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Hello! I haven't been around for a bit. I got really into Fallout 3 after it got suddenly emotionally harrowing. Also I broke into the kink meme because I needed some hurt/comfort and tales of companionship like, badly. But now I've finished the main quest! And got a new friend. And have a new weird pairing to keep me warm at night. And a slightly less weird pairing! It's all very good.

I want to say that I really love Bethesda games. I have no idea how much input into storylines and stuff they have, or whether or not they suck in many many others ways, but I like the fact that in their games, they make a point of not really having anyone be The Good Guys or The Bad Guys. In Fallout 3, the bad guys/enemies had a few moments of goodness, or moral ambiguity at least. And there were quite a few times when the supposed good guys acted like jerks. And I really love them for doing so. Hurrah.

I did not watch the Olympics opening ceremony. Or any of the Olympics really so far. Mum asked me if I wanted to watch the ceremony with her, and I kind of did, especially after all the good things people said about China last time. But then I noticed that it was three hours long. And then I decided I'd rather be playing computer games. But I've seen bits and pieces of the good bits. And I read my Twitter feed afterwards. It was kind of hilarious how often my flists' comments matched up with Ryan Sampson's. I think it gave a good impression of what it was probably like to watch.

I am still watching Poltergeist: The Legacy. It got so much better when I learned to just ignore the bits with Derek and Philip in them. Recently, they've decided that rather than keep Derek 'mysterious', they will give him characterisation in the form of relationships/UST with a number of women-of-the-week who are considerably younger than him. I can't believe I didn't realise how shit he was when I was younger. Also I can't believe I didn't remember how bizarre their mansion is. They have servants. Actual servants like, wandering in with tea every now and then. Multiple servants. And peacocks! And yet their Secret Society is a secret, I say! Except probably to all the servants, who are around all the time.

In other news, my home life gotten a bit topsy turvy. My sister and her partner and kids have moved into the new house, finally, and it's the summer holidays, and the kids are acting up and apparently my sister can't really cope. So my mum has basically sort of decided to have them every weekday, when their dad's at work. She has list with things to do on for every day of the summer holidays I think, minus the week when she and dad are taking ON and MN to the lake district for a week. I have no idea if she actually planning to carry this out, or if things will settle down, but she was pretty much at my sister's house most of the day every day last week, until some sort of fight happened, I think. And this week we've had at least one kid over every day so far. So yeah. It seems to be the plan for the moment. And I wouldn't mind, but when she makes these plans she always asks me and drops hints about whether I want to come, I think because she'd like an extra hand with them. But none of it's my fault, and I've already told her I don't feel able to hang out with the kids every day, and it's not like she asks me before she makes all these plans. So whatever. But it's what's happening so far.

Anyway. I'm going away this weekend, so chances are I probably won't be around again for another few days. Oh! Also, Vexed is coming back, which is a series I thought was cancelled forever, and asked a friend to help me get the first three episodes on DVD, because the company went bankrupt and I figured they'd never officially come out. But no, they've released a DVD of series 1, and they're about to broadcast a new series. But without Lucy Punch. WHAT IS THE POINT WITHOUT LUCY PUNCH? She was like the best thing in it, and the main draw for me. Probably there were scheduling conflicts or something. But still. WHAT IS THE POINT WITHOUT LUCY PUNCH? Man.
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Still lots and lots of moving. Not for me though, I stayed home and played Fallout 3. Which by the way, got depressing as fuck. And then more depressing as fuck. Poor Player Character. Still, I did manage to find a friend for her. Then they died. I went "lol, no" and reloaded a save.

I also have thoughts about Poltergeist: The Legacy, but they're probably not going to mean much to anyone if they haven't seen the show. Essentially, it's that I'm pretty sure half the programme is terrible because they have two characters (of five) that basically just look perturbed about things and angst and shout ineffectually. And weirdly, they're the two that have accents. I think maybe they were trying to go for 'mysterious and troubled' and ended up with 'pretentious and a bit rubbish'. On the other hand, it explains why even though I loved Nick and sort of slashed people at the age I was when I watched it, I never had a pairing for him. Because the two main options for it were both terrible. Only two of the characters (including Nick) really act like human beings. And the other one is pretty good, but they haven't really done a lot with her, five episodes in. She is the only black character. In some sad ways I'm not suprised.

My main complaint about Poltergeist: The Legacy though is that I'm pretty sure that after watching Season 1, I'm going to want to watch Season 2. I remember loving it a lot more, and it has some of the best episodes for my favourite character. Sadly, the only place you can legally get Season 2 at the moment is On Demand from, in America - where because it's On Demand, it costs sixty dollars. Which is about £40, plus shipping. And because it's On Demand, you can't really get it second hand or from anywhere else a bit cheaper. And my skills at getting TV from other sources are a bit rusty at the moment. Hmph.

I have to wait till mum gets home from my sister's before we can have dinner, because she's going to McDonald's and bringing it back with her. She called about an hour ago, and didn't say when she'd be home, and hasn't turned up yet. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.
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Internet wasn't working again this morning. But is. Okay. I'm not exactly complaining.

On the other hand, while I was on internet blackout last night I started watching Season 1 of Poltergeist: The Legacy again. One of my favourite fantasy/horror shows I used to watch when I was young. It's a weird combination of half shit, and half amazing. Which is basically as I remembered it. There was some stuff that happened that I did somehow forget about, but happily they did pretty well with it for a fantasy/horror show I think, and bothered to handle the consequences at least a little bit. The main thing that's pleasing though is that Nick is still pretty. As is Rachel. One of the other characters, however, seems to be a bit bipolar, on rewatching. But I never cared for him that much anyway. My favourite bit so far: the tent that somehow had a fax machine in it. Awesome.

My sister and her family are supposed to be moving into their new house (the one nearer to us) this weekend. My mum said something about just getting my YN and getting out of the way, so they can focus on moving instead of watching him. But that didn't happen, and she's been out all day, she just came back about half an hour ago. Oh well. But still. Supposedly they're supposed to be all moved in by tomorrow.

Also in Fallout 3, I finally caught up with my father. It turns out he's a bit of a dick. Oh well.
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I have been watching Prison Break series 1.

A cut that is hopefully not a fug pair of scissors, which basically means 'Spoilers' )

So yes. I have been watching that mostly. And trying to ignore Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists being one of the most disturbingly sexist children's films I've ever seen, with some extra racism thrown in to support the sexism. And trying to ignore the weird racism of Infamous 2.

The weird racism of Infamous 2, spoilers )

So yeah. That's been my week. Also in Coronation Street, David wore black and blue, and I hate Kylie. And I hate Leanne. But whatever.
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We went to Cannon Hall Farm on Saturday. It was only a slight debacle - my mum was working until 2 o'clock, and the night before I asked mum if she'd told dad what was happening, and she said yes, and that morning I asked dad if he knew where we were going, and he said yes. But mum didn't know dad was expecting her to call when she got out of work, rather than just turning up at 2.15 like she'd told him. And then when we picked her up, dad didn't know we were going all the way to Barnsley, he thought we were just going to a local farm shop, and he didn't know exactly where it was and he didn't have his sat nav. I ended up looking up the webpage on my mum's slightly old-fashioned phone, and we ended up driving up and down looking for it for about half an hour, on the right main road but on the wrong side of Barnsley. But anyway. We got there in the end. At about 10 to 4 when my mum hadn't had any lunch and they were claiming the cafe would stop serving food at 4 o'clock. But everything was fine. And I had some quite nice onion rings.

And when we got into the farm there were plenty of animals and baby animals about. Baby goats, a few baby donkeys, piglets, one single calf, and lambs, lambs everywhere. Right up to proper newborns that had apparently only been born the night before. The goats were probably the best value for money - they all kept fighting each other, even the ones that looked heavily pregnant, and they had just two kids running around, harassing the adults, sneaking under fences and leaping up in the air. The lambs did plenty of springing up and down though. And in one building there was this one single little chick running around on it's own. Apparently it's brothers and sisters hadn't hatched yet, and it didn't need it's parents around, so it was just there on it's own in a pen. I hope it has some company by now. Or soon. Also we were promised baby llamas, but we didn't see any. Only adults, hanging out with goats and looking like they might spit at any moment.

Also I have started playing Infamous 2. I had sort of forgotten how much fun it is playing Infamous. I have some issues with the story, but the gameplay, kdjfslk. It's basically just flipping around and having superpowers. Playing as a guy who can be either good or evil, so they have him just be sort of flippant and annoyed as a baseline. Annoyed but basically good superheroes are one of my favourite things. Also, I think the games are really good because you always play in a city, and they REALLY go to the trouble of making their cities beautiful. I mean, it's not like it's all their own idea. The first game is set in "Empire City", which BEARS NO RELATION TO NEW YORK, and the second game is set in "New Marais", which BEARS NO RELATION TO NEW ORLEANS. But also the graphics are beautiful, and all the building sort of look like they're part of the same neighbourhood but are all different, and they have billboards and ads around, and little details like plants climbing up walls and grills on the windows and stuff. It's lovely. I really love the Infamous games.

I'm also waiting for a game to download, which is why I'm writing a slightly rambly post. Black March is also over, and I went a whole month without buying any entertainment products, which is quite a long time for me, woo hoo! I've also gotten interested in Prison Break, after finding out that Peter Stormare is in it, but the boxsets are weirdly still expensive. It's also Eastercon on Thursday, and I need to pack at some point, yay. My game has also finished downloading.
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So. I've had an interesting few days. After all my appointments last week I was tired, and going out to the cinema over the weekend appeared to have pushed me too hard, because I was still exhausted on Monday night, and stressing out over a personal statement for a job application that I hadn't edited. I was supposed to be meeting my employment coach on Tuesday after my jewellery course and before my counselling session. But I just felt so tired I didn't feel like I could go out at all on physically exhausted that I really didn't feel like I could go out at all on Tuesday. So I decided not to and just cancelled all my appointments. It was alright though, I emailed my employment coach and explained, and she said it was fine, and that the basic personal statement I'd already written before would probably do for the job application, so she filled it out and sent it off for me (with my permission), which I thought was still better than not applying at all. It's the type of work I've done before and local and the kind of hours I'm looking for, so it seemed like a shame not to. And my counseller ('s colleagues) actually called ME on Tuesday morning to say she was ill so wouldn't be able to make it to our appointment. And the jewellery course people didn't seem to have a problem. So it was all fine.

It did feel a little weird, but I do sort of feel like putting a stop to it and just not going out was a lot better than forcing myself to go, which is the type of thing I might have done before. And I went out to my Confidence Course today, and am planning to go to all my appointments as usual next week. Also, having thought about it and had some other 'symptoms', I've realised it's probably about four or six weeks since my last period, so my hormones probably have something to do with it. As well as going out to slightly too many things. Hmph. But anyway. I'm hoping to be back on track for next week.

In Saints Row 2 news, [spoiler] is still [spoiler]. Even if [spoiler] does still [spoiler] sometimes. I still love all my cars. And am not entirely willing to give any of them up to get new unlockable ones. Except that there are some that I am probably just never going to look at or use, so I probably will at some point. And people are still picking on me when I wear the same clothes too many days in a row. Or a particular piece of clothing one too many times. When I have sometimes spent HALF AN HOUR or something making that piece of clothing, and have to then try to make it again or throw it out. Hmph. I still kind of love it though. Even if I sort of feel like loading a save from before the end of the game, and having the story go on FOREVER. I have won slightly too many really really hard minigames and done too many things to my cars and clothes to actually do that though.

And in Skyrim, I appear to be weirdly close to finishing the main quest. I sort of had an idea, from the name of bits of the quest and some of the content, but still. I have no idea how long I have devoted to the actual main quest, but it still seems weirdly quick compared to some of the other Elder Scrolls games. I mean, when I played Morrowind - the graphics and character interactions were nowhere near as good as they are in Skyrim, and I did do a weird thing of abandoning it because I was scared of getting killed, and then finding a walkthrough and a cheat to turn on God Mode - but I still remember the main quest going on for ages, and being really really brilliant and detailed. And if the Skyrim quest ends here then it's really nowhere near the same amount of content, from what I can remember. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe there will be a twist and there will be more to it, and more stuff after it. We'll see. I'm almost all the way through my backlog of quests, and going through some incredibly creepy Daedric quests at the moment. Also, Vague non-spoiler ). Hmph.

In other news...blargh. I have been watching Whitechapel. I love Whitechapel. AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW ANYONE COULD SHIP CHANDLER/KENT WHEN CHANDLER/MILES IS RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE. But whatever. And I have been on Tumblr. I have many issues with Tumblr, and I have just had to Unfollow a girl who was kind of angry and oversharey and reblogged upsetting things a lot, even though I found her blog quite funny and it introduced me to a bunch of fandoms/memes I'd never heard of. Which was kind of a shame. But mostly Tumblr provides me with daily pictures of wolves, and doodly art, and cakes. Which is lovely. Also you sometimes get links to things, like Two Best Friends Play, who even though I've never played Assassin's Creed, still sort of kill me. Not as much as 666theheartless666 though. Beautiful 666theheartless666 (easier to type than to say), who came back recently, HURRAH.

Although sadly Tumblr is full of Sherlock, and I still mostly hate Sherlock, except that I never actually got round (so far) to watching the second series, so that I don't even feel able to judge Sherlock properly. MAYBE SERIES TWO WAS REALLY GOOD AND THEIR LOVE WAS TRUE. I just don't know.

Blah. I'm probably going to watch Poltergeist: The Legacy series 1 at some point, because I have the DVDs, and because Nick. I DON'T KNOW. Maybe.

Also, I keep forgetting, but I did finally get sent a date for my ESA hearing. It's at the end of April. So that's coming up. Great.
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It snowed here today. My mum swore it would today - I think from studying the weather reports - and indeed it did. She also said it would be at 1pm, and it didn't start until about 2:30, but still. It's really deep now, the back garden looks like a swimming pool. A white swimming pool. Or at least less deep than usual. You know what I mean.

This afternoon I watched about 4 Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut episodes in a row. Which was basically just extra amazing auditions they hadn't had time to put in the actual shows. I really love Got To Dance. I love all the judges, I love the fact that it's had the same judges for three years so they all know each other really well, and I love the fact that it's all amateur dancers, and a lot of them are really wicked.

But probably the best moment - aside from all the dancing - was probably when a cheerleading troupe came on called The Nixon Vixens. Which mostly made me think of [ profile] cakesy. I imagine the Nixon Vixens were what his trashy all-female bodyguard/assassin squad would have been called if they'd ever made brilliant action films about him. I don't know why they didn't. It's hard to imagine Nixsploitation films being anything but amazing and definite money-makers.

Then mum and I went for a walk in the snow to the local Aldi for supplies. We got a bit cold and wet. I had to run back for a hat. But it was pretty lovely all the same.

Then I came back and played Skyrim. I LOVE SKYRIM. I don't really talk about it because I'm sure it's annoying and I don't really want to spoiler anyone. BUT I LOVE IT. Mild spoilers )

And then Saints Row 2. Sometimes I think maybe the best part of Saints Row 2 is being able to customise the cars. I FOUND A PLACE WHERE I CAN CUSTOMISE VANS, OH JOY OF JOYS. But that clearly isn't the best part of Saints Row 2. It's when you get unlimited rifle ammo.

In other news, I hate Tumblr. Sort of. There are many many things I hate about Tumblr. Which I will list now:

  • When you go to look at a picture to see what it is, and there are no tags, so you don't know what it is.

  • When you think a picture has no tags, but then you realise it - and possibly many others - actually does, they're just in a different place than you're used to, because customisation and everything, but having a set place for tags when sometimes you just don't have any, MIGHT BE ACTUALLY FUCKING USEFUL.

  • How hard it is sometimes to get an actual permanent link for a picture or post, because you want to bookmark it as well as Like it. Clicking it just gets you a link to an image file. Clicking notes sometimes takes you to a tag list, or your own Dashboard for some reason. I don't want to reblog it. ASkjdsdjfksfk.

  • When you open link to someone's Tumblr in a new tab, and it playing music, and there is no obvious place on the page to switch the music off. Sometimes this leads to you discovering wonderful music you used to love, like Always by Erasure. Sometimes it's just really fucking annoying.

Phew. And in other news, you know how sometimes one thing is enough to suddenly make you remember and love an old fandom/show again? Someone did a pimp for Total Recall 2070 on [ profile] smallfandomfest - which looks really brilliant, by the way - and I spent ages trying to work out who the guy who plays one of the leads is, before working out/looking up that yes, it is Michael Easton, who, yes, was in Two. Oh. Two is a show that I used to watch when I was really young. It was on Five late at night so I had to watch it in bed on school nights before I went to sleep. It was about a man, an English teacher, played by Michael Easton, who is really lovely and has a great life and a lovely wife and everything. Then one day he discovers he has an evil twin brother, and before he knows it, his evil twin has murdered his wife and a bunch of other people, framed him for it (because no-one knows he has a brother, and there is no evidence of it anymore), and then gone on the run. His evil brother did NOT have a good life, having been kept with their crazy mother, or kidnapped by a crazy woman? Rather than adopted by loving parents like the good brother was. Then the evil brother found out he had a brain aneurysm, and no matter what he did, was probably going to just drop dead one day in the near future. So he decided to use his last few months making his long-lost brother's life hell. Michael Easton also played the evil brother. His name was Booth. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. Mostly every episode was the good brother (Gus) trying to track down his evil brother before he died, and running from the cops, while also trying to help whatever poor woebegone souls he met in his travels. And usually, about once an episode, got a psychotic phonecall from his evil brother, who basically called to smoke and be sarcastic and taunting at him. I loved Two so much. It's a shame they never put it on DVD so I could buy it. A CRYING SHAME. And I had forgotten all about that, and now I have suddenly remembered again because of the pimp on [ profile] smallfandomdest. Hmph.

I am also going to start watching Series 3 of American Dad. It's sort of the last go I am going to give American Dad. I do find a lot of it quite funny, and some of the characters I really love. But the character I was most interested (in American Dad, I know, I know), is sort of mostly being used as a plot point for other characters. Which I kind of understand, but still. And I know it's satire and all, but sometimes I really can't tell whether they are satirising an issue or just getting a cheap laugh out of it. And that problem basically just got worse in Series 2. Also there's a rape joke in basically every episode now. And sometimes, there's two. So. Essentially there's an episode I'm really interested in seeing in Series 3, so I'm going to watch series 3 or at least up until that episode, and if it hasn't improved by then, I will probably stop watching it. Yes.
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Hello. I've been meaning to post for the past, um, few weeks. But I've been keeping myself on a pretty steady diet of Skyrim, Saints Row 2, rewatching about half of Season 2 of Oz for Peter Schibetta reasons (who I love MORE THAN EVER), and watching American Dad, for humour and intergenerational het incest reasons. THE BEST REASONS THERE ARE. Also, I managed to get onto the jewellery making course in Leeds for a second term, and I've been going to see my employment coach again. Christmas is truly over. Even if all the sales aren't. So I haven't really had a lot of time to do other things.

Some nice things that have happened to me lately:

  • My new nephew came home from the hospital on Monday, yay!

  • On Saturday in the post I got both a slightly gloomy, but lovely, card from [ profile] jekesta containing beautiful stickers (thank you [ profile] jekesta), AND a letter saying I'd won a premium bond, for the amount of £25, including a cheque for it. It was a good day for post.

  • I got back on my jewellery making course. I was lucky to do so, really, in a slightly sad way, because I was only on the waiting list, and they didn't call me the morning of the first lesson like they did last term. But I called them and they said yeah, come in, so I went in and enrolled and went to the class. And then the tutor took the register and realised one person - who had also been on the course last term - wasn't on the register, and there were 13 people in the class when the maximum was usually 12. The woman who wasn't on the register said she hadn't signed any forms or spoken to the people running things upstairs, she'd just come back to the class. She and the tutor went upstairs to talk to the people in the office, and then the tutor came back down and said the woman had had to go home, because there wasn't a place for her. So assuming she wasn't on the waiting list like me, I probably ended up with her place. Which I did feel slightly bad about. But not entirely, because assuming I don't win my appeal - which I don't think I will - by the time the next term comes round, I might well have less money to spend on courses, and no concessions, so it would cost £50 instead of £5. So mostly I'm just relieved about it.

  • My Oglaf book came in the post today, hurrah!

Some bad things that have happened to me lately:

  • Yesterday at my jewellery course, I managed to cut my thumb with tin snips, which if you know anything about tin snips is pretty hard to do, but I managed it. I also burnt my fingers quite a lot while trying to polish things, scraped my elbow on part of my desk, and get hit by a tiny drop of boiling water while someone was quenching another piece. It really was not my day yesterday.

  • I got a call from the Tribunals service today (and yesterday). It turned out it wasn't about anything much, though, but still. A reminder that it is coming :(

Hmm. In other news, Skyrim's wicked. The only problem I'm having with it is that there are so many quests, SO MANY quests, and you don't have to take them all, but I always worry that turning them down WILL mean you don't get to still do them, or that I'll forget that people are offering them and miss out on them. But now I have probably about fifty 'to do', and it's sort of stretching my own suspension of belief that people would not be upset that I took a few months to basically take something to another town for them. So I'm trying to work my way through them at the moment. And basically running into and getting more along the way. But still. It's pretty good.

Further adventures in gender included a quest where I had the choice between taking the side of a woman in hiding or the side of the men hunting her for supposed crimes, and taking her side led to the men accusing me of being fooled by a 'pretty face'. However, Minor spoilers for Skyrim, maybe ). So maybe Skyrim/Tamriel really IS meant to be a world where it's perfectly okay and accepted to be gay. In which case, well done, I guess, Bethesda.

Adventures with gender in Saints Row 2 have been slightly more confusing. By and large it's fairly straightforward or not mentioned. But there's an activity you can do in the game called "ho-ing". Which, as far as I can tell, is where you gain respect by going to strip clubs and "pleasing" - strippers, I guess - after which your sexual prowess is known throughout the land, or whatever. I went and did it as part of another job though, and you don't actually get to see any of the act, but you hear voices, and my character was definitely in there with a man. So. I don't really know whether I earned or spent money after that activity. Was it a male ho? Was it just some random guy and we were using a strip club as basically a motel, without paying any of the actual people who worked there? Which is kind of insulting if you think about it. Apparently you can earn money as a pimp by ho-ing, but I don't know how or if I did. But it sounded like a good time was had by all, at any rate. So fine.

Saints Row 2 is getting a bit tricky at the moment in that it's got to that sort of middling part of games, where you're quite good at it, but not super-good at it, so I'm feeling a bit cocky perhaps but the challenges are getting slightly harder and I can't just breeze through them like I could the earlier stuff. Which is a little bit aggravating. But I'm still really enjoying it. Especially now that I've figured out I can steal helicopters if I want to. Even if I can't quite fly them yet. Still.

I haven't really been watching any TV or anything lately. Although I did have dream the other night about hanging out with my awesome nana, before realising, in the dream, that she was actually Rita from Coronation Street. Which led to a weird dream about an alternative Coronation Street, where David Platt had a cat he walked on a leash, and Karen was still hanging around. Good times. Anyway, other than that, nothing really. Other than Oz and American Dad. YOU ARE FREE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT PETER SCHIBETTA OR HAYLEY SMITH IF YOU WISH. I love you guys. x
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One of my main projects at the moment, other than playing the computer games I got for Christmas (and not for Christmas), is trying to find a joke 666theheartless666 tells in one of his Alan Wake videos. Except that I can't remember which one it is, and he has about 50 of them, pretty much all 10 minutes each. And there's nothing in any of the descriptions about that bit, and I can't exactly remember when it was, except the vague situation. Which is taking a while. It almost as bad as when I remember a joke I liked on an Adam and Joe podcast, and try to trawl through a couple of MB of them. Not quite as difficult as that. But still.

Besides that, the only annoying thing about having Christmas money is planning what you're going to spend it on, then realising you can't afford everything you're thinking about anyway, probably, and THEN remembering that actually, there's a bunch of stuff you kind of need to buy. Like a new desk chair, and jeans, and really, a Microsoft Office package at some point. However, I am definitely getting Scrubs season 9, Oz seasons 1 and 2, and one of the Oglaf paper copies. And there is just no argument about that. Also a trip to Lancaster. No doubt.

We have so much chocolate and dessert in the house, and I both feel like I can't eat it all, and feel like we're running out. Help.
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A nice thing: Seeing this jacket on Eastenders, and then finding out where it was from online.

A not nice thing: Finding out it was on sale months ago, and isn't any longer. Oh stock rotation. You giveth and you taketh away.

A nice thing: Getting conkers from the park.

A not nice thing: Figuring out what to do with conkers from the park.

A nice thing: Being inspired by [ profile] cakesy to visit my local charity furniture store, and finding out they actually have some really nice furniture in there.

A not nice thing: Having no opportunity to buy or use said furniture. However, there was quite a nice triple CD storage unit which I might go back for, if I can figure out where to put it in my bedroom.

A nice thing: Getting Man Stroke Woman series 2 in the post.

A not nice thing: Watching all of Man Stroke Woman series 2, and having no more.

A not nice thing: Wishing that I wasn't so easily won over by Boots' Christmas gift set things every year, so I could have more respect for myself.

A nice thing: Boots' Christmas gift set things, eee!

A just plain weird thing: Hearing 666theheartless666, whose Lets Play videos I have been watching for a bit now, suddenly announce on a video from two years ago that in a few days, he'd be 20! For some reason, just from his voice and the way he talked, I was thinking mid-twenties. Even when he mentioned his uni course. But no. He's been 19 or younger for most of the videos I have been watching, and even now, is only 22. Which is just plain odd.
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I was in Wakefield yesterday, and the day before. We had my oldest nephew on Tuesday, and my youngest nephew yesterday. I just came back from Nottingham last Sunday, and I'm going on holiday with my parents and both nephews tomorrow. I really want to do nothing today, but I probably am going to have to pack today, and possibly wash my hair. Although I'm probably just not going to wash my hair.

There's a big part of me that wants to say I'm going to stay home for the week. We've had some problems with trying to house the dog - we normally leave him at a local kennel, but we arranged for my sister to have him this year since we're taking both kids so my parents didn't book, and then last Sunday my parents took him to their house to see how he got on with my sister's dog, and my sister's partner (who'd apparently forgotten they were having the dog) said she wouldn't be able to cope with them both, now she's pregnant. My mum has been ringing up kennels and possibly the RSPCA all week, with no luck, so my sister's basically going to have to have him. But if I stayed home, I could look after him, obviously.

I probably won't though, I'll probably end up going. I'm feeling a lot better about it today than I was yesterday, and I was going to discuss it with mum today, but she's working till half 8. So. Yeah. I'm just not really looking forward to a week of looking after both kids and running around, and then getting back and having to unpack and catch up on soaps and all the programmes I've missed. Emmerdale has sort of just started getting good, with Aaron getting all self-destructive over killing his boyfriend, and Carl sort of being almost nice about it, because he obviously understands guilt over killing people. But I probably will end up going. It seems a shame to miss my youngest nephew's first holiday away with us. And I've already discussed with my parents that if I find it all a bit much I might just need to sit out of looking after them or being in the middle of things and stuff. And it's only for a week. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just been to Nottingham last weekend, and then had two appointments this week. But it's not like I could rearrange the Riverside Festival. So there we go. Also, I probably won't need to pack much - we're going to Wales, and with the weather being like it is I'll probably be dressing much the same as I always do. And we're going to a caravan park, so it's not like I'll need to be dressing up for dinner either. So today probably won't be that bad either.

In other news, I finally got the second series of George Gently on DVD yesterday, so there's no point in watching it now. Will have to save it till after the holiday. Sigh. But I do love Single-Handed and Jack Driscoll. He's like a terminator. And I like him a lot better now he's proved he's a terrible boyfriend, because he's a good garda. Also I'm really liking Emmerdale at the moment, especially if it continues in it's current vein, even if Carl is still being a twat. Also I love Seth in Hollyoaks. Yay!

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My dad's such a jerk. I was just watching Coronation Street (second episode only, I need to catch up at some point), and they're doing a storyline about a character's new boyfriend being a transvestite at the moment, and tonight she was going out on a date with him when he was all dressed up, and my dad literally jumped up to go do something in the kitchen, shouting something about how they'd lost 3 million viewers, and they've got a new executive producer or something, and he's friends with 'Colin' (??), and he keeps bringing in all these new stories about "homosexuals", it's all his doing, losing viewers, etc. I tried arguing with him by pointing out the number of serial killers they've had on the street over the years, only for him to say something along the lines of it wasn't him saying it, it was all in The Sun, he could show me. Twat. They've actually made Ken's gay grandson slightly more interesting tonight, although from what I've heard I don't know what the future holds for the teenage lesbians. But. It's still mostly straight characters on the soap. He just doesn't want to look at a man in a wig. It's times like these I want to tell him that I'm bisexual (if he hasn't already guessed), but shouting it in a fight doesn't seem like the best way to tell him. If I ever do. Hmph.

Anyway. I've been feeling a bit weird and restless over the last week or so. I've been going to a couple of my hometown's local festivals over the past couple of days, so that might be it. Just strung out and slightly more anxious than usual all the time. I'd like to assume it's my hormones or something, but I think I spend about half my life nowadays feeling a bit weird and assuming it's something to do with my hormones. Maybe it is. Sadly, while it has been a few weeks since my last period, I've never been terribly regular, so it's pretty impossible to tell when anything's actually going to happen. Alternatively, it might be having done all the things last week with my appeal and trying to do some volunteering that's put me a bit on edge. Or, I've been eating too much sugar lately. Possibly one of those things.

I've been watching some more Danny Phantom lately, which is an animated kids show really, but one I really like. Also, I don't think I've ever seen a show so set up for underage fic as that one. Yowza. BUT, having finished off season 1, I got onto the season 2 disc last night, only to discover - after a number of episodes that didn't seem to follow on from each other - that like the American Gothic dvds, they haven't put the episodes on it in the right order. So I have to get a list from the internet or something so I can watch them in the right order, or watch the ones I should have seen by now but haven't to start off with. Which is irritating. I never had this problem with Daria. Or only slightly.

Also, the kink memes I have been following have gone weird in a new and exciting way. Not seeing any prompts for the pairing you like is one thing. Only seeing prompts for your pairing where one of the characters is basically a Bad Guy as a plot point to set up the fic for another pairing, is another thing. Seeing prompts for your pairing where one of the characters is basically a Bad Guy in plot point fashion, but without it being to set up another pairing, or ANY other pairing, is...another thing. Hmph.

My plans for this week continue apace though. I've emailed K about possibly going to the Riverside Festival with her. She's in Berlin at the end of the month apparently, but I don't know if she's free at the beginning of August yet. And a cinema near me is showing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 this week, which is nice because I never got round to seeing it when it came out. And I am quite interested in seeing Part 2, and seeing it in the cinemas, so. It'll be nice to be able to. Also, my DVD of Single-Handed series 1 has FINALLY arrived, and series 2 starts on Thursday. Starting with Jack Driscoll finding out a 'terrible family secret'. Oh Jack, will your family ever stop being terrible and having secrets? I shall have to watch to find out I guess (my guess is, no). So. It's not been a 100% bad week, so far.
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I bring you a post of good tidings.

  • Last week I made a post about a pairing from the adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse, and said in the post and told [ profile] doyle_sb4 that the episode wasn't available on DVD yet, and wasn't looking to be any time in the near future. However, it turns out I was wrong, and searching for it again reveals that that series is being released on June 20th. Hurrah.

  • Snooker is going well, or at least FINE.

  • I managed to get my sick note from Saturday posted off, with a little explanation of why there was a gap in my sick notes for the benefits office. So hopefully that will be alright, or at the very least I've done it now.

  • I may have been a bit wrong about how annoying I thought it would be to play Keats in Folklore. He hasn't done anything as annoying as the thing I really didn't like before then, and you do get a lot of different information by playing as him, and there are a lot of different creatures and quests he gets that Ellen doesn't. And he does have quite a lovely accent in the cutscenes. So it's not too bad I guess.

  • And I've found some ice-skating now. Hurrah.
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Do you remember last night when I was happy and chatting away and stuff? Well, I'd had a bit of a headache the night before, and sort of during the day, and was feeling generally a bit 'blah'. And then, not long after I posted that, I started getting a bit of a cold, shaky feeling, and my eyes started to hurt. And it occured to me that actually maybe I was coming down with something. My mum had me take two paracetamols though, although worryingly she keeps them in an old box that used to be filled with my grandma's Alenbronic Acid, which freaked me out a little bit. But mum's a nurse, so I assume she knows what she's doing.

But. Today I could not stay in and recuperate from my illness-that-never-quite-happened because I wanted to get copies of my documents that I'm sending to the Employment Support Allowance people so I can send them off, and my dad's scanner's mysteriously broken, so I wanted to go out and use the photocopier at the library. I got up and went out to meet my mum, who'd gone early to see my sister and have a sandwich at her house, and who didn't have her phone with her, so we'd just arranged to meet at a building in town at 2 o'clock. I set out, only to realise that actually I didn't so much feel okay, as I wasn't coughing and sneezing and feeling weak, but my chest hurt with every breath I took, and my back hurt with every step I took, and my eyes hurt if I looked at sunlight for too long, and my head hurt if I moved it, or say, coughed. Also, I was wearing a coat that was much too warm for the weather. The internal complaining went on for some time. Then I got into town, found my mum (a mere fifteen minutes later than I said I'd meet her, which I think is pretty good when your chest HURTS WITH EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE), and she wanted to immediately whizz off around town, because it was quarter past 2, and we had to pick my oldest nephew up from school at half past 3. So I didn't exactly get to sit down. The complaining became slightly more external. But it was alright. It made everything very haaaarrd, but I got my photocopying done, and called the Employment Support Allowance people to check I was sending off the right things, and got them all sent off. And I even got to go sit in the car while my mum was finishing off her shopping! Hurrah.

We picked up my nephew, the one who was ill yesterday, and he seemed quite bright and happy when we picked him up. But we went to Morrisons for lunch as usual - I was so hungry I tried to order a pie, but they didn't have any, so I had sausages and mash instead, and then I couldn't finish it because it was making my chest hurt and giving me a headache. Did I mention that I got up at about 1 o'clock and skipped breakfast and lunch so I could meet my mum at something like the right time? Because I did. And then mum suggested I didn't eat because we'd be taking my nephew to Morrisons after school. My mum, by the way, was quite unimpressed by my illness, the main symptom of which was 'my neck hurts'. But anyway, we went to have dinner, and my nephew couldn't finish his dinner, or really eat much of it at all, and he'd been coughing since we brought him out of school. By the time he got back into the car to come to our house he was nearly falling asleep, and when he got in he briefly looked at his bike, I told him he couldn't play on it because he was ill, so instead he came inside and curled up on the couch. We had a pop at watching Ghostbusters, but by the time I wrestled with it to try to make what I assume is a feature of the commentary track go away and we were about ten minutes into it, I looked around and he'd fallen asleep. The next few hours largely consisted of trying to be quiet, mum monitoring his temperature, pulse and breathing, and her giving him his inhalator and whatever other medication she could safely give him while he was asleep. He refuses calpol or any other medicine, and I don't know why. But he'd perked up a lot again by the time he went home. An hour ago. Meanwhile, my neck still hurts.

But I'm not that ill. As long as I stay that way over the weekend, till after my birthday, I will be happy. Also, I found Despicable Me in Morrisons for £5. I don't know whether to hope it's got Swedish subtitles on it.
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A few minutes ago the phone rang, and when I answered it it was my aunt. I knew she'd want to speak to my mum or dad rather than me, and I was so prepared to not be the person she wanted that when she asked me "Is that Rachael?", I said "No".

My self esteem is currently in a slight state of flux.

Daria thoughts )
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Things that are great:

  • [ profile] cakesy wrote me fic. She wrote me AMAZING fic. Oh my god.

  • My The Other Guys DVD came! Woo! On a related note, it's really a shame when you have a film you quite love, and most of the quotes on the DVD case are from The Sun or the News Of The World. Currently this is true of both The Other Guys and New Town Killers. But happily not Sharkwater, which is also on my desk. I'm assuming that the other dvds used the Sun and News Of The World quotes because they LOVED them and gave them five star reviews, whereas other reviews from better sources were slightly less glowing. Hopefully. I still love them despite The Sun though.

  • I found a new animal to go on my Animals That Aren't As Bad As Popular Culture Would Have You Believe list: vultures! I was watching Zoo Days on Fiver yesterday, and a bit about Colchester Zoo's vultures came on, and it was all about how friendly and inquisitive they were, hopping around to see what everyone was doing and nibbling things to see what they were. The whole episode is actually on Youtube here, with the vulture bit starting at around 12.49. It's sponspored by Five and after the break, so you have to put up with a few stupid adverts. But it's worth it if you like LOVE. My favourite bit is probably when the keeper assures the camera people that they're not in any danger because vultures "don't have the power to kill". Or the bit with the vulture that thinks he's a human. Oh.

    ETA: After trying that youtube link and trying to get to the bit I'm talking about for the past ten minutes or so it's mostly just not working and making me cry, so I won't judge you at all if you try the link and then give up. I'm not ordering you to watch it. I won't hate you if you don't. Except that I'll probably hate you a little bit for not going through what I've been through. But mostly not.

  • The December Brendanwatch is up. I will back soon. I am currently dead.
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Another clothes-related post I have saved you from: dresses. I don't know what it is, but I am feeling interested in clothes at the moment. Possibly it's from buying those jeans. But anyway, I may have bought myself some dresses online in the past few days maybe. Only because I found really beautiful ones that were in my size and in the sales. And I only own one dress at present. But shhh, anyway. Partly, it's kind of to cheer myself up over the fact that this dress might be one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen, and as far as I can tell, they only ever made it in sizes up to 12. Possibly this is because the form-fittingness might not suit a larger woman/person as well. But I'm choosing to assume that it's because high street shops and boutiques hate larger women. But in any case: sigh...

In cheerier news, another Christmas present I got, a few days after Christmas, was the complete series of Daria on DVD, which I have been watching for the past few weeks. God. I can't say I'd forgotten I love Daria, but I might have forgotten how MUCH I love Daria. I love Daria (the character). I love Jane. I love Quinn. I love Helen. I love Jodie. I love the female science teacher whose name I can't remember at the moment. I love Jake. I love Mr DeMartino. And quite a few other characters besides. And I love Daria (the show). It's a little bit of a strange way to watch it, because they've just put a certain number of episodes on each disc, so I don't really know which season I'm watching at the moment. But they kind of all follow on from each other anyway, so it's not too jarring. And in some ways, it's kind of nice to just have ROLLING DARIA. Anyway. I'm massively enjoying it is my point, I think.

And I have been watching Got To Dance lately, which I keep meaning to talk about, but keep forgetting. Got To Dance is sort of the poor cousin of all the dance shows that are out at the moment, I think, but I really like it. I'm not a big Pussycat Dolls fan, but I like Kimberley, and I like that she's the strict one. And I like that the judges just have to give their judgements based on the dance, before asking any questions or hearing any stories about the dancers themselves. They can change their mind later, and often do, usually one of the boys with Kimberley judging them from one side (although last night Kimberley did it, to the boys' amazement), but I like that they just have to make their judgements straight away, to begin with. And I quite like the ethos of the show, that it's just about giving little dance troupes a chance, not necessarily making them into stars, but letting them be in a competition and be on TV and hopefully win some money. And this series they're doing a thing where they've started a fund, and they sometimes go to dancers who didn't go through to the shortlist but who they think had potential or clearly had a passion for dance, and they give them some money to just train and maybe build up their technique, which is quite lovely. And sometimes some of the dancers they have on there are fucking amazing. So yes. I'm really enjoying it.

And finally, a thing I didn't know before and learned yesterday from a nature documentary: killer whales are apparently technically part of the dolphin family. Which I would not have guessed. It kind of explains their viciousness a bit though. And a thing I didn't know before and learned a few months ago from an encyclopedia: dolphins are actually mammals. I SHOULD BRUSH UP ON ANIMALS, MAYBE.
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So, my team didn't QUITE collapse it's enemies (I have Italy from a World Cup sweepstake), but we didn't lose, which is also nice. I also learned two things about my team: 1, our goalkeeper is beautiful, and 2, one of the players has butterflies tattooed on his arm. I love my team QUITE A LOT at the moment. Woo.

I had a good week, anyway. I went to see an opera last week - there was an Opera North production called Rusalka that I'd been wanting to see for a while, and then I realised that is was only on for another week in Leeds. And after looking into it online, I learned that I could get a £10 stalls ticket because I was under 26, and then that you could get half price tickets sometimes on the day of the performance. So my mum and I ended up going last Wednesday night. And it was actually brilliant, it's basically a version of the little mermaid story, except possibly based on older stories than the Hans Christian Anderson version. But it was great and staged really well, and the woman in the lead role was amazing. If it's on anywhere near you and you have any interest in Opera, I would really recommend you see it.

And then this weekend I went to Lancaster to see [ profile] jekesta and [ profile] alicamel. And we watched the second series of Bugs and the second series and special of Hana Yori Dango, and OH MY GOD HANA YORI DANGO OH MY GOD, OH TSUKASA, OH MAKINO, OH ALL OF THEM, OH MY GOD, they are UNBELIEVABLY PRETTY, and Ed from Bugs is UNBELIEVABLY PRETTY, and all in all it was a good weekend for television. Also, [ profile] jekesta showed me the latest episode of Lie To Me, where Logan from Veronica Mars is in it as a slightly terrifying evil character. That was pretty good too. And we played Escape From Atlantis, and charades, and I had to act out 'Disgrace', but [ profile] jekesta had to act out 'Sense and Sensitivity', and [ profile] alicamel had to act out 'Cavalcade', so it was pretty fair really. Also, did I mention Hana Yori Dango? It was a great weekend.

Come on Italy. Rah!
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This time next week, I'll be in Spain. Assuming there are no more clouds of volcanic ash. At any rate, I'm not quite prepared for it. I haven't done any holiday shopping, but happily, I have been buying new tops recently. Unfortunately some of them are those new tunic tops, and I don't really have anything to go with them. But I do have tops. And some pretty new jeans. And my dad bought me some new trainers, because he wouldn't let me take my current ones which are black with flames up the side. I can't imagine why. But anyway, I've got some stuff. No swimming costume, and no night wear, really. But I'm sure I can pick something up and get it all packed by next Saturday. Probably.

A thing I have done is finally paid off my final bills from my flat, emailed the paid bills to my landlords, and got my deposit back. Which is probably the last thing I'll have to do about my old flat. My deposit turned out to be a lot more than I thought it was going to be a few months ago, at £365. My only problem now is what to do with it. It has quite nicely paid off my overdraft, so I could just leave it there and switch to a regular account that I don't have to pay £7 a month for and one I wouldn't have to pay off if I wanted to switch to another bank. But my mother has suggested putting it back into my savings account, and given how much I have been taking out of it lately, that probably wouldn't be a bad idea. OR I could keep it, and...spend it. There's a lot of nice stuff I want. Nice nice stuff. The possibilities are not endless, but difficult to choose between.

DVD talk for a bit )

One thing I DID try to buy earlier, though, was Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox by Victoria Finlay, which I'd seen for sale at a month or so ago. I finally decided to buy it a few weeks ago, but when I went to, it was out of stock. I was worried that it wouldn't be available anywhere, but it was on sale at, and at I ordered it from, and the web page said it was in stock, and 'usually dispatched within 24 hours'. I waited a week, and never got a 'We have dispatched your item' email. I thought maybe my order had gotten lost, so I cancelled it, and ordered it again. And again, I didn't get a 'We have dispatched your item' email, and when I checked the page again after a few days, it had changed to say 'usually dispatched within 6-8 weeks'.

Not wanting to lose my chance at getting it at all, I didn't cancel my order, but looked around, and found a seller on selling the books, brand new, for not much more than would have charged. I ordered it - and recieved no 'We have dispatched your item' email. Something I'd ordered the day before came, the t-shirts I'd ordered from a few weeks before came, and still no book. Finally, last Wednesday I checked my email, and there was an email saying they'd dispatched my book, and it would probably be there the next day. And sure enough, the next morning it came. But my mum has my youngest nephew over on Thursdays, so I spent most of the day with him, and then I was watching TV in the evening, and then our internet was on the blink that night. I managed to get on my dad's internet the next day, but I was meant to be going to get my oldest nephew so he could come to our house, and I forgot to go to and cancel my order. That night, I went on again, went to, thinking I would probably be okay since they'd said it would be 6-8 weeks. And what happened? They were bastard packing it, so I couldn't cancel the order. I can't cancel the order. So I'm going to have to wait for this book to arrive, and then send it back, which I've not done before.

Unless anyone on LJ would like a brand new book about the history of colour, and the travels of the woman researching it, for £7.49 plus postage? I haven't read it, so I can't say much about how good it is, but it looks pretty wicked. Alternatively, I will swap it for a DVD of Brotherhood. Or Danny Phantom.

Anyway. Enough of my capitalist woes. One thing I did buy without too much trouble was a little guide to British wildlife, in WH Smith reduced from £7.99 to £3. It is quite good, and I have also realised while reading it that the cutest baby animal, in my opinion, is fox cubs. Part of it is that they are adorable, part of it is the colour, and part of it the knowledge that when they grow up quite a lot of people will probably consider them vermin. But still. Fox cubs.

And I also realised that the more I learn about pikes, the less I like them. When I was at university part of our university handbook had something to say about the pike in the campus lake, and the fact that skinny-dipping wasn't a great idea given that it had been known to bite off fingers 'or other body parts'. The next year they brought out a new handbook, and made no mention of the pike. Naturally, I smelled a cover-up. I actually did a piece about it for the student radio I was involved with at the time. And the research I did on them for it gave me more than enough extra reasons to fear them. Check this out, from the new book: "The pike is a vicious predator that hunts alone. It lurks motionless amongst vegetation, waiting until its prey is close enough to reach." And, "At breeding time, the female is courted by two or more males and will eventually lay up to 500,000 eggs"(!) And, "Once they have reached three centimetres in length they begin to feed on small fish. From then on they are fully carnivourous, even eating other pike or fish the same size" (my emphasis). As far as I can tell, pikes? Are out to get us.

I was considering making this post just a big list of all the dvds I wanted to buy, but couldn't really afford. Count yourselves lucky you didn't get that.
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Some other things:

  • Gray O'Brien, who plays Tony Gordon on Coronation Street, is in a panto in Manchester. Starting Saturday. Wearing eyeliner, if the website is any indication. Starting next week. WITH - Chris Fountain, from Hollyoaks and Dancing On Ice! !! I could go see that panto. There are trains from Nottingham direct to Manchester. According to the website they only cost £12.00 with a railcard on the day. I COULD MAGIC UP SOME MONEY AND IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO GO SEE IT. ONSTAGE. WITH EYELINER. Maybe.

  • Ahem. I love Adam and Joe. I love them most weeks I hear them, I loved them this week and I loved them the other week. Last week I missed the show when it was on so I had to listen to it on Listen Again, and I always end up doing other things and not hearing all of it when I do that, but I probably would have loved them a lot if I had. Anyway, I had a difficult time listening to their show at first, just because I hardly ever listen to the radio, and I'm not really used to listening to music I don't know and haven't picked out myself. However, I know that most of the music is picked out by the BBC 6 Music team and not by Adam and Joe, but generally speaking, I almost always hear a song on the Adam and Joe show every week that I like, and for the last few weeks they've been playing Cornerstone by the Artic Monkeys. I resisted and had no interest in the Arctic Monkeys for a long time, but I think this one is really, really lovely. So I wanted to mention it, and the Youtube link is here :)

  • I'm up to date with Looking For Group! Which means that now I can read all that slash fic there isn't! Hmph.

  • It's December tomorrow. That sort of snuck up on me. As per usual, now I have a bit of money I'm mostly thinking about a bunch of things I don't really need and can't really afford in most cases. But I'm going to have to start saving up for Christmas presents really. I've got a few ideas for things for nephews already though, and I'm guessing my mum, dad and sister won't be expecting much, given the state of my finances. Still, I'm going to have to start looking soon.

  • On the plus side, I can start thinking about some seasonal watching before Christmas. I might watch the 10th Kingdom again. I started watching it last Christmas, watched just enough to remember how much I'd loved it and how great it was, and then stopped and forgot to watch the rest. Or I could rewatch the Hogfather at some point. Or Fred Claus, which is not a great film, but I still quite love. It's all very pleasing, really :)
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