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Yesterday I woke up to pretty massive period pains, and despite getting up pretty late (3-ish), I ended up going to lie down again for a while because curling up on the couch made stomach feel like it was stabbing me, and standing up made me feel hot and like I was going to throw up. Which I did not want to do, having just taken a painkiller.

But eventually I felt much better, and last night I was rewarded with Inspector George Gently, Sugartown, and new Dragon's Den. Inspector George Gently was supposed to be about the hippie movement in England in the 60s, and Gently and Bacchus finding themselves in the middle of a social and sexual revolution. I had high hopes for the episode, and it did not disappoint. I don't really understand the lack of fandom for George Gently. One of them's a Professional, and I've heard loads of people talk about how much they love Lee Ingleby. But anyway. Whatever. The episode also featured someone who is currently in Hollyoaks, which was quite pleasant as well. Hurrah.

They didn't really explain who the new person was on Dragon's Den. Only after rewatching it a couple of times did I hear that she got rich through the haulage industry. She has weird hair and weird make-up and weird clothes/shoulder pads. But sometimes she was really lovely, and sometimes she got really angry, and she has quite a lovely gravelly voice. So I quite like her. Also I LOVE DEBORAH MEADEN. That is all.

Today turned out to not be a very much better day. Our dog is quite old now and a bit less in control of himself than he used to be, and after spending a while downstairs having a sandwich and whatever, I went to go out and found that he'd pooed all over the garage. Including one bit right between a pair of my trainers, though not on them, so I guess I was lucky in a way. Then I went out to the shop, and I had some music in, and there were about three or four young women walking the opposite way to me across the street with their kids, and I heard one of them shouting, and I turned round to look, and she was shouting at one of her kids. Pretty nastily really. But I was obviously looking for a moment too long, because she noticed me, and started shouting something about how she was shouting at her kids, did I have something I wanted to say about it? I still had my music in, so I couldn't really hear her, so I just looked away and kept walking, and that was that really. But it wasn't very pleasant. Then I went home, messed about in my bedroom for a while, my dad came home and cleared up the garage (I would have liked to clear it up for him in some ways, but I really just wasn't touching that), and then later on was watching TV, and the dog started squeaking again, so I went to let him out, and found that in the garage once again our cat had left a dead animal for us. Except not so much the outside of that animal. My dad ended up clearing up that one too. Poor dad.

But after and in between all of that, I did get the usual Monday/Friday night soap marathon. Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Coronation Street. Phew.

Hollyoaks was quite good, plenty of Ste/Brendan, but I might well have enjoyed it more if I hadn't, just before watching it, read a Ste/Brendan fic that I thought was just a fic, but I eventually realised was the events of the episode from Ste's point of view, which the writer had obviously seen on E4 on Friday. And didn't warn for spoilers for it, or anything. It was still good though.

Emmerdale )

Phew. And now Coronation Street )

And then there was Eastenders. The Michael/Anthony corruption storyline isn't being as brilliant as I'd hoped, but there's still a little bit every episode where Anthony will specifically say something either acknowledging Michael or trying to get Michael to agree with him, and Michael largely ignores him, but sometimes he'll stick up for Anthony or look over when something Anthony has done has gone right, and smile a little bit. So I'm still watching it. I get the feeling that it might become a bigger thing later on, when the storyline progresses a bit. I have to say though, Michael isn't doing too great at manipulative incest at the moment, but he is doing pretty well at being a nutcase. Honestly. He's like the Joker. He's not as good as the Joker. But you get the idea. For a soap. It's all little twitches and funny smiles. He's very good at it. Kind of a jerk, a lot of the time, but pretty good at it all the same.

Also, I found myself slightly shipping Masood/Yusuf. Now that Yusuf is all canonically acting a bit creepy, and their tension has become slightly less about being weird around Zainab, and more about shooting each other heated looks across tables and making catty remarks at each other. I'm not interested in them, but like I say, I like it better them just hating each other than being weird with Zainab. So hurrah. I guess.

And now it's really hot, so I'm going to go change, possibly.


Oct. 22nd, 2006 05:37 pm
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Hello. I have not been posting for awhile. Or, to be more accurate, for 5/7 days. I still haunted your comments boxes though, hah! I've been sort of re-evaluating the way I use and think of Livejournal, which I think was previously 'too much'. This SAYS NOTHING about what I think of other people using Livejournal, but I do occasionally get a bit wound up about it all. So I might be attempting to be around less in future, though I don't at all want to give it up. Or any of you.

Possible TMI, blah )

I have wanted to make posts though. The problem with LJ is that it doesn't pick up on the fleeting, half-formed thoughts in your head and create posts from them immediately. That's a definite design flaw.

I have been watching:

  • Garth Merenghi's Darkplace. I love Lucien Sanchez. He did a song. I think it takes a certain kind of mood to really enjoy the show, but I thought it was pretty good. And Sanch danced to his headphones! Love.

  • Robin Hood. I love Guy of Gisbourne. Except sometimes when he's stabbing things. Though he did look pretty fine with a broadsword. Yeah, baby. I love that Will has an axe. And the Pillow Talk bit KILLED ME DEAD. Omg. Sheriff/Robin might become my new 'I don't really like either of them' OTP. Is there a New Robin Hood comm anywhere about?

  • My Rex the Runt boxset from eBay. Yay.

  • An episode of Boston Legal. I love Alan Shore. He wins all the cases and smiles sometimes. I'm not really that taken with Legal Drama as a whole, and Denny annoyed me a bit, at least in this episode. But I would like to see more of that Alan Shore fellow. Yes.
Also, my friend in this town emailed me, inviting me to a Halloween film session on Saturday, and I arranged going down to see that play with my Nottingham housemates, so I have a few more social outings to look forward to in the weeks to come, which is nice.

And: the Old Gregg/Nathan Barley over at [ profile] little_bit_raw. Omg.
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Mum and I and Jack went to the Medieval Day at the castle. T'was as usual slightly rubbish, being mostly arts and crafts stalls and liquorice-flavoured things. OH HOW TERRIBLE TO HATE THE SWEET MY TOWN IS FAMOUS FOR. Also it was mostly too hot, and there were too many people in my way, and Jack didn't want to move forward and didn't want to stay still, and rargh! But parts were good. A goat tried to eat my burger, and there was a princess running around riding a dragon, which was a nice shift in gender politics. Always suspected the tales about girls getting "kidnapped" all the time. Clearly knights just didn't measure up in the fearsomeness/fun stakes.

Anyway. There was also a birds of prey display including a Golden Eagle, and dude! It was huge! I can see why America has it as its bird! I'd make a crack about how size doesn't matter but OMG YES IT DOES. HUGE. It wouldn't turn around and face us though. Drama queen. And I saw my first medieval swordfight. I know half-sword and murder strike and pomelling, and all the things you can do with the cross bit. Which I'm sure will come in useful one day... >:)

Also I tried some lemon curd, and no spider came and sat down beside me. Shame on the nursery rhyme authorities. Black, black shame.
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My town are having a bit of a festival weekend. It's our night to have Jack, so we took him to see what the Enchanted [Blank] Gardens in our local public gardens was. As it turns out, an ice-cream van, some plastic birds, and a pop opera version of King Arthur. It was a bit like Wagner, but not. Think Malory meets The Tribe. Mordred and Morgan wore dark purple satin corsets/shirts, so you knew they were EBIL!!!1, and there was the use of thyme to illustrate line about time. That was special. Mostly we didn't get to watch any because Jack was busy running around in circles, and through broken glass. Then we just left. Somewhat disenchanted. So we played at a petrol station till dad came to pick us up. It's the Medieval Day tomorrow. So at least I'll get to practise my Old English skills.

On Emmerdale, hardly anyone died, except people I don't care about. Shame. Mostly Carl ran around looking fetching in a rumpled, filthy white shirt, covered in grime, calling for his brother, breaking down into racking sobs, and trying to ignore the fact that all the emergency rescue people were blatantly flirting with him. Curiously, he and Chas (his fiancee) were far apart - him looking for Jimmy, her looking for her dad. And the ambulance woman referred to her as his girlfriend. Probably this doesn't mean they're really gonna go for the gay incest plotline. But a girl can theorise. Anyway. Carl and Matthew and their dad had a little King huddle at the end. I am agog at what will happen in the coming weeks.

I have pringles. Ha ha!
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I have been at grandma's, up the hill. See how I fulfill all the family obligations on my lonesome? Mostly this involved her telling me about all the things she hated and people she hated, at length, repetitively, for an hour or so, while I tried not to pass out from awkwardness. But then I got to talking about my aching feet and the Liquorice Festival next weekend, and it was all good. Also she gave me a box of chocolates, because she has too many in her fridge and doesn't eat. So all in all a decent two and a half hours, and my £40 a month is less likely to be suddenly and abruptly cut off. Hurrah.

Parents get back tomorrow. It feels slightly pathetic that in the week I had to fend for myself I managed to cripple my feet and come down with a mild cold in the middle of a heatwave. But then I still managed to get to work every day even so, and take care of the dog. So perhaps I deserve extra points. I don't know. Mostly I'm glad I didn't somehow die or get stranded in Hull somehow. But soon they will be back, and I can stop acting like a grown-up, and convince them to take me to see Pirates again. So hurrah.

Doctor Who finale in 15 minutes. Omg.
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Emmerdale )

I have a sore throat. Damned waking up freezing at 6 o clock in the morning. Unless I have finally just dissolved my vocal chords with coke. I will probably still be well enough for work, and POTC2, tomorrow. If I didn't have to look after the dog, I could just get off the train at the stop by the cinema. As it is, I have to go home from work an hour early, to our station, walk home, take care of the dog and possibly change, then walk back to our station to catch another train. All within an hour and twenty minutes. And then get a taxi home, because there are no buses or trains at that time of night. Surely it will be worth it though.

Actually what with POTC2, the Dr Who finale, Eerie Indiana hopefully arriving, and another King-filled Emmerdale omnibus, I may have a bit of a fandom implosion this weekend. Plus rewatching POTC (probably), and the rest of the Neverwhere tapes. Pray for me.
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Things that happened to me yesterday:

  • I got my first payslip thing. Which made me nearly tremble in excitement. No lie. The effect of money on me, folks. And contrary to my previous thoughts, it was more than I thought it would be. £914, baby! I am clearly well in with this job.

  • (£100 is already somehow gone, though. Damn you, graduation robes and train fare and Neverwhere. It slightly puts the whole 'relative value of money' thing into perspective. And that whole downside to spending it, wherein you no longer have it. Hmph. Still. £914!)

  • HMV shamelessly tried to seduce me with it's summer sale. And sort of succeeded. Barton Fink for £1.99! Mystery Men for £3.99! I'm only trying to debate whether its worth trying to take metal The Company of Wolves (£4.99!) back to get one without a silver scratch on the front. And whether I should get the Fifth Element too.

  • [ profile] jekesta sent me the BEST CARD EVER. I cannot stress this enough. Also she shamelessly and causelessly slandered her own writing abilities on the envelope, but that is beside the point. Card. It is a huge sparkly cake. It makes me slightly wobbly to look at it, and I may icon it. And with it came a postcard from [ profile] pigeongirl99, who is sadly away from her internet at the moment! I did have to spend a few moments guessing who she was...while my mother grew more and more concerned about the company I keep. But it was from Brighton, and about Dr Who! I was so rich in post :)

  • I found out my module results for last term - on a slightly different part of the site where I found my degree results. I still want to see my essay marks, but it's nice to know. 71 for Adaptation and Appropriation, 67 for Arthurian Literature, 67 for Creative Writing. Giving me an average of 68 for the term, and the year, and a degree result of about 66.2. Not bad :)

Things I have to watch at some point:

  • The last two (terrestrial) episodes of Lost.

  • This week's King-filled Emmerdale episodes. I have fan shame, yes.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean again. Because I don't think I have since seeing it in the cinema. And clearly this is wrong.

  • And the rest of Lost Season 1, Platoon, Withnail and I, all those DVDs I bought yesterday, and various other bought-and-left-in-a-stack efforts.

Which doesn't go well with the fact I only have five hours a day free nowadays, in which I also eat, bathe, and read Neverwhere. Ho hum.

Mostly I am worrying the Neverwhere videos won't fit through the letterbox and deciding between saving my money for frugal usage, or buying all the things. Which, what with and Amazon and summer sales and all, I think I could probably actually do. Not that I will. Probably.
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My current mood is that I have too much stuff. Especially books. I put them all down the side of the bed, to keep them out of the way, and now I just can't get down there at all. Drawing the curtains is suddenly a feat of gymnastics. I think I may need more than one new bookcase. And I don't have anywhere to put them.

Thankfully a lot of the Stuff is gone though, after a big clearout. Or at least it would be if dad wasn't applying his CAN WE SELL ANYTHING? politics. And my mother wasn't going 'oh, that's nice' to everything half-decent, and trying to keep it. I have tried explaining that I'm giving it to a Charity Shop, where it can do more good than sitting in my room taking up space. But no luck. Anyway. If they want anything, they can keep it or sell it. I choose to be free like the bird.

Went through my old CDs last night, and relived the emo. I copied anything vaguely decent/hilarious to my computer and sent them off. Tonight I found my copy of the 'Escape from Horrorland' game. Which frustratingly will install and play on Christian, but the graphics are all fucked up. Rargh. It remembered my old crush on Madison Storm, Horrorland's insane (young) genius founder with the terrible childhood. Happy days. I'm getting the usual feeling that by clearing out my stuff I'm somehow OBLITERATING MY PAST, and it will psychologically come back on me with a vengeance one day. But on the other hand, I can open my wardrobe doors now. So, having weighed it up, I'm going with the charity shops.
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My flist went strangely quiet after Doctor Who on Saturday. I thought for a while I'd somehow offended them all horribly. But now I think it was probably more to do with the fact people were on the BBC, omg. Or at medieval fairs. Or whatever.

Today I got to go file on the fourth floor, for the Geotechnical people. The scoffs of horror I met with whenever anyone mentioned that job should have given me some warning about it (though it was still better than the alternative of putting hundreds of almost identical A0 drawings in the right order). The man in charge said there would probably only be about 15 job numbers/piles to sort documents into. He lied. I think I can justifiably refer to him as the Prince of Lies, in fact. And now I have to put it all in date order, and do the actual filing. Which is apparently "slightly different" to the downstairs system. My fear. The reminder of my paycheck in two weeks is all that keeps me going, I think.

Also, [ profile] melata_fic said she'd jump on the Hook-Handed Man/Violet bandwagon if I wrote some fic. So I dug up one of my old plotbunnies. Voila.

Title: Whisper.
Fandom: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Pairing: Violet, the Hook-Handed Man
Notes: Sort of a vignette/pre-fic. Set during 'A Bad Beginning', probably partly inspired by some of the visuals from the movie. Slightly dark. PG-13.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just play with them. I am not Lemony Snicket. Honest.
Feedback: Appreciated. Believable characterisation would be nice.

Whisper )

Editing still gives me a headache.
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We took my nephew to the park, which has a lake in it. We saw a swan with signets, and a duck with ducklings. And then a dead bird floating at the edge covered in flies. And the circle of life was complete. And I was slightly put off ever going outside again. My nephew is sleeping now, or possibly tormenting my mother and making her show him the garden, again.

In one of the My Little Pony specials from when I was younger, they were up against a demon man who lived in a big dark citadel, and had a bag of darkness. The darkness used to twitch sometimes, and he had to stroke it and tell it to calm down. And when he opened the bag, the darkness would whoosh out and surround things, and make them evil. Puppies were turned into hellhounds. Butterflies became huge hawks of doom. The ponies turned into dragons, which pulled his chariots and killed things for him. It just keeps coming back to me nowadays how memorable that was, and what a great plot point it was. And how it's what more fic and books/films/TV shows need - a BAG OF EVIL. Just enough to make things evil and kickass. Dude.

It has occured to me that a lot of my favourite stories and plot ideas are about demons, witchcraft and guns. Possibly I'm just in all the wrong fandoms for this to mesh with. Although I was once going to write a Green Wing story where it turned out Mac was the Devil, and Guy was the Antichrist, and they both ran off on his motorcycle to corrupt churches and cause havoc. While Caroline, Holly and the hospital chaplain (and possibly Statham) joined forces to try to stop them. It occured to me I might not have the stamina for a story as huge as that would need to be. Though I still stroke it for its shiny sometimes.
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I have learned the new and exciting torture of being on your period at work. FUN. I took two paracetamol an hour before I was supposed to, spent an hour in the bathroom with my shirt off (without passing out!), before deciding I felt well enough to get to the bus station. Given my recent lack of sleep and how badly I've been eating, I really shouldn't be suprised it was so bad. And somewhat as expected, I feel completely fine now, except tired. But blah. I'd finished all the bloody filing, anyway.

My dad thinks he might be fired from his job. Again. To lose one job is accidental, to lose two begins to look like carelessness. I joke because it's actually slightly scary. It sounds like it was completely nothing to do with him - someone (else) made a huge and basic error when designing something that's now started to be built, on a job he's only vaguely involved in. But it's a big error, which could apparently cost a million pounds to deal with; and it's student accomodation, so it really needs to be finished next September, which it looks like it might not be now. So my dad thinks anyone even slightly involved in the job that allowed it to happen might get the sack. Including his (and my) boss. He even went so far as to tell me money wasn't everything, you should get a job you enjoy, because it just wasn't worth it otherwise - if you know my dad at all, you know this is a VERY STRANGE THING for him to say. He did then take me on a tour of his area pointing out all the rich solicitors though, and telling me how great it is to be a judge. I don't know. He's a bit of a pessimist, but it all does sound very serious. I don't know what he'll do if he leaves his second job in a year, under a black cloud. And they are crying out for engineers in Dubai, after all...

I'm mostly trying not to think about it. It might all come to nothing, after all. The poppies are out in the fields and that pleases me. Also I decided that even though I'm not allowed to buy any more books, poetry clearly doesn't count, and got 'Sonnets to Orpheus' by Rilke, which is - beautiful, at least in this translation.


'Keep ahead of all parting, as if it were behind
you, like the winter that is just now passed.
In winters you are so endlessly winter, you find
that, getting through the winter, your heart on the whole will last.

Be ever dead in Eurydice - arise singing
with greater praise, rise again to the pure relation.
Among the fleeting, in the realm of declination,
be a resonant glass that shatters while it is ringing.

Be - at the same time, know the terms of negation,
the infinite basis of your fervent vibration,
that you may completely complete it this one time.

To teeming nature's store of used, as of dumb
and moldy things, to that uncountable count,
Add yourself joyously, and annul the amount.'

Possibly I'm just over-emotional today, but I started to cry in the bus station. Then felt really, really guilty about not being at work.
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Somehow it's almost time for bed. I'm not sure how that happened. I have been playing Online Tetris for a while though. I long for the day it's one of those ancient "traditional" people wank philosophically about, with the human race since as far back as they can remember. Not that I'll be there to see that day.

Note to self: when you're not allowing yourself to buy anymore books, the bookshop is generally not a good place to go. Also, I learned that 'comfy' work shoes are not necessarily all that comfy if they have huge spikes digging into your ankles! (note: 'huge' may be exaggeration).

Did I mention that the (wanky) new SFX claims they're remaking Star Trek, the Original Series? Like, with new actors and everything. It's slightly surreally worrying. Though they did suggest Ian Hislop for the new Bones. And, um, Heath Ledger for the new Kirk.

Oh, and they did a little bit on BUGS beneath it. I love BUGS. Ed is pretty.

Sleep now I think yes.
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My nephew weed on my carpet. Can you feel my joy?

Still obsessed with Toby, The Beast, and Toby/anyone. Have come to the conclusion that Beast!Jefferson/Toby? Would be hot like burning. Writing is still as painful and slow to start as ever, though, so I've decided to instead take advantage of 24-hour Broadband, and indulge in some picspam :D

Vintage Kingcest (i.e. the bits from the DVD) )

Work tomorrow. Results (probably) on Friday, hence more train journeys on Thursday. Hopefully some fic, once I find an acceptable routine. Or just go crazy and write it all one day. Hopefully not all over a pile of filing.
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Currently, I am mostly dead from the clip of R Kelly's R&B opera 'Coming Out of the Closet' (?) shown on 8 Out Of 10 Cats (mii-dget! mii-dget!). Which, in the tradition of apparently all British quiz shows (if not just British comedy), is turning out to be as gay as toast.

My feet hurt more than ever today. My blisters had blisters. But mostly I was filing at a desk (watch me put things in numerical order!), so it was all quite good, and I only went into the future from boredom and tiredness a couple of times. During lunch I walked into the city centre and looked at all the shiny things I can afford now, though I made the mistake of wandering into a bookshop. I can't afford new books. By which I mean, there is no space in my room, nor indeed my house, for books. I didn't even move all of the ones from Nottingham back with me, yet my general impression was still 'Books! So many books! How did I get them?! Where did they come from?!?'. This may mean I have to start actually reading the ones I have, rather than just 'collecting' the UNCLAIMED ones in bookshops. Ho hum.

It turns out that I'm not getting paid my vast wads of new cash till the end of the month anyway, which seems ever so slightly rubbish, considering our current position in the month. Probably I can talk dad into lending me some. For flat shoes, amongst other things.

In other news:

  • I nearly read a dark Lost fic last night about Jack breaking Sawyer's spirit, and have pretty much only just stopped panicking distraughtly. R Kelly helped (mii-dget!).

  • I watched Saturday's episode of Drwho, which my dad had mysteriously taped, and watched. Spoilers, probably )

  • My sister has kittens. I am horribly in love with the black and ginger one. My dad doesn't seem enamoured of us having it though, since we'll soon be swapping the dog for her grown-up cat. And I suppose I don't have the time to look after it properly, working 9 to 5, anyway. And given that I don't know what I'm doing in the next year, or where I'm going to be living, I probably shouldn't be tying myself down with a pet. But...::sigh::

  • I still love Suburban Shootout.

I go now to look up train times to London, and possibly renew my virus subscription (passwords and secret answers my eye!).
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Hello. I'm back in Yorkshire, probably for keeps. Shocked? Yes, well so was I when, casually slobbing it in Nottingham yesterday morning, looking forward to another day of sea, sun and Sawyer, my dad called to ask me if I wanted a job filing at his engineering company in Leeds. And given that I've been complaining about money, ooh, forever, the answer was yes. Which made my housemates cry slightly, since we had about 3 hours to celebrate the end of all our exams. But 40 hours a week at £6 an hour beckoned, and I could not deny that call. So I'm a working girl now. My feet hurt.

Some spazzing about that )

Mostly I'm pleased because if I keep it up I can totally buy all those DVDs I've been coveting, and pay off my Connotations deposit. And apparently they won't mind me taking days off to get my results and go a-fanning in London - though I might need to rearrange meeting places and times, if I change my ticket. And, yes, I'll have temping experience and something to put on my CV. But mostly MONEY! And the wearing of 'professional' shirts.

So...that was my day. Also, I'm going to see kittens later. And I watched the 'Mickey is LOVE!' episode of Dr Who, and can reward myself with a [ profile] nostalgia_lj screencap re-cap. But how are you guys? 24-hour internet and MSN Messenger, baby!
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Hello. I'm terrible at updating. Except that sometimes it rains, so it's really not my fault. 30 minute walk to the computer rooms and all. Who are you to judge me?!

Mostly I haven't been doing anything. My parents came to see me on Sunday, and brought Jack, who entertained my flatmates for a while. Then we went to Pizza Hut (yay!) and Wollaton Park, where there are deer. My sister was afraid of the deer. Possibly I shouldn't have told her that story about how a Wollaton deer chased/followed me once. But Jack seemed to enjoy it, and we saw a squirrel, but since they came (as usual) at about half past three and I was going to see a one-off film at 7, it was somewhat brief. Didn't even get to go to the lake and kill ducks with bread. But it was nice, and my mother gave me £20 and offered to buy me a new lightweight sleeping bag for the London trip, so a pretty good visit all round, I think.

The film was a series of horror 'shorts' from around the country, and others. There was free popcorn, but did I get any? No. Hmph. Anyway, some of the shorts were quite good, some were a bit strange, some were truly hilarious. There was a parody of An American Werewolf in London, but with swans! Though I think swans are pretty much a horror film in themselves, anyway. Also, I learned that modern low-budget filmmakers' favourite horrifying sound is scratchy, distorted electronic voices. They like it a whole lot.

I also got to see Mirrormask, finally. I can't watch Rob Brydon anymore without thinking of [ profile] nerdcakes' Rob Brydon/Steve Coogan OTP, which is really quite bad when he's in a film completely free of Steve Coogan, and playing a man with a troubled teenage daughter and a possibly dying wife. But it was good. I thought the ending and the 'princess' plotline was a bit anticlimactic, but loved the concept, loved the graphics, loved the world. Loved Helena. She might get a crossover OTP with Violet Baudelaire. But yes, I thought it was a champion film (finally). And that maybe I should read some of those Neil Gaiman books stashed under the desk now.

And I'm still mostly money-free for a while. And might have to get a job. Eek.
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Emmerdale! Oh how I love it. Spoileriness for the omnibus )

Anyway. I have been mostly spending money since FINISHING MY DEGREE. Partly on a flexible ticket to London on the 8th of June. The Midland Mainline will apparently get me there in two hours, but the adverts that say tickets are £6? THEY LIE. Also I'm apparently going to St Pancras station, so I'll have to find a friendly man to direct me to Waterloo. Or possibly get another train. And oh, does 'space on the floor' mean I need a sleeping bag? If so, I may possibly need to stash it somewhere before the show. It does not fit in a small bag, no.

(You may have noticed I'm still not entirely keeping up with the flist since gaining my freedom. I probably won't until I get back to 24-hour access at home. I'm still keeping a sporadic eye on things, but important and relevant events might warrant a post to my journal just to be sure.)

Anyway. I've been frequenting the cinema as well. Tragically I missed Confetti's run, but I saw Brick again, which is STILL fabulous. It's a high-school murder mystery, in the style of the old detective novels, and has Claire from Lost in it. I don't want to say too much, because you really need to see it "clean", and I'd like to be all cool and low-key about it's greatness. But I have a new OTP from it, and new cabin boys for Fantasy Pirate League. And YOU SHOULD ALL GO SEE IT.

Also I've seen X-Men 3, before the weekend rush.

General impressions )

See how I make up for my recent absence with posts of randomness and huge.


  • There should be Life on Mars icons with Futurama quotes on them. Particularly one of crazy!Sam saying 'Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that!'. And Gene was pretty much made for 'The time for touchy-feely communication is past'. Also one of Ray saying 'Damn you old man!'. And ANY OF A HUNDRED OTHERS.

  • I love Sheenagh Pugh's fanfiction book.

  • The new "Empire" reviews Aquamarine, teen girl mermaid film of the summer, but has no time for the 'lesbian subtext'. VINDICATION!

I now go back from whence I came. To squee about Emmerdale some more, probably.


May. 22nd, 2006 04:09 pm
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Finished my degree, dudes.


And also, YAY! The exam went okay. I had to stomp on my Green Wing squee, and revise for two solid days with essays I didn't completely understand, and was just about accustomed to the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, then started the exam and realised I sort of did. Unless it was rubbish. But I can pretend it wasn't for four weeks! I did not finish my second question. But I made an Essay Plan, so may get marks for my ideas anyway. Mostly it took a mere two hours, and was then over.

I do not know entirely what to do with myself.

Some waffling about my future, near and far )

Probably there will mostly be reading and DVD and watching TV, for a while. Emmerdale is pleasing lately, what with Carl and Matt tragically at odds again. Those interested will probably want to watch it this week - I have a feeling it'll be a Matt/Carl/Cain/Chas odyssey. And there might be Green Wing angst/funeral fic. I have been mostly rewriting tragic lines from Last Orders to that effect. Such as Spoilery, actually ).

And there are films like X-Men and Confetti to see, and Brick again, and oh. It's good, for a little while. Also, I sort of didn't watch Dr Who on Saturday, in favour of dinner with a long-lost housemate. It's recorded, so no spoilers please? Except - DID HE DIE??? ::fearful::

I apologise for any incoherence in this post. It's been a while and I've FINISHED MY DEGREE, DUDES! :D
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I just wrote the last essay of my degree. Dudes.

I wrote it yesterday. And I'm slightly worried about the fact none of my fellow Arthurians were around at the time of deadline. And possibly it was just ALL NO GOOD, but it is done, and they're all done, and I'd like to do something to celebrate but I'm actually too tired to move. Yet here I am back at the computer. Ah well.

This means that my degree is practically OVER, except for my exam on Monday, which is only for two hours - and you can revise all you want, because you never know what will come up, but you're actually only going to use two hour's worth of stuff. This is how I feel now, post-essays, knowing that there NO MORE WRITING to be done. Probably I'll start freaking out more tonight.

Exam is also after the Green Wing finale, omg. I'm sort of hoping for a huge cliffhanger until Christmas, because I'm not ready for it to be over, and especially not if they go the way I think they're going to go. Oh. Guy. Mon cher Guillame. If they end with Guy/Caroline, I will love them excessively, mainly for flying in the face of most of fandom. If they end with the OT3 I will LOVE THEM FOREVER, and first-born children may be involved. Omg. Tomorrow.

Also there will be Part 2 of Mickeytastic Dr Who on Saturday. About which I choose to have no feelings one way or the other, to avoid hurt.

I hope he gets a gun.

I sent off my Connotations form, and have a space in a room (of great!), so that is all going swell. And I have money which will probably be ALL GONE a few days after my exam. And I can finally watch those DVDs that got delivered to my door EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, while I was trying to work. And I need to renew my paid time and extra icons soon. Yes.

My housemate does not like Sawyer, and is ruining my appreciation of new Lost. Woe.

Not enough of you have been to see Brick and brought me back a fandom.

I go sleep now perhaps.


May. 12th, 2006 11:45 am
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You may have noticed my presence in comments. I am hiding from deadlines, and the fact I have less than a week to do as much work as I did last week, as well as finishing off that portfolio thing. I have a semi-legitimate reason for hiding though, since the library network seems to be down, and I cannot find relevant books without it. I have no wish to live out the plot of House of Leaves. I won't hide for long though, for there is jstor and, y'know, creative writing. I may disappear again for a while after this.

It is bad for the university to schedule essay deadlines when it clearly squeeing-about-Connotations time.

On the plus side, I got yesterday's essay handed in. It was on Jack Maggs, which, did I mention?, has a GAY FOOTMAN. I fear no other essay will be half as enjoyable. I'm sort of worrying it is rubbish, but I think that's good, because in my experience it's the essays I think I done well on that COME BACK TO BITE ME IN THE LOWER BACK, and the rubbish ones that do quite well.

Also, I've realised I have a Show for every day of the week. As well as Emmerdale. Which is a first. Probably not one that should have firsted in the midst of SO MANY DEADLINES, but there you go. Also I watched Brick, through Nottingham preview magic. It is great. You should all go watch it, and love it, and appreciate it as a great film, and then give in and write me some slash. You know it's true.

::returns to the essays now::
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