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It's hard to find time for porn, video games, and all the other practical things in my life I kind of need to do. Also writing. And soaps. I'm falling very behind on soaps at the moment. We stopped watching them during the holiday, and then there were the Olympics, and now this. I'm meant to be doing a soap podcast again in a few weeks, too.

On the plus, I did find a really incredible fic for a fandom I have no interest in getting involved in - which is sometimes the best combination you can manage, since you're not spending all your time thinking 'this isn't the fic I really wanted, though', or 'I don't think [character X] would have phrased it exactly like that. Essentially, I was looking through a kink tag, found a new fandom and pairing with a dynamic I enjoyed through that kink tag, decided to read all the fic for that pairing, and then found a really good fic that was actually a turn-on and restored my faith in slash fic of the moment. Also there is genuine video online of that (RPF) pairing, where one of them is spoon-feeding the other one pudding for the pleasure of the audience. So that was nice.

I was hoping after that video from the weekend that the tags for my pairing from the Let's Players would be flooded with serial killer!AUs (with fluff), and carrying fic. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. But maybe it's in the works.

Yesterday I finally got around to applying for benefits again. It turned out my last ESA payment was on the 20th of last month, not the 15th, so I couldn't have applied before this weekend anyway. But it was probably some of the least fun I've ever had. First off, it told me I couldn't have Jobseeker's Allowance, I qualified for Universal Credit because of my postcode. Then - having taken me to the Universal Credit page - it said I could make a full claim if my postcode started with a certain set of numbers and letters. It didn't, so it said I could make a partial claim if I lived in 'one of the below areas', and gave me a list. I didn't live in any of them. But the form had said I qualified for Universal Credit, so I started an application anyway. And it turned out I did. Way to make applying for benefits accessible and easy to understand, Conservatives. Anyway, then I actually got to fill out the form - woo! - and it involved needing to know my parents' exact dates of birth and whether they received any benefits at all, and then exactly how much money I had in total. My online banking decided to break at that exact moment, so I ended up having to guess from recent bank statements. They didn't really say how specific I had to be, but whatever. But finally I actually submitted the form - and it gave me some details about what would happen from then on. Which was really nice, but mostly what I learned was that I'll be getting paid £100 less than I did on ESA, and I probably won't receive any payment until October 5th at the earliest.

After I submitted the form, the page took me directly to the government's job-seeking page. I already had an account on there, so I signed in and had a look. I spent a few minutes wading through jobs it suggested for me in Rotherham and Manchester, and then tried a different searchword and almost immediately got offered a zero-hours contract.

Then today I got some ice-cream, and tried to play a free trial of a game I got offered, which ended up taking 3 hours to download. Still. Joy.

I am still working on my Dragon Age fic. I really want Zevran to be involved, and I have an idea for how he could be, but I don't think I could make it believable with other characters involved in the fic. I would also like Morrigan and Wynne involved. And I thought maybe Leliana, but she would literally just talk all the time about how great it was my character was part of the Chantry now, and not understand when my character wanted to have her own beliefs in private, and when Loghain found out there was a literal Orlesian spy in the court he'd probably just kill everyone. So, there's that.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition - endgame )

Did anyone see the news about Nigel Farage speaking at a conference in America, while by ACTUAL SHEER COINCIDENCE, people dressed in Nazi garb danced outside? It made my morning.

Omg the dress.
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Getting super wound up about decisions this main character has to make in Dragon Age: Inquisition now. Crikey.

Also nearly cried yesterday while David Platt explained to Max that he was his dad and always wanted to be, forever. This is the week to cry about fictional characters, clearly.
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Last night Dragon Age crashed because of an error, and I didn't think much of it, but today when I turned it back on as it was loading up the menu it said "Save data corrupted, and could not be retrieved" and for a minute I thought I was going to have to replay the first 40 hours again.

It turned out I did not, it was just that I couldn't have the 'Continue' option so it had to reload the menu. Still fucking terrifying though.

In other news I am on my period and nearly out of Mefenamic Acid. I noticed on Friday, too late to get my prescription refilled before Monday. I actually have enough to last me till then, since I can't have more than 3 a day, and I had cramps yesterday anyway, despite taking a pill. But it was a slightly more stressful day than it needed to be, which was a shame.

I also got my DBS check back from - wherever that comes from. So I can call the volunteering place and tell them I'm ready to start, pretty much. I sort of forgot that's going to mean I have to start getting to a place for work for 9am every other Saturday. Oh well, hopefully I will rise gracefully to that challenge.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition )

DECEMBER. Deck the halls, and etc. I don't know what I want for Christmas - I don't think I particularly want anything. I bought pretty much every video game I wanted lately, and the others aren't out till after Christmas. But I can probably come up with some things if I put my mind to it.
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The malware I got yesterday was adware, and even after I uninstalled it I still had a few adverts popping up on my Google results. I don't know if that means it's still lurking about somewhere, or it just messed with my Adblock plugin. I checked the Adblock settings and apparently it was allowing 'unintrusive advertising' - I changed that pretty sharply. But I still don't know if it's on my machine, gathering data I input. Including this blog entry. Apaprently it's not too harmful, it only takes stuff to target you with ads. But still.

Also, FYI, if 'Browser Champion' pops up on your toolbar telling you it's 'protecting your machine!' - it isn't.

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Fuck Darren Wilson.
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Tried to download a show, accidentally downloaded some Malware. Just had to spend about half an hour getting rid of it. So that was fun. My anti-virus software seemed to catch a lot of it and did everything the google search results told me to, including some nerve-wracking 'do not hide protected files' stuff. Hopefully it won't come back to bite me, anyway.

I went to a Christmas lights switch-on last night. It's usually a small affair, because I'm in a small town, but it was quite nice, and after the lights were switched on they had a little tinsel explosion over the crowds' heads. I was in the queue for food at the time unfortunately, but I still appreciated it.

It has reminded me though that not only is it Christmas soon, it's December next week. I don't have an advent calendar. I will be able to sing Christmas hymns with wild abandon though. I should start thinking about what I need to buy/want for Christmas though. And saving for that. Also get prepared for nephew's birthday, which is two weeks before Christmas, like a little seasonal stumbling block. He's just old enough to actually be aware it's his birthday and what present he's got. I'll get him something nice.

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Still playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I couldn't upload what happened in my previous games to the new one directly, since I have it on PS4, so I used the Dragon Age Keep 'account' thing. Today had a conversation with a companion where he talked about two things that absolutely didn't happen. The opposite happened. It's all there correctly in my Dragon Age Keep account, so I don't know if it uploaded wrong, or the Dragon Age Keep doesn't work, or if it's just a glitch in the conversation (which sometimes happens) and the actual world will still marry up with what I actually did. Just have to wait and see I guess.
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I also finished the Dragon Age prequel novel I've been reading for a bit. My expectations were low before going in, then it was really disappointing, took a sharp detour into misogyny, and the ending was STILL a complete anti-climax. So. Well done David Gaider. I guess.

AND IT HAD NONE OF THE INFORMATION I WAS LOOKING FOR. THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET TO THE CAPITAL CITY. OR DESCRIBE THE PALACE. I know the palace has gardens and the King's chamber has a map carved into the door. That's it.
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