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I'm not really a fan of hot hot heat. But I do really like the way everything looks in the sunshine, and the way smells carry further, and the way everyone smells like skin and suntan lotion, and you can hear flip-flops every now and then throughout the day.

I find it much weirder that the Doctor's never been a non-white man than that he's never been a woman. But eh.
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Trying again. Shorter version. Highlights of the day included:

  • Watching the back end of Gone With The Wind this morning while opening presents.

  • My mum's story about how she got me Far Cry 3 because she saw the cover, thought it wasn't very Christmassy, went off to look at the two other games I'd suggested, looked at Borderlands 2, looked at Dead Island, then went back and got me Far Cry 3.

  • Hearing the story of how my MN, who will be 5 in a month, was apparently crying his heart out in bed last night, and when my sister went to see him and asked him what was wrong, he said it was because he thought he might be on Santa's naughty list, and wouldn't get any presents this morning.

  • Things not kicking off with my sister, despite all my fears. Possibly because I was relieved about this, we ended up all having kind of laugh together, and it was a pretty good Christmas actually.

  • Catching the tail end of Shrek Forever After and it almost making me cry again.

  • Watching bits of the Strictly Come Dancing special, and my YN (who's now 1) doing his version of 'dancing' (turning his torso from side to side) whenever the music was on.

  • Also my YN's now super awesome walking skills.

  • And a lowlight would probably be catching any of the Doctor Who special. Seriously? Did the power of a single emo tear SERIOUSLY save the world/London this time? SERIOUSLY?

Is this all good? No eating this time? Hurray.
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Hello. I went to [ profile] jekesta's for the weekend to watch Eurovision with her and [ profile] cakesy. Which was lovely. I was rooting for Iceland and Moldova and possibly Ireland, but Azerbaijan stormed through. Somehow. Also we watched MANY OTHER THINGS. I can now proudly say I have watched all of the paintball episodes of Community, and the latest Parks and Recreation (I am a fool to not keep up with it), and roughly half of Crusoe. Neither Crusoe nor Friday are kings of Narnia (probably). But that doesn't mean it would have been weird for them to make themselves crowns.

Also [ profile] jekesta watched Vera with me, which was lovely of her. Now she too knows how lovely Vera and Joe are, and how slightly incompetent at being police they sometimes are. Also I saw some of Summer Holiday for the first time, and was only squicked out by some of it, and while [ profile] cakesy was there we saw one of the weirdest episodes of Columbo ever. Apparently if you date the main witness of a murder you commit, you can nearly get away with pretty much anything. Also, sharks help solve crime. Fact. Um. Sort of.

Anyway. We also watched So You Think You Can Dance (oh, Rithy), and Doctor Who. Well.

Spoilers for The Doctor's Wife )

Anyway. I'm back now. I got the Settle-Carlisle line back to Leeds, which sadly now appears to be the Leeds-Carlisle line. It was still lovely though. There were all sheep and lambs in the fields, often getting spooked by the train running past. I quite love the train journeys to and from Lancaster.

In other news, money. After accidentally leaving a gap in my sick notes and not hearing anything from the Department for Work and Pensions about it, I wasn't sure how much I had last week. So I checked just before going to Lancaster, tomake sure I had enough for train tickets and food and stuff, and they had totally paid me, and I had £300. I'm pretty sure I have quite a lot less than that now though. After going straight out to New Look to buy some clothes I'd been wanting but didn't think I could afford, and then some random bits of jewellery from Topshop, and then some t-shirts when Threadless reprinted some designs I'd wanted. But I'm hoping to keep it a bit more under control from now on, and I should be getting paid again on Thursday anyway. Yay.

In other news, next week isn't looking like it's going to be a fun week for me. I was thinking last week that it was going to be tough, because I had a doctor's appointment that week, then my first new counselling session, then my disability assessment, then my confidence course. But then I remembered that no, my doctor's appointment was this Friday, so it wasn't so bad. Then this morning I got a letter from my doctor, saying that sadly my doctor's appointment on Friday would have to cancelled, so could I call up to arrange another. I called up and the earliest they can see me is next Monday. So it is pretty much going to be like I thought it was going to be. Hmph.

Also, re: this week's Oglaf: askdfjklasdfhjkasdfnhj what?
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I have so much to do at the moment. Or not that much to do, but a lot more than I have been doing over the past few weeks. I am still not on my new laptop from Christmas, despite it all being set up and everything, because I want to back up everything from my current laptop before I move onto it, including my Favourites/Bookmarks, if possible. But I want to go through my Favourites first, to check for any broken links or things I don't want anymore, before transferring them over, and I have not edited my Favourites for at least a couple of years. I have added to it. Plenty. But not edited it. And a lot of the time when I find a broken link, I mostly spend my time trying to find another link to it, so I can decide whether or not I want it later - mostly because it can be hard to tell from a broken link and a bookmark title what a page actually is, and whether it's something I would actually want. So. It's taking a little while. And mostly it's reminding me of all my old fandoms. Remember when Heroes used to be less shit? I do. Also, last night I started going through my Vids bookmarks. Which basically led to just watching a lot of vids. So. It's a bit slow going. But hopefully once I'm through the big folders, near the beginning, the rest won't take very long. Then I only have to back up my Favourites, back up some music, and try to back up my Morrowind saved games, if possible, and then I am ready to move over to my new laptop. My dad keeps asking me if I've started using the new laptop yet. I want to tell him that after 7 or so years, and doing a lot of stuff online, moving laptops sort of feels a bit like moving house. But I've decided to just get on with it instead.

Other than that, I was meant to have a dentist appointment today but the receptionist called this morning and said I couldn't go because the dentist was at a funeral in Africa. And I thought I might have a Jobcentre appointment tomorrow, but it turns out that's not until next week. Apart from that, I need to tidy my room, which is a tip, buy some new jeans (desperately), decide whether or not I want to stay on Jobseeker's or try to get onto Disability Allowance, possibly chase up the mental health organisations I'm meant to be getting further help/treatment from, possibly buy some new wellies in case it snows again, go down to Alliance and Lester to check if I changed my details with them when I moved back to my parents' house, try to look at and sort out my money at the moment especially since I need to put some money aside for London, and try to charge my new electric toothbrush. And try to book my travel tickets for London. And try to watch up some of the stuff on our Sky+ box from over Christmas. Honestly, I finally deleted a mere 38 episodes of Emmerdale with lovely Nathan in then from off the Sky+ box on Friday, and dad IMMEDIATELY tried to get me to delete other stuff as well. HE HAS NO CONCEPT OF GRATITUDE.

Other things that have been happening, in bullet points:

  • There were three new Marples on in a week over Christmas, which is almost always a good thing. I like Marple better than Poirot, I think. But unusually, I managed to guess massive plot twists in each one, if not who'd actually done it, long before the end of the programme, which I don't normally do. I can't tell if it's because I'm more used to the formula/stories, or if it's because they're getting more obvious. I feel like it's the second one, with all the ominous line delivery and close-ups on people's shifty faces, and Clearly Important Slight Slow Motion applied to certain things that happen. Which seems like kind of a shame. Still, nothing happened that was quite as disturbing as when I was watching the new one in August, and suddenly started shipping Miss Marple with the killer. Dolly is clearly Miss Marple's girlfriend, but I remain convinced that the killer from The Pale Horse is her one true love. Sort of.

  • Coronation Street did a disgusting thing, but at least David had the good grace to look slightly ashamed and hunted over it the next day. And I don't normally enjoy sexual slurs being aimed at women, but the sheer timing of his comeback to Tracy the next day was sort of too good to believe.

    Spoilers for the Tracy storylines over Christmas and New Year. Mostly about the Platts )

  • Sort of big spoilers for Tracy storylines up to the next six months or so )

  • Nathan got a mention in yesterday's Emmerdale! A sort of actual involvement in the script! His little brother Will was playing computer games with his friend Belle, alone, and someone called his mobile and he looked at it and then his face darkened and he just put it away. Belle said maybe he should answer it because it might be someone important, and he said it was no-one he wanted to talk to. Then later on, in another scene, his phone rang again, and he checked it and his face darkened again and he put it away. And Belle asked who it was, it was okay, he could tell her anything, and he said "You want to know who it is? It's Nathan! He won't leave me alone!", and then he SMASHED THE PHONE ON THE FLOOR. Oh, Nathan is calling his little brother! I have wondered what Nathan's first Christmas and New Year without basically ANY OF HIS FAMILY would be like, unless he visited his mother. It makes sense he wouldn't totally give up without a fight too. And at least it suggests he's okay-ish and still has his mobile phone, or a phone, and hasn't had to sell it for warmth or food or shelter. I'm assuming Nathan's probably okay, they had a house all rented down in London to go to and I think he still has friends in London he could call on if he was properly in trouble. Still. It's nice to hear of him again. OH NATHAN.

    Some spoilers for upcoming Wylde storylines in Emmerdale )

  • I didn't see the new Doctor Who special over Christmas (also I did see a bit of Voyage of the Damned with Tony Gordon in it, with his hair slicked back and calling everyone idiots, swoon) - but I did see a clip of it yesterday with the CRAZY SHARK, CRAZY MASSIVE SHARK THAT WILL TRY TO EAT ANYONE, ANYTHING, BUT ESPECIALLY HUMANS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT IT TAKES OR HOW MUCH DAMAGE IT DOES TO ITSELF DOING SO. I know that it was some sort of weird air-breathing shark from some sort of mysterious anomoly. I'm assuming it was an alien shark and they explained that earth sharks generally don't act like this. Or that it was very hungry. Or something. I'm being very kind about it, really.

  • Reason number one why it's probably a good idea for me to sort through everything on my laptop and back it up and start using the new one: I'm keeping the new one on the floor next to my bed, out of the way. Or so I thought. The fancy Christmas light decoration thing my parents put in my window is no longer staying on the glass, so I was propping it up against the window. I just went over to close my window and knocked it I think and it accidentally fell over and knocked a bunch of ornaments of my windowsill, including one I think onto the laptop. There doesn't seem to be any damage to the computer or marks on it though. Still. Oops.

  • I was following John Allison's little Giant Days 'blog' on the top twenty albums of the year complete with sample songs. I wasn't too taken with a lot of them, but I'm finding myself suddenly a bit obsessed with Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells. Warning: This music may make you feel like punching a crow.

    And I was all sort of feeling a bit Alternative and pleased with myself. And then today I was watching E4 and an advert for the new series of 90210 came on, using that song as a soundtrack. Damn you 90210. Or you E4. You and your music-stealing ways.

  • Ed From Bugs Dancing On Ice starts on Sunday. Eeee!
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Hello. It's me. I've been at my parents' for the last two weeks, and my access to the internet has been sort of patchy to say the least. I basically have the choice between my dad's computer, and wiping the browser history every time I'm finished, or the computer upstairs in my room, which I "broke" about a month ago after trying to get it to 1) make sound, and 2) look at the internet. Possibly in a slightly rough, many-tabs-open-at-the-same-time sort of way, but still. My dad, when I first asked to use it, sighed angrily and told me to just check my email and then get off it! Which sort of put me off. I kept meaning to make a post, but it was also a bit tricky with all the Christmas shopping, then Christmas, then boxing day, then the sales. And then my grandmother ended up going into hospital - not for anything serious really, a few days after Christmas my cousin went up to get a shopping list from her to go into town with, and found her in her nightgown, a bit more confused than normal, and apparently unable to move her legs. They took her to the hospital and it turned out she had a water infection. She's often a bit confused nowadays, and she's been moving her feet at least and standing up in the hospital, so it was a bit worrying but she seems to be okay. But I was going with my parents every day to see her, and then it was New Years, and then I was coming back to Nottingham. So I never seemed to get a chance to go on Livejournal, except briefly.

I did want to make an end of year/decade post, before the end of the year. Some navel-gazery, and talk of mental health issues )

And to counter some of the depressing stuff, some pretty great things have happened this year.

  • I went to see Tori Amos, live, and Eddie Izzard, live, both of whom were pretty brilliant.

  • I went to see [ profile] cakesy and Cecilia in London, and went round Camden with Sarah, which was lovely.

  • I went on holiday with my nephew Jack, to Devon.

  • I went to Rome. Which was amazing, despite the heat, and I don't know if I've really said much about it, frankly. I didn't expect to like it, thinking it would be mostly churches, but I really really did. I saw some amazing paintings, and some amazing sculptures, and some amazing buildings, and aside from suffering from period pains slightly and feeling like I wanted to throw up in St Paul's, it was really really great. I really really loved it, and didn't even see everything I wanted to go see. I would definitely go again if I had the chance.

  • I went to see [ profile] jekesta and [ profile] alicamel. We watched Eurovision, which I'd never watched properly before, and Bugs and Leverage and Hana Yori Dango. It was pretty great.

  • I saw a bit more of my youngest nephew, Ryan, and I think we've bonded a bit, which is nice, because I didn't see him that much when he was really young, and I usually see him with Jack, who tends to get a bit jealous when Ryan gets any attention, so it's difficult to play with just Ryan. But I did see a bit more of him, which was nice. He's talking (sort of) now, and he's quite lovely, and I love him rather a lot.

  • Jack started school, as well, which he seems to be enjoying. I love him quite a lot too.

  • I saw Matthew Needham (aka Toby) in a play, which was pretty great.

  • Tony/Maria happened on Coronation Street, which was also great.

  • Emmerdale got rid of Matthew King and therefore a lot of the Kingcest, but then brought in the Wyldes, and gave us Nathan Wylde and Ryan Lamb not knowing they were half-brothers and being a bit in love with each other, and now actual canonical incest with Maisie Wylde and Ryan. Not to mention the subtext of Maisie, who was previously married to her brother's best friend who she dumped after the honeymoon and is now going after her brother's new practically best friend, who is unknown to her her half-brother, and who looks quite a lot like her actual brother, as you might expect. In many ways Emmerdale is doing very well.

  • And David Platt got a new arch enemy/love interest. I've enjoyed the soaps a lot this year.

  • I've started going to see operas, which I quite like, starting with Paradise Moscow, which I kept meaning to post about and never did. It was about a group of people who were about to move into a new block of flats in Moscow in the 1950s, I think, and at one point the building owner's chauffer's best friend Boris comes along saying he's returned to Moscow to get married, although he doesn't know who to yet, and we meet Svetlana, a museum tour guide who's showing the people about to move into the flats around the museum to entertain them until the flats are ready, I think. They become the main characters. And the BEST ONES. AND THEY FALL IN LOVE. Boris is a demolitions expert and thinks marriage is a superstructure, and love is a high interest savings account - you get out what you put in. She's studied medieval art, and knows Pushkin off by heart. And she knows how to build a vacuum. He teaches her to wear 1950s dresses. She teaches him not to be a jerk all the time. Eventually they both have to sit on the BENCH OF TRUTH. He says he's realised he doesn't need to be a jerk anymore, and that he loves her. She says the truth is she wishes the show would go on forever. It was amazing. I loved it. And later in the year I saw Turandot, which is the opera with Nessum Dorma in it, and it was awesome. And [ profile] cakesy and me? We was at Rigoletto's.

  • I went to Redemption this year as well. And Connotations, for the first time in a few years.

  • And Misfits happened. I love it, even though it has a few issues of its own. I love Kelly. And Nathan. And I am ridiculously invested in Kelly/Nathan. I may or may not have the beginnings of a Misfits playlist including a Kelly/Nathan song scribbled in a notebook somewhere. Who can say.

  • And Single-Handed happened this year. It was great. I can't believe it's not out on DVD.

  • They did a tango to Gold on Strictly Come Dancing. With lifts.

  • And I saw quite a few great films.

  • And quite a lot of great things happened this year, as well as some of the slightly rubbish stuff.

I just got back to my flat today, and then went out into town until pretty much the evening, so it is freezing cold. But I'm wearing my new lovely long sleeved and legged pyjamas, and a bathrobe, and my new slipper boots, which are brilliant, so I'm fairly alright. I haven't seen the second Doctor Who yet - I was spending time with my nephew/s on New Year's Day and playing on the Wii my dad bought for them to play their new Wii games on, so I missed it and didn't have a chance to watch it after that, really. However my parents watched it on Saturday while I was on the computer, and then I had to wait for it to finish before I could come back into the room, and I was waiting for a bit on the landing, and could still hear it. And it sounded like it took FOREVER to finish. FOREVER. I could hear a lot of it, and there was nothing action-ey happening, it sound like a lot of talking to or watching Donna, and then Rose, I don't know if he talked to Martha, possibly not. I caught the bit in the first episode about how Donna was "making do" with not much money and a boyfriend who was black though, like how Rose was "making do" before she met the Doctor. That was interesting. But no, it sounded like it took FOREVER. So I'm not looking forward to that entirely.

I also watched Day of the Triffids over the Christmas "holidays". My weirdest pairings: Torrance/Bill Mason, and frankly, Bill Mason would have made a much better locked up slave than the woman, if Torrance had ANY REGARD FOR THE TRIFFIDS AND HOW DANGEROUS THEY WERE AT ALL. And Bill Mason/Triffid. But we won't go there. And I saw Sherlock Holmes on Saturday, and once again I'm shipping a minority enemy pairing where most of the fandom is not. Holmes/Blackwood for the win slightly. AND, I don't really watch the Mighty Boosh much anymore but I did find the How Howard Moon lost his virginity kink meme, which has quite a lot of Howard/not-Vince slash. Much as I love Howard and Vince, Howard/not-Vince slash is some of my favourite Mighty Boosh slash. And I found out just how much slash was currently on [ profile] booshslashhaven, and that it included Nathan/Dan slash from Nathan Barley. FINALLY, YES. I know that Nathan Barley is in many ways terrible, but I do love Nathan, and Nicholas Burns. And I have been waiting for Nathan/Dan slash for some time. So hurray. All these were slightly better fannish pursuits than Doctor Who. Even though I do love John Simm. Still better.
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I didn't watch Doctor Who last night. In a rather happy turn of events, I didn't know it was on. It's a bit like being cured of some non-threatening but annoying disease. Hurrah.

I have been watching Coronation Street though, as usual nowadays. They're finishing the Tony and Maria storyline. This week. I'm not quite ready for that, I don't think. I keep meaning to post about how it's ending and how great it is, but it's hard to explain all of it and it is really quite fucked up, and it's difficult when I remember that most of the characters I like tend to be murderers, or accidental murderers, or assassins, or serial killers. But it is great. The first episode of the week is on in a few minutes. Argh.
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I am at my parents' for Easter. Today we all went to Selby Game Fair with my nephew. We saw many, many dogs (it was not a place for [ profile] nerdcakes), ducks, geese, turkeys, quails, cockerels, ferrets, owls, horses, falcons, hawks , and probably a few other animals. I have a glass plum. And also, t-shirts relating to: yo. [ profile] tiniago may have to think up a new series.

Also, I watched the new Doctor Who on today. Spoilers )


Dec. 27th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I'd heard that he did some things that were less than socially great this week, and I thought they might be a bit awful, but I didn't expect it to be BRILLIANTLY AWFUL, HILARIOUSLY GREAT. I thought that he might try to kiss Jordan, and wasn't sure how that would go, but no, they settled for brilliant interaction instead. It was all a bit good.

I made an executive decision not to come back to my parents' on Friday last Friday, and went to see Twilight (also a bit brilliant but more awful) instead, and tried to get my Christmas cards done and pack instead. I did not get my Christmas cards done, sorry about that. I came home on Saturday instead, and started my period on the train. Thankfully I had Mefanemic acid tablets in my bag, but I did pretty much spend the rest of the day on the couch. On Sunday, my mum had some friends over who live in Majorca and she hasn't seen in a few years, and over the course of the conversation you could hear her voice going, and I felt like I had a bit of a tickle in mine. The next day I woke up with a sore throat and a cough. But, we were going to see the Snow Queen in Leeds that night, and I had to do a bit of Christmas shopping still so I was going early. Except that I didn't go early, and you had to go into town to get the bus now, and I had to go to the cashpoint to get money, and then the next bus was twenty minutes late. So in the end I only had about an hour to do my shopping, and they had closed down or apparently ripped out a lot of the places I knew in Leeds or wanted to go to. But I got my nephews' presents and went to see the Snow Queen, which was good. And Laurel from Emmerdale was there, which was good as well.

On Tuesday, my mum said she was going into town and then maybe to Junction 32, a nearby outlet village afterwards, did I want to come? And there were a few things I wanted still, so I said yes. But town was packed, half the stuff mum wanted wasn't there, being outside did nothing for my cough so I kept spluttering up and down the aisles (and sometimes she did too), and having to stop off to buy big bottles poof water, and then in Tesco's I had to wait with the trolley while she went to put another ticket on the car, and then when we finally got to the checkout, the gammon she'd got instead of one of the £28 ones from Marks and Spencer’s, had lost the seal on it's film lid, and she and the checkout got covered in honey glaze and possibly gammon juices. When I went back to get another, four of the five left had had the seal on their lids broken, and I too got a bit coated in honey glaze. But after we packed the stuff and got disinfected and the checkout was cleaned, we managed to get home. But by this point my cough and the headache it had caused and probably the five hours of sleep I'd had were making me feel quite ill, so I laid on the couch under my coat with the fire turned up for about an hour. We decided not to go to Junction 32.

Wednesday was fine. I wanted a bath in the evening, but my mum needed to go to my sister's to take my nephews' presents (from my sister and her partner) round, and I went with her ad helped her deliver some cards, then had to stay up wrapping presents. I still had a cough, but it was okay.

Then it was Christmas! My mother got me up, and I cam down and we exchanged gifts. I have a digital radio which informs me it is a Rock digital radio, mainly for Rock, and some DVDs and a Radley purse, and a CD and a book of photography. It's all very good. We watched films about Santa, and then just as dinner was about ready, my sister called and said she and the boys and her partner were ready. They came round, and Jack and Ryan had their presents from my parents and me, and then we had dinner, and then we played with the toys as a family, and hurray, Christmas. Still a bit of a relief when they all left though.

They came back yesterday for Boxing Day, and it was a bit more fraught, but it was fine. We played with Jack's new scalextric, and he took some pleasure in switching cars when people were beating him or his car went off the track.

But it was fun, and we did have a good time, and we've certainly had worse Christmases. I had to go off every bow and then to cough and try to breathe a bit better, but it's mostly gone now. But other than that, it was all pretty good.

I hope the rest of you had great Christmases, and holiday seasons generally. I grope the food was good and the presents were great and the company was similarly great. Merry Christmas!

If I was running Yuletide, there would be way more Emmerdale and Casualty and Green Wing fic than there is. But I'm not.

Also, I love David Morrissey. I hate Doctor Who. Hurrah.


Oct. 30th, 2008 11:07 pm
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Casting spoilers for Who )
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There are 4 cinemas in my town, that I know of. The biggest one, Cineworld, had an exclusive preview screening of Batman: The Dark Knight tonight, unlike any other in town. They were also charging £12.50 for this screening (with a free poster!), which I wasn't entirely down with. When I decided today that I wanted to see it anyway, it turned out they'd sold out of all but the front row, which means you have to crane your neck to an unfortunate angle apparently. So I'm going to see one of the previews tomorrow.

Thusly, just in case I am obsessed with it, I wanted to do this now. That's right, Luke Rattigan picspam. You've been warned.

Luke Rattigan: An entirely true story (with some commentary) )


Possibly coming up: It's A Tautology Damnit!, Part 2!

ETA: The pictures are bizarrely small in the post. That will teach me to do it the quick 'Insert Image' way. Anyway, if you're interested, you can click on the pictures to go to the bigger, prettier versions. x
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Rattigan vids!

I Can Change

Oh Rattigan!

Oh Rattigan, everyone hates you but me. Rattigan!love appears to be what I have mostly taken away from the Doctor Who finale. Well done me.

I'm going to Cornwall next week. I'm going to miss a number of things, including [ profile] jekesta's birthday. I WILL TOTALLY BE THINKING OF YOU. Mostly money is not forthcoming since I just paid the rent and a bunch of other bills, and I need to save up. I might have taken £20 out of my savings account to buy the Doctor Who DVD with the two Sontaran episodes on which just came out. Maybe. Also I got some sandals. For beach wearing.

It looks like the Probation Office, who have someone else to fill my place after Friday, might be thinking about offering me work in another office though, which would be nice. I know the work at least, and some of the people, and it would be nice to have some work in place for when I get back. For money expenses and stuff.

There were THUNDERSTORMS yesterday. I did a lot of cowering at the edges of the town square, along with everyone else. It was sort of swish.
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Doctor Who: Journey's End )

I missed the start of Sleeping Beauty on Ice because I got caught up watching Doctor Who, not realising it was an hour-long episode. Sleeping Beauty on Ice was good though. Particularly when I got to sit in my seat near the front rather than at the back because of lateness. I like how the Lilac Fairy gayed it up with Princess Aurora. A lot of the characters looked like they were out of The Tribe, and I may not be too good at interpreting stories purely through dance yet, but it was good. They are very good skaters, those Imperial Ice Stars. It was a bit confusing because the Wicked Fairy was clearly played by a man, but still referred to as a she, but one of her followers was a woman who got to do her own special skating and was clearly her girlfriend. I couldn't quite work out what they were saying there. But it was good and I enjoyed it. Hurray!
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Tonight's Doctor Who )

Also, if I'm going to be listening to the Adam and Joe show with the music in, they're going to have to stop playing such beautiful songs. I can't afford it. If Fopp keeps selling CDs for around £3 maybe I can afford it. But still. STOP.

I got my mum a birthday present and card. I need to tidy the flat and do the washing. And I'd really like to get the plants potted soon, with my flat rocks from Scarborough, because the Busy Lizzies, which are growing and wilting and trying to migrate across the windowsill, apparently still have the red and white flowers I first saw on them, and I'd quite like them to live and keep growing. But I'm not going to do that while it's raining.

Has Have I Got News For You finished for this series?
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Tonight's and Last Week's Doctor Who - Spoilers )
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Tonight's Who )
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Pleasant things: Realising that Microsoft Word can be shortened to Mi Word.

I'm back home from my parents. Well, I got back yesterday, but stuff was sort of happening. It would have been Sunday but, well, I didn't exactly have a reason to hurry back.

I went to see my agency today. Face to face I found out they/my contact person don't have any temp to perm jobs except ones you'd need a car to get to, and the only job she has to offer me is a permanent position working on a sales desk. She also sort of called me on being quiet at work, and said I'd need to come out of my shell and at least seem enthusiastic to get past the interview, if I wanted it. I'm not particularly inspired though. As far as I can tell, it's to be some sort of telephone debt collecter ,for Virgin Media. Debt Repayment Facilitator is probably a closer description, but it still doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd want to be chatting away to people about. I don't know. I did get a lot more relaxed doing VRT calls in the last few months. And I got some voice coaching while working on the student radio in uni, so I probably could sound enthusiastic if I wanted to. My contact woman said that speaking enthuastically didn't really come naturally to her, she just picked it up as she worked, but I resisted the urge to say that she sounds really forced and false and a bit scary on the phone. Which I feel was borne out by the utterly terrifying smile she gave me when I said I wasn't sure the job was for me.

But it is the only job they have going. And it's permanent and in the city centre, and with a higher wage, though it's partially based on performance. And maybe my genuine/fumbling phone manner would HEAL THE INDUSTRY. I don't know, I said I'd think about it. The current plan is to brush up my CV and go around some other agencies tomorrow, and check out the playhouses to see if there are any actual arts posts open. I'd ideally need something a bit sooner anyway, since the phone job doesn't start till the end of the month anyway (and no brain, that's NOT a plus). Though people keep suggesting I could sign on.

So I'm currently messing around with the CV, and the annoying about it really is keeping it to 2 pages when you keep having had more jobs. Then you have to start taking out responsibilities, or whole jobs altogether. But is volunteering at a BHF shop what I ought to get rid of, or working at a summer school? TELL ME THAT. Damn.

In other news, Peter can do anything better than you. And I haven't run out of Peter/Sylar slash yet. And [ profile] dwseason4 continues apace. Hurrah!
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Doctor Who, The Last of the Time Lords )

And, real life news. My job finished again yesterday. This would have been the focus of a post if I'd managed to make one yesterday. It's kind of annoying, because I left yesterday, and it was only when I got to the bus stop and checked my phone that I realised I had a voice message from my agency, from about the time I left work, telling me my job was finished. Which means the people at the company knew before that, and could have possibly told me, if they'd wanted. Like someone did last time. Growl. Unfortunately, this isn't a great time money-wise, as I'm into my overdraft, and all my beginning-of-the-month payments will be going out now. So the wages I'll be getting up to next week might not be able to cover me very far. I do have a few thousands in savings from my parents, which I'm planning to get transferred to me as soon as possible, which could tide me over but I don't really want to just spend those. So I'll be trying to get a job again pretty sharpish. I spoke to the agency woman on Friday, and she seemed mostly disapproving that I still wasn't prepared to commit a few years and a career to a temp-to-perm job. Although, if it's temp-to-perm, it sounds like they wouldn't be making much of a commitment to me. It looks like it might be my best option though, especially if I want some stability. It just means there'll probably be interviews too. Hmph. I'll probably hit up a few more agencies again when I'm in town. My agency isn't calling back until Monday, and I won't be back in Nottingham till then anyway. I'll just have to hope for the best.
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Jun. 22nd, 2007 09:24 pm
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I have not been great with posting recently. Especially things that are actually happening in my life, I know this. Mostly I am just busy, but BUSY DOING NOTHING. Besides catching up with fandoms. That's quite good. And, y'know, the whole job thing. And keeping myself clean and fed. On that note, in fact, I just made myself eat something vaguely nutritious for dinner as well as the chips and cheese. GO ME. Anyway. To summarise:

  • It rained in Nottingham today. Like woah. Sadly, the guy in our office who's afraid of thunder was off, so I didn't get to see him cower with fear. I did, however, get my feet wet, through the holes in my boots. Also they got soily. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS, the only pair of boots I liked out of the two low-heeled pairs I found in Nottingham in January not only magically dissolved in the sole and gave me blisters, generally squash my feet, and make me slightly crippled if I try to walk too fast in them, but also have holes that let in water, and soil. I will be trying to fix them over the weekend, I think.

  • I found a version of Utopia that didn't make me cry! Spoilers. And for Family of Blood )

  • Marlon Dingle is the best thing ever. Followed closely by Val. Some rambling/ranting )

  • I have watched Heroes up to episode 12/Godsend. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked. Spoilery talk - well no, it's mostly about Peter Petrelli )

  • I'm totally on my second Harry Potter book. See me finish canon.

Phew. So. Right. The current plan is to spend the weekend finishing Heroes. 11 episodes in two days is doable, right? While mostly hiding from the rain. And Doctor Who will be on tomorrow night. And tonight there will be South Park. I'll probably try to post again with more content at some point too. Rah!
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