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Also Heroes and Farscape are apparently coming back. What is this, are we in a time warp? Is this what happens when you mess with the Large Hadron Collider?

TV, mostly

Dec. 9th, 2008 09:15 pm
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I haven't watched Heroes in two weeks. I've been sort of sucked in by the Devil's Whore and Casualty. They have - acting? Acting where you can tell what might happen sometimes from what people are doing and how they look at each other and stuff? And plotlines that make some sense? I'd forgotten about that a bit. I'm going to catch up with Heroes eventually. It might take some kind of Angela-Peter-Sylar taskforce. I'll probably catch up. At some point.

The Devil's Whore finishes tomorrow, I think. I think things I like will happen. I barely dare to hope. It's a shame though, because it broke up the week nicely. Ah well. I only have one more week left at work anyway.

Tonight on Emmerdale, Matthew convinced the fiancee whose father he secretly caused the death of to give him some money to keep his business afloat. Possibly he really was reluctant to ask, possibly he wanted to seem that way so she'd be more likely to give it to him. I love how awful he is. It's a bit great. It turns out he told Carl about the whole thing the day after her father died, and they sort of discussed it and the best way to handle a secret accidental murder. The King boys are a bit great. I may have mentioned that before. They remain that way.
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Heroes 3.08 )
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So maybe I bought those watch parts. What of it? Actually, I was outbid on the first lot, and then the second identical lot I found from the same seller. But the third bid was apparently just right.

There's no new Heroes today because of the Election, isn't there? Americans and the GODAMNED DEMOCRACY. Why can't they just have a nice peaceful coup like everyone else?
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I have acquired a bunch of new Simpsons icons in the last few days, which I very much love. However, what I was looking for, what I was SCOURING THE COMM for, for a couple of days, was ONE icon of Homer Simpson holding up a beer with the words "To Professionalism!". Ala Homer's Enemy. I did not find one. Growl.

However - is there an icon of Nathan from Heroes saying "I have powers. Political powers!"?

I'm going to my parents' for the weekend, as it's my dad's birthday on Tuesday. The US Election is on Tuesday, isn't it? They have no concept of what the 5th of November should be for. So far this week I have signed up to the dole over the phone and have an interview to confirm this on Monday. However, my agency may have another temp job for me, if I turn out to have the right computer skills. It sounds a bit dull, but the pay seems pretty good. And, y'know, I'd get paid. And I've been trying to get in contact with a lady about applying for a permanent position at a place I was temping at, after the online application form didn't really work (for me), and she hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I will try again tomorrow. So things are looking a bit better than at the beginning of the week. Which is nice.

I still need to pack. And tidy my flat a bit, really.
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Heroes 3.07 )
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Hello. I've been a bit quiet lately, I know, sorry. I've been a bit worried about what I'm going to do about bills and rent and stuff without a paycheque this week, and possibly next. I've called my agency, they're looking into getting a job for me with probation again, but I won't hear anything until next week now. If I don't hear anything by Monday I'm probably going to sign on. Just to generate a bit of income. I've not received my water bill yet, which came last year straight after I came back from [ profile] nerdcakes' birthday weekend. Oh well. I do have some money, so I'm not that worried, but I'd rather not dip into that too much, if I don't have to. We'll see, I suppose.

Today I was in town, finding out you have to make new benefits claims over the telephone rather than in the Job Centre, and trying out Urban Decay eyeshadows on the back of my hand. It looked a bit like I'd punched a clown for a little while, but it's mostly faded now. I possibly overdid one of the green ones. But they are quite lovely colours.

I also forgot to post about Heroes. Heroes 3.06 )
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Heroes 3.02 )
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Heroes Season 3, Episode 1 )
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Tonight's Dancing )

An annoying thing I've realised about my Heroes watching is that if I do watch it on the BBC, everyone downloading will have seen the next episode the day before. There will never be a time when I'm completely caught up on the spoilers and can look at people's posts and the comms until the end. Which is annoying. Hmmm.
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I just saw a preview for Heroes Season 3!

Spoilers for it )
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You know, the main reason I don't post very often is usually because I have far too much to talk about.

Such as:

  • There is no longer a dead pigeon in my courtyard.

  • I have the Sarah Savoy and the Francadians album.

  • I switcehd offices at my job, because the other lady had to switch to be the Lead Admin. Suddenly people seem to think I am a properly trained medical secretary. I don't know what that';s about. I'm also the only secretary for the team in tomorrow, because the head lady takes Fridays off, and the other one is on holiday. Hmm.

  • I like Jar City.

  • I went to see Flamenco on Monday, and it was great.

  • I also like these guys.

  • They're selling some Nick Cave albums in Fopp for £5. That's not very fair.

  • Heroes is back. VERY SHORTLY.

  • I love Mutual Friends. So very much. Martin is just pointlessly attractive. I can't believe they went to a shag pad and the shagging wasn't canon.

  • ON EMMERDALE, Carl had a housewarming, at which he and his brothers wore beautiful shirts and jeans, and got on better than they had in a long time, and Carl woke up the next morning face down on the couch, in pain, having got on "a bit too well" with them the night before. Enough said. He gave his brothers a business contact that was meant to be investing in his other company, because they were in trouble with their business, and the new old businessman got all mad and tried to make Carl choose between him and his brothers. And Carl picked his brothers. Obviously. Now the new old businessman is talking about getting revenge on them, but his plan seems to be to get his daughter to seduce Matthew. And I've seen how those plans tend to turn out, so I'm not too worried. He's businesssexual, Anna. And brothersexual. Yopu'd think people would have noticed.

  • Marlon Dingle is the most beautiful thing in the world, also.

  • I like that the lady from the M People is in this year's Dancing. If her partner has a hard time with her, she can tell him to "Take it like a man, baby. (If that's what you are)." There aren't enough people from Emmerdale on the Dancing. Pretty much ever. Debbie would be great on it.

  • Lucas Buck has been in two things I've seen recently. One being beautiful and having corrupt cops on his payroll. Another pretending to be on the side of justice and having fathered another child. People do not take care with Lucas Buck nearly enough.
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I love Gok's Fashion Fix. I love it so much. If I had any money at all, I would totally have a try at clothes. Even customising.

Things that are or were happening:

  • I went to the Nottingham Riverside Festival last weekend. I mentioned to some people that I'd been by a riverside, and never really explained it. It was lovely, the weather was good, the river is beautiful, I never realised it was so pretty down there. There was music and street theatre and burgers from vans, and the only bad thing was that I kept getting there late, and didn't have much money to spend, and spent probably too much on arts and crafts. I didn't stay for the fireworks, because I didn't want to get home too late, but I enjoyed it anyway.

  • HOWEVER - one band I quite wanted to see, but missed because I got there TOO LATE, was Sarah Savoy and the Francadians. I got there just as who I assume was Sarah Savoy was selling CDs after the show, and I didn't have the money anyway and wouldn't have spent £12 if I did, and especially not on a band I hadn't heard. But since then I have failed to find anywhere, on the entire internet, that sells her CD. Even her own site. I have fallen quite in love with that first song that plays on her/their Myspace page. But nowhere sells it. All I can think is that...I'm going to have to go to Paris. Possibly.

  • On the way down to the Riverside Festival, I stumbled on an arts and crafts market, where one man was selling watch pieces for £2 each. It turns out that the insides of watches are the most beautiful things ever. I bought two. It made me feel a bit Sylar-ish. But they are quite lovely.

  • Work has been mad. I'm back at the psychogeriatric ward, which is mental health for older people, and for two weeks two of the doctors were off on holiday together, because they are married, and this week the SHOs were finishing/changing over, so we had to get all their typing done before they left so they could sign it. Which didn't so much happen. Hmm.

  • Then yesterday I had to go home early because of period pains. And today I went in late because of the same. Which was fun.

  • Now I am hot, and I don't know if it's because of the weather or because my body temperature has risen slightly. Hmph.

  • Probably no-one cares about Heroes anymore except for me, but a thing I didn't know: BBC2 are planning to air Season 3 as close to the USA airdates as possible, to counter the attraction of downloading. Which is quite nice, even if it does make me want to download a bit more. But it'll be on BBC iPlayer as well, which I find a lot easier to use than most streaming sites. So that's quite pleasing, in many ways.

  • The Summer Sundae is on in Leicester this weekend. Adam and Joe are going to be there. And Roisin Murphy. I can get to Leicester with some ease, it's only over there. However, I'm probably not going to go. A) I have no money, and b) I have quite a bit of stuff I need to do over the weekend. Sadface.

  • I recommend this week's Adam and Joe podcast though (here). This week they're doing songs for the new James Bond film, and there's a bit in one of them about wishing Roger Moore would come back. The actual songs start at about 17:50, the whole Song Wars section starts at about 12:54.

  • I saw Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Ha ha.
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  • Fic about Sylar, Niki and Peter being supervillains is not so much being written at the moment, but I do quite like the line "We're getting our asses kicked by a nurse, a watchmaker, and a stripper".

  • This Brothers Grimm vid makes me quite happy.

  • What kind of hat does Indiana Jones wear?
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Will Ferrell clip

I'm pretty sure I sat near someone yesterday who had that.

I'm very tempted to go on a coach holiday to the Eden Project and Cornwall in a couple of weeks. My mum's giving me some money out of her semi-retirement package, and I would really like to go see the Eden Project. But my spring is pretty full up as it is. There's a jewellery show thing on next weekend that I was going to go see, and I'm seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (eee!) at the start of May, and then Simon Amstell at the end. And it would mean taking two days off work (I think) before having two bank holiday weekends and having to take at least half a day off to go to London for the Nick Cave concert. Still.

Last night on Emmerdale, Matthew was beautiful and went round to Carl's to quietly apologise and make him a cup of tea, and Carl just wasn't having any of it. And last night on Dirty Sexy Money, spoilers that I know did not get revealed, but I don't think they're doing a very good job of hiding them. Also, Nick went to see a spy to find out what his dad was looking into when he died, and the spy turned out to be Chandra Suresh. Probably it's only a matter of time before he turns back up to tell Nick he has superpowers. Or everyone else in the show.
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Thoughts on Heroes (spoilers for Volume 2, title of Volume 3) )


Apr. 4th, 2008 11:20 pm
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Right. A quick review.

  1. Last week, I went to see Lars and the Real Girl, which is a great film, and apparently not being shown many places. Possibly because it's about a guy falling in love with a sex doll. Except that he doesn't think she's a sex doll, he thinks she's real, and everyone (on the advice of the town doctor) has to go along with it, until he's worked out his issues. It's really a very beautiful film, and Ryan Gosling plays the main character and is pretty great. I would highly recommend it.

  2. My parents then came to Nottingham on Saturday to take my nephew and me to a play made especially for 3-4 year olds, which was actually really good. It was basically about a "girl" going to sleep, and keeping on going into this dream world of mirrors and lights. It was very well performed. I think my nephew enjoyed it. Then we all went back to my parents' town and went out for a meal for my birthday the next day, which was nice.

  3. Thank you to all the people who wished me a happy birthday as well. I was a bit rubbish at replying. Thanks.

  4. I also saw 27 Dresses this week, which is a great film. My thoughts )

  5. Diamonds are For...Trevor

    I sort of hope there is no character in the new, apparently a bit gay, Bond film called Trevor, because if so that's the best headline the Sun's ever come up with, ever.

  6. I may have, possibly, to celebrate and because I had a bit of money from my birthday, ordered all the books I could find on Amazon from Adrienne Martine-Barnes' Sword series, the first of which I read when I was about 10. The first one and the one I was most excited about, The Rainbow Sword, arrived yesterday. I imagine it fights for the honour of the LGBT everywhere. It has the most beautiful cover I've ever seen also. The second one, The Crystal Sword, came today and sadly smells a lot of cigarettes, but appears to be about the son of the main character from the first novel, who wishes he could have adventures like his mother, which is GREAT. I love them so much. Magic swords will save the world. I'm pretty sure.

  7. I still do love the Heroes Peter Can Do Anything Better Than You vid. And I quite like this Claire+Niki+Jessica one. Although I think it's a shame no-one's done a Niki/Jessica one to Material Girl.

  8. I got to wander around a pre-renovated set of artist's studios based in an old police station that was still a bit infested with pigeons on Wednesday. And yesterday I may have applied for a permanent job at the Broadway cinema. My application form was written pretty much in one night and may be mostly waffle, but I'm waiting to see how it pans out. It would be nice to get it. Very nice.

  9. I started watching Dirty Sexy Money last week, and got to see the first episode - on during some panel at Orbital - on Saturday. It's quite great. It's about a lawyer (Peter Krause) who works for a large, rich, and quite corrupt family in New York because his father did it and the head of the family pays him a lot of money to do charity work with. Also he thinks one of the family might have killed his father. Mostly I'm shipping Peter Krause (aka Nick) with the brother who shouts at him (aka Brian). And I love Peter Krause/Nick, but Brian Darling is slightly the best thing ever. Spoilers up to episode 3 )

  10. I might have got all my icons back. Possibly.
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Con Report: Orbital 2008 - Monday )
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I got earthquaked last night. Since I was in bed when I felt the last one a few years ago and knew what it was, I mostly thought "Earthquake, whee!". It did feel a bit precarious, my bed being off the floor and the windows rattling for a good 30 seconds. But interesting. My radio and the local newspaper are arguing over whether it was the biggest quake in 25 or 250 years. That's rather a sad state of news affairs.

Random rambling about No Country For Old Men )

1) There's a person who apparently wants Llewellyn/Anton slash and likes Arrested Development. SHE'S LIKE MY PEOPLE.

2) I knew it had to exist somewhere. I KNEW it.
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It's amazing how often you can just apply songs to a fandom. The Decemberists' 'Yankee Bayonet' is clearly a great Niki/Jessica song. Ditto 'The Crane Wife Part 1' for Noah and Claire, or Noah/Claire if you swing that way. Noah/Claire makes a lot more sense after Season 2. Dude.

My fairy lights don't stretch from the plug socket to my tree. That's quite sad. But other than that all my decorations are up, hurrah. And my Christmas shopping's done. Except that I might switch something for another thing. Or get some other things. OR SOMETHING. But mostly, done.

New job tomorrow. Rah.
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