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I went to my parents' for the weekend. I don't think I mentioned that. Anyway, I'm back now.

I don't really drink, but I'd like to say that I've never been more tempted to buy wine than when I was getting a TV mag at my local shop, and spotted Red Dragon wine, and then Pink Dragon wine. NEVER MORE TEMPTED EVER.

Anyway, I have a few things to say. Mostly about TV and other things I watched. And here they are:

  • Jimmy kissed Carl in Emmerdale last week. He and his fiancee and baby were out having a drive in the car, and they got run off the road by someone who said their brake fluid was leaking. Jimmy's fiancee blamed Carl because he'd bought the car, but it was actually the person who ran them off the road, Carl's girlfriend's son, who had unscrewed the brake cable in the first place, because he and Carl don't get on and had argued. Anyway, Carl knew and told his girlfriend, but Jimmy didn't, and on Friday (the day after the accident) Jimmy came downstairs while Carl and his girlfriend were talking and Carl apologised again. Jimmy said it was okay, because no-one was hurt, and it had made him realise what was really important. Carl's girlfriend said "Life?", and Jimmy said "No. Family", and then he leaned over and kissed Carl on the cheek. Carl smiled and was like "Okay then". It was very good. I love Emmerdale.

  • I watched some snooker over the weekend. Unfortunately I always had somewhere to go or something to do when a match was starting, but I saw a bit of the Robertson and Higgins match. I love John Higgins. And I don't really like Robertson, something about his hair and eyebrows and eyes makes him look a bit not-human, but he is a very good snooker player, and I sort of have to respect him because I think if I was playing John Higgins, I would just constantly miss shots just so he could get up and I could watch him play. So well done him, really.

  • I went to see Up with my mum and my oldest nephew on Saturday. It is great, I very much enjoyed it, and I'm pretty sure he did too. My favourite character was almost certainly Doug. And I really loved the short before the film too.

  • In Casualty, Ruth is having angst because she accidentally got pregnant and then took an abortion pill without telling her boyfriend because she didn't want to ruin her surgical career when it was just starting, and Jordan is recovering from an operation on his brain, trying to cope on his own, and sort of thinking that his life isn't worth living. Now is the PERFECT time to bring Toby back, as a recurring character maybe. CAN YOU HEAR ME, CASUALTY PRODUCERS? PERFECT. They probably won't though. I hate them a bit.

  • Over the weekend, I also watched the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Francis and Spangler have a long talk in Spangler's office about his early life and his mother. Oh I love Francis and Spangler. I had partially forgotten how much.

  • I also managed to see most of the Futurama feature film Bender's Game. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny a lot of the time, but I'm almost tempted to get it at some point just for the sake of Hermaphrodite, the loveliest of the Centaurs. I also saw part of The Wild Green Yonder, and I am intrigued enough to want to watch more. I think maybe the feature films, even work better split into half hour long episodes.

  • Thanks to my parents having recorded it, I saw the first episode of Emma, having missed it last week, and then the second episode last night. I'm actually quite enjoying it. I love Johnny Lee Miller, I know that he is a bit rubbish sometimes, but I love him. And then there was someone else in it that I thought I recognised, but I think I was mixing him up with someone else, and then someone else came along who looked familiar, and it turned out to be Rupert Evans, or John Myers from Hellboy. Which was quite nice.

  • Then last night I was mooching about late at night looking for something to watch, and lo and behold, I found Blackadder's Most Cunning Moments. With Tim McInnerny! And Percy scenes! And Darling scenes! And I love Percy and Tim McInnerny and Darling, as some people may be aware, so that was quite nice to just find on the TV. Yay.

And now to catch up on Adam and Joe and a few other things. And then probably bed.
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You know, the main reason I don't post very often is usually because I have far too much to talk about.

Such as:

  • There is no longer a dead pigeon in my courtyard.

  • I have the Sarah Savoy and the Francadians album.

  • I switcehd offices at my job, because the other lady had to switch to be the Lead Admin. Suddenly people seem to think I am a properly trained medical secretary. I don't know what that';s about. I'm also the only secretary for the team in tomorrow, because the head lady takes Fridays off, and the other one is on holiday. Hmm.

  • I like Jar City.

  • I went to see Flamenco on Monday, and it was great.

  • I also like these guys.

  • They're selling some Nick Cave albums in Fopp for £5. That's not very fair.

  • Heroes is back. VERY SHORTLY.

  • I love Mutual Friends. So very much. Martin is just pointlessly attractive. I can't believe they went to a shag pad and the shagging wasn't canon.

  • ON EMMERDALE, Carl had a housewarming, at which he and his brothers wore beautiful shirts and jeans, and got on better than they had in a long time, and Carl woke up the next morning face down on the couch, in pain, having got on "a bit too well" with them the night before. Enough said. He gave his brothers a business contact that was meant to be investing in his other company, because they were in trouble with their business, and the new old businessman got all mad and tried to make Carl choose between him and his brothers. And Carl picked his brothers. Obviously. Now the new old businessman is talking about getting revenge on them, but his plan seems to be to get his daughter to seduce Matthew. And I've seen how those plans tend to turn out, so I'm not too worried. He's businesssexual, Anna. And brothersexual. Yopu'd think people would have noticed.

  • Marlon Dingle is the most beautiful thing in the world, also.

  • I like that the lady from the M People is in this year's Dancing. If her partner has a hard time with her, she can tell him to "Take it like a man, baby. (If that's what you are)." There aren't enough people from Emmerdale on the Dancing. Pretty much ever. Debbie would be great on it.

  • Lucas Buck has been in two things I've seen recently. One being beautiful and having corrupt cops on his payroll. Another pretending to be on the side of justice and having fathered another child. People do not take care with Lucas Buck nearly enough.
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Past spoilers for tonight's Emmerdale )

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Things I love:

  1. The King brothers from Emmerdale. I didn't have much time yesterday to explain things, but last week it basically all came out about how Matthew had planted a PA in Carl's office to steal his ideas and ruin his launch for his new business. Carl got mad and smashed printers and computer screens, and Jimmy decided he was SICK of the fighting, and wanted to leave the business and move out of their big house. This led to Matthew pretending he didn't care, then hanging around by doorways listening to Jimmy on the phone to estate agents, and staying late at the office to build a tower of pencils, then run a hand over his face and SMASH the pencils.

    And then on Friday, ALL they talked about was making proposals to each other. Jimmy had a proposal that he and Carl should go into business together. Then Carl found out just how deep Matthew's plan had gone, and went round to tell him how appalled he was. Matthew then chased him out into the street to ask him what would happen now, and Carl was all "Nothing. I'm sick of fighting." And Matthew was all "Come on, you're not ACTUALLY going to stay with [new old businessman]?!". BECAUSE THE IMPORTANT THING IS REALLY THAT CARL COMES BACK TO THEM. THAT IS WHAT HE REALLY WANTS. ALSO CARL SHOULD STAY IN HIS LIFE AND BE FIGHTING WITH HIM, PLEASE. And someone, possibly Jimmy, pointed out that he was going to be ALL ALONE now. And the next scene with them was them all sitting awkwardly in the Woolpack together having a drink. Carl ran off to the bar to get them some more drinks with the new old businessman, who clearly thought he had won something when he HAD NOT, and Matthew asked if Jimmy wasn't going to stay in the house now. Jimmy seemed less than keen, and Matthew said that it wasn't a marriage proposal, WHICH CLEARLY IT WAS. Jimmy said he'd think about it.

    Tonight, Jimmy was round at the office with boxes, and Matthew looked all a bit confused and wary and slightly hurt, until Jimmy said he was just tidying up a bit, having MOVED BACK IN. Then he almost tricked Matthew into giving him a hug, and then laughed at him, and then jumped on him and covered Matthew's mouth with his hand and kissed it. His hand, over Matthew's mouth. Probably they have rules about kissing. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

  2. My plants. They haven't died yet. I got two new ones, actually. A Strelitzia, or Bird of Paradise plant, whose flowers look gorgeous on the little card, but the buds of which form in the winter the back of the card tells me. It also tells me the plant needs fertilising or resoiling every month or so, so the odds of me actually getting it to the flowering stage don't seem that good. The other is an Art Deco dahlia, which I bought already flowering from a market stall, and which is beautiful, if a bit overgrown in the leaf sense. I have slightly higher hopes for it though. The busy lizzies are busy flowering, flowering all over the place. Need to pot them soon, really. And one of the dahlias I bought has one flower on it, flowering. It is the plant I thought it was, I'm pretty sure. And a beautiful colour. All in all, I'm very proud. And pleased.

  3. The Massively spoilery scene from Iron Man )

  4. There's a TV version of Sweeney Todd on at the moment. It's already much better than the Johnny Depp version. Even if there's no singing.
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Emmerdale )
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Last night on Emmerdale, Matthew talked about the new old businessman's marriage breaking up as though it was the same as Carl leaving them. He said "It's a shame when families break up like that, isn't it?". Tonight on Emmerdale, the new old businessman was saying how Matthew always plays dirty, but at least they had someone who knows how to handle him. Matthew then went on to have a conversation with the new old businessman's son in which he almost exclusively referred to Carl as "my brother" and "my little brother". And implied that Carl was just the best thing ever. I love them so much.

Hello. I've been away. And had to deal with rent and bills and things. And a new job, which is going fine. Mostly they gave me audio typing for which I have to look up medication names, and if I need to do anything else I have to ask someone how. But I do have a window and a bit of a view, which is a plus over my last job. And I finish at four, which is quite good.


Mar. 12th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Recent Emmerdale )
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Matthew did quite an admirable job of hiding his gay love for Carl tonight. But yesterday Chas punched Carl in the face and Matthew caught him, and it was quite beautiful. And now Carl has moved out and their suprise younger sister and her suprise sister/aunt have moved into the big house, so Matthew will clearly be going over to Carl's house to get away and have sex a lot. Yes.

The interview

The interview )

My bread has gone mouldy and I forgot to get new. Woe.


Dec. 15th, 2007 10:35 pm
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Restored saved draft entitled: Some work ranting )

That was as far as I got on Thursday before I just ran out of time. But it turned out not to matter because my job finished yesterday. I've got a new one on Monday with the probation office. Which should be fun. They tried to pretend there was absolutely nothing strange about my position finishing, despite them having essentially promised me it until Christmas and having just taken on another new temp. But as I say, the work we were doing was finishing and J(2) had had the five-minute training for the next bit of work we were meant to be doing, which I guess not all of use needed to do. There's still every chance that they let me go because I was the slowest of the temps, but if so they kept the one that was lying on his timesheet, so hah. Anyway. New job on Monday. Which I can apparently walk to. This is only annoying because the agency apparently didn't tell them about the time I'd booked off over Christmas, so I'm going to have to organise it with the new company now, if they'll let me. Or there's the possibility that they'll shut down over Christmas, and I'll be out of more work. I'll have to find out on Monday.

Anyway. After attempting that post TV happened )

Last night, after getting my notice handed to me, I went to see the launch of an exhibition of K's, which was somewhere way out of the city and down a slightly scary dark street, but it turned out to be lovely. Basically she'd been selling off little spaces in a room in an art studio for artists to buy and fill any way they liked, and it was just like being in a miniature gallery. And some of the pieces were lovely. Occasionally I think I'm just impressed by bright colours, but some of it really was very good, though obviously too expensive to ever own. And there was an interactive work on the floor where you could rearrange houses on a white square into whatever design you liked. I wish I'd had my camera. And that it worked. That went on till nine, and there wasn't much food, but, y'know, there were mini mince pies. And after that, K and I ended up going to an 11 o'clock showing of Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Which was great. Spoilers )

Today was a bit mad, and annoying, and COLD ALL THE TIME COLD, but at least I got all my Christmas shopping done. Except that I would like to get something extra for my nephew. The new baby's coming in January, and he's attention-seeking at the best of times, so I wouldn't mind spoiling him a bit. But for the most part I'm done. Now it's about 11 o'clock and I'm going to try to put up my Christmas decorations, a week after my parents brought them. Rah.

ETA: Oh, also - I heard Livejournal was sold to a Russian company quite randomly last week. Do we know anything about them? Are they as bad as Six Apart? What?


Nov. 26th, 2007 08:44 pm
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Oh, also: The King boys are upset again. Some of them are trying to sleep with girls. Happily, it's still mostly girls one of the others has previously slept with. Incest by proxy. Keep it up boys.

Perdy is BEAUTIFUL. That's all.


Sep. 27th, 2007 07:59 pm
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Emmerdale, hour-long special finale )

It turns out my TV only picks up decent reception on ITV now if I sit about 2 metres in front of it. I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work.
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Emmerdale hour-long special )


Aug. 15th, 2007 07:34 pm
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Tonight on Emmerdale, Carl went mad, and his brothers kidnapped him to Europe.

I love you, Emmerdale.
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Dear Matt,

You have got to stop trying to talk people into abusive gay sex because Carl is annoying you and you can't quite bring yourself to hurt him. Seriously.

Much love,

Dear Carl,

You have gone mad with power. I love you.


Dear Jimmy,

I can't believe you put your jacket on the back of Carl's chair. Eeeeee!



Jun. 5th, 2007 07:53 pm
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Tonight's Emmerdale )


May. 31st, 2007 08:13 pm
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”Emmerdale” )

Um. Yes.

There is a problem with Livejournal.

Update 1

May. 17th, 2007 07:09 pm
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Emmerdale )
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Hello. I'm back on the internet.

I love Roman's Empire. Not because it's any good - no - though it has it's moments, but because it suprised me with pretty much my favourite little-known actor, and then made him incredibly gay. Like, 'yes I fool around with guys, but I'm not gay!' gay. He is Seb. He likes rugby, and especially the scrums. Tonight's episode was pretty low-key, but oh God last week, last week the main character, whose girlfriend left him for Seb and who keeps trying to win her back, first tried to sabotage their relationship, and then ended up working with Seb to figure out some financial records, and that the girlfriend's father pimped out his wife to his brother in order to get some funding a few years before and wants to do it again. Seb insisted on being naked for that part. And later on the main character randomly used Seb's catchphrase. At the end they decided they were friends, after Seb remembered the main character's name. Mostly it was just perfect, and if they don't run away together I might scream.

Emmerdale )

TV is occasionally just great.
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Emmerdale )

Anyway. I have not talked Connotations again. Yet. But I did finish almost all the filing! It's sad that that's my big news nowadays.

This weekend is starting to look like a bit much. Not only is the final Lemony Snicket book out on Friday (for which I plan to sneak out from work), but it's also when they've finally decided to release the Garth Merenghi DVD, so should send it for Saturday, and there's new QI, and Have I Got News For You is starting again. And I might not live. Locks and no LJ might be required to pull it off. I have faith in my utmost skills however. Sort of.

Speaking of which: Authortracker sent me vile videos for Lemony Snicket. One is a Bob Dylan rip-off, you know you want to see it. On the site I found out they're bringing out The Complete Lemony Snicket collection. The box is deeply beautiful, though the island is a bit of a Book the Thirteenth spoiler. But - there is a snake offering Violet an apple. Why must my fandom taunt me like this? What are they expecting me to think now? WHY MUST THEY MAKE ME HOPE?

But on the other hand, I think this SnickWiki illustration of the Hook-Handed Man is fug, and I do not believe it is canon.
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Tonight on Emmerdale the Kings continued to be prattish. People don't seem to understand that this is actually very good, because it's terrible and dysfunctional, and ultimately means they're the only people who can put up with each other. And then there's gay incest. People might think Matt's being cruel in constantly undermining Carl's relationship with Chastity, but clearly he's deciding that if he can't have an I'm-pretending-to-be-straight girlfriend, Carl certainly can't. Tom King hopes Carl will let go of Chas and "finally realise where his priorities lie". Matt offered to "keep an eye on him", like he hasn't been waiting for an excuse since forever, and smiled all satisfiedly at the end of the scene, clearly just thinking about it. Tom would be so happy if they just started having sex, and stopped bringing women into everything. Also Carl wandered out to a stone gazebo in the overcast, damp grounds to mope about Chastity, and it was great. And at the end of the episode, Carl had to walk straight past Matt and bang him on the shoulder, to go after Chas. Omg.

I do still have fandoms other than Emmerdale, but that's the one that's supplying me with fresh canon, like, every day.

I keep trying to think about useful things and getting distracted by the French version of 'Paint It Black' they play over Jean Girard's winning streak. People should sing in French more. I love Jean Girard. I LOVE HIM.

Oh, I have a shiny new phone but no new phone number.

Aaand my family is rubbish and I wish they'd sort of go away. Except not in that way cheap horror movie/Twilight Zone style shows always take advantage of, so you descend into a nightmarish hell. We fed Jack a Twister ice-cream till he fell asleep today, but he kept waking up to take another bite. Now I'm going to watch Deadwood. Like I've been intending to ALL WEEKEND.
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