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This is a sketch that has genuinely stuck with me ever since I first saw it:

Definitely made it, Kelly.

And this is a song that makes me feel insane, it's so good:

I'm really looking forward to my holiday tomorrow, and the house and internet all to myself. Except that I've just remembered it's also going to be filled with a lot of dog-walking and picking up dog poo. But I'll survive. The new dog is fine by the way. His name is Frank. I don't love him as much as I think I would a dog of my own, and he's a bit needy and it turns out he'll poo all over the kitchen at night if he doesn't get taken out enough times during the day - I'm going to make an effort to do that over the next week. But he's very sweet, and he's settled in pretty well with us.
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The sky seems to have remembered it's July and gone sunny.

HMRC wrote to me yesterday. Apparently the letter I got saying I owed them £750 was only from one part of the tax year, probably from when I was no longer eligible to receive the benefit at all. For the time before that, I owe them £250 of mony they overpaid me. So they want about £1000 from me in total. Which is...frustrating, considering I didn't really do anything wrong. If they had a date in mind when I was no longer eligible to receive a payment, I think I gave them that information, they could have easily kept track of it themselves and done a review when it ran out. And of the time before that, they just miscalculated I guess, or something, but it wasn't me. But it was just money they gave me, which I didn't spend, so I can pretty easily get it back out and give it to them. My parents are saying I should complain or say I don't have the money, and tell them to take it back out of my tax code or something - but I'd just end up paying the same amount to them anyway, just slower. I'd rather take it out in a lump sum and give it back and have done with it. I'm thinking about complaining about the way it was all handled though.

I've been going through my old CDs some more again. It's a little more irritating given that a lot of songs I thought I had saved to my computer haven't been saved, or have updated till I can't play them anymore, but it's still odd to go through a CD, realise you really like a lot of songs on it, but still feel no need to keep the CD. One of those songs is this one, which I think is one of my favourite ghost stories ever. I did not keep the CD.

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I've got When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Diana Ross stuck in my head for some reason. Possibly because of becoming a hero in Mass Effect Andromeda. It strikes me that we don't have as many ridiculous, super-emotional love ballads nowadays. I feel like our generation is poorer for it.

I've got some interesting times at work coming up, I think. The deal with the new company is about to go through, so my Facilities company basically have to do all the de-branding from the old company before next week, pretty much. The sheer fact they were doing it made me notice how many things actually have the old logo on them, like 'What to do in an emergency' posters on the walls. And a bunch of trophies in the waiting room. I don't know what they're going to do with those. I don't really have to do any of it, but I've agreed to mention to my boss anything I notice with the logo on it, because it all has to go, and at the moment that includes a bunch of forms I currently use on reception - including to book taxis on account with - and a huge amount of lanyards people use to keep their security passes clipped around their neck. I don't know that we have enough blank lanyards to replace them all, unless my boss orders in a bunch more, which will probably lead to people losing or misplacing their passes, which will make the barriers fun. And their going to have to change everyone's email addresses, because they have the old company name in them - looking forward to that. Plus the fact that a bunch of the old executives are going literally on day one, and all their parking spaces will suddenly become spare, and who knows what we're doing with them. But I will be glad if it happens next week, because the car park lady was suggesting it might be the week after, when both she and I are on holiday. I felt a little bad thinking the team would be dealing with all the changeover stuff with a temp on reception, or that I'd be leaving the morning woman who's never done a full set of car park allocations to do her first one in that situation. But if it all happens next week, I'll be happier. A week of probable chaos, and then a week off, hurrah. They're going to confirm today exactly when the changeover will happen, so we'll see.

I had a weird dream last night, involving a historical church near my house getting entirely ripped down and replaced with a new modern building, and my continually breaking things like keys and my debit card while trying to use them, so I couldn't use locks or access money anymore. Not entirely sure what that's about. I heard literally the best way to do dream analysis is to write down the features of the dream, or the parts that stand out the most, and then write down the things you associate with each of those features, and see if any of it resonates with things you're going through in your life. And voila! You have done dream analysis. I'm not sure what broken keys symbolise to me though. I don't really have time to do associations right at the moment.
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When you go back through your old CDs and remember your emo past. And then realise you still kinda like it.

Embedded videos forever!

I had a dream last night about a tooth falling out. It feels like a real milestone.
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Seeing people genuinely blame Hillary Clinton and anyone who supported her for Trump's win is almost soul-destroying. Seeing people genuinely claim it all happened because of the economy, when - in Britain, and quite a few countries outside of America - worries about the economy and racism pretty much always go hand in hand these days is mind-boggling, and almost makes me want to despair of those people's abilities to have their political shit together in the next few years.

But anyway. Happy things:

  1. My cat is amazing, and loves me.

  2. My mother is also pretty good. She's been looking up things about the election in America, because she knows it's upsetting me.

  3. I have been listening through my CDs recently, and have found many amazing songs I didn't even know were there. Most of them are either by women or about women, or both. Because that's how I roll apparently.

    "I was a child in Mississipi,
    But I am ashamed of it today

    The Bessie Smith song that made me want to buy her album.

    Florence and the Machine are/Florence is a genius.

    "And I heard your voice,
    As clear as day,
    And you told me I,
    Should concentrate

    So is Ruth Brown:

    This song is a little bit Christian for me, but it is genuinely uplifting, and I've found it quite helpful to listen to over the past week.

    This song genuinely makes me wonder why Erma Franklin isn't as well known as Aretha Franklin. More amazing songs, obviously. But still.

    These are not all songs I have discovered/re-discovered in the past few weeks, but they are all great and I love them and I wanted to share them.
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I love Ruth Brown. I love her.

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It's king of annoying - but kind of amazing - when I'm listening to a CD, and I think 'this is alright but nothing special, I'll listen to it then get rid of it and make some space'. And then I start listening to CD 2, and I realise actually it IS pretty special, and I want to keep it.

Which is to say that Bessie Smith has an amazing voice, and sings about wanting sex pretty directly, for the time. Also my return key is working again. Hurrah!
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Adverts keep using this song:

to make things sound epic and revelatory and amazing. And it would probably work on me if I hadn't first heard it in this sketch:

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Went through my CD collection this week - I'm running out of space for new games, and I hardly ever listen to CDs anymore, so I figured get rid of a bunch of them, move some stuff around, free up some space. Unfortunately that left me with a huge stack of CDs I haven't listened to in a while, or that have one song on them I love but I never listened to the rest, or that I never listened to at all. 'Alright,' I figured 'I spend a lot of time in my bedroom - I'll just listen to them and decide which ones I want to keep from that'. I forgot that most of the stuff I do in my bedroom is playing games, or watching youtube videos - things that require sound. Still going to do it - it's just getting difficult finding things to do while I let entire albums play in the background.

Only have one season of Red Vs Blue left - they're short seasons, about 20 episodes each and the episodes are only about 6 or 7 minutes long on average. This season though, the season they made last year, that's the end of a trilogy of seasons, is 34 episodes - feels like it might be the Final final season. Which is fine, and a nice way to end it I guess. But I'm a little worried about what they're going to do to the characters. They've already changed my favourite character so much I barely recognise him sometimes - but then they bring him back a bit. And they've already literally been like "oh, they weren't dead" about a bunch of characters they previously killed, because they couldn't stand it I guess. So there's probably not that much to worry about. Unless it really is their planned final season, and they don't have to worry about the consequences anymore. Just have to watch it and see I guess. Then I can get back to reading the fic. I really didn't expect to get into the show as much as I have done. It's odd, but it's good.
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Things I have learned today: instead of having to convert .wma or .mp4 files to mp3 using Realplayer, you can in fact rip them as MP3s directly off the disc in Windows Media Player. Good to know.

A thing I learned yesterday: Callum is apparently going to be a permanent cast member on Coronation Street. I hope the scriptwriters remember David is David, and that Gary has a kindly word with Callum, along the lines of "Yeah, don't fuck with him - he's David".
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I accidentally fell into Borderlands 2. Having finally finished all of Borderlands 1, including the DLC. When I say accidentally I mean 'deliberately and methodically', but I wasn't really expecting to love it as much as I do. I thought maybe I would be too good to love Handsome Jack? But it turns out I am not. And the count of how many video games I play where I ship the main character with the bad guy remains several thousand to 0.

I've even started making playlists, which I know is always a bad idea before your canon is finished, especially with a pairing involving a bad guy. But!!! I love him so much. And Kyla La Grange's Vampire Smile isn't helping in that regard.

Anyway, the end result is that I've been playing Borderlands 2 and Fallout: New Vegas instead of posting, or watching TV or films in general. Except soaps. Eastenders, having decided to kill off a sexy young female character in a VERY SIMILAR fashion to Coronation Street, managed to embarrass me horribly last night by a) ridiculously dragging out even the 'reactions to her death' episodes, b) having the whole thing be fairly unrealistic as far as I could tell (people do actually need to go identify bodies, don't they?), and c) terrible acting. Also if you haven't seen their 'Who killed Lucy Beale' advert by now, you should, because you're missing a treat. My parents and I have seen at least one puppet since then who could also have done it, and who knows how many more there are!

My Easter was nice. My nephew got hit by a car. We didn't find out about it until Easter Monday. He didn't get badly hurt, apparently the car was going slowly and just clipped his bike causing him to fall off it. He has been waking up in the night since then though, so he's obviously a little shaken up. The jury's still out on whether the fault is more with his mum and dad, who let him just 'go out and play' and don't keep an eye on him in any way when he's only 6, or with a neighbour of theirs who apparently parks his van very close to the junction at the bottom of the road in a way that might be illegal. Frankly, as long as it teaches my nephew to be a little more careful when he's out on his bike on the roads, I will be happy with that.

Also I did go see Muppets Most Wanted with my ON yesterday. The best song was obviously Tina Fey's one about the Gulag. Unfortunately, Hyperion has a Gulag in Borderlands 2, so it just sent me back into thoughts about Handsome Jack again. HE SHOULD DEFINITELY SING THAT SONG. I hope someone in the fandom, should there be one, has done some sort of filk for it.

David hugged Maria in Coronation Street on Monday. That was a nice change from him taunting her about her horrible life, when they always seemed like quite good friends a lot of the time. I can't believe Dennis is back, but I assume it's something to do with Tina. Everything else about Coronation Street is pretty bad at the moment, aside from Carla's blossoming relationship with Simon. Also Steve confronting Tina. Sometimes I forget he can actually do serious scenes nowadays. Well, there's lots of things nice about Coronation Street at the moment. But also a lot of things that are bad.
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Steam is pissing me off at the moment. The game software, not actual steam. EVERY TIME I switch my computer on, it needs to update. Sometimes I switch it on a couple of times in a day, and almost every time it needs to update. Multiple times a day! What updates could there possibly be hours since the last updates? And I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I'm playing Skyrim again at the moment, and a good half of the time the game won't load, and I have to switch my laptop off and on again before it will. What is that? Is it so much to ask that I can just play the games I have paid for? Must I constantly have to ask Steam's permission, and often be refused it? And what is the point of constantly updating your software - usually before my computer is completely switched on and connected to the internet - if it still doesn't work even when you do? I am genuinely considering buying a copy of Skyrim for the Playstation because fffffffff. Fuck's sake.

Anyway. It's SUPER COLD here. And wet. Apparently 'wet snow' is on the cards for tonight? A White Christmas is usually too much to ask, never mind a White November. I may have to buy some jumpers at some point soon.

Also I have been rewatching Death Valley and I genuinely don't understand why there was never a fandom for it. Aside from being reminded how much of an MTV show it really was. So much unnecessariness. But it was genuinely funny a lot of the time and everyone was beautiful. Especially Dashell, and someone should have written me Dashell/Santos fic by now. I might start a kink meme. And write all the prompts, and fill all the fills.

Also, a decade on, I still don't understand how Coldplay's 'Shiver' is anything other than an out-and-out song about stalking:

And googling that has revealed: " Martin actually wrote the song in a "glum" day, when he felt he would never find the right woman for him. He described it as something of a "stalking song", admitting he wrote it for a specific woman.". Something of a? I do genuinely like it though. Frankly I was never a huge Coldplay fan, but I think they were better when their songs were as emotionally dead as their voices. Oh well.

Anyway. I'm going to a comics convention this weekend. It comes but once a year, and I am super looking forward to it. Of course last year I had already read half the comics on sale, or bought them at least, because they have a lot of the same artists back year on year and they don't spit out a new series a month or anything. But it's still always a nice day out. Hurrah.
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I would like to say, though, that I am partly an emotional wreck over Dragon Age because I choose to play a female character.

Dragon Age: Origins spoilers )

And also, Coronation Street )

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I keep waking up every morning with a really bad sore throat, which then gets better throughout the day, and then is bad again when I wake up the next morning. All I can think is that I'm just a bit ill, and am not drinking fluids throughout the night so it gets worse, or my neck is getting cold at night. I don't know what to do if my neck is just getting cold. I am applying duvets the best I can, and the weather isn't looking to get any warmer. Uhh.

Also, I have recced fanmixes on here before, and this isn't going to turn into a fanmix rec journal. But I have been listening to these, and they are pretty awesome.

Fuck That Noise

Well Done, Tamika - A fanmix for Tamika Flynn from Welcome To Night Vale. Spoilers only really for her short mention on the show.
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Jesus, it's raining. The kids at the Leeds Festival are gonna be sad tonight.

In other news, my beautiful watch died today, after I think about two years of service. It will be sadly missed. There is actually another watch that I'd really like, but it's by Police, and £109 where I saw it, which was in fact an outlet shop. So I should probably just go back to browsing the New Look £15 watches instead.

Also, yesterday I learned my phone would still play it's alarm even if it was switched off. It did so by using a weird pale version of it's graphics on the screen, and then switching itself off until the next alarm had to ring. I'm thinking of renaming it Ghostphone.

And now there's thunder. Oh, festival kids.

Also, I just want to say that I really love the Doritos mariachi band. If there was a CD of their music, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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And in fandom news from the past few weeks:

  • Allie Brosh's book is apparently available in October. I assumed, what with how ill she's been, that she just wouldn't have been working on it, but no, apparently it's coming soon. Which pleases me. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, so in case you're interested and hadn't heard, there's the link.

  • I'm getting on with the main plot in Fallout 3 again, and you know, the more I think about the storyline, the more annoyed I am about what a wasted opportunity I think Bethesda had. Spoilers for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas )

  • I have been listening to this fanmix, and I want to rec it, because it makes me really happy. so maybe it would make you guys happy too. I didn't even know Electro Swing was a thing, but apparently it is. Also, it's a fanmix for Benny/F!Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, so if you ship that, you may love it doubly hard. NB: I cannot be held accountable if you don't love it.

And I was going to talk about some of the animals my cat has been bringing in as 'presents' lately, but I remembered in my last post I said I wasn't going to make another post about animal death for a while. Suffice it to say, I'm half horrified and half impressed.

And in the last few weeks, I saw three films. Three whole films.

The first two weeks ago was The Internship, which I saw mainly because it had Vince Vaughn in it and he looked like he might not be a dick to people in it. Which I was correct about! Although there were some slightly odd things in the film, overall he and Owen Wilson were both quite nice, and quite nice to other people. It was a slightly odd film - a lot of the scenes sort of felt like they were ad-libbed, and maybe they should have done more ad-libbing until they got something better/funnier. And the ending was basically a big ass-kiss to Google. But overall I enjoyed. And I somehow got a fluff pairing out of it. Mild spoilers )

Unfortunately, Vince Vaughn has turned out to be the latest actor I liked who disappointed me horribly, mainly by having fairly shady politics. It's nothing that would make me want to stop watching him, but apparently he's agreed to make a conservative TV show about his politics. So the night is young!

Speaking of which, I'd forgotten that the next Mark Wahlberg film I was looking forward to also featured Denzel Washington trying to do a comedy role for once, which I wanted to support. I may go see it. For Denzel.

Anyway. Then last week, I went to see Now You See Me and Pacific Rim.

Now You See Me, some spoilers )

Pacific Rim, some probably pretty big spoilers )

I think that's all my fandom news. Also I have started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, but I think I mentioned that in the last post. Also a few other things. But these are the main ones I think.

I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with my mother, because we are going on holiday with my two oldest nephews in less than two weeks. I need some holiday clothes. But I don't know exactly what I need or want. So tomorrow will probably be interesting, to say the least.
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Cut for mention of animal death )

Also, I went to see Man Of Steel with dad yesterday. I quite liked it? It was 3D, which I didn't realise before getting there, so I can't tell if the slightly insensible fight choreography was to do with that, or just the way it was actually filmed. Also, I ran out to the bathroom during a bit that didn't seem very dramatic, but might have been a bit of exposition that tied the first and second halves of the film together better than it seemed when I was watching it. I don't know. Brian Holden has taught me to like Superman more than I did. HE CAN'T ALWAYS HELP HOW POWERFUL HE IS. So I quite liked it. It was fucking expensive though. Two adults for a 3D film, including 3D glasses and sweets, since the newsagents downstairs was closed - £33. Jesus Christ.

And now there's Pacific Rim out, and I have been looking forward to Pacific Rim for a few months, but suddenly everyone on Tumblr's seen it, and they're so hyped about it they don't want to spoiler-cut anything FOR A FILM THAT CAME OUT FOUR DAYS AGO. jsjdhj. There are still two other films I want to see out at the moment, one only has two showings a day left this week, and The World's End is out on Friday. Lord save me from people who won't spoiler-cut. Am I just going to have to avoid your Tumblrs entirely?

In other news, apparently sometimes skipping the intros of songs you aren't familiar with on your MP3 player keeps you from songs you will one day genuinely love. This week's offering: Sweet Talkin Woman by ELO. Hold on...

Also, I am at the part in Fallout 3 where you . But this time I told him what a dick I thought he was. It's different this time around, knowing what's going to happen later on in the story. But I do think this version of my Lone Wanderer will end up slightly more well adjusted than the previous one. Or feel horribly guilty for a while. Whichever. He's totally a dick though.
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I don't understand the "The Apprentice" format anymore. Last time I watched, it was tasks every week to get rid of someone, or occasionally two people, until you get to a final four. Then they take their business plans in to be assessed by Alan Sugar's friends/employees, and one of them gets the investment. Now there's a Final Five, but the preview of next week suggests they're going to be whittled down to a final two. And what those two will have to do then...I don't know. Maybe another task. Maybe another series of tasks. Maybe a fight to the death. Maybe just more discussing things before the end of the show, and then one of them finally gets picked. WHO KNOWS.

In other news, I got completely confused tonight when I misunderstood which results belonged to which team, and got really confused by who'd won. But after that was cleared up, it was a vaguely entertaining end to the show, in a sort of imploding way.

Anyway. Music news. I don't know exactly how famous the Studio Killers (a band, not murderers) are - they're all over Tumblr it seems, but I haven't heard of them anywhere else. But just in case I'm not the last to know, and any of you like pop music, you should give them a try:

"Jenny" by the Studio Killers.

And similarly, I don't know if everybody knows about Macklemore by now - I found this song on a song mix called "Songs everyone knows and everyone knows the words to, don't you dare lie and pretend you don't". So probably they do. But I had never heard this song before and it really makes me laugh, so here you go (some of the lyrics are NSFW though):

"Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz
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I have to go to bed pretty shortly because I'm going on a trip with my mum and YN tomorrow, and I have to be up at quarter to 8. Whimper. We are going to Cannon Hall farm though, to hopefully see lambs and baby goats and calves. So that's all good.

Also I have agreed to go on holiday with my parents and ON and MN this year. In about six weeks in fact. We're going to Spain, and it'll be the first time my nephews have been on a plane, and I thought it might be nice to be there for that. And I was feeling sort of up for a holiday with them this year. But the fact we'll also be running around with them in the blazing sunshine in a foreign country might be a strain though. I am looking forward to it, I'm just also a little wary of what it might actually be like. We'll see I guess.

What it also means is that I'm going to have to get my passport renewed pretty quickly, which currently costs £80. So money will probably be a little tight over the next few weeks. Up until I need to start saving to go away, probably.

Things. Other things I keep meaning to post about. At the moment it's mostly David Platt. And Only You by Ellie Goulding.
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On Saturday, my parents and I went to see Les Miserables.

Random thoughts, maybe some spoilers )

Also, the other day I saw an advert on TV for a new Ministry Of Sound CD called 90s Anthems. I recognised literally every song in the advert. It was a little bit like my childhood compressed into 20 seconds. Then I went and looked at the tracks online. I read the first 6 and knew them all. So I bought that CD. Because having a particularly frantic aspect of your childhood always available on disc seems sort of handy, really.
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Hello. I went to Crete. I am now back from Crete.

Here are the places I visited:

    • Agios Nikalaos (where we were staying)

  • Spinalonga

  • A Cretan Olive Farm experience place.

  • Elounda, and the surrounds.

  • The Knossos ruins.

  • Heraklion, though mostly the Archaelogical Museum bit of it.

  • These are the things I wish I'd known before we left: That even though it was October, it was still going to be hot. I would have bought some suncream BEFORE I got sunburn. And that it was a four hour flight from Manchester to Crete. I would have bought a book, before the only ones I could find were about 13 euros in the Duty Free shop in Heraklion airport.

    It was a bit of a funny holiday. Before we went I was barely able to muster up any enthusiasm for it, since it had dropped in the middle of a bunch of other things I needed to do. My mum, while packing, kept saying that sometimes it felt like these holidays were more bother than they were worth, and my dad said "I'm fed up already". Then, on the day we travelled there, I ended up coming down with some sort of stomach bug, and spent most of the evening doing things [ profile] whatho wouldn't want to hear about, and other things the rest of you probably wouldn't want to hear about. I couldn't actually stand to go into the dining room, and ended up going to bed at 10 o'clock with the shivers. Mum thought it was just because I didn't get much sleep before we went, then travelled all day, and maybe ate too much chocolate on the plane. I suspect it was something to do with the fact she had my ON over the night before we left, and my MN had been throwing up that day, and my ON then apparently was throwing up that night. My dad was also suffering on that first day with some sort of stomach thing. My mum saw no connection. Hmm.

    But after that, it turned into a pretty nice holiday. I felt much better by the next day, the weather stayed pretty nice most days of the week, and it was sort of nice that it was so relaxed. It was a bit funny because we went at the end of the season, and there were basically no tours, or trips, or anything to really just go on. As the man at the Cretan Olive Farm, who was very nice, explained, most of real Crete is up in the mountains, and all the towns and stuff by the sea were basically built for tourists. So essentially, everything just started to close down. Even our hotel, which was huge, was apparently closing today, 1st November, until next Spring. So it was sort of quiet. The boat trip we took to Spinalonga was the last one for the season, so we were lucky to go on that too. It was a lovely trip though - Spinalonga's a tiny little island that has in the past been a Venetian sea fortress, then a settlement for the Turkish, and finally a leper colony. We joined a tour group on the island to learn a bit more about it's history, and I really thought the leper colony aspect would be the one that was least interesting to me. But the woman explained it, and it was really pretty cool. The lepers couldn't leave the island, but they had houses, and markets, and grew their own vegetables when people from the mainland tried to price gouge them, and had constant access to medical care, and got to hang out with a bunch of other people who didn't just hate the sight of them. There were a bunch of marriages on the island, and 154 children were born there, even though their parents couldn't keep them. Only 10 of those children ended up with leprosy when they grew up. So it was pretty lovely. The guide woman said she always cried on the last day of the season, and she did, but it was lovely all the same, and really sort of eye-opening. Also she was pretty permanently annoyed about an art exhibition that had been set up on the island, which was pretty fun too.

    So yeah. We wanted to go to the Knossos ruins - had been wanting to since we booked the holiday - but there were no trips still running, so we had to rent a car. Pretty much the last time we rented a car abroad was in Barcelona, when we had that crash, so it was a little bit nerve-wracking. But without a Sat Nav distracting dad, and basically just a lot of highways between us and Knossos and Heraklion, and with us all pulling together to spot the signs for where we needed to go, we made it there relatively easily. And because it was off season, it wasn't crowded, and because it was October, it was a little overcast and windy instead of baking sunshine, so it turned out pretty nicely. We got another guide, who explained some of the history and about the Minoans. It was pretty fascinating really - I couldn't always understand because of her accent plus high winds, but it sounded like the Minoans came over from Egypt, so there culture was a lot more Egyptian-influenced than Greek-influenced. It was pretty cool. Then we went to the Archaelogical Museum to see some of the artifacts they found at Knossos and other Minoan palaces and - I cannot even explain, except that the craftmanship and the detail on some of those things were insane, and just blew me away. For things made in like 2000 BC - yeah. I thoroughly recommend looking into the Minoans, if you're interested, and going to the Archaelogical Museum in Heraklion if you're going to Crete. It's all pretty amazing stuff.

    And then I came home on Tuesday. And unfortunately, after getting on pretty well with both my parents for the entire week, my dad and I fell out - and I got pretty angry at him - the night we came back. Which is a shame. But other than that it was really lovely, and good weather, and a pretty interesting time. Also I swam in the sea! Which I haven't done in quite a few years. It was lovely.

    And yes, now I'm back. Halloween was yesterday, and I missed most of it, between computer games and unpacking. I started playing my computer games again, and as I largely suspected before I went away, I was pretty much near the end of Dishonored and Bioshock 2, which is always an annoying place to leave it. Except actually, I wasn't expecting Dishonored to end so soon. I finished it today, but it was a little bit anticlimactic, with a lot of loose ends that didn't seem that tied up, and irritatingly, I'm assuming - I'm pretty sure - it's because they want to pad the game out with DLCs. Which is annoying after enjoying the game so much during the beginning and middle. And I haven't finished Bioshock 2, but I'm pretty clearly on the home straight. So I should be done with it before too long - and before the next game comes out. Hurrah!

    I'm largely caught up on my flist, and even managed to get through my ridiculous email inbox. The other main news I have from the internet is that Evil Villains Studio made another vid about villains being villains, and I love them. It's called Monster, and it probably deserves an epilepsy warning. Also the song is a Dubstep remix, so apologies if you hate that sort of thing. This is probably the first Dubstep-y thing I actually like though, which is nice. I can finally be one of the COOL KIDS now. It's much better than Crush On You, at any rate.

    HOPE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WELL IN MY ABSENCE. I know most of you have anyway.
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