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My dad's such a jerk. I was just watching Coronation Street (second episode only, I need to catch up at some point), and they're doing a storyline about a character's new boyfriend being a transvestite at the moment, and tonight she was going out on a date with him when he was all dressed up, and my dad literally jumped up to go do something in the kitchen, shouting something about how they'd lost 3 million viewers, and they've got a new executive producer or something, and he's friends with 'Colin' (??), and he keeps bringing in all these new stories about "homosexuals", it's all his doing, losing viewers, etc. I tried arguing with him by pointing out the number of serial killers they've had on the street over the years, only for him to say something along the lines of it wasn't him saying it, it was all in The Sun, he could show me. Twat. They've actually made Ken's gay grandson slightly more interesting tonight, although from what I've heard I don't know what the future holds for the teenage lesbians. But. It's still mostly straight characters on the soap. He just doesn't want to look at a man in a wig. It's times like these I want to tell him that I'm bisexual (if he hasn't already guessed), but shouting it in a fight doesn't seem like the best way to tell him. If I ever do. Hmph.

Anyway. I've been feeling a bit weird and restless over the last week or so. I've been going to a couple of my hometown's local festivals over the past couple of days, so that might be it. Just strung out and slightly more anxious than usual all the time. I'd like to assume it's my hormones or something, but I think I spend about half my life nowadays feeling a bit weird and assuming it's something to do with my hormones. Maybe it is. Sadly, while it has been a few weeks since my last period, I've never been terribly regular, so it's pretty impossible to tell when anything's actually going to happen. Alternatively, it might be having done all the things last week with my appeal and trying to do some volunteering that's put me a bit on edge. Or, I've been eating too much sugar lately. Possibly one of those things.

I've been watching some more Danny Phantom lately, which is an animated kids show really, but one I really like. Also, I don't think I've ever seen a show so set up for underage fic as that one. Yowza. BUT, having finished off season 1, I got onto the season 2 disc last night, only to discover - after a number of episodes that didn't seem to follow on from each other - that like the American Gothic dvds, they haven't put the episodes on it in the right order. So I have to get a list from the internet or something so I can watch them in the right order, or watch the ones I should have seen by now but haven't to start off with. Which is irritating. I never had this problem with Daria. Or only slightly.

Also, the kink memes I have been following have gone weird in a new and exciting way. Not seeing any prompts for the pairing you like is one thing. Only seeing prompts for your pairing where one of the characters is basically a Bad Guy as a plot point to set up the fic for another pairing, is another thing. Seeing prompts for your pairing where one of the characters is basically a Bad Guy in plot point fashion, but without it being to set up another pairing, or ANY other pairing, is...another thing. Hmph.

My plans for this week continue apace though. I've emailed K about possibly going to the Riverside Festival with her. She's in Berlin at the end of the month apparently, but I don't know if she's free at the beginning of August yet. And a cinema near me is showing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 this week, which is nice because I never got round to seeing it when it came out. And I am quite interested in seeing Part 2, and seeing it in the cinemas, so. It'll be nice to be able to. Also, my DVD of Single-Handed series 1 has FINALLY arrived, and series 2 starts on Thursday. Starting with Jack Driscoll finding out a 'terrible family secret'. Oh Jack, will your family ever stop being terrible and having secrets? I shall have to watch to find out I guess (my guess is, no). So. It's not been a 100% bad week, so far.
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Hello! I went out to see Northern Ballet's Cleopatra tonight. God I love ballet. Anyway, it was really good, it was a bit weird that given that it was called Cleopatra, we didn't really see her do much ruling or anything much outside of her rivalry with her brother/husband, her affair with Caesar, and then her affair with Mark Anthony. If they wanted to remake Anthony and Cleopatra, they could at least have let people know by calling it that. Also, between the history they gave us in the programme, the story they actually told in the ballet and the things I have learned from Horrible Histories, I am left just really confused about the story of Cleopatra, Caesar and Mark Anthony. But it was good, and then main ballerina was amazing. I thoroughly recommend it though, if it's on anywhere near you and you like ballet and have the money and stuff.

I had a bit of a trial getting there and back though. Yesterday, just to check, I went online and looked at the train times coming back. It turned out that the last train/s back from Leeds to my home town are now 35 minutes earlier than they were before, or 25 minutes earlier and I have to wait over at a different station for 35 minutes at half past ten at night. So my parents and I made a plan that I would try for the earlier one, and if I had to get the one with the big stopover my dad would come and pick me up from that station. Then today, I was all set to go get the train at the usual time to go to Leeds, but when I checked it just in case just before I went out, it turns out trains are all different on Saturdays, and I'd just missed one train and the next one would get me to Leeds train station at 7.20 when I needed to be at Leeds Grand Theatre/in my seat at 7.30. I took a taxi from the station in the end, and managed to get there in time. I bought a programme before I went in, which was too big for my bag, so when I went to the bathroom during the interval and didn't want to fiddle with my bag too much with wet hands, while juggling it about while trying to wash them and get tissue out to dry them, my programme ended up falling out onto the (slightly wet) bathroom floor. Then after I got out of the theatre, happily a little bit early, I had to peg it down to the station, to the point where my legs went really stiff, but I managed to get the first train. Then just as we were pulling into my home station, a man sat across from me looked over and asked if I had any tissues, and I realised he'd thrown up in his lap. Or his friend had done it, but frankly, his friend didn't look apologetic enough to have done it himself. But anyway. I got home alright. Hurrah!

Also, the back of my programme had all of the shows Northern Ballet are planning to do this year. They all look so lovely. But also expensive. Hmph.
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It is so warm. It is too warm to do anything. I can't believe how warm it is.

Some blathering about the next few weeks/months )

Anyway. So I'm doing a bit of planning at the moment. And it's very warm.

I keep meaning to post about Cornwall. Essentially the train journey down there was long but lovely, the B&B me and mum stayed in was lovely, we went to the Eden Project, which we both now have annual admission to because we donated our admission and giftaided it rather than paying it. Then we went to Charlestown, a harbour which was nearby, and paddled in the sea, and went to the Shipwreck and Heritage Museum. Then we went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which are lovely. Then we went to a small town called Fowey, which is lovely and more interesting than we had time to explore in the morning we were there, because we caught a ferry at midday-ish to another town called Mevagissey, which we had passed through on our way to and from the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and which was also lovely. We spent a good part of the afternoon just sitting in the harbour. We saw a seagull get, open and eat a packet of strawberry sweet sticks as well. Then we had another incredibly long train journey, though not as long as the one going down there, and we were back in Leeds. I didn't get a chance to go to the Jamaica Inn, but it was lovely, I really enjoyed it.

See yas. x
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Was out with the family tonight at an event at Newstead Abbey, which I've never been to since I came to Nottingham. But this was quite a nice introduction. Essentially they'd dressed the place up in lots of traditional/unusual Christmas decorations and filled it with harpists and Santa Claus, and you could wander around for about £8 each, although there was a set path and lots of it was cordoned off. Also there was a craft/fine food fair in the grounds, grouped into two tents because of the rain, I think. The family consisted of me, mum and dad, Katie and Jack. But it was lovely, we bought some toys for Jack and some Christmassy suncatchers, and had some roast potatoes and pancakes with syrup that mostly collected down to the bottom of the packaging. Jack spent rather a lot of time being excited about going to see Santa, and then when he actually met the big man with the giant white beard ran away and hid behind my sister. I think Father Christmas forgave him though.

It's really quite a lovely house. Mostly I only know that Byron lived there, but some of the rooms and portraits are lovely. Byron had a wolf-dog that he is thought to have inherited with the house. I didn't know that. There is also a couple of jackets of his in the house. Which seems a bit strange, but whatever. I was vaguely tempted by a book of his poems in the gift shop, but resisted. Anyway, after the house we had a little walk around the grounds, then went to the gift shop and almost went a bit mad trying to cope with Jack, and then it was only about half past seven so we ended up going to Pizza Hut for dinner. There were a few of our patented family arguments, but mostly it was very good, and Jack sat on my knee quite a lot. Also we made friends with a waitress called Harriet. She ended up being sort of used as a threat against Jack, that if he didn't behave she would be angry, but oh well. My parents had also brought up some old Christmas decorations I had in my room last year, although in all the messing around Katie unfortunately left her and Jack's scarves and gloves here. I'll have to take them back in a few weeks time.

Tomorrow I have to get up, do the washing and possibly the recycling, go into town and buy food for the week, then come back, possibly do the washing up, get ready for work, and possibly decorate my flat for Christmas. Then another 37.5 hour week of work. I'm meant to be going out with K and J (who's up for the night) on Monday, although I'm not sure I can afford it, and K and I have arranged to go see The Golden Compass on Wednesday. Next weekend I have to do more washing, some possibly more in-depth recycling, the food shopping, and the rest of my Christmas shopping. Then next week it's more work, before going back to my parents' for Christmas. I'm not entirely sure it's going to work, but that's the plan. Thankfully, I have most of my Christmas shopping done. There's only really dad and grandma to buy for, and I'm limiting myself to £5-ish. It's still not particularly pleasant, especially in Nottingham town centre on a weekend. But there you go. I also have to renew my Young Person's Railcard before getting the tickets for the trip home. Hmm.

Livejournal was a lot more fun when I had 100 icons to play with.
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A Poll

In your knowledge/opinion, the Golden Compass movie:

  • Using spoilers from the rest of the books in the trilogy?

  • Making up extra stuff for their own purposes?
If it's the first one, I may actually have to avoid it, which will be disappointing.

Had flat inspection on Thursday. Didn't get all the cleaning I wanted to done, but it turns out that where things can't be cleaned, wiping is just as effective for a visual test. Sadly not everything could be wiped, but still, they haven't written any angry letters to me yet. And I like the flat being clean. It's amazing how much bigger places look when you hoover the floor. It needs a bit of a dust and the drawers tidying, and a bookcase for the books and stuff on the floor, but other than that I'm quite pleased with it at the moment.

And then last night I went to London to see Interpol play at the Alexandra Palace. I need to update LJ more often I think. The gig )

Then I had to get back to Cee's flat by myself at 11 o'clock at night. I had a route all planned out on the buses because I didn't particularly want to take the tube, but after getting a bit lost then finding my bus route again and having three of my buses go by packed with Interpol fans, I decided to sod it and got a bus to the tube station. It turns out the tube is packed at quarter to midnight on Fridays, or at least the ones going to Kings Cross. So it was all fine. And then this morning Cee took me for breakfast, to a lovely place that offered pancakes I failed to take advantage of. And I had a smoothie, though I wasn't expecting the tanginess of the blueberries. Then Cee went off to do some shopping, and I had a wander through Islington. Bought my own Kripy Kremes, and managed to do a bit of Christmas shopping. My schedule for the next few weeks looks like this:

This weekend - Interpol in London
Next weekend - A thing at Newstead Abbey with my parents, briefly
The weekend after - Free
The weekend after that - Last weekend before Christmas, for which I'll have just gone back to my parents

So I need to get a start on it really. Anyway. I came back to Nottingham, and missed my train so had to pay £30 for a new ticket. Which was shitty. But will at least teach me not to miss it again. And I went to see Fred Claus, with my "free" evening. It was a bit beautiful. Vaguely spoilery )

And now I'm home, and my mum just called to say my uncle Bill has died. Which is sad. It's sort of strange because I never really saw all that much of him and my aunt's family, or at least not recently, and he's had terminal cancer for a while. But I did see him ocassionally, and know him, and he was only 65. But them's the breaks, I guess. I mostly feel bad for my aunt. I'm going to try to send her a card, I think. Or send it to my mum to give to her. I think she's been prepared for it for a while too, but still.


Oct. 31st, 2007 08:33 pm
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I was totally going to do a proper post last night, as well as vague minor rambling on Heroes, but then chores and minor panic set in. Oh well.

This weekend was a bit of a disaster. General rambling )

On Monday morning, I managed to be late despite doing pretty much what I usually do on a morning, except having no corned beef so having to magic up a sandwich from other ingredients I had. Then I went the wrong way into the building and had to go back to the kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge. Then the water machine had no plastic cups, so I had to go back to the kitchen to get a mug. Then I had to go back to the kitchen to re-rinse it because I couldn't actually drink out of something with that many tea stains. Then my bag fell down my arm as I was getting water, and splashed it all over me. It was rubbish. Yesterday morning, my agency rang at five to ten in the morning to say they hadn't got my timesheet for last week (which I sent), and they needed it by ten, so could I do another one quick sharpish? People were missing and the fax was engaged, so I did not get it in by ten. Which means my wage this week will probably be delayed, and I really did need that money in my account to cover the bills. And. Yes.

But it wasn't all bad. K and I went out on Monday night, since she and J moved out of their flat last week and were leaving Nottingham this week. Except it turned out J had already gone. But it was nice. We had dinner at a pub nearby (a touch overpriced), and she taught me a great catchphrase from Dali, and then we went to see a film. Which, through a lack of other things, turned out to be The Dark Is Rising. You know what's funny? How bad that film is. Omg. Vague spoilers ) We sort of enjoyed it anyway. They clearly missed a trick by not putting Ace of Base on that soundtrack. Oh.

Oh, and I finished Carnivale at the weekend. Oh, Carnivale. I do love it. I don't feel entirely like I can rec it, since it's so very much my sort of thing, and I'm probably MASSIVELY BIASED. But other people seem to think it's good too. There's sadly not much fic for my OTP. In a SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS. But I get to love it onscreen, anyway. Mostly I think everyone on my flist should watch it. I'd squee, but that would only be spoilers, and it's so much better without them. If anyone I've met would ever like to come to my flat and watch Carnivale with me, THEY ARE PERFECTLY FREE TO. Dude.

And today I am tired, tired, tired. After a week or so of not really having much to do at work, all of a sudden everyone's coming to me and saying can you do this, this is urgent. Or reminding me about things they mentioned previously but said weren't important, and saying that they are now more urgent. Given that most of those things are printing stuff off and putting them in neat piles you'd think it would be easy, but it's actually quite time consuming. The job isn't going on until Christmas, either, the girl I was filling in for is coming back next week, so how I'm expected to do everything I don't know. But will have to figure it out I guess. But tonight is Halloween! I have a large bag of sweets and stuff my mum brought for me when she came up the other week, and nothing particularly to do. Possibly the perfect night in, you might say. TV is rubbish at Halloween. But I imagine I can root out some DVDs.
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There is tons of Peter/Sylar fic, and tons of Percy fic. IT'S LIKE FANDOM HAS FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ME. You'd better all hope I don't wish the goblins would take any of you away. Which I don't. Of course not.

Yesterday I went to Alton Towers )

Oh. Back to work tomorrow. As I say, it should be quieter now we've got all the urgent responses sent off, and, y'know, can't actually send anymore (while the guy's away), but it's still a bit stressful with the main guy not the there. It should be alright though. Mostly I just want a week off work, to sequester myself in the flat and watch all the things I want to watch and read all the things I want to read and also sleep. But. I guess the day off on Tuesday will have to do.

Heroes is starting again tomorrow! Though I probably won't be able to watch it till Tuesday. I wasn't quite prepared for this. Probably I can let myself read about the new S2 Heroes in the SFX special now. Yes.

These are the spoilers I know )
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So, on the day that it rained probably the most all week, I also did probably the most walking around outside. Which is a bit rubbish.

I went to a Vintage Clothing fair this morning (technically the afternoon). I didn't know until I got there that it was £4.50 to get in, but I figured I may as well, having walked. I think you probably have to be quite skinny to do the proper shopping for vintage clothes, the stuff was all a bit slender. Though I couldn't afford clothes anyway. Bu not all of it was vintage - I definitely saw some pieces from Topshop and the Debenhams Classics Collection. That just seems like cheating. It is interesting, though, how you look at things so far outside what you normally wear when you're looking at vintage stuff. Anyway. I got some nice bits of jewellery. And a woman gave me a necklace for free, because I was looking at it while she wrapped up the one I'd bought. Which was quite lovely of her. Ooh, then I saw a vintage fight! A woman on a stall was arguing with someone about a dress they'd tried on which had never been tried on before, and had come back with the zip broken. The 'customer' insisted she hadn't even tried to do up the zip, and it was nothing to do with her. It was all a bit fraught, though I'm pretty sure it was resolved by one of them walking away. I think I'll probably try to bring a bit more money if I go to another fair like that. Even just buying jewellery there's not much you can do with twenty pounds.

Anyway. Then I went off into town, and considered the irony of being able to get Winter White Chocolate ice-cream in the middle of May, and it not feeling entirely inappropriate. My shoes were only mildly wet by that point, but I was doing alright by the time I got home. I'd been in a shop where they'd dried off a bit, and then I was walking up hill to the flat so there were no puddles, and I was starting to think I'd make it. Then I got to our courtyard, and tramped into a puddle you can't even imagine. The phrase "right up to her middle" is not entirely unapt. Though realistically, it was more like 'up to her ankles'. My shoes are currently drying by the radiator and I'm hoping I don't have trenchfoot. Growl.

But! It's nearly 6 o'clock, and I still have cleaning to do. The plan is currently: clean the sink with Bathpower and rinse it, sweep the bathroom floor, sweep the kitchen floor, go at the stains with antibacterial spray - antibacterial spray the kitchen surfaces, take out the garbage, clean the bin while it's empty, do the washing up, maybe do a bit of hoovering. Then have a shower, make some dinner, and settle down for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at 9. Huzzah.

Rain icon.
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The New Statesman )

Back to work tomorrow. Boo.


May. 6th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Brief thought on Spiderman 3 )

So. After getting up at a reasonably early time today I managed to do almost nothing useful. I need to buy videos tomorrow, if anywhere's open. And food, probably. I got a phone on Saturday though, since I get landline calls free, and it is quite useful for checking the dial tone when the internet's not working. Though it never seemed to stop working before I got the phone. Anyway. I downloaded 4 On Demand today so I could see Friday's Peep Show, and it seems to have made everything go a bit slow anyway. And it's not even working, bastard thing.

I'm going to see The New Statesman tomorrow night. It seemed like a good way to spend my Bank Holiday evening. I do love Rik Mayall, and I've never seen him on stage. And the seat isn't that bad, considering I got it last Monday, assuming there isn't a bar in the way or something. In any case, I'm looking forward to it. And other than that, I'll be reading, probably. How are you all spending your Bank Holiday?
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Today wasn't quite like I expected it to be.

The day I expected:

Getting into the office at 8:30 for a calm, relaxed few hours, where nobody really did anything because it was Christmas and only a half day, and mostly I'd spend chatting with the office ladies, both of whom would be in early, joking and winding down. Leaving at 11:30 to go to a local tapas restaurant for the Christmas lunch at 12, with interesting food constantly on offer and plenty of people to talk to in a relaxed atmosphere outside of work. Getting home at about 2-ish and just savouring the fact that I didn't have to work again till Christmas, and never had to do filing there under my dad's watchful eye again.

The day that actually happened:

As fellow office lady Brenda predicted, the last day before Christmas was the day when everyone scrambled around trying to get everything finished before they left. Possibly EVERY LOOSE SHEET on people's desks was put in the filing trays, and they were also tidying their desks, which meant putting files away WHEREVER in the filing room. Except I didn't get a chance to do any filing, because people were constantly asking me to do letters, amend reports they hadn't actually said they wanted done by the end of the day, and type things up. One office lady didn't get in till 11 o'clock, as usual, and they were both busy as hell until we left. About 40 or 50 of us, it turned out, were going for this lunch, and everyone was mostly in their departmental clumps, so I ended up talking to/sitting with my dad most of the time.

Christmas lunch in a tapas restaurant is VERY DIFFERENT from going out for dinner at a tapas restaurant. It took us about an hour to stop drinking and go get sat down. Then another half hour for them to bring out some food. But there were only three things, and when they were finished no-one was sure whether there was going to be anything else, because no-one had a copy of the set menu. Till SOME HERO found one a bit later. So we all sat around, ordering more drinks, not sure if it would be more worth our while to leave as food had ended. But eventually they brought out more stuff, and it was nice, but no-one was sure when things came if more was coming, or if the next thing would be something they liked, so they basically filled up on each thing, and ended up feeling sick. It was a NERVE-RACKING ADVENTURE with spicy potatoes. Then it turned out there was no pudding with this lunch. NO PUDDING. But then half an hour after they'd cleared away the plates they brought out coffee and dessert menus, and it turned out we could HAVE dessert, but we'd have to put it extra on the company tab. We did. Dessert was mainly cheescake and ice-cream. I picked cheesecake.

And then, half an hour later, they brought it, and half an hour after that people had finished and been pleasantly drunk for awhile, and dinner was over, and dad and I decided to leave. Not before dad got some ribbing because of the story I accidentally told about how at last year's work lunch I didn't hear from him till 7.30, when he phoned me up drunk to tell me he was getting on a train, then an hour later to tell me he'd got on a train, and it went to Sheffield, and had waited and got on another train, and it went to Sheffield, but now he was definitely on the right train and would be home soon. It was agreed that mum should be on the platform waiting just in case he was asleep. He was. I assumed, since it was a work do, that they would all know about this. Wrong. Anyway. So we left, and people kept asking if I was staying for another drink, and was I going now?, and why wasn't I coming out drinking with them afterwards?, and I just felt SO AWFUL that I wasn't going to stay out with these nice people who I'd worked with for 7 months and would probably never see again. And apparently liked me. One girl seemed to get a bit emotional about it. I'm always mostly suprised when people like me, because people tend to be quite quiet about that kind of thing, and can still seem to feel a bit awkward talking to you. And I guess because I'm quite quiet, and mostly assume people haven't noticed me. It's nice to find out that people do - but sad that it tends to happen when you're leaving them.

But it was a nice day. The food was different, and interesting, and I learned the sheer miracle of garlic mayonnaise on crusty bread, and they got me a leaving card, and dad and I had a writing war on the restaurant paper tablecloth. And it was fun. Sadly on the way home I was struck not so much with relief that I didn't have to work again till Christmas and never again filing/being bored there, as with complete cluelessness what I was going to do with myself for the next few days. And what I was going to do after Christmas/New Year's about getting a job. And if I EVER WOULD. Mostly I have calmed down now, and can think of plenty of things to occupy my time for a week or so, like looking constantly for jobs on Gumtree. And I can always start volunteering again, to keep busy, if I don't get a job right away. So. It's fine. Really. Probably. Mostly I'm going to catch up on film magazines and watch DVDs and THAT'S THE PLAN, DUDES. And my first job is (hopefully) over. Hmm.

In the evening I went for chocolate and helped mum with her Christmas card deliveries. On our way we saw the WORST CHRISTMAS DECORATION EVER. It was two trees in someone's garden with those tubes of lights things, that seem to move and flash? Except they were both red, and flashed like strobe lights, and at funny angles, and it just looked like two DEVIL TREES, and it was the worst thing ever. Also the streets were icy, and my mother showed almost no care for this fact when having me dash silently to her friend's doors and then away so we wouldn't be seen. Like Christmas ninjas. Escaping SATAN'S WONDERLAND.

Something worth mentioning: the traditional winter pastime of trying to get into the car without getting antifreeze on your gloves. Ah.

So that was my day. Mostly I am glorying in the fact that I don't have to get up tomorrow morning. Or do anything much besides wrap presents and watch DVDs. And that hunt for a job thing.

I remember the days when I thought when I finally didn't have essays to do, I could just relax and enjoy Christmas. Remember them fondly.
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I just watched this week's Robin Hood. Thoughts )

Anyway. I went to Nottingham! It was a bit odd, because K and J had double-booked a lot of things for the same days I was there - because we arranged it a while ago, and because they couldn't do the other things any other time - so it was all a bit frantic. K was running an art workshop for kids, then for grown-ups, on Saturday, from 10 till 4, and she had to prepare for it for most of Friday. I helped out, and it was interesting, but it made spending time together a bit stressful. Also I hurt my arm muscles carrying materials around afterwards. Ouch. And J's parents came down to bring them some furniture, so he spent all Saturday and Sunday with them. And on Sunday K and I both slept in, and I had to get the train back at four or five o'clock. But it was interesting, and we got to see the play (a bit full on visually and extreme), and talk sometimes, so it was fine. I don't know. K seemed as stressed as she used to be at uni, but I'm telling myself it's because she was busy and feeling guilty about me rather than that's how she is all the time. Their flat's nice. And right in the centre of town, pretty much. I burn with jealousy. Sort of. Nottingham's still a bit of a rough area late at night.

I went to see the career's guy, and told him I wanted to get a regular 9-to-5 job, get a flat, and start getting some experience in the Arts, maybe working at a cinema or theatre. Sadly, he told me I basically needed to get a 9-to-5 job, get a flat, and start getting some work/volunteering in the Arts. He did suggest trying Michael Wisher though, and gave me some notes about writing an effective CV, so that was quite useful. I'm not mad about getting to waitress, but it would be regular and flexible, it'd mean helping out with arty/cultural events and developing practical skills, and it would involve travelling for free. All of which are good qualities. So it seems like it might be a bit of a winner, that Michael Wisher. And it's a new option, at least.

Also I saw James Bond. He is omg pretty. But a bit disappointing - though I haven't decided if that's the "perfect" character or the slightly anti-climactic plot. The titles did make me laugh though. Oh how I laughed.

That's it, really. My whole flist seems to have gone very quiet. I hope everyone's okay. Hoping everyone's coping with nano might be a more rational thought, on reflection.
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I have once again arranged to go away for the weekend and by Thursday night completely forgotten to pack. When I need to get up early for a lift again tomorrow morning. Sigh. At least I have a few CDs worth of the Smiths to get me through this stressful time. And a vague rememberance of what was useful and not-useful last weekend. Ah, the Smiths.

Also I need to fill in and send off my Green Wing convention acceptance sheet. And write my "Christmas list" so my parents have some idea what to get me. Given that it's December in two weeks. Eek.

So yes, by the way, I will probably be offline until Monday, maybe by Sunday night. I hope to see a good play, my friends, and possibly Casino Royale by the time I get back. Hurrah.

It would be sort of helpful if LJ posted paragraphs as they were written, on posts like this, effectively combining possible interaction and composition time.

Anyway. I also watched the last three episodes of American Gothic. Brief thoughts )

And now. I need to pack.
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  • Ebay is amazing. You can like - buy a fire opal. Why did no-one tell me about this before? ::searches randomly::

  • I need to stop spending money, but it hasn't stopped me being tempted by damn Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It's slightly shameful how much of a whore I am for interesting/pretty names when it comes to cosmetics.

    But they're so shiny...

  • I have a Gandalf the White pen. It is not quite as swish as it looked on But I imagine hours of geeky (hidden) fun are still just waiting to be had with it. The pen is mightier than the sword, after all. So the Magic Staff pen ought to lay a smackdown on everything.

As my first weekend post-Veronica Mars haze, I was thinking about spending it completely away from the computer. Doing all those non-pixel-related things I should have been doing in the last two weeks, like finally using that make-a-necklace kit or reading some of my books. But you're all just very interesting and it's not fair. And it turns out that even when Veronica Mars is finished, I still have a bunch of films Veronica Mars has convinced me to finally get round to watching (like the Big Lebowski and the Virgin Suicides). And I sort of want to make some new filters and do amusing and insightful commentary for all my icons. So. Apparently not.

I went to the cinema last night. After going to Pizza Hut on my own, which was a First. I was rewarded, I think, when the waitress finally brought my (huge) pizza and told me she'd ordered a medium instead of an individual, and I'd be charged just the same but could eat whatever I wanted. In a word, score (even if I couldn't take the leftovers away due to cinema). Or it seemed like a reward until the fifteen minutes it took to get the bill. But I made it to the film, which was Nacho Libre, which was quite funny if not outstanding. It is about a Mexican friar who lives a double life as a Lucha Libre wrestler, with his best friend/a skinny guy he found on the street. There are lots of jokes about stretchy pants, and a pretty nun, and Peter Stormare turned up randomly as a roving gypsy, which was a nice suprise. It was quite good, even if he totally did it for the pretty nun not the orphans and there was no 'Barton Fink feeling'. It is vaguely recommended.

There was a trailer for Talladega Nights on too, which was quite nice of the world. It looks like it might be one of those films that expects you to be interested in the main character. But it has Gary Cole, aka Lucas Buck, aka the Midnight Caller, in it, and Sacha Baron Cohen still looks unbelievably hot in his green racing jacket, so I'm still looking forward to it, hurrah.

I'm sure I had better points to make when I started this post. But mostly I'm just planning to spam you with music then go back to all those jobs I'm meant to be doing. Hahaha!
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Whee, I got my DW Vol.4 DVD today. The only bit of new Who I plan to buy (sorry and all). It would please me more if it was the Satan Pit two-parter and Idiot's Lantern so I could be all omgmylove at The Wire, but it has Toby with writing on him and Marc Warren, so that is alright good.

Went to the park with mum and Jack. In the scum corner of the lake we saw another dead bird, which this time was a duckling. Just when I thought it couldn't hurt me anymore. We let Jack run wild in a field to show him we were okay with it when there was no danger, and he actually got quite far before realising we weren't chasing him, and came whimpering back to get us. Also we fed the ducks, and an evil swan was there, but somehow we survived, so hurrah.

Going to the cinema later with mum, to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It figures the time I finally gave up and was going to trundle down there on my own she offered to come with me (it is exceedingly hard to get my parents to come to the cinema with me/do anything). Possibly I will have thoughts on that later. Or just mockery.

Also last night some people of the flist went a bit wobbly, and I was going to comment but it was this morning so possibly crisis averted, but just to say I SYMPATHISE, and want to hear that poetry. So yes. You get a brief endnote of my love. Treasure it.
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So, apparently the hotass Richard Fish scientist from A Town Called Eureka is being shunted out for...I don't know. Someone prettier. My vaguely irritated rage knows no bounds. Hmph.

My dad is talking about taking us all to Chester Zoo this Saturday (me, mum and Jack). Which is swish apart from the fact that it's apparently near the border of Wales? An incredible distance away, surely. But I might get to see a wolf finally, so it's vaguely exciting. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is released on Friday, and I've heard that it's terrible, but I still want to see it for rubbish superheroes, Supervillain!Eddie Izzard and Uma Thurman being pretty and going crazy (which is all I really need in a film), and informs me that my order of Doctor Who Volume 4 (with the Toby and Beast and whatnot) has been posted, and so should be here by Saturday. And suddenly my plan to sit in my bedroom, lock the door and WATCH THE HELL out of Veronica Mars Season 2 seems like a less than feasible one. Hmm.

I was sane at work today. It was so nice.

Anyway. Mostly I am not making art or watching Supernatural, and I am so out of the loop it hurts. But I do have kittens. And here they are, finally.

Pictures )

And I want an ice-cream ball. MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW.
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Liquorice festival today. For all of an hour. Once again, the highlight was pretty much buying an ice-cream from the ice-cream van, but it was still a nice change, and sunny. Perhaps too sunny. I am decidedly pink in the arms. Still. I learned that rum truffle tastes like rum, and should probably be left alone if you don't like such, and am currently in possession of TINY CELTIC WARRIORS, and a Green Man carved from British Coal. Mostly he looks like a scary cobweb face man, but I wanted a coal dragon last year and didn't get one, so at least I have closure on that. Oh, and mum randomly suggested she and I might go to Venice for a weekend at some point this summer. Which is yay :)

There were less people than last year, but also less semi-animated street drama about cafes and the death of a beloved mouse. But then a local brass band started up, and made most of the day worthwhile. Why will no-one teach me to swing dance? Oh why?

And now I'm home, and Katie and Mick are downstairs, and lalala. The weekend of semi-fun is over, and must rely on Emmerdale and gay sex, for entertainment. THANKS SO MUCH, UNIVERSE.

(Except that - thank you.)
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Mum and I and Jack went to the Medieval Day at the castle. T'was as usual slightly rubbish, being mostly arts and crafts stalls and liquorice-flavoured things. OH HOW TERRIBLE TO HATE THE SWEET MY TOWN IS FAMOUS FOR. Also it was mostly too hot, and there were too many people in my way, and Jack didn't want to move forward and didn't want to stay still, and rargh! But parts were good. A goat tried to eat my burger, and there was a princess running around riding a dragon, which was a nice shift in gender politics. Always suspected the tales about girls getting "kidnapped" all the time. Clearly knights just didn't measure up in the fearsomeness/fun stakes.

Anyway. There was also a birds of prey display including a Golden Eagle, and dude! It was huge! I can see why America has it as its bird! I'd make a crack about how size doesn't matter but OMG YES IT DOES. HUGE. It wouldn't turn around and face us though. Drama queen. And I saw my first medieval swordfight. I know half-sword and murder strike and pomelling, and all the things you can do with the cross bit. Which I'm sure will come in useful one day... >:)

Also I tried some lemon curd, and no spider came and sat down beside me. Shame on the nursery rhyme authorities. Black, black shame.
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My town are having a bit of a festival weekend. It's our night to have Jack, so we took him to see what the Enchanted [Blank] Gardens in our local public gardens was. As it turns out, an ice-cream van, some plastic birds, and a pop opera version of King Arthur. It was a bit like Wagner, but not. Think Malory meets The Tribe. Mordred and Morgan wore dark purple satin corsets/shirts, so you knew they were EBIL!!!1, and there was the use of thyme to illustrate line about time. That was special. Mostly we didn't get to watch any because Jack was busy running around in circles, and through broken glass. Then we just left. Somewhat disenchanted. So we played at a petrol station till dad came to pick us up. It's the Medieval Day tomorrow. So at least I'll get to practise my Old English skills.

On Emmerdale, hardly anyone died, except people I don't care about. Shame. Mostly Carl ran around looking fetching in a rumpled, filthy white shirt, covered in grime, calling for his brother, breaking down into racking sobs, and trying to ignore the fact that all the emergency rescue people were blatantly flirting with him. Curiously, he and Chas (his fiancee) were far apart - him looking for Jimmy, her looking for her dad. And the ambulance woman referred to her as his girlfriend. Probably this doesn't mean they're really gonna go for the gay incest plotline. But a girl can theorise. Anyway. Carl and Matthew and their dad had a little King huddle at the end. I am agog at what will happen in the coming weeks.

I have pringles. Ha ha!
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Hello. I'm terrible at updating. Except that sometimes it rains, so it's really not my fault. 30 minute walk to the computer rooms and all. Who are you to judge me?!

Mostly I haven't been doing anything. My parents came to see me on Sunday, and brought Jack, who entertained my flatmates for a while. Then we went to Pizza Hut (yay!) and Wollaton Park, where there are deer. My sister was afraid of the deer. Possibly I shouldn't have told her that story about how a Wollaton deer chased/followed me once. But Jack seemed to enjoy it, and we saw a squirrel, but since they came (as usual) at about half past three and I was going to see a one-off film at 7, it was somewhat brief. Didn't even get to go to the lake and kill ducks with bread. But it was nice, and my mother gave me £20 and offered to buy me a new lightweight sleeping bag for the London trip, so a pretty good visit all round, I think.

The film was a series of horror 'shorts' from around the country, and others. There was free popcorn, but did I get any? No. Hmph. Anyway, some of the shorts were quite good, some were a bit strange, some were truly hilarious. There was a parody of An American Werewolf in London, but with swans! Though I think swans are pretty much a horror film in themselves, anyway. Also, I learned that modern low-budget filmmakers' favourite horrifying sound is scratchy, distorted electronic voices. They like it a whole lot.

I also got to see Mirrormask, finally. I can't watch Rob Brydon anymore without thinking of [ profile] nerdcakes' Rob Brydon/Steve Coogan OTP, which is really quite bad when he's in a film completely free of Steve Coogan, and playing a man with a troubled teenage daughter and a possibly dying wife. But it was good. I thought the ending and the 'princess' plotline was a bit anticlimactic, but loved the concept, loved the graphics, loved the world. Loved Helena. She might get a crossover OTP with Violet Baudelaire. But yes, I thought it was a champion film (finally). And that maybe I should read some of those Neil Gaiman books stashed under the desk now.

And I'm still mostly money-free for a while. And might have to get a job. Eek.
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