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Today at work the two CEOs of my Facilities company were in, and then they said they had a meeting with someone from the new company that's bought out our bank. I can only assume they were discussing our contract with them, or something to do with our relationship with them. I asked vaguely about it, and my boss said they'd apparently talked about cost-cutting measures and our services - but it seemed very much like they were discussing both companies working out some cost-cutting measures, and they weren't just flat-out refusing the contract the previous company had with us. Which makes me feel a little bit better. Even though they could absolutely fail to work out cost-cutting measures and just decide to go with a different Facilities company, or do it all in-house. But as long as they aren't just outright getting rid of our company, they'll always need receptionists, and I'm already doing the job, so there's a good chance I'll stay. So it's a little selfish, considering they might cut down on any of our other staff, but it does make me feel a bit better.

Internet news is so stressful these days, but apparently Anita Sarkeesian stood up to a cunt, so that's much much more wonderful than what I was imagining when I heard she got harassed at vidcon.

The other day I was looking for that clip of Jimmy Carr wrangling kittens on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and I found this lovely clip too:

Like a fool, I also looked up old Ben and Jerry's flavours the other day, and now I'm desperate for pear ice-cream and plum ice-cream, and none is very findable.

And if I had to recommend any Let's Play that the company I watch do, it would probably be this one where three of them put on Southern accents (even the Southern ones) and pretend to go out hunting Bigfoot, ala Mountain Monsters, a show one of them watches.

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The saddest thing about the X Factor, for me, is that you see all these people go into the auditions with beautiful voices and being lovely...and then a few months later they come back after 'training' and they sound horrible and tinny and just like everybody else. And they don't even get a career out of it. It's so sad.

On the other hand, Gadget Man is an amazing programme and you should all be watching it. I put the first episode on the other day, and I had to pause it to laugh by about 2 minutes in. Amazing.
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Oh, Livejournal, so good of you to join us.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hate James Corden. I can't believe he was basically on there to be/being "the funny team" with Jack Whitehall. When he wasn't even funny. And so, so smug. Blegh. But I love Richard Ayaode. And he was super. I can't really believe they put the black guy and the woman on one team together, so they could have two teams of purely white men. But I am super glad that Richard and Gabby won. I think they should be given the job of presenting all TV shows for the next year. That should be their prize. That should be THE prize, except for all those years when it goes wrong.

Also, nsfw ). But I am so, so happy that Richard Ayoade pointed out that they were bullying him. Because that was getting really uncomfortable.

Anyway. Happy New Year, 2013! Not 2103. Not yet.
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It's my sister's birthday tomorrow and my ESA assessment the day after that. Ughhh.

I've been replaying Infamous 2 lately, mostly because I'm still upset about the lack of Cole/Bertrand slash. Also the lack of any fandom at all for Infamous, as far as I can tell, so I can't even go look at it and pretend I might talk to people someday. ALSO THAT. Mostly I have figured out, or rediscovered, that the reason I probably find them so slashy is because- bizarrely - they keep Cole's dialogue the same for all his cutscenes whether you play him as good or evil. So they give you a lot of reasons in-game for why Cole might hate Bertrand in either case, but they don't actually talk about them ever, so it ends up seeming like Cole is just fixated on him for no good reason. As though he ends most of his cutscenes thinking "Bertrand. What's his deal, anyway?", and then staring moodily off into the distance, thinking about what IS his deal.

Also I relearned that Bertrand is despicable. Pretty much completely. BUT I DON'T CARE. Here the scene where Cole and Bertrand first meet, found on Youtube. The actual (short) conversation doesn't start till about 5:04, but if you care it's worth watching all of it just to see what Cole - and the player - has to do just to catch him. Also it's a Let's Play, so you do have deal with the player talking over it. But other than that.


Also, in my ongoing obsession with Southern accents in videogames, I have noticed that the only accents that seem to get a reprieve are Texan accents, or other similarly 'cowboy'-ish ones. Apparently they are okay. Everyone else = evil.

Also I've learned that I really do quite like Kuo and Nix. It's a shame the game is so racist is about them. It's a shame the game is so racist. Note: Infamous 2 is in many ways a terrible game. You shouldn't buy it. Sadly I already bought it and sort of love the gameplay, graphics and a bunch of the characters. Also the music. But I do not really recommend anyone else get into it.

But anyway. In non-Infamous 2 related news, I also went to the cinema this week. I was trying to see Ted before it goes out of cinemas, but the next showing of it was too late for me, so I went to see The Watch instead. I'd sort of wanted to see it because of Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade, and I quite like the sound of the plot. But I'd heard it was pretty terrible. And it was...pretty terrible. It had some nice moments and some quite funny lines, but so much of it just seemed like dreadful, immature and not that funny adlibbing. Apparently it was quite affected by the Trayvon Martin shooting, which made the screenwriters rewrite a bit so it was more about the alien plotline than the overzealous Neighbourhood Watch antics. Which was probably the right decision, but you can see how it might have affected the story. But on the other hand, they still ended up making a finished film, and that finished film was this one. And, unfortunately, it was also racially sort of appalling.

The ways in which it was racially appalling, some massive spoilers, also some general spoilery talk about it )

So yeah. It was a weird film. Vince Vaughn had some lovely moments though. I KNOW HE'S NOT THE MOST RESPECTED ACTOR OUT THERE, BUT I JUST THINK HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN HE'S SERIOUS. I want to make GIFS of how his eyes move. He was best in The Cell. He doesn't seem to make films like that anymore. Sadly.

I did see some trailers though. Judge Dredd looks wicked. I don't know why his female trainee has to fight in gunfights without a helmet though. Perhaps they explain it in the film.

Other than that, last week on Tumblr I was searching through a tag, and I found a video that led me to a Youtube account, which seems to deal exclusively in making multifandom songvids for villains. It's called EvilVillainsStudio. Mostly they do bad guys, and a series of same-fandom and cross-fandom pairings for them. It's a little bit like some is making Youtube vids just for me. So I have been watching my way through their videos for the past week or so. A lot of them are really good. This one I watched last night for example, called Sail, which seems to be about what it's like to be a villain and kind of a badass. It does have a lot of quick-cutting of clips, and effects that deliberately make the clips look the wrong colour, or more grainy or scratchy than they are, which is annoying, though I assume it's to cover up the various sources being used, and their filming styles. It's still good though. And if you can ignore a few rubbishy Doctor Who clips, so can I.

I think that's it mostly. Also I've been watching more Poltergeist: The Legacy, which continues ridiculous. I genuinely think it got a bit better in the middle, but we're at the end of Season 1 now, so it's all got a bit more ridiculous and Derek-filled. Also it's my sister's birthday tomorrow. Arrrrrrgh.
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