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Today I watched a documentary about London where the host talked about a gay brothel that was there in the 18th century, and the account given of it by an undercover police officer at the time. Who apparently had to go back several weeks in a row to "gather evidence". So what I want to know is: where is all the historical undercover-in-a-gay-bar fic?

Also I learned that lots of silver is terrifying. IT IS JUST SHINY AND THE SAME COLOUR SO YOU CAN'T SEE WHERE ONE PIECE ENDS AND ANOTHER BEGINS. Suddenly I know how to decorate a terrifying fairy lair should I ever write and/or film one.

I downloaded Minecraft today, after learning that it was finally available for the PS3 online. It now has every chance to impress me as all the Let's Plays suggest it should. Actually I've already played a couple of hours of it, and it is pretty good. I like the fact you can tame wolves and have them follow you around and help you. And also ocelots? I didn't manage to tame the ocelots though.

Meanwhile in Skyrim I finally get to have adventures with a hot Orc lady. Yusssss.

Oh and I had an actual look at the PS4 in a games shop today. It seems pretty cool, and smaller than I was expecting, but the only game I was interested in turned out to be a Playstation Store game that doesn't come in a bundle, and which I can get for the PS3. So that £400 price tag continues to be off-putting.
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This is probably the funniest thing I've seen all week (for some background, this is the original trailer for the game, and gives a better idea of what it's about):

I was at [ profile] jekesta's last week playing with her puppy Rita, and yesterday I ended up chasing around a dog that had got out from it's owner's garden, and I think that was one too many dog adventures because last night I dreamed about finding another dog that had gotten away from it's owner, and I really wanted to keep it but I knew mum and dad wouldn't let me have it in the house, and also - as sometimes happens - I knew I was dreaming and the dog wasn't real. She was golden brown and sort of short and stocky - I don't know about dog breeds and also she was imaginary - and called Aeren. Also the owner either didn't care or was a cult leader, so she was better off with me. But it turned out she wasn't real. So there we go.

The dog thing yesterday was basically that I was walking into town, hoping to go to the cinema, and this dog just came pelting down our road towards me, obviously not with anyone. Our road is a big main road, that leads down to the A1, so it's no place for a dog to be on its own, and it was only a little terrier. And I could see it had a dog collar on with a tag, so it was obviously someone's pet. So I ended up trying to call it over to see if I could get its address or a phone number, and then calling the dog warden. And then the owner turned up, asking if I'd seen a dog, and he managed to get it back on a leash. It turned out he only lived a few doors down the road, and the dog had escaped a couple of times before, because there was a bitch in heat somewhere in the neighbourhood and he hadn't had his (male) dog fixed because "he didn't believe in it". This dog apparently just kept finding escape routes out of their garden because it was so desperate to get to this bitch, and when it escaped he just gave it half an hour before even looking for it, so it would be tired and less likely to run off again when he found it. Frankly I think he deserved his dog running off a little bit, but he did seem to take pause when I said I'd seen it running across the main road and, at one point, directly down the middle of another one. Still, at least I know where he lives now in case I see it running free again.

I was going to take at some point about how Assassin's Creed: Black Flag simultaneously amuses and irritates me, but at the moment irritation is winning out, and I don't have the energy. Coronation Street on Friday, on the other hand, had a scene of someone fancying David, David kicking in a door, and David then rescuing a child. It did very well.
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MY Jobcentre appointment today, some ESA blather and confusion )

Anyway. Other than that I was freaking out slightly that we were halfway through December and I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas, or what to get anyone else. But then I realised I had an idea for my ON's present (which I've now ordered), my MN and YN can just have something from Argos or the Early Learning Centre really, and I only give my sister £10 in a card, which just leaves mum and dad. Who never tell me what they want or seem to want anything, so in some ways I'm not sure it matters what I get them, as long as I get it with love and good intentions. I'll have to schedule love and good intentions, and a shopping trip, into next week somewhere. It is the 11th today and next week it will be the 18th and that is basically Christmas. ARGH.

As far what I want - it's weird because at the moment I have quite a bit of money, from a couple of ESA arrears payments over the years, so I can pretty much afford to get myself anything I actually want, if I wanted to. Even the pretty expensive stuff. So it doesn't feel like there's much urgency. The main thing I was thinking of in the run-up to this Christmas was a PS4, because they were released in November but...they're so expensive, they're more expensive than what my parents usually spend on me at Christmas, so I'd either just be getting some money towards it or giving them half the money so they and I could buy it for me together, anyway. And they've all sold out till after Christmas now, I think. And I'm still at my parents' house stuck in the spare bedroom playing on Playstation games, and I don't really want to be filling it up with consoles. There's still games I love and am replaying or haven't started yet on the PS3, so I wouldn't be getting rid of that, so there'd also be a lot of messing around with wires, making sure the right one's plugged in and hooked up to the TV before I used either of them. And we already have a VHS player and the Playstation in there, so it really would just be consoles on top of consoles. And uhh.

So I might just leave the PS4 until the spring, when I can plan for it better. Also, like I say, I don't even think you could get one now if you wanted to. So I'm probably going to just give my parents a list of DVDs and CDs I'd quite like, as per usual. I could use a new watch. But I could buy myself one, and buy the one I actually wanted, if I wanted to. So uhh.
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Steam is pissing me off at the moment. The game software, not actual steam. EVERY TIME I switch my computer on, it needs to update. Sometimes I switch it on a couple of times in a day, and almost every time it needs to update. Multiple times a day! What updates could there possibly be hours since the last updates? And I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I'm playing Skyrim again at the moment, and a good half of the time the game won't load, and I have to switch my laptop off and on again before it will. What is that? Is it so much to ask that I can just play the games I have paid for? Must I constantly have to ask Steam's permission, and often be refused it? And what is the point of constantly updating your software - usually before my computer is completely switched on and connected to the internet - if it still doesn't work even when you do? I am genuinely considering buying a copy of Skyrim for the Playstation because fffffffff. Fuck's sake.

Anyway. It's SUPER COLD here. And wet. Apparently 'wet snow' is on the cards for tonight? A White Christmas is usually too much to ask, never mind a White November. I may have to buy some jumpers at some point soon.

Also I have been rewatching Death Valley and I genuinely don't understand why there was never a fandom for it. Aside from being reminded how much of an MTV show it really was. So much unnecessariness. But it was genuinely funny a lot of the time and everyone was beautiful. Especially Dashell, and someone should have written me Dashell/Santos fic by now. I might start a kink meme. And write all the prompts, and fill all the fills.

Also, a decade on, I still don't understand how Coldplay's 'Shiver' is anything other than an out-and-out song about stalking:

And googling that has revealed: " Martin actually wrote the song in a "glum" day, when he felt he would never find the right woman for him. He described it as something of a "stalking song", admitting he wrote it for a specific woman.". Something of a? I do genuinely like it though. Frankly I was never a huge Coldplay fan, but I think they were better when their songs were as emotionally dead as their voices. Oh well.

Anyway. I'm going to a comics convention this weekend. It comes but once a year, and I am super looking forward to it. Of course last year I had already read half the comics on sale, or bought them at least, because they have a lot of the same artists back year on year and they don't spit out a new series a month or anything. But it's still always a nice day out. Hurrah.
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Well today has been a whirlwind of confusion. Channel 5 has been showing Christmas films all day. I watched all of an (admittedly fun) one called The Town That Christmas forgot. And the Eastenders omnibus was on today, despite that normally being on on a Sunday. SO HARD TO ORIENT YOURSELF IN TIME THESE DAYS.

This comes after a week of playing Skyrim again from scratch - having finished Saints Row - and getting really confused because there were a bunch of new features I didn't recognise. Google suggested they were from the Dawnguard DLC, even though I haven't bought it, as far as I know. I assumed it was because I'd bought a later DLC and maybe some of the content was in there too, but then the main quest of Dawnguard starting playing out. Which I didn't really want because it's about vampires, and I have heard the vampires attack towns sometimes and kill off often pretty vital townsfolk. I downloaded a mod, for the first time in about a decade, that apparently made the townsfolk run inside when the vampires attacked so they couldn't be killed. But they then never came OUT of their houses, and I couldn't talk to anyone or use any shops without breaking in and being arrested. Frankly, if that's how that mod is supposed to work it did more harm than good. Eventually, while messing around in the data files, I found out how to turn the mod and the DLC off - and it does look like I somehow have Dawnguard, for free. I don't really know what to do about that. I'm hoping Steam just corrects that mistake on their own. I mean, it is a free DLC, but they could take it away any moment and I don't want it. So.

But on the plus side, I got a letter saying the Jobcentre were paying me my arrears, or may have already paid me. Which sets my mind to rest a bit - even more than before - about a possible appeal from them, because I'm guessing they'd do that BEFORE they gave me any money, not after. It also means I'll probably have to go in to the Jobcentre and start doing Work-Related Activity soon, but eh. That is part of the deal. Funnily enough, my arrears include about £50 of 'Cold Weather Allowance', owed to me from January last year. I have never heard of that before, and it would probably have been more useful during that cold weather, but hurrah. I'm owed it, and I have it. And according to the papers we have plenty of cold weather to come, so I'm sure it'll come in handy anyway.
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So I called the Jobcentre yesterday. Again, it was one of those conversations where I didn't understand everything the guy was saying and I hoped he would explain it before the conversation was through, but he didn't. But he seemed genuinely perplexed by the idea that the Jobcentre would appeal the Tribunal's decision, because it doesn't happen very often - which I knew, but still. He kept saying he didn't know why "they'd done that", and I couldn't tell if he meant why the reasons for the Tribunal's decision were requested or why the court told me they'd been requested - it seemed like he meant the latter, but the letter was just a courtesy thing, as far as I could tell. I was mostly freaked out because the last time I won an appeal (so much experience now), I didn't get a letter saying anyone had requested the reasons for it, as I recall. So it seemed like a ~special case~. But it probably wasn't. In any case, the guy said there was no note on my records saying the Jobcentre was planning to appeal, he said they were working on paying me my arrears, and that my case wouldn't be treated any differently from anyone else's. Like I said, I still don't entirely trust the Jobcentre, but that's about as fair as anyone can say about it for now, so I'm happy with it.

I'm nearly done with Saints Row IV now. I've been super-enjoying it, but I also don't really see where the story can go from here, if it all plays out as I'm assuming it will. Maybe back into the past. Into fantasy world. They can fight Cthulhu. But then this game has been quite retrospective, which is sometimes a sign that a series is coming to a close. But I'm sure that'll depend on how much money they make from it. Anyway, I really like it, even if it's not really like Saints Row 2 anymore. And I'm sure my tendency to ship badass protagonists with their enemies will abate any day now. Although Dane Vogel is still her truest love obv.

I also found a Saints Row Kink Meme on Livejournal, which was great, except that it doesn't have a single entry on it. By which I mean, not even a post saying "Yo put your prompts here!". It's like the saddest thing I've ever seen. EXCEPT NO because I've been getting into Olan Rogers lately (dude from the video the other day) and today I caught up with some of his 'updates' from a couple of years ago, and - as I suspected and feared - it was about him moving away from his home state so he could have any kind of career in video work, and he was crying because he'd had to leave all his best friends behind. Including Reid. REID. The other dude from the video the other day. Oh Olan. Get rich and buy a big house so he can come live with you.
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Saints Row IV and 2 blather )

Also, today my YN officially started calling me something along the lines of "Rachael". It sounds more like "Wey-dul", and he only calls me it when shouting up the stairs for me. But it's better than "daddy", or nothing. Woo-hoo!

On a less pleasant note, I also got a letter today from the Tribunal service, saying that a request had been made to see the reasons my appeal was allowed, and they were enclosing a copy for me as well. Which sounds like the Jobcentre are "double-checking" whether I really do deserve the ESA I was awarded at my appeal. Apparently the Jobcentre can overturn or refuse a Tribunal's decision, or appeal against it or something, but I'm assuming they don't do that very often or else there wouldn't be much point having an appeals system. If they were just going to say "no" anyway. So it's probably fine. Still makes me nervous though. Wankers.
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I take back some of what I said about Saints Row IV being really fun yesterday. Whoever's idea it was to have the cars constantly glitching as you're trying to customise them can go fuck themselves. Right in the face.
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Coronation Street, tw for racism, child abuse, ableism )

Also, I've started playing Saints Row IV. I hated Saints Row the Third for really going over the top with the cartoonish-ness and taking away a lot of the stuff I loved in the second game, so I never finished it. But I'm enjoying the fourth one because they've really committed to the cartoonish-ness, making you President, having aliens attack, and putting you in a computer simulation where you have superpowers. The only problem now is, since they're taking the third game as more relevant canon than the second, I don't know who anyone is. And I don't want to stop playing IV to go back and finish The Third. Or play The Third at all. So I'm flying blind. Sigh.
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Coronation Street, tw for cancer and suicide )

I went to Blackpool! It was lovely, even though the weather was changeable enough to make it difficult. The first night we were there it was just throwing it down all night. On Saturday it started out dry at least, then the sun came out and I was wondering around without a coat for a bit. Then there was a thunderstorm. It was funny actually, mum and I were in a cafe on a pier - which was already rocking because of the water underneath - just eating lunch, and then I noticed one of the girls from behind the counter asking if any of the other workers minded if she borrowed a jumper, and putting it over her head before she ran outside. Then we just heard the rain, sheeting down on the roof and outside. People started running in to take cover. Then the thunder started rolling. It was like being on the Ark. Like we were the last people in the world safe from the rain. One poor woman ran in with her kid, completely drenched, and told whoever she was meeting in the cafe that they'd been at the top of the big wheel when it started coming down. It let up enough that mum and I managed to leave, and we were planning to go to the Sealife centre just down the road anyway. When we came out it was dry again, and it was just sort of drizzling on and off for the rest of the night. It got cold though. The next day it was sunny in the morning, and then just started raining and showering for the last few hours we were there. There was a train at 2 and a train at 4, but we were both knackered and the weather was terrible, so we ended up going at 2. Then on the way home there was a rainbow over the Pennines. British weather, eh?

So it was a little difficult, but it was lovely, and I glad we went. We stayed in a great B&B on the North shore, so it was really quiet, but within walking distance of everything. On Saturday we went up the Tower, which I'd never been to before. We watched the dancers in the ballroom, including one young couple who must have been professionals and were amazing, had a drink in the cafe looking out over the sea (ocean?), where I had the finest traybake I've ever had in my life. I'm not sure any other will ever compare to it. Then we went to the top of the Tower - we had to have a 4D Experience on the way, but I did learn some interesting things, like that there are more B&B and hotel beds in Blackpool than in all of Portugal. Weird. The views from the top were lovely, as the sun was out at that point, and I did do the Skywalk, but I think the effect was spoiled a bit by the scaffolding a few stories below us. Anyway. Then we went and looked round the Winter Gardens, where mum said she'd gone back in the 60s, and walked down to the Central Pier and had lunch. Thunderstorm, and then the Sealife Centre, which was lovely, but they did have a weird attitude to their sharks. Telling you all about how sharks are endangered and not to buy products made from sharks one minute, and then playing Jaws-style music in the tunnel and selling shark's teeth in the shop the next. Didn't know what to make of that. But it was nice to see the fish.

Then mum and I walked down to the south pier and Pleasure Beach, but we were pretty knackered at that point and possibly about to do our feet an injury, so we just had dinner and went back to a bar near out B&B on the tram. I tried a Strawberry Daiquiri, finally, which was lovely, but as it was made in a Wetherspoons from what was apparently a pre-made mixer, I suspect it still wasn't the genuine article. Anyway. The next day we were both tired and it kept raining, so we just walked the opposite way up the North shore, came up from the slipway and walked to the end of the illuminations - all the way to Bispham station - then walked back, had some lunch and went for the train. Mum was talking about staying till the 4 o'clock train, but I don't know what else we would have done there. We were both tired, our feet were killing us, I didn't want to walk back into town anyway, and it was raining. And it had forecasted thundery hailstorms for later on. So we came back. And that was our weekend in Blackpool. It was grand.

I also went into Wakefield last week to try to get my netbook sorted out, or get some tips on fixing it. I don't think I ever posted about it, but I went to [ profile] jekesta's on the 4th and took my netbook with me, and it connected to her wireless internet immediately. In Wakefield, in the shop where I bought it, it also connected to their internet immediately. So the guy said it couldn't really be the computer, or the software, because it was staying connected and loading webpages. He said it must be our router, somehow, even though all our other computers can connect through it. There might be something I can do with changing the internet options on the netbook, apparently, but he couldn't do anything there because I wasn't on my dad's network. So his only advice was to call our internet provider and talk to them about it. I'm not looking forward to that really. But it's the only thing being suggested at the moment. And if they can't help, the guy said I could bring it back and send it to them for a service, and he'd make sure it went even though there was nothing to say it was a problem with the machine itself, but he wasn't sure there'd be anything to fix, you know? Sigh. It's a conundrum, this netbook. But I may as well keep at it. One thing he did say was that registering my warranty online, like I was being prompted to do at [ profile] jekesta's, wasn't an issue, and I'd have a warranty whether I did that or not, which was the only thing I was freaking out about. So at least that's not such an issue.

Other than that I'm mostly watching Coronation Street and replaying Oblivion. I've been replaying a lot of my old RPGs lately, but Oblivion's a slightly more serious one because I wasn't really that bothered about it when it came out. I bought it in 2011, when I finally got a laptop that could cope with it, and I kind of rushed through it so I'd be all caught up when Skyrim came out. And the Empire/Cyrodiil was always my least favourite part of the Elder Scrolls world. But now I'm going through it properly and have thought a bit more about my character and class, I'm enjoying it a lot more. The number one thing that still irks me though is that Foxglove Nectar doesn't have the Damage Health effect. Foxglove is like one the deadliest plants in the world. Worse than Nightshade, I think. It should definitely be a poison, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE THE BEST POISONS EVER WITH IT. Bethesda!

Also I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited because it was £3.74 on Steam. Fun!
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Oh my God, I forgot. I forgot that when you have a cold and then it gets better, it doesn't actually get better, it just moves further down your throat. I spent most of last night not being able to sleep or breathe. Technically I spent most of today not being able to sleep (or breathe) either. Ughhhhh....

I finished most of the Deep Roads main quest on Dragon Age: Origins today. Spoilers, sort of )

My appeal hearing is next week. A week tomorrow, in fact. I called an ESA assistance charity earlier this week to see if they had any tips for me, and they suggested trying to get medical evidence. I have no idea what medical evidence I can really get, since I hardly ever see my doctor about my OCD, even for a medical note, and my counselling wasn't through the NHS. I have called my counselling service, to see if my old counsellor would write me a letter, only to be told that the receptionist 'didn't know of anyone there by that name' (??), but that someone could write me a letter just generally on behalf of the service. They said that person would call me back on Tuesday, but they didn't, so I called again yesterday, and they told me that that person - the only one who apparently has the authority to write this letter - was training this week, but might be back tomorrow. If they do call tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure what to say. If they're not my counsellor and can't talk to her they won't know about my problems, specifically, and I don't know if she kept notes, she never mentioned it. And the charity people said it would be better if the medical evidence could specifically address the questions they ask in the ESA assessment, and whether I would be able to manage with those problems. Which seems like a complicated thing to have to write with no personal knowledge of me, before next Friday. But there we go. I can't think of anything else to do other than to ask my GP to give a general run-down of OCD. And the doctor on the panel ought to know enough about that.

Partly it's my own fault, I know, for leaving it this late. I guess I thought I'd have more time between getting the court date and having to attend it. But I had months before that, and I left it. The charity people did say that I could ask the Tribunal to adjourn until I had more medical evidence, if I didn't know I was supposed to have it, but they do ask you to get any medical evidence you need in the tribunal papers. And I don't know if I could go to the court next week not knowing whether we were actually going to have the Tribunal, or adjourn it. So I don't know. I don't know how much of an option that is. I guess it depends what response I get from the counselling service and/or my GP, and how long it would take to get evidence from them. The charity people also said that the government keeps changing the parameters for being eligible for benefits, so someone who got them last year might not get them this year. So. There's that.

Blah blah blah blah blah. I'm so tired. And so ill. :(

At least if I don't get ESA awarded to me next week, I have enough money in the bank and in an ISA to be able to cope for a few weeks while I decide what to do next, and what I want to do. I don't really want to have to go back at Jobseeker's. Particularly not if they really are making some people be slave labour. But I might have to.
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I would like to say, though, that I am partly an emotional wreck over Dragon Age because I choose to play a female character.

Dragon Age: Origins spoilers )

And also, Coronation Street )

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I keep waking up every morning with a really bad sore throat, which then gets better throughout the day, and then is bad again when I wake up the next morning. All I can think is that I'm just a bit ill, and am not drinking fluids throughout the night so it gets worse, or my neck is getting cold at night. I don't know what to do if my neck is just getting cold. I am applying duvets the best I can, and the weather isn't looking to get any warmer. Uhh.

Also, I have recced fanmixes on here before, and this isn't going to turn into a fanmix rec journal. But I have been listening to these, and they are pretty awesome.

Fuck That Noise

Well Done, Tamika - A fanmix for Tamika Flynn from Welcome To Night Vale. Spoilers only really for her short mention on the show.
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I want you all to know I'm an emotional wreck right now because of Dragon Age: Origins.

Fuck Dragon Age: Origins. Don't ever play that game.
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Vera tonight )

Tonight's Coronation Street, tw for rape and rape culture )

Dragon Age: Origins spoilers I guess )

And can anyone tell me, if they shop at, if the search engine is working for them at the moment? I go to the site and put something in the search box and hit return, and it either does nothing, or just puts a little # in the url. It doesn't seem to be loading anything, so I don't know if I'm just not waiting long enough. But it's frustrating. And it'd be nice to know if it's a problem with the site or my computer.

I don't have enough detective icons. Is what I've worked out from this post.
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And in fandom news from the past few weeks:

  • Allie Brosh's book is apparently available in October. I assumed, what with how ill she's been, that she just wouldn't have been working on it, but no, apparently it's coming soon. Which pleases me. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, so in case you're interested and hadn't heard, there's the link.

  • I'm getting on with the main plot in Fallout 3 again, and you know, the more I think about the storyline, the more annoyed I am about what a wasted opportunity I think Bethesda had. Spoilers for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas )

  • I have been listening to this fanmix, and I want to rec it, because it makes me really happy. so maybe it would make you guys happy too. I didn't even know Electro Swing was a thing, but apparently it is. Also, it's a fanmix for Benny/F!Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, so if you ship that, you may love it doubly hard. NB: I cannot be held accountable if you don't love it.

And I was going to talk about some of the animals my cat has been bringing in as 'presents' lately, but I remembered in my last post I said I wasn't going to make another post about animal death for a while. Suffice it to say, I'm half horrified and half impressed.

And in the last few weeks, I saw three films. Three whole films.

The first two weeks ago was The Internship, which I saw mainly because it had Vince Vaughn in it and he looked like he might not be a dick to people in it. Which I was correct about! Although there were some slightly odd things in the film, overall he and Owen Wilson were both quite nice, and quite nice to other people. It was a slightly odd film - a lot of the scenes sort of felt like they were ad-libbed, and maybe they should have done more ad-libbing until they got something better/funnier. And the ending was basically a big ass-kiss to Google. But overall I enjoyed. And I somehow got a fluff pairing out of it. Mild spoilers )

Unfortunately, Vince Vaughn has turned out to be the latest actor I liked who disappointed me horribly, mainly by having fairly shady politics. It's nothing that would make me want to stop watching him, but apparently he's agreed to make a conservative TV show about his politics. So the night is young!

Speaking of which, I'd forgotten that the next Mark Wahlberg film I was looking forward to also featured Denzel Washington trying to do a comedy role for once, which I wanted to support. I may go see it. For Denzel.

Anyway. Then last week, I went to see Now You See Me and Pacific Rim.

Now You See Me, some spoilers )

Pacific Rim, some probably pretty big spoilers )

I think that's all my fandom news. Also I have started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, but I think I mentioned that in the last post. Also a few other things. But these are the main ones I think.

I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with my mother, because we are going on holiday with my two oldest nephews in less than two weeks. I need some holiday clothes. But I don't know exactly what I need or want. So tomorrow will probably be interesting, to say the least.
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RIP William. My lovely friend.

I have been playing Fallout 3 this week, partly because I love it and partly to take my mind off things. Unfortunately - though it is very sweet most of the time - the main 'companion' you can have in that game is a loyal dog, that comes panting up behind you whenever it catches up to you. I am planning to go play some again today, to take my mind off things, and because I need something to do, but it might present a difficulty all of it's own.
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Cut for mention of animal death )

Also, I went to see Man Of Steel with dad yesterday. I quite liked it? It was 3D, which I didn't realise before getting there, so I can't tell if the slightly insensible fight choreography was to do with that, or just the way it was actually filmed. Also, I ran out to the bathroom during a bit that didn't seem very dramatic, but might have been a bit of exposition that tied the first and second halves of the film together better than it seemed when I was watching it. I don't know. Brian Holden has taught me to like Superman more than I did. HE CAN'T ALWAYS HELP HOW POWERFUL HE IS. So I quite liked it. It was fucking expensive though. Two adults for a 3D film, including 3D glasses and sweets, since the newsagents downstairs was closed - £33. Jesus Christ.

And now there's Pacific Rim out, and I have been looking forward to Pacific Rim for a few months, but suddenly everyone on Tumblr's seen it, and they're so hyped about it they don't want to spoiler-cut anything FOR A FILM THAT CAME OUT FOUR DAYS AGO. jsjdhj. There are still two other films I want to see out at the moment, one only has two showings a day left this week, and The World's End is out on Friday. Lord save me from people who won't spoiler-cut. Am I just going to have to avoid your Tumblrs entirely?

In other news, apparently sometimes skipping the intros of songs you aren't familiar with on your MP3 player keeps you from songs you will one day genuinely love. This week's offering: Sweet Talkin Woman by ELO. Hold on...

Also, I am at the part in Fallout 3 where you . But this time I told him what a dick I thought he was. It's different this time around, knowing what's going to happen later on in the story. But I do think this version of my Lone Wanderer will end up slightly more well adjusted than the previous one. Or feel horribly guilty for a while. Whichever. He's totally a dick though.
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I had quite a lovely night tonight. Last year my local castle was holding a Proms-type event, but by the time I'd decided I wanted to go the tickets were all sold out. Then last night I found out it was on again, but today, so I assumed it would be sold out again. But my mum took my ON to the castle today, and found out they were still selling tickets, so she got one for me and one for herself, and we went down. It didn't start until 7.30, so the weather had cooled down from what it was like earlier today, and it managed to hold off from raining, and the place was packed. So we just spent a rather lovely evening sat on the grass with a few hundred other people, listening to our local symphony orchestra. I didn't even know we had one. Highlight of the evening: hearing one theme tune and racking our brains trying to think of what it was, humming it to ourselves, only for me to remember while mum was in the toilet that it was the theme to the Magnificent Seven. LITERALLY ALL I COULD REMEMBER WAS THAT THE SIMPSONS MAY HAVE DONE A PARODY OF IT ONCE USING THE THEME TUNE, AND IT MAY HAVE INVOLVED HORSES AND LASSOS. A close runner-up was the orchestra playing the can-can, and a bunch of people in the audience getting up and can-canning to it. And then at the end of the night we had a fireworks display. It was an incredibly decent night out for £5.

In family news, things aren't really any better. Talking about our dog, cut for mention of animal death )

And in general family news, I generally ask not to be involved in or hear about news to do with my sister anymore. But despite this, I have heard or overheard this week that she and her partner had a massive row on Wednesday night which ended with her sleeping separately from him, that having been moved from Disability Allowance to ESA recently she's now being asked to attend assessment interviews, and after an unfortunate incident on Thursday while my mum was looking after my YN, I seriously suggested to her that maybe she just shouldn't take so much on, if she genuinely can't cope with it. So it sort of feels like things might be changing in the near future, and possibly not for the better. Maybe they won't though, I might just be worrying too much about these things.

In other news:

  • I honestly can't believe there isn't a Starkid kinkmeme in existence. I found a TFLN tumbr, and even they for some reason miss out Holy Musical B@man! in their posts. YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH TEAM STARKID PRODUCTIONS. And write me fic.

  • You know how a while back I was talking about the video games I played in my youth, and mentioned the Great Giana Sisters?

    - I just spent literally about an hour looking for it, and while I remember posting about it, I can't find it. But anyway. Whereas I had assumed the Great Giana Sisters was a one-off 'homage' to the Super Mario Bros, it turns out it's actually an ongoing property. And there's a new game that just came out. I bought that. I'm going to play the hell out of it.

  • I saw (most of) an amazing documentary about a lioness today, that ended up being basically a slash fic between her and a rival lioness. It was amazing. Then it ended on the note that there were 450,000 wild lions 50 years ago, and now there are 20,000. Which was a bit of a downer. I didn't even realised lions were in trouble. Still, it was an amazing documentary though. It was called The Last Lions, and it's apparently available on DVD, even though it's only about an hour long. Also, it was narrated by Jeremy Irons - I c what u did there, documentary makers.

In other news, I'm playing Fallout 3 again, and I've just gotten to the parts in the game that make me really angry. Or kind of angry. I feel like I want to go somewhere and discuss at length the differing moralities of the characters in the Wasteland - and why I think they're genuinely good choices by Bethesda, even if they didn't quite write them as well as they could have done. But either no-one is having/had those conversations, or I'm missing them. Or they're on the type of game websites that I don't like to frequent, in case they're a little more hostile than the sites I usually go on. Oh well.
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I got my passport renewed this week, or I sent off the forms to have it renewed at least. I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm going on that holiday with my parents and two of my nephews this summer. So I'm going to need it by then. I always hate filling in forms, and having passport photos taken, but the real kicker was the fact it costs £80 now, including the 'check and send' service. Following a week where I'd decided I had enough money to finally get a few random things I'd been meaning to for a while, and when my LJ account suddenly needed renewing. All of which left me a little closer to overdrawing on my bank account than I'm used to. I've had a payment from the DWP since then though, so I'm sort of alright for now.

However tomorrow I'm taking my ON to the cinema, just me and him, after suggesting it earlier this week. Despicable Me 2 is out, and I figured he'd want to see it, and that mum wouldn't be interested in taking him/us on a weekend, and he's old enough now that I can probably manage him on my own. It does mean I'm going to have to talk to my sister though, for the first time in a few months, to arrange times and stuff. I've already called her, but she was in a shop, so I'm just waiting for her to call me back now. I basically have two things to ask her about or tell her, so hopefully it will be pretty straightforward. And short.

It was mum's birthday on Wednesday as well, and I was concerned things might get awkward if we went out for a meal or something, or if we went and didn't invite my sister. We did go across the road in the end, but not anywhere my sister would probably expect to have been invited to, and mum went to see her for some cake before that anyway. I do feel awkward sometimes with how my family has to deal with the fact I don't want to see my sister much, especially if it's making mum feel bad, or making things complicated for her. But we did manage to have a conversation on Wednesday anyway, about my sister and the way I feel right now, and about some of the stuff that happened when we were younger that I consider abusive. I don't think she wholeheartedly agreed with me, but I think she understands where I'm coming from a bit more now, and some of the stuff I told her about she said she didn't even know about. So there's that, I guess.

Cut for mentions of pet death )

I have no fandom news that is happier than that news. Adele and Lana Del Rey apparently have the same tattoo now, I'm forced to assume they're in love. I've started playing video games again, mainly Deadly Premonition (which is good, but strange), Remember Me (yay female main character, but so difficult to control), and trying to finish the Borderlands DLCs, finally, so I can maybe start Borderlands 2. I would have liked to start The Last Of Us as well, but it came out a week after Remember Me, and I've been having the aforementioned money problems.

It seems to be drama week on all the big soaps at the moment, Lauren in Eastenders and Debbie in Emmerdale are both falling apart. And once again, I would love to have kept up with Coronation Street for David Platt, but I go out on Monday nights and find it hard to catch up again after that. I'm planning to do it tonight though. I love David. I love how much shorter he is than Nick.

And yesterday I saw a Tumblr post with promos for a bunch of new shows starting up in autumn in America. They were, if I recall, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, Believe, Almost Human and Resurrection. And the ones I missed were apparently Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (by the same people who brought you Once Upon A Time!) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. They all looked dreadful, down to pretty much the last one. Except Almost Human and Resurrection, but I can't understand why Resurrection wouldn't just be a film, and unless I'm very much mistaken, all of the people of colour in the Almost Human trailer were playing non-human parts. So. There's that. Perhaps I'm wrong. And perhaps I'm wrong about all the shows, maybe they'll all somehow be amazing. Even Dracula inventing lightbulbs. But mostly - unless there are plenty more shows coming out on other channels or something - I am not holding out too much hope for anything brilliant coming out of this autumn.
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