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I'm bleeding. So I'm going to guess that it was pre-menstrual tension. Also I said something to my MN. He claimed he and his friend didn't even do anything, they just went over when the girls shouted to them and then the girls said they were perving on them, and he seemed vaguely actually indignant about the whole thing. He is a pretty good liar though. So idk. I said some stuff about things boys did to me when I was a little girl, and told him it's not okay to hurt girls to impress other boys. Don't know how much of it went in but. It's all I can do. Respect women, kids.
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Saints Row IV and 2 blather )

Also, today my YN officially started calling me something along the lines of "Rachael". It sounds more like "Wey-dul", and he only calls me it when shouting up the stairs for me. But it's better than "daddy", or nothing. Woo-hoo!

On a less pleasant note, I also got a letter today from the Tribunal service, saying that a request had been made to see the reasons my appeal was allowed, and they were enclosing a copy for me as well. Which sounds like the Jobcentre are "double-checking" whether I really do deserve the ESA I was awarded at my appeal. Apparently the Jobcentre can overturn or refuse a Tribunal's decision, or appeal against it or something, but I'm assuming they don't do that very often or else there wouldn't be much point having an appeals system. If they were just going to say "no" anyway. So it's probably fine. Still makes me nervous though. Wankers.
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Trying again. Shorter version. Highlights of the day included:

  • Watching the back end of Gone With The Wind this morning while opening presents.

  • My mum's story about how she got me Far Cry 3 because she saw the cover, thought it wasn't very Christmassy, went off to look at the two other games I'd suggested, looked at Borderlands 2, looked at Dead Island, then went back and got me Far Cry 3.

  • Hearing the story of how my MN, who will be 5 in a month, was apparently crying his heart out in bed last night, and when my sister went to see him and asked him what was wrong, he said it was because he thought he might be on Santa's naughty list, and wouldn't get any presents this morning.

  • Things not kicking off with my sister, despite all my fears. Possibly because I was relieved about this, we ended up all having kind of laugh together, and it was a pretty good Christmas actually.

  • Catching the tail end of Shrek Forever After and it almost making me cry again.

  • Watching bits of the Strictly Come Dancing special, and my YN (who's now 1) doing his version of 'dancing' (turning his torso from side to side) whenever the music was on.

  • Also my YN's now super awesome walking skills.

  • And a lowlight would probably be catching any of the Doctor Who special. Seriously? Did the power of a single emo tear SERIOUSLY save the world/London this time? SERIOUSLY?

Is this all good? No eating this time? Hurray.
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Hello! I haven't been around for a bit. I got really into Fallout 3 after it got suddenly emotionally harrowing. Also I broke into the kink meme because I needed some hurt/comfort and tales of companionship like, badly. But now I've finished the main quest! And got a new friend. And have a new weird pairing to keep me warm at night. And a slightly less weird pairing! It's all very good.

I want to say that I really love Bethesda games. I have no idea how much input into storylines and stuff they have, or whether or not they suck in many many others ways, but I like the fact that in their games, they make a point of not really having anyone be The Good Guys or The Bad Guys. In Fallout 3, the bad guys/enemies had a few moments of goodness, or moral ambiguity at least. And there were quite a few times when the supposed good guys acted like jerks. And I really love them for doing so. Hurrah.

I did not watch the Olympics opening ceremony. Or any of the Olympics really so far. Mum asked me if I wanted to watch the ceremony with her, and I kind of did, especially after all the good things people said about China last time. But then I noticed that it was three hours long. And then I decided I'd rather be playing computer games. But I've seen bits and pieces of the good bits. And I read my Twitter feed afterwards. It was kind of hilarious how often my flists' comments matched up with Ryan Sampson's. I think it gave a good impression of what it was probably like to watch.

I am still watching Poltergeist: The Legacy. It got so much better when I learned to just ignore the bits with Derek and Philip in them. Recently, they've decided that rather than keep Derek 'mysterious', they will give him characterisation in the form of relationships/UST with a number of women-of-the-week who are considerably younger than him. I can't believe I didn't realise how shit he was when I was younger. Also I can't believe I didn't remember how bizarre their mansion is. They have servants. Actual servants like, wandering in with tea every now and then. Multiple servants. And peacocks! And yet their Secret Society is a secret, I say! Except probably to all the servants, who are around all the time.

In other news, my home life gotten a bit topsy turvy. My sister and her partner and kids have moved into the new house, finally, and it's the summer holidays, and the kids are acting up and apparently my sister can't really cope. So my mum has basically sort of decided to have them every weekday, when their dad's at work. She has list with things to do on for every day of the summer holidays I think, minus the week when she and dad are taking ON and MN to the lake district for a week. I have no idea if she actually planning to carry this out, or if things will settle down, but she was pretty much at my sister's house most of the day every day last week, until some sort of fight happened, I think. And this week we've had at least one kid over every day so far. So yeah. It seems to be the plan for the moment. And I wouldn't mind, but when she makes these plans she always asks me and drops hints about whether I want to come, I think because she'd like an extra hand with them. But none of it's my fault, and I've already told her I don't feel able to hang out with the kids every day, and it's not like she asks me before she makes all these plans. So whatever. But it's what's happening so far.

Anyway. I'm going away this weekend, so chances are I probably won't be around again for another few days. Oh! Also, Vexed is coming back, which is a series I thought was cancelled forever, and asked a friend to help me get the first three episodes on DVD, because the company went bankrupt and I figured they'd never officially come out. But no, they've released a DVD of series 1, and they're about to broadcast a new series. But without Lucy Punch. WHAT IS THE POINT WITHOUT LUCY PUNCH? She was like the best thing in it, and the main draw for me. Probably there were scheduling conflicts or something. But still. WHAT IS THE POINT WITHOUT LUCY PUNCH? Man.
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I went to see my grandmother on Saturday, with my family and sister. I want to say it wasn't that bad, but really it was kind of a mixed bag. Like, the fact that even though we called my sister before we all set off from our house to make sure she was ready and she said she was, we still had to wait half an hour for her to actually get in the car and set off. But I didn't have to talk to her much. And at the hospital, my grandmother was basically just asleep, so we didn't really get to see her that much. But I'm still glad I went. And, because my sister didn't want to leave all three of her kids with their dad on his own, she ended up bringing my YN with her, who I've only seen a handful of times since he was born. So I got to spend some time with him. He spoke to me! Sort of. He made noises. And he looked me in the eyes and laughed sometimes. So it wasn't a terrible day, overall.

It's been really hard to post lately. For some reason, no matter what I do, I always end up only just getting on the internet at about midnight, and I don't really like to post then because I assume people won't be around. The main non-family things that have been happening in my life recently are:

  • A few months ago, in a moment of either genius or psychosis, I decided there really should be a Silent Hill Texts From Last Night tumblr. And lo and behold. It is amazing.

  • The Interceptor was a game show on TV in the 80s. I never saw any of The Interceptor. I do not know why.

  • SUNSHINE! It's slightly unbearable to be out in. But quite nice to look at. And the poppies are starting to come out, yay!

  • I am playing Dead Space. I LOVE DEAD SPACE. 'Survival horror' is apparently the phrase I was looking for when I was talking about Shadows Of The Damned, and that's what Dead Space is and even more so. You get to play Isaac Clarke, an engineer on a routine repair mission to the mining ship his girlfriend works on, but when he and his team get there, they find the ship deserted, and also infested with alien zombies. Then you get cut off from the rest of your team, and basically have to fix everything and kill everything while everyone else (apparently) dicks about on computers for you, and sends you videos telling you what to do. It is terrifying and I love it. I was going to post angrily about it for a while, after hitting a suddenly horrendous bit, but it's not all been horrendous since then, so I think it was an intentional narrative twist. Still. Love. It is terrifying. Every nerve I have is wracked, and I can only really stand to play it for about an hour at a time. But it is also kind of brilliant.

    The only annoying thing is that I kind of want to Google it, and see what other people are saying about it. But, whereas it's kind of like a TV show in that I personally am finishing it over a period of time, I get the feeling - and from personal experience with game fandoms - that a bit like a film, everyone talking about it probably have finished it and anything I look up will probably have spoilers. Also there is a whole other game. So I must WAIT. Which I will.

  • I missed Eurovision on Saturday. But I had already sort of seen most of the songs. I actually quite liked Sweden's song (I think? Was it a lady rolling around in confetti and a man dancing?). If it is the one I was thinking of, I don't mind that they won. Sad news about Englebert Humperdink though. Poor Englebert.

I am watching almost no telly at the moment I think, and haven't seen any films. I wanted to watch Hit and Miss on Sky, but apparently that started last week, and I'd like to see The Raid, but chances are that's out of cinemas now too. Hmph.
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Hello. I've been meaning to post for the past, um, few weeks. But I've been keeping myself on a pretty steady diet of Skyrim, Saints Row 2, rewatching about half of Season 2 of Oz for Peter Schibetta reasons (who I love MORE THAN EVER), and watching American Dad, for humour and intergenerational het incest reasons. THE BEST REASONS THERE ARE. Also, I managed to get onto the jewellery making course in Leeds for a second term, and I've been going to see my employment coach again. Christmas is truly over. Even if all the sales aren't. So I haven't really had a lot of time to do other things.

Some nice things that have happened to me lately:

  • My new nephew came home from the hospital on Monday, yay!

  • On Saturday in the post I got both a slightly gloomy, but lovely, card from [ profile] jekesta containing beautiful stickers (thank you [ profile] jekesta), AND a letter saying I'd won a premium bond, for the amount of £25, including a cheque for it. It was a good day for post.

  • I got back on my jewellery making course. I was lucky to do so, really, in a slightly sad way, because I was only on the waiting list, and they didn't call me the morning of the first lesson like they did last term. But I called them and they said yeah, come in, so I went in and enrolled and went to the class. And then the tutor took the register and realised one person - who had also been on the course last term - wasn't on the register, and there were 13 people in the class when the maximum was usually 12. The woman who wasn't on the register said she hadn't signed any forms or spoken to the people running things upstairs, she'd just come back to the class. She and the tutor went upstairs to talk to the people in the office, and then the tutor came back down and said the woman had had to go home, because there wasn't a place for her. So assuming she wasn't on the waiting list like me, I probably ended up with her place. Which I did feel slightly bad about. But not entirely, because assuming I don't win my appeal - which I don't think I will - by the time the next term comes round, I might well have less money to spend on courses, and no concessions, so it would cost £50 instead of £5. So mostly I'm just relieved about it.

  • My Oglaf book came in the post today, hurrah!

Some bad things that have happened to me lately:

  • Yesterday at my jewellery course, I managed to cut my thumb with tin snips, which if you know anything about tin snips is pretty hard to do, but I managed it. I also burnt my fingers quite a lot while trying to polish things, scraped my elbow on part of my desk, and get hit by a tiny drop of boiling water while someone was quenching another piece. It really was not my day yesterday.

  • I got a call from the Tribunals service today (and yesterday). It turned out it wasn't about anything much, though, but still. A reminder that it is coming :(

Hmm. In other news, Skyrim's wicked. The only problem I'm having with it is that there are so many quests, SO MANY quests, and you don't have to take them all, but I always worry that turning them down WILL mean you don't get to still do them, or that I'll forget that people are offering them and miss out on them. But now I have probably about fifty 'to do', and it's sort of stretching my own suspension of belief that people would not be upset that I took a few months to basically take something to another town for them. So I'm trying to work my way through them at the moment. And basically running into and getting more along the way. But still. It's pretty good.

Further adventures in gender included a quest where I had the choice between taking the side of a woman in hiding or the side of the men hunting her for supposed crimes, and taking her side led to the men accusing me of being fooled by a 'pretty face'. However, Minor spoilers for Skyrim, maybe ). So maybe Skyrim/Tamriel really IS meant to be a world where it's perfectly okay and accepted to be gay. In which case, well done, I guess, Bethesda.

Adventures with gender in Saints Row 2 have been slightly more confusing. By and large it's fairly straightforward or not mentioned. But there's an activity you can do in the game called "ho-ing". Which, as far as I can tell, is where you gain respect by going to strip clubs and "pleasing" - strippers, I guess - after which your sexual prowess is known throughout the land, or whatever. I went and did it as part of another job though, and you don't actually get to see any of the act, but you hear voices, and my character was definitely in there with a man. So. I don't really know whether I earned or spent money after that activity. Was it a male ho? Was it just some random guy and we were using a strip club as basically a motel, without paying any of the actual people who worked there? Which is kind of insulting if you think about it. Apparently you can earn money as a pimp by ho-ing, but I don't know how or if I did. But it sounded like a good time was had by all, at any rate. So fine.

Saints Row 2 is getting a bit tricky at the moment in that it's got to that sort of middling part of games, where you're quite good at it, but not super-good at it, so I'm feeling a bit cocky perhaps but the challenges are getting slightly harder and I can't just breeze through them like I could the earlier stuff. Which is a little bit aggravating. But I'm still really enjoying it. Especially now that I've figured out I can steal helicopters if I want to. Even if I can't quite fly them yet. Still.

I haven't really been watching any TV or anything lately. Although I did have dream the other night about hanging out with my awesome nana, before realising, in the dream, that she was actually Rita from Coronation Street. Which led to a weird dream about an alternative Coronation Street, where David Platt had a cat he walked on a leash, and Karen was still hanging around. Good times. Anyway, other than that, nothing really. Other than Oz and American Dad. YOU ARE FREE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT PETER SCHIBETTA OR HAYLEY SMITH IF YOU WISH. I love you guys. x
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New George Gently, hurray! I love George Gently. And in some ways, it's only gotten gayer. It was a little different tonight than how it sort of has been in the past, which I'm assuming is because they've moved over from filming it in Ireland to actually filming it in Durham. I don't know, it just seemed a bit brighter and slicker somehow. Also, the office and interrogation rooms and things have changed, that's just slightly unsettling. But maybe it's just because they've moved on from 1964 to 1966, and it goes with the move from the Slighty Grim Sixties to the Swinging Sixties. It was still good though. Hurrah.

Anyway. I have a slightly busy week. I've known for months that I had a dentist appointment 6 months after I went in March, but not knowing exactly when it was. I was worried I'd missed it, but I called last week, and it turns out it's on Tuesday. My front two teeth have been aching a little bit, but I think that's because of how I drink coke nowadays, which I'm going to try to stop. And tomorrow I'm going to Leeds to try to enrol in a school place so I can do a jewellery making course later this month. And then it's my sister's birthday on Friday, although it seems like I won't be doing very much then. After the argument we had, I was a little worried because I figured she'd be coming over, and I wasn't sure what that would be like. But my mum's said she doesn't really want her over if she and I aren't speaking to each other, and might just end up sniping at each other and possibly having another argument. So apparently I won't be seeing her. But mum will probably be out with her for a bit though.

Rrrrr, anyway, it's suddenly September. I knew it was coming, you know, but now it is here. It's only about a month off Connotations, and then it'll be Halloween shortly after that. Then Bonfire Night, and then pretty much Christmas. And in between now and Christmas, I'll apparently have a new nephew. How time flies.
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So. I didn't go to Wales. I decided to stay home instead. I thought about it some more last night, and I realised that mostly when I thought about the holiday, I thought a little about it being a holiday, a little about my youngest nephew, and mostly about how if I really couldn't take it I could just stay in my room and read a book all day or something. Or go off on my own. Or get a train back home. Which didn't seem like the best way to start off a holiday. And then my mum came and dropped the bombshell that it wasn't so much a caravan park we were going to, as a holiday park, and it did specify smart casual dress for dinner. So I would have had to choose some nice evening stuff. And pack it. And change into it and wear it on the holiday. And at around midnight last night I still hadn't packed anything. So I decided not to go.

I feel a bit bad about it really, because I feel like I'm letting my parents down a bit, and I'd told my oldest nephew I was coming and he was really excited, and I'm missing out on a holiday obviously. But I just felt so much better when I'd decided I wasn't going than when I thought I was, so there doesn't seem to be much point just putting myself through the ringer when I wasn't even that happy about going.

So anyway. I've been to town and bought food for a week. I've had a quick course on how to use the dishwasher. My dad's told me not to turn off all the lights in the house I'm not using like I usually do, but to leave one or two on, or else burglars will probably come. And I've been told not only do I have to get up early to feed the dog, as I'd realised, but it'll have to be about 7.30 or 8.00-ish. I might try leaving it till 9.00. And I'm going to have to clear up our dog's droppings, which I was sort of hoping I could just leave for a week and not look at. I can't.

But anyway, yes. I'm on my own for a week. Hurrah (sort of).
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I was in Wakefield yesterday, and the day before. We had my oldest nephew on Tuesday, and my youngest nephew yesterday. I just came back from Nottingham last Sunday, and I'm going on holiday with my parents and both nephews tomorrow. I really want to do nothing today, but I probably am going to have to pack today, and possibly wash my hair. Although I'm probably just not going to wash my hair.

There's a big part of me that wants to say I'm going to stay home for the week. We've had some problems with trying to house the dog - we normally leave him at a local kennel, but we arranged for my sister to have him this year since we're taking both kids so my parents didn't book, and then last Sunday my parents took him to their house to see how he got on with my sister's dog, and my sister's partner (who'd apparently forgotten they were having the dog) said she wouldn't be able to cope with them both, now she's pregnant. My mum has been ringing up kennels and possibly the RSPCA all week, with no luck, so my sister's basically going to have to have him. But if I stayed home, I could look after him, obviously.

I probably won't though, I'll probably end up going. I'm feeling a lot better about it today than I was yesterday, and I was going to discuss it with mum today, but she's working till half 8. So. Yeah. I'm just not really looking forward to a week of looking after both kids and running around, and then getting back and having to unpack and catch up on soaps and all the programmes I've missed. Emmerdale has sort of just started getting good, with Aaron getting all self-destructive over killing his boyfriend, and Carl sort of being almost nice about it, because he obviously understands guilt over killing people. But I probably will end up going. It seems a shame to miss my youngest nephew's first holiday away with us. And I've already discussed with my parents that if I find it all a bit much I might just need to sit out of looking after them or being in the middle of things and stuff. And it's only for a week. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just been to Nottingham last weekend, and then had two appointments this week. But it's not like I could rearrange the Riverside Festival. So there we go. Also, I probably won't need to pack much - we're going to Wales, and with the weather being like it is I'll probably be dressing much the same as I always do. And we're going to a caravan park, so it's not like I'll need to be dressing up for dinner either. So today probably won't be that bad either.

In other news, I finally got the second series of George Gently on DVD yesterday, so there's no point in watching it now. Will have to save it till after the holiday. Sigh. But I do love Single-Handed and Jack Driscoll. He's like a terminator. And I like him a lot better now he's proved he's a terrible boyfriend, because he's a good garda. Also I'm really liking Emmerdale at the moment, especially if it continues in it's current vein, even if Carl is still being a twat. Also I love Seth in Hollyoaks. Yay!

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A nice thing, I suppose, about Livejournal being down for everyone all at once is that at least when it comes back it doesn't take forever to catch up on your flist. Not that I'm condoning this kind of behaviour. Bad form, LJ.

Anyway. The post I was going to make on Monday was about how I had two goals for myself to achieve that day, and I did both of them! Hurray for me. One was to photocopy my sick note and letter and get it sent off to the DWP, and the other was to go into Santander, hopefully figure out my ISA details and transfer some money to my normal account so I could pay my mum back for the Slightly Expensive Necklace she got for me in Prague. Accomplishment. It's awesome.

Other things that have happened or been happening in the last few days:

  • Eastenders got SUDDENLY GAY again. It's kind of a shame, because Eastenders is still rubbish - the men who acted nice but seemed like they might later become sinister are now indeed acting sinisterly. And the men who don't like those guys seem to be awful as well. BUT. There's a character in it called Michael, who came in a while ago. At first I'm found him annoying, then his dad came into the show and it turned out Michael thought his dad had killed his mum and hated him, and it seemed like he might get interesting. Then he decided he liked his friend's wife, tried it on with her, and when she turned him down he tried to ruin her life, and I hated him again. However, when his dad came in, he came in with a brother of Michael's, and then this Monday another brother turned up. And unless I am very much mistaken, the minute Michael saw this brother he stood up straighter and was looking over. And the minute the brother saw Michael he started giving him lingering, yearning looks. Then he came over and started talking about some conversation he and Michael and their dad had had two years before, which Michael didn't remember, but which was obviously quite important to his brother. It was about goal-line technology. I decided to look online to see if we'd been given any more information on this new brother (Anthony), and on the first page of results was an article about how "Anthony had been corrupted by Michael at a young age". And went on to say that Anthony was probably the quietest of the three brothers, and would probably be focusing on the business for a bit and wouldn't be interested in girls for a while. And if anyone doesn't believe me about this, it's here. It's quite special.

    So I might be giving Eastenders another go, for a little bit.

  • I quite like Sugartown, which started on Sunday.

  • I love George Gently, which was also on on Sunday.

  • I went to a corn maze with my nephew and mum. The corn was only about waist-high, but you had to get to workstations in it to complete a worksheet/quiz thing, and in some ways that made it more infuriating, because you could SEE them, but you couldn't GET to them. It was fun though. Later I got stalked by a duck and nearly bitten by a horse, and it turned out I'd managed to get soil all up my legs inside my jeans, but we did have quite a good time.

  • I have been watching 666theheartless666 long play videos, after someone referenced him on fandom secrets. Partly because he did Fatal Frame, one of which I looked on long long before I got any kind of game console. It was both hilarious (his commentary) and terrifying (the actual game). He's worth a look if you like that kind of thing though, he's quite funny.

  • Today on Hollyoaks Seth and Brendan had a scene together! None of you will probably know what that means! Essentially, Seth and Brendan are two characters I really like, who don't have much of a reason to have scenes together very often. But today they did. Although it wasn't so much a scene as Brendan whizzing by at the end of Seth's scene to steal his ice-cream and say "You snooze, you lose, kid!". But still. Contact!

  • And I booked my hotel for the Riverside Festival in Nottingham. K got back to me and said she couldn't decide whether she was going or not until after she got back from Berlin and knew how broke/tired she'd be, so she might be there, she might not. But I am definitely going. Woo!

I think that's everything. YOU ARE ALL CAUGHT UP. And if you aren't, I will probably mention it in another post. OH.

  • On Sunday night, while I was up on the internet not going to bed despite having stuff to do the next day, I came up with the idea for a Silent Hill Texts From Last Night tumblr. I still can't tell if this was sleep-deprived genius, or sleep-deprived craziness. Also, I'm weirdly into Silent Hill fandom considering that I've never actually played the games. I may yet one day though.

It think that's everything. And now I sincerely hope that this posts, although there seems to be some chance that it won't.
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So. I've had an interesting and full day. I went to the doctor's this morning, and got my second sicknote. Which was nice, because my mum seemed to think that the doctor I was going to see wasn't someone thought much of mental health issues, or something. She said she'd seen him with my grandma sometimes, and he seemed to be of the opinion that people should just get on with things. But he turned out to be really nice. He asked what the problem was, whether I'd been working before my OCD 'flared up', and where I was supposed to be heading with the sicknote and benefits and stuff. I said OCD, that no I'd mostly been unemployed for the last year or so, and that I was on the waiting list for some counselling, and they'd said they were meant to be contacting me in mid-April, so hopefully I'd hear from them soon. And he said okay, and gave me a sicknote. Hurrah.

But due to some mix-ups with me and mum, who'd given me a lift to the doctors and then went shopping, and me having not much credit on my phone and not calling her when I got out of the doctors, in favour of going to buy some toothpaste, and my phone being on silent so I didn't hear when she tried to call me, she ended up driving home from town without me. Which meant I had to get a £1.30 bus journey home, and then walk back from the stop, with my OCD kicking in all the way. Which led to me crying on the bus and in the street. And then at home when I sort of confronted my mum about it. It probably wouldn't have been so bad, but I really didn't expect her to go without me, even if I didn't call her; and I have no idea what it is, but I had the sheets changed on my bed the other night for the first time in a while, and the duvet sort of moved around so it's not so heavy, and since then I've had really weird unsettled sleep, waking up every few hours; and after I got upstairs after talking to my mum I started having some adbominal twinges, which suggest I'm going to be having a period soon. We sorted it all out, she came upstairs and we hugged, and I apologised for crying at her, and she apologised for going home without waiting to speak to me. I do think it was a bit weird of her, but I probably overreacted a bit, and we got it all sorted out.

Anyway. But then, my mum informed me that unfortunately, today was the day when we - or my mum and my dad - were meant to be taking both my nephews off my sister and her partner's hands so she and he could have some time together alone. My parents did this a few weeks ago, and I assumed it was a one-off, but apparently no, it's something they're meant to be doing every month. So. Anyway. My mum said that she and my dad would take them out, so I wouldn't need to see them or play with them until the evening when they came back to the house for their tea. But they were planning to take them to Halfords for some helmets to ride on their bikes with, and then to the park. And then it started raining in the afternoon, so they ended up bringing them back here. It wasn't too bad though, there were a few fights and tears, and then the rain stopped and they went out to play on their bikes and there was a bit more bad behaviour, and then it was about time for them to go home, and then there was a lot of bad behaviour. But they were pretty okay most of the time. It did feel like a different day to the one where I went to town this morning though. But anyway. Then my parents and I had our tea and watched tonight's So You Think You Can Dance. I disagree with the judges pretty often in that show, but I do tend to enjoy the dances. Especially the hip hop dances. I might start trying to watch that regularly again.

And then I came upstairs and went on my computer, and started listening to the rest of the Adam and Joe Show from today that I missed on the radio today. Hurrah.

In between all of that I have been watching more old Coronation Street episodes I have found on Youtube. Oh. I have found things I had almost forgotten about, and things I never saw and wished I did. I did not get to see the episode where David and Gary met for the first time, but I saw the episode where the Windasses moved in next door to the Platts/Mcintyres. It's weird how crazy and violent Gary was when he first came to the street. In some ways I kind of miss crazy thuggish Gary and evil mastermind David, who were obsessed with each other. Always with the underlying feeling that if some greater evil, like a MOTORCYCLE GANG came to the street, they might band together, and become an unstoppable two-boy gang. It's nice to see it though. I just recently saw the episode where David freaked out at his mum for letting Anna hug her, because he can't stand the idea of 'physically touching' one of the Windasses. Oh. And it's sort of the start of Steve and Becky's relationship, properly, and oh God. The first time they properly deliberately had sex, and it wasn't just a drunken mistake, Becky stopped and wasn't sure what she was doing because she'd never had sex sober. OH. In some ways Steve was her first. And these are also the episodes with Sad Detective Maria, who's convinced that Tony is a murderer and had Liam killed, and everyone else is just telling her she's mad. I'd almost forgotten how great she was then. It's weird, but even now, watching it back, I kind of hope she uncovers Tony's lies and gets him sent to prison. Even knowing like I do what happens later, and loving it so much. It's just good writing I guess. I LOVE OLD CORONATION STREET. I AM GOING TO KEEP WATCHING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS AND WHAT HAPPENED.
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Today my nephew came over, and I decided to try to get on with tidying my bedroom again. Which mostly meant trying to clear out the cupboards above my wardrobe again. I didn't get very far, because I always feel the need to look through everything, and also because my nephew was here. But mostly it turned out that the box marked 'documents' in the cupboard above my wardrobe was, as I suspected, another 'memory box', only this time filled with stuff from even EARLIER than before. Including a bunch of bus passes from when I was in highschool, the letter and all the stuff I got regarding my Oxford interview, and a diary I (very) intermittently kept from being at least 12 to about 16. It was by turns strange, excruciating, and kind of sad to read. Mostly me complaining about my sister and my family. But also, in another way, quite confusingly like what I think now. Hmph. With a brief detour into things Saddam Hussein was doing when I was 12 or so, and how much I disapproved of it. Hmm. Other things in the box of mystery: some old costume jewellery I didn't want to wear anymore but apparently didn't want to throw away, maps of Lightwater Valley and Alton Towers from a lot of the school trips we went on, and some caveman-like stick drawings depicting a day with two exams on it, and a mysterious and terrifying coffee machine. Quite. Things I will probably be throwing away from this box: not many of them.

But now I've gone through that box the rest of clearing out the cupboards should be easy, as it's only stuff like old toys and pillows. I basically need to get it down, and then decide whether to throw it away or put it back up there.

It was my youngest nephew's birthday yesterday as well. We went out for a meal at a restaurant down the road, and my parents got him a new bike, which he has been out on today, so he obviously likes it. He can't quite pedal yet, but he's enjoying pushing it around all the same. And tonight I almost ended up going to a Tom Stade gig in Leeds, as basically my last shot at deciding whether he's actually funny or more of a twat, or funny enough to justify my continued interest in him even if he is kind of a twat. But I asked my mum if she wanted to go, so I wouldn't be coming back on my own, and she didn't want to decide until yesterday, and we made the massive mistake of talking about it last night at the restaurant, in front of my sister. She - invited herself along. Rather suddenly and without actually asking me or mum if we wanted her to come. It was really strange, my mum mentioned something about it, and my sister and dad didn't understand what she was talking about, so I explained it, and before I'd even finished explaining what we'd been talking about earlier, my sister said "Well, I'll come with you, and mum can have [my youngest nephew]". But not in the reasonable, offering to come with me way you are probably imagining. In a ridiculously blunt way as if she was being deliberately cheeky, except then she didn't seem to be joking. I continued to try to explain about how me and mum were thinking about going, and she said "Oh, so you're coming now?" to mum. It was SO STRANGE. And kind of awkward. I really couldn't tell if she was joking, I thought she might be, I pointed out she had two young children (who she doesn't like leaving on their own with their dad), and she just said 'so?'. And then started asking her partner if he'd mind her going out for the night. But anyway, she didn't mention it again, and when I got home I went to check if there were any tickets left for the gig, and there weren't. So. WE'RE OFF THAT SLIGHTLY STRANGE AND AWKWARD HOOK. Tom Stade has another gig in April in Leeds though. So I'm thinking about going to that one instead. But planning to get the tickets a little earlier than the day before it, hopefully.

And I also booked my tickets for London today, finally. It's like a whole extra level of commitment.
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Hello dudes. I am posting to you now from my fancy new laptop. Dun Da Da Dah! After getting most of the way through my bookmarks during the week, I made a decision to get my new laptop all set up and running before the end of the weekend. And then last night I decided not to let the fact it was 3am stop me from doing that. It was mostly set up with Windows, Internet security and Windows Office anyway, so I moved my old one out of the way, set it up with it power cord and everything on a newly dusted desk, switched it on and started transferring all my backed up files over. Most of which went without a hitch, except for the slightly terrifying moments when I couldn't get both the USB sticks into the USB ports properly and yet my external hard drive seemed to be hooked up to my laptop just the same anyway. Hmm. But I Safely Removed it and put it back in properly and it worked just fine as well, without having horribly damaged the external hard drive horribly in any way. So everything's basically in it's place on the computer, all my Favourites are in my Favourites tab thing, and all my files seem to be in order except for Windows Media Player wanting to download Licenses every time I want to play a music file I ripped from a CD. But anyway. LAPTOP. It is red and wide and strange. But lovely. And shiny. And has plenty of space on the Hard Drive.

My dad's reaction to my having successfully set up my computer now: "So you can get back on with your bedroom now then". My dad. No gratitude, never satisfied.

Anyway. Apart from that it's been quite a day. It's my oldest nephew's birthday (he's 6), and I didn't have a card or a present for him, and we were meant to be going out in the evening and I hadn't had a bath and my only pair of jeans were falling to pieces. So I sort of assumed it would be hectic. I'd asked my mum to wake me up before she went into town so I could come with her and get my nephew a present, and she woke me up at about half past 12, and said she'd been on the phone for some of the morning, because her sister had been taken into hospital after having had a stroke. She's getting on, my aunt, she's 69 but she doesn't really act it. On Christmas Eve me, my mum and my oldest nephew went to her house to take her a Christmas card (or rather talk to her, since we couldn't find the Christmas card), but we couldn't see her because she'd already gone out to go clubbing in Leeds. So it was a bit of a shock. She's alright-ish apparently, she's not in any danger, but she's lost all movement down one side of her body. My mum had explained that she couldn't go see her because it was my nephew's birthday, and we were planning on spending the day with him, but she's planning to go see her tomorrow. But it was still a shock, really.

So I got up, got ready and went with her to my sister's to get her and my nephew to go into town, except they weren't ready so we had to go into her house and wait for her. Then we went into town and to Morrisons for lunch, where, I think, my dad called my mum and said he'd been talking to his sister a bit that day, because my cousin went to my grandmother's to take her shopping as she usually does on Mondays, and when she went in she found her on the floor in the bathroom. She was alright apparently, my aunt had gone down and made sure she was okay, and then left her, but she wanted to try to get someone to go see her later on in the day, just to check on her. My mum explained again that she was spending the day with my sister, my nephew and me and we were going out for a meal later, so she couldn't really go now, but would try to go later. So we finished our lunch, went to pick up my youngest nephew from his playgroup, came back into town, and went round the shops letting my nephew pick out presents (mostly arts and crafts kits and paint), and buying his birthday cards. And I ran over to New Look to get a new pair of jeans, which don't have massive holes in and weren't on sale, but are actually quite lovely. Then we met back up, went back to the car via a supermarket to get my nephew a birthday cake, and drove back to my sister's house. When we got there, and were just trying to decide what to do about going out for a meal, since it was quite late and we weren't sure there was much point in driving home and then driving back for them - my dad called my mum again, to tell her that my grandmother's carers had gone to her house at their usual time, about 4:30, and found her on the kitchen floor, so they'd called an ambulance and she was being taken to Casualty. Again, she was apparently alright, but she had some pretty bad bruises, and since she'd fallen already that day, they decided they had to take her in.

So we decided what to do again, we didn't really want to let my nephew down and my grandma was apparently pretty much okay. So we decided to go out for the meal straight away, and then take my sister, her partner and their kids back home and go see my grandma in hospital afterwards, if we hadn't missed the visiting hours. So we ran around getting ready, I had to change into my lovely new jeans in my sister's kitchen, then my dad turned up and me and my nephew went with him, letting my mum come after us with my sister, her partner and my youngest nephew. We'd decided on Pizza Hut, since the kids probably wanted pizza and it was a bit more pizza and kid-oriented than our first thought, which was the nearby Frankie and Benny's. Or, as my mum calls it, Ben and Jerry's. Or, as my sister dubbed it today, Alfie and Fernando's. Anyway, so we went, then my mum and the others got there, it was actually all quite civilised for one of our family meals, the food was nice, my youngest nephew mostly wouldn't eat any, but what are you going to do. Our waitress brought out a birthday cake for my nephew with his name written on it, which I don't think he was expecting, so it was quite nice.

We managed to get out by about quarter past eight-ish, my dad and I went home, my mum went and dropped off my sister, her partner and the kids, met us back at the house, and we went to hospital to see my grandma. She actually seemed quite cheerful to be in the A&E, she said it was lovely there and there were a lot of nice girls around. She said she couldn't remember falling, and then later talked about falling, but couldn't believe that the bruise on her eye (which was slightly horrendous) had come from a fall. She thought someone must have hit her, but she couldn't think who would have done it or why, or why she wouldn't have hit them back for doing it. My grandmother has got dementia, so she spent a little while talking about the men living in her house who are always about in the night using the toilet and messing around, and how she has to move all her ornaments and things into her bedroom while she sleeps. But she generally seemed to be in quite good spirits. Then she got moved up to the ward, and got a little bit more ratty, but it was about quarter past nine by then, and she was settled and I think visiting hours were over anyway, so we had to go. Mum seemed to think she might be out of the hospital tomorrow, because someone had said she didn't have any broken bones or anything (although they did an X-ray while we were there, so how they could have decided that I don't know), but given that she's fallen twice today, they might also decide to keep her in, or do an evalution of how okay it is that she's living at home on her own. We'll have to see. Also, she's going to see my aunt tomorrow. Who hopefully is also okay, or as okay as she can be.

In between all of this, I picked up a jumper in New Look because it had no tag on it and I hoped it would be in the sale, then found out it wasn't in the sale but bought it anyway, without remembering it was an 18 and I'd only decided to try it on/possibly buy it because if it was in the sale it might be the only one left; my mum and I found out just how slightly rude and awful my two nephews could be when we were in the car with them and they decided to scream at the top of their voices while my mum was on the phone to my dad's sister about my ill grandmother, to the point where she had to get out of the car; and while we were in town my sister found a bottle of someone's prescription medicine on the ground, so I ended up going back from the supermarket to the pharmacy in the town centre to hand it in. So yes. A pretty full day, all in all.
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Strictly )

Other things I have been doing in my life, apart from watching Emmerdale:

  • Watching Coronation Street. The thing I love most about David's current court case/possible epilepsy storyline - aside from watching David freak out and worry and pass out occasionally - is that he's having massive friction with his mum over it, he's bonding with his gran because she's on his side and believed him all the way through, and his mum and gran are having massive friction over it...and his brother Nick, who lives on the street, is nowhere to be seen. I don't think I've seen David have a single scene with him since it all started. At one point someone asked Nick how David was, before they found out it might be epilepsy, and he said David was in bits over it all. That was it. He doesn't seem to care if his brother tried to kill his best friend, if his brother was about to get charged and possibly sent down for attempted murder, or if his brother has epilepsy or possibly something worse, like a brain tumour. It's kind of amazing.

    This paragraph is about Maria and a bit of Tony/Maria )

    It's Halloween tomorrow, and it's seeming more and more likely that Coronation Street aren't going to make me that 'Ghosts of dead characters haunting people on the street' episode I wanted. Sigh.

  • I have been watching Hollyoaks and Hollyoaks Later, and I didn't really want to watch Hollyoaks Later because I don't even love Hollyoaks that much and it sounded like it was going to be all about footballers and possibly have a gang rape in it. But then it turned out that Mitzeee, who is a character I've heard good things about and quite liked when she was onscreen and hasn't been onscreen much lately, was going to be in it, so I tried to watch it when I could. Happily, there wasn't a gang rape, and especially since Mitzeee seemed slightly in danger of being involved, she wasn't gang raped. But oh my God, dudes. She's - so beautiful, I'm actually finding it hard to look at her sometimes. Not in the way I used to be with Michael Bluth, where I actually had to look away from the screen, but where I find myself focusing on just one part of her face, like her hair or her eyes or her teeth. She has AMAZING teeth. And I don't even care about teeth. This is her:

    Isn't she amazing? And she has a beautiful accent. And, unless I'm massively lowering my standards because I'm watching Hollyoaks, she can act. I think I'm a little bit in love with her. Oh my god.

  • I have been to two Halloween parties in the last two days, with my nephews. They put on some quite nice dos for Halloween in my home town, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. So hurrah.

  • I'm kind of irritated with my dad at the moment, because he shut the car door on my back while I was trying to strap my oldest nephew into his seat tonight. After, I thought, huffing about having to take my youngest nephew over to the side of the car where his seat was, rather than just putting him in the back and leaving him there. And then he didn't even bother to strap him in. But I'm sure that irritation will pass. Ow.

  • I saw the film RED/R.E.D. Spoilers, some pretty big )

  • Other things probably, but I have to go and watch Casualty now.
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Things I may not have mentioned from the weekend:

  • My dad might be off to the Middle East!

  • Ryan is now crawling and pulling himself up on furniture and quite happily walking around holding onto it. And opening and closing his fingers and saying "buh-buh" when you wave goodbye to him. I love him quite a bit.

  • Jack says he wants to come with us next time we go to Cornwall and the Eden Project. Maybe in a few years. And speaking of the Eden Project: dude.
I wasn't expecting my stint of unemployment to be particularly productive, but getting up before the middle of the day might really help. To be fair, I did decide not to go out very much, so I wouldn't spend so much money. Aside from, y'know, buying watch parts. But that was a time-limited offer. And stuff.

In un-productive news:

  • I watched Dr Horrible! After seeing some icons and thinking maybe it wasn't the type of show I was thinking of. I liked bits of it. Other bits I didn't like. But mostly I love this fic: Shrink Rays. Vague spoilers )

  • I watched a fashion show the other day about "Loud and proud" fashion, from Teddy boys up to chavs. Now I'm imagining stories about Teddy Boy wizards. And Teddy Girl witches.

  • Probably because I'm watching Strictly, I keep imagining dance numbers that could be put to every bit of music I hear. I still think you could do something spectacular with Sex on Fire. I have managed to resist the Kings of Leon for quite some time now, but that is just a bit brilliant. And I quite like the video too. For some perhaps obvious reasons.

  • I didn't know that Erin Boag was from New Zealand! Suddenly my slightly random pairing of Erin/Hayley seems a bit less implausible!

I should do stuff tomorrow. Cleaning the flat probably ought to be a priority. And doing some washing. Hmm.
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Hello! I went to my parents'. I saw my nephews. They are both great.

A few things:

  • I am very happy that Rachel won Big Brother. Very very happy. This is not just because she is called Rachel, I think. It was slightly enhanced by the fact that she wore a lovely red dress for the finale.

  • I saw an epsiode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois said to Francis that she hadn't been a good enough mother to him, and it made her really sad that he didn't have the mother he deserved, and and he was quite happy, but he didn't feel any better, and it was everything he'd ever been hoping she'd say, and it didn't make him feel any better, and he started hyperventilating, and Lois ended up offering him some money from from her purse, and he took everything she had except what she needed for a bus fare, and he asked for her tic-tacs as well, and I love him, and I love her, and I want Spangler back, Francis should only be with people who aren't quite good enough to him, oh God, oh God, I love them. They should all have to fight monsters together.

  • Currently on Emmerdale Carl King is torn between his head and his heart. I'm enjoying Emmerdale quite a lot at the moment.

  • So I have a bit of money at the moment. Enough to buy that CD I've been talking about. How to people feel about buying stuff over the internet from small sites though? I know https: is meant to be a good sign, but I'm not sure what else to be wary of.

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Hello. I went to my parents' house, and to Scarborough. Except that in the usual style, me and mum and dad set off a bit late to my sister's house, and she had only just got up when we got there, so we didn't actually set off until about 11:30 on the Saturday. I wasn't that bothered though, as I got to spend some time with my new nephew, who is adorable. But it took 2 hours to get to Scarborough, and then we wanted to eat before we got to the coast in case we had trouble parking, so we didn't actually get there till about 3 o'clock. And then we spent about half the time hiding in amusement arcades from the rain. I failed to win an Oscar the Grouch doll thing. Jack had his first go on the dodgems and won a couple of things in penny pushers, and later I had a knickerbocker glory, so it was all good. I do quite like Scarborough, and other slightly cheap seaside towns. We were going to go to the Sea Life Centre, but by the time the rain stopped enough to go find out where it was, it was pretty much the time it closed, or didn't let people in anymore or something, unfortunately. Mostly I noticed how many gollywogs there were for sale, which I thought was illegal now. And Jack went on some Iggle Piggle and Wild West Wagon rides. And then we pretty much came home. And that was our day in Scarborough.

I've been mostly in a John/Scorpius fugue of late. I can't believe no-one's written very much John/Scorpius. Spoilers )

It's been some weeks now, also, and people are still failing to write Obadiah Stane/Tony Stark fic. What's up with that?

I have to go to bed now for sleep, for work. Laters.
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