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After much rearranging of stuff and messing about, my PS3 and PS4 are now in my bedroom instead of the little bedroom where my nephews' toys are. It's quite exciting. There was a bit of arguing and kerfuffling with my dad, who frankly couldn't decide when he wanted me to hold things still or allow him to move them. But. It is now in my room. And I have a TV of my own, although I can't actually watch TV on it. Still. Woo.

On the other hand, doing that went hand in hand with me trying to clear out some more space in my room, and now I have to figure out how to effectively and discretely dispose of porn, by which I mean old Connotations zines. Which, might I say, I did an excellent job of panicking over and hiding when my 6 year-old MN and dad were in the room. Hm.
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Connotations is over, and it's way too late for the 10th anniversary/last con or its book. But I was going through some photos off my old laptop, finally, last night, and I found some from my first Connotations ever, 2003 I believe ETA: No, 2005 clearly, looking at the cake. So for the perusal of anyone interested, here they are:

Connotations photos )

In current and much less pleasant news, I don't have great faith in the comics industry much of the time. And yet I was still surprised to learn there's a new series coming out soon using the title "Sex Criminals". Which the blurb assures is, will 'put the "sexy" back in "sex crimes"'

Really? Really?

And I'm also sad all over again about Hayley leaving Coronation Street soon, not just because Hayley's great and it's going to be sad, but because I realised she's been in Corrie for 15 years, and she's still the only trans character in British soap as far as I know, barring Hollyoaks. Certainly the only one in the big 3. And even she's not played by a trans actor. 15 years and much critical acclaim later. Which is a bit of a let-down, really, looking back. And soon there probably won't be any, unless they're going to introduce someone new before she leaves. I won't be holding my breath though.
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I cancelled that thing tomorrow, in the end. I was already feeling pretty tired just from stressing out yesterday, and then it turned out that mum hadn't managed to find any ankle wellies, just some fashion wellies that were wider at the top but still too tight. So I cancelled it. Given that I have a workshop, an appointment with my employment coach, and I have to start getting ready for the holiday, the next week or so is already starting to feel like an uphill obstacle course, and I might start tripping over any moment. So I think it's probably the right decision.

Some good things:

  • My mum and I finally took the dog to the vets last week after me nagging mum for a couple of weeks. He's old and has had some problems getting up in the last few months, and mum seemed to think they'd just say it was time to have him put to sleep. But instead they gave him anti-inflammatory medication, and he's getting up and moving around a lot better :D

  • John Ross from Dallas is super pretty.

  • Lottie from Bad Machinery is amazing.

  • I went to Connotations, the last one ever, and it was totally brilliant. We finally learned about Asylum films. Thank you [ profile] moonlettuce and [ profile] temaris.

A bad thing:

  • Apparently while I was away my sister, her partner and the kids came down to my parents' house for Sunday dinner. Which is a bit weird and alarming. But maybe it won't become too regular a thing. Hopefully.

Also, partially inspired by my stress out yesterday, I present to you one of my favourite angry songs. It's not entirely about calling women whores or homophobia (but still a bit!), but mostly about running people over with your car:

Move Bitch - Ludacris
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The weather is suddenly bipolar, and I'm not sure I like it. Mostly I'm just hoping it will be okay on Friday, when I will travelling around. And Monday, when I'll be travelling around again. And next Friday, when I will be going out to volunteer all day.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I'm due a period, and if it starts the day I go away - again - I'm going to be incredibly annoyed.

I finished Bioshock! And got a new pairing. And it went slightly weird at the end, but it's still good. And I found out that the first page of the Bioshock kinkmeme was started before the second game (which doesn't have the same main characters) came out, haha, so I could read it. And there is plenty of fic on there. And plenty for my pairing. The only problem is that now I have caught up to when the second game was released, and I keep seeing sort of spoilers, but I am super used to getting fic for my pairing now, and I know there's more on there in amongst the second game spoilers. So. I should really stop. But I haven't yet. Or, I should start the new game. But I'm still kind of reeling from the first game, and I'm about to go away for the weekend, so it's probably not the best time to try to get into a new game. Hmm.

My other main fandom at the moment is Dallas! Mentions of rape and domestic abuse )

Also, I saw an episode of NCIS the other day. I still hate Gibbs and DiNozzo. Which makes it kind of hard to watch NCIS. It's like the Poltergeist: The Legacy of it's day.
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Hello. I went to Connotations this weekend, but now I am back. It was lovely, even if the hotel did put us in their ghetto, aka Riverside Block. It sounds lovely, but it kind of isn't. And mostly you have to get through a maze of corridors to get to it, and then back again. But it was lovely. I saw people, and also the first episodes of Once A Thief and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which were both good. I even co-modded a panel, and tried to give people the benefit of my extensive, grinding experience with them. And...there were other panels, but I'd have to look at the con schedule to remember them. Fandom fails, rare pairings, and fandom reboots, I think. But yeah. The people were lovely, the people I was staying with were lovely, I completely accidentally picked up the one book I was missing from the Night Watch series in the book mooch, and we played the new version of Slashtrap, which always completes the weekend. It was very good.

And then today I went to my first session of a jewellery making course in Leeds. It was the second week of the course, so I had to catch up, but it's really practical, so that wasn't hard - basically the tutor tends to show you some thing and techniques at the beginning, you buy some metal to work with, and then go off and practice it, so while the other people were practising the new techniques, the tutor showed me the ones from last week. It's very hands-on - the first thing you have to do to get a piece of metal (copper in this case) soft enough to do things with it is to anneal it, which basically means standing it up on some stone blocks, and then heating it with a mini-blowtorch until it goes cherry red. By which I mean, that's the colour it is, not like until it is literally red hot and glowing. But you still have to grab it with tweezers and put it in a little trough of water to make it cold enough to touch. But yeah, it was good. I learned how to cut copper, how to anneal it, how to print patterns on it with a print roller (I think), how to hammer and press patterns into it, how to use a domer to make it round, how to drill it, and how to saw it. Next week we're learning soldering, and the basic idea at this point is just to practise the techniques, experiment with them and see what happens, and then eventually start making actual pieces using them. It is good though, it's kind of amazing what you can do with the right tools. How much I'd be able to do when I didn't have a mini-blowtorch to hand is still questionable though. Perhaps they're freely available in the right craft stores.

And yeah. That's it really. I'm tired, and what I mostly want to do is play Oblivion. I think I might be shipping my character with another character, or at least have a crush on the other character myself. And I've levelled up a bit, which I think means that the game is trying to make things harder on me, but also means that I'm getting slightly harder, better quests. So hurrah. But my nephew's here, and dinner's in a few hours, so I'm probably best leaving that until I can actually do it and focus on it. Oh well.
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Hello. My parents have gone to Portugal. I am on my own again for a week, or most of it, except that unlike last time that happened, when I was supposed to be going on holiday to so had nothing to do except stay in the house, I am going away for the weekend in about five days. I'm looking forward to that. I'm just also aware that on Thursday I have to take our dog to the kennel he's staying at on Thursday and Friday (at 7pm, apparently), have a bath, pack, and try to get a decent night's sleep for the con. Then I have to get up, finish packing, and go get a train.

Also, unlike last time, I basically forgot everything I actually needed to do to take care of the house while my parents are away. Partially I mean I forgotten how to do certain things, partially I mean I forgot I was going to need to do ANY of those things until about Friday night, when my parents were packing to leave. I forgot I was going to have to clean up after the dog. I mostly forgot to ask what to do if the cat leaves a dead bird in the garden (as she has been doing in the last week, again). And I still can't really remember when I have to put the bins out. My dad left a note about putting the recycling bins out on Wednesday. But do the regular bins go out on Wednesday as well? I don't know.

And to top it all off, I have one of the least helpful days I've probably ever had.

  1. I mentioned not remembering I had to clean up after the dog. Well, also this time my parents didn't clean up what was there before they went for me. Probably this has more to do with them having to set off for their plane at about 4.30am than any inherent evil on their part, but still. It's meant to be done every day, but since I had to go food-shopping yesterday, I decided not to yesterday, and just to do it all today.

    Anyway. So this morning when I took the dog out, he had less clean/comfortable places than usual to do his business in, so I was trying to keep an eye on him, and didn't bend down to stroke the cat like I generally do when she comes over. Yesterday, kind of jokingly, I tried to get her to jump up on the hood of my mum's car so I could stroke her, because I've seen cats on cars before, and didn't think it was that big a deal. She wouldn't do it yesterday, but today - without me urging her to - she did have a try. Except that it was my dad's car, because my parents have taken my mum's car, because dad gets so worried his about being stolen or damaged. The cat didn't manage to actually manage to get on the car, but when I looked, she had left a couple of small scratchmarks in the paintwork.

    I rubbed them a little with my t-shirt, hoping they'd go away. And I think they did fade a little bit, but I also left a slightly more noticeable smudge on the car. But it's been raining tonight. Perhaps it'll all be fine in the morning.

  2. After many days of some of the signs, I've finally gotten my period. Which is nice, because I was worried I would get it on Thursday or Friday or something, when I'm meant to be going away. Except that now I've got my period, on my own. And there is no-one around if the cramps get bad, to look at me and stroke my hair and maybe make me a hot water bottle if I need one. Hmph.

  3. I was playing a computer game, and I had my window open, and it started getting dark, but I figured it was fine, it was probably to early for bugs to come in. Then I heard a slight thump and looked up and saw some dust flying down from my lampshade, and thought oh well, I don't mind moths. Except that it wasn't a moth. When I had pretty much finished the computer game and got up, I noticed it was a wasp. Hanging around my light. I didn't even know wasps did that. And I couldn't catch it because it was flying around, I couldn't hit it because it was flying around, and I couldn't turn off my light and hope it would leave, because it was completely dark and I didn't have any other lights, and I wouldn't know where it was or if it had gone out of the window, or if I left my room, if it would still be there when I came back. I finally had to catch it when it landed briefly on the side of the lampshade using a small candleholder of mine, slide that onto a pringles tin lid so it was trapped in there, and then hold it out of an open window, let it go, and then quickly close the window. Thankfully that did it.

  4. I have already mentioned the dog and cleaning up after him. I got up late as usual today, went out to get some chocolate, and then decided to do it after playing my computer game. It would only be a couple of hours, and not too late I figured. Then I could do it, then wash my hands and make my dinner. Except I forgot that a time that 'wasn't too late' in August when I was looking after him, would actually be significantly darker now. So, because I really couldn't have left it for another day, for his sake or mine, I ended up having to clean it up in the dark, and in the rain. What I use for this is a small plastic bag used like a glove, and we use it to pick up the poo and put it into another plastic bag. But because I couldn't see very well, and there was so much of it by then, at one point I felt like I'd actually touched something. When I looked, my thumb had been really close to the edge of the plastic bag handle. But there was no way to tell if I'd actually touched something. I have OCD, and am fairly germphobic at times. I washed my hands about three times afterwards. But it still didn't feel entirely clean.

    My dog was a complete sweetheart though, he came out with me when I went to clean it up because he wanted a wee, and when he was done and I was about to start I sent him into the garage, with our big garage door still open. When I was finished I was half worried he might have run off and gone wandering around our cul-de-sac, but when I went in he was just laid by the door to the kitchen, waiting. He is quite lovely.

  5. However, when I was later on playing with him with his toy bone, he still (accidentally, probably) gave me a bit of a bite on the thumb.

So that was my day. But it's not all bad. I went food shopping yesterday, and even though I'm pretty sure I spent about £40 or £50 last time I was shopping for a week alone, I ended up only spending about £26. I did have one less day to buy for though, and mum had already gotten me some stuff in. Still. It's quite nice. And I have plenty left over from the £70 she left me to pay the kennel lady upfront on Thursday.

Also, I have been mentioning a computer game a lot, which is Oblivion, the fourth Elder Scrolls game, which was released five years ago (apparently) but I never got because I didn't have a computer that could play it. But now my laptop can, and I'd like a chance to play it before the new one comes out and I get it, and I found a "5th Anniversary Edition" including both the expansion packs, for the same price as I could basically get the game secondhand on So I got it. This is also probably part of the reason I didn't think to ask my parents much about what to do around the house while they were gone, and why I haven't been posting much lately. It is wicked and I am properly sucked in, as usual with Elder Scrolls games. I'm not loving it as much as Morrowind so far, but Morrowind was set in Morrowind, where the Dark Elves come from, and I always play as a Dark Elf, so that's probably just personal bias. Anyway. It's one of those games you can sort of play for hours and get slightly sick of, but still want to play more of after you turn it off. Or at least that's how it is for me. So I am enjoying it, even if it tends to eat up a lot of my day.

And, ETA, somewhere in the middle of that last paragraph my parents called, and we sorted out a few things. The bins don't have to go out this week, if I find a dead bird in the garden I should either use a plastic bag to get rid of it or just leave it, and mum didn't sound madly concerned about the scratches on dad's car. Which is nice. Also Portugal is apparently nice, and they have nice room with a lovely seaview. So hurrah.

I'm also - in the midst of all this complaining - sort of aware that I'm probably so stressed at the moment because I ran around doing things and getting things sorted last week. I went to my appointment with my employment coach, I went to see my doctor and got a new medical certificate and got it sent off to the Jobcentre, I sorted out a transfer for the money I need for the Connotations hotel room (despite Santander's every effort to thwart me in doing this), and I looked up the train journey I'll need to take to Durham on Friday, which is basically hourly, and really straightforward. So things are pretty much sorted. And I'm meant to be going to another workshop thing with my employment service tomorrow, but I've pretty much decided I'm not going. It's just too much hassle this week I think, and hopefully they'll understand that. I think it's better if I just chill out and save up my energy for Thursday and Friday.

There's an insect flying around my light again now, but I'm pretty sure it's not a wasp, so I'm happy enough.

Anyway. So now I'm probably going to go off and play some more Wet. I found out some problems with Wet which make it slightly not perfect, the controls are really hard to handle, especially when you're meant to be doing 'acrobatic' moves. And it turns out that not only does True Love die young, so does vague computer game het shipping. Hmph. But it's still pretty awesome. Yay. There's other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I'm pretty sure I've blathered on enough. Or the pain in my arm and the new text size in the posting box is confusing me. Whichever.
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Aaaaaahhhh. I got up at 9am this morning, for an 11 o'clock appointment in Wakefield. I went to bed at 1am, and went to sleep at about 6am. And then got up at 9am. I would say it's not so bad, I can just sleep it off tomorrow, but really I need to go to bed early tonight and then get up semi-early tomorrow, so I can go to bed early-ish tomorrow night and get up at 8am on Wednesday morning. For an appointment, and then another appointment in Wakefield in the afternoon. And then, possibly, get up on Thursday so I can go into town with my mum and buy/pick out food before she goes away to Portugal.

I'm aware that to people who go to work and stuff every day this probably sounds quite run-of-the-mill. It's just INCREDIBLY OUT OF THE ORDINARY FOR ME.

It wasn't a completely terrible day, though. I checked my bank balance, and found out I still have quite a bit of money at the moment. I bought my train ticket to Durham for next week, for Connotations. And I discovered the wonders of the game department in the CEX in Wakefield, and bought a game because it had a female main character on the front of it, AND she appeared to be fully dressed! I mean, I couldn't see all of her, and her midriff was naturally showing. But still, compared to others, woo hoo! Also, it was five pounds. Double woo hoo.

Speaking of underdressed ladies, I ended up catching some of Strike Back: Project Dawn last night. I meant to watch it from the start, but I decided my dad wouldn't want to watch it (I was incorrect about this), taped it, and then never caught up with it. I spent most of what I saw of the episode thinking I recognised every black guy in it - although I did not twig that the bad guy was Mr Eko from Lost. I'm still pretty sure the guy driving the car at the end was a paramedic from Casualty a while back. However, what I did pretty much catch was the preview of next week. Slight spoilers for that )

Also, I went to the Pets At Home shop. To look at lovely rabbits and rats and fish. Man, I would like a rabbit or some rats or some fish.

Anyway. I am so cold. And one of the t-shirts I loved at Threadless and haven't bought yet has sold out. Sadface.
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I got a call back from the Benefits Office this morning. Apparently it is the three month thing that's the problem - I had thought it might be, because the dates are pretty exact, 23rd June to 21st September. Apparently within the first 6 months of your claim you can't get an 'Indefinite' medical certificate. Which means I don't know if I can get one when I next go to the doctor's, but since I'm guessing I won't win my appeal, that probably won't be a problem. I'd say that I wish they'd said something about the whole thing when I first started claiming, so I had some warning, but the fact is they gave me so much stuff at the time, some of which I didn't read, that chances are they did and I just didn't notice it.

In any case, I've got the doctor's appointment all set up anyway, so all I have to do now is go to it (at 9.40am), and hope the doctor doesn't have a problem with doing something she was basically trying to do anyway. Fingers crossed. And then send it off and hope it all goes through before Connotations. Sigh.
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Benefits stuff, irritating )

Anyway, maybe the people will call tomorrow and say it's all been a big misunderstanding, and I can have my payments after all. But I've called and made an appointment with my doctor anyway, just in case. Although that's annoying in itself, because this week I was supposed to have three appointments, an application forms workshop yesterday, a counselling session tomorrow, and an appointment with my employment coach on Friday. And it felt like a bit much after the meeting with my case manager last Friday and then going to Nottingham for Batman Live (I did that, by the way) on Saturday, so I was wishing for a bit less to do this week. But then yesterday my employment coach came and asked me if we could rearrange our Friday appointment for next Monday, because she had a client she suddenly needed to see on Friday. And my counsellor just called today to say she couldn't make our appointment tomorrow any more, could we make it next Wednesday. And when I called the doctors, the soonest I could get an appointment with the doctor who gave me my last sick note was Tuesday morning at 8:30, and no later in the day, or Wednesday at 9:40. So now next week I have an appointment on Monday, and a doctor's appointment at 9:40 am and then a counselling session at 2:00 on Wednesday. Sigh.

But anyway. At least I have the rest of the week free, even though I was sort of geared up for the appointment tomorrow. And I have slightly less on next week than I was supposed to this week. And if those guys call and say 'big misunderstanding' (who knows?), I can just cancel my doctor's appointment. Although I'm not exactly holding out too much hope for that.

But, some good things: I was at Aldi buying chocolate on Sunday, as is my custom, and I discovered they're now selling cherry and chili dark chocolate. Which is lovely, although it's still not a good idea to eat too much chili dark chocolate all at once. I did go to Batman Live, as I said, and it was quite good, although probably not brilliant enough for the amount I ended up paying to see it. Sort of spoilers )

Another weird thing, if not a good thing, is that for some reason I feel about three months ahead of myself at the moment. When I came back from Prague, in June, I really really felt like summer was over, and I was ready for like autumn and Halloween and stuff. And now the sky has gone a bit grey, and it's gotten a bit colder, I'm feeling suddenly ready for Christmas. I don't actually feel ready for Christmas, I'd definitely like to have Halloween and Bonfire Night first. But it sort of feels like that sort of atmosphere. I really like this time of year, at any rate though. The shops have started putting scarves and gloves out, and it recently occured to me it would soon be the weather to have soup regularly again, and start getting wrapped up before I go out. Hurrah :)

In soap news, Vague discussion of a domestic rape storyline )

But in happier news, a while back I came up with and did a picspam on the Doug/Texas/Leanne OT3 I really wanted Hollyoaks to do. And I never really expected it to actually happen. But Texas and Leanne were looking for somewhere to live together for their second year of uni, and yesterday we had a scene of Doug throwing out his current roommate, and then Texas and Leanne walked down the stairs saying they'd had a look around, and were happy to move in straight away! Hollyoaks, you DO know how to make me happy. Hurrah.
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I LOVE NSTF: SD: SUV::. It's not brilliant, but I do kind of love it. Two episodes ago they had guest actor spoiler ) on the show. In the last episode, they had guest actor spoiler )! Trent Hauser gets the best enemies. No lie.

Anyway. I have only recently returned from Leeds, where I spent £30 on jewellery today. Which I don't really regret. But I am going to have to start saving up shortly, because it's Connotations in about a month. For which I will need £150, if memory serves me correctly. Plus train fare. Plus money for drinks. Yes. So yes. I'm planning for today to be my last spending blow-out for a little while.

But I'm quite happy today anyway, because last night I was checking the requirements for the upcoming Elder Scrolls game Skyrim, and I was on the same site I was on a few months ago, which told me again that my graphics system probably wouldn't be good enough to support the game, although everything else was fine. But then I went on another site, which was basically answering people's specific questions about whether or not their computers would run the game, and they said my graphics system WOULD be good enough for it! It's all just speculation of course, until the game comes out (in November), but it's closer to the release, and that's more hopeful at least. I probably wouldn't be worrying so much, but it's an Elder Scrolls game, which I've been playing since highschool probably, so I am excited. And the nice thing is that even if the PC version won't work on my laptop, I can always now get the PS3 version - but for me the Elder Scrolls games will always be PC games more than anything. I don't know, maybe they're much better on the PS3 and Xbox. But on the PC is how I'm used to playing them, and how I would like to play the new one, so if it will work on my laptop, that would make me very happy. Hurrah.

Also, last night I watched the end of Hollyoaks Later, and I love Seth more than ever now, and have a lot more love for Warren (the nutcase that set him up), and I love Mitzeee, as usual. And I also watched Totally Tom, which is a pilot for a new sketch show on E4. It's a bit dark, but I thought it was quite funny as well. I hope it gets a series. Although I haven't watched many other new comedy programmes lately, so I have no idea how it compares to other stuff that's out there.

Also, I completely missed the first rugby match of my team in the world cup yesterday, due to completely forgetting it was on until sometime late in the evening. I hear that we lost though. Bugger.
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So. We're onto day three of my staying home on my own, and it's all going pretty well so far. I have managed to feed myself and the animals both days, and use the dishwasher and put the clean pots away, and clear up the dog's droppings two days in a row, which turned out to not be as bad as I thought it was going to be. My parents have a system with plastic bags. It's probably no good for the planet but it's fine with me. I did think there was going to be a dealbreaker today when I let the cat out, then heard her meowing outside the garage door and went to let her in and found a dead mouse on the driveway. But then I closed the garage door again, with her outside, and when I opened it again later, she'd eaten it! Or most of it. So hurrah.

In other news, Coronation Street was fine tonight, but I could have done with less of Peter grabbing Carla. And Roy's mum not being a Tory. But whatever. Also in Emmerdale, I love Chas and Cain, and Gennie, and quite like Nikhil when he's not being awful to Gennie. Ahem.

Otherwise, I have mostly been watching George Gently (oh Bacchus), and attempting to play two new PS3 games. Basically, watching 666theheartless666's LPs has made me want to play games myself, so I picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum and Kane and Lynch: Dead Men in Morrisons on the cheap. So far, I'm shit at both of them, but I have only been playing them for about an hour each, so there we go. I'm thinking I need to focus on just one for a little while, the way when you buy a few new films, you probably shouldn't watch two scenes of one, and then stop it and watch two scenes of the other. And so on. Anyway. We'll see how that plan goes.

In any case, it's worked out sort of well that I ended up staying with the dog, because I'm taking it as practise for when my parents go away in October, and talking about that with my mum made me realise that Connotations is actually on over one of the weekends they're away. So we need to sort out something with the dog for that aswell. Which is obviously better to know now than in October. So that was a good catch, at least.
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Oh, also, I registered for Connotations. And completely forgot to mention it. Duh, and also hurray!
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Livejournal just stopped working for me for a bit, in a NEW AND EXCITING WAY than it usually doesn't work for me. But it's back now, so never mind.

Before I came upstairs and Livejournal wouldn't work for, I was downstairs watching an episode of Life On Earth that seemed to be from the 1980s, and it had some of the most perfect 1980s-style background music you've ever heard. It gave me a proper yearning to watch Watership Down again. Sometimes I think about showing Watership Down to my nephews, and then I remember the slightly horrific bits and I think maybe not. Not till they're 16. Also, they don't always sit and watch films at the best of times. So not till they can both handle and appreciate it. Anyway. It was just quite a nice blast from the past. Also, I learned interesting things about insects and how they and plants evolved once they stopped living in water. So it was all good.

My dad bought a shelf for the Playstation yesterday. But my youngest nephew was here, and when he'd gone my dad was watching Holby City and Silk. Also, it probably takes a while to safely and correctly put up a shelf. But mostly I'm so sick of waiting I feel like I want to punch things. Which is pretty unreasonable. But still. The game I ordered online that I was interested in, and was thinking I was going to have to OH GOD WAIT to play is here. And I have nothing to play it on. Hmph.

Here I talk about some fantasy film and TV shows I have been thinking up, you don't have to read this )

In other news, Employment and Support benefit is very confusing. I was told they wouldn't be deciding whether to give me it until they'd done an assessment. But then I got a letter last week saying they'd decided to pay me, and how much they were going to pay me. On the same day as I got a questionnaire, which I assume is part of the assessment, which says I don't need to return it until 6th May. Which is long long after my current sick note runs out, although to be fair they didn't have that until after they sent me the questionnaire out. Then today I got another letter saying they'd be paying my Employment and Support into a (correct) bank account, and that they'd already paid £1.42 into it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL. But I'm going to carry on with it, obviously.

It hasn't stopped me from spending money, though, obviously. My birthday money is already pretty much gone, on that game I ordered. And on commissioning a piece of jewellery from Alys Power, who I love. I've asked for a Little Red Riding Hood themed charm/recycled necklace. It's been on my to do list for some time, so it's nice to finally be getting a move on it. Also, commissioning a piece of jewellery in general is sort of on my to do list for my life. So it's sort of killing two birds with one stone. A hopefully beautiful stone.

But I do need to be thinking about money again, really. I'm pretty sure my mobile phone bill will have sorted itself out by now, and I can stop worrying about that. So I just need to cancel the phone insurance I'm paying for with a direct debit and don't really want now, and check that my bank balance is in credit so I can cancel my overdraft. And then I won't have any bills going out really, and I'll be able to just look at my account and see what I have to spend. At the moment it's a bit tricky though, because I'm pretty sure I don't have much to spend, and my LJ paid account is apparently about to run out. And I'd really like to go to Nottingham at some point in the next few weeks to see an exhibition by this artist, who I really like. And I should probably start saving up for Connotations at some point. So hmm.

I have an appointment in Wakefield tomorrow, and an appointment in my home town on Friday, and then on Friday afternoon my oldest nephew will be coming to our house. But on Saturday Adam and Joe are coming back! So it's not all bad. I need to remember to buy a card for Mother's Day on Sunday though. Probably tomorrow, while I'm in Wakefield. Also, my dad has come home since I started writing this post, and it sounds like he's drilling and installing a shelf in the bedroom next door as we speak. So I could well be playing on a Playstation, or at least working out how to play on a Playstation, before the night is out. Yay.
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I got back from Connotations yesterday. It was a bit odd this year, I think because I hadn't made sure to have enough sleep before going so I was tired a lot, and because I'm not really watching any shows at the moment apart from soaps. Between the Wylde storyline on Emmerdale finishing really soon and the Ste/Brendan storyline on Hollyoaks just starting up and them doing quite a bit with them onscreen, I'm a bit soap mad at the moment, and suprisingly few people wanted to talk with me about Nathan Wylde (OH I LOVE HIM) for 3 hours. But it was lovely to be there and lovely to see everyone, and we had a fancy new hotel I was incredibly impressed with. I was with [ profile] jekesta and [ profile] cakesy, and our triple room (aka double room with a camp bed) had a sitting room/entertaining area. I kid you not. Also, there were three course meals basically every night, and suited hotel staff kept bringing random trays of cake and smoothies out every time we had a break. And I think the rooms only cost about the same as they did at the Park. It was awesome, especially when we learned our way around.

I don't have much to say about the panels, except that looking back it's kind of hilarious how quickly the Anti-Heroes (Not Villains) panel became all about villains. Also, we learned a bit more about what that The Losers film [ profile] katemonkey keeps talking about is all about. Also, I found out about the Futurama Citihall vid. Also, [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] cakesy and I all looked Moderately Tidy at the Moderately Tidy Dinner. Also, it was pretty awesome.

[ profile] cakesy and I were going to go see a film together or something yesterday after leaving the hotel, but we were foiled by the fact that Durham only has one cinema with two screens, and there was nothing on there till 3 and there was nothing we really wanted to see on. So we decided getting the train was probably the best thing to do, especially with our suitcases and whatnot. An extra exciting bonus of the week for me was that on the way up on the train, I saw a couple of deer out of the window, and I couldn't decide if they were fauns or not. They were quite small. And on the way down I saw deer again, and then a fox, and then another fox. It's probably a bit ridiculous how pleased I am about seeing random wildlife, but I spent most of my childhood in my bedroom, and I didn't exactly start going on nature walks when I got to be a teenager. And apparently when I was young there was a fox living somewhere near our cul-de-sac which used to wander around the houses sometimes, and when I was living in Beeston with K and J she said there were urban foxes about which she and J saw once or twice coming back from nights out, and I never saw either of those. So it's nice to actually see apparently really common animals now and then. Also, DEER. That was really lovely.

Today I mostly ventured out of the house to go uptown and get the new soap mags, which I buy totally for the articles, and by no means for the pictures of Ste and Nathan Wylde. That doesn't make it better, does it? Anyway, there's a couple of really hilarious interviews in there with Amanda Donohoe insisting that Natasha Wylde is at heart an honest person, and that everything she's done she did to protect her family, and then giving really vague answers to whether or not Natasha would confess to killing her husband if she found out Nathan might be tortured or killed over it. YOU HAVE TO THINK THESE THINGS OVER.

In other news about what telly I've been watching, I had an incredibly ITV night last night. It started out with Hollyoaks at 6.30, then at 7.00 it was Emmerdale, at 7.30 it was Coronation Street, at 8.00 I went upstairs to watch Ray Mears' new thing, then back downstairs at 8.30 for Coronation Street again, then new Whitechapel at 9. This year's plot seems slightly more ludicrous than last year's, and some of the tension has gone now that the whole team seems to love Chandler, but it's still pretty enjoyable. And I quite love Chandler/Miles. Although Chandler/Kent is quite sweet too. And this year there is Suprise Peter Serafinowicz. Slight character spoilers ) So we'll see how that goes.
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Hello. Livejournal is a little tricky lately, between my going to college and looking after my nephews one and a half days of the week, as well as trying to do anything else, as well as my basic lack of energy to do anything and my general doubt about being able to express anything I want to say. But. Every now and then I get some time.


  • I am on my period. Which is kind of a relief, because I can't remember when I had my last one. I either forgot or decided not to keep a note of it in my diary for whatever reason, but it was definitely before Devon. However, at the moment my womb is mostly reminding me why I don't really like to have periods all the time. Ouch.

  • I had sort of my first dental work ever on Wednesday. Apart from the braces I had for a few months when I was in highschool. I hadn't had a dentist appointment in about two and a half years, and with my anxiety and OCD-ishness I had spent quite a bit of that time skipping brushing my teeth as often as I should (yes, I know), so I was kind of expecting the news to be bad when I got my first appointment with a new dentist here in my hometown. And it wasn't good. The dentist used the word 'destruction' a lot. And made me an appointment for some work, and it said on the form they gave me that that would be four fillings. I was kind of dreading it because I've never had a filling before, but when I got there on the day, he said he wouldn't be doing any drilling - what he meant was putting some filler on/in my affected teeth to stop them being worn away anymore and keep them from being as sensitive. Which was much better. It was all done in about an hour, and he even said to the dental nurse(?) while I was there - in between saying 'you see what acid can do to teeth? Look!' - that it was all acid damage, and I had good dental hygiene, and there was no decay. So score. I've had the stuff in for a few days now, and it makes my mouth feel a bit weird and like I can't clench my teeth properly, and have the back ones connect completely. But I can eat properly and it doesn't hurt and it's not as bad as it could have been. So hurrah!

  • Fiver are showing old episodes of Two Guys And A Girl on afternoons, the last couple of seasons where Ashley was in them, but they are showing the same ones on repeat for a week at a time AND TAKING FOREVER to get to the ones where Pete and Ashley start to get closer then get together, OH MY GOD. Pete/Ashley was one of my big het ships when I was young, and I think one of the first that I shipped and then they actually got together onscreen. ALSO PETE/ASHLEY WAS AMAZING. I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN. FIVER!

  • I also saw some snooker today. I got up late, came downstairs and switched the TV on, and there was a Stephen Hendry/Ronnie O'Sullivan match, at (0) 0 - 0 (0). It seemed difficult to pass up. Mostly I was impressed with Stephen Hendry's eyes (AND HIS SNOOKER SKILLS, OF COURSE HIS SNOOKER SKILLS, DUDES), and the fact that Ronnie looked incredibly happy every time he missed anything. As if inside he was going 'I might LOSE to STEPHEN HENDRY!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D'. Spoilers for the result )

  • I also saw that Labour Leadership Question Time the other week where Ed Milliband publically declared his love for David Milliband, and then the rest of the panel fought over who he really meant. And when David Dimbleby had to plead with Diane Abbot to 'give him a chance', about someone else she wasn't impressed with. Mostly I decided they all seemed a bit more level-headed and serious than various papers and news articles would have me believe, and that I sort of liked all of them except David Milliband, who seemed incapable of answering a question he'd actually been asked, but especially Diane Abbot and the man with the red tie. But I also decided they were politicians doing very public political debates while vying for a position of leadership, so it was probably best to not trust what they were saying too much. With regards to my favourite I am a bit 'whatever', but it seems like it might be a bit of a mistake to have David Milliband leading them.

  • Also, [ profile] hestia8 WROTE ME EMMERDALE FIC! NATHAN/DECLAN EMMERDALE FIC! NATHAN/DECLAN EMMERDALE FIC EXISTS BECAUSE OF [ profile] hestia8! Almost every day since then the internet has been a LITTLE BIT DISAPPOINTING.

  • Also I saw The Other Guys. OH MY GOD I LOVE THE OTHER GUYS. I LOVE TERRY HOITZ. AND ALLEN GAMBLE. AND OH. It is by no means a brilliant film, and I am aware that I have slightly more of a fondness for Will Ferrell films than many people I know. BUT OH MY GOD. It is one of the few films this year that I have loved enough to want to spontaneously go see again, rather than going mostly to check something I didn't catch the first time. By which I mean, I saw it last Saturday, and then on Monday I saw it again. Although in fairness, A vague spoiler I wanted to check, and then other spoilers ) I LOVE TERRY HOITZ. AND MARK WAHLBERG. AND THE OTHER GUYS.

  • Connotations is VERY SOON, dudes! Sadly not soon enough that I have nothing else to do before then - unfortunately I have another Jobcentre appointment the Wednesday before, which do tend to be pretty undemanding, but which I often stress about anyway. But still, VERY SOON. I have a plan - my plan is to have watched at least the end of Season 3 of The Office, since I started watching it and I OWN IT, and all of Trinity, SINCE I OWN IT, before I go. We'll see how that goes. I guess.

  • Soaps - Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks )

So yes. Dental work, political thoughts (sort of), and soap news. That's basically the update you were expecting from me, wasn't it? IT'S THE ONE YOU GOT, ANYWAY.
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Last night, I watched Casualty, spoilers for this and future episodes )

And I booked for Connotations this year. Woo hoo!

And tonight I watched BBC Sherlock, episode 2 (spoilers for this and last week's episode )

Also, it's the Nottingham Riverside festival this weekend, and I was half-thinking about going down, staying overnight in a Bed and Breakfast or cheap hotel or something. It only yesterday occured to me that I should probably decide now if I actually want to do that. And indeed, book now, if I do. Hmm.
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Hello. It's me. I didn't get stuck somewhere on the way back from Connotations, I just haven't been posting. I'd like to apologise again about the lack of posting or commenting. Sorry about that.

But I did go to Connotations. I took longer than I probably needed to getting to Lancaster on the Thursday and then drove up with [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] alicamel and [ profile] calapine on Friday. The hotel screwed us over slightly by booking boxing as well as the con on the Friday night so we had to have the first couple of panels in a weird hot room where we normally have vid shows or pimping, but [ profile] jekesta and I had a lovely double room, with a view of the beach from the bathroom, and a view of the sea and what turned out to be a seal enclosure at the aquarium next door from the main room, although we didn't find out about the seal enclosure thing until we were just about to leave. I've forgiven the hotel so many things because it was near the beach. But the next day we were back in the main room for panels, so it was a bit better. And we had panels and discussed fanfic trends and minority pairings and femslash and we played slash pictionary and there was cake and I watched some of Spirited Away and I learned about huge fannish events that I hadn't noticed at the time and one of the panels was slightly livened up by a bee and we played slash trap, which is AWESOME, even if we didn't ever get the Tyler/El Blanco High School AU I was hoping for. And I had a great time, Connotations hurrah!

On the Monday after we checked out, [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] calapine and [ profile] nerdcakes and I all went to aquarium down the road as well. We saw beautiful fish, and a shark, and some seals doing the best chasing and twirling in the water ever. I fear I might have been slightly ruined for any other aquarium, because I don't think any of them could ever have such great seal chasing and twirling again. Oh well.

Also I won Sirius Black and a red flower thing in the Connotations raffle. Hurray.

Since then I have managed to a) catch up on some of the things I didn't watch or listen to while I was at Connotations, b) get into town twice before the shops closed to buy (cheapish) things I didn't need, c) go to the Goose Fair with my parents and oldest nephew, which was pretty great, I had Rocky Road fudge and a freshly (cooked? baked?) made doughnut, d) pay the rent with money I'm going to have to borrow off my parents till my housing benefit comes through, and e) catch up on some of the things I didn't watch while I was out at the Goose Fair. I know. CHECK OUT THE ACHIEVEMENT. Tonight I'm aiming for f) apply for at least one job and g) fill in my Jobseeker's diary, and then tomorrow for h) get up in time for my Jobseeker's appointment, i) go to my Jobseeker's appointment, and j) try to sort out getting some money from my ISA so I can pay my parents back the money I owe them. Who knows.

In the meantime: Harper's Island, spoilers up to 1.10 )

Anyway. Back to those things I have to do.
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Thanks to the Steampunk Home, I know where I'd like to live if I ever had tons and tons of money - the Clock Tower apartment in New York. Although actually, I might like the Triangular Smith Tower a bit better. And I hadn't seen the Brooklyn Clock Loft. Hmm.

If I had tons of money, I'd also decorate my apartment with a bunch of stuff from Etsy. Like this. And these. And one of these.

Anyway. I have a new fandom. You guys know I like demonslash and monsterslash and ghostslash and stuff, right? Well, you do now anyway. It turns out that if you like that, Silent Hill fandom is the PLACE TO BE. One of the main pairings is some guy and the demon that follows him around the place. The other main pairing, which I've looked into too hard, involves a serial killer And I know that rape jokes really aren't funny, but it does sort of amuse me that the main fandom catchphrase seems to be "Rape Time!". The only problem with the fandom is that, instead of it being a film or series I could buy and watch to get to know the canon, it's a game. And although it's quite cheap at the moment I either don't have the console to play it on, don't have the memory on my computer to really be installing a new game, and am not sure it would play on my Microsoft system anyway. Leaving aside whether or not I'd have the guts to play it long enough to learn about the story anyway. It looks sort of horrifying.

The post for suggesting panels for Connotations is up, and I've already suggested one for Soap Opera slash, but I'd like to suggest one for stuff like demon/monster sort of slash, and how it's different to regular slash - assuming there would be any interest besides mine - but I can't think of any title besides "Supernatural slash" which I think would be misleading, and I can see it turning into a conversation about Immortals, which I know nothing about, very quickly. Oh well.

Other things that have been amusing me - during my looking around for said Silent Hill pairing I came across the Memetic Molester page on TV Tropes. I never knew before how wrong a Burger King advert could be. Ohwait. Also, you've seen the t-shirt, now watch the Three Wolf Moon video. And everyone's probably seen it, but also the JK Wedding Dance video. It is great. And the JK Divorce parody video. Also great.

I have to go get a shower now. And get ready for work and stuff. I forget that this goes along with having a job sometimes.
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I've been a bit off the radar for the past couple of days. Sorry about that. I'm sort of slowly alternating between getting stuff done and looking on this happily as a new adventure, and getting upset and seeing it as a pointless exercise of jumping through hoops that are too far off the ground anyway. I like to think 'happy new adventure' is winning.

I can't believe I'm having this little life crisis the same week as Connotations. Though I suppose this is my first summer ever without school/education to go back to at the end of it. And maybe I should look on it as a little reprieve, before that whole 'sorting out the rest of my life' thing. Or - the 'totally not doing that' thing. However it turns out.

I just realised I never did a proper Con report for last year's Connotations, I don't think. Let's see... All of that )

That was fun. And only vaguely shameful. I'm totally going to try to get more involved this year. And wear a different top for the Moderately Tidy Dinner.

DVDs have been helping lately. Have you started watching American Gothic yet, Jekesta? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. Oh. I'd forgotten how much I love Dr Matt. With his accent. And his hair. And all the crazy, constant subtext he has with Lucas Buck (Buck with a B). Lucas so wants into his pants. It's not even funny. Except when it is. And there are hilarious outtakes on the Green Wing Series 2 DVD, including a scene from the Coma episode which is so much like what Guy would do, and so like what he actually did during the episode, that I pretend it is just excised canon, and OH IT MAKES ME HAPPY! Even if I am falling slightly more in love with the therapist with every watch. He's great, is Jake. He could sort out Guy's problems in NO TIME FLAT. Or just turn him into a traumatised, shuddering ball. And then have sex with him. Yay.

This post wasn't meant to be totally taken over by a Connotations con report in the middle. But there you go.
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Re this Connotations post, you might have noticed I'm not modding the Multi-fannishness panel. After all that. Essentially, I decided that while I was having ideas and feeling pretty good about it now, closer to the time I'd probably get anxious and freak out slightly. And that I'd maybe like to do without it, and just go. I still maintain that Nerdcakes did most of the talking last time. Anyway, no modding. Unless they can't find anyone else to do it and ask me again, in which case I'll probably do it out of guilt at bringing it's curse on them in the first place.

Also - we'll be discussing "the future of Connotations"? Zomg.

Today we took Jack to the local farmshop. I was assaulted by an aubergine. Seriously, I went to pick it up, and it stabbed me with tiny spines! You know, all those TINY DEFENSIVE SPINES NO-ONE EVER TOLD YOU AUBERGINES HAVE? And we bought honey with honeycomb in it. And saw some sheeps! And a pony! And calves! And a flock of hens that followed us around a bit terrifyingly! The only problem with it, as I pointed out, is that you're never sure if you're buying something you were petting the week before. But if you can close your eyes to the "slaughterhouse" side of it, it's really a lovely place, with lovely food. I might be sticking to honey for a while though.

Tonight I went for pizza and to see Talladega Nights again. I have decided that Jean Girard might not be the suave, pissy, Tybalt-esque driver of my dreams, but he's still Deeply Awesome all the same. And he Spoilers ). Also; I have got to get my hands on that soundtrack.

Our TV is a bit broken. The screen has gone blue, so everything is a bit like watching The Smurfs. Dad is quite irate, but I'm sort of enjoying it, at least until I realise I'm halfway to tripping watching Futurama. Possibly I'll be less pleased when Emmerdale comes on and Carl's all strange and blue. I've still got my TV upstairs, though.
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