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So. At the end of a week that got very dark in certain places, I came home to find out my mum had accidentally let hackers onto my dad's computer, while he was away in London doing an assessment to finally try to get chartered, which he said went shit. My oldest nephew scared me by showing just how much like his mother he is, refusing to take any blame for the hack whatsoever, even though it was a site he went on that caused the problem. And the light in the garage has gone.

My nephew was trying to go onto a site he usually goes on, and got a message saying the computer had been hacked and to call a particular number. My mum saw it, tried to call my dad but he didn't answer, and then tried to call me but my phone had died. I was literally just thinking today "I should give them my work number, in case they ever need to contact me and my phone dies again", but ah well. So in a panic she called the number. I have no idea what she did, but she did a couple of things they told her to do, like holding down the Windows button and r, and inputting a command. Then they tried to get her to pay for something, and she decided to stop it there, she wasn't comfortable doing that. Then she left the computer on for a while, while called my sister, and then called my dad again, who told her to switch it off.

I have no idea if they could access my computer through my dad's computer, but I tried googling it and nothing really came up, and I realised I would probably suddenly know if they could or they couldn't without using a computer anyway. Hopefully they can't. If anyone out there knows for sure, I would appreciate being told. In the meantime, I've run a virus scan on my computer which has come up clean, and if any of you receive weird emails from me, I'm sorry. And please let me know.
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Today I am installing drivers for some of my computer parts. So far, I've had to make a special effort not to let my motherboard install Google Chrome, or Norton Internet Security.

I had a look at the drivers for my monitor, and there was a section where they let you adjust and check the settings, and the part about making sure you have 'crisp, clear images' had an image for what the 'correct' display should be, which did not match what it said my display was doing. But it would not let me change it. Or give me a 'Preferred' button on the screen when it said I should definitely make sure the 'Preferred' button was selected. So there you go. But maybe things will change when I've done the graphics card, maybe that will let me do something. I did to be fair watch a trailer for a game on Steam last night, and that was really clear and beautiful and smooth, so maybe it's just the desktop that's ugly as fuck.

I'm a little concerned that when I look at my hard drives I can only see the SSD I installed, because the guy at my games shop recommended I only get a 250gb SSD, and then a 2TB hard drive as well, since the hard drive's much slower but it doesn't really matter when it just comes to installing and booting up most games. When I first turned the computer on, it had a BIOS screen that showed all of the components that were connected to the computer, and the 2TB hard drive was definitely in there. But I can't seem to see it in any of the software, or install anything to it. And I don't think 250GB is going to last me very long. I may have to go back and ask the games guy about it if I can't figure it out.
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I am posting this from my brand new PC that I built :D

First thoughts: the screen is kind of ugly, and I can't tell if it's because I haven't installed the drivers for the graphics card yet, or because I bought one that was just £200, or because it's so big I can just see all the imperfections in close detail, but. It's a little jaggy. Haven't tried watching any videos or anything on it yet though. Also: the screen is so bright and my keyboard and mouse are both glowing lights at me and I feel like I might be going blind. It's real pretty though. Also: literally every type of software you can have and even some hardware want you to make an account with them and give them all your information and let them track you always. It's actually quite hard and irritating to skip all those steps. Also: I've learned the gaming keyboards have extra keys and even a slightly different layout to most keyboards, so I keep hitting 'M4' instead of shift, and so on.

But overall, I'm pretty happy :)
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I still feel weird and ill, but better, so I'm going back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I've been getting better I've been sleeping worse - just because generally as you get towards the end of a cold, coughing is less effective, so you end up doing it more. Also I woke up soaked in sweat last night, for reasons I don't quite understand? But I still do feel more human, so it's probably time to start earning money again. Also, I've even stopped bleeding, hurray! We seem to have settled in to only 3/4 of the month.

My computer is just sort of beautiful and frustrating at the moment. My dad has ordered an ethernet extender, which is how I'm going to get internet, and I can't really completely set it up till then. But I could set up a few things, like getting the tower into a decent, out of the way place, plugging in my keyboard, getting a basic version of Windows installed from a boot disk. But that would mean my computer would be set up on the desk, and at the moment it has enough space for me to use my netbook on here. If I set it up, maybe it wouldn't have, and maybe I couldn't use it at the desk, with like, a chair, and with it plugged in so it's running nice and fast. So at the moment I'm just sort of constantly thinking 'I can do that with the computer, I can get that done at least', but then not actually doing that, so yes. Frustrating. Mostly I just want to keep switching it on so I can see the LEDs working. Also I plugged my screen into the HDMI port on my £400 graphics card, and it totally worked, that was pretty sweet.

Jen, I am sorry for the above glimpse into your horrifying future, and also for everything.
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I did it. I finally found the base post of a joke I've been laughing at for about a year now.

That was me yesterday, only instead of skipping breakfast, it was me thinking I'd just catch a train home from Lancaster.

It was appalling. When we got to the station, it said my train was delayed, but not by how much, but I figured it would only be a few minutes at most. It turned out it was delayed because of a trespasser on the line, which due to the time of year and how long it took them to resolve it, I'm going to now assume was someone trying to kill themselves, which is really sad. But it meant we were just stood about at Lancaster station for an hour, with them every now and then making announcements that the train was still delayed, they still didn't know how long it would be till it arrived, and then trespasser was still on the tracks. The best part was, the problem was happening at Morecambe, which was nowhere on my route home, but our train was coming from Morecambe, so we just couldn't get going till it was done. They cancelled 2 trains to Morecambe over the next hour, and started talking about replacement bus services. I stood out on a freezing cold platform for about 25 minutes before I realised that what with the cold and all, that probably wasn't the best plan, then went and had a chocolate brownie from Costa and sat in the passenger's lounge. My mum called, and my phone died, but happily there was a plug socket right in front of me in the waiting room, and I managed to charge it up enough for it to last the rest of my journey home. Finally, after an hour, they announced that a (delayed) train to Preston would have a connection to Leeds, so anyone who'd been planning to get on my train should probably get on that. Which was no easy feat, because it was packed to the rafters, particularly around the doorways - and not really in the aisles, so clearly people just didn't want to move. But eventually we got to Preston, and eventually we got on a train to Leeds that wasn't too packed, and I managed to give my parents some idea when I was getting home so I could get a lift from our local station. And the scenery was really beautiful in the sunset and the twilight. So it wasn't all bad. I did try to have a nap on that train and then as soon as I sat up from it ended up coughing my lungs up, while everyone on the carriage looked at me like I was Patient Zero, including a Brenda Blethyn-looking woman at my table. But anyway. After a short, cold stay at Leeds station, I managed to finally get home.

Home was a slightly different story. I'd been expecting all the sympathy from my mum cos I was ill, and when I told her about it on the phone she said she'd go out and try to get me all the cold remedies. Which I thought was odd, because usually she just gives me whatever's in the cupboard. But when I told her I was going to take the next few days off work, she looked at me in horror, because she'd thought I would just take all the cold remedies till I was all dosed up, and then go into work. She's been fretting about sickness at work and self-certification notes all day, which doesn't really help my anxiety. But I think she has a slightly overblown sense of what rational self-sacrifice is, so I am just not taking her advice. I feel way better now than I did on Saturday, but I think I'm going to take tomorrow off as well just to recover, and then try to go back in on Thursday. My boss has been super lovely about it.

I put the sides back on my new computer tower yesterday. In a show of either confidence, or not wanting to be bothered, my dad said I could do it, and I did. It makes it look very finished and beautiful. I'm currently trying to make a Windows 10 boot disk, even though I can't authenticate it, or do pretty much anything, without internet. But I'm going to try to maybe find a place for the tower, and plug in my keyboard and mouse. No word yet on the ethernet extender my dad was talking about, which is how I'm going to get internet, but it does feel like things are moving on at a decent pace.
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Computer reconnected, hooked up, and switched on :)

I was so happy when all the lights came on. Then dad noticed as well as the cosmetic lights of the motherboard, there was one that was on in a funny place. I, in denial, was like "it'll be fine!", but we were worried it was the CPU. Which would be the hardest part to get out and replace, frankly. But then we switched it on so dad could take a picture, and I noticed the CPU light did light up, but then immediately went to the next light and stayed on. So it was actually the memory sticks with a problem. One of them had come loose in our tribulations earlier, I'd noticed, so dad pushed it again and it hadn't quite been clicked in properly. Then we turned the computer off and on again, and all the lights came on in sequence, up to Boot Device. I unpacked and hooked up my new monitor, and there it was. My computer, sending signals, telling me all about the CPU temperature, and showing it could see my hard drive and the memory sticks.

I'M REALLY HAPPY. Me and dad were both tired, so we left it there and we're going to look into hooking up the keyboard and getting Windows on it tomorrow. But I am excite! Dad's left the side panels off the computer, which makes me concerned dust will get in. But we left them off yesterday and it was fine. Also, I don't seem to have the right cable to hook my monitor up to the graphics card, so I can't actually use that at the moment. But I can probably buy one. I've got work tomorrow, but I also have an external cd drive, and a bunch of cd-roms with my various parts talking about being 'Windows ready', so hopefully tomorrow we can switch it on and I can see about getting on operating system on there. And then actual stuff! AKsHFLhDAHJDLKHFLK.

I am very happy. Also the Green Lantern movie from 2011 wasn't as bad as everyone said.
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My dad decided we should try to put that faceplate on by moving the motherboard, with everything still connected to it, over to one side, and that's how I spent the last couple of hours feeling like I wanted to cry into some circuitry.
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The computer's all hooked up. But I have no idea if it works or how it works, because my dad's still busy 'tidying' the cables. Even though you can take the side off and do that whenever you like. Also, there's a lovely plate for the motherboard that tells you what all the sockets are for, but my dad thinks you have to take the motherboard out to put it in, and even though I've been picking the thing up and putting it down for the past two days and saying 'this is here', he 'didn't see it'. Grrr.
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Well, the computer's mostly built. I'm glad I decided to start it a day early, because it really is a big job. Although a lot of yesterday was taken up by me sleeping in, and then me cleaning my room and desk, and then the kids coming down again for Boxing Day. But anyway. We had a few issues with not knowing if the CPU cooler would be tight enough on the CPU, and the fact the radiator for said cooler didn't fit in the front of the case, so we had to install it differently to how the installation guide showed us. Also dad obviously hated the case I bought, so there was a quiet simmering resentment throughout the process. Plus, even though the idea was for us to build it together so I could get some idea of how it was done, it mostly involved dad building it, and mostly asking me to hold the torch for him, and acting like I had no faith in him when I asked any sort of question. But! We sorted out all of the problems, and got all of the parts installed. Now we just need to connect everything to the power supply - and possibly connect the motherboard to some things (??) - and then we should be able to turn it on and make sure everything works. Then I'll just need to hook up the screen, and see if I can convince Microsoft to let me have Windows. Dad is dragging his feet, because he planned to clear out my sister's old house today, and apparently I can wait and just have it half made on my desk for a few weeks and we'll work on it in the evenings after I get back from work. I'm not a fan of that plan, so I'm trying to get it done today. It's been many months, and I'm ready to just have a computer again.

For Christmas I bought my dad a 75-year celebration of the Green Lantern comics, because Green Lantern was his favourite when he was a kid, and I ended up getting an encyclopaedia of DC comics characters. In it I read about Green Lantern's mentor-turned-enemy, who for one set of issues enslaved him for fun, and now I may need to borrow my dad's Green Lantern book. Slash is hard.
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I just spent 40 minutes trying to download a Windows 10 installation file to hopefully use on my new PC tomorrow, with my netbook struggling to load everything and unable to use a mouse because I only have one USB port and I needed it for the flash drive - figuring out the download tool, deciding which edition of Windows I wanted, researching my CPU to see whether I needed a 32-bit or 64-bit version - only for the download tool to repeatedly tell me I didn't have a flash drive attached to my computer, when I did, I could see it.


Also my MN spent quite a lot of today calling us all fat pigs and telling us he was going to kill everyone of us, merry Christmas.
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I set out today to clear my bedroom and desk a little bit, in preparation for building and setting up the new computer. And then mostly I stared at the desk, and wasn't sure what to do about any of it. Unfortunately, since I don't clean my bedroom very often, there's a thick layer of dust that has to be dealt with before I do pretty much anything. Plus with all the boxes around from computer parts and Christmas stuff, it became a logistical nightmare. But eventually I did managed to dust some stuff, put it in boxes, and take it to a charity shop, along with a bunch of other things I've been meaning to take for a while.

Plus, the nice thing about buying and shifting so much stuff lately means things are actually quite well set up for continuing to move stuff around. I have a bunch of empty boxes from various Amazon deliveries, and my parents moved a sofa out of our spare bedroom to give to my sister for her new house, so there's a huge empty space in there where non-empty boxes can be stored for a bit. Plus I have more computer parts in my wardrobe than I thought would ever fit. I'm not excited to see the state of the shoes they're on top of when I finally move them out, but c'est la vie.

To be honest though, I'm not sure when I'm going to build this thing. If I spend all day preparing the bedroom, I still won't really have time to do it today - all the guides are very specific about building it very far away from any dust, so the desk probably needs a very thorough clean before I get started. Then I'm working all week because we don't really get many Christmas holidays. And then it's Christmas. I suppose we get the two bank holidays next week - but one of them's Boxing Day, which is traditionally a chill day where we all recover from having the kids down the day before. Plus mum wants to do some Christmass-y stuff in my room if she can, so a lot of my shifting things around is on hold till she does. Plus I have Christmas decorations of my own I might want to put up. So sigh. I keep thinking about all the PC games I can now play if I have a decent computer, and my brain's like "we can play them today, Rachael!". And it's like no. No we can't. We could, conceivably, but realistically, we won't.

I still need to take my old laptop somewhere. I'm a little bit concerned about data on the hard drive, but no-one really warns you about that, and I'd only be taking it to Curry's or somewhere respectable. Things are so busy at the moment. But it does mean things are moving, which is nice.
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They finally delivered my PSU today. And, because apparently they're actually champions, they packed in with it the external CD drive that I literally ordered yesterday.

So now I have all the parts, and just need to figure out when, where and how I'm going to put them all together. And how to use the OEM key I bought for Windows 10. Also I really need to clear up and tidy my room a little bit, especially the desk. But then, hopefully, eventually, computer. Hurrah!

I remembered that it was Christmas NEXT WEEK a few days ago, and after getting a mild flood of adrenaline every time I thought about it, I made sure to go Christmas shopping today. I now have my YN's present and something for the cat - so I only have to buy my ON's present, which should be easy to get, maybe some more wrapping paper because my mum's lightbox is in fact huge, and maybe some Christmas chocolate or decorations or something, if I feel like it. I bought holly fairy lights earlier in the week. I am v satisfied with the decision. Also I realised today I spent more on my cat than any of my nephews or my sister. But, you know. The cat has to live in a garage a lot of the time. So I think it evens out.
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But anyway.

I cancelled my order for that one computer part and re-ordered it, but I still haven't got any sign that they're sending it to me. It obviously made some sort of difference, because before I cancelled my order it said there were 2 in stock, and when I went to re-order it it said there were 3 in stock. And still nothing. And as far as I can tell, there is literally no way to communicate with Amazon anymore - you can only track a parcel when it's been shipped, which mine hasn't. It's getting pretty frustrating. I really don't want to still be building this computer in the new year.

Also, it's sort of interesting hearing about news things all the time, but honestly Sky News is such a pantomime news station. When they run out of things to say - which they frequently do - I get treated to such debates as Man Flu: Is It Real? And Mansplaining: What Is It? A few weeks ago they did a story about a scam where sexcam workers took footage of the people they were talking too and blackmailed them with it, and they introduced it with like a horror movie intro of a sexy, treacherous woman talking into the camera and a bunch of ones and zeroes flying out of a bunch of houses. It was amazing.
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I had a dream about the apocalypse last night. Well, first I had a dream about a storm that literally ripped apart most of my home town. Then I had a dream about a proper, everything destroyed, deer and lions in my garden apocalypse, and told my dad (in the dream) "I had a dream about this last night". I think it's from reading the comments in too many posts about the state of American politics at the moment. Although the actual posts are becoming no better - yesterday on ontd_political there was a post by someone saying there was no 100% conclusive proof that Russia was involved in swaying the election, so we shouldn't act like they might have until there was 100% conclusive proof, and the CIA were always lying, and I didn't understand it at all. Until I got to a paragraph about how "anyone who had opposed the smooth, self-entitled rise to power of Hillary Clinton is now accused of being in line with the Ruskies", and I understood what it was actually about.

By the way, can't really explain how furious them calling Hillary Clinton's bid 'self-entitled', when American politics is dominated by men and she has literally been hounded by the Republican press for years, actually makes me. People still say awful things about Hillary Clinton, and I worry sometimes that I'm eventually going to get Truth Delusioned into believing them. But for now I still take inspiration from her.

Anyway. I did end up getting a little stressed out by the overtime last week, although some of that was just about buying so many parts for my computer, and feeling like I had to rush into buying my mum's present so I could hide it within those packages. It totally worked though, because she ended up taking the delivery including her gift, and had no idea about it. As for the PC - I'm in a funny sort of waiting game right now. When I went to buy the PSU I'd been recommended it was out of stock, and Amazon were like "buy it now, we'll send it when it's back in stock". So I did. And now it's been back in stock for more than a few days, and I haven't received any sort of email saying they're sending it to me. Meanwhile, they're promising anyone who orders one now that they can have it the next day, if they choose express delivery! Hmm, Amazon. I'll probably send them an email if this continues. The PSU being the power supply for the computer, it is a pretty important part. And I can't really check if any of the other parts I've bought are faulty or super or whatever till I build the entire thing. But apart from that I've got everything else I need. Apart from an OEM version of Windows I've been recommended by my games shop guy, and - since most of those I've seen are on disc, and nowhere does it suggest the computer I'm currently building has a CD-ROM, a plug-in CD-ROM. I have no idea when I'm going to build it, though. Certainly not before the PSU comes.

Other than that though, yesterday was pretty productive. I took some stuff to the charity shop, finally, and picked up some wrapping paper and a card for my YN's birthday tomorrow, and even managed to pick up my MN and sister's presents. I also got an idea for what to buy my dad this week, and I can pick up my ON's present in Leeds when I'm there for work, which only leaves my YN's Christmas present, and I'm told he loves Paw Patrol. And I'm looking forward to going back to my regular hours next week, and I have the Last Guardian and Trico's amazing, and generally everything's going quite swimmingly at the moment. I am bleeding again though. Which is kind of annoying.

Anyway. Speaking of female artists I used to love and then forgot about, do you remember when we learned to Hit Em Up Style?

I don't really love this music video like I do the last one, but I do love the song.

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Right, so uh. I was going to post about how I had to spend a truly nerve-wracking amount of money on computer parts on Sunday, to get the last pieces of my PC build, and now I had to spend EVEN MORE on a monitor and a gaming keyboard. Then I looked at how much just a basic keyboard costs, and felt a little bad about the super beautiful one I want. Um.

But I am probably still going to get it. It's super beautiful? And lights up pretty? And I have felt the mechanical keys in a shop once, and honestly. Oh my god.

I also kind of need to buy it all now so I can sneakily get my mother's Christmas present in amongst the other packages. It's a lightbox. Because she hates the dark nights in winter, and it's all I can think to get her. The trouble is, it's going to cost £50, and that's fine because I have a little money to throw around at the moment, but I feel like I should really get my dad something of similar value. And he doesn't really like things. Or life. So there's that. I have a pretty good idea what I'm getting my MN, ON and sister, and my YN will just have toys, he's still at that pretty easy stage. And then that'll be that. Except for dad. I bought him a bottle of whiskey for his birthday last month, and he's left it just sitting in the corner of the living room. So yeah.

Another present I'm going to buy myself: a Ghostbusters (2016) calendar full of beautiful women. It's one of the ways I'm going to make 2017 better than 2016.

Working overtime is fine. It's a lot busier, because there's a lot of things I usually just think "oh L (the other receptionist) will take care of that" about, and now she can't take care of that. It's my job. Which in some ways is nice, because it's not really hard work, and sometimes I do get a bit bored out of my skull on regular weeks. But I'm still looking forward to going back to normal next week. Today I had to do the car park system, which is a system I couldn't explain to you if I tried. We have a finite amount of car parking spaces that are all given to execs, but sometimes the execs don't use them and then we have three or four waiting lists of people who want those spaces if they aren't being used. But then if someone's coming from the Manchester office the waiting list means NOTHING, they take priority. I basically spent all day copy and pasting template emails, and staring at a spreadsheet. Tomorrow I get to see how many people don't even want the spaces I copy and pasted at them, so I can copy and paste them all over again to new people. But it's fine, and I understand it better now, which will probably help me in regular weeks too. Also I made enough mistakes earlier on when L was around to correct them, and tell me they were mistakes, that I think I avoided doing anything too ridiculous. But I will be happy when it's not my job again. Although it might become my job when L goes on maternity leave. Also I ended up brokering a feud between the bank I work at and the people who normally supply our visitor's book sheets (the new procurement guy thinks they're too expensive, apparently), and Leeds City Council called to say the company who normally sorts out our car parking might have gone into liquidation, and our permits haven't been paid. Fun times.

On the bridge on my way too/from work, there's some graffiti. One is a sticker that says "Think Positive Be Yourself". Another is spray point that says "Work Hard and Be Nice to People". I find it genuinely uplifting in a Hillary Clinton sort of a way. It certainly makes up for the fact that sometimes the attached stairs have sick or poo on them. And the sad fact that I keep seeing tents under the bridges, which I assume are for homeless people. It's a bit of a shame.
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My dad is genuinely in a mood with me because I started buying parts for my new PC build, and didn't consult with him or get his approval first. For real.

I called the Tax Credits place today, just to double-check about my form. The lady said as far as she could see from looking at it, they didn't have me down as having been on income-related Jobseeker's, which is a relief. The part of me that still worries keeps thinking maybe I got confused when I was deciding whether I qualified for the Disability aspect - but I always understood the concept of being on the taxable Jobseeker's, even if I got the terms mixed up, so I don't think I would have. The woman said that a lot of their decisions are based on 'faith' and not actually looking into your circumstances. But I feel like I've done pretty much everything I possibly can at this point to check if I made a mistake, and everything suggests that I didn't. However - one thing the woman said they didn't have was my projected taxable income for the rest of this year. This was something my Job Advisor said I'd need to do the Tax Credits calculator thing online, to see if I qualified, and it never asked me for it. And when I filled in the form it didn't ask me for it. But the woman on the phone said they'd need it, and it would affect my awarded payment, and if they didn't have it and they overpaid me they'd have to take the money back somehow. I don't think she meant sending the bailiffs round, just paying out less in the future, but still. So I gave it to her, including the taxable Jobseeker's Allowance I received this year. She said it would affect my payments, and I'd get a new awards letter sent out. It's all the same to me, I wouldn't have even thought about tax credits if it wasn't for my Job Advisor, and my new wage is enough for me. But it all seems like it's in a bit of a shambles at the moment.

I hope "even our very worst, most despicable politicians still hate Nigel Farage" is a top news story every day.
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My sister has gone to Blackpool for the night for her friend's birthday, so we're currently trying to coax my YN to sleeping here for the night, which he's never done before. So we'll see how that goes.

My computer building has hit a slight snag, in that I asked my dad if there was any chance I could get my last £1000 back that they borrowed from me. The build I'm looking at is about a grand, and my mum recently renewed her passport and started talking about how she and dad might book a holiday soon, and I was like '......?...'. I mean, they deserve a holiday. But I really thought they would be paying me back the money they borrowed from me as soon as they reasonably could. And if I take another grand out of my ISA, it's going to start getting to the point where I can't replace it within this tax year, because of ISA rules and everything. So I said to dad it would be easier if I could just use the £1000 of mine that's already out. He agreed, though, and he's going to give me the money. But I asked today, and he said he'd need another week at least to get it to me. So...I can't really do anything until I have the money, so I can buy the parts. So nothing will be happening for at least a week. I will have to stick with my netbook. Which is lovely, but occasionally lags when I try to type sentences too fast, and tends to stop and start when playing Youtube videos. Hmm.

Also, I noticed that the internet went down this morning. That was interesting.

ETA: My nephew has agreed to stay for the night. Once again, we'll see how this goes.
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I have my tiny wee netbook on the desk where my laptop used to be, and it's so tiny, I am caught between the cuteness and the ridiculousness. But mostly it's just a feeling that I love my netbook. I think it has basically paid for itself at this point. Keyboards are so good.

I have gotten a guide for building a PC in the price range I want though, and I went to my local computer store and asked them to give the parts in it a once-over, and I've asked my dad about maybe getting some of my money back to pay for it with, rather than taking any more out of my ISA and maybe not being able to pay it back this tax year. So - I'm getting on with that, even though I'm a little apprehensive about it. The guy at my games store was giving me tips about installing the processor, and he was like "you know the gold pins? And the gold triangle in the corner?". And I was like "" But I'm sure it will all work out eventually. And I can play games, hurrah! Hopefully it won't take too long. At the moment I'm mostly a little sad about having to go through Halloween without playing my custom Scary Soundtrack that I created last year. It's all on the hard drive. And possibly (hopefully) on my backup external hard drive. Like so many other things. Fingers crossed.

One thing I have learned about my netbook is that hotmail's stupid setup doesn't love it resolution enough to actually, really, let me read emails on it. Which is a shame, because that's the account I'm meant to be using to work out a problem with my references at my new job. Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. But fuck Microsoft, what the fuck? Fix your shit. And now to find out how it handles playing 60fps videos on Youtube. Hopefully 'well'.
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My laptop finally died. Well - the LAPTOP seems to be working fine, but the screen is showing nothing but black. Not exactly a surprise at this point. I'm on my netbook at the moment, and will be for the forseeable. While I attempt to quickly research how to build a gaming pc, and organise the start of my job in a week and a half. But if I seem a little incommunicado for a while, that will be why.
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Also they're going to start putting ads on Adblocker. The Youtubers I watch who produce content for 'free' are thrilled about the irony of this, but it's pretty annoying.
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