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The dog is better, by the way. He was never quite as bad as he was that one day he was really out of sorts, but now he's had all the medicine - sometimes under extreme duress - he seems to be back on form. All eating and regular and whatnot. I was a little worried for a while, because while I was looking after him, at one point he was off the lead and had a huge feather in his mouth. It's size might be a little exaggerated to me compared to what it was actually like, but it was definitely a whole feather, quill and all. And I walked up to him to get him to drop it, and he just swallowed the whole thing before I could get to him. So, we were a bit concerned it was that causing a blockage, because I never saw it come out the other side. The internet was also super unhelpful about whether feathers are indigestible or not - I think not, but dogs in the wild would probably eat them if they ate a bird? So idk. But anyway, if it was causing a blockage, it's obviously stopped now, so as long as he doesn't have a problem I guess there's no point worrying about it.

He's going to my sister's on Wednesday, when my parents are going away. That was their solution to me thinking I would probably find it difficult to look after him and the house while working. Which I think was probably the right decision, because I slept in until 11:05am this morning, and I have to leave for my train at 12pm, and I needed to have a shower. Hopefully that won't be a recurring situation. But I would always worry it might be if I knew I also had a living thing depending on me. Apparently my sister said "yeah, that's fine" when mum suggested it, and we are very much taking her at her word. She looked after him for long enough when she first had him. Although it might be a little confusing for him.

I'm sort of on edge about mum and dad going away - like, I keep forgetting it's happening, and then remembering that no, I will have to go food shopping on Saturday, and the Saturday after, and I won't have any back-up if I'm running late to go for my train and stuff. But I'm sure it'll be fine, and they do deserve it. I just have to remember I have more to do for the next couple of weeks.

A situation is happening in the Let's Play community, and it's kind of gotten me thinking. I'm sure everyone on the internet, particularly people anywhere near Tumblr, knows who Pewdiepie is and that he's kind of a shithead - last week, he used the n-word while streaming a video game, and in response a different company issued a DMCA to take down his old Let's Play of their game, because they didn't want to be associated with him anymore. Which I think is fair enough, but a lot of people think it's going Too Far, and it's kind of reminded everyone who does Let's Plays that they're only allowed to do it - sometimes for a career - by the grace of the game-makers who own the copyrights. And it's just sort of super weird, because I really don't think they're going to stop Let's Plays, any more than they've stopped fanfiction and fanvids (although the content breach is obviously different) - but whether people should be allowed to make money from Let's Plays, and do it officially in that way is another matter. And the money aspect is absolutely part of the reason for the Pewdiepie takedown - the game producer said they were sick of their content helping make him money, especially given he's now a millionaire. And it's sort of brought home to me just how entitled people seem to feel to make money off of, and make a career out of, Let's Plays and other people's copyrighted games. Like, I genuinely think it affects how much a thing is fair use, whether or not you're making money out of it. And the issue has even come up with paid mods and stuff, and how people 'should really be paid for their work' - but being paid or monetising things is literally not an issue with fanfiction, nor is it even really a discussion. And it just seems super-weird, now that I think about it, the way people seem to think 'yeah, this is my take on this game, and it was hard work to make, so I should get paid for it', and literally no-one thinks that about fanfiction, either inside or outside the community - I think Let's Players would be pretty surprised if anyone suggested to them people should get paid for writing fanfiction.

And I know it probably basically comes down to the same old thing - that fanfiction is largely done by women, and Let's Plays are largely done by men, and people automatically see men's work as more creative and valuable than women's. And men are more likely to ask for a reward for their work, and women are probably more likely to be community-minded and do things for free. But it just seems so odd now that this conversation is happening, and literally none of the Let's Players are asking "do we actually deserve to make money off this?". Strange how different views can be to different types of fanworks. Idk. I kind of experience Let's Plays for free anyway, because I have adblocker, and I subscribe to Rooster Teeth mostly for their original content, so I never really thought about it as a monetary thing. But it's interesting. I'll be interested to see how the situation with DMCAs and stuff plays out.
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Look. All I want is angsty dubcon.

Is that so much to ask?
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I finished Gravity Falls season 2, and then realised the shorts were not only not set after season 2, but hadn't been aired after that either, so probably had little to no effect on canon. I liked the show, but not as much as I was hoping to. It all ended just a little too 'pat', in a fairly Disney way. Not quite as emotionally overwhelming as I was hoping. I let fandom guide my expectations of the show a little too much, I guess. It was good, I just didn't love it like I thought I would after the first season.

But anyway. I went into the Tumblr tags for all the weird pairings, and they were all just full of posts saying that all ships are okay, don't let anyone make you feel bad for shipping something 'problematic', ignore the antis/haters, and everything is just so heartwarming right now you guys.
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I finally joined Imzy! I am girlofprey on Imzy.

I feel like the two gifs that could sum up my job-hunting process are one of Zohan, from You Don't Mess With The Zohan, saying "I have the skills - I have the desire". And the other would be that one from Brooklyn Nine Nine of Jake playing a guitar for a criminal, and then screaming.

But anyway. Trial shift tomorrow. Wish me luck! I have to get up at about 6.30, but I'm going to give it my best. And right now, the video for the Playstation Meeting that happened earlier tonight has finally gotten to the Meeting part, so I'm going to watch that and learn All The News.
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It's hard to find time for porn, video games, and all the other practical things in my life I kind of need to do. Also writing. And soaps. I'm falling very behind on soaps at the moment. We stopped watching them during the holiday, and then there were the Olympics, and now this. I'm meant to be doing a soap podcast again in a few weeks, too.

On the plus, I did find a really incredible fic for a fandom I have no interest in getting involved in - which is sometimes the best combination you can manage, since you're not spending all your time thinking 'this isn't the fic I really wanted, though', or 'I don't think [character X] would have phrased it exactly like that. Essentially, I was looking through a kink tag, found a new fandom and pairing with a dynamic I enjoyed through that kink tag, decided to read all the fic for that pairing, and then found a really good fic that was actually a turn-on and restored my faith in slash fic of the moment. Also there is genuine video online of that (RPF) pairing, where one of them is spoon-feeding the other one pudding for the pleasure of the audience. So that was nice.

I was hoping after that video from the weekend that the tags for my pairing from the Let's Players would be flooded with serial killer!AUs (with fluff), and carrying fic. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. But maybe it's in the works.

Yesterday I finally got around to applying for benefits again. It turned out my last ESA payment was on the 20th of last month, not the 15th, so I couldn't have applied before this weekend anyway. But it was probably some of the least fun I've ever had. First off, it told me I couldn't have Jobseeker's Allowance, I qualified for Universal Credit because of my postcode. Then - having taken me to the Universal Credit page - it said I could make a full claim if my postcode started with a certain set of numbers and letters. It didn't, so it said I could make a partial claim if I lived in 'one of the below areas', and gave me a list. I didn't live in any of them. But the form had said I qualified for Universal Credit, so I started an application anyway. And it turned out I did. Way to make applying for benefits accessible and easy to understand, Conservatives. Anyway, then I actually got to fill out the form - woo! - and it involved needing to know my parents' exact dates of birth and whether they received any benefits at all, and then exactly how much money I had in total. My online banking decided to break at that exact moment, so I ended up having to guess from recent bank statements. They didn't really say how specific I had to be, but whatever. But finally I actually submitted the form - and it gave me some details about what would happen from then on. Which was really nice, but mostly what I learned was that I'll be getting paid £100 less than I did on ESA, and I probably won't receive any payment until October 5th at the earliest.

After I submitted the form, the page took me directly to the government's job-seeking page. I already had an account on there, so I signed in and had a look. I spent a few minutes wading through jobs it suggested for me in Rotherham and Manchester, and then tried a different searchword and almost immediately got offered a zero-hours contract.

Then today I got some ice-cream, and tried to play a free trial of a game I got offered, which ended up taking 3 hours to download. Still. Joy.

I am still working on my Dragon Age fic. I really want Zevran to be involved, and I have an idea for how he could be, but I don't think I could make it believable with other characters involved in the fic. I would also like Morrigan and Wynne involved. And I thought maybe Leliana, but she would literally just talk all the time about how great it was my character was part of the Chantry now, and not understand when my character wanted to have her own beliefs in private, and when Loghain found out there was a literal Orlesian spy in the court he'd probably just kill everyone. So, there's that.
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Well. So. This happened with one of my Let's Player pairings over the weekend.
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I went to Fairburn Ings today with my mum and YN, which is our local RSPB reserve. It wasn't as sunny as it had been, but it also wasn't as insanely hot, and it was pretty nice, other than my nephew getting bored and being a little bastard. Also I bought some hedgehog food and have decided to start leaving some out, since we might have some in the area. I've decided not to tell my dad about this until it's established and the hedgehogs expect the food and there's nothing that can be done. Also I bought a bug/bee house, which came with some free wildflower seeds for your garden. I might try to figure out how to put those up also without dad noticing.

I had my ESA assessment the other week. It was late, as usual. They told me when I got in that I might be waiting at least half an hour, and I ended up waiting an hour. They offered me another appointment, and I could have taken it and just gotten paid for another few weeks probably - but I figured why bother, when that appointment would probably be late too, and I don't really want to be stuck in an endless loop. So I bit the bullet and waited for it. It went about how I expected. The lady was a little humourless, and I tried to be as honest as possible when answering the questions, while still making clear the problems I do have. She said it might take a couple of weeks, and I'd be paid until then - I got a call yesterday of somebody telling me the decision, and offering to talk me through it. I got 0 points, as usual, but it's not so bad this time. And certainly not unexpected. And it was nice to get a call I guess, rather than just the report. Happily, I was due a payment yesterday, and the guy said that had gone through, so I got a last payment at least, to tide me over. But I am officially off ESA now. I can appeal, of course, but I won't, I don't even feel like it anymore. So I'm going to need to go on Jobseeker's pretty shortly. Or find a job. Ideally, get a job either way.

I think I'm going to have to leave Tumblr, at least for a little bit. It's a shame because it's where fandom is at the moment, but the way it happens I just feel like I'm having arguments constantly. Without even saying anything. Of course, being in video game fandom feels like that anyway. People are going to need to learn the difference between sex, sexy and sexualised, or I'm going to start screaming. And all the Ghostbusters crap hasn't been fun. On the plus side, we got a great film out of it. On the minus side, every time I think I'm a horrible bitter person who hates the world, something terrible happens and I realise that I'm actually an incredible optimist. Which is to say that terrible things are happening to Leslie Jones at the moment, especially on twitter, because people are cunts. If any of you feel like doing anything to support her, that would probably be much appreciated right now.

Also I stopped playing The Witcher 3 and went back to Fallout 4. I'm so happy.

Emmerdale is swinging back and forth between moments of massive hilarity and extreme annoyance, dotted with the occasional moment of incredible beauty, right now. But on Coronation Street, they might finally make true the fact that David probably has PTSD. I loved Sarah wanting to look after him so much. I just want her to make him lie down on a bed with her, and put her arms round him and kiss his hair. I forget that he's the youngest sometimes.
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sfkjlskdfasklfhklsjahfjk The most infuriating soap person on Tumblr just made a post about scene between two female friends, and tagged it with stuff about how rare strong friendships are in soaps, especially between women, that aren't 'demeaning' and just all about men, and Tumblr won't let me reblog the post or @ the guy, and every time I try to make a post about how WRONG he is, WRONG, I have to start off explaining all the things Tumblr won't let me do and it's so awkward the whole post feels ridiculous after that. HE'S SO WRONG. And he doesn't watch Coronation Street because he tried one episode and 'the hypocrisy was too much for him'. But he still talks shit about Coronation Street, and everything they should change about the show, every time it comes up, even though he doesn't even watch it. If he wants female friendships he should just go to there. He's going to feel that way when apparently he mostly watches Eastenders.

Anyway rant over. Tomorrow, I have accidentally scheduled a shopping trip to Leeds, a soap podcast, and voting in the EU referendum. The EU referendum is almost making me feel sick. I mean, I finally get to do the one thing I can actually do about it, and vote to stay in, but also we're going to have the results by tomorrow night. And so many people are being hugely racist. And is that if, if the country votes to leave? Do the politicians have to do it? Or do they just have to take it under advisement? I know if we vote to leave and then we don't, people will just vote UKIP in the next election. It's weird how much momentum the Leave campaign seems to have, but I also assume that they're just loud extremists. And there was a lot of buzz about Scotland leaving the UK during their referendum, and they didn't. I guess I just worry that the Stay people might not bother to vote like the extremists probably will. Like how people forgot to vote against the Conservatives.

The shopping trip can't really be moved though - it's my mum's birthday on Sunday, and she's actually going away over the weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to give her a present. Or what to get her. Mum's one of those really annoying people who don't really want anything, and if you ask them, say "really - don't make a fuss" - but is also the person who least deserves to get up on their birthday, and then realise "oh...nobody did make an effort". But I'll find her something. Even if it's just bath stuff or whatever.

My parents are getting on with buying my sister a house, as I mentioned before, and then they booked a holiday for this year for my sister's kids. Which seems like a lot of expenditure. My mum joked afterwards that they might have to borrow something off me to pay for it - but in that way where people wouldn't even make the joke if they weren't kind of thinking about it. And then today my dad asked me 'where's your money?', and about my bank accounts, and how easily I could access my savings. And...I really don't want to lend them money. And it feels really ungrateful when they're letting me stay here for free and paying for stuff for me, but I know if they borrow anything it's just going on all this stuff for my sister, and my sister is a black hole as far as money is concerned, like she is definitely contributing no money to the holiday my parents are taking her kids on, zero. And I really don't want to get dragged into that. That is an insecure enough investment that I really really don't want my finances - what little I have - dragged into it too.

AU number fifty-eight that the Daredevil kink meme came up with and then barely used: a highschool AU where Matt and Fisk were opposing debate team captains, and every time they argued their friends just rolled their eyes because the UST was incredibly palpable. Someone prompted that, and someone else wrote 300 words about it instead of 30,000. Why?
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I'm doing another soap podcast tonight, so I won't be watching the episodes this evening. But I will be discussing soaps with people. Although, they've only caught up to May's episodes with Emmerdale, and they've stopped watching Coronation Street because they find it too boring (????!?!?!???). So I get to fill them in about Todd and Billy. Joy.

E3 is over. I am bereft of video game news. But - one of my favourite pieces of hardware currently is the PS Vita, Playstation's handheld, and people keep claiming it's dead, Sony aren't making any more games for it, there's no support, etc, etc. It's not dead - it's selling really well in Japan, so on the whole it's not going anywhere. It's just whether many more Western games will come out for it that's up in the air. But lately there've been a lot of announcements for games coming to it later this year - localisations of Japanese games, and little arcade-style games. So on the whole, I'm really pleased with it, considering it's supposed to be 'dead'.

It's father's day today. Which is always tricky, just because I have to spend so long choosing between cards that either have a really nothing-y message, or a really long poetic one and I'm like 'no, I don't feel that strongly about him'. But I managed to find a nice one that wasn't too over the top, and I'd bought him a present a few weeks ago. I forgot it was Father's Day, and he was out all morning with my MN at a football gala, and by the time he got back I was deep into Fallout 4, so I didn't actually give him any of it until about 5 o'clock. But when I did it was lovely. Now I have to start thinking about my mother's birthday, next Sunday.

I had a really weird dream last night, about a guy who was a shapeshifter and possibly a killer, and first off he turned up in a musical he shouldn't have been in, killing people, and then the musical was my life, or my friend's life, and he was turning up possibly killing people or possibly just taking over everything we were doing with his gang of friends, and sometimes I and all my old LJ crew were Lets Players and he and his friends were rival Lets Players, and he was trying to take our audience from us. It really chopped and changed between whether he was killing us or just being annoying and judging us. And sometimes I was a shapeshifter too and could fight him. But I also fancied him. There was a constant tension of "Is he going to kill us? Is he going to outdo us? Is he going to kiss me?". I think my brain's finally judging me for liking bad guys so much.

A list of fic I need to see for X-Men: Apocalypse:

  • Charles/Apocalypse dubcon

  • Peter and Erik daddy issues, possibly Erik saving Peter after finding out he's his dad while Peter's in danger, possibly Peter/Erik.

  • Scott/Logan or Scott/Jean/Logan while Logan's feral.

  • Ororo/Raven femslash, with Ororo hero-worshipping Raven.

  • Raven and Kurt mummy issues.

Fandom isn't so good at providing these fics so far. I mean, there are some. But it's mostly Charles/Erik.
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I keep thinking "how can I go to the place where all the fandoms are?", like how I feel I used to when I was younger, but then I realised - apart from everyone leaving Livejournal and Tumblr ruining everything - that that's probably something teenagers get to do, and now I should probably be the one making the fandoms.
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Nobody writes good Uncharted fic. They just write filthy het.

And tomorrow I have to go to Wakefield, because dad took us having our boiler replaced last week - and having to empty out our boiler room/cupboard - as an opportunity to go through all the stuff in the boiler room/cupboard, and he found my solid deodorant from Lush and decided it was probably an old piece of soap nobody wanted, so he threw it away. Naturally he didn't ask if it was an old piece of soap, or if nobody wanted it. So now I have to go replace it. He's going to pay for it though.
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Okay, but for real though, the worst thing about our new living room is that the cat is no longer allowed in it. Maybe forever. Because we have fake leather seats in the kitchen and her claws have made lots of marks in those, so she can't ever be allowed on our stupid leather sofas. Or near them, since she occasionally stretches up at us and her claws come out. So...yeah. Some people might have thought "hey we have a cat - maybe we shouldn't get leather sofas". But not my dad. So now we have to either watch her constantly like hawks, relegate her to the garage, or keep the kitchen door closed at all times. I certainly can't stroke her while she sits next to me or let her sleep on me, like she used to. Awesome.

In happier news (for me), a few weeks ago I was out having Sunday lunch with my parents, and we ran into a neighbour who commented on how I'd lost weight. Naturally my brain is translating this as 'drastic weight loss', but w/e. My mum said I had in fact lost some weight, so yesterday I went through my wardrobe trying on all the dresses I love that I thought didn't fit me anymore. And they fit me again! Even one that I really thought was like 'those days are gone, never to come back' and only hung onto because I loved it. And all the dresses I bought even though they were a bit tight fit. And all the 18s I have that I also like still fit too, they look 'comfortable' but not ridiculous or shapeless. I'm wearing one of my old sun dresses right now. My mum says she wants to go on holiday again just so I can wear them all. That was pretty top.

In other other news, I may have to come off Tumblr. The only time I seem to talk to anyone is to argue with them, or if they seem to be in a really dark place and I want to offer them a little support or advice. I was on there because I really like talking about Emmerdale, and quite a few people on there are doing that, but - this is going to sound a little xenophobic, but a lot of them are americans, and I don't think they understand...what they are seeing. Or how soaps are written. The dude I am arguing with currently is not the guy I was arguing with before, who runs a podcast, it is just this dude who constantly complains and talks about the writing and slams every character for bad behaviour while obviously being a fan of the most misogynistic, homophobic, borderline abusive sociopath on the show. And then yesterday he was talking about an affair storyline, where an outside character was saying they'd told their wife it happened and she just blamed the 'other man', while the married woman they were related to was "blameless, of course". And this dude said he loved that line, because it was clear even the character saying it didn't believe that, when - that was the entire point of the line. When pretty much no-one in England would use the phrase "[blank]'s blameless, of course" unless it was sarcastic. BUT HE'S SO CONVINCED HE'S RIGHT. AND KNOWS WRITING BETTER THAN THE EMMERDALE WRITERS. AND IT'S NOT HARD TO DO THAT LATELY, BUT LKSJDLKASJKFLD. AND I JUST NEEDED SOMEWHERE TO VENT ABOUT HIM. GOD.
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Arguing with someone about Emmerdale on Tumblr.

Wondering if and when is a good time to say "well I have an English degree, so I probably understand narrative better than you!"

Possibly a little too obnoxious.
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RPF drama )

The holiday my parents have booked with my nephews is nearly upon us, and I still don't know if I'm going. Everything in me was saying 'no' last week, because a holiday being expected to watch and play with at least 1 of my 3 demanding nephews doesn't sound restful or fun. But it turns out my dad, who thought I was going, has booked to have the living room redecorated the only time they could do it - while they're away on holiday. With a decorator they trust, obviously. So the living room will basically be like a bombs hit it all week, and there won't be any furniture or the big TV in there, and there'll be a stranger in the house most days probably, and I'll be picking my way around paint and wallpaper paste if I even want to walk through. So. I'm not looking forward to that. And now mum's saying we're going to a holiday park, so there'll be clubs and stuff and that's where the kids will be most of the time, so. I don't know, now.

Kickboxing really wiped me out tonight, I came close to asking the teacher if I could leave the mat because I was feeling lightheaded. But I'm due a period this week, so I'm assuming it's down to hormones, and my sleep still being messed up. I have a spot at the corner of my mouth, I hate PMT (fun fact: earlier today I was trying to think of "PMT", and the first thing my jumped in with was "PTSD").
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So we found the blackout blinds. Mum and I put them up. I turned out to know as much or more about curtains than she did. And now my room is BEAUTIFULLY DARK when I go to bed and in the mornings. Did I ever say how much I liked the dark? When I was little sometimes I'd just go into the cupboard under the stairs or a walk-in closet in my parents' bedroom, and just lay there on the carpet for hours, or play Stig of the Dump in the dark. I don't know why. Anyway. I'M ENJOYING THE DARK. My sleep's still a little messed up - I still keep waking up around 5am, but yesterday I managed to get back to sleep, and last night I was up for a bit but I think I dreamed afterwards so I must have slept, and it was more restful in any case. My drymouth's a bit better, but I think the upshot is that it's because I'm drinking more water, so I need to go to the toilet more often in the night. Which I think is the reason I tried not to drink too much before bed in the first place. That's the trade-off, apparently.

I have also developed a weird lump on my knee in the last few days. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't hurt unless I poke it and I can move it around, so it's not the bone. Mum thinks it's nothing to worry about, but it might be to do with me putting my knee in stressful positions. Literally all I can think of is the way I sit when I'm on the computer or on the playstation. That's never given me weird knee-lumps before. I have been kneeling in front of the computer a bit though, when sitting in my desk chair gives me backache. It seems to be going down a bit now though.

Mostly I am stuck in Daredevil fandom. Which is weird, because I'm not - I didn't LOVE Daredevil. But I did quite like the way they made the main character quite fucked up, and their villain was amazing, and it's a really angsty show which I enjoy. And I slash the hero and the villain, obviously, and I'm on the kinkmeme and other people also seem interested in the pairing, so ahhh. I'm enjoying it.

The best thing about putting up the blackout blinds was that they were originally mum's, because she's a light sleeper and has read some stuff about having a lot of light in the room while you sleep being bad for you, so she wanted them in her bedroom. But my dad for some reason was just against the idea, and he put them in the loft, which is why we couldn't find them earlier this week (which is just such a passive-aggressive thing to do - like, if you're going to use them you need them to hand, and if you're not just give them away, why put them in the loft?). Basically he wasn't interested, and said it was "women's work" to put up curtains and he would be doing it. I heard him really banging about childishly when he was getting them down out of the loft, and then he just threw them down on the landing and didn't tell any of us where they were, just left them there on the floor. Then he heard me asking mum to help put them up, and he sort of jokingly asked about them, and then when we were actually putting them up he came upstairs and into my room, and started giving us advice on how to do it. I was a bit short with him, because I properly didn't understand what he was doing or was his attitude was anymore, putting up curtains is "women's work" except when he can tell women how to do it apparently. But anyway, I got them up and was super happy with them. And the next morning apparently my dad slept through his alarm, and said it was because he was up in the night going to the bathroom, and my mum said "Well you know what you need, BLACKOUT BLINDS". And he SAID NOTHING, and then later said he was going to look into them on the internet and different sizes and stuff, and not to cut mine (because they're too long for my curtains) just in case they wanted them back (for their floor-length curtains). So maybe my mum will get blackout blinds after all! Because that's my dad. He's so weirdly enthusiastic about things as long as someone else has done them first.

ETA: Oh my god, what has Livejournal done to the entry pages?
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Infamous fandom did not take the extended break for incest I hoped it would. I don't know how fandoms exist without angsty first-time fic.
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Writing blather )

The most unappealing match of snooker is on the TV right now.
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Went back onto the Handsome Jack tag on Tumblr, don't know why I keep doing that.
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I've read a couple of fics lately that were SUPER GOOD at Hurt, and less good at Comfort. So. There's that.

On a sidenote, one of those was wing!fic that I actually really enjoyed. The character's wings were moulting which made him moody and crabby and unable to explain why to his mystified boyfriends. It was great.
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