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And now my ON, who is here for unknown reasons, is refusing to speak to me, and literally got up and shut the door in my face when I tried to speak to him. Most likely because he heard what happened between me and my sister today. So that's lovely.
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It's my sister's birthday and I went for lunch with my mum and my sister and my sister started being racist about Polish people and I argued with my sister and my sister said this was her birthday I'd been invited to and I was ruining it and I walked out. Fuck my sister.

But - I did go into town and speak to the Jobcentre, and they said that if I actively look for temporary work until my new job starts, I can still get paid, and if I'm still on JSA when the new job starts they can help me out with a train pass and work clothes and stuff. The lady I spoke to didn't know about the tax credits thing, but she said my advisor is a disability expert so she ought to know, and I'm seeing her on Wednesday, so. Anyway, it's nice to have options. Also my mum paid me back another £500 of the money she and dad owe me from my savings, and I went into my local games shop to ask for advice about possibly buying a cheap gaming PC, and it turns out his mum has one that she's basically never used and is looking to sell for about £200, so he's going to call me about the specs and stuff on Sunday. Result.


Dec. 27th, 2014 12:46 am
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Christmas was - well. One of the nicer ones I've had for a while. Maybe I should have a weird health scare every year before the big day, and pop some of the tension. But Christmas day was like, I got a bunch of stuff I wanted and hadn't gotten around to buying myself yet, then watching Football's Funniest Moments with my parents, who liked their gifts from me. My sister and the kids came down, and sometimes it was a bit manic, but mostly it was fine, and they played and didn't kick off, and we all had a pretty nice family dinner together.

We had a few blips - my dad screaming at my ON for nearly scratching a new tablet he'd just been bought, and making him cry, me having to argue with him about it. My sister claimed two presents were wrong, stuff she'd ordered online that my mum had picked up - she said they weren't what she'd reserved. My parents went back to the shop today to ask about returning them and the woman showed them a shop record that said she had reserved those exact those, and when my sister called and didn't ask my dad brought it up, and made it sound like she'd messed them around or hadn't done it right. They had a small argument and then hung up, and then she called back to complain about how dad was treating her like she was stupid and being awful to her. But other than that, it's been pretty straightforward. My ON decided he wanted to stay last night and this night, mostly just to play Skylanders on his PS3 from home in the little bedroom - but we watched Arthur Christmas, and had a Boxing Day meal in the fancy dining room we're usually barred from for being too common, and tonight we had snow. Beautiful snow. So all in all, so far it's been quite nice.

Coronation Street, some spoilers for actors leaving )
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Other exciting things that have happened this week:

  • My sister broke her foot. I would say she's incapacitated, but it's not really like she did a lot of things in the first place.

  • My MN called up last night. He was meant to be staying overnight at ours, but he'd heard his mum on the phone to his dad, who was at a Christmas works do, and she'd said he was drunk and had been thrown out of a club, so he was begging my dad to go get him then, before his dad got home. Mum and me sat working out how worried we should be, and if we could somehow bring all three kids down for the evening in case things kicked off between my sister and her partner if he was that drunk. Eventually mum called my sister, asking what was going on, and it turned out her partner wasn't actually that drunk, just drunk enough that people were asking him if he was alright to get home, and she'd said "they should have thrown you out" before he got that bladdered. So everything was fine, ultimately, but it was still a fun half an hour.

  • The drains on our street got blocked today, so my dad spent a good part of the evening with the flags up from the patio, dragging things out of pipes and into plastic bin bags. It has been a fun Christmas rollercoaster.
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I accidentally fell into Borderlands 2. Having finally finished all of Borderlands 1, including the DLC. When I say accidentally I mean 'deliberately and methodically', but I wasn't really expecting to love it as much as I do. I thought maybe I would be too good to love Handsome Jack? But it turns out I am not. And the count of how many video games I play where I ship the main character with the bad guy remains several thousand to 0.

I've even started making playlists, which I know is always a bad idea before your canon is finished, especially with a pairing involving a bad guy. But!!! I love him so much. And Kyla La Grange's Vampire Smile isn't helping in that regard.

Anyway, the end result is that I've been playing Borderlands 2 and Fallout: New Vegas instead of posting, or watching TV or films in general. Except soaps. Eastenders, having decided to kill off a sexy young female character in a VERY SIMILAR fashion to Coronation Street, managed to embarrass me horribly last night by a) ridiculously dragging out even the 'reactions to her death' episodes, b) having the whole thing be fairly unrealistic as far as I could tell (people do actually need to go identify bodies, don't they?), and c) terrible acting. Also if you haven't seen their 'Who killed Lucy Beale' advert by now, you should, because you're missing a treat. My parents and I have seen at least one puppet since then who could also have done it, and who knows how many more there are!

My Easter was nice. My nephew got hit by a car. We didn't find out about it until Easter Monday. He didn't get badly hurt, apparently the car was going slowly and just clipped his bike causing him to fall off it. He has been waking up in the night since then though, so he's obviously a little shaken up. The jury's still out on whether the fault is more with his mum and dad, who let him just 'go out and play' and don't keep an eye on him in any way when he's only 6, or with a neighbour of theirs who apparently parks his van very close to the junction at the bottom of the road in a way that might be illegal. Frankly, as long as it teaches my nephew to be a little more careful when he's out on his bike on the roads, I will be happy with that.

Also I did go see Muppets Most Wanted with my ON yesterday. The best song was obviously Tina Fey's one about the Gulag. Unfortunately, Hyperion has a Gulag in Borderlands 2, so it just sent me back into thoughts about Handsome Jack again. HE SHOULD DEFINITELY SING THAT SONG. I hope someone in the fandom, should there be one, has done some sort of filk for it.

David hugged Maria in Coronation Street on Monday. That was a nice change from him taunting her about her horrible life, when they always seemed like quite good friends a lot of the time. I can't believe Dennis is back, but I assume it's something to do with Tina. Everything else about Coronation Street is pretty bad at the moment, aside from Carla's blossoming relationship with Simon. Also Steve confronting Tina. Sometimes I forget he can actually do serious scenes nowadays. Well, there's lots of things nice about Coronation Street at the moment. But also a lot of things that are bad.
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So. After all of that whinging at the beginning of the week, here's how things actually played out:

  • Part of the reason I was freaking out about the Jobcentre appointment was because at the last one, the advisor said this one would be a telephone appointment. So when I got a letter asking me to come in I assumed something must be wrong, or that I'd got a new advisor who might not be so thrilled at my progress as my previous lady was. Well, I got to the Jobcentre about five minutes ahead of time. 15 minutes later I was still sat there. I gave it another five minutes, then got up to ask if there was a problem, and the lady at the desk had a discussion with my advisor. It turns out I was supposed to have a telephone interview, and my advisor had been planning on calling me I guess, but - I didn't get the whole story on this - someone had gone into her diary for some reason, changed her telephone appointments to office interviews, the letters had gone out reflecting that, then those office interviews had been cancelled. I don't understand it, but it sounds like it was nothing to do with her and as much hassle for her as for me, because she had no idea which other telephone interviews had been messed with too. But anyway, she took me over for a brief chat as usual, like five minutes, and let me go again for the next three months. And that was that.

  • I did end up going to Leeds on Wednesday. My (cover) service worker was v understanding about that, and also we didn't have much else to talk about. For those of you following the story with my service worker, my regular guy has been off sick for about five weeks now, and I have asked for a new one now, and for a female worker. Unfortunately the only lady who'd be suitable is also off sick, so it's not sorted out yet. But hopefully sometime this week it will be. But anyway, Leeds. I bought Lego and comics and chocolate, and got a free gift (sort of) from the Body Shop. I felt the most grown up I have in weeks.

  • My birthday turned out to be super great. My plan was to spend it doing nothing and talking to no-one, playing video games. I have just started one of the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas for the first time, and it's frustrating but I'm really enjoying it. But anyway, those plans went out the window because my YN was down. So we had party poppers and I learned he can sort of say 'happy birthday', and then we went for a long walk to try to get him to fall asleep. We saw a few horses, one of which was way more excited to see us than I'm afraid we lived up to, another one that tried to eat the buttons off my coat, and maybe my nephew? Apparently he wanted to stroke it but mum didn't want to release him from the buggy because he's hard to get back in, so he just reached out, and this massive horse reached its head all the way down and licked his face. Then it realised we didn't have any treats, even buttons, and left. Maybe we should take carrots next time we go on that walk. Also we made friends with a dog, but it was on a farm full of dogs and another of them wasn't so friendly, so we had to leave. It was freezing cold on that walk, but a lot of fun.

    Afterwards my nephew still wasn't asleep though, so we had to go for a drive, but we discovered a whole town we didn't know about, so it wasn't so bad. Then I spent the next few hours building a Lego set what I'd bought. Then cake, which my YN managed to sleep through. Then video games. It was a good day.

  • I did get the PS4, which is good because I paid £200 towards it. It was no surprise, because after getting through my Jobcentre interview, I ended up meeting my mum in town, and she was at the shop buying it. The dude did nicely put it in a plastic cover though, so no thieves would be tempted to steal it, so it COULD HAVE BEEN ANYTHING. But yes, it's mine. Haven't played on it yet because the game it came with is one I already have for the PS3, and there's been suggestions I could take it back and get money for it. And the other games are still around £50 - between Lego and going to London next week, I don't have that kind of cash to splash around. But my parents have quite nicely tidied the little bedroom where the PS3's set up (something they've been meaning to do for a while), so when I do get it out it'll be a lot easier to see where the wires are and should go and stuff. Thanks, parents.

  • Mother's Day today. When we were out on Tuesday we saw a display of azaleas, which I remarked upon because I'd heard some interesting stories about how they were poisonous (fun fact: if bees make honey out of azaleas, the honey will be poisonous too. If you're looking for an extremely labour-intensive murder weapon, consider azalea honey). Anyway, mum said she used to have one in her student house, and it reminded her of her younger days. So I planned to get her one for Mother's Day. Then on my birthday, it turned out she'd gotten me one. She'd also picked up a little tweeting plush bird, so when it turned out the azaleas were all sold out anyway, I ran and got her one of those. Then yesterday she showed me one she'd bought herself. Dear mothers: you are impossible to buy for. Happy freaking Mother's Day.

Which brings us to today, when I am waiting for lunch because my sister has invited us up to her house for it. I really don't know what to expect. I wasn't expecting this. Apparently she's cleaned up the house and has some new, not-yet-broken furniture from my grandma's house, which just got sold this week. And from what I could tell from a phone call earlier this week she's started cooking, because mum had driven off with her shopping and she couldn't start the dinner without beef for the 'bourguignon' (?). So she's invited us up for Mother's Day. Should be interesting at least. Aside from the fact that I haven't been speaking to her for two and a half years, and my mum apparently spent most of Friday unable to deal with her behaviour and fighting with her. It's in an hour and twenty minutes. At least I still have some birthday cake left.
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I haven't done a proper Livejournal post in about a fortnight, it seems. Wow.

In real life, I have been mostly tidying my bedroom, finally. I got my service worker to come over and sit with me while I did it, despite mum's objections. Mostly it was just him sitting there while I sorted through stuff, and decided what to keep and what to throw away, which was probably not very fascinating for him. At one point he sat and counted how many DVDs I was throwing out. And we had an odd and involved conversation about William Roache. But it's nice to finally have it done, and to throw out things I don't want anymore, even though I hate doing that. Also I hoovered things that haven't seen a hoover in years, I don't think. All I have to do now is put up some of the pictures I've been keeping in a stack by the desk, go through some old soap mags and throw most of them away, and maybe decide what to do with the big stack of boxes I'm keeping by the bed. Basically I'm keeping them because if I decide to move again, which I probably will do at some point, I may as well move things in the boxes they came in and which fit them. That seems like the best course of action. But it only seems like maybe I could keep them in a better way than stacking them up beside the bed.

But anyway. Mostly it's just nice to have some space in my bedroom again, and a place for everything to live in.

And there's also been some trouble with my nephews. Cut for violence against children/bullying )

Fandom-wise I have mostly been obsessing over Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2, shipping George Gently and Bacchus from George Gently even though I don't quite know how, but I love Bacchus' hair and when he is protective, and obsessing a little bit over the Lego Movie. The Lego Movie.

That two-sided review I've been wanting to make, Spoilers )

I've recently discovered what actual fandom is like on Tumblr, and I don't think I like it, oh my God. Maybe it's just not for me, or maybe it's my own fault for getting into it with a fandom as odd as the Lego Movie, but. I have never seen so many people projecting so many of their issues onto fictional characters so intensely, and fighting with each other over it. Also it's filled with people who write in text too small to read and have music autoplaying whenever you open their Tumblrs. And people who wonder if it's morally wrong to sexualise children's toys in a children's movie in the first place. askdjajlad Tumblr.

Other than that I have mostly been researching medieval England for a fic I might write for Dragon Age, mostly as a way to procrastinate writing it I think, and then throwing the whole thing out anyway because Dragon Age itself can't seem to decide which historical period it's set in; they have magic so being specific about technology doesn't make much sense; they did bizarre things like having pumpkins growing in Ferelden even though it's meant to be faux-England and there is no faux-America that we know of; and Ferelden isn't even an island country, so looking up which plants are native doesn't even make that much sense anyway. Plus they just plain old made up some new plants like Deathroot and Elfroot anyway. Plus in the medieval period people were already sailing around moving plants and technology around anyway, so there's not much point being that rigid about it. It has been fun researching stuff, and it gave me some vague ideas, but eh. I think we'll count this one as a hodge-podge anyway.

I still do have complete my Origins replay with the different decisions I want to make, and the DLCs, and then a Dragon Age 2 replay (sigh) so I have the backstory I want for when Inquisition comes out though. Darn.

And the soaps are all kind of terrible at the moment, and have decided that killing young women off is totally the way to go and how to get ratings. So.

But on the plus side, it's March, so my self-imposed ban on Creme Eggs and easter sweets is over, and it'll be my birthday in about four weeks. Yippee. Also it's Pancake Day on Tuesday. THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY OF THE YEAR.
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My up and down Christmas )

And I also watched the Coronation Street Christmas episode )

And then there was Yuletide. I found one slash story for a pairing I loved in a fandom that doesn't get much fic, which was pleasing. But I remember when Yuletide used to be more exciting than this.

Um. Merry Christmas?
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My parents and ON, who always comes down on a Tuesday, went to a pub near to our house for the bonfire and fireworks display they were having there, and they were going to meet my sister and the rest of her family there later. But they came home early because said fireworks were being let off on the roof, and one of them had fallen off and exploded at their feet. My nephew's wrist got burned, my mum's leg and coat, and my dad's leg as well. None of them seriously, but still. My mum already hadn't been happy because the fairly small pub and grounds had been jam-packed, and there was a bouncy castle for the little kids, but some bigger teenagers were squashing the walls down and she was freaking out that someone was going to get suffocated. So they decided to come home, and just as they were leaving the car park, this metre-long stick from a rocket landed by their feet, just missing them.

So they came home. My sister, who hadn't been there to meet them when the fireworks started, wasn't answering her phone, so they couldn't tell her they'd come away and to avoid avoid avoid the fireworks display. There was no food in because mum had assumed we'd all eat at the pub, so I at least (since I didn't go) ended up eating a cheeseburger that had been chargrilled, reheated in a microwave and then left in an oven to keep warm. Considering that, it wasn't bad though. My mum finally got through to my sister and told her what had happened, and my sister said they were at the pub so they'd just get some food and come over. An hour later, at eight o'clock, they finally did. Apparently the queue for the food had been massive, and also they'd only managed to have two drinks at the bar before they were done. My sister also said the police had been at the pub, asking about this firework incident. Apparently one - or the same? - stray firework had ended up under a child's buggy, and another woman who'd been there with mum and dad had had her head burnt, and her hair was coming out in clumps. The people running the pub, or the fireworks display at least, are supposedly going to call round everyone who was there tomorrow to ask what they want for compensation. I don't know how they're planning to do that, or how they'll have everyone's number, but my mum apparently isn't interested in even having a new coat. Mum's weird.

Anyway. Since it was eight o'clock at this point, my mum and dad weren't really interested in doing much but having a bit of cake for my dad's birthday and waving them off. We had some garden fireworks, but they didn't want to let them off in case there were kids in bed. But then the next door neighbours, with pretty much the youngest kid on the street, started letting some off, so they figured whatever. Mum still didn't want to do them all, but the kids did, and my sister did even though she could hear my mum saying she didn't want to, and my dad kind of tends to charge ahead with things like that. So we ended up doing them all. Including one rocket that went off a bit crooked and ended up shooting into one of our neighbours' gardens and exploding there. Time will tell if we have to offer her any compensation for it. And then my sister, who already had a cold when she came down, and an ear infection from the sounds of it, and who'd had some food at the pub and two drinks, and then some cake at our house, a cider and her partner's cup of tea, all in the space of an hour, ended up throwing up in our toilet. My mum was sort of at the end of her tether at that point and started getting a bit snappy, so she and my sister ended up having an argument. And then, finally, they left.

So. Another uneventful Bonfire Night and birthday at our house. I'll keep you updated on the compensation situation as it arises, or indeed lack thereof, since mum is weird.
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I am back from my holiday.

My holiday )

And I did have a plan to not do anything much today. But I ended up going to the doctor's to get a sick note, getting some toothpaste and Welcome To The Punch on DVD, and finished the night by catching up completely on Coronation Street with my parents. So. I have things to say about Coronation Street, but some of it is long, some of it is just about how beautiful David is, and some of it is just keysmashing, so I'll maybe leave it for another night. Oh, and also I came home to a letter yesterday saying that they'd set a date for my ESA hearing. 27th September. So I can look forward to that. Yay.

I hope you have all been great, I've sort of caught up on my flist, but not on everything. If there is anything vital you think I should know you should probably tell me now. Otherwise, hello.
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Cut for pet death, probably the last one, but I may go into some detail. Also, death in general I guess )

And what I WASN'T expecting this week was while I was listening to a Welcome To Night Vale podcast, partly to take my mind of all the stuff that had happened with the dog, for there to suddenly be a line about a woman putting her "3 year old Weimaraner to sleep", for fairly shallow reasons. That hit a little close to home. These things come to try us, I suppose.
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Cut for mention of animal death )

Also, I went to see Man Of Steel with dad yesterday. I quite liked it? It was 3D, which I didn't realise before getting there, so I can't tell if the slightly insensible fight choreography was to do with that, or just the way it was actually filmed. Also, I ran out to the bathroom during a bit that didn't seem very dramatic, but might have been a bit of exposition that tied the first and second halves of the film together better than it seemed when I was watching it. I don't know. Brian Holden has taught me to like Superman more than I did. HE CAN'T ALWAYS HELP HOW POWERFUL HE IS. So I quite liked it. It was fucking expensive though. Two adults for a 3D film, including 3D glasses and sweets, since the newsagents downstairs was closed - £33. Jesus Christ.

And now there's Pacific Rim out, and I have been looking forward to Pacific Rim for a few months, but suddenly everyone on Tumblr's seen it, and they're so hyped about it they don't want to spoiler-cut anything FOR A FILM THAT CAME OUT FOUR DAYS AGO. jsjdhj. There are still two other films I want to see out at the moment, one only has two showings a day left this week, and The World's End is out on Friday. Lord save me from people who won't spoiler-cut. Am I just going to have to avoid your Tumblrs entirely?

In other news, apparently sometimes skipping the intros of songs you aren't familiar with on your MP3 player keeps you from songs you will one day genuinely love. This week's offering: Sweet Talkin Woman by ELO. Hold on...

Also, I am at the part in Fallout 3 where you . But this time I told him what a dick I thought he was. It's different this time around, knowing what's going to happen later on in the story. But I do think this version of my Lone Wanderer will end up slightly more well adjusted than the previous one. Or feel horribly guilty for a while. Whichever. He's totally a dick though.
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I had quite a lovely night tonight. Last year my local castle was holding a Proms-type event, but by the time I'd decided I wanted to go the tickets were all sold out. Then last night I found out it was on again, but today, so I assumed it would be sold out again. But my mum took my ON to the castle today, and found out they were still selling tickets, so she got one for me and one for herself, and we went down. It didn't start until 7.30, so the weather had cooled down from what it was like earlier today, and it managed to hold off from raining, and the place was packed. So we just spent a rather lovely evening sat on the grass with a few hundred other people, listening to our local symphony orchestra. I didn't even know we had one. Highlight of the evening: hearing one theme tune and racking our brains trying to think of what it was, humming it to ourselves, only for me to remember while mum was in the toilet that it was the theme to the Magnificent Seven. LITERALLY ALL I COULD REMEMBER WAS THAT THE SIMPSONS MAY HAVE DONE A PARODY OF IT ONCE USING THE THEME TUNE, AND IT MAY HAVE INVOLVED HORSES AND LASSOS. A close runner-up was the orchestra playing the can-can, and a bunch of people in the audience getting up and can-canning to it. And then at the end of the night we had a fireworks display. It was an incredibly decent night out for £5.

In family news, things aren't really any better. Talking about our dog, cut for mention of animal death )

And in general family news, I generally ask not to be involved in or hear about news to do with my sister anymore. But despite this, I have heard or overheard this week that she and her partner had a massive row on Wednesday night which ended with her sleeping separately from him, that having been moved from Disability Allowance to ESA recently she's now being asked to attend assessment interviews, and after an unfortunate incident on Thursday while my mum was looking after my YN, I seriously suggested to her that maybe she just shouldn't take so much on, if she genuinely can't cope with it. So it sort of feels like things might be changing in the near future, and possibly not for the better. Maybe they won't though, I might just be worrying too much about these things.

In other news:

  • I honestly can't believe there isn't a Starkid kinkmeme in existence. I found a TFLN tumbr, and even they for some reason miss out Holy Musical B@man! in their posts. YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH TEAM STARKID PRODUCTIONS. And write me fic.

  • You know how a while back I was talking about the video games I played in my youth, and mentioned the Great Giana Sisters?

    - I just spent literally about an hour looking for it, and while I remember posting about it, I can't find it. But anyway. Whereas I had assumed the Great Giana Sisters was a one-off 'homage' to the Super Mario Bros, it turns out it's actually an ongoing property. And there's a new game that just came out. I bought that. I'm going to play the hell out of it.

  • I saw (most of) an amazing documentary about a lioness today, that ended up being basically a slash fic between her and a rival lioness. It was amazing. Then it ended on the note that there were 450,000 wild lions 50 years ago, and now there are 20,000. Which was a bit of a downer. I didn't even realised lions were in trouble. Still, it was an amazing documentary though. It was called The Last Lions, and it's apparently available on DVD, even though it's only about an hour long. Also, it was narrated by Jeremy Irons - I c what u did there, documentary makers.

In other news, I'm playing Fallout 3 again, and I've just gotten to the parts in the game that make me really angry. Or kind of angry. I feel like I want to go somewhere and discuss at length the differing moralities of the characters in the Wasteland - and why I think they're genuinely good choices by Bethesda, even if they didn't quite write them as well as they could have done. But either no-one is having/had those conversations, or I'm missing them. Or they're on the type of game websites that I don't like to frequent, in case they're a little more hostile than the sites I usually go on. Oh well.
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I got my passport renewed this week, or I sent off the forms to have it renewed at least. I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm going on that holiday with my parents and two of my nephews this summer. So I'm going to need it by then. I always hate filling in forms, and having passport photos taken, but the real kicker was the fact it costs £80 now, including the 'check and send' service. Following a week where I'd decided I had enough money to finally get a few random things I'd been meaning to for a while, and when my LJ account suddenly needed renewing. All of which left me a little closer to overdrawing on my bank account than I'm used to. I've had a payment from the DWP since then though, so I'm sort of alright for now.

However tomorrow I'm taking my ON to the cinema, just me and him, after suggesting it earlier this week. Despicable Me 2 is out, and I figured he'd want to see it, and that mum wouldn't be interested in taking him/us on a weekend, and he's old enough now that I can probably manage him on my own. It does mean I'm going to have to talk to my sister though, for the first time in a few months, to arrange times and stuff. I've already called her, but she was in a shop, so I'm just waiting for her to call me back now. I basically have two things to ask her about or tell her, so hopefully it will be pretty straightforward. And short.

It was mum's birthday on Wednesday as well, and I was concerned things might get awkward if we went out for a meal or something, or if we went and didn't invite my sister. We did go across the road in the end, but not anywhere my sister would probably expect to have been invited to, and mum went to see her for some cake before that anyway. I do feel awkward sometimes with how my family has to deal with the fact I don't want to see my sister much, especially if it's making mum feel bad, or making things complicated for her. But we did manage to have a conversation on Wednesday anyway, about my sister and the way I feel right now, and about some of the stuff that happened when we were younger that I consider abusive. I don't think she wholeheartedly agreed with me, but I think she understands where I'm coming from a bit more now, and some of the stuff I told her about she said she didn't even know about. So there's that, I guess.

Cut for mentions of pet death )

I have no fandom news that is happier than that news. Adele and Lana Del Rey apparently have the same tattoo now, I'm forced to assume they're in love. I've started playing video games again, mainly Deadly Premonition (which is good, but strange), Remember Me (yay female main character, but so difficult to control), and trying to finish the Borderlands DLCs, finally, so I can maybe start Borderlands 2. I would have liked to start The Last Of Us as well, but it came out a week after Remember Me, and I've been having the aforementioned money problems.

It seems to be drama week on all the big soaps at the moment, Lauren in Eastenders and Debbie in Emmerdale are both falling apart. And once again, I would love to have kept up with Coronation Street for David Platt, but I go out on Monday nights and find it hard to catch up again after that. I'm planning to do it tonight though. I love David. I love how much shorter he is than Nick.

And yesterday I saw a Tumblr post with promos for a bunch of new shows starting up in autumn in America. They were, if I recall, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, Believe, Almost Human and Resurrection. And the ones I missed were apparently Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (by the same people who brought you Once Upon A Time!) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. They all looked dreadful, down to pretty much the last one. Except Almost Human and Resurrection, but I can't understand why Resurrection wouldn't just be a film, and unless I'm very much mistaken, all of the people of colour in the Almost Human trailer were playing non-human parts. So. There's that. Perhaps I'm wrong. And perhaps I'm wrong about all the shows, maybe they'll all somehow be amazing. Even Dracula inventing lightbulbs. But mostly - unless there are plenty more shows coming out on other channels or something - I am not holding out too much hope for anything brilliant coming out of this autumn.
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So, today was the day when my sister decided to show up at the house. She suddenly shouted from the bottom of the stairs that she was here, and thought she'd tell me so I wasn't terrified when I realised someone was in the house. I said she could have called before she came, and she looked away and said "Well I don't have to do I?", and I said no she didn't. She said she'd run out of washing powder so she'd come down to get some 'and things'. I went back to playing on the Playstation rather than hover over her shoulder, as far as I could tell she and one of my nephews were downstairs for about twenty minutes. When I came down, from what I could see, she'd taken the last of the washing powder tablets, she'd raided the cupboards for snacks, and she taken an envelope mum had left with money in it for a man who'd done some work on our tree, taken the money out, and left the envelope on the table. Good times.

Anyway. My week without my parents is almost over, and it's been pretty nice really. The only fiasco I had was on Tuesday, when I had to get up and go out to a jewellery course I do. It starts at 1 in Leeds, so I have to be up and out so I can be in Leeds for around 12-ish. But I remembered that I had to feed the dog and take him out and stuff, so I set my alarm for half an hour before I usually set it for. On Tuesday morning, I woke up early, couldn't get back to sleep, then couldn't work out why my alarm had gone off. I got up and started getting ready, and realised I'd gotten up at the time I set my alarm for, when I usually set the alarm, give myself half an hour to wake up in bed, and then get up. But no matter, I continued to get ready. I went downstairs, and it turned out to be the only day of the week (so far, fingers crossed) that the dog had made a mess in the kitchen. Even though it was around the time he usually barked to go out, so if anything I'd had a better chance of getting him out in time. But I didn't. I fed him, took him out, and cleaned it up, which I almost never do in the kitchen. I washed my hands, had a breakfast bar, and managed to get out in time for the bus to the bus station. However, they'd changed the bus times slightly from last year, so the connection I easily made when I went on this course last year, I missed, and had to wait half an hour for the next bus. I went into town, bought a few books on clearance, came back to the bus station and sat down to wait for the bus. And it wasn't until 12:33, when I was looking at a bus station clock, that I thought "Wait - 12:33?". And then I realised that instead of setting my alarm for half an hour before I usually did, I'd gotten confused and set it half an hour later. But then got up half an hour early anyway. But then either spent so much time cleaning up after the dog, or thought I had loads of time since I was 'early', that I completely missed the actual bus I wanted to get. And then missed the bus after that anyway. So I missed an hour of my jewellery course. But it's all pretty laidback, so it was alright really. But it was a confusing few hours.

In other news, I'm kind of freaking out about Dragon Age. Spoilers )

In other other news, I am watching Hannibal. It is extremely gory! But very good. I kind of wasn't holding out a lot of hope for Hugh Dancy, I think because he is pretty and reminds me of Jack Whitehall. But he's actually amazing. It is really good. But very gory.

I also watched the end of The Following. The end of The Following )
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So, nothing happened with my sister yesterday. Well, nothing much. There were a few snippy moments when she sort of got onto me for the way I was replying to her. But other than that there wasn't really anything, and we all had a pretty decent time. Aside from my ON, mostly, who was upset he wasn't winning at bowling even though it was his birthday. And my parents and sister starting arguing about money a couple of times. But other than that it was pretty good. To be honest, I'm not sure I even like it when nothing happens with my sister, because I'm pretty sure she's still upset about stuff, and it just feels like she's saving it up, or like I'm still waiting for the axe to fall. But I'm not really going to go looking for arguments with her, especially not if no progress is probably going to come of it. So, it was the best it could have been, pretty much.

Anyway. What I did before seeing my sister at my nephew's birthday party, was go to see Cakesy in London. Which was pretty much the opposite experience. We watched Luck, which is beautiful, and incomprehensible, and beautiful. I LOVE LEON. That probably won't come as a surprise to anyone who's seen it. Also we went to Camden, which is partially based out of what I assume is an old stables, and is filled with random horse statues. And we watched the Gangnam Style video, which I forgot had a bunch of horses in it. So altogether it was a pretty horse-themed weekend. It was no bad thing no, I like horses. Also I got a purse and two bags I don't need. But a BEAUTIFUL purse and two bags I don't need. Then I came home on Monday. Also we watched Oz, and at one point a terrible character had a breakdown and sang 'Camptown Races'. MORE HORSES. Also, they should have kept Peter Schibetta and made him and Adebisi be an odd couple - who hurt each other way less - for a lot longer. I'm just saying.

Also Cakesy is a v good hostess. A++. SEE HOW I REVIEW WELL, CAKESY?
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The only thing slightly more annoying than Livejournal being down, is the fact that my Twitter account is also somehow broken, so when Livejournal is down, I can't even tweet about it. Or talk to people on Twitter. I still have Tumblr, I guess? But Tumblr isn't really where I go for text posts. I should email Twitter about my weird account. I can share links, but not just write a tweet. Or see conversations. Or see anything prior to the top page of my friends feed. Sigh.

Anyway. In my RL I have mostly been playing Fallout: New Vegas. I love Fallout: New Vegas. I have a terrible ship and I am pursuing it. However, it has occured to me that getting addicted to a new game is possibly not the best thing to do a few days before I go away for the weekend. CAKESY IF I SIT UP ALL NIGHT ROCKING AND TALKING ABOUT PERKS I AM SORRY.

I was also considering making a year-in-review post on or around New Year's Eve that was basically about how I fell into videogames this year. But Livejournal broke and that didn't happen, so: I fell into videogames this year.

Also there was some drama with my sister, but that all came to nought (so far). So I guess it's fine.
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Trying again. Shorter version. Highlights of the day included:

  • Watching the back end of Gone With The Wind this morning while opening presents.

  • My mum's story about how she got me Far Cry 3 because she saw the cover, thought it wasn't very Christmassy, went off to look at the two other games I'd suggested, looked at Borderlands 2, looked at Dead Island, then went back and got me Far Cry 3.

  • Hearing the story of how my MN, who will be 5 in a month, was apparently crying his heart out in bed last night, and when my sister went to see him and asked him what was wrong, he said it was because he thought he might be on Santa's naughty list, and wouldn't get any presents this morning.

  • Things not kicking off with my sister, despite all my fears. Possibly because I was relieved about this, we ended up all having kind of laugh together, and it was a pretty good Christmas actually.

  • Catching the tail end of Shrek Forever After and it almost making me cry again.

  • Watching bits of the Strictly Come Dancing special, and my YN (who's now 1) doing his version of 'dancing' (turning his torso from side to side) whenever the music was on.

  • Also my YN's now super awesome walking skills.

  • And a lowlight would probably be catching any of the Doctor Who special. Seriously? Did the power of a single emo tear SERIOUSLY save the world/London this time? SERIOUSLY?

Is this all good? No eating this time? Hurray.
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As a follow up to that article I linked to yesterday about the terrifying, horrific future of computer games, I would also like post about two others that I read a few months ago and kept meaning to post about, but never did. They are The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming and The 7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves In Online Gaming History. Similar but not the same. They are hilarious and awe-inspiring. I like the super-heist one in Biggest Dick Moves best of all.

It's Christmas in a few days. It just occured to me yesterday that, as well as being Christmas (which I already knew), I was also going to have to see my family on Tuesday. My whole family. Well, my close family anyway. I'm not exactly prepared for that. My sister still hasn't called or come to talk to me about the fact I'm not talking to her, which she apparently definitely knows about now, so whether it's all going to kick off on Christmas Day I do not know. I'm a little worried it will about the fact that all I'm giving her is a tenner in a card. But it shouldn't, because that's more than she got me for either last Christmas or my birthday, or both combined.

Anyway. I had a bath tonight. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done before Friday, so I could just relax if the apocalypse didn't happen. So all I need to do tomorrow is wrap presents, help mum deliver her cards to various remote locations as usual, and I'd like to have a little bit of a tidy up in my room, but we'll see how that goes. And then bed. And then Christmas. I'm not super excited for Christmas Day, just because all the stuff I actually want is sort of obscure, and only available online, and I didn't think of it until it was too late to have it delivered. So I've just made a few suggestions to my parents and then asked for some money. I'm looking forward to shopping after Christmas Day. There are a few things I'm hoping to get on the day, though, and to be honest I think I'd like a relaxed Christmas morning, given that I don't really know how things are going to turn out later in the day.

What I did discover about myself while Christmas shopping is that I would still readily and happily buy myself a whole range of children's toys. I thought I might have grown out of that. But apparently not.
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So, mum and I had an odd conversation today. It started out with Justin Lee Collins - there was a programme on he was narrating, and she said she was suprised they were giving him airtime, since he's been convicted of domestic abuse. Eventually we ended up talking about my sister, and the fact I think she is abusive. Then we ended up talking about the argument my sister and I had again. Apparently my sister has now, a year and three months after the fact, noticed that I'm not talking to her, and that I'm short with her when we do see each other. Mum and I discussed it again, and ended up agreeing, finally, that if my sister wants to talk about it, she should talk to me about it and not our mum.

Then I said something along the lines of how I wasn't prepared to put my feelings second for my sister, the way that I feel like I've been doing for our family for 17 years. My mum asked if she was included in that, and because I was being honest and felt like being honest about it, I said yes. Because I don't think anyone in the family really handled it well, except that I was a kid and didn't really handle it at all. She ended up crying, and then said she was sorry. And we had a hug, and I said it was fine, but that it would be nice if things were maybe different in the future. And then things were fine, pretty much. But it's odd to have said some of that stuff to her.

I have no idea what's going to come out of this situation. Maybe my sister will call me, and hopefully we can talk about it rather than argue about it, if she does. I'm starting to feel like maybe she's afraid to talk to me, for some reason, because she endlessly complains about mum being between us, and always protecting me, and yet whenever there's a problem between us, she talks to mum about it and asks her to sort it out. Hopefully we can talk about it. Otherwise it might be a very interesting Christmas. Or maybe it'll just never get mentioned again. Which is not ideal, but I'm fine with it as long as she doesn't harass me about it. Well, it's probably not going to work out really, in the long run. But I can't make her talk to me if she doesn't want to. Can I?
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