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I always remember when I go to the cinema, but then forget when I come back home, but: in May I went to see Jen and Alice, and I jokingly/depressedly asked what they thought people were going to remake next. Turns out it was far beyond anything I imagined, because there's a Mary Poppins 2 on the way - for real - and they're remaking Flatliners. Flatliners. Of all the things.

Salma Hayek is amazing, and they should give her her own buddy movie, with Eva Mendes.

If you want to know what the rest of my life is like, picture me in a field, playing an endless game of "is it dog poo or is it a slug, I wish it was neither". Also my cat made the new move yesterday of apparently bringing us a dead bird as a gift, thinking better of it and deciding to eat the bird instead, and then getting sick and throwing it's innards up on the patio. Which I also had to clean up. So there's that.
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Firefox updated itself yesterday and, as far as I can tell, switched off my adblocker and all of my online security. Which is not the most helpful thing it's ever done.

Things are going okay here. I have successfully walked the dog twice now. I'm still not thrilled about picking up poo, but it occurred to me yesterday that he's going to have to poo eventually, and I'd much rather he did it up the field than in the kitchen, and now whenever I have to clean up after him on a walk it's almost a joy. I did have some slight trouble getting him back on his leash, though - my mum called today and claims you have to wait until he's investigating some long grass and get him. Last night I had to wait until he took an interest in a nearby couple, which I'm not happy to do on a regular basis. The man told me the best thing to do is have him on the lead in the garden, and call him and sort of pull him in, and then when he gets to you give him a treat, and eventually he'll get the message. I tried to do some of that in the garden today, but I think he was too tired after the walk. Also he eats feathers, and I'm certain he swallowed some last night while running away from me, so I'm a bit concerned that's going to cause him some health and/or digestive issues. But so far he hasn't showed any signs, so we're not having any problems so far.

Mum said things are apparently okay for them too. They had a few problems at bedtime - to be expected - but today the two youngest are on the beach with her and dad, and my ON is inside, not dressed, using the tablet. Where he loves to be. I hope the weather holds out for them. And that there is enough to do in Scarborough that they stay entertained. On Friday, my MN asked if they could take the dog with them on holiday, and my YN said he didn't want to go on holiday because "the seaside's boring. [Our local entertainment complex]'s not boring". We'll see.

I went to see Logan Lucky yesterday, which was fine. A perfectly pleasant way to spend a few hours. And it's nice to see Daniel Craig getting to do something that isn't James Bond. It wasn't as good as The Hitman's Bodyguard though. I'm definitely going to see that again. It was slashy, I don't know if I ever said that, or that I was hoping for that when I went to see it. And in a really lovely way. I really enjoyed it.

I also saw the It trailer again yesterday. On second viewing, it is scary. It just doesn't look very much like It. I had "you'll float too" echoing in my head for the rest of the day yesterday though. It puts me in a bit of a dilemma though, because part of me - given how fast I was reading it - was hoping to finish It before the film came out, so I could compare the two and not be spoilered. But it made me feel like I was reading it too fast, and not enjoying it properly. So when the film looked terrible, I felt like I didn't care about seeing it, and that pressure came off. So now I don't know. And the film's apparently out in two weeks, rather than around Halloween like I assumed.

More things I am now afraid of because of It:

  • The word 'float'.

  • The word 'Kenduskeag'.

  • Actual clowns.

  • Washing things away down the drain, because where do they go, they don't just cease to exist because I wanted rid of them, what am I doing?

  • I was playing a game called Cities: Skylines, because I've felt a bit burned out on games lately, and I think maybe management games are the exact thing I want to do at the moment, and I was genuinely uneasy about putting in sewage pipes for my town. The town is called Beep Beep.

  • The Sims 4 almost immediately started advertising an expansion pack to me featuring clowns and pools, as if clowns and water are anything I need right now.

  • The Sims 4 also has a range of clown paintings you can decorate with, and the first one is like "clowns r sad, because they're only one popped balloon away from the end of their career", and I'm like "leave me ALONE, The Sims"

  • The deadlights (???? !!! ???)

  • Whatever happened to Patrick Hockstetter, the fact they're putting up a missing poster for him in the trailer for the film makes me think it's significant.

But I also, at the same time, kind of want to make all of the kids from It in the Sims in one household, and make Pennywise their sole guardian.
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Went to see The Hitman's Bodyguard today, it was great, would see again. But now I have to look up train times to go to this mental health Welcome Meeting thing tomorrow. I know I agreed to it, but I still resent having to travel and go anywhere on a Sunday.

But I've got a week off after this week, so I guess I can relax and enjoy myself then.

Also, all the films coming out soon look dreadful. Having read a bit of the book, the new It trailer looks terrible. Like, the point was that it was a clown trying to kill you, and that was the scary part. If you just make it a scary clown, like you're missing a lot of the point. And implying Pennywise was somehow involved in events I don't think he was involved in (unless I just haven't gotten to that part in the book, or something), just eh. Looks like they're overegging the pudding, and ignoring a lot of what makes it really creepy. And the new Kingsman trailer also looks bad. The first one wasn't the greatest film I'd ever seen or anything, but the new one seems to be just advertising itself on gimmicky set-pieces, and no women? Except for the baddie?

I'm looking forward to Logan Lucky next week though, mostly for Daniel Craig as a redneck thief. And American Assassin looks propaganda-ish, but it does have Michael Keaton in it looking beautiful, so there's that. I'm a little worried that I'm only looking forward to seeing films with men in them, but they are films with relationships in them, and I happily do and will look forward to films with women having relationships and fun in them (like the Ghostbusters 2016 film), but they don't seem to be making any of those. I'm still sort of meaning to see Atomic Blonde too, but it does look a little male-gazey. Hmph.
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I went to see Spiderman Homecoming )

I came out of the cinema and almost immediately was expected to do some childcare, or y'know. My crazy mum, after two days working in a row, decided to have all three kids over even though she knew I would be out at the cinema, and my dad would be out all morning at a work thing, which he ended up having to come back late from. It was fine, the kids weren't too badly behaved, and we went up to an event up at the castle and watched Viking re-enactment fights for about half an hour. But we're going to be having the dog later today, and trying to get him to meet the cat and get him settled into the house. I'm hoping to have some rest this weekend.
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I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And I really enjoyed it. Some parts of it felt forced and a bit 'eh', but mostly it was still the fun, fresh sort of film the first one was. I still really liked all the characters, and a lot of their dynamics and the dialogue. It's weird how some Marvel films can be so good. Also I saw a trailer for Wonder Woman, which I'm also going to see, which also looks pretty good.

Big spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy )

And then I got followed by a guy. I was walking home from my local town centre, and I got to this part with a medieval ruin which is kind of deserted, and suddenly someone called out 'hey' from behind me. I stopped, thinking maybe it was someone who needed help, and this guy came up, not saying anything, holding his chest and panting, saying he wanted to catch his breath. At which point I knew he wanted something, but I hoped it was only money, or maybe something to do with drugs. But no. He said he was from Zimbabwe, and told me his name, and told me he'd seen me by the bus station, about five minutes earlier, and had followed me. I told him that was a little creepy, and he assured me that he wasn't as creepy as I thought, and he wasn't a stalker, and he hadn't seen me at all before today. Then he looked at me and asked if I knew what he wanted to ask me. And I said yes. He asked me if I was married, and I said no, and that I liked girls. Which is not technically a lie, but makes me feel a little shitty, because it does undermine actual lesbians who genuinely mean that and will never be interested in a man. But sometimes you just want to get away. He looked a little taken aback, and then said he could watch the two of us, and I said no he couldn't. I said thank you, and that I was flattered, but I had to get home. He shouted after me that I was lovely, though, and I said thank you to that. Then he called out something else I couldn't hear and ignored.

So nowhere near as upsetting and aggressive as the last time I got followed around by a guy in the town centre, but still kind of creepy. I just don't know if guys know how unpleasant that kind of behaviour can be for women. Like I said, he wasn't aggressive - he kept leaning towards me, and I was really worried he was going to put a hand on my shoulder to 'steady himself' while he was catching his breath - but I didn't feel threatened or anything, and I looked behind me after I left and could see he wasn't following me. But I was still checking behind myself all the way home. Just in case he'd decided to try and find out where I lived, so he could try again later. It's fucking weird. And unpleasant.
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I live.

I might not be around very much in the near future though, because my internet is still playing silly bastards. Almost could not connect to the internet enough to delete my Livejournal (RIP) on Friday. So, who knows. However, this last week, even when I was connected to the internet it was slower than usual. I bought a game on Steam because it was on sale, and I swear to god, I've spent the whole week downloading it. But then last night, all of a sudden, my download speed for it went from 50kb/s to 4mb/s, and I downloaded the last 14% of it in a couple of minutes, and after that I could watch Youtube videos, in sharp resolution and without constant interruptions and everything. So, I'm hoping my internet has suddenly just fixed itself. Somehow. Maybe.

Anyway - this will be my first attempt to embed videos on Dreamwidth - after quite a few months of just being disappointed by films and slowly losing any emotion at all towards the Marvel films, it turns out there are quite a few original movies coming out this year that I'd quite like to see.

So that's nice. I hope they come out in England. And some new DC movies will be coming out this year. I can see how they do.
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Well, the rest of my day also didn't go according to plan. I decided I'd go into town, have a quick chat in my games shop, then go to my local cinema complex, have a quick Burger King for lunch, then go see the film at 2:20. I walked into town around 1, went into the games shop, and promptly got stuck behind some guy the shop assistants must have known personally, who was talking about how much he hated some guy who ran a DVD shop this guy had been banned from, and how much he wanted to throw a book through his window for revenge, then something about getting a tommy gun and shooting everyone, and wanting to turn that guy inside out like an umbrella, and some vague references to how he may have already thrown a book at someone's head which might have gotten him banned in the first place. I'm assuming the guy had learning difficulties just from the sheer way he was repeating the stories and things he said over and over again, but even so I didn't really want to interrupt that. Eventually I managed to talk to the guy on the desk about a few things, then about 2 o'clock I broke away and went to go get the bus. It's only a couple of minutes from our bus station to the local cinema, and there's always half an hour of adverts and stuff on before the film, so I figured I had time. Even so, there was a bus in the station as I came up to it, and I ran and managed to get it, hurray, bit of luck. And then we promptly got stuck in traffic, because I forgot just how busy the roads to that cinema/shopping complex get on a Saturday.

And nearly quarter past 2, I got off the bus. Did not want to go into the cinema without having lunch, but there was still half an hour before the film would REALLY start, and Burger King doesn't take that long to make or eat. But I forgot how busy it was. Got stuck in a queue - not even a long queue, but full of people making huge or complicated orders - and the place was packed, so there was really nowhere to sit down even afterwards. Like a stubborn idiot, I still insisted I wanted the food to eat in though. At about twenty-five past 2, I got my food, and then looked around for somewhere to sit down, which there was not. I saw something taking their tray to the bin and rushed over excitedly, but apparently the three women - an older woman, younger woman, and girl - just wanted to sit there drinking their drinks, despite how packed the place was. Never mind the fact that a bunch of people had seats they weren't even using, because they let their children have fun by sitting 'by themselves' on the 2-seater tables next to them. Children and/or people are the worst. So I stood there for about five minutes, randomly eating chips, until someone I guess either took pity on me or couldn't take the shame anymore, and moved their children off a two-seater table.

At quarter to three, I got up to the cinema, and bought a ticket for Kong. I ran to the loo quickly, just for the sake of it, but I did get there just in time to see the last Samsung advert, and not miss any of the film. And it was actually really good. I know remakes are the death of creativity, but it was a really good monster movie, not afraid to just kill people off randomly, and actually really quite anti-war and anti-gun, despite how the trailers looked. They still did some weird stuff with "the woman has a special connection with Kong, just because", but it was nowhere near as bad as it usually is, and it's always a joy to see Samuel L. Jackson in things, frankly. I got excited just seeing his hand. And apparently the film's part of a series - the guy did the most recent Godzilla film, which I also want to see now, and the next film he's planning to do is Godzilla Vs. Kong is a couple of years. I am excite. Also, due to that, they had quite a fun after-credits scene (although it took forever to get to it), and a completely irony-free "I'm on a boat!" line, and if someone doesn't make a parody video, I'm going to cry.
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News of the Girl

  • The train company that runs my usual journey to work is on strike tomorrow, so I'm going to have find creative ways to get there and back tomorrow. It doesn't surprise me, because my journey home has been rubbish for months now - always packed, even though it's not rush hour, and never on time, and the staff are always the ones who end up getting the abuse, rather than the company owners. So I am quite supportive of this strike. But it is still quite annoying. There is a bus tomorrow morning, but it's a lot earlier than my train, so I'm going to get a lift into town tomorrow morning. And then tomorrow evening, there will be a bus at some point, but how and when I cannot say.

  • I saw Logan last week. I liked it. I can see why people say it's the best comic book film ever, but it is still a comic book film. And I didn't really like the ending. Massive Spoilers ).

  • I did not go see anything this weekend, because I decided I wanted a weekend in. I do want to see the King Kong film though, even though it mostly looks like a big, gun-happy film. I still quite enjoy Tom Hiddleston though, even if he is quite embarrassing lately, and he looked quite good in the trailer, even though the trailer also looked quite weird.

  • I hate Theresa May, I hate her. I see her walking around sometimes, like nothing is wrong, and I think "is this just sexism, why I hate her? Is a lot of it sexism?". And then I remember Yarl's Wood and I just get furious. I can't believe we're just allowing her. I can't believe she is just walking around and smiling, and has the gall to say the Conservatives are a party 'of the people and by the people' or whatever the fuck she said, and I just can't believe it. I can't believe we're allowing this.

  • Dear EU Commissioner who said he'd like us to eventually get back in the boat with Europe: I would love to be in the boat. Please save me a space in the boat.

  • Mostly what's happening at the moment is I think about making an LJ post, and then my thoughts collapse before I get to the end of what I actually want to say about them, and I go back to playing Horizon: Zero Dawn instead. I'm really enjoying Horizon: Zero Dawn, and I really like playing a massive, big game starring a female character, but it is kind of a shame that Aloy (the main character) is 18, and not really by our standards a fully adult woman, and that despite the fact they were all "she's grown up in a very matriarchal society, she goes looking for her mother!", a lot of it is really about her relationship with her father figure. And all the dudes who obviously want to bang her. All the dudes who want to bang her is great, and a nice flipped version of "every sexy woman the male hero meets and helps wants to do him". But I am hoping for another main female character to come along sometime shortly.

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I'm spending money like billio at the moment. I paid £150 for the room bill for Redemption, took £100 out of a cash machine in case the dealer's room was good on top of that (it wasn't, but I did spend some of the leftovers on a game I was going to buy anyway), gave my mum £100 in rent for the month, and paid £110 to renew my metrocard for the month. All in the last week. Also I did buy that game, and I'm getting another one for £50 at the weekend because I think it's the only chance I'll have to get it on a physical disc. I did just get paid, would probably still pay to slow down a bit.

I am planning to go to the cinema at the weekend though. I want to see Logan, but also Hidden Figures, and Moonlight, if I can find it on anywhere. Frankly it's tough only having one Saturday in a week. I will probably just go see Logan for this Saturday.
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Computer reconnected, hooked up, and switched on :)

I was so happy when all the lights came on. Then dad noticed as well as the cosmetic lights of the motherboard, there was one that was on in a funny place. I, in denial, was like "it'll be fine!", but we were worried it was the CPU. Which would be the hardest part to get out and replace, frankly. But then we switched it on so dad could take a picture, and I noticed the CPU light did light up, but then immediately went to the next light and stayed on. So it was actually the memory sticks with a problem. One of them had come loose in our tribulations earlier, I'd noticed, so dad pushed it again and it hadn't quite been clicked in properly. Then we turned the computer off and on again, and all the lights came on in sequence, up to Boot Device. I unpacked and hooked up my new monitor, and there it was. My computer, sending signals, telling me all about the CPU temperature, and showing it could see my hard drive and the memory sticks.

I'M REALLY HAPPY. Me and dad were both tired, so we left it there and we're going to look into hooking up the keyboard and getting Windows on it tomorrow. But I am excite! Dad's left the side panels off the computer, which makes me concerned dust will get in. But we left them off yesterday and it was fine. Also, I don't seem to have the right cable to hook my monitor up to the graphics card, so I can't actually use that at the moment. But I can probably buy one. I've got work tomorrow, but I also have an external cd drive, and a bunch of cd-roms with my various parts talking about being 'Windows ready', so hopefully tomorrow we can switch it on and I can see about getting on operating system on there. And then actual stuff! AKsHFLhDAHJDLKHFLK.

I am very happy. Also the Green Lantern movie from 2011 wasn't as bad as everyone said.
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The Magnificent Seven movie, massive spoilers for the end )

I did really enjoy it though, and it was really well-made. Also Nick from Poltergeist: The Legacy was in it. He was a baddie, and he didn't last very long, but still. I don't think it should have been a 12A though. Vincent D'Onofrio remains a gift, treasure.
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Just got back from seeing Suicide Squad. Thoughts, some minor spoilers )
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I don't know what's going on with Ghostbusters. Everywhere I look says it's out on 15th July, in the US and the UK. But...I definitely saw it. It was at the cinema. I promise.

There were no adverts, but I did see a bunch of trailers. First off for the Magnificent Seven remake. Starring a bunch of guys, and weirdly I'm not hearing much about what a travesty that remake is. It looks good though, and I want to see it. I hope it's not mostly Chris Pratt being cocky, having said that. I could get real sick of that, and they've still got a couple of Guardians of the Galaxy films to make.

Also I saw one for Bad Moms, a film I'd never heard of before, but which looks great. It's not actually about bad moms. It's about moms who don't want to be in the PTA and be perfect homemakers, from the guy that did The Hangover apparently. It's got Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, both of whom I love. I'm pretty sure they put that on as a 'you like women being in films together and being funny?' thing. And it totally worked.

Also last night I watched the new cartoon show from Rooster Teeth - the Let's Players I like's company. It's called Camp Camp, and is about kids at a summer camp, but it's pretty adult really. I got a new pairing, which involved an underage child. And a not-underage adult. But in this case I sort of see the child as the - aggressor? Dominant one? I don't know what to call in. The one with the most interest in the other guy. I was worried that no-one would write it, because fandom is very judgey now it's moved to Tumblr. But then I found the exact fic that occurred to me while watching the show, on AO3! And now we can all be fucked-up together.

Also, it turns out that Tumblr won't let me reply to posts with gifs in them. As far as I can tell. Including incredibly rude replies on my posts. So that's something. Fucking Tumblr.
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The new Ghostbusters film is amazing. Genuinely amazing. There are a few jokes that are a little on the nose, that go on just a few seconds too long. But it's a remake - it was never going to be completely organic. But it's just so fun, and funny, and the characters are great, and it's so affectionate to it's source material. And all of the cameos from the original films are great. Especially the women. The first films weren't great works of art, but they were fun films, and so is this new one. It's really good.

ETA: Aaaaand naturally everyone's saying Chris Hemsworth was the best thing in the film. Pretty much the only male character. He was good. He wasn't the best thing in that film.
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A few months ago, I saw the end of Battleship at [ profile] jekesta's. I've just seen the middle downstairs. One day I hope to see the beginning. Maybe even the beginning, middle, then end.

Meanwhile, I'm planning to go see the new Ghostbusters film on Monday. It's a little disheartening how many people - nice people, who generally seem to be pretty okay with women - are slagging it off without even having seen it, without thinking that maybe some of the negative press it's gotten might be because of sexism. It's also a little disheartening that there's a good chance it will be bad anyway, because it's a remake. But I want to go see it first off, and make my own mind up before the internet reviews descend. Frankly, it looks pretty fun from the trailer. Also I'm pencilled in to go see the Ab Fab film with my mum at some point, but it's 'when she has time' - which could well be never.
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Oh my God, it was close today. Weather-wise.

I did finally manage to get to see X-Men: Apocalypse though. My main question: who didn't like this movie? The reviews were terrible, people were saying it was worse than Last Stand. And - it was not. I forgot that Bryan Singer is a possible-paedophile, and I had been thinking of boycotting his movies - forgot about that till his name came up massively on screen. But the film itself was well done. Bits of it were awesome.

Also - a thing I forgot to mention the other day: after my assessment-that-didn't-happen, I went into my local games shop to pick up a game I'd asked them to order for me. I got chatting to the guy behind the desk about E3, and started talking about how I'd found the Microsoft conference quite boring, and that the trailer for Scalebound, the only game I'd been interested in before E3, had actually put me off it more than anything. I was aware someone had come and stood at the desk just beside me, waiting for their turn, but then they started talking about the trailer, and I turned around and realised it was an Xbox rep. He talked in the most robotic way I've ever heard in real life, he had an Irish accent so there was every reason his voice should have had personality, but it didn't. I mentioned how the game had been delayed from this year to next, and he said like, 'yes, we have such a strong lineup of games this year we didn't think it was necessary to release it this year', 'we didn't want to crowd Christmas again, and as we have such a strong line-up of games we thought it best to push it to next summer, so people can enjoy it then, and it won't get lost at Christmas'. He was wearing all-black, including a black fleece with 'Xbox' emblazoned on the arms, and had mirrored sunglasses on so you couldn't see his eyes, and it was just like talking to a robot. Terrifying.

The thing with the MP woman is still fucked up, and now the right-wing newspapers are describing her killer as 'a loner with a history of mental illness'. Cheers. Thanks for that, newspapers.
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Hello. I am come back from Lancaster, where I watched Eurovision with [ profile] jekesta. Eurovision was - a disappointment and a revelation this year. On the one hand almost all the songs were so dreary it was almost unbearable. But on the other hand, Petre Mede and Mans Zelmerlow reminded us that Eurovision DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY, and SHOULDN'T, and that was incredible. Also the voting was on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting, and I'm so glad Ukraine won when the lady was clearly feeling her song so much. Jen and I do our own voting, and personally I voted for Belgium, for light and happiness, and Austria, for love and joy. England voted for the almost incomprehensible Georgia song, and the unbelievably unsonglike Poland song, HE SAID THERE WAS ONLY BLACK AND WHITE WHEN HE WAS WEARING RED. That didn't make me proud, or less ashamed. But overall I'm happy with the result, and Petre and Mans are life, they should host every Eurovision.

Anyway. Other than that we went for walks with little Rita, and we watched Coronation Street, and we watched Snowpiercer, and we watched the Omen III, and it turned out I was surprisingly on the side of the Antichrist. That's a genuine surprise. Shut up. Anyway. We very nearly escaped a room, but it turns out escaping prison is harder than you would think, they don't have signs up for what cell block you're in, they just put it on the back of the door in invisible ink. And other excuses. But it was fun. We went to the seaside and nearly had cocktails by the sea until the hotel's seating policy confused and frightened us. And generally it was great. There was sunshine occasionally, and there was freezing cold occasionally. I had two coats.

My period came, finally, yesterday, so that put a slight dampener on things, what with the agony. There was also agony today, but I managed to get home on the trains regardless. Rita took offence to a man with dreadlocks at the train station, and when I got home I found out the boiler had blown up. It's been an exciting day. I took a nap on a train. It was a first.

And now I'm going to catch up on my internet backlog and video games. Which will be awesome.
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I went to kickboxing tonight. My foot hurts a little bit. It will probably be much worse tomorrow, but it felt good to go. Exercising in warm weather is both the worst thing ever and the best thing ever.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to go see Captain America. Apparently we got it a week before America, and I'd like to get in before the Let's Players I watch start spoiling things. They're actually pretty good about spoilers, they always call it out ahead of time so you can skip a bit, or they just bleep the whole thing sometimes if it's too close to the release of a thing. But when I've watched a thing, I usually want to hear what their reactions were, and then it's a pain trying to remember which video it was, and which bit of the video, and so on. So I'm going to try to get ahead of the curve this time. We'll see if I forget my bank card, or my foot just won't let me walk anywhere. Wish me luck!

A new add-on for Fallout 4 is coming out soon, and I am so excited. It's set in Maine, so I'm expecting a huge amount of Stephen King references. WHICH I INTEND TO LOVE. I hope there isn't a clown in the sewers. At the moment I'm in a bit of video game limbo, because I specifically caught up on the Uncharted series so I could play Uncharted 4 as soon as it came out. So now...I don't want to get into anything else before Uncharted 4 comes out. Which is in about a week. I been playing some Stardew Valley. I need to remodel my farm, I think. Also there's the fact that there's a very high chance that my ESA is getting cut off soon, so I won't have as much money as I do now. Or no regular income, anyway. This has led to me feeling I should a) spend all the money I have now and enjoy it while I can (a feeling I am repressing), and b) not spend any money at all on anything, and save as much as I can. It's an interesting mental state to be in.

I heard the sonic booms the other night, in case anyone was wondering. I don't know if it was on the news much outside of Yorkshire. Some jets scrambled to investigate a passenger plane that wasn't responding, but all we knew was that we were going about our business and suddenly a huge bang sounded, like an explosion nearby. Very nearby. It felt like the house shook - I felt it. Dad asked me if it was something upstairs, and I was like 'no dad, I don't think it's anything in the house', and we all went outside, only to hear another one. All the neighbours came out as well, but no-one knew what was happening. For a brief moment, I wondered whether this was it, a super-volcano had gone off somewhere on earth or a nuclear bomb had exploded, and we were just waiting for the rush that would kill us all. But it wasn't. And we're all still here. The fact that there were no sirens wailing or ambulances rushing about suggested it wasn't anything that near us, either. And then it turned out it was jets. And now I have experience with what a sonic boom sounds and feels like.
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I finally got to see Batman Vs Superman. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Anywhere near as bad. Granted, I went in with lowered expectations, and a lot of it was still pretty ridiculous. But it was still fun. And at least it was a proper comic book movie. I can't believe people prefer the Marvel-style films over these ones. Like, at least it's not just a bunch of angst and slightly smug quips.

They should do Marvel and DC crossovers, though. Imagine Captain America meeting Wonder Woman. Tony Stark meeting Bruce Wayne. And Thor meeting Superman.

(I still love Superman. I love how much he loves Lois Lane. I love Lois Lane.)

Upcoming films:

  • I love Idris Elba, and Bastille Day looks like a really cool and great action film. But a film about two Americans saving Paris from a terrorist attack, because the French police are too rubbish or corrupt to do it? At this point? Really?

  • I don't want to support Michael Fassbender's career. But X-Men: Apocalypse looks kind of great, and I am kind of very interested in the super-fast guy. I don't know if I'd need to catch up on Days Of Future Past to see it though. I don't feel that I want to.


Feb. 10th, 2016 10:25 pm
girlofprey: (R for raygun)
I went to see Deadpool today. It was pretty good? It's like - I have no complaints about the movie, it was really well done and well acted, and really funny. But I think maybe it suffered from a pretty unoriginal storyline - with a character like Deadpool, it'd be nice to have the movie be really unpredictable, to have no idea what's going to happen next or how it's going to end. And by about a third of the way through the story you basically do. It's basically just The Superhero Story. Although it was done in a lot of ways you don't normally see, which was lovely - but you're still in no doubt about where it's going. I guess they were introducing the character more than a new story - but plot defines character/character drives plot. I guess I was just expecting a lot. And it is clearly only the first part of a new series. It just didn't quite live up to my expectations. But it was still really good, really enjoyable. And it was interesting to see a movie that was so fourth-wall breaking. And Blind Al was awesome. It is very violent though - I was extremely surprised by the 15 rating when I saw it on the Cineworld website, and again when I saw the film. But still. It's a good film, if a little more pat than I was expecting.
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