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Well, I was supposed to be going to Nottingham tonight, having arranged with the agency to go register tomorrow morning (still no word on that interview, despite having talked to them all day). But since the weather is disrupting all the train routes and frankly, scaring me, I decided to postpone it till the afternoon and go tomorrow. So I have an extra evening of Morrowind and internet. Hurrah. Also vague packing, but probably only of the vaguest kind. I could of course prepare for any interviews I may or may not have over the weekend. THAT WON'T HAPPEN.

(Also, my dad is apparently stuck in London since a tree fell on the train in front of his, and they recalled them both to the station. It's sort of scary and amusing all at once.)

I don't know what my internet access is going to be like from now on. My friends in Nottingham don't have it, but I might be back if nothing comes up, but I should probably stay even if it annoys them to be available for stuff. I could of course move out and get a flat really quickly, but there's no guarantee that will have the internet either. So I might not be around for a while. Thought I ought to say, just in case. Declarations of love or the location of buried treasure are probably best revealed tonight, or on my mobile.

I was going through iTunes so I could upload new stuff, and I appear to be incapable of deleting entire albums. It's pretty much just a mess of songs, ocassionally arranged into very small playlists. On the plus side, I did well enough to get the entire Wicked album uploaded in time for Nottingham. Which is what I was really aiming for. I'm going to be pop-u-lar...

In other news, [ profile] strangeumbrella made a big post about Guy/Mac, and it was great. It is lovely when things appear and let you know you aren't the only one. Also, apparently goats faint. Who knew?
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Hello. I'm at Cee's. It's a bit cold and dark. But lovely! She bought me Pringles and chocolate chip muffins, and we watched American Gothic. Some episodes are seared into my brain, now. We ordered pizza and she let me watch Emmerdale. We talked about Yuletide and her racist friends. I can almost ignore the fact that her laptop FAILS ME AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

We went to see Smoking Aces! (Smokin' Aces?) Read more... )

And now I'm going to the Green Wing convention. I still don't know entirely what to expect, which makes it hard to get excited, and I'm not convinced they're going to feed me, but Cecilia at least found me an easier way of getting there, so off I go. I'll report back later. Possibly in possession of Guy Secretan's scrubs.
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It was my nephew's birthday yesterday. He is two. Sadly he spent it with a cold I probably gave him, having just come out of it when I got back last weekend. He seemed happy enough when he had all his presents though, so. Guilt slightly abated.

I'm going to London tomorrow to see Cee. I keep forgetting the part where I'm also going to the Green Wing convention on Saturday (which, by the way, seems like a nightmare to get to from Cee's flat), but hopefully that won't lead to any accidents and horrified realisations around Saturday afternoon. Hmm. Anyway. I'm mostly packed, assuming I haven't forgotten anything. I'm not sure when I'll be coming back, Sunday or Monday, or how long I'll be at home if the job thing works out - though given that they're 'ringing them on Monday/Wednesday to see about maybe getting me an interview' I might be jumping the gun on that - but I'll probably be checking in from Cee's, so might be vaguely around.

In the meantime, you should all watch American Gothic, if you haven't already, and join [ profile] rackyourballs, the brand new slash comm. Because you know you want to. You didn't choose Trinity, my friend. Trinity chose you.
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The Green Wing special DVD came this morning. 11 hours later my nephew has gone home and I can post about it.

Spoilers for the extras and the special, some in the form of picspam )

So that's the end of Green Wing. Except for the possible spin-off. And my continuing, endless love of the slash.
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Hello. I haven't been here for ages. I went to see [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] alicamel, [ profile] nerdcakes and [ profile] calapine for New Year's Eve and they kidnapped me they were difficult to leave. But I couldn't have had a better time if someone had taught me to dance, so it's really all fair.

All of that (where 'all' is subjective) )

And then today I finally managed to get up in time for the Lancaster-Leeds train with no changes, and it turned out to be on the Settle-Carlisle line. Which is gorgeous, and goes through some fantastic countryside, and I highly recommend - if you're ever going to Lancaster from Leeds on the train. I wasn't always sure I was going to Leeds, but I'm pretty sure we went along the coast, and I saw what looked a like a kestrel, and what looked like a yak, and stations with names like 'Giggleknees'. And I ended up in Leeds a mere two hours later! And am come here now.

Naturally we watched the Green Wing special. Thoughts )

And I didn't do any '2006 in retrospect' or 'this year in fic' (sparse) posts, and I haven't finished reading Yuletide even, or done my 'Big Reveal' (I wrote Underbelly, Neverwhere), but I did have a really good time in Lancaster, and I don't regret it. Even when we turned a weekend into a looong weekend. So hurray :)
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Guy! Going feral! Making friends with wolves! Omg the love!
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I have once again arranged to go away for the weekend and by Thursday night completely forgotten to pack. When I need to get up early for a lift again tomorrow morning. Sigh. At least I have a few CDs worth of the Smiths to get me through this stressful time. And a vague rememberance of what was useful and not-useful last weekend. Ah, the Smiths.

Also I need to fill in and send off my Green Wing convention acceptance sheet. And write my "Christmas list" so my parents have some idea what to get me. Given that it's December in two weeks. Eek.

So yes, by the way, I will probably be offline until Monday, maybe by Sunday night. I hope to see a good play, my friends, and possibly Casino Royale by the time I get back. Hurrah.

It would be sort of helpful if LJ posted paragraphs as they were written, on posts like this, effectively combining possible interaction and composition time.

Anyway. I also watched the last three episodes of American Gothic. Brief thoughts )

And now. I need to pack.
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Green Wing news )
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I've been a bit off the radar for the past couple of days. Sorry about that. I'm sort of slowly alternating between getting stuff done and looking on this happily as a new adventure, and getting upset and seeing it as a pointless exercise of jumping through hoops that are too far off the ground anyway. I like to think 'happy new adventure' is winning.

I can't believe I'm having this little life crisis the same week as Connotations. Though I suppose this is my first summer ever without school/education to go back to at the end of it. And maybe I should look on it as a little reprieve, before that whole 'sorting out the rest of my life' thing. Or - the 'totally not doing that' thing. However it turns out.

I just realised I never did a proper Con report for last year's Connotations, I don't think. Let's see... All of that )

That was fun. And only vaguely shameful. I'm totally going to try to get more involved this year. And wear a different top for the Moderately Tidy Dinner.

DVDs have been helping lately. Have you started watching American Gothic yet, Jekesta? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. Oh. I'd forgotten how much I love Dr Matt. With his accent. And his hair. And all the crazy, constant subtext he has with Lucas Buck (Buck with a B). Lucas so wants into his pants. It's not even funny. Except when it is. And there are hilarious outtakes on the Green Wing Series 2 DVD, including a scene from the Coma episode which is so much like what Guy would do, and so like what he actually did during the episode, that I pretend it is just excised canon, and OH IT MAKES ME HAPPY! Even if I am falling slightly more in love with the therapist with every watch. He's great, is Jake. He could sort out Guy's problems in NO TIME FLAT. Or just turn him into a traumatised, shuddering ball. And then have sex with him. Yay.

This post wasn't meant to be totally taken over by a Connotations con report in the middle. But there you go.

15 things.

Sep. 2nd, 2006 11:10 pm
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The plan was to sort out all of the books today, get rid of some and sort the rest into neat, tidy sections; and then this evening, buouyed by a sense of my own usefulness, to answer my 5 lists' with wit, creativity and joy. But then mum wanted to go for a walk with Jack, and then it was dinnertime, and then Jack ran into a doorframe and fell on a plastic bottle and cut his lip and trapped his fingers in a door and it was JUST AWFUL, and it's just really good he can't speak yet. None of you are allowed to report us, either. And my books aren't at all neat or tidy, and I can't quite bring myself to count them and do statistics, tonight.

So the lists are going to have to be slightly off the hoof.

[ profile] nerdcakes asked for:

Top 5 reasons Guy drags himself away from the bathroom mirror every morning )

Top 5 rare pairings that TOTALLY MAKE SENSE, WHY DOES THE WORLD NOT NOTICE THEIR GLORY? (contains spoilers for the Supernatural finale, and Lemony Snicket series )

Top 5 things that are, liek, totally overrated )

The rest tomorrow, I expect.
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Neverwhere the TV series, parts 1 and 2 )
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We took my nephew to the park, which has a lake in it. We saw a swan with signets, and a duck with ducklings. And then a dead bird floating at the edge covered in flies. And the circle of life was complete. And I was slightly put off ever going outside again. My nephew is sleeping now, or possibly tormenting my mother and making her show him the garden, again.

In one of the My Little Pony specials from when I was younger, they were up against a demon man who lived in a big dark citadel, and had a bag of darkness. The darkness used to twitch sometimes, and he had to stroke it and tell it to calm down. And when he opened the bag, the darkness would whoosh out and surround things, and make them evil. Puppies were turned into hellhounds. Butterflies became huge hawks of doom. The ponies turned into dragons, which pulled his chariots and killed things for him. It just keeps coming back to me nowadays how memorable that was, and what a great plot point it was. And how it's what more fic and books/films/TV shows need - a BAG OF EVIL. Just enough to make things evil and kickass. Dude.

It has occured to me that a lot of my favourite stories and plot ideas are about demons, witchcraft and guns. Possibly I'm just in all the wrong fandoms for this to mesh with. Although I was once going to write a Green Wing story where it turned out Mac was the Devil, and Guy was the Antichrist, and they both ran off on his motorcycle to corrupt churches and cause havoc. While Caroline, Holly and the hospital chaplain (and possibly Statham) joined forces to try to stop them. It occured to me I might not have the stamina for a story as huge as that would need to be. Though I still stroke it for its shiny sometimes.


Jun. 12th, 2006 06:34 pm
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Someone over at [ profile] greenwingicons posted one with the words to 'Hey Jude' and a picture of Mac. AND NOW I'M LAUGHING AT [ profile] nerdcakes.


May. 22nd, 2006 04:09 pm
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Finished my degree, dudes.


And also, YAY! The exam went okay. I had to stomp on my Green Wing squee, and revise for two solid days with essays I didn't completely understand, and was just about accustomed to the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, then started the exam and realised I sort of did. Unless it was rubbish. But I can pretend it wasn't for four weeks! I did not finish my second question. But I made an Essay Plan, so may get marks for my ideas anyway. Mostly it took a mere two hours, and was then over.

I do not know entirely what to do with myself.

Some waffling about my future, near and far )

Probably there will mostly be reading and DVD and watching TV, for a while. Emmerdale is pleasing lately, what with Carl and Matt tragically at odds again. Those interested will probably want to watch it this week - I have a feeling it'll be a Matt/Carl/Cain/Chas odyssey. And there might be Green Wing angst/funeral fic. I have been mostly rewriting tragic lines from Last Orders to that effect. Such as Spoilery, actually ).

And there are films like X-Men and Confetti to see, and Brick again, and oh. It's good, for a little while. Also, I sort of didn't watch Dr Who on Saturday, in favour of dinner with a long-lost housemate. It's recorded, so no spoilers please? Except - DID HE DIE??? ::fearful::

I apologise for any incoherence in this post. It's been a while and I've FINISHED MY DEGREE, DUDES! :D
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Green Wing 2.8 )

Thoughts I had after those thoughts )

::contemplates going to check the carnage at [ profile] ___greenwing...::
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I just wrote the last essay of my degree. Dudes.

I wrote it yesterday. And I'm slightly worried about the fact none of my fellow Arthurians were around at the time of deadline. And possibly it was just ALL NO GOOD, but it is done, and they're all done, and I'd like to do something to celebrate but I'm actually too tired to move. Yet here I am back at the computer. Ah well.

This means that my degree is practically OVER, except for my exam on Monday, which is only for two hours - and you can revise all you want, because you never know what will come up, but you're actually only going to use two hour's worth of stuff. This is how I feel now, post-essays, knowing that there NO MORE WRITING to be done. Probably I'll start freaking out more tonight.

Exam is also after the Green Wing finale, omg. I'm sort of hoping for a huge cliffhanger until Christmas, because I'm not ready for it to be over, and especially not if they go the way I think they're going to go. Oh. Guy. Mon cher Guillame. If they end with Guy/Caroline, I will love them excessively, mainly for flying in the face of most of fandom. If they end with the OT3 I will LOVE THEM FOREVER, and first-born children may be involved. Omg. Tomorrow.

Also there will be Part 2 of Mickeytastic Dr Who on Saturday. About which I choose to have no feelings one way or the other, to avoid hurt.

I hope he gets a gun.

I sent off my Connotations form, and have a space in a room (of great!), so that is all going swell. And I have money which will probably be ALL GONE a few days after my exam. And I can finally watch those DVDs that got delivered to my door EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, while I was trying to work. And I need to renew my paid time and extra icons soon. Yes.

My housemate does not like Sawyer, and is ruining my appreciation of new Lost. Woe.

Not enough of you have been to see Brick and brought me back a fandom.

I go sleep now perhaps.
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I am going to Connotations. YAY!

Green Wing 2.7 )

Dr Who 5 - with possible spoilers for next week, they're not verified )

Back to the essays.
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My house has turned into a bizarre, nocturnal/time-zone free kind of place. I keep coming downstairs in the morning to find all the lights and television on, while my housemates sleep until the afternoon before getting up to write. It's slightly scary and disorienting. But K has finished her dissertation now anyway - only two essays left - and J is handing in his second to last today, so it'll all be over soon enough, I guess.

And me? I have an essay due on Thursday that I've just started (introduction and a paragraph) today, after excessive and not necessarily relevant reading - and am caught between references and theories and saying 'omg it is so COOL!!' - and am pretty sure that, as per usual, I'll end up writing a 5000 word essay in place of a 3000 one, and have to spend even more time cutting it down. Before starting on the next one. Sigh. I'm getting on with the Creative Writing though. Apart from freaking out that everything I write is too short/too "open"/too weird. And it's too late to get feedback. And I can't spend too much time on it because of other essay/s. And yes.

But it will be over soon. Two weeks today, two weeks today, etc.

I'm starting to think it was actually really rubbish of Channel 4 to put Green Wing on around my birthday - given that it is JUST GETTING INTERESTING in the middle of my essay deadlines. Hmph. But I love it still. I may write a huge squeeing post when this is over, assuming they don't crush all my hopes and dreams. Till then essays. Totally.

Me again

May. 2nd, 2006 11:57 am
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So I'm finished with all my preliminary essays and seminar work, as of this morning. Now I can focus on my essays. One of which is due in next Thursday. Then one the next Monday, and one the next Thursday. But I've done a quick survey (of my housemates and, like, two other people) and apparently everyone is feeling much the same stress and has done about the same work, except for the ones killing themselves with Dissertations. So I get to blame the weather and season and general mood, I think. Spring is a rubbish time to do essays anyway, all sunny and distracting with the promise of things to come. And there's always a sunny heatwave during exam periods, before the thunderstorms of summer, damn it. But at least it'll all be over in 3 weeks.

I comfort myself with good TV. Doctor Who and Green Wing talk )

In conclusion: tired, should be doing lots of work, will probably end up going to see Slither in town instead. Not even pretending to not be eyeing the flist anymore, though sporadically. This may end soon. Catch you later.


Apr. 27th, 2006 02:13 pm
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I told you I'd be rubbish at this.

We had househunters. Also ants. I cleaned the kitchen, which involved cleaning up the ant powder and probably breathing a lot of it in. Also I nearly went blind from recycling. But it was the first time I had ever cleaned the kitched when I was finished the kitchen was TOTALLY CLEAN, dudes. I had such pride. Then I hoovered my room, and the carpet isn't grey!, and I watched Blackadder and ignored the fact I was meant to be doing a takeaway exam. But I have been doing work. Not enough, naturally, but I've handed two things in, and they were just straightforward enough that I get to worry that I didn't put enough work/thought into them, but they're each worth quite a small amount of marks, so I'm just going to move on. Now I just have the three massive essays and film presentation to do. Yes.

I have been far less strict with myself about TV and film than LJ, naturally.

On Green Wing: The OT3 is true! As is the OTP! And yes!

On the Night Watch DVD: Extras spoilers ) It's only a shame that, as with Green Wing, they brought out the DVD when I am much more psyched about part 2.

And on Emmerdale: Omg, Sadie TOTALLY USED CARL AND MATTHEW'S LOVE AGAINST THEM! It was amazing. She was all 'I think you should have lunch with Carl. He likes you. He trusts you.' And Carl was so obviously, beautifully still in love with his brother, all sneaking out of work to have a drink with him. And Matthew was so obviously 'I pretend to not know what she's talking about so I DO NOT HAVE TO BETRAY MY BELOVED HOT brother!'. But he did. And Carl found out. All in one episode. It was great like woah. Seriously, if you want some brotherly vaguely-pretty-when-Carl-doesn't-make-that-face angst fallout, with added Yorkshire accents, tonight, ITV, 7 o'clock.

And I am quite looking forward to Saturday's Dr Who too. Oh, and 'Suburban Shootout' tonight on 5 - I await it with awe.

Also I miss you lots except when I'm secretly checking my flist as well as my email.
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