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Firefox updated itself yesterday and, as far as I can tell, switched off my adblocker and all of my online security. Which is not the most helpful thing it's ever done.

Things are going okay here. I have successfully walked the dog twice now. I'm still not thrilled about picking up poo, but it occurred to me yesterday that he's going to have to poo eventually, and I'd much rather he did it up the field than in the kitchen, and now whenever I have to clean up after him on a walk it's almost a joy. I did have some slight trouble getting him back on his leash, though - my mum called today and claims you have to wait until he's investigating some long grass and get him. Last night I had to wait until he took an interest in a nearby couple, which I'm not happy to do on a regular basis. The man told me the best thing to do is have him on the lead in the garden, and call him and sort of pull him in, and then when he gets to you give him a treat, and eventually he'll get the message. I tried to do some of that in the garden today, but I think he was too tired after the walk. Also he eats feathers, and I'm certain he swallowed some last night while running away from me, so I'm a bit concerned that's going to cause him some health and/or digestive issues. But so far he hasn't showed any signs, so we're not having any problems so far.

Mum said things are apparently okay for them too. They had a few problems at bedtime - to be expected - but today the two youngest are on the beach with her and dad, and my ON is inside, not dressed, using the tablet. Where he loves to be. I hope the weather holds out for them. And that there is enough to do in Scarborough that they stay entertained. On Friday, my MN asked if they could take the dog with them on holiday, and my YN said he didn't want to go on holiday because "the seaside's boring. [Our local entertainment complex]'s not boring". We'll see.

I went to see Logan Lucky yesterday, which was fine. A perfectly pleasant way to spend a few hours. And it's nice to see Daniel Craig getting to do something that isn't James Bond. It wasn't as good as The Hitman's Bodyguard though. I'm definitely going to see that again. It was slashy, I don't know if I ever said that, or that I was hoping for that when I went to see it. And in a really lovely way. I really enjoyed it.

I also saw the It trailer again yesterday. On second viewing, it is scary. It just doesn't look very much like It. I had "you'll float too" echoing in my head for the rest of the day yesterday though. It puts me in a bit of a dilemma though, because part of me - given how fast I was reading it - was hoping to finish It before the film came out, so I could compare the two and not be spoilered. But it made me feel like I was reading it too fast, and not enjoying it properly. So when the film looked terrible, I felt like I didn't care about seeing it, and that pressure came off. So now I don't know. And the film's apparently out in two weeks, rather than around Halloween like I assumed.

More things I am now afraid of because of It:

  • The word 'float'.

  • The word 'Kenduskeag'.

  • Actual clowns.

  • Washing things away down the drain, because where do they go, they don't just cease to exist because I wanted rid of them, what am I doing?

  • I was playing a game called Cities: Skylines, because I've felt a bit burned out on games lately, and I think maybe management games are the exact thing I want to do at the moment, and I was genuinely uneasy about putting in sewage pipes for my town. The town is called Beep Beep.

  • The Sims 4 almost immediately started advertising an expansion pack to me featuring clowns and pools, as if clowns and water are anything I need right now.

  • The Sims 4 also has a range of clown paintings you can decorate with, and the first one is like "clowns r sad, because they're only one popped balloon away from the end of their career", and I'm like "leave me ALONE, The Sims"

  • The deadlights (???? !!! ???)

  • Whatever happened to Patrick Hockstetter, the fact they're putting up a missing poster for him in the trailer for the film makes me think it's significant.

But I also, at the same time, kind of want to make all of the kids from It in the Sims in one household, and make Pennywise their sole guardian.
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Our awful twat of a neighbour got his way, anyway. Despite my dad telling our nice neighbours that if they had right of way there was nothing the guy could do, he cut down his bushes, demolished his wall, and got his motorhome on his newly built driveway in the back, leading out into the cul-de-sac. Our nice neighbours had to pave over their front lawn so one of them could park on it, instead of parking in the corner as she'd done for about 15 years. But my dad took some pictures of this guy literally selling cars from the front of his house - and they think that's what he's planning to do on the back, that he's going to move the motorhome in a few months - so they're hoping he gets done for that. It can't be legal, in a house in a residential area. But anyway. It's a real shame.

It's the summer holidays as well, which means my ON has slept over every night since the weekend, when my mum was working a bunch of shifts. Apparently anything with a screen is pretty much broken in his house, so he gets pretty bored in there on his own. I wouldn't mind, but he literally comes down and just plays online Minecraft multiplayer all day. Which I don't think is good for his health or his mind, frankly, but also I think it really fucks with my internet. I obviously can't play online games of my own when he's doing that, but I've also been having issues with videos stopping and starting, and my connection just going weird, even when he's not here. Last night I was trying to check if I could indeed play online games - there was one I was trying to use, and just couldn't connect to a server - so I asked him to come off for a bit, tried a different one, and got into it. I played a few games and then stopped, because I wasn't really that interested in it, and after that my internet was perfect. I get that my cache is a problem, and I'm having to empty that out really often at the moment, but even so it seems like something else is happening. It's not a very technical assessment, and maybe I'm just imagining it. But it's still really irritating.

I also think I'm going to have to get a new phone. I haven't been able to use mine much for a bit, because I had no credit. I called to put some more credit on it at work the other day, and it died in the middle of the call. So I thought 'okay', brought it home, put it to charge overnight. I took it off the charger yesterday, still switched off, I hadn't switched it back on since the battery died. I took it out of my bag yesterday, switched it on, called to put more credit on it, and it died in the middle of the call. So I think the battery's kaput. And I'll have to get a new one.
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Someone called me a cunt online because I criticised an amazing 'faggot' joke in Camp Camp.

I hate the internet.
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We've just had our Easter dinner, since mum was working yesterday, and the kids are all downstairs. It's very hard to remember isn't a Sunday. And tomorrow isn't bank holiday Monday. And that I have to go in to work tomorrow. Not even in to work, in to work early. I offered to go early to meet the note-leaving woman ages ago, and it never got sorted till now. We haven't had any problems recently, and I'm worried she's going to think I'm going in just to tell her how to do her job, but. There are some things we need to discuss, and it'll be nice to meet her, finally.

It sure is quiet on Dreamwidth. Someone should do a friending meme. I would do one, but I never got the hang of how you get the word out.
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I live.

I might not be around very much in the near future though, because my internet is still playing silly bastards. Almost could not connect to the internet enough to delete my Livejournal (RIP) on Friday. So, who knows. However, this last week, even when I was connected to the internet it was slower than usual. I bought a game on Steam because it was on sale, and I swear to god, I've spent the whole week downloading it. But then last night, all of a sudden, my download speed for it went from 50kb/s to 4mb/s, and I downloaded the last 14% of it in a couple of minutes, and after that I could watch Youtube videos, in sharp resolution and without constant interruptions and everything. So, I'm hoping my internet has suddenly just fixed itself. Somehow. Maybe.

Anyway - this will be my first attempt to embed videos on Dreamwidth - after quite a few months of just being disappointed by films and slowly losing any emotion at all towards the Marvel films, it turns out there are quite a few original movies coming out this year that I'd quite like to see.

So that's nice. I hope they come out in England. And some new DC movies will be coming out this year. I can see how they do.
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Right, so just so everyone knows, I haven't gone radio silent out of sorrow. Once again, the internet in my bedroom just failed to work all day, until tonight. I have no idea what's going on with it - the internet in the rest of the house works, only the tablet suddenly disconnected when I tried to use it to watch a video on instead of my computer, and even at that point my playstation and ps vita were still connecting to their online stores. So it can't be our internet. But right now, my internet is working fine and great, and just suddenly started doing so without much input from me. So it also can't be my computer, because it is connecting to the internet fine. So I don't know what it can be. I'm hoping it'll just go back to normal, but who knows, so I might be quiet for a while.

I love Mass Effect: Andromeda. I'm a little worried about World War 3 starting any time now, but what can any of us do? I love T-Bag/Abruzzi.
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I wanted to wait until I had time to make a proper post, the kind of post I think this deserves, but pretty much everybody on my flist has posted about leaving Livejournal today, and I don't want to seem like I'm just jumping on the bandwagon in a couple of days time, so. Ahem.

I'm leaving Livejournal. It's something I've been thinking about for the past few months, ever since the move to Russian servers, and this week after the TOS thing, I just think it's time. Apparently the TOS stuff doesn't even apply to you if you're a paid member - maybe - but...I know this is irrational, but I hear about what's happening in Russia, about them decriminalising domestic violence, and what's happening in Chechnya, because of their anti-gay laws, and everything with Russia and Trump, and I just...I don't want them to own what I think, and what I say on this Livejournal, in any way, in the way they apparently think they own anything being held on a Russian server. I don't want anything to do with them. And I don't want to post to this Livejournal and always feel partly guilty, partly paranoid, when it's something that I loved so much.

And I did love it so much, it's been a huge part of my life, I met some of my closest friends on here, and discovered fic, and pairings, and things about myself, and I really hate to let it go, even if Dreamwidth is basically the same thing. It's not Livejournal. But like I say, I just don't think I can do it anymore. It's not going to be the same. And like I say, I don't want Russia to own anything I think or say in any way, so I'm going to leave this post up for a week, and then I'm going to delete this journal.

A friend of mine told me I should probably lead with "I'm moving to Dreamwidth" and not "I'm leaving Livejournal", but here we go, I don't want to go back and edit now. I'm girlofprey on Dreamwidth - a bit ago I transferred all my old posts including comments, but I haven't been cross-posting since then which is kind of annoying, but ah well. Also I'm not sure if my old photo posts, or posts with videos embedded will have posted properly, and that's a horrible shame, genuinely I am angry about potentially losing that stuff, but there you go. I will happily subscribe to any of you on there, and I'm planning to use that instead of my Livejournal from now on.

I'm really sad. I loved Livejournal. Fuck Russia. Goodbye Livejournal.
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Well, I didn't have the time to even vaguely read through the new User Agreement LJ operates under according to Russian law, so I will just have to hope other people did and will tell the internet in general if there is anything especially fucked up in it/the fucked up parts in it.
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Well. Here's a thing I learned today. My ON loves Minecraft, and he loves playing online multiplayer Minecraft games. Because my dad's computer's is way faster and better than his, he loves to come down here and play them. It turns out that when he does, because we're splitting a wired connection, my internet is so slow as to be almost unusable. So that's going to make things interesting. Particularly if I get into any online multiplayer games I also want to play all the time.

Yesterday was cold at work again, and now my cough has slightly come back. It never fully went away, and I haven't really had my voice back for a few weeks, but it's come weirdly tickly again today, although without any extra phlegm really, so just for no reason at all. I don't know what I did to the Queen, what any of us did really, to deserve this, but I hope it ends soon. For God's sake.
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Right, I don't know what's happening, if it's my netbook or because I tried to mess with the screening settings, or it's just all the weird things Livejournal is adding to the site at the moment, but my previous post just will not let me see the comments so I can reply to them. Jen, I have read your comment and I love it, I did not know about Hillary Clinton, Sky News only reported on her speech as her saying after her defeat she "just wanted to curl up and never leave the house again" and it all seemed sad. I'm glad it was an actual choice she made to be happy, well done her. I would reply to your comment, but Livejournal won't let me.

(FYI, the comments I got prior to this, on the post with all the music videos - I saw your comments too and wanted to reply to them, but my netbook barely enjoyed me opening a post with that many embedded videos in it, never mind letting me interact with comments on a page with so many embedded videos. Sorry about that.)

I'm starting to think my current computer and the current internet aren't the best mix. Have I told you how just trying to open Tumblr takes literally about 30 seconds, and woe betide me if I do it while a Youtube video is playing or even open in a different tab? Yay for websites based mostly on gifs. Good times.
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My sister has gone to Blackpool for the night for her friend's birthday, so we're currently trying to coax my YN to sleeping here for the night, which he's never done before. So we'll see how that goes.

My computer building has hit a slight snag, in that I asked my dad if there was any chance I could get my last £1000 back that they borrowed from me. The build I'm looking at is about a grand, and my mum recently renewed her passport and started talking about how she and dad might book a holiday soon, and I was like '......?...'. I mean, they deserve a holiday. But I really thought they would be paying me back the money they borrowed from me as soon as they reasonably could. And if I take another grand out of my ISA, it's going to start getting to the point where I can't replace it within this tax year, because of ISA rules and everything. So I said to dad it would be easier if I could just use the £1000 of mine that's already out. He agreed, though, and he's going to give me the money. But I asked today, and he said he'd need another week at least to get it to me. So...I can't really do anything until I have the money, so I can buy the parts. So nothing will be happening for at least a week. I will have to stick with my netbook. Which is lovely, but occasionally lags when I try to type sentences too fast, and tends to stop and start when playing Youtube videos. Hmm.

Also, I noticed that the internet went down this morning. That was interesting.

ETA: My nephew has agreed to stay for the night. Once again, we'll see how this goes.
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Also they're going to start putting ads on Adblocker. The Youtubers I watch who produce content for 'free' are thrilled about the irony of this, but it's pretty annoying.
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My dad has gotten us a new modem, and maybe internet, and now for some reason it takes my computer minutes to connect when I switch it on. Even when I just get it out of standby mode. In fact, I think I've had to do something to connect it every time. Meanwhile my Playstations connect just fine. It's quite irritating.

I have been gone for some time. I didn't wander out into Antarctica to die, I was just playing the new Saints Row game. It's quite fun. And very pretty. I sort of wish it was a full game, with clothes and tattoos and everything. And the flying in it is AMAZING. My fave character, Dane Vogel, came back, and he wasn't exactly like he was in his first appearance, but it was a plausible change after losing to death and spending ten years in hell. And he was funny. I love him. AND A BUNCH OF THINGS FROM MY FIC BECAME CANON. Woo.

I was looking up Borderlands to see if any new game add-ons were out, and it turns out they're remastering the Pre-Sequel and 2 for the Playstation 4. I don't have high hopes after some of the remasters I have seen, but it's called 'The Handsome Collection' and it's coming out on my birthday. So. I will probably get that.

I'm training to volunteer at the hospice now, but apparently I can't start properly because one of my references hasn't come back. It's the one from that dude from my last volunteering place. STILL WAITING ON HIM APPARENTLY. I'll have to call and ask if he can either get on that, or if I should ask for one from someone else. I don't know who. Maybe my Jobcentre woman. Anyone else.
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The malware I got yesterday was adware, and even after I uninstalled it I still had a few adverts popping up on my Google results. I don't know if that means it's still lurking about somewhere, or it just messed with my Adblock plugin. I checked the Adblock settings and apparently it was allowing 'unintrusive advertising' - I changed that pretty sharply. But I still don't know if it's on my machine, gathering data I input. Including this blog entry. Apaprently it's not too harmful, it only takes stuff to target you with ads. But still.

Also, FYI, if 'Browser Champion' pops up on your toolbar telling you it's 'protecting your machine!' - it isn't.

Dragon Age: Inquisition )

Fuck Darren Wilson.
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Tried to download a show, accidentally downloaded some Malware. Just had to spend about half an hour getting rid of it. So that was fun. My anti-virus software seemed to catch a lot of it and did everything the google search results told me to, including some nerve-wracking 'do not hide protected files' stuff. Hopefully it won't come back to bite me, anyway.

I went to a Christmas lights switch-on last night. It's usually a small affair, because I'm in a small town, but it was quite nice, and after the lights were switched on they had a little tinsel explosion over the crowds' heads. I was in the queue for food at the time unfortunately, but I still appreciated it.

It has reminded me though that not only is it Christmas soon, it's December next week. I don't have an advent calendar. I will be able to sing Christmas hymns with wild abandon though. I should start thinking about what I need to buy/want for Christmas though. And saving for that. Also get prepared for nephew's birthday, which is two weeks before Christmas, like a little seasonal stumbling block. He's just old enough to actually be aware it's his birthday and what present he's got. I'll get him something nice.

Dragon Age: Inquisition )
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I figured out the thing with the Firefox bookmarks. In case anyone else is having the same problems I was, you have to click the star button to bookmark the page, and then if you click the star again you can edit the bookmark, and move it to another folder a lot more easily. Easy peasy.

The bath chronicles continue. After a few swapped comments and a little tenseness with my parents - I don't think it's ridiculous to want a working bath or shower in the house where you live, or just to know what's happening with that situation. But anyway, after all that my dad did some work on it today, and it turns out he can't get our complicated plug switch working. We have a big knob at the end of the bath you're supposed to turn to pull the plug in or out, and with the two different screws he's using it either won't go down or won't come back up again. But it's all plumbed in underneath, and I reminded him he bought a plug on a chain a few weeks ago which will work in a pinch and doesn't require screws or anything. So fingers crossed, tomorrow we should be able to have our first bath/s in a month or two. After the shower broke last week, mum and dad apparently got used to just having stand-up washes at the sink, and thinking that was okay, with no sense of urgency about the situation from what I could tell. Like, it's what they did when they were younger and I'm sure it's perfectly effective and everything, but it's sort of making me wonder how they'd react to other things I'd consider an emergency. If the fridge broke, would we just live out of the cupboards and forage in the garden for a few weeks? If the water got shut off, would we just buy bottled water for a few months? It's like I have to recalibrate my entire perspective of them.

An ETA on a plumber to fix the shower, in case we have another bath problem, is still pending.
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Firefox has updated itself, and it no longer lets you put a bookmarked page into a particular folder in one go. It puts it into 'Unsorted Bookmarks', and you have to draaaaag it out of there and into the right folder, which might be many scrolls down the page. I don't understand why they have done this or why they would do this or why they haven't emailed us all profusely apologising yet.

Borderlands 2, spoilers for the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve mission )

Have I mentioned to you all that my house is slowly breaking at the moment? For some mysterious reason our internet only works on a some of our computers, and not any of the new ones, and a month or so ago our bath started leaking slightly through the kitchen ceiling, and hasn't been fixed since. Well, it was briefly, but my dad used too much sealant and the new plughole sat a little too far above the bottom of the bathtub for him to be happy with it, so he took it out again. Since then, a light in the bathroom went, and when dad was fixing it he stepped too hard off a ladder and broke the bathroom scales, and then the shower in the bathroom broke for no apparent reason. So we're currently without a shower or bath. It's not a problem for me with my laidback hygiene routine, but apparently my mum's been having to wash her feet in the sink. Hopefully the bath'll get fixed this weekend. If not, I don't know what we're going to do, other than go feral.

Meanwhile though I finally set up my Playstation 4 last week, mostly just to check it worked. Happily, it turns out the PS4 connects to the nearest TV with a HDMI cable, while the PS3 connects with SCART leads, so I won't have to be messing around with the back of the TV to change over from one to the other. They just have to share a double plugsocket with each other and the TV plug. But I don't need the PS4 too much at the moment. It doesn't connect to the internet, that I have noticed, but I've decided not to bug my dad about it, since even his brand new PC doesn't at the moment. Also I asked him to take out the VCR machine we have in the room since I don't use it, and it, the PS3 and the PS4 are all stacked on top of each other at the moment, but - I'm not going to ask about it for a bit.

I have CBT tomorrow, and I have to put some more situations and rituals on my 'Hierarchy of Anxiety'. I also have period pains. Life is hard.
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So, some dude is recommending to the government that they start charging us to see our GP, and stay overnight in hospital, and whatever, and also I apparently have to change every password I've ever had, ever. The outside world is being v disappointing today.

Also there were two rape-y storylines going on at once in Coronation Street the other night, it's never a bad time to have a half-hour full of that. Also Gary and Owen haven't gotten David involved in screwing over Phelan, which I don't understand, he would be great and also love it. I hate Todd. And Tina.

But on the other hand I went to see Cakesy at the weekend, and also caught a glimpse of Whatho, so that was super good. We learned the full and majestic force of the London street sweepers, saw some incredibly unimpressed animals and beautiful graffiti, and Cakesy and I watched fairytales and Brooklyn Nine Nine. It was pretty great.

I am up to episode 19 of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and mostly I Spoilers )

Also I think Andre Braugher is pretty and the show is great.
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Also, people on Tumblr who write too small for anyone to ever work out what you are saying, what are u doing with your lives?
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