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Soaps just seem to be full of rape victims being tormented by their rapists these days.

And on a similar note, the police were apparently around at my sister's the other day, because my MN and his arsehole little friend were 'perving on some girls'. On the one hand, I'm not surprised given that similar things have happened before. On the other hand, I genuinely never thought my nephew would be the type of boy who would hurt girls just to impress other boys. But here we are.
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So. I got yelled at today by an extremely aggressive employee of the bank, who at one point referred to me as "the woman" to his friend. He was angry that I wouldn't let him through the barriers, into a BANK, without his security pass, and didn't want me to call his manager down to authorise a temporary pass. And my boss is on holiday for a week, so I can't talk to him about it, and the guy in charge in his absence I think is the guy in question's friend. So. There's that.

Also, before that, I was an idiot and decided to look at the comments on an article to do with video games and racism, and found out that everyone except the "far left" thinks that America should be mostly white and Mexican immigrants are trying to take over part of the country. I always thought that it was a bit wanky to just assume left-wing politics had the moral high ground, but apparently no, it's the literal definition.

And now I'm going to eat chocolate and watch D and D videos.
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Some bullshit I have heard in the last few weeks:

  • One of the Let's Players I watch 'jokily' explaining that if you guilt or pressure a woman into sleeping with you, she isn't unwilling, it's not like you tricked her into it.

  • My dad, last night, saying that 'people talk about slavery, but in this country we sent children into mines and basically killed people in the mills, maybe the toffs in London had it better than them but we didn't', and then tried to tell me some 'historical facts' about slavery, and then said that really, 'slavery' was just a word, and I don't know what to say to him anymore. I ended up just repeating 'no' till the conversation was over.

  • Some arsehole on my train home yelling at one of our train conductors about how the train was always late, and then they had to de-couple it from another train and we were all left standing on the platform, and there was no 'uniform procedure'. If he had kept it up any longer, I would have suggested he write to the train company if he had a grievance, or, I don't know, the government for having no interest in funding or providing public services, but after the dude insisted he was angry because of the way the train conductor had spoken to him (entirely respectfully), the train conductor said "well, good luck with that", and closed the door so he could decouple the train.

On the other hand, I did quite enjoy all the EU leaders going to Theresa May and being like "he's no good for you girl" about Donald.
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I have so many feelings about things going on lately, and no idea how to put any of them into words.

The main one is, when will people actually see Trump is talking bullshit? Calling it 'fake news', really? Less than a month after Hillary Clinton made a speech about the dangers of fake news and how it's putting democracy at risk? Bernie Sanders is a cunt, but the fact the Trump just co-opted so much of what he said, about all politicians being corrupt, about draining the swamp, and NO-ONE said anything, that I blows my mind. He's a pathological liar. And he still gets to say things. And people just believe him. Or support him? I don't know.

And then Theresa May said 'the NHS isn't having a humanitarian crisis, obvs, what would the Red Cross know?'. Because apparently words don't mean anything anymore.

And then today I was walking to work, through a fairly central square of Leeds, and I saw them whinging on on the sides of the statues about scanning a code and 'giving blahblahblahblah a voice', and I do not believe they really have a clip of blahblahblahblah's voice, he died in 1659. And then I got thinking "there are literally no statues of women in this square", and then I realised that no. There was! All around the square were statues that I'm assuming were supposed to lampposts, shaped like women dressed in literally a scrap of cloth, with breasts out, erect nipples, bums saucily partially covered. And then I just felt sick.

But anyway. I'm playing Stardew Valley again. Shane still doesn't love me. I'm torn between patiently role-playing a slow-growing relationship, and using everything I learned in my first game about which gifts he loves the most to make him just love me now. I can't remember exactly when I figured out that the fact he was in the bar drinking all the time meant he probably liked beer. Anyway, I've hobbled myself with a forest-based farm, and it's annoying that I don't have all the up-to-date items I had last time, like the best fishing pole and a completely upgraded house. But I'm still enjoying it. I do find it kind of hilarious that I've just built a fairly expensive, powerful new gaming PC, and I'm using it to play a 2D game that actually ran pretty well on my old laptop. But the colours are prettier this time around!
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Tw: Sexual harassment, also some victim blaming in the comments )

It probably sounds like nothing but bad things are happening to me at the moment. I'M PLAYING A LOT OF VIDEO GAMES AND I REALLY ENJOY THEM.
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Me ranting about I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here )

Also I watched Coronation Street tonight. Spoilers )

And I have been watching a bit of Emmerdale this week, because I knew Declan was going to go weird. I stopped watching it again shortly afterward. It did make me reminisce about the good old days was Declan wasn't a cunt and Nathan was around though. And I will be eternally grateful to [ profile] hestia8 for writing fic about them. ETERNALLY. At least there is some fictional universe where they are happy, or at least shagging.
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You know, honestly, comments in films/tv shows/whatever about guys not being "real men" upset me just as much as sexist comments directed towards women. Like why? Why do that?
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Saints Row IV and 2 blather )

Also, today my YN officially started calling me something along the lines of "Rachael". It sounds more like "Wey-dul", and he only calls me it when shouting up the stairs for me. But it's better than "daddy", or nothing. Woo-hoo!

On a less pleasant note, I also got a letter today from the Tribunal service, saying that a request had been made to see the reasons my appeal was allowed, and they were enclosing a copy for me as well. Which sounds like the Jobcentre are "double-checking" whether I really do deserve the ESA I was awarded at my appeal. Apparently the Jobcentre can overturn or refuse a Tribunal's decision, or appeal against it or something, but I'm assuming they don't do that very often or else there wouldn't be much point having an appeals system. If they were just going to say "no" anyway. So it's probably fine. Still makes me nervous though. Wankers.
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Connotations is over, and it's way too late for the 10th anniversary/last con or its book. But I was going through some photos off my old laptop, finally, last night, and I found some from my first Connotations ever, 2003 I believe ETA: No, 2005 clearly, looking at the cake. So for the perusal of anyone interested, here they are:

Connotations photos )

In current and much less pleasant news, I don't have great faith in the comics industry much of the time. And yet I was still surprised to learn there's a new series coming out soon using the title "Sex Criminals". Which the blurb assures is, will 'put the "sexy" back in "sex crimes"'

Really? Really?

And I'm also sad all over again about Hayley leaving Coronation Street soon, not just because Hayley's great and it's going to be sad, but because I realised she's been in Corrie for 15 years, and she's still the only trans character in British soap as far as I know, barring Hollyoaks. Certainly the only one in the big 3. And even she's not played by a trans actor. 15 years and much critical acclaim later. Which is a bit of a let-down, really, looking back. And soon there probably won't be any, unless they're going to introduce someone new before she leaves. I won't be holding my breath though.
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I would like to say, though, that I am partly an emotional wreck over Dragon Age because I choose to play a female character.

Dragon Age: Origins spoilers )

And also, Coronation Street )

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I keep waking up every morning with a really bad sore throat, which then gets better throughout the day, and then is bad again when I wake up the next morning. All I can think is that I'm just a bit ill, and am not drinking fluids throughout the night so it gets worse, or my neck is getting cold at night. I don't know what to do if my neck is just getting cold. I am applying duvets the best I can, and the weather isn't looking to get any warmer. Uhh.

Also, I have recced fanmixes on here before, and this isn't going to turn into a fanmix rec journal. But I have been listening to these, and they are pretty awesome.

Fuck That Noise

Well Done, Tamika - A fanmix for Tamika Flynn from Welcome To Night Vale. Spoilers only really for her short mention on the show.
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I had tuna fishcakes for tea tonight, but when I got them they were a bit cool. Mum made them so I assumed they'd just been left out for a little while when she was doing other things. It only occurred to me after a while that they'd been frozen, and might just not have been cooked through properly. So now I'm concerned about the food poisoning. Still eating though.

Things that have happened lately that I took note of:

  • Microsoft have apparently dropped or debunked a bunch of the features in the Xbox One that everyone was furious about, which is probably for the best. The camera and microphone that watches you all the time can apparently be switched off in the menu - if you remember to do that; you can trade in and play used games, but only with 'selected retailers'; and the fact that it was going to need to 'check in' with the Microsoft online servers once every 24 hours or it wouldn't let you play offline, which they seemed adamant about, has now apparently been changed. That last fact is pretty good, since it apparently pissed off every army in the world. I'm still not planning on getting an Xbox One right now, mostly because I have a Playstation and I'd like to stick with them. Although Microsoft's tendency to use their money to buy exclusives for insanely popular games might one day change my mind - people have been talking about Fallout 4 being an Xbox One exclusive lately, although they've also pointed out that even if it was you'd probably still be able to get in on PC. But regardless, it's nice to know that Microsoft are actually listening to people, and capable of not being so crazy.

  • Kickstarter did something terrible, cut for sexual assault, rape culture and misogyny )

  • I love this girl:

  • Interesting history and the films that are being made based on it.

  • This cartoon about birth control:

    woman stork amazing

In other news, tonight David Platt picked up Becky's sledgehammer. Reason #538 why they should have been friends.

And Despicable Me 2 is out next week. And the week after there's Now You See Me, the film about magician thieves with Dave Franco in it, and The Internship. I feel ambivalent about The Internship, ever since another internet article pointed out there are no films out at the moment in most of America about a woman or a group of women, and I realised it was also true of England, or at least my bit of it from what I could see. And The Internship does like a film about two guys, hanging around with a bunch of other people who are mostly guys, trying to prove they are still worthwhile/man enough to have around. But on the other hand, Vince Vaughn is in it, and seems to be playing a part that doesn't mostly involve being a dick, unlike a lot of his roles nowadays. So I will probably give it a watch after all, if I have time.
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Not only is Borderlands great at coming up with a non-stereotypical female player character, they also always treat her completely respectfully: - lilith wanted poster
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I finished Portal 2 last night. Given how much everyone talks about the first game being short, I was expecting it to last longer. But it was good. GLaDOS <3. Chell <3. My main suprise was finding out - through accidentally nearly spoilering myself - that Vern Schillinger from Oz was in it. That was an odd moment. But largely, now I know where a bunch of quotes come from. And from early on I was slashing Chell and GLaDOS. I FEEL LIKE I WAS RIGHT TO DO SO.

Also I am playing Borderlands. I was put off at first because I thought it was just a multiplayer game, and then when I found out it had singleplayer mode, I was put off because the only female "character"/class you could play was called a 'Siren'. But it did still look fun, and everyone talks about it, so I decided to give it a go anyway. And as it turns out, the only female class you can play is indeed called a Siren - whose default name is Lilith - and her special skills involve magical teleportation and elemental attacks. And her combat style, according the game, is "trickery and deception". Also, she's waif-thin. The other - male - characters all have skills like long-range weapons or hand-to-hand combat, and as far as I can tell, none of them have magical powers. And it's annoying, because the magical stuff and the elemental attacks are all really fun to play, actually, and I'm even getting used to her high-pitched laugh whenever she makes a critical hit. But yeah. I'd probably be happier if they'd decided to make the sexy magial liar a male character. Or given ANY of those traits to one of the male characters. Or given you a female choice other than the Siren. But they didn't. But like I say, it is still pretty fun, and the graphics are amazing. I like guns, as it turns out. You should just trust me when I say I have saved you from MANY POSTS on my love of guns in videogames before. But suffice it to say, Borderlands massively caters to this love. Time will tell if that wears thin in the end.

A game I am genuinely suprised by though, which I am also playing, is Mercenaries 2. On the face of it, it's all about blowing things up, and it's also sort of designed to be a multiplayer game. But I looked it up and found out that of the three characters you can play, one is a woman, and you get the same storyline no matter who you choose. And not only is she female, I'm pretty sure she's Asian - she's obviously British, but her name's Jennifer Mui - so she's a female character of colour, and they seem to have made an effort to give her a proper personality. And a bunch of the supporting characters are female - her support operative she starts with is female, and over the course of the game you get three extra members of the team, and one's a female mechanic. And both of the Factions I'm in contact with so far, an oil company and a guerrilla army, are both run by women. And all three of the villain characters are male (so far). There is the fairly problematic fact that it's set in war-torn Venezuela and you get to blow pretty much everything up - because hey, Venezuela's always war-torn, and blowing up other countries' buildings is fun - but largely, I'm pretty impressed with how they're handling a lot of stuff so far. For a multiplayer game that's essentially about blowing things up.
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And then I finished Bioshock 2. Which was also good, but...sort of unsatisfactory too. I don't know. I don't think I like karma systems in games. I mean, it's interesting, and it means you have more choice and it adds to replay value, obviously. But I just think at the moment the way games are set up it just messes with the writing - because in almost every one I've played with a karma system, the karma things you do - which WOULD be a big deal, and worth mentioning between well-written characters with well-written relationships - just don't get mentioned until the end, or mentioned in a barely passing way at the end of each quest. In Dishonoured you regularly just got a note from someone, even someone you shared housing with, if you did something nice, and a bit of extra gold. And in both Dishonoured and Bioshock 2, you got sidequests and extra characters who showed up and seemed important for karma choices, and then just never showed up again - because the writers couldn't include them in the later plot in case you'd killed them or let them die. Bioshock 2 probably did the karma thing better than most games, because from the things that got said I'm guessing a lot of the ending was different depending on which choices you'd made. But the main place I saw it done well really was in Fallout 3. Which is a role-playing game, where the point is that you get to choose who your character is, and you don't tend to have lots of involved converstations with the same characters. I don't know, I just feel like a lot of games are swinging towards that role-playing element so players feel more like they're playing the kind of character they want to play, rather than having specific, well-defined characters the players have to play, which is also a pretty good way to write (and play) videogames.

Also, in Bioshock 2 and Dishonoured, I have just played two games where the main character was male, and the main NPC female character was either a child or very much in a child position, whose personalities were massively influenced or completely defined by the choices their fathers/father figures made. Which was nice.

Anyway. I am kind of in a video game limbo state at the moment. I don't really know what to do with myself. My head says buy more video games. Or finish some of the ones I've already started. I started playing the first Portal game today. And, as far as I can tell, have nearly finished it. It is wicked. I can probably pick the second one up sometime this week if I finish it. Which will probably help with the limbo state thing. Also I kind of really want to play this game. Even though it looks disturbing as fuck. Maybe BECAUSE it looks disturbing as fuck.

Of course, a different part of my brain says maybe I should use this time to do some of the other things I kind of need to do. While I was on holiday the disability advisor woman from the Jobcentre called and asked me to call her back as soon as possible, which meant calling from Crete to basically say I couldn't talk to her. I tried calling back last week, and they said she was away, but had scheduled a telephone interview with me tomorrow at 11:10am. So that's happening tomorrow. I have no idea what she's going to say - it might be very short if I just have to tell her I've been kicked off ESA and am appealing, and she can't offer me any services in the meantime. I don't remember them calling me in or giving me a disability advisor the last time I appealed. So we'll see, I guess.

Also I need to fill in my appeal form. I need to fill it in and possibly have it back to them by next Monday. But I don't really know what to say. EVERYTHING'S WRONG, EXCEPT I'M A LITTLE BETTER THAN LAST YEAR, EXCEPT I DON'T THINK I'M READY TO WORK YET. Really. For some reason I've gotten stuck on the idea that they might not pay me if my form isn't good enough or convincing enough, which is probably not true, but still. And I can't really remember what I put on my last appeal form. Hmm.

Also it's my dad's birthday tomorrow. Also I need to organise that volunteering I've been meaning to do, and had to not go to in October. Also I need to catch up on Dallas. Since I'm pretty sure it's the last episode this week. And I have an appointment with my employment coach and with the dentist this week. It's a pretty full week really, all told.
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I went to the cinema yesterday and saw The Wedding Video. I mostly went to see it because it had Lucy Punch in it, and Matt Berry, and I thought Maureen Lipman, but it turned out to be Harriet Walter. She was still very good though. I wasn't really expecting a lot from it, just sort of a bit of British-style farce and then a het closer, but it turned out to be really sweet. In a situation I don't often find sweet. Lucy Punch was great. I LOVE HER. So yeah, I recommend trying it if you just want a sort of gentle romantic comedy. Unless something really dreadful happened in the five minutes when I ran out to the bathroom. I recommend it less if something like that happened.

And on Wednesday, my mum had my YN over for a few hours, so my sister could go out with her other kids and do some things. He didn't seem that impressed to see me when he first arrived, he hid his face in my mum's neck. But eventually we got on a bit better. He's crawling now, and clapping, and he managed to press a big button that makes a noise in one of his books. Apparently he waves too, but when I waved at him he just clapped. Maybe I will see it some other day.

In other news, it's the Bank Holiday weekend, and apparently they're putting everything on the tv. Pretty much everything. The A Touch Of Cloth show people have been talking about for months is on on Sunday and Monday night. A new series of Inspector George Gently is starting on Sunday as well. Unfortunately they're on at the same time, and so is something my dad is taping, The Last Weekend, which to me looks a bit shit, but whatever. We're going to have to do some sort of TV watching gymnastics, I think. We all watch George Gently, so I was pretty happy to record that, let dad watch and record The Last Weekend and watch A Touch Of Cloth in the little bedroom upstairs, and then watch George Gently later with my parents. But the little bedroom doesn't have Sky channels. So it's back to the drawing board. Apparently a soap opera spoof thing (v. popular this Bank Holiday, apparently) which I was interested in is going to be on a bit later on Sunday night as well. It's obviously going to be a busy night.

In other other news, I'm still playing Fallout 3. I did start other games, like Silent Hill: Downpour and Saints Row 3, but unfortunately Downpour turned out to be a bit rubbish (like most other people seem to have said), and Saints Row 3 sort of seems like a self-parody of Saints Row 2, but without any of the things that made it interesting. So pretty much everything's fallen to the wayside but Fallout 3. It's funny, because I've even finished the main storyline and one of the DLCs, but I'm still playing. I really love The Elder Scrolls games, and obviously they're very similar to Fallout 3, but whenever I finish the main quests (and faction quests) of those games I pretty much stop playing them. I think Fallout 3, at least, just does a better job of convincing me that the real story there is out in the Wasteland and that I should explore it, which is not something I generally do in the Elder Scrolls games. I like finding new locations there, but I don't generally explore them for the sake of it. I sort of enjoy just playing Fallout 3 more. Anyway, those are my rambly thoughts on computer games. I'll stop now.

Other rambly thoughts on computer games, sexism, and the new Tomb Raider game )

I also found a site through Tumblr that does little arty pictures and messages of dogs, cats and miscellaneous. This is indeed a pretty accurate representation of what it's like to own a Weimeraner. In case anyone was wondering.
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Last night's Apprentice )

Meanwhile, on Springwatch, they're doing a running story on a fox family with eleven cubs this week, living in someone's garden. I love fox cubs. They are probably my favourite baby animal. I put them even above wolf cubs. They have huge ears and are orange. So it is really quite pleasing for me.
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Things I didn't know before now:

  • So You Think You Can Dance? has been axed, and The Voice, which is on at the moment, has taken it's spot. So much for finding out when it starts again this year.

  • I never really thought Duncan Bannatyne was a nice guy, but trying to find out when Dragon's Den is on again this year led me to find out that he's kind of racist (he said fellow Dragon James Caan had an 'unfair advantage' because being born in Pakistan meant he had a tax break, which is apparently part of the reason why James Caan left the show), and a little bit misogynistic - he criticised a woman who tricked a fellow contestant out of his share of their gameshow winnings (which was part of the gameshow), and apparently said "she took the money because she is a woman". Which is lovely. It's always nice when people turn out to be jerks, isn't it?

Anyway. Other than that I have mostly been a) playing computer games, and b) not watching things on TV. I missed Monday's Coronation Street because there was some sort of football game on, and haven't caught up, which is making it a little awkward to watch the new episodes. Should do that over the weekend I guess. Also, I mostly haven't been watching snooker, even though I do quite love it. I am happy for Ali Carter and Matthew Stevens. Also I have seen Matthew Stevens for the first time, except for vaguely in icons. He looks almost exactly like I thought he would, and I can't tell whether that's because I'm very good at picking out which icons are him and what his face would look like bigger, or because I'm psychic. Either way, hurrah.

Saints Row 2 is going well. I kind of wish you could just stay a scuzzy low-life criminal forever. But then you don't get the respect you deserve. So you have to be a psycho instead. And [spoilers]. Sob. Also I am really enjoying Shadows Of The Damned, but I'm finding it slightly frustrating as well. It's probably the first game I've ever played that is SO combat heavy, and not open world with it. Even in The Darkness, you got to run around doing side-quests, and in Wet, you got the occasional break to just sort of do a puzzle to work out how to get from one area to the next. In Shadows Of The Damned you literally have to do a lot of often pretty difficult combat challenges just to get from one area to the next, and to progress at all. Which can be a little annoying. But it's also the point of the game. And I am enjoying it. So yeah.

Also I went to see Lockout, that film I've been banging on about. I LOVE PETER STORMARE. And Guy Pearce was kind of amazing. I really did enjoy it, it felt quite old-fashioned and sort of B-movie-ish. Which didn't always work, but mostly it was pretty fun. But they did do one thing I didn't like, which I can't even really complain about, because if you watch the film at all it will probably be a spoiler. It was unexpected (for me)! But not that great really. But yeah. Mostly, I liked it.

Oh, also I think I may be a bit in love with Tom from The Apprentice. Everything makes him sad. And none of his team leaders are really good enough for him. I am not expecting this feeling to last, and am mostly expecting him to go next week probably. Although perhaps he will continue to be underappreciated and then exonerated for many more weeks to come. Who knows.

Also Death Valley is on the UK MTV channels (every night at 11pm, weirdly), and I really feel like I should give it a watch, to show there is an audience here and encourage a Region 2 DVD release. Watching recordings off Sky count as ratings, right? But it's sort of hard enough to watch things I've recorded off Sky most of the time anyway. Never mind something I've already seen, and can sort of see again whenever I like. Sigh.

Also it seems like I am, on the other hand, quite enjoying children's programming at the moment. I've been watching Deadly 60 for a while - it is nice, and Steve Backshall is quite nice and enthusiastic - but recently, I've been catching Lockie Leonard after it on CBBC. Which I'm quite enjoying. It's weirdly quite funny and grown-up (some of the time) for a children's programme, although that might say more about my assumptions than it does about the show really. Also, I quite fancy the dad in it. There, I admitted it. I still haven't caught up with Horrible Histories this series though. Missed the beginning while I was at Eastercon, and never watched the shows I recorded of it. Shame.
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I have been watching Prison Break series 1.

A cut that is hopefully not a fug pair of scissors, which basically means 'Spoilers' )

So yes. I have been watching that mostly. And trying to ignore Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists being one of the most disturbingly sexist children's films I've ever seen, with some extra racism thrown in to support the sexism. And trying to ignore the weird racism of Infamous 2.

The weird racism of Infamous 2, spoilers )

So yeah. That's been my week. Also in Coronation Street, David wore black and blue, and I hate Kylie. And I hate Leanne. But whatever.
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I have now complained about the thing I was upset about seeing on Loose Women earlier. And further to it's depressingness, I would like to offer a link to this Tumblr post.
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