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There's something about the spot outside the big Waterstones in Leeds that drives all Big Issues sellers to madness and despair. The current one's definitely new, but there's the same 'Big Issue, please. Big Issue, please. Please! Oh, come on...'. It almost makes me feel bad enough to buy one.

I'm sending back my uni house keys today, since the lease ends on Saturday. And I'm pretty sure my student card has run out. It's the little things that get to you. End of an era, and all that. Mostly I'm upset I'm going to have pay full price for cinema tickets, after 21 years of putting it off. Hmph. Non-me people might be interested to know Waterstones are giving 10% student discounts on everything and 3 for 2 on textbooks, though. I'm slightly more worried about my housemates, whose boat hasn't even been okayed as 'floatable' yet, and have nowhere to live. I suggested the conjugal quarters at university, since J got his funding (hurray). They were less than amused.

TV detectives! Why didn't I think of TV detectives in my top five list? Like, any of them? Columbo! Columbo could solve my murder! And it would be less annoying, because everyone would know who did it from the start. With a tip of his cigar and swirl of his coat, it'd all be solved before bedtime. I imagine my murder wouldn't be a very complicated affair, having probably been smacked over the head after pestering someone unto death, and he'd just have to look for the person with the residual rage in their eyes. That Jessica woman couldn't solve it, because she's quite annoying, and it's all a bit inappropriate. Also, fodder for her next book? I don't think so. Miss Marple could have whack, though. She tends to trail handsome young detectives and lesbians around with her. And knit.

Steve Irwin has died. Which is a bit of a jolt. But not really a suprise, given what he actually did for a living. It's even sort of fitting, like Grizzly Man. I sort of wish I liked him better so I could feel worse about it, but I feel bad for his wife and kids. We can just assume he knew the risks, I suppose.
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There are some very pretty ladies about. Scarlett Johanssen is one. Sigourney Weaver is another. Total Film is clearly trying to get me to go over to the gay side. Or perhaps the 'having favourite characters/people who aren't male' side. Which it's probably about time I joined, at any rate.

The Top 5 lists will probably be up tomorrow. Some of them are going to involve me doing actual research and thinking, which I wasn't entirely prepared for, but, y'know, not that much because I also have books to sort and a Christine to unscrew from her base. There just isn't enough time in the weekend anymore. How'd that happen?
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Is it wrong to want a Gandalf the White pen?

Think of all the orcs you could slay!

Also the Extended Trilogy, possibly. I don't know. I have been buying MORE THAN ENOUGH DVDs lately. Probably I should turn my attention to other things, like clothes, or eating, or leaving the house sometimes. Maybe. I have Six Feet Under Season 2. With suddenlynotcrazy!Billy angsting and flirting with Nate at a cocktail party, and the Liar and Whore t-shirts. Surely that's enough to fill anyone's life?

Damn you,
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Whee, I got my DW Vol.4 DVD today. The only bit of new Who I plan to buy (sorry and all). It would please me more if it was the Satan Pit two-parter and Idiot's Lantern so I could be all omgmylove at The Wire, but it has Toby with writing on him and Marc Warren, so that is alright good.

Went to the park with mum and Jack. In the scum corner of the lake we saw another dead bird, which this time was a duckling. Just when I thought it couldn't hurt me anymore. We let Jack run wild in a field to show him we were okay with it when there was no danger, and he actually got quite far before realising we weren't chasing him, and came whimpering back to get us. Also we fed the ducks, and an evil swan was there, but somehow we survived, so hurrah.

Going to the cinema later with mum, to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It figures the time I finally gave up and was going to trundle down there on my own she offered to come with me (it is exceedingly hard to get my parents to come to the cinema with me/do anything). Possibly I will have thoughts on that later. Or just mockery.

Also last night some people of the flist went a bit wobbly, and I was going to comment but it was this morning so possibly crisis averted, but just to say I SYMPATHISE, and want to hear that poetry. So yes. You get a brief endnote of my love. Treasure it.
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I learned a new word today - "snurkling". Which is apparently a 'gypsy word' to describe what men my dad doesn't like do around other men's women. Every day I marvel a being granted such of font of esoteric knowledge as he. I love you, dad.

I'm making a Fandom Diary. It now contains pretty much every film, book and DVD release I'm excited about over the next year, as well as Livejournal/con stuff. And family birthdays because, y'know, as many reminders as possible are for the best. It is silver and vaguely professional looking. I'm quite proud of it :)

Also it has maps of the British rail network and London Underground on the back. I did not realise Preston deserved a bigger circle than Lancaster. And there are nice little quotes in the corner of every page. I'm not quite sure why it wants me to put all the details I have on the front page though. Everything except 'I am generally alone during the week at...'. And a nice little note saying 'Please stalk me!'. I'm not sure how much my National Insurance number matters to my fandom schedule anyway.

The kitten/dog swap is happening today. It's going to be a bit odd without the dog around, after 7 years. I still remember the night we got him - mum, dad and Katie went, while I stayed home and discovered Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Another William. But there will be kittens, so it's a pretty fair trade I think. For names I have decided on Kell and Jasmine, or possibly just Jas. After finally deciding against 'Sloop'. Probably there will be pictures later. Probably of them being terrified and not knowing where they are.

There is a woman who has apparently gotten back to my dad saying she might be interested in one, and since we were only taking two to hurry things along mum and dad seem to think we should let her have it. She can't until August 25th though, so we are taking both to 'see how things go', and I am pretending there is no woman at all. And planning to - cry, if they still want to give it away by the 25th. Surely that will work.
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Hotmail has gone wonky. My work computer and my house computer both agree. As such I (and perhaps you!) might be a little slow to reply to comments for a while. Since I can't open them and see where they're coming from!

After my discovery that Neverwhere has been STALKING ME ALL MY LIFE, I took the dog out before going to bed, and found a hedgehog on our drive, just outside the garage door! A really very rare occurence. William naturally immediately ran and put his nose to it. But I pulled him away from a nose full of spines, and kept him away from the poor thing, and made him go do his business so we could all go to bed. Am still feeling some random pride over it. I kept my head when all around me were losing theirs! AND I WAS A MAN, MY SON! And so on.

I'll point out again that seeing any sort of wildlife besides insects and birds is pretty much foreign to me. Then on the train home today, I'm pretty sure I saw a rat running into the underbrush, and deer. Deer. DEER. Two, not one. In my little Yorkshire town. Beside a railway track, in between a council estate and a leisure complex. I didn't even know we had deer up here. But - apparently it's nature's turn to stalk me now. Something I'm not entirely unpleased with. Just slightly bemused.
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I'm not in Nottingham. However, I'd already arranged a day's holiday from work tomorrow, and have shocked and appalled my father by deciding to take it instead of going in to earn up to £40. Ironically, I'll probably just end up in a different part of Leeds.

La. I have new Fables. And am intent on getting the first Sandman novel, if I can find it. Neil Gaiman seduced me in Waterstones. It was all very fast, I'm not sure what happened. Amazon is not being very helpful so probably I'll end up tracking down a comic book store. I probably shouldn't be spending my first wage before I have it, but - it was never very likely I wouldn't in the first place.

Suburban Shootout was on. I didn't watch Sugar Rush. Suburban Shootout is over. I'm quite sad. But there were guns and explosions, and Joyce lolling in the Unsubtle Lesbian's arms, and Hilary making untoward remarks in the interrogation room, and it was ALL VERY GOOD. Joyce/Camilla forever. DVD soon please.

Things that please me:

  • Eerie Indiana is out on DVD soon. It's amazing how fast I went from 'Oh, I remember that show!', to 'MUST HAVE DVDS. WANT. OUT NOW? OUT NOW?'. Perhaps the first of my random-and-strange-supernatural-type-shows. With pretty jailbait boys, naturally.

  • Lemony Snicket 6 on audio CD! For squeeing over the doorman! I just need an hour or two to listen to it now. The only problem with uploading it to iTunes for that purpose is that sometimes in the middle of 'shuffle' I end up stopped short trying to skip past Tim Curry and all the ironic turns of phrase.

  • I love Jaws! Oh, two gay boys and their shark. There should be Jaws slash. I have realised these sorts of declarations from me don't have much impact anymore.

And, as a counterpoint to all this randomness, I've decided I have too many fandoms. I'm going to make a list, and try to prune them a bit. Channel my energy, instead of being a fannish butterfly...on crack. Vote for your favourites now!. The result will hopefully be fannish contributions that last longer than, oh, ten seconds.
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Emmerdale! Oh how I love it. Spoileriness for the omnibus )

Anyway. I have been mostly spending money since FINISHING MY DEGREE. Partly on a flexible ticket to London on the 8th of June. The Midland Mainline will apparently get me there in two hours, but the adverts that say tickets are £6? THEY LIE. Also I'm apparently going to St Pancras station, so I'll have to find a friendly man to direct me to Waterloo. Or possibly get another train. And oh, does 'space on the floor' mean I need a sleeping bag? If so, I may possibly need to stash it somewhere before the show. It does not fit in a small bag, no.

(You may have noticed I'm still not entirely keeping up with the flist since gaining my freedom. I probably won't until I get back to 24-hour access at home. I'm still keeping a sporadic eye on things, but important and relevant events might warrant a post to my journal just to be sure.)

Anyway. I've been frequenting the cinema as well. Tragically I missed Confetti's run, but I saw Brick again, which is STILL fabulous. It's a high-school murder mystery, in the style of the old detective novels, and has Claire from Lost in it. I don't want to say too much, because you really need to see it "clean", and I'd like to be all cool and low-key about it's greatness. But I have a new OTP from it, and new cabin boys for Fantasy Pirate League. And YOU SHOULD ALL GO SEE IT.

Also I've seen X-Men 3, before the weekend rush.

General impressions )

See how I make up for my recent absence with posts of randomness and huge.


  • There should be Life on Mars icons with Futurama quotes on them. Particularly one of crazy!Sam saying 'Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that!'. And Gene was pretty much made for 'The time for touchy-feely communication is past'. Also one of Ray saying 'Damn you old man!'. And ANY OF A HUNDRED OTHERS.

  • I love Sheenagh Pugh's fanfiction book.

  • The new "Empire" reviews Aquamarine, teen girl mermaid film of the summer, but has no time for the 'lesbian subtext'. VINDICATION!

I now go back from whence I came. To squee about Emmerdale some more, probably.
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I just wrote the last essay of my degree. Dudes.

I wrote it yesterday. And I'm slightly worried about the fact none of my fellow Arthurians were around at the time of deadline. And possibly it was just ALL NO GOOD, but it is done, and they're all done, and I'd like to do something to celebrate but I'm actually too tired to move. Yet here I am back at the computer. Ah well.

This means that my degree is practically OVER, except for my exam on Monday, which is only for two hours - and you can revise all you want, because you never know what will come up, but you're actually only going to use two hour's worth of stuff. This is how I feel now, post-essays, knowing that there NO MORE WRITING to be done. Probably I'll start freaking out more tonight.

Exam is also after the Green Wing finale, omg. I'm sort of hoping for a huge cliffhanger until Christmas, because I'm not ready for it to be over, and especially not if they go the way I think they're going to go. Oh. Guy. Mon cher Guillame. If they end with Guy/Caroline, I will love them excessively, mainly for flying in the face of most of fandom. If they end with the OT3 I will LOVE THEM FOREVER, and first-born children may be involved. Omg. Tomorrow.

Also there will be Part 2 of Mickeytastic Dr Who on Saturday. About which I choose to have no feelings one way or the other, to avoid hurt.

I hope he gets a gun.

I sent off my Connotations form, and have a space in a room (of great!), so that is all going swell. And I have money which will probably be ALL GONE a few days after my exam. And I can finally watch those DVDs that got delivered to my door EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, while I was trying to work. And I need to renew my paid time and extra icons soon. Yes.

My housemate does not like Sawyer, and is ruining my appreciation of new Lost. Woe.

Not enough of you have been to see Brick and brought me back a fandom.

I go sleep now perhaps.
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According to Warren Ellis in the latest issue of Fell, the only two animals that could be completely removed from the ecosystem without causing its collapse are wasps...and dogs.

Which should make [ profile] nerdcakes happy.

He goes on to recount stories of horrible things dogs are doing in Detroit. Which I won't repeat here.

I think Amazon post would be more impressive if it was actually delivered by Amazons. Or if their dispatch centre was in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. I'll settle for the cheap books and DVDs, though.

I still haven't done any work for university. Lalala. The plan for today is to read at least a little of my Adaptation and Appropriation book, and look up those small-press short story publication magazines on the internet. Otherwise...ritual suicide.
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I have been helping take care of my nephew. It is indeed a 3 person job, and involves much tag-teaming. We took him for a walk on his reins and taught him the good old-fashioned English children's pasttime of putting stones down grates. Then my sister came, and funnily enough, things got more complicated. She is gone now. I watch DVDs and do nothing else for the rest of the night.


  • I'm suddenly finding it harder to drink coke, as with the new cans with wider holes, I keep having the fear that I'll accidentally stick my tongue in and the metal will slice open that huge vein underneath. Yes.

  • The Scorpion King is really quite awfully bad.

  • Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice-cream is really quite good.

  • [ profile] tiniago's handwriting is really quite scarily like my own.

Also, my random and slightly unsubtle attempt to April Fool my mother by telling her I thought I was in love with K (my female housemate) backfired a bit when she said she wasn't suprised, but didn't think it would go anywhere. Which was fun. I resisted the urge to text a friend I hadn't seen in a while to say I thought I might be pregnant. Possibly this would have been terrible, BUT HILARIOUS. But I didn't, no.

I will now watch the American Gothic where Lucas apparently seriously does some leaning over Matt Crower, and those two episodes of Green Wing. And probably you will hear about them later on.
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I just had the worst dinner ever. In fact, I think 'survived' is more appropriate. Worse even than the Oxford dinner. It was pretending to be cheese tortellini. IT WAS NOT. Perhaps if made with gravel. Or some poison. SO BAD. Yack.

Anyway. Actually, I bought the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's CD, and I'm just listening to it, and iTunes is telling me the first track is 50 minutes long - wtf?? I have newfound respect for the band if they recorded a song for that long, though. But I'm listening with some disbelief.

I'm trying to count up all the things I have to do over the next few weeks, and keep getting overwhelmed and losing count. It includes: Fair list ) And lots of other things I'm sure. I feel the need to lie down in a dark room with a cool cloth on my head just thinking/writing about it. But I'll get it sorted. I'm sure (::eyes it unsurely::)

In the meantime I am going on the internet and watching TV. Snuff Box is actually quite alright, if a bit spare and random. It's about a man who's been a hangman since he was fourteen (bloodlines) and all that, and so is incredibly rich and something of a psychotic wanker, to the point of helping a pretty girl control the dog she's walking until it turns out she has a boyfriend, at which point he boots the dog down the street and tells her to fuck off. For example. It stars Dixon Bainbridge from The Mighty Boosh, aka Matt Berry. Who it turns out looks like this

without the moustache. Woof, somewhat. Also it has this for a theme tune - written and performed by the lovely Mr Berry. Whom I love. Rather a lot. Yes.


My final and utter verdict on Mac from Green Wing, which will probably change at some point over the next few days:

There is something quite sexy about his whole hair-loose shirts-skinny jeans combos. I'll admit that. And I do see the slight chemistry in his scenes with Caroline. But he is just so rubbish at dealing with this in any sort of acceptable way, and so apparently willfully oblivious to the blatant lust and utter brilliance of Caroline, and Sue, and Guy, whether he's emotionally stunted or scarred or just a wanker or whatever, that I refuse to ship him with any of them. He doesn't deserve it. They should all do sex with each other instead. Causing Mac to explode. Yes.

Roll on, Series Two.

And that song's still going on, by the way.
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I'm 21 today. I'm 21 today. It doesn't mean anything anymore. I'm 21 today.

I have money. I gave mum a hint about a cake. I do not have any gold and diamonds - we had my grandmother with us, and it was raining and winding pretty hard, so we left it. But I have American Gothic DVDs! God bless WH Smiths. Expect some incoherent squee and screencaps and possibly a '[ profile] girlofprey's guide to Matt/Lucas' in the days to come. Once I get hold of the chronological order of the episodes, instead of the (incorrect) screening order they've for some reason put them in on the DVD ::headdesk:: But no matter.

I've been watching the pre-recorded Emmerdale omnibus. It included Jimmy being a daft prat and Carl and Matthew having to gang up with their intelligence to stop him ruining everything. And a beautiful conversation while they were alone in the cafe, wherein Carl tried to get him to stop talking about business for five minutes and check out a pretty lady, while Matt asked him if he thought 'the business was going to keep making money for [you] on it's own?', BECAUSE HE WANTS CARL TO BE SECURE AND TAKEN CARE OF, and then said 'It's not a woman I want. You, on the other hand...something about a bin-wagon'! There is an Emmerdale DVD. For a mere £4.00. But am I fangirly enough to buy it?

Quite probably yes, actually.
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It's lovely and sunny today! Omg ::basks:: One of those days that has you finding excuses to be outside. If there wasn't the internet and a new Total Film to attend to, of course.

I bought 'Cuban' chocolate. It's meant to have 'notes of wine and leather', which disturbs me a bit. So far it mostly tastes of dark chocolate though. Which it turns out you can't really just eat the same way as milk chocolate, without feeling a bit sick. Live and learn.

My main point: I've been watching Drop the Dead Donkey a bit. Now, I knew that Damien, being an in-the-field reporter and an attractive one at that, was essentially a whore. But I didn't realise he was the Designated Office Whore. In all of the first episode, he was called "cheap" and sensationalist by George, before we were informed he was "extremely viewer-friendly", and "Sir Royston's favourite" (RUN DAMIEN!). Then Gus suggested he be "disciplined". Then Gus suggested that he should discipline him. Assuring George he'd "be severe". And then Henry capped it all off by calling him 'dear boy', and (congratulating him? Commiserating with him? Perving on him?) about being in the 'sin bin'.

I cannot cope with the gay.

But then he and Dave did some instinctive prank on the phone to some guy about Germans and their heads were very close together, and it was all better :D

I failed at watching Green Wing yet again. In favour of watching Nick Cave's film The Proposition, which is a western set in Australia, and omgsogood - if you like general doom and angst, and occasionally seeing people get their heads blown up. GO SEE IT. Write me secret-because-it's-not-really-that-slashy-just-great incest-in-the-hills fic. Do it now.
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Finished Last Orders. I still love Vince. And Amy makes me want to cry. 'Goodbye Jack, Jack old love.' Oh :'(

I did not watch Green Wing. In favour of some sleep, and the 'Drop the Dead Donkey' Comedy Connections (I watch all the episodes! All the episodes soon! Thank you, [ profile] jekesta!). And the fact that I'll be getting the DVD in about two weeks. But I did see the 'eating the coffee' scene, and OMG, how I love Guy. How I still love Guy. And how Mac loves Guy. How he looks at him, laughing slightly and unbelievably happy that after years of being the only bastard in the hospital, and a bored bastard at that, he's finally found that will play along, and amuse him, and keep up, even if he takes it slightly more seriously than Mac does, because Mac just LOVES. LOVES his new playmate. And they are LOVE. Yes.

And I caved in and bought Harry Potter, texting my sister to tell her not to bother if she was planning to. Sadly, she'd already bothered. So now I get a returning-the-DVD-I've-already-opened adventure. Which probably won't be an 'adventure' as such - more a completely smooth transaction - but...omg, the hassle.

There was more I planned to say. I'm sure of it. I think something about the end of term is making me feel completely half-arsed about everything. Especially uni work. Ah well. I'm lately mostly obsessing over all the shows I used to watch when I was younger - that 'meant something' (apparently) - and the apparently wide, wide world of obscure British comedies I don't own on DVD. Which doesn't include Drop the Dead Donkey (thank you [ profile] jekesta!)
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Spent the weekend reading As I Lay Dying. Darl and Jewel should have Deep South incest. Or, at least, they should have done, until I realised everyone but Darl was a complete bastard, and should be hit by lightning. Now nobody gets incest.

On the plus side, even though my head (as usual) hurts from lack of sleeping, I now have absolutely nothing (I need to) do before going to see The Mighty Boosh tomorrow ::cheers:: Unlike K, who - as usual (and it hurts to say) - is some way past an essay deadline and still working on it. She's blaming the whole thing with J, and the fact that there's nothing more boring in the world than her degree course. I am staying quiet and eating biscuits.

There were quite a few newly released BBC Drama DVDs in WH Smith yesterday. This gives me hope for Crime and Punishment. Some were originally aired in 1978. This gives me less hope.

There were also a bunch of really cheap, really fabulous DVDs on offer. Christine for £3.99 (see a beautiful car go mad! Blood on the chasis!). Flatliners for £3.99 (Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland as doctors who kill and then resucitate each other, with lots of inner-arm touching on the way). Addams Family Values and Gremlins, omg. I feel the need to buy them all and wax lyrically and endlessly about them on LJ for a few weeks. Also the first season of BUGS. I'm never actually going to have money. Not that I can keep.

I wish my life was more interesting than this, but at the moment it really is an endless cycle of reading, writing, having no money and Tragically Having To Cook. And probably some films soon. The Proposition is out, and V for Vendetta soon, and apparently John Hurt is in both, so it will be a bit like a random John Hurt film festival. Also, some kind soul has brought it to my attention that the new The Hills Have Eyes remake stars Aaron Stanford - aka Pyro, from X-Men 2. OMG WANT TO SEE.

And now I have no printing credit. Wondrous.
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Housemate stuff )


  • It is so bitterly, bitterly cold. The back of my left hand is so chapped it woke me up last night with itching. Except that it's also sunny, so I wore my sunglasses yesterday out in town, and people looked at me a bit, and I sort of paused and wondered about it, but it is sunny, and I occassionally can't see. So I think sunglasses are justified. Even mere centimetres from my scarf.

  • I totally emailed the BBC to say they should release the John Simm version of 'Crime and Punishment', despite all their '...Check the FAQ...We cannot always tell you anything about DVD availability!...'. Reasons why I want them to release it can be found here. In those little pictures down the side. LOOK AT HIS COAT AND EYES AND HAIR AND COAT AND HAIR! Is there a person in the world who wouldn't pay money, without even realising it, to own such pictures?

  • John Simm is also apparently utterly adorable in an episode of Cracker, if something of a killer (I must stop liking his killers...). But there are no DVDs. At all. I cannot win at John Simm fandom. :(

  • But skimming around, I found out that the fabulous social worker from the John Simm (that name again, it's...) episode of Chiller was totally in Sea of Souls, as the woman who tried to seduce Douglas in a restaurant! Did she mention she has a mirror demon haunting her that tells her to kill? OH, I THINK SHE DID NOT.

  • Apparently there is fandom for The Tribe, though. And DVDs. This is slightly seductively terrifying.

  • I can't think of anything else.

Finishing everything with /li> makes is sound a bit like I'm calling everything I say a lie.

There's a penguin amnesty stall in uni on Monday, where you can bring an old book and get a brand new penguin classic in return. Which is great, except that I don't think I have any books here except school books and things I haven't read. Woe.
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I feel like I have been away FOREVER. This is a complete lie, because it has in fact been a mere 2 days. And 120 entries on my flist. Because I chose not to make the massive (20 minute!) walk to campus to check my email on Wednesday, having no other purpose out of the house, or in general lately. I should really be doing reading for upcoming modules, but I'm at that horrible point when you really don't want to get into new stuff, and probably should have already started. Hmph.

Anyway. To recap:


I write too much. TV-talk )


Tuesday talk )


TOTALLY WENT TO A NICK CAVE CONCERT. Probably quite a bit of talk about that )

And [ profile] jekesta sent me DVDs! ::loves on her:: And a Christmas card, of BEAUTY. It was like a second Christmas, only with more black. I watched the (Sea of Souls) episode from series two that I never watched, due to my nephew being born, and was delighted at Craig climbing mountains adorably in a plastic windjacket. And he had sexual chemistry with a girl! He totally did! And I didn't even care, because they'd done a paranormal investigation and climbed some hills together, so that's okay. And she was cool, and had a fiance to get back to anyway. But it was so great! Beautifully, beautifully great! They can totally do sex secretly for a while until Wade steals his heart. Yes ::love::


Came home.Some randomness, and talk of toilets )

So yes. Am home now, until Sunday evening. Laptop fully attached to the internet, of which I take great advantage. I have downloaded the Divinyls' I Touch Myself, which is simply THE MOST GLORIOUS SONG EVER (for the moment). It goes with every pairing. A person made a new Craig/Wade songvid at [ profile] slashysouls! If I knew how to songvid, I would totally songvid Craig/Wade to this song. Does Craig touch himself a lot? It would be THE BEST SONGVID ever if he did. Probably I should stop talking about songvids if I don't know how to make them. BUT IT WOULD BE THE BEST SONGVID EVER.

::abuses the internet:: :)

::dances you all::
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  • I have been watching Celebrity Big Brother. It was truly horrifically amusing. I wistfully cast my mind back to the first CBB, the week of glory wherein I fancied Jack Dee, liked Keith Duffy, and wanted red pleather jeans like the blonde woman. Happy days. But I like Preston rather a lot. He is lovely, and should win. And get a new car. And some gay sex. I am quite upset that I missed the part where he was hero-worshipping George Galloway. I think he might be a bit in love with Chantelle, who is also lovely, as my flatmate suggests, but I prefer to think that their relationship is asexual, and she is helping to comfort his broken heart after the big breakup with George.

  • Apparently Preston is in a band. I should probably learn more about him before I devote my love too fully. But at least I have tentative connections in the world of bandslash already.

  • On the BBC page for Life on Mars, Philip Glenister says that with two different policing styles like Sam and Gene's, the best thing to do is "marry the two". And that they should "meet in the middle". Good advice if ever I heard it.

  • Nick Cave lives in London! Why did no-one tell me? I could go to London, and BE IN THE SAME CITY AS HIM. Some of my flist are going to London and will BE IN THE SAME CITY AS HIM. For some reason, being in the same room as him doesn't quite compare, because dude. IN THE SAME CITY AS HIM. Like, all the time. When he's reading the paper. When he's drinking milk. ALL THE TIME. Dude. And every now and then he goes to Brighton, to work with Warren Ellis, who I hope is not the same guy who writes my new favourite comic Fell, because that would be weird. But dude. London and Brighton. And Tori Amos lives in Cornwall. This makes two of my favourite HUGE artists who have come to live in my country. With me. Drawn by my presence, I'm sure.

  • There is an article in the new 'Total Film' interviewing him for the film he recently wrote, 'The Propostion'. He wrote the script in 3 weeks. He has just also written a new script, in two and a half weeks. 'I'm getting faster', he says. This is why I love Nick Cave. Or, not, but a very good reason besides.

  • The same Total Film did an 'abridged parody' of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and called the Triwizard Tournament 'a pointless tournament in which students risk their lives for fame!'. And had Dumbledore say it. This is why I love Total Film.

  • I may go home for the weekend, and download some of the kindly uploaded episodes of Life on Mars that I missed. Hmm.
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Visit from parents did not happen due to Jack being ill - not seriously, but enough that they want to stick around and help Katie out. Hence I am back spending my free time on the internet as usual. Going to a comedy thing later with flatmates and some of J's friends, and given that it is Sunday I'm not sure what to do between now and then. Aside from Burger King, yo.

Watched Sea of Souls ep three last night. Thoughts )

And, because everyone else is doing it:

Ten ways you know you're reading a Girlofprey story )

I just realised I can probably buy Adrian Mole books at WH Smith, and still have a £15 gift card left over from Christmas. Duh! ::smacks self:: I also have a sudden striking desire to start watching Life on Mars. And slash John Simm (Raskolnikov! Eee!) and the blond-haired one, in gritty Seventies fashion. Probably I will.
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