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I booted my computer up as usual today, and when I clicked to go on the internet it chose to open an infinite amount of Firefox windows. Bold choice, computer.

Truth be told, I'm a little concerned about it. The fans - or something - have been squeaking more lately, even when it isn't hot, and the whole computer keeps crashing, I think when it's trying to download new graphics drivers or something. It definitely did when I tried to watch a livestream at E3. I've only just built this computer, and it cost a lot of money to do so. Don't be broken, computer.

We're on the second week of 'babysitting sometimes' for my sister, and it's already gone tits-up. It turns out what's actually going on is that she's got some sort of flirtation thing going on with the guy who takes my MN to his school (when he has transport to his school), and so she wants some free time on the weekends to see him. So who knows what's even going to happen with that, and apparently the kids' dad has heard about this and said if she has anyone round to the house, he'll come in and smash their face in. Which is lovely. But anyway, regardless, that's the reason she wants us to have the kids 'sometimes'. She was apparently meant to be seeing this guy last week, but he cancelled at the last minute, so now she's seeing him this week. So now we have all three kids, except my mum was so worried about what my dad would say about it, she didn't tell him till this morning. And since he was taking my MN to football yesterday morning, and we were going to an open-air concert yesterday evening, he had stuff he was planning to do today. So currently, my dad's at the tip, the kids refused to go with him, so my mum's downstairs cooking a Sunday dinner, while trying to keep an eye on two of our nephews outside. I would go watch them, but they're only going to run in if there's a problem, so I'd basically be standing sentry for no reason. My ON and I have just been up town, because it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and there's some stuff we needed to get at the last minute, and basically it's been a very busy weekend and there's not been a lot of communication. And my sister's currently off on a date.

It wouldn't be so bad, but like I say, we had my MN to sleep on Friday night, and then my parents took him to football yesterday morning, and then we immediately got my ON, who came to our house to play on the computer, then came to the concert with us, then slept overnight. It's not like we don't have the kids otherwise.
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My computer is making distressed noises.

I'm hot too, computer.
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I was at work today, and I got thinking. And I realised that my new computer doesn't have internet. It doesn't have onboard wireless, I don't have a wireless card (and I'm not particularly interested in installing anything else on the motherboard at the moment), I don't have a wireless dongle, and I don't have an ethernet cable or an ethernet socket in my room. So. My plans are put on hold a little bit. I was looking forward to downloading some games and watching Youtube videos in a good resolution, but it doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon. In a 'tonight or tomorrow night' sense. My dad's looking into getting an ethernet extender though, so it shouldn't be too long.

In other news, I was so cold at work today I had to wear my coat towards the end of my shift, when it was dark. My boss knows about it and has sworn he's going to do something about it, and I know being super cold is technically Inhumane Conditions, but as long as something gets done soon-ish I don't really want to push it. I don't want to have to push it, rather. Apparently there was a heating system that was supposed to come with the desk, but the main company - before my facilities company got hired - just never bothered to set it up. Maybe they can do something with that, because it really was kind of unbearable.
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Right, I don't know what's happening, if it's my netbook or because I tried to mess with the screening settings, or it's just all the weird things Livejournal is adding to the site at the moment, but my previous post just will not let me see the comments so I can reply to them. Jen, I have read your comment and I love it, I did not know about Hillary Clinton, Sky News only reported on her speech as her saying after her defeat she "just wanted to curl up and never leave the house again" and it all seemed sad. I'm glad it was an actual choice she made to be happy, well done her. I would reply to your comment, but Livejournal won't let me.

(FYI, the comments I got prior to this, on the post with all the music videos - I saw your comments too and wanted to reply to them, but my netbook barely enjoyed me opening a post with that many embedded videos in it, never mind letting me interact with comments on a page with so many embedded videos. Sorry about that.)

I'm starting to think my current computer and the current internet aren't the best mix. Have I told you how just trying to open Tumblr takes literally about 30 seconds, and woe betide me if I do it while a Youtube video is playing or even open in a different tab? Yay for websites based mostly on gifs. Good times.
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My internet is playing up again. This time not even being plugged in with an ethernet cable has fixed the problem, except while it is actually plugged in. In my dad's study. Asakdj. It did happen a week or two ago though, for a few hours, and then was mysteriously fixed the next day. It's still massively irritating though. Maybe it really is a good time to finally get a Netbook.
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My internet...appears to be fine now. I brought it back upstairs after making last night's post, left it for a bit while I went on the Playstation, came back to it, and it was still running fine. And it's running fine again now. So...yeah. Obviously no hardware was broken, I guess. I'm assuming it was either plugging it into the hub that did it, or that the BT help pack thing I downloaded really does 'search for problems and fix them while you work'. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Today's adventures, now that I can record them, have involved a Robert Mitchum film, Dane Vogel, and Cole Phelps being a dick, as usual. Hurray!
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What my internet problems are really like is like it's playing games with me. But not the good kind of games, and not the evil kind of games. The kind of games where one person is very happy and thinks everyone is having a really good time, and the other person is crying.

The internet is so quick and smooth down here. I might just stay here forever.

Dead Space 2 is still amazing, and just got twice as scary as before. I love Saints Row 2 and all the cars and most of the clothes in it. LA Noire is still slightly weird, but there was a character who is a necrophiliac, and he isn't southern, hurrah.
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Further developments in my internet problems )
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Ughhhhh, internet broken AGAIN.
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My internet has been really rubbish over the past few days. On Monday when I turned it on it just wouldn't work at all, and then since then it's just been constantly getting and losing a connection, every few minutes. Except, mysteriously, sometimes when I had a Youtube video in one of my tabs. Then it sometimes worked for an hour or more. Anyway, it's been VERY frustrating. I thought it might be something to do with my D drive, which has mysteriously filled up since I last checked it - I did a bit of disk cleanup and it seemed to work better, but then today it was rubbish again. But my dad's internet was fine, and my mum was using her tablet okay with our wifi. I have brought my laptop downstairs, and it seems to be okay at the moment. I am hoping it will 'catch' finally and just stay like this.

Cut for a story about a guy being weird )

On the plus side, I am back upstairs with my internet again, and it seems to be working now. And I went and bought a new MP3 Player yesterday, and when I looked at it yesterday it was £49.99, and today it was suddenly 25% off. Which was nice. I'm still upset about the guy though.
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Things I want:

  • More computer games with main female characters. Who are fully dressed. Although tbh, main POC characters might be a bit more of an issue at the moment.

  • A mouse that scrolls when I tell it to, in the direction I tell it to. And at no other time.
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  • Spoilers for last night's The Apprentice )

  • To celebrate my ESA win on Monday and because I hopefully won't have to worry about money for a little while now, I am now the proud owner of a Playstation 2. They were selling them for £38 in CEX (I love CEX), and for £42 I got one in a box with all the right wires and controllers already in with it, which the guy at the counter claimed 'felt' like it was brand new. Score.

  • Audrey was awful to David in Coronation Street on Monday. Even after he threw himself to his knees and looked at her with his most desperate eyes. He had been pretty awful to her though, and she had just had a health scare. I'm hoping things will be better tonight.

  • Despite my vague promises, I still haven't watched any snooker lately, except bits and bats (Ding losing and Ali Carter winning, both in highlights things). I understand I missed another Dominic Dale match. Oh well.

  • I have been slashing the main character in Infamous 2 with the bad guy (sort of), and then they made it amazing. It was brilliant.
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Being at Eastercon also reminded me that there's a lot of things I love that I don't talk about. Hence:

My computer is going extremely slowly. It says it's backing something up, but it's been doing that for about three hours. slkfjsdkf.

Also I am SO TIRED.
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,My mouse really needs to start scrolling when I tell it to. Also, to stop scrolling when I haven't told it to.

Anyway. Just to make it clear, the thing that happened in Coronation Street on Monday is the extent of the spoilers I know. Other than a vague thing my mum said she read about when the storyline might end.

Coronation Street, including mentions of a rape storyline )

Bbrrrr, in other news I got two things in the post today. One was a letter from the House of Commons, which is what my MP tends to send me when I send her 38 Degrees emails about the NHS. It is sort of interesting to see her different reactions to the different emails I send. If I send something about a relatively minor issue, I get an email with a PDF from (seemingly) someone in her office. I send her an email about something bigger, like the NHS, I get a signed letter from the House of Commons. Naturally, I assume it's because she feels more strongly about certain issues than other, rather than just because she wants to seem like she is. Naturally. The other thing was a new bank card. Which was kind of nice, because I've been moping a bit about my old (now) bank card running out this May, and how once that was YEARS away. So it was sort of nice to have that suprisingly pre-empted by suddenly getting a shiny new one. And the new one doesn't run out until 2015, which is YEARS away! Although it's a bit weird that it's only three years, given that I'm pretty sure I had my old bank card since university, and I graduated from there in 2006. Maybe Barclays have plans for even shinier, newer bank cards they want everyone to have in 2015. In any case, YEARS away. Although now I do have to remember a new card number and security code whenever I want to buy things online.

In other other news, it is March, the year of my birth. The daffodils are starting to come out. And it really is quite nice to have a nature sign that your birthday is coming soon. However, it has got a few problems with it. Number one, I'm trying to do the Black March thing - harder when you remember that 'entertainment items' also include books - so I really don't know what to ask for/get on my birthday. It's not really that big a deal, because my birthday's on the 27th, so it's only a few days after that until it's April, when I could buy anything I wanted again. But it might be slightly weird to either just get money or not get something I actually WANT on my birthday, unlike pretty much every other year.

Te other problem is whether or not I want my sister to be involved in my birthday celebrations. I don't, but actually excluding her might be a bit difficult and awkward. I didn't go to anything to do with her birthday last year, but I do think it's a bit different choosing not to go to a family member's birthday party, than not letting them come to yours. The thing is that I normally do at least see the kids on my birthday, and my sister and her partner are usually there to look after them if nothing else. So I'd probably have to exclude them as well. Which I don't especially mind, but it still might be a bit weird. I've already talked to mum about it, and she's acting like she can't understand why I'd WANT the kids to come to any birthday dinner or whatever of mine at all, as if I, my parents, the kids and my sister haven't all been out somewhere together on every other birthday of mine. Last year my parents and I went out for a meal, just the three of us, on one night for my birthday, but I'm pretty sure we went out somewhere for dinner with my sister and the kids the next day as well. And we usually have them over or go over to theirs for cake on people's birthdays. Although I don't think I've been the last couple of times we did that. So I don't know. I don't really want her there, and I'm not ready to start pretending things are alright between us again - if I ever will be - but it's seems like it's going to be awkward actually saying she can't come. I don't know, maybe it won't be. Maybe she won't care, and it won't even come up. Not having the kids around might be another issue though.
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Further, or other, thoughts on Saints Row 2, including videos. Cut for spoilers for pretty much the whole storyline )

Well, posting this turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Anyway. Other things that have happened lately:

  • It turns out that I wasn't near to finishing the main quest in Skyrim. Not by a long chalk. Hurrah. Although most of the characters are now being cunts. Boo.

  • My mouse is slightly broken, in that in won't scroll properly anymore unless I really, REALLY roll it for a long time. It's both something that seems like too little a thing to replace the whole mouse over, and something that gets really really annoying when I am trying to read my flist or twitter page or Tumblr Dashboard. Or ANYTHING. Grrr.
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    Hello. I seem to be finding so much of my time taken up recently. Apart from the four hours a day of computer games I'm still playing, I now have my jewellery course and counselling on a Tuesday, I've started a new Confidence Course on Wednesdays (at 10.15am!), and every other week I usually have an appointment with my employment coach on Thursdays. Altogether, this tends to mean that the middle part of my week is very, very packed, and I spend most of the rest of the week trying to get over it.

    It woudn't be so bad, but it's the combination of having to get up slightly earlier on Tuesdays to go the course, then not getting back in until about 8.30pm that night, and having to get up at 8 on Wednesdays. While still trying to fit in my computer games so I feel like I'm getting my leisure activity time, and not varying it in a way that might get difficult when it comes to my OCD. Sometimes it seems a bit rubbish, given that by 12.30 on Wednesdays I have nothing else to do, and every other week I have nothing else to do for the rest of the week, aside from have my MN over on Thursdays. But by 12.30 on a Wednesday I'm usually slightly exhausted, and I do feel myself still feeling that way a couple of days later. A part of me keeps feeling like I want to jack in the Confidence Course, because I have (sort of) been on it before. But going out for earlier starts is supposed to be the kind of thing I'm challenging myself on and trying to work more into my regular routine. And I do like the course. So I probably won't. It's mostly just that when I planned to have more things I was doing every week, I sort of also planned to have them a few days apart so I could recover, not sort of all squashed in the middle. But it hasn't turned out like that, obviously. It's not that bad, and I can always stop going to things if I want to, and I have had a bit of a whinge about it to my employment coach. It's just sort of exhausting, that's all.

    Anyway. There's still not a lot to report, unless you really want to hear me bang on about everything I love and hate about Skyrim and Saints Row 2. I have a list of things that annoy me in both if you do want to hear about that. At the moment I'm mostly trying to go through my quest backlog in Skyrim, which is sort of interesting and gives me a sense of achievement, but is also starting to feel a bit perfunctory. Still, I do feel like those imaginary people have been waiting for me to complete their quests for long enough. And in Saints Row 2 I am almost finished with the gang storylines, I have gotten rid of two of the three gangs that were in the city when I started it, and I am probably going to finish off the last gang tomorrow, at which point I will presumably start on the Ultor storylines. There are only three Hoods owned by Ultor, although it seems like there's going to be more to it than that, seen as how the game keeps mentioning them and they're like this massive company. So I genuinely don't know how close or far away I am from finishing (and I don't really want to). My save game information says I've completed about 60-something percent of it, but a lot of that is to do with side acitivites and jobs and things, so I still really don't know. Hmm.

    Most of what I want to say about Saints Row 2 is just how much better it is when you play as a female character. From a gender standpoint, obviously. I know that's going to seem incredibly obvious, but just - everything's gayer. It's passing the Bechdel test left right and centre. IT'S AWESOME. And so on. They have some decent female secondary characters, whoever you play as, but they also have quite a lot of problematic stuff. And obviously it's not really the same as making a game like Saints Row 2 with a specific main female character - the same as it's difficult to be fannish about Skyrim or Saints Row 2 (which I am) when there isn't really a specific main character to discuss - but just the option makes it so much better and ksdjfklsdjfkljfklsd it's great. I LOVE DARCY.

    Anyway. Other than that, I was sort of planning to go down to Nottingham last Saturday for the ACTA protest, but then I didn't. Like I've said, I sort of want to go travelling about a bit before my Young Person's Railcard runs out, and it would give me a chance to go to the Focus Gallery and maybe see Alys Power as well. But then I remembered that those types of protests tend to start at 9am or something, and I was exhausted, and it was possibly about to snow again, and even if it didn't it was still kind of cold. So I didn't. But I was there in spirit. Sort of.

    And the other main thing that's happened is that - if you've been reading this LJ for awhile you may have noticed me previously complaining about having to buy a new version of Microsoft Word soon, because I couldn't register the copy of my mum's I had installed on this laptop, and it was telling me I could only use it 22 more times or something. Well, as is my usual way, I didn't buy a new copy of Microsoft Word, I just stopped writing on it or saving fic I liked to it or reading old fic I had saved on it. But the other night I decided I did want to read some old fic, so I opened it for what it told me would be the last time. And then when I was finished I closed it and decided to open it again just to check that it definitely was unusable now. And it started up just fine, and told I just wouldn't be able to use certain features now! Those cunts. I mean, obviously, the point is to make each and every single person go out and buy their own copy of Microsoft Word. But they had me thinking it would just SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY after my allowed uses were used up. And now it's just fine. Set of bastards. skdfjkdjskl.

    And the other main thing that's annoying me is that, it's really nice that there are websites set up so that little-known artists can sell their prints to people who like them. But it might also be nice to have somewhere - somewhere VISIBLE - a page telling you how they ship them, and where they ship to, and how much it generally costs, before you actually try to buy something. The two I have seen seem to ask you to pay using Paypal, and I know I've seen on sites before that they can somehow use your address on Paypal to send things to you, so I'm guessing that's how they do it. Still. A page EXPLAINING that or even SAYING IT SO YOU KNOW might be useful. Grrr.
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    I spent most of the rest of yesterday putting some music on my new mp3 player. And frankly, it's good that I set aside a day for it, because it took me about that long to even put a bunch of music I wanted on my computer, never mind on the player. I forgot how long it takes to rip things, sometimes. Well, technically it took me up until Coronation Street was on anyway, and I went down for the soaps/Case Histories/Psychoville portion of the night.

    I had a hard time believing all the CDs I wanted to rip would even fit on my computer, never mind on my MP3 player. But they totally did. Except that my computer seems to have a weird aversion to playing Tori Amos CDs, or even recognising them as discs. I don't know what it is. A while ago I tried to rip my Tales of A Librarian CD, and it wouldn't play it, so I just figured there was something wrong with the disc. But yesterday I decided to try it again, and it still wouldn't have it, and then I decided to rip some of the songs I wanted from a few other Tori Amos albums I've got but haven't listened to all the way through yet, and it wouldn't have them either. But I tried ripping my old Scarlet's Walk CD that I've had for a few years, and that went fine. I don't know. It has a very specific aversion to some Tori Amos, it seems.

    Anyway, my MP3 player conundrums continued when I spent quite a while putting a load of music from my Windows Media Player to sync to the player, it was easily about half an hour, maybe up to an hour. Then I unplugged the player and went to look what music was on it, and could only find the MP3 files I'd copied over from my downloads files. And THEN I realised that putting the songs from my Windows Media Player TO sync only meant putting them in a list, and I had to press another button to actually sync them and copy them over. So I had to do that all again. I was hoping to be finished with it before midnight, but it took me a bit over that, in the end.

    And THEN I finally had my music on my MP3 player, and all I had to do was figure out how to use it. Which was not the easiest thing in the world. The tiny, one-page instruction guide turned out to be some help, with this, but in the end, only the fact that it said so on the back of the MP3 player box kept me believing that there WAS indeed a shuffle function, and a volume control. Eventually I found them. And now I have a working MP3 player! And since turning the shake function off, I have an MP3 player that doesn't skip songs when I move it the wrong way! All I need now is a case thing for it so it doesn't get scratched, and I am golden.

    The main problem I have with it at the moment is that the battery apparently only last for up to 5.5 hours, I'm pretty sure my previous MP3 players lasted longer than that. But I can probably deal with it. And it's probably better for me to not use it all the time anyway.

    Also I watched a bunch of programmes last night. The round up:

    • On Hollyoaks Mitzeee wore an amazing white toga-style dress, and literally everyone tore her to shreds when they saw her, instead of falling to their knees due to her obvious superiority.

    • On Coronation Street, Tiny spoiler for last night ).

    • I watched Case Histories, it was very good, I quite like Jackson Brody.

    • And we had the Psychoville finale. Spoilers )
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    • I am all up to date on Coronation Street, and have been for the past week or so. Spoilers up to tonight )

    • I've been feeling really weird and blah lately. I'm assuming it's because my sleep got a bit messed up last week when I was running around all over the place. And it was weird not having my mum around. And I'm trying to sort out my money again. And my sick note ran out, so I'm having to try to sort that out again. And I'm assuming my hormones have something to do with it, although I'm not sure you can just keep claiming that for weeks. I do think I'm due a period though, and it would be nice to get one if it might actually make me feel better.

    • The other possibility is that I've been playing my new PS3 game, Folklore, until I feel a bit exhausted most days. I love Folklore. It's sort of like Pokemon, but with fairies. And a storyline about a fairy war. And also about a murder mystery in the real world village your characters are currently staying in. I have no idea if posting about when you probably don't know what I'm talking about will be really dull or not, so I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum. Mostly when I've not been posting because I've been playing a game a lot I think that maybe I could just post about the game, but then I think "or I could just go play the game some more", and then I end up doing that. But suffice to say, things started getting a bit difficult and I got a bit stuck, so I decided to go back and power up the creatures I already had. Which is partly very satisfying, going back and having a load of fights you know you can win. And partly very frustrating, because sometimes you need to try to power them up in very specific ways. In the middle of a battle. When lots of things are attacking you. And you don't really get the satisfaction of progressing in the game and learning any more of the story. You do get the satisfaction of winning quite a lot of your fights though. And being kind of amazing. I love Ellen. You don't know who she is. But I love her.

    • My dad has messed up the music on my computer. That's a lie in a lot of ways. But still. He really likes music (his kind of music), and usually has some of it on on car journeys and stuff, and sometimes I like a bit of it, and I've been sort of asking him if he's heard of any bands I like every now and then. And he said no, and then the other week he said I'd have to make him a mix CD of music I like, to see if he likes it too. Which was fine, it was not high up on my to do list, but it was a decent idea and fine. Then last week he came up to my bedroom with a flash drive, with all of his music on it. 3GB worth. Which is another thing he's talked about doing for a few months, and I always said I couldn't because my laptop didn't have enough space on it. But now I have a new laptop and it does. So he did. He told me I could just upload all of his files, and then sort through them and delete any I didn't like. And that he wanted it back by Monday morning, so to do it soon. So on Saturday, very quickly, I uploaded the files and put them in my 'Music' folder, which seemed logical. But I didn't realised that meant they would automatically be uploaded to my Windows Media Player, in with all my other music. Even now I have moved the file to a 'Downloads' file of mine, it's still there in my playlist. The first time I tried to open my Windows Media Player, without realising what had happened, it wouldn't respond and I had to close it. Then it took me about 10 times as long as usual to skip through tracks, because they were all new tracks to Windows Media Player, so it kept saying "media changing" and I had to wait. And twice when I tried to just scroll through the songs, it jut crashed. So now I have my dad's 3GB of music on the general playlist with all of my songs. I can't just let it play music at random anymore, because it keeps playing songs I don't know, which is fine, but not always what I'm in the mood for.

      It's not all bad. He's got quite a lot of good-looking songs in there, and some things I recommended to him even (like some Melanie songs). I just really expected to be able to go through his songs at my leisure, or just when I chose to, and now I can't, and I can't really just randomly listen to my own music anymore. It's incredibly frustrating.

    • The 2004 version of the Merchant of Venice was on on Saturday. It's the one where Al Pacino plays Shylock, and they put a load of stuff on at the beginning about just how awful and hard it was to be Jewish in 15th Century Florence, and within about 10 minutes I was suddenly shipping Shylock/Antonio. I figure if I do just ship a load of pairings who hate each other, at least I'm hitting the big ones. I didn't watch most of the rest of it though, because I couldn't stand Bassanio and the woman who played Portia was really annoying me, and I figured it would probably have the same horrible ending, anyway. Maybe one day I'll watch the rest of it.

    • I watched a few episodes of Man Stroke Woman last night, with Nicholas Burns. I forget he had long hair in it and was really especially pretty. Also, I'm pretty sure some of it is the straightest acting I've ever seen him doing. In a half hour sketch show. A pretty good half hour sketch show though. I love Man Stroke Woman.

    • A while ago I bought some Amazonite beads from the Bead Shop in Nottingham, and now I've got an idea for a bracelet to make with them, but I'm not sure I have enough. The Bead Shop don't seem to sell them anymore, or only mixed in with another type of stone and not many of them, so I went looking for some online. I found some on eBay that seemed to be the right size, so I clicked to buy them. It was only after I clicked to buy them that it occured to me that I wasn't sure if they had holes drilled in them, actually, or were just stones. But I'd ordered them, and they were only £3 or so. So I paid for them anyway. They arrived today, and they don't have holes in, and they're kind of massively too big. Woe. They are still pretty though.
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    I have so much to do at the moment. Or not that much to do, but a lot more than I have been doing over the past few weeks. I am still not on my new laptop from Christmas, despite it all being set up and everything, because I want to back up everything from my current laptop before I move onto it, including my Favourites/Bookmarks, if possible. But I want to go through my Favourites first, to check for any broken links or things I don't want anymore, before transferring them over, and I have not edited my Favourites for at least a couple of years. I have added to it. Plenty. But not edited it. And a lot of the time when I find a broken link, I mostly spend my time trying to find another link to it, so I can decide whether or not I want it later - mostly because it can be hard to tell from a broken link and a bookmark title what a page actually is, and whether it's something I would actually want. So. It's taking a little while. And mostly it's reminding me of all my old fandoms. Remember when Heroes used to be less shit? I do. Also, last night I started going through my Vids bookmarks. Which basically led to just watching a lot of vids. So. It's a bit slow going. But hopefully once I'm through the big folders, near the beginning, the rest won't take very long. Then I only have to back up my Favourites, back up some music, and try to back up my Morrowind saved games, if possible, and then I am ready to move over to my new laptop. My dad keeps asking me if I've started using the new laptop yet. I want to tell him that after 7 or so years, and doing a lot of stuff online, moving laptops sort of feels a bit like moving house. But I've decided to just get on with it instead.

    Other than that, I was meant to have a dentist appointment today but the receptionist called this morning and said I couldn't go because the dentist was at a funeral in Africa. And I thought I might have a Jobcentre appointment tomorrow, but it turns out that's not until next week. Apart from that, I need to tidy my room, which is a tip, buy some new jeans (desperately), decide whether or not I want to stay on Jobseeker's or try to get onto Disability Allowance, possibly chase up the mental health organisations I'm meant to be getting further help/treatment from, possibly buy some new wellies in case it snows again, go down to Alliance and Lester to check if I changed my details with them when I moved back to my parents' house, try to look at and sort out my money at the moment especially since I need to put some money aside for London, and try to charge my new electric toothbrush. And try to book my travel tickets for London. And try to watch up some of the stuff on our Sky+ box from over Christmas. Honestly, I finally deleted a mere 38 episodes of Emmerdale with lovely Nathan in then from off the Sky+ box on Friday, and dad IMMEDIATELY tried to get me to delete other stuff as well. HE HAS NO CONCEPT OF GRATITUDE.

    Other things that have been happening, in bullet points:

    • There were three new Marples on in a week over Christmas, which is almost always a good thing. I like Marple better than Poirot, I think. But unusually, I managed to guess massive plot twists in each one, if not who'd actually done it, long before the end of the programme, which I don't normally do. I can't tell if it's because I'm more used to the formula/stories, or if it's because they're getting more obvious. I feel like it's the second one, with all the ominous line delivery and close-ups on people's shifty faces, and Clearly Important Slight Slow Motion applied to certain things that happen. Which seems like kind of a shame. Still, nothing happened that was quite as disturbing as when I was watching the new one in August, and suddenly started shipping Miss Marple with the killer. Dolly is clearly Miss Marple's girlfriend, but I remain convinced that the killer from The Pale Horse is her one true love. Sort of.

    • Coronation Street did a disgusting thing, but at least David had the good grace to look slightly ashamed and hunted over it the next day. And I don't normally enjoy sexual slurs being aimed at women, but the sheer timing of his comeback to Tracy the next day was sort of too good to believe.

      Spoilers for the Tracy storylines over Christmas and New Year. Mostly about the Platts )

    • Sort of big spoilers for Tracy storylines up to the next six months or so )

    • Nathan got a mention in yesterday's Emmerdale! A sort of actual involvement in the script! His little brother Will was playing computer games with his friend Belle, alone, and someone called his mobile and he looked at it and then his face darkened and he just put it away. Belle said maybe he should answer it because it might be someone important, and he said it was no-one he wanted to talk to. Then later on, in another scene, his phone rang again, and he checked it and his face darkened again and he put it away. And Belle asked who it was, it was okay, he could tell her anything, and he said "You want to know who it is? It's Nathan! He won't leave me alone!", and then he SMASHED THE PHONE ON THE FLOOR. Oh, Nathan is calling his little brother! I have wondered what Nathan's first Christmas and New Year without basically ANY OF HIS FAMILY would be like, unless he visited his mother. It makes sense he wouldn't totally give up without a fight too. And at least it suggests he's okay-ish and still has his mobile phone, or a phone, and hasn't had to sell it for warmth or food or shelter. I'm assuming Nathan's probably okay, they had a house all rented down in London to go to and I think he still has friends in London he could call on if he was properly in trouble. Still. It's nice to hear of him again. OH NATHAN.

      Some spoilers for upcoming Wylde storylines in Emmerdale )

    • I didn't see the new Doctor Who special over Christmas (also I did see a bit of Voyage of the Damned with Tony Gordon in it, with his hair slicked back and calling everyone idiots, swoon) - but I did see a clip of it yesterday with the CRAZY SHARK, CRAZY MASSIVE SHARK THAT WILL TRY TO EAT ANYONE, ANYTHING, BUT ESPECIALLY HUMANS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT IT TAKES OR HOW MUCH DAMAGE IT DOES TO ITSELF DOING SO. I know that it was some sort of weird air-breathing shark from some sort of mysterious anomoly. I'm assuming it was an alien shark and they explained that earth sharks generally don't act like this. Or that it was very hungry. Or something. I'm being very kind about it, really.

    • Reason number one why it's probably a good idea for me to sort through everything on my laptop and back it up and start using the new one: I'm keeping the new one on the floor next to my bed, out of the way. Or so I thought. The fancy Christmas light decoration thing my parents put in my window is no longer staying on the glass, so I was propping it up against the window. I just went over to close my window and knocked it I think and it accidentally fell over and knocked a bunch of ornaments of my windowsill, including one I think onto the laptop. There doesn't seem to be any damage to the computer or marks on it though. Still. Oops.

    • I was following John Allison's little Giant Days 'blog' on the top twenty albums of the year complete with sample songs. I wasn't too taken with a lot of them, but I'm finding myself suddenly a bit obsessed with Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells. Warning: This music may make you feel like punching a crow.

      And I was all sort of feeling a bit Alternative and pleased with myself. And then today I was watching E4 and an advert for the new series of 90210 came on, using that song as a soundtrack. Damn you 90210. Or you E4. You and your music-stealing ways.

    • Ed From Bugs Dancing On Ice starts on Sunday. Eeee!
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