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This continues to be one of my favourite song videos I've ever seen. I want to hire those dancers for my wedding. Should I ever have one.

Last week I went to see Anchorman 2, and on Monday I'm hoping to see Frozen. And then I will have seen all the films I've been meaning to since before Christmas. For the record, Anchorman 2 was - basically a lot like the first Anchorman really. Relying heavily on surrealness, sometimes genuinely really funny, sometimes a bit flat and fairly offensive. If you are going to see it - if it's still on anywhere in the country - be warned there's quite a few rape jokes in there, a hilarious attempted suicide, and an extended subplot about comedy blindness. It's not horrific, because as per usual for Anchorman it's hard to take anything they say seriously, but still. Oh, and another subplot 'riffing on' racism basically for the sake of it. So. Yeah. The anchorman battle was probably better than the first film's though. And I did love it when [spoiler character] turned up.

Also love having to wince every time the Cuban Fury trailer comes on and they're throwing around the word 'tranny'. And pretending Nick Frost is an expert unbeatable salsa dancer, obviously.

And for my CINEMA FUTURE; I wasn't interested at all in the Jack Ryan film, but it turns out Kevin Costner's in it, so. Also I would like to say that the film poster with weird straight lines on it at first glance made me think it was an action film about snooker players. - jack ryan poster

Looking up Kevin Costner to check he really WAS in the film also led me to 3 Days To Kill, which looks AMAZING, and I hope is on in the UK at some point, because at the moment the imdb Release Dates page is being unhelpful. But I'm guessing at some point in February. I'm probably also going to see the Lego film with my nephew, because the games do tend to be pretty funny. And, y'know, Lego. And I quite like the look of Out Of The Furnace. It looks chock full of guys, but also action-y and angsty. So hopefully it'll be some good.

And imdb is now telling me that Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor in the new Superman film. Wow. Excuse me while I lol.

And the movie posters I've been seeing around are telling me that the new Captain America film is out the day before my birthday. Happy birthday to me.
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Spoilers for tonight's Strictly final )

Also I really liked the Coronation Street Text Santa skit last night, and if you love David it's kind of worth it just for the 9 seconds he's in it. This is a slightly jumpy video, but it's the best version I could find online:

But in other soap news, Emmerdale has brought in a new family - or an extension to an old family - and they don't seem like baddies so presumably they want them to be liked. But the dad is Charlie Stubbs from Coronation Street, and one of the sons is an actor from Hollyoaks, whose character had to leave after he raped someone. GOOD JOB, EMMERDALE.
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It snowed here today. My mum swore it would today - I think from studying the weather reports - and indeed it did. She also said it would be at 1pm, and it didn't start until about 2:30, but still. It's really deep now, the back garden looks like a swimming pool. A white swimming pool. Or at least less deep than usual. You know what I mean.

This afternoon I watched about 4 Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut episodes in a row. Which was basically just extra amazing auditions they hadn't had time to put in the actual shows. I really love Got To Dance. I love all the judges, I love the fact that it's had the same judges for three years so they all know each other really well, and I love the fact that it's all amateur dancers, and a lot of them are really wicked.

But probably the best moment - aside from all the dancing - was probably when a cheerleading troupe came on called The Nixon Vixens. Which mostly made me think of [ profile] cakesy. I imagine the Nixon Vixens were what his trashy all-female bodyguard/assassin squad would have been called if they'd ever made brilliant action films about him. I don't know why they didn't. It's hard to imagine Nixsploitation films being anything but amazing and definite money-makers.

Then mum and I went for a walk in the snow to the local Aldi for supplies. We got a bit cold and wet. I had to run back for a hat. But it was pretty lovely all the same.

Then I came back and played Skyrim. I LOVE SKYRIM. I don't really talk about it because I'm sure it's annoying and I don't really want to spoiler anyone. BUT I LOVE IT. Mild spoilers )

And then Saints Row 2. Sometimes I think maybe the best part of Saints Row 2 is being able to customise the cars. I FOUND A PLACE WHERE I CAN CUSTOMISE VANS, OH JOY OF JOYS. But that clearly isn't the best part of Saints Row 2. It's when you get unlimited rifle ammo.

In other news, I hate Tumblr. Sort of. There are many many things I hate about Tumblr. Which I will list now:

  • When you go to look at a picture to see what it is, and there are no tags, so you don't know what it is.

  • When you think a picture has no tags, but then you realise it - and possibly many others - actually does, they're just in a different place than you're used to, because customisation and everything, but having a set place for tags when sometimes you just don't have any, MIGHT BE ACTUALLY FUCKING USEFUL.

  • How hard it is sometimes to get an actual permanent link for a picture or post, because you want to bookmark it as well as Like it. Clicking it just gets you a link to an image file. Clicking notes sometimes takes you to a tag list, or your own Dashboard for some reason. I don't want to reblog it. ASkjdsdjfksfk.

  • When you open link to someone's Tumblr in a new tab, and it playing music, and there is no obvious place on the page to switch the music off. Sometimes this leads to you discovering wonderful music you used to love, like Always by Erasure. Sometimes it's just really fucking annoying.

Phew. And in other news, you know how sometimes one thing is enough to suddenly make you remember and love an old fandom/show again? Someone did a pimp for Total Recall 2070 on [ profile] smallfandomfest - which looks really brilliant, by the way - and I spent ages trying to work out who the guy who plays one of the leads is, before working out/looking up that yes, it is Michael Easton, who, yes, was in Two. Oh. Two is a show that I used to watch when I was really young. It was on Five late at night so I had to watch it in bed on school nights before I went to sleep. It was about a man, an English teacher, played by Michael Easton, who is really lovely and has a great life and a lovely wife and everything. Then one day he discovers he has an evil twin brother, and before he knows it, his evil twin has murdered his wife and a bunch of other people, framed him for it (because no-one knows he has a brother, and there is no evidence of it anymore), and then gone on the run. His evil brother did NOT have a good life, having been kept with their crazy mother, or kidnapped by a crazy woman? Rather than adopted by loving parents like the good brother was. Then the evil brother found out he had a brain aneurysm, and no matter what he did, was probably going to just drop dead one day in the near future. So he decided to use his last few months making his long-lost brother's life hell. Michael Easton also played the evil brother. His name was Booth. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. Mostly every episode was the good brother (Gus) trying to track down his evil brother before he died, and running from the cops, while also trying to help whatever poor woebegone souls he met in his travels. And usually, about once an episode, got a psychotic phonecall from his evil brother, who basically called to smoke and be sarcastic and taunting at him. I loved Two so much. It's a shame they never put it on DVD so I could buy it. A CRYING SHAME. And I had forgotten all about that, and now I have suddenly remembered again because of the pimp on [ profile] smallfandomdest. Hmph.

I am also going to start watching Series 3 of American Dad. It's sort of the last go I am going to give American Dad. I do find a lot of it quite funny, and some of the characters I really love. But the character I was most interested (in American Dad, I know, I know), is sort of mostly being used as a plot point for other characters. Which I kind of understand, but still. And I know it's satire and all, but sometimes I really can't tell whether they are satirising an issue or just getting a cheap laugh out of it. And that problem basically just got worse in Series 2. Also there's a rape joke in basically every episode now. And sometimes, there's two. So. Essentially there's an episode I'm really interested in seeing in Series 3, so I'm going to watch series 3 or at least up until that episode, and if it hasn't improved by then, I will probably stop watching it. Yes.
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For anyone who's interested, I totally did do that research on the company I have an interview with last night. And even found out some quite useful stuff. So go me.

As for what I'm doing today, well, so far it definitely hasn't included dancing round and round to Always by Erasure. For sure.

Something I have been doing though is watching a bit of snooker. Has it always been blue? Have I just not noticed or not seen a match set in York before? I hate it.

Also, I watched Strictly for once last night. Which was lucky for me, because much as I kind of hate all the theme weeks they and X Factor and stuff have nowadays, I do quite like film night. I love Chelsee the most, even if I find it a bit weird the way she talks. Mostly I hope that for once one of the people at the bottom of the leaderboard go this week, because it really does seem like it should be Robbie or Alex. Also, Chelsee's dress was amazing. And yet Tumblr seems to be weirdly full of Harry. Whatever.
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Sometimes it seems like it's just okay for people to be casually racist and sexist and everything nowadays. I saw a bit of Have I Got News For You last night. Did anyone else see it? Slight spoiler )

On a related, but not quite as awful note, today on the Adam and Joe show Another slight spoiler )

But in slightly better personal news, our dog was having some problems yesterday, but seems a bit better today.Cut in case people find pets having physical difficulties distressing )

And now it's nearly time for the So You Think You Can Dance finale. I got the result I wanted last week anyway. Well, sort of. Spoilers for the outcome )
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Hello. I went to [ profile] jekesta's for the weekend to watch Eurovision with her and [ profile] cakesy. Which was lovely. I was rooting for Iceland and Moldova and possibly Ireland, but Azerbaijan stormed through. Somehow. Also we watched MANY OTHER THINGS. I can now proudly say I have watched all of the paintball episodes of Community, and the latest Parks and Recreation (I am a fool to not keep up with it), and roughly half of Crusoe. Neither Crusoe nor Friday are kings of Narnia (probably). But that doesn't mean it would have been weird for them to make themselves crowns.

Also [ profile] jekesta watched Vera with me, which was lovely of her. Now she too knows how lovely Vera and Joe are, and how slightly incompetent at being police they sometimes are. Also I saw some of Summer Holiday for the first time, and was only squicked out by some of it, and while [ profile] cakesy was there we saw one of the weirdest episodes of Columbo ever. Apparently if you date the main witness of a murder you commit, you can nearly get away with pretty much anything. Also, sharks help solve crime. Fact. Um. Sort of.

Anyway. We also watched So You Think You Can Dance (oh, Rithy), and Doctor Who. Well.

Spoilers for The Doctor's Wife )

Anyway. I'm back now. I got the Settle-Carlisle line back to Leeds, which sadly now appears to be the Leeds-Carlisle line. It was still lovely though. There were all sheep and lambs in the fields, often getting spooked by the train running past. I quite love the train journeys to and from Lancaster.

In other news, money. After accidentally leaving a gap in my sick notes and not hearing anything from the Department for Work and Pensions about it, I wasn't sure how much I had last week. So I checked just before going to Lancaster, tomake sure I had enough for train tickets and food and stuff, and they had totally paid me, and I had £300. I'm pretty sure I have quite a lot less than that now though. After going straight out to New Look to buy some clothes I'd been wanting but didn't think I could afford, and then some random bits of jewellery from Topshop, and then some t-shirts when Threadless reprinted some designs I'd wanted. But I'm hoping to keep it a bit more under control from now on, and I should be getting paid again on Thursday anyway. Yay.

In other news, next week isn't looking like it's going to be a fun week for me. I was thinking last week that it was going to be tough, because I had a doctor's appointment that week, then my first new counselling session, then my disability assessment, then my confidence course. But then I remembered that no, my doctor's appointment was this Friday, so it wasn't so bad. Then this morning I got a letter from my doctor, saying that sadly my doctor's appointment on Friday would have to cancelled, so could I call up to arrange another. I called up and the earliest they can see me is next Monday. So it is pretty much going to be like I thought it was going to be. Hmph.

Also, re: this week's Oglaf: askdfjklasdfhjkasdfnhj what?
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The only things I have to say at the moment seem to be about TV I have and haven't been watching. I haven't been watching much of the snooker. I don't think I really have the patience and/or stamina to watch an entire snooker match, or even session sometimes. I'm trying to build myself up, but I'm not there yet I think. Also, I didn't watch the Royal Wedding. I was thinking about it, but I got up on Wednesday to watch the snooker, and I got up on Thursday to go to my course in Wakefield, and I knew I'd be getting up on Saturday to listen to Adam and Joe, and I was really tired, so I decided to just sleep instead. I did see the dress later on though. I quite liked it, although I don't think it was very exciting. If it was me, I'd probably have had a massive train, made of gold. And possibly some chainmail. It's possibly for the good of the country that I wasn't either marrying Prince William or designing that wedding dress.

The TV I have been watching: On Thursday, Long Lost Families. Is anyone else watching this? It's a sort of reality programme about Davina McCall and Nicky someone reuniting long lost relatives, usually people who have been split up through adoption and have been searching for people for years with no luck. So it's a fairly emotional/manipulative set-up to begin with, but on Thursday I was properly bawling my eyes out. The first week was pretty sad, but this week we were following two people, and one of them was a man searching for his real father who he never knew. The man's mum and his dad had been teenagers when he was conceived, and they hadn't got married or anything. And the man didn't know why his dad hadn't stuck around and helped raise him or be part of his life, and the dad's family had a bad reputation, and the man's family had always told him his father was a bad man. But when they found his dad - who was currently working as a carer for people with autism - he'd said that basically when the man's mum had gotten pregnant, her mum came round to the house and shouted at him about it, and then told him to stay away from her daughter, and stay away from the family, and everyone he knew had told him to just forget about it and pretend he never had a son. The only time he ever saw his son was just before he was six months old, when he saw his ex-girlfriend pushing him up the high street in a pushchair, for two minutes. And then he'd left town, and never wanted to find his son because he'd never been a dad to him, so he didn't think he had any right to try to be part of his life. It was so sad.

And the other person was a woman who'd given her son up for adoption to try to save her marriage. She'd been married, also as a teenager, and had a young son by a man, and then she and her husband split up, and not long after they split up she had an affair with a black guy. A few weeks after that she found out she was pregnant, and when she told the black guy he didn't want to know. Not long after that, she ended up giving her marriage another go, and there was a chance the baby was her husband's, and she really hoped it was, because they'd already talked about having the baby put up for adoption if it wasn't his. But then she gave birth, and the doctor told her the baby was mixed race, so obviously not. And she begged her husband to just try taking the baby home and raising him like he was his, and they tried for three months, but eventually the husband just said he couldn't do it. So she gave the baby up for adoption, but she'd talked to the couple who were adopting him so they knew she didn't want to, and she gave them a letter to give to her son saying she'd always want to be part of his life, and she'd be there for him if he wanted her to be. But he hadn't gotten in touch in 30 years, so she just wanted to find him to make sure he was well, and had had a good life, and to ask him not to hate her. They found the son, and it turned out he was really well, and he'd been looking for her since he was 14 or 15. It's just REALLY HARD to find people, sometimes. So that didn't help with the not crying thing. It is quite a manipulative show in some ways, they have this thing where the people give the producers of the show letters to give to each other before they meet, and they end up reading them out on camera, as though that's a THING THEY WOULD TOTALLY DO, and they wouldn't want to READ THEM PRIVATELY OR ANYTHING. But it is quite lovely a lot of the time as well, if you like quite tear-jerking stuff.

ALSO, I watched So You Think You Can Dance again this week. It's really weird this year, I think, because in almost all the couples the girls seem to be better than the boys. Or better at performing, as well as dancing, at least. Apart from Matt, and possibly Luke this week, I can't think of one boy who stands out when they dance with their female partners. And I know they want to keep their boy/girl couples, but it just seems really sad that they'll be getting rid of a girl every week, when they could get rid of two not-great boys. Although it's weird as well, because people are getting used to their partnerships now and starting to get on well together, so it's a little sad to see couples split up as well. I'm really glad that Spoiler ). The dances are often really good though - a bit odd sometimes, but usually good -it's just that they are often one-person shows at the minute. Which is quite sad.

And that's it sort of. Except that I watched Vera tonight. I quite liked it, I liked Brenda Blethyn and Vera, and I like her DI and her relationship with him. And yay, Gina McKee! But some of it seemed a bit farfetched, or unexplained. Which is a bit of a shame. Hopefully it will improve a bit next week.

In non-TV news, I got a letter from Yvette Cooper, because I sent her an email from 36 Degrees about the NHS. She and other labour ministers are against changes to the NHS, for the record. And I love Dawn. And I love Charlotte. And I love Priti (ETA: I have now fixed this link so it's the right one). And I hate the people in the comments who hate Priti. FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM ENTIRELY.

Oh, also, I have been playing Folklore again, and I have pretty much finished four realms with Keats, so I have only one more to go before I can hopefully move on with Ellen again, yay! I got stuck again, at the same point I pretty much got stuck with Ellen I think, so I did the same thing as I did with Ellen, went back to the realms I'd already finished and tried to make my creatures stronger. And then I managed to finish realm 4, and nearly chapter 4. Keats still annoys me a bit, but less so now, and even less so if the story goes the way I think it will. Rah.

So. Tomorrow I'm planning on playing more Folklore, watching at least some of the World Championship snooker final, and also trying to fill in my Incapacity claim questionnaire that needs to be back in to the people who sent it to me by May 6th. Possibly forgoing either the snooker or the Folklore to try to get that questionnaire finished. Chances are.
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Another clothes-related post I have saved you from: dresses. I don't know what it is, but I am feeling interested in clothes at the moment. Possibly it's from buying those jeans. But anyway, I may have bought myself some dresses online in the past few days maybe. Only because I found really beautiful ones that were in my size and in the sales. And I only own one dress at present. But shhh, anyway. Partly, it's kind of to cheer myself up over the fact that this dress might be one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen, and as far as I can tell, they only ever made it in sizes up to 12. Possibly this is because the form-fittingness might not suit a larger woman/person as well. But I'm choosing to assume that it's because high street shops and boutiques hate larger women. But in any case: sigh...

In cheerier news, another Christmas present I got, a few days after Christmas, was the complete series of Daria on DVD, which I have been watching for the past few weeks. God. I can't say I'd forgotten I love Daria, but I might have forgotten how MUCH I love Daria. I love Daria (the character). I love Jane. I love Quinn. I love Helen. I love Jodie. I love the female science teacher whose name I can't remember at the moment. I love Jake. I love Mr DeMartino. And quite a few other characters besides. And I love Daria (the show). It's a little bit of a strange way to watch it, because they've just put a certain number of episodes on each disc, so I don't really know which season I'm watching at the moment. But they kind of all follow on from each other anyway, so it's not too jarring. And in some ways, it's kind of nice to just have ROLLING DARIA. Anyway. I'm massively enjoying it is my point, I think.

And I have been watching Got To Dance lately, which I keep meaning to talk about, but keep forgetting. Got To Dance is sort of the poor cousin of all the dance shows that are out at the moment, I think, but I really like it. I'm not a big Pussycat Dolls fan, but I like Kimberley, and I like that she's the strict one. And I like that the judges just have to give their judgements based on the dance, before asking any questions or hearing any stories about the dancers themselves. They can change their mind later, and often do, usually one of the boys with Kimberley judging them from one side (although last night Kimberley did it, to the boys' amazement), but I like that they just have to make their judgements straight away, to begin with. And I quite like the ethos of the show, that it's just about giving little dance troupes a chance, not necessarily making them into stars, but letting them be in a competition and be on TV and hopefully win some money. And this series they're doing a thing where they've started a fund, and they sometimes go to dancers who didn't go through to the shortlist but who they think had potential or clearly had a passion for dance, and they give them some money to just train and maybe build up their technique, which is quite lovely. And sometimes some of the dancers they have on there are fucking amazing. So yes. I'm really enjoying it.

And finally, a thing I didn't know before and learned yesterday from a nature documentary: killer whales are apparently technically part of the dolphin family. Which I would not have guessed. It kind of explains their viciousness a bit though. And a thing I didn't know before and learned a few months ago from an encyclopedia: dolphins are actually mammals. I SHOULD BRUSH UP ON ANIMALS, MAYBE.
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Snow adventures )

In TV news:

  • Thanks to my parents having it on, I have been watching quite a bit of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here over the past few days. I think I might be a bit in love with Stacey Solomon. However, it seems like most of the country seems to feel the same way, so it's not exactly a suprise.

  • I watched Misfits on Thursday. Spoilers for 2.04 )

  • I watched Strictly Come Dancing tonight. Spoilers )

I think that is everything. Snow and TV. Yay.
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Strictly )

Other things I have been doing in my life, apart from watching Emmerdale:

  • Watching Coronation Street. The thing I love most about David's current court case/possible epilepsy storyline - aside from watching David freak out and worry and pass out occasionally - is that he's having massive friction with his mum over it, he's bonding with his gran because she's on his side and believed him all the way through, and his mum and gran are having massive friction over it...and his brother Nick, who lives on the street, is nowhere to be seen. I don't think I've seen David have a single scene with him since it all started. At one point someone asked Nick how David was, before they found out it might be epilepsy, and he said David was in bits over it all. That was it. He doesn't seem to care if his brother tried to kill his best friend, if his brother was about to get charged and possibly sent down for attempted murder, or if his brother has epilepsy or possibly something worse, like a brain tumour. It's kind of amazing.

    This paragraph is about Maria and a bit of Tony/Maria )

    It's Halloween tomorrow, and it's seeming more and more likely that Coronation Street aren't going to make me that 'Ghosts of dead characters haunting people on the street' episode I wanted. Sigh.

  • I have been watching Hollyoaks and Hollyoaks Later, and I didn't really want to watch Hollyoaks Later because I don't even love Hollyoaks that much and it sounded like it was going to be all about footballers and possibly have a gang rape in it. But then it turned out that Mitzeee, who is a character I've heard good things about and quite liked when she was onscreen and hasn't been onscreen much lately, was going to be in it, so I tried to watch it when I could. Happily, there wasn't a gang rape, and especially since Mitzeee seemed slightly in danger of being involved, she wasn't gang raped. But oh my God, dudes. She's - so beautiful, I'm actually finding it hard to look at her sometimes. Not in the way I used to be with Michael Bluth, where I actually had to look away from the screen, but where I find myself focusing on just one part of her face, like her hair or her eyes or her teeth. She has AMAZING teeth. And I don't even care about teeth. This is her:

    Isn't she amazing? And she has a beautiful accent. And, unless I'm massively lowering my standards because I'm watching Hollyoaks, she can act. I think I'm a little bit in love with her. Oh my god.

  • I have been to two Halloween parties in the last two days, with my nephews. They put on some quite nice dos for Halloween in my home town, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. So hurrah.

  • I'm kind of irritated with my dad at the moment, because he shut the car door on my back while I was trying to strap my oldest nephew into his seat tonight. After, I thought, huffing about having to take my youngest nephew over to the side of the car where his seat was, rather than just putting him in the back and leaving him there. And then he didn't even bother to strap him in. But I'm sure that irritation will pass. Ow.

  • I saw the film RED/R.E.D. Spoilers, some pretty big )

  • Other things probably, but I have to go and watch Casualty now.
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Internet problem of the day: When my dad decided to put some extra security on our wireless network and decided not to tell me about it or that that was why I couldn't get a signal for about an hour or two.

Things I have done this weekend include:

  1. Watching Strictly. I think I might be in love with Felicity Kendall. I thought I was during the first/introduction show a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be because she was wearing a colour I really love. But I saw her again on Friday, and no. Still kind of love her. So that's who I'm sort of rooting for. In other news, Matt Baker was suprisingly good, as was Gavin Henson. When I saw Patsy Kensit in the introduction show I thought she looked really uncomfortable with her partner, but having watched them since then and seen their training and stuff, I think she might just be a bit nervous in front of cameras, maybe. I feel a bit bad for her, she does seem quite self-conscious and stuff, and she didn't dance too badly, so I hope she relaxes and maybe does better in the next few weeks. Also, she was wearing an AMAZING dress. And Paul Daniels! He did magic! And sang along. He was quite sweet. I hate Bruce Forsyth.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the 'show without voting' thing. On the one hand it seems like a way to get rid of the complaints about people having to go after just one show, and it not being fair because they were nervous, when it's a dance contest and everyone's in the same boat, really. But on the other hand, it might stop things happening like people voting to give people who've performed badly another chance, and having slightly better dancers go out first. Hmm. I'm interested to see how things play out next week, anyway.

  2. I watched Casualty. Casualty )

  3. I found out Nathan Wylde from Emmerdale has a birthday. I was wondering if he officially had one, since he's been in the show for about two years now, and we've seen quite a lot of the Wyldes' private lives, and I'm pretty sure they've mentioned it before when it was Maisie's birthday, and I knew something had happened years ago when it was Mark's birthday, but I couldn't remember them ever saying anything before about it being Nathan's birthday. But there it is, on Wikipedia. 4th September 1984. I cannot blame them for not making a big deal out of it though. I think last year it was about September when Nathan was told his father had had an affair with Faye, possibly? And this year he had the whole murder cover-up and his sister accusing him of killing their dad and stuff to deal with, I think. Not exactly the best times for celebrations.

  4. Bedroom tidying - some. Mostly tidying up the mess I've made since the last time I actually tried to organise it a bit.

  5. Watching the stuff I said I would watch before Connotations/ever - none. I should proably get on that this week, maybe.
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Re tonight's Strictly results: Oh well.

I had my second interview yesterday. And I don't to my knowledge have another one coming up, so I can now think about other things while waiting to hear back about them. Things like Christmas shopping, which I haven't done much of yet. I'm in the usual I can't think of anything/the things I like are too expensive bind, but hopefully I can get something sorted in the next couple of weeks. At least I've got plenty of time free, although then again not that much money. Hopefully there'll be some nice not-too-expensive stuff around.

The second interview, as it turned out, was not with the same woman as before - I was waiting in the waiting room (a bit early, yay!) and a woman walked by asking if I'd seen a guy walk past me, and I told her I'd seen a few, and she laughed and then said "Oh, are you here for the interview? We'll be with you in just a second". Which was unexpected. It turned out that the woman who was meant to be interviewing me couldn't be there that day (not because she'd interviewed me before, as I'd possibly thought) and it was actually her senior who was doing the interview, along with a clerical officer from the actual health centre. And I thought "fine", but wasn't sure if I should say something about being interviewed before. Early on in the interview though she asked, when I said I'd been applying for a few NHS positions, if I'd had any interviews lately and I mentioned I'd had one the other week with the woman who was meant to be there that day. And she said fine and didn't say anything about it.

The interview went on, and most of the questions were ones I'd had in the interview before, except for one, I think, and then just near the end the woman said "actually, can I ask you - ". She broke off and said she'd finish what she'd been talking about, and then said "Can I ask you, you said you'd had an interview last week with [the woman I was meant to be being interviewed by]. Have you had these questions before?". And I had to say yes. But she was laughing and smiling about it, so I don't think it was that big a deal. She asked if I'd thought it was odd having the same questions again, and I said because it was basically the same post I'd thought they might have standard questions to ask in the interview. Apparently I was meant to have had different questions, but they don't get the names of people on their applications until the day before the interviews happen, which is probably why no-one realised I was having another one. But as I say, she was laughing and smiling about it, so I don't think it was too big a problem. And she'd said the reason she'd suddenly thought I might have had the questions before was because she'd been thinking my answers were "a bit good", which is a hopefully good sign. I won't hear anything until some references come back from the preferred candidate, but hopefully I should hear about both jobs shortly.

The only problem is - I applied for both jobs at the same time, on the same night, and because they were the same post and had the same job description, I got a bit confused between them. When I got the message asking me to come to an interview for the first one I had a feeling it was part-time, but it turned out to be full-time. During yesterday's interview, however, they mentioned that that post was only 20 hours. Which isn't really enough for the money I need, at present. So if they don't offer me the full-time one and offer me the part-time one, I don't know if I'll be able to take it, unless I get another part-time job. But I can't make any decisions till I hear back about either job, so there's no point getting worried about it now, I guess.

Anyway. I watched Misfits yesterday. Spoilers for Misfits 1.04, and the preview for next week )
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Tonight's Strictly )
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So. My interview is tomorrow. My mum came down on Friday, and I currently am in possession of a new, grey interview suit, mostly bought at Marks and Spencers. In fact I think completely bought from Marks and Spencers. I have washed my white/cream bra to go under my white shirt, although I haven't hung it up to dry yet (I'll do it very soon, honest). I have two problems, one is that my smart work boots that I took to be reheeled yesterday seem to have either been worn down or given a smaller heel that I remember them having, but I've tried them on and I can walk in them, and they don't look particularly weird or anything. So that's alright. The other is that I'm meant to have printed off a health questionnaire they sent with my notification about the interview, and to have it filled it in and with me at the interview tomorrow. However, I don't currently have a printer, and the print shop I normally use was, when I went down to it on Saturday, both closed and appeared to have turned into a photocopier sales and servicing shop. I'm going to have a look for any other print shops in Nottingham, and if there aren't any I guess I'll just have to look through it, jot down any answers I need, and explain everything tomorrow at the interview and ask if I can get one and fill it in before I go. Hopefully they won't think that's weird.

Other than that, I have the rest of the night to read interview tips and techniques, have a shower, read back through my personal statement on the application probably, and get a decent night's sleep. The only thing worrying me now, aside from the whole Job Interview thing, is that I just realised I'll probably have to put down about the counselling I'm having at the moment. Hopefully that won't sway things, or not too much. Anyway, fingers crossed, mostly. My mother got upset on Friday because she realised I'd bought an interview shirt that was white, and an interview bag that was sort of off-white. I'm not convinced that that's the kind of thing that will swing it, but in any case, as I say, fingers crossed.

Anyway. OTHER AUS TONY AND MARIA COULD STAR IN: a historical sort of AU where Tony is a warrior/knight from Scotland after the English sort of take over it, and he mostly hates the English, but comes to England looking for work or something anyway, and ends up meeting the young noblewoman or queen Maria, and starts working for her, and they FALL IN LOVE.

Or, an AU where they're professional dancers, and he is the very driven and technically accurate sort of dancer, and she is doing it mostly for the love of dancing, but isn't particularly successful. Tony loses his partner at about the same time Maria's partner and perhaps boyfriend leaves her, and maybe Tony sees her training or something, and they become dance partners. Maria is not quite as driven as Tony, and her confidence has taken a bit of a knock after her partner/boyfriend left her, and Tony starts getting frustrated. Eventually he just asks her, "Maria - what's your favourite dance?". And she's like, honestly? The jive. And he is not particuarly impressed because he's more on the ballroom side of things, but he asks to see her jive anyway. AND SHE IS GREAT AT THE JIVE. And properly loves it more than she thinks she can't do it. And he's like, "Well - okay". And then they start putting together a jive routine, and Tony's not quite as good at it as Maria, but he pushes himself because he's that kind of dude, and eventually he learns to loosen up a little bit and they start to do a really great jive. And they still do the jive routine, but from there he moves her on to doing the quickstep and getting really good at it, and then into getting better at other ballroom dances. And they also start to branch out into other Latin dances, and going into competitions and things, and also start to fall in love, and eventually they do a rumba to Chasing Pavements by Adele, which the people on Strictly REFUSE TO DO, and they realise they properly are in love and get together, and WIN THE COMPETITION. And stuff.

I fell so in love with the first idea I got to thinking that given that Maria in Coronation Street grew up helping to run her parents' kennels and loves dogs, and that this was probably one of the few hobbies that could be carried over into a historical AU, I actually spent some of last night researching dog breeds, particularly the ones from England and Scotland. I didn't realise how recently Golden Retrievers and Labradors had started existing as a breed. Although I kind of got the feeling that they were sort of "modern". Anyway, I slightly fell in love with English Mastiff, and the Scottish Deerhound. But I've clearly also given the dancing AU a bit of thought.

I know I'm banging on about Maria and Tony quite a bit. But I do really love them.

Anyway. I also saw the second episode of Misfits last week. Misfits, up to 1.02 )
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So. I have an interview next week. An interview I know about ahead of time, even. I have about fifteen things to do before then, but it's an interview, which I've not had many of so far in my job hunting. And it's funny, because before I got the message about it I was gearing up to make a post about how I thought I was probably going to have to move back to my parents' pretty soon. Which I probably still will if I don't get the job, and there's a chance I won't. I was in a bit of a tiz at the beginning of the week, because I was pretty sure I was going to have to move back to my parents', even though I hated the thought of leaving my flat, and then I got the news about the interview and it pretty much threw me, but I talked about it with my counsellor on Thursday and I'm feeling much better about it now. I'm just going to try to get ready for the interview, hope being stressed out doesn't affect my performance in the interview, and see what comes out of that before making any other decisions.

I got a letter from the Jobcentre anyway, saying that I could start having Jobseeker's Allowance again. Except that it used to be £50 a week and is now down to £40-ish a week. My mum pointed out that this is probably the same payment less the £10 a week my grandma gives me. Which I have always declared whenever I claimed. Bastards.

Anyway, like I say I'm just going to try to get on with things and do everything I need to do before the interview. Like buy an interview suit. My mum wants to come down and help me get one (especially since she's offered to pay for it), and the only time she's really free is Monday. Which is sooner than I was expecting company next, but she doesn't want to stay over in the flat, so it should be alright.

Today I went to a craft market in Sherwood because a jewellery maker I like was going to be there, explained to her when we saw each other that I didn't actually have any money at the moment and was just browsing, failed generally at social interaction, and then came back into Nottingham. Where I ended up either trying on or looking for dresses I liked that were either way out of my price range (£0) despite being reduced and were probably going out of stock soon, or had gone out of stock mere weeks after I had first seen them. I think it's only been a few weeks. I assume I've just got taste in clothing like no-one else's, because everything I like seems to go out of stock really quickly. But it's pointless anyway, because for the first time in a while I've got an actual interest in maybe buying some clothes, and I have less money than ever to spend on anything. Which is mostly annoying. I'm guessing that when it comes to dresses and faux fur coats I won't get much sympathy from my parents either.

Anyway. What was up with Strictly tonight? This series in fact? How many injuries have there been so far? It makes me think that maybe the professionals are pushing the celebrities too far this series, but maybe it's just a run of bad luck. I'm glad Laila went through, it was sad for her really that she got injured even if she did choose to do the dance anyway. What I could see of her rumba while she was managing to dance it looked beautiful, although it was hard to tell while she was obviously in pain. I'm glad she went through, anyway. And I'm glad Ricky and Erin went through, I really liked their viennese waltz, especially the second time around. I thought it showed that maybe Ricky had a little more of himself to show us, or something different to show us, whereas I wasn't getting that really from Phil. I liked him, but he seemed to always be either Cheeky or Trying Not To Be Cheeky in his dances. Frankly, I'd quite like to see Ricky and Ali go at this point, and the rest of them battle it out for the number one spot. But probably that's just me.

Also, has anyone seen the new show Misfits that started on E4 this week? It looked from the trailers I saw to be about a bunch of teenagers or young people on ASBOs or community service or something, but I've just learned from the internet that it's about a bunch of teenagers or young people on ASBOs or community service with superpowers. One of the female characters gets the power of being able to cause lust in other people, of which YAY!, but apart from that it looks alright. Is it any good?

Also, has anyone seen the new mobile phone advert which basically seems to be about organising a big redheaded breeding programme? It's a bit creepy, in my opinion. But in a way sort of pleasing, to me at least. It's like the spirit of Luke Rattigan lives on!
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Tonight's Strictly Results )
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  • My plan for today was to go into town and do some Christmas shopping, grab some lunch, see Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, do the food shopping, then get back to my flat in time for Strictly. To be honest, it was was never completely feasible, even though I did all my washing last night. Particularly when I stayed up, slept in, and didn't get out until about 12 o'clock. Christmas shopping is going to be done this week after work I think. I bought one thing, a Makka Packa bath toy/washee. I have a few more things to buy. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was quite good.

  • I'm doing overtime tomorrow at work. I forgot to mention that's why I had (or was supposed to) do everything today.

  • I'm not that bothered about who goes out of the dancing tonight. I liked Lisa's tango, and would like Tom Chambers to go because his face still annoys me and I'd quite like the final to be a girl-off. But other than that I'm not that bothered. Lisa did wear a lovely dress for her quickstep though.

  • Everyone is doubting Maria in Coronation Street and thinking she's mad, even though she is SOME KIND OF GENIUS, and knows exactly who was having affairs with who, and who killed who. It's slightly frustrating. Carla came back yesterday though, and hopefully she will see the truth in her words, and all will be great.

  • On Casualty - I've sort of gone off Toby/Jordan a bit, because it turns out Jordan's a bit of a prat, and I don't like the way he's treated Ruth, and if he'd only do the same to Toby then I think he's better off without him. And since we've got canon gay/bi!Toby, I don't think we're going to get canon Toby/Jordan, except for the unrequited crush Toby seems to have on him. I could be wrong of course, but I'm don't think they'll do it. And I like Toby/Ben, but I do find it a bit skeevy that Ben was his counsellor. Mostly I have fallen a bit in love with Toby and Ruth and their rivals/friends thing, and I want them to run aaway to the coast together and fight crime, and not to break up, and I'm pretty sure that tonight they might do. Which sucks a bit.

  • I have other things to say. My film courses, the Canadian Cinema course and the Anime film course, ended this week. There were highlights in both. The bit of Bon Cop, Bad Cop the lady showed us and the free film screening of C.R.A.Z.Y. in the Canadian course. The classic cartoon we saw and Gattaman, who the them e song subtittless assure me are "ninjas of science", as well as many other things. I've really enjkoyed them, and am sort of sad they're over. I might do another course in the next season at Broadway, but nothing looks appealoing just at the moment. I might leave it for a few months, and see what they have in the next season.

  • I must go eat pizza now.
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Hello. My mother came down this weekend. Before that I did tidying and had a shower and that on Friday, and worked overtime on Saturday from 8 till 12. First time I've ever done overtime on a Saturday. Possibly the first time I've ever done overtime, actually. Anyway. My mum came, and spent quite a bit of time tidying and cleaning things, even though I told her she didn't have to and not to, which was a bit embarrassing, but very nice of her. We went out to see Changeling, which was very good, and she bought me diner at Frankie and Benny's, which was nice, even if their onion rings are apparently SMOTHERED IN PEPPER. Then we went back to mine and, after finding out that the pump which I'd been saying I didn't know if it worked or not turned out to need to be plugged into a cigarette lighter she slept on my couch. Which was fine apparently.

The next day she did a bit more cleaning, and regaled me with tales of my father's criminal past, which is apparently why they never went to America. Apparently it was all drugs, theft and some ABH before they got married and had kids. And some smashing up people's cars with his brother when that someone had pissed them off, apparently. I know it's a terrible stereotype but - my grandmother's grandparents were Irish, according to her. Possibly I was born into a top crime family. Now I just need to get married three times, and I can take on Hollywood - and win.

Anyway, we went into town, and she bought me some new work boots, and we went for Sunday dinner, and had a look round the Christmas market, and then round the town, and then we went back to mine and got her stuff and pegged it to the train station, after realising that we'd left 35 minutes to walk to the train station from my flat, buy her ticket and get to the platform. And we managed it, so hurrah. And then I had to go home and get ready for work.

And watch Saturday's Casualty on the iPlayer. Spoilers )

Tomorrow I have to go into work at 8, and possibly stay later. They want us to do a lot of overtime now, I think the project's in full swing. I don't know how much time I'll have free over the next few days. Hopefully I will be about a bit. Also, spoilers for Strictly Come Dancing )
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Spoiler regarding tonight's The Devil's Whore )

So far since Sunday I have: tidied up some of the rubbish around my flat, paid my rent and council tax, transferred money from my savings to pay for my rent and council tax, tidied the bathroom and cleaned the toilet, spoken to my landlords about the possible faulty wiring of my light and my broken toilet seat, and done all my washing for next week. I have not, as of yet, started Christmas shopping. Whuich is sort of unfortunate, except that I didn't really have the money to do any before. Still. Need to get started with it really.

I didn't post about the Dancing results. I loved the group dances. I love that they stole Brian and Heather's idea. And I love that he won. The quickstep was also very good, but I have made up my mind not to be impressed with the quickstep unless someone performs it to Grease Lightning. I can't remember what they danced to, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that. Also, I was pretty sure that there would be no vid of Luke Rattigan to American Boy, and it seems that I was right. Dang.
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Strictly Come Dancing tonight )
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