending it wisely, now that I have it. I still need to buy a second pair of jeans, and register for Connotations. And there's an MP3 player in WH Smith that is £30 reduced from £60 (if it's still there), since my old one is broken. So maybe I can make a commitment and buy some stuff, finally. Although I should also be saving up for this holiday in a few weeks, I guess. Hmm. And there's a woman I've found an etsy who does lovely little art illustrations of cartoons and films from the 80s and things, for about £4 each, which I've been agonising about. That's less of a priority though, obviously.

Anyways, I'd best be off and start trying to sort out dinner before Coronation Street (hurray!) tonight. Ghost!Tony sighting: Still zero. Hmph.

P.S. The girl on Hollyoaks decided to cover up her lying with MORE LYING, by the way. Oh, Leanne.
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Hello. I went to [ profile] jekesta's for the weekend to watch Eurovision with her and [ profile] cakesy. Which was lovely. I was rooting for Iceland and Moldova and possibly Ireland, but Azerbaijan stormed through. Somehow. Also we watched MANY OTHER THINGS. I can now proudly say I have watched all of the paintball episodes of Community, and the latest Parks and Recreation (I am a fool to not keep up with it), and roughly half of Crusoe. Neither Crusoe nor Friday are kings of Narnia (probably). But that doesn't mean it would have been weird for them to make themselves crowns.

Also [ profile] jekesta watched Vera with me, which was lovely of her. Now she too knows how lovely Vera and Joe are, and how slightly incompetent at being police they sometimes are. Also I saw some of Summer Holiday for the first time, and was only squicked out by some of it, and while [ profile] cakesy was there we saw one of the weirdest episodes of Columbo ever. Apparently if you date the main witness of a murder you commit, you can nearly get away with pretty much anything. Also, sharks help solve crime. Fact. Um. Sort of.

Anyway. We also watched So You Think You Can Dance (oh, Rithy), and Doctor Who. Well.

Spoilers for The Doctor's Wife )

Anyway. I'm back now. I got the Settle-Carlisle line back to Leeds, which sadly now appears to be the Leeds-Carlisle line. It was still lovely though. There were all sheep and lambs in the fields, often getting spooked by the train running past. I quite love the train journeys to and from Lancaster.

In other news, money. After accidentally leaving a gap in my sick notes and not hearing anything from the Department for Work and Pensions about it, I wasn't sure how much I had last week. So I checked just before going to Lancaster, tomake sure I had enough for train tickets and food and stuff, and they had totally paid me, and I had £300. I'm pretty sure I have quite a lot less than that now though. After going straight out to New Look to buy some clothes I'd been wanting but didn't think I could afford, and then some random bits of jewellery from Topshop, and then some t-shirts when Threadless reprinted some designs I'd wanted. But I'm hoping to keep it a bit more under control from now on, and I should be getting paid again on Thursday anyway. Yay.

In other news, next week isn't looking like it's going to be a fun week for me. I was thinking last week that it was going to be tough, because I had a doctor's appointment that week, then my first new counselling session, then my disability assessment, then my confidence course. But then I remembered that no, my doctor's appointment was this Friday, so it wasn't so bad. Then this morning I got a letter from my doctor, saying that sadly my doctor's appointment on Friday would have to cancelled, so could I call up to arrange another. I called up and the earliest they can see me is next Monday. So it is pretty much going to be like I thought it was going to be. Hmph.

Also, re: this week's Oglaf: askdfjklasdfhjkasdfnhj what?
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So. I just freaked myself out trying to buy something online (long story short, there was a webcomic offering itself for $5, when I got to the checkout shipping turned out to be $13.50, I immediately tried to cancel and then - having signed in with Paypal as it recommended - couldn't tell whether I was signed out or not or how exactly my Paypal account was tied up with the site). But anyway, I went into Paypal and changed my password and there's no activity in my account, so I think I've done everything I can to fix that, if indeed there was a problem. It was a very confusing site I was trying to buy the thing from. But anyway.

In other news, I almost can't watch Emmerdale at the moment. Emmerdale )

On the other hand, Coronation Street! Coronation Street )

And I've been playing more Heavy Rain. I think I'm into the last third or quarter of the game now, and it's getting harder, obviously. Spoilery thoughts )

In other news, I think a bit of a rehaul of this journal is in order. Nothing massive, just getting rid of some of the deleted journals from my flist, update the interests, go through the icons and get rid of the ones I don't really use. It's a bit difficult because at the moment I mostly like stock icons, not having many current fandoms at the moment (that aren't soaps), and they're the kind of icons you kind of love and upload and then hardly ever use, in my experience. Maybe it's just me. But anyway. It's needs doing. Whether or not I will actually get round to it anytime soon is another matter, of course.

Also, I totally went to my appointment yesterday, and then this morning I got up at twenty past nine to go to today's at ten. My mum drove me to where it was being held at, at a community centre that's pretty near our house, but down a bunch of weird streets on an estate I don't normally go to. She said she'd wait outside for a few minutes and if I wasn't done by then she'd go home, and I could call her there if I wanted a lift back. It took about five minutes for the woman to even come downstairs, then we went upstairs and she briefly outlined the course, and said something about it being completely voluntary, but if I agreed to doing it I'd be committed to doing 10 hours of stuff a week up there. Then she asked me, just to check, if I was on Jobseeker's, and I said no, I'd just signed off and gone onto Employment Support Allowance. And she said whoops, the course was only open to people on Jobseeker's. So I couldn't do it obviously, but she told me later on, when I was feeling more up to doing stuff, I could call her again for some other courses. Anyway, so I came out at about quarter past ten, my mum had already left, and I ended up trying to find my way back on my own. And getting lost. And briefly climbing a dirt track up a hill. It was like a really elaborate April Fool's joke the world itself had played on me. But anyway. I'm not going on that course, obviously. And at least I went and checked it out, I guess.
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Shopping adventures, aka what happened yesterday )

Anyway. I came straight home after that. But between running around Leeds on Wednesday and running around in Leeds and Wakefield yesterday, I am feeling pretty tired today, so I probably won't be doing a pairing picspam. Which is kind of a shame, because Daniel/Eli is a really big pairing of mine, not just in terms of films. Oh well. Next week, maybe. I'm quite happy about the dresses and jacket though. Although I'm still planning on getting my mum's opinion about the 18 I got, just in case.
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  • In the past two and a half ETA: weeks (oh my god, I need to remember about words), I may have become the owner of three new pairs of boots and a new jacket, all reduced price in New Look. Maybe. I couldn't possibly say.

  • There may also be one more jacket and two dresses, only slightly reduced in price, but seemingly running out of my size quite fast on the website, that I'm debating whether or not to buy. It's not like I buy clothes all the time, and it's rare that I even find any I like, and that I like on me. Hmm.

  • Somehow, in between watching things and trying to get ready for pairing picspams, I've ended up in the middle of watching The Mighty Boosh, Daria, The Office (US) and There Will Be Blood all at once. Whoops.

  • My mum and I were discussing holidays last week, and I said given that my dad said last year that the holiday in Barcelona was the last one they would be taking me on, and since he bought me a laptop for Christmas, that I was really not expecting and perfectly happy to not go with them wherever they want this year. So my mum went off and discussed it with my dad, and now they're taking three holidays. One short break with me in June, one in Wales with me and my two nephews in the summer, and one on their own later on in the year, probably to Portugal. Okay. Mum asked me where I'd want to go if I was just planning a holiday/city break on my own, and I said Prague. And now we're apparently all going to Prague. I bought a guide book today. And yes. I can't really say I'm unhappy about it.

  • A nice thing that happened today: I've been bobbing in and out of a jewellers in my home town asking if they do repairs, to see if I can possibly get a ring my parents bought me in Whitby fixed. It was all bent out of shape, apparently just from me wearing it. Hmm. Anyway, I finally went in with the actual ring today, and they had a look at it and said I'd be getting it fixed at my own risk, because the stone was so small there'd be a risk of the soldering thing cracking it. But I couldn't get it on my finger, so I said they might as well. I asked how much it would be and the woman said a few pounds, so I said okay and she took it off into the back. A few minutes later, the woman came back out with my ring in it's proper shape, with the stone not cracked. And when I got out my purse, she said there was no charge. Hurrah.

  • I had my first appointment with a service that helps people with mental health problems get back into work last week. It was alright, just an initial chat really. It was halfway between standard questions about whether I drove and I think what kind of experience I had, and half me explaining in great detail about my current problems and my home life. It was quite nice though, and when the woman asked me if I wanted to carry on and use the service, I said yes. My next appointment is tomorrow.

  • My head hurts despite the fact that instead of the usual 2 hours of sleep I have before a Jobcentre appointment, last night I had six hours. Growl.

  • Another nice thing that happened today: while I was in Leeds I went into the WH Smith there, and while I was browsing the discount/clearance shelf, I found a weird, cartoonish David Platt mug. Which because it was in the clearance, cost £2. Result.
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Another clothes-related post I have saved you from: dresses. I don't know what it is, but I am feeling interested in clothes at the moment. Possibly it's from buying those jeans. But anyway, I may have bought myself some dresses online in the past few days maybe. Only because I found really beautiful ones that were in my size and in the sales. And I only own one dress at present. But shhh, anyway. Partly, it's kind of to cheer myself up over the fact that this dress might be one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen, and as far as I can tell, they only ever made it in sizes up to 12. Possibly this is because the form-fittingness might not suit a larger woman/person as well. But I'm choosing to assume that it's because high street shops and boutiques hate larger women. But in any case: sigh...

In cheerier news, another Christmas present I got, a few days after Christmas, was the complete series of Daria on DVD, which I have been watching for the past few weeks. God. I can't say I'd forgotten I love Daria, but I might have forgotten how MUCH I love Daria. I love Daria (the character). I love Jane. I love Quinn. I love Helen. I love Jodie. I love the female science teacher whose name I can't remember at the moment. I love Jake. I love Mr DeMartino. And quite a few other characters besides. And I love Daria (the show). It's a little bit of a strange way to watch it, because they've just put a certain number of episodes on each disc, so I don't really know which season I'm watching at the moment. But they kind of all follow on from each other anyway, so it's not too jarring. And in some ways, it's kind of nice to just have ROLLING DARIA. Anyway. I'm massively enjoying it is my point, I think.

And I have been watching Got To Dance lately, which I keep meaning to talk about, but keep forgetting. Got To Dance is sort of the poor cousin of all the dance shows that are out at the moment, I think, but I really like it. I'm not a big Pussycat Dolls fan, but I like Kimberley, and I like that she's the strict one. And I like that the judges just have to give their judgements based on the dance, before asking any questions or hearing any stories about the dancers themselves. They can change their mind later, and often do, usually one of the boys with Kimberley judging them from one side (although last night Kimberley did it, to the boys' amazement), but I like that they just have to make their judgements straight away, to begin with. And I quite like the ethos of the show, that it's just about giving little dance troupes a chance, not necessarily making them into stars, but letting them be in a competition and be on TV and hopefully win some money. And this series they're doing a thing where they've started a fund, and they sometimes go to dancers who didn't go through to the shortlist but who they think had potential or clearly had a passion for dance, and they give them some money to just train and maybe build up their technique, which is quite lovely. And sometimes some of the dancers they have on there are fucking amazing. So yes. I'm really enjoying it.

And finally, a thing I didn't know before and learned yesterday from a nature documentary: killer whales are apparently technically part of the dolphin family. Which I would not have guessed. It kind of explains their viciousness a bit though. And a thing I didn't know before and learned a few months ago from an encyclopedia: dolphins are actually mammals. I SHOULD BRUSH UP ON ANIMALS, MAYBE.
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