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I just spent 40 minutes trying to download a Windows 10 installation file to hopefully use on my new PC tomorrow, with my netbook struggling to load everything and unable to use a mouse because I only have one USB port and I needed it for the flash drive - figuring out the download tool, deciding which edition of Windows I wanted, researching my CPU to see whether I needed a 32-bit or 64-bit version - only for the download tool to repeatedly tell me I didn't have a flash drive attached to my computer, when I did, I could see it.


Also my MN spent quite a lot of today calling us all fat pigs and telling us he was going to kill everyone of us, merry Christmas.
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Presents wrapped. Christmas eve buffet dinner had. So now I'm just waiting for dad to sidle in and ask me to wrap what he bought for mum for him, and we're done.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
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It doesn't really feel like Christmas until my mum replaces all our soap with Christmas soap, and all our cups and glasses with Christmas cups and glasses.

I ended up finishing work at the usual time yesterday. When I got in there was hardly anyone there, and a grand total of TWO campervans in our small car park, where no campervans have been assigned spaces. Also all the cleaners who usually come in at half past five came in at half past two. There were people on site until about 9pm, but as my boss left (at 5pm), he said they probably didn't need me for another two hours, he would have gotten the security guard to come in earlier if they'd just told him it would be like this. Then the security guard didn't come till about five to seven - which isn't really something I can complain about, since I'm contracted to work until 7, but it does mean I had to run for my train. While my headphones that I broke earlier that day loudly banged in my ear as I ran, like someone clapping right next to my head. It was a little annoying, but my boss has said he'll make it up to me by making sure I get away next Friday, when I've told him I'm going to Lancaster from work, so that's nice.

When I got home, I thought 'yay, no more work till Christmas!', and forgot about all the wrapping, which I still have to do. The problem with doing it on Christmas Eve is that my parents also do theirs on Christmas Eve, and there's only really one good set of real, paper-cutting scissors in the house and one sellotape dispenser. So then we have to arrange our timing. I think I'll try to do mine now, and get it out of the way. And then freedom! True freedom.

I keep thinking this is the start of two weeks off for Christmas, but no, it's the start of four days off for Christmas. Which is nice, but still. I am quite looking forward to Boxing Day, when my dad and I are going to try to put my new PC together. I'm going to try to make my new OEM key work on it, and then bish bash bosh. It does mean I might end up roping my mother in for a truly professional dusting of my work desk, so I don't get any in any circuits, which makes me feel a bit guilty. But I am so ready for a proper computer. Today my netbook decided to give up on letting me type anything in the address bar.

Also I've just got a hankering to keep cleaning my room. That's the problem with starting to clean it, that as you do you think of so many more things you want to do. Like, I have cleared a bunch of stuff off my windowsill, and then a bunch of stuff off my desk and dressing table onto the windowsill, so now I can - yay! - actually open many of my jewellery boxes. And now I want to start going through my jewellery collection. I've been meaning to for a while, and if I'm going to be moving them for dusting anyway... Getting more space is addictive. But my focus is on my computer. Please god the computer.

Merry Christmas, by the way, everyone! For a minute today I was looking forward to Yuletide going live tomorrow, and all the stories. And then I was like "why?". Yuletide hasn't produced anything that's really appealed to me for a few years now. ::Sigh:: Oh well.
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I set out today to clear my bedroom and desk a little bit, in preparation for building and setting up the new computer. And then mostly I stared at the desk, and wasn't sure what to do about any of it. Unfortunately, since I don't clean my bedroom very often, there's a thick layer of dust that has to be dealt with before I do pretty much anything. Plus with all the boxes around from computer parts and Christmas stuff, it became a logistical nightmare. But eventually I did managed to dust some stuff, put it in boxes, and take it to a charity shop, along with a bunch of other things I've been meaning to take for a while.

Plus, the nice thing about buying and shifting so much stuff lately means things are actually quite well set up for continuing to move stuff around. I have a bunch of empty boxes from various Amazon deliveries, and my parents moved a sofa out of our spare bedroom to give to my sister for her new house, so there's a huge empty space in there where non-empty boxes can be stored for a bit. Plus I have more computer parts in my wardrobe than I thought would ever fit. I'm not excited to see the state of the shoes they're on top of when I finally move them out, but c'est la vie.

To be honest though, I'm not sure when I'm going to build this thing. If I spend all day preparing the bedroom, I still won't really have time to do it today - all the guides are very specific about building it very far away from any dust, so the desk probably needs a very thorough clean before I get started. Then I'm working all week because we don't really get many Christmas holidays. And then it's Christmas. I suppose we get the two bank holidays next week - but one of them's Boxing Day, which is traditionally a chill day where we all recover from having the kids down the day before. Plus mum wants to do some Christmass-y stuff in my room if she can, so a lot of my shifting things around is on hold till she does. Plus I have Christmas decorations of my own I might want to put up. So sigh. I keep thinking about all the PC games I can now play if I have a decent computer, and my brain's like "we can play them today, Rachael!". And it's like no. No we can't. We could, conceivably, but realistically, we won't.

I still need to take my old laptop somewhere. I'm a little bit concerned about data on the hard drive, but no-one really warns you about that, and I'd only be taking it to Curry's or somewhere respectable. Things are so busy at the moment. But it does mean things are moving, which is nice.
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They finally delivered my PSU today. And, because apparently they're actually champions, they packed in with it the external CD drive that I literally ordered yesterday.

So now I have all the parts, and just need to figure out when, where and how I'm going to put them all together. And how to use the OEM key I bought for Windows 10. Also I really need to clear up and tidy my room a little bit, especially the desk. But then, hopefully, eventually, computer. Hurrah!

I remembered that it was Christmas NEXT WEEK a few days ago, and after getting a mild flood of adrenaline every time I thought about it, I made sure to go Christmas shopping today. I now have my YN's present and something for the cat - so I only have to buy my ON's present, which should be easy to get, maybe some more wrapping paper because my mum's lightbox is in fact huge, and maybe some Christmas chocolate or decorations or something, if I feel like it. I bought holly fairy lights earlier in the week. I am v satisfied with the decision. Also I realised today I spent more on my cat than any of my nephews or my sister. But, you know. The cat has to live in a garage a lot of the time. So I think it evens out.
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I had a dream about the apocalypse last night. Well, first I had a dream about a storm that literally ripped apart most of my home town. Then I had a dream about a proper, everything destroyed, deer and lions in my garden apocalypse, and told my dad (in the dream) "I had a dream about this last night". I think it's from reading the comments in too many posts about the state of American politics at the moment. Although the actual posts are becoming no better - yesterday on ontd_political there was a post by someone saying there was no 100% conclusive proof that Russia was involved in swaying the election, so we shouldn't act like they might have until there was 100% conclusive proof, and the CIA were always lying, and I didn't understand it at all. Until I got to a paragraph about how "anyone who had opposed the smooth, self-entitled rise to power of Hillary Clinton is now accused of being in line with the Ruskies", and I understood what it was actually about.

By the way, can't really explain how furious them calling Hillary Clinton's bid 'self-entitled', when American politics is dominated by men and she has literally been hounded by the Republican press for years, actually makes me. People still say awful things about Hillary Clinton, and I worry sometimes that I'm eventually going to get Truth Delusioned into believing them. But for now I still take inspiration from her.

Anyway. I did end up getting a little stressed out by the overtime last week, although some of that was just about buying so many parts for my computer, and feeling like I had to rush into buying my mum's present so I could hide it within those packages. It totally worked though, because she ended up taking the delivery including her gift, and had no idea about it. As for the PC - I'm in a funny sort of waiting game right now. When I went to buy the PSU I'd been recommended it was out of stock, and Amazon were like "buy it now, we'll send it when it's back in stock". So I did. And now it's been back in stock for more than a few days, and I haven't received any sort of email saying they're sending it to me. Meanwhile, they're promising anyone who orders one now that they can have it the next day, if they choose express delivery! Hmm, Amazon. I'll probably send them an email if this continues. The PSU being the power supply for the computer, it is a pretty important part. And I can't really check if any of the other parts I've bought are faulty or super or whatever till I build the entire thing. But apart from that I've got everything else I need. Apart from an OEM version of Windows I've been recommended by my games shop guy, and - since most of those I've seen are on disc, and nowhere does it suggest the computer I'm currently building has a CD-ROM, a plug-in CD-ROM. I have no idea when I'm going to build it, though. Certainly not before the PSU comes.

Other than that though, yesterday was pretty productive. I took some stuff to the charity shop, finally, and picked up some wrapping paper and a card for my YN's birthday tomorrow, and even managed to pick up my MN and sister's presents. I also got an idea for what to buy my dad this week, and I can pick up my ON's present in Leeds when I'm there for work, which only leaves my YN's Christmas present, and I'm told he loves Paw Patrol. And I'm looking forward to going back to my regular hours next week, and I have the Last Guardian and Trico's amazing, and generally everything's going quite swimmingly at the moment. I am bleeding again though. Which is kind of annoying.

Anyway. Speaking of female artists I used to love and then forgot about, do you remember when we learned to Hit Em Up Style?

I don't really love this music video like I do the last one, but I do love the song.

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Right, so uh. I was going to post about how I had to spend a truly nerve-wracking amount of money on computer parts on Sunday, to get the last pieces of my PC build, and now I had to spend EVEN MORE on a monitor and a gaming keyboard. Then I looked at how much just a basic keyboard costs, and felt a little bad about the super beautiful one I want. Um.

But I am probably still going to get it. It's super beautiful? And lights up pretty? And I have felt the mechanical keys in a shop once, and honestly. Oh my god.

I also kind of need to buy it all now so I can sneakily get my mother's Christmas present in amongst the other packages. It's a lightbox. Because she hates the dark nights in winter, and it's all I can think to get her. The trouble is, it's going to cost £50, and that's fine because I have a little money to throw around at the moment, but I feel like I should really get my dad something of similar value. And he doesn't really like things. Or life. So there's that. I have a pretty good idea what I'm getting my MN, ON and sister, and my YN will just have toys, he's still at that pretty easy stage. And then that'll be that. Except for dad. I bought him a bottle of whiskey for his birthday last month, and he's left it just sitting in the corner of the living room. So yeah.

Another present I'm going to buy myself: a Ghostbusters (2016) calendar full of beautiful women. It's one of the ways I'm going to make 2017 better than 2016.

Working overtime is fine. It's a lot busier, because there's a lot of things I usually just think "oh L (the other receptionist) will take care of that" about, and now she can't take care of that. It's my job. Which in some ways is nice, because it's not really hard work, and sometimes I do get a bit bored out of my skull on regular weeks. But I'm still looking forward to going back to normal next week. Today I had to do the car park system, which is a system I couldn't explain to you if I tried. We have a finite amount of car parking spaces that are all given to execs, but sometimes the execs don't use them and then we have three or four waiting lists of people who want those spaces if they aren't being used. But then if someone's coming from the Manchester office the waiting list means NOTHING, they take priority. I basically spent all day copy and pasting template emails, and staring at a spreadsheet. Tomorrow I get to see how many people don't even want the spaces I copy and pasted at them, so I can copy and paste them all over again to new people. But it's fine, and I understand it better now, which will probably help me in regular weeks too. Also I made enough mistakes earlier on when L was around to correct them, and tell me they were mistakes, that I think I avoided doing anything too ridiculous. But I will be happy when it's not my job again. Although it might become my job when L goes on maternity leave. Also I ended up brokering a feud between the bank I work at and the people who normally supply our visitor's book sheets (the new procurement guy thinks they're too expensive, apparently), and Leeds City Council called to say the company who normally sorts out our car parking might have gone into liquidation, and our permits haven't been paid. Fun times.

On the bridge on my way too/from work, there's some graffiti. One is a sticker that says "Think Positive Be Yourself". Another is spray point that says "Work Hard and Be Nice to People". I find it genuinely uplifting in a Hillary Clinton sort of a way. It certainly makes up for the fact that sometimes the attached stairs have sick or poo on them. And the sad fact that I keep seeing tents under the bridges, which I assume are for homeless people. It's a bit of a shame.
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Christmas whale.

It doesn't feel very Christmas-y though. I don't know if it's the mild weather or the fact I'm working, so that takes up most of my time, but it's true. Or maybe it's that people are still reeling in shock from all the politics stuff, so no-one's really in the spirit. Watching Sky News all day really doesn't make me feel too Christmas-y. But anyway, it's true. I can sing Christmas carols to my heart's abandon, even though I don't feel like it, and yesterday I tried to think of even one and could only come up with 'Greensleeves'. Anyway. I'm going to have to do some Christmas shopping soon too, although I don't know when. I have an idea for something to get my mother, and I have the money for it this year too - but it does mean I'll probably need to get my dad something of a similar value, and I don't know what that is. Plus the kids. It's my YN's birthday in less than two weeks. Although I do have a present from last year that I never used hidden away in a drawer. Maybe that will have to do.

After all my worrying about how much time I have these days (despite my claims to the contrary), they're asking me to work extra hours next week, because the morning receptionist is on holiday. I awkwardly explained to my boss that I have OCD and find changes to my routine hard, so I couldn't say I was raring to do it, but I would. He was very nice about it, and said maybe I wouldn't find it as bad as I thought it would be, so we could take about covering in future after that. The thing is it's not the work, it's the amount of time outside of work I'm going to have. They want me to go in for 11 - and really, I think he was hoping for 10 - which means I won't have to get up any earlier, but I won't have time to have a shower on a morning like I usually do, and I won't be able to stay up a little late, because if I sleep in it will really fuck me. So I'll have less time of an evening. But maybe it's only my expectation of what I'm going to get done in a day that really upsets me, and if I let go of that it will be okay, or better at least. And it is only for a week. But the morning receptionist is pregnant, and so she's going to be off for months shortly, and I really don't think I can do that, no matter how well next week goes. I came to this job very much as a part-time job. But like I say, they've been very nice and flexible so far, so we'll see.

Things I have been doing: playing Final Fantasy XV. It's a game that's taken 10 years to come out, so it felt very special to pick it up on day one. And the game had a little leaflet in the front, which was a print-out of a thank you note signed by everyone on the team that made it. Which was lovely. I wanted to get my own opinion of it, rather than just having to listen to all the reviews and whether it was a 'real' Final Fantasy game or not. And I really like it. It's very atmospheric, and everything sort of feels like it goes together, which is hard thing to explain but really makes a game feel special for me. When the story and the characters and the mechanics all seem to work together, and nothing's jarring or feels too 'video-gamey', like it's just a set of mechanics. I really like the combat too, which is cool, because a few of the demos felt very janky. I haven't really touched the story yet, but I'm really enjoying it so far. And really, having everything work together is a real achievement for a game that was in development for so long. Well done to them.

Also, I have been reading the original Superman comic strips. They are amazing. Superman does not give a fuck. The first strip involves him going to see a governor in the middle of the night, who has a SOLID STEEL bedroom door. And the butler's like "haha, just try to get through that", and Superman's like "haha, I will" and rips it apart. Then the butler tries to SHOOT SUPERMAN. Like a fool. But Superman just laughs it off. And then saves a woman who was about to be wrongly executed for something she didn't do. It's great. Of interest to me: Jonathan and Martha Kent were not in the story from the beginning. Superman was raised in an orphanage, where they were like "golly!" about his super-strength, but decided not to say anything about it. But Lois Lane was there from strip one. And she is amazing. An example of their dialogue:

Clark: "Why is it you always avoid me at the office?"
Lois: "Please Clark! I've been scribbling 'sob stories' all day long. Don't ask me to dish out another."

Interestingly, I guess because of the time, Clark Kent is the star reporter at the Daily Star, and Lois is a 'sob sister', which basically means an agony aunt/writer of the sentimental pieces. She's pretty mad about it though. Perry White won't put her on a story about a dam bursting, so she tricks Clark and goes anyway. But then she nearly drowns in the flood and Superman has to save her, so it's not like it's super feminist. But still, she's great. And Clark is all about her. Which is quite lovely.

I get paid today, so I can continue to buy computer parts and actually try and get the thing built. Woo hoo. Also the tax credits place have written back to me, and now they want to pay me £380 a month instead of £390. Which is fine. Still seems bizarre to me, and I suspect it won't last past April, when the new tax year starts, and all my 'freshly working, was recently on ESA' stuff won't really apply. But I've queried it, and they've said it's all fine, so it's very welcome. Given that I'll probably be fine on my wage, I can just put it into my savings account. And then, if they decide they DID make a mistake, it will all just be there anyway to give back to them, and I will be mad, but it will be doable.

Meanwhile the company my company's working for is losing money every year, apparently, so I don't know how safe my job is, and my sister's partner's firm went bust, and I thought he'd been taken on by the firm that took over from them, but apparently everyone except him and his friend got picked back up, so he isn't working. And Christmas is coming, and my sister just got a £150 fine for not showing up to an anger management course they said she had to go on after assaulting a woman last year. So it's all a bit up in the air. But we're out of the depths or recession, say the Conservatives! So hooray. My sister and her family are moving into the new house this weekend apparently. They can't afford to pay my parent's rent yet, obviously, but they will at least be in there. So that's something, I guess.
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Every day I think "I'll make an LJ post today". Every day I think "I'll make the effort". And every day all I really want to talk about is the house I'm building in Fallout 4, and how much I love Deacon. I'm looking forward to God Eater: Resurrection for the PS Vita, are you looking forward to God Eater Resurrection on the PS Vita? And so on.

It's nearly Christmas. I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping. I only have my dad left to buy for, and my plan was to get him a bottle of booze, as usual. Then mum showed me the many, many bottles he's already bought for the both of them. I'm still planning on getting him one though - I'm going to try to get one of those fancy 'gift' ones from Marks and Spencers. It's too late to look for anything else. And then a ten pound note for my sister, and I'm done. It's weird that it's so close, and I've only just started feeling festive. It's weird and a little unnerving how not cold it's been lately. But I'm getting there at least. In usual fashion, I haven't done anything else like sent Christmas cards or put up any decorations in my room. But I'm wearing my sugar plum earrings, and I might put up a glittery reindeer before the week is out.

I'm supposed to be going to the cinema with my MN tomorrow. He's been having...he's been having a lot of problems lately. For about six months now he's been going to a special unit two days a week instead of his usual school, because of his behavioural problems. And then a few months ago, he nearly got expelled from his actual school. He had a huge tantrum, started throwing rocks and broke a glass door, and then started throwing them into the infants' playground at the school. He got suspended and then my sister got a letter from the school saying he'd been permanently excluded. And THEN it turned out, you can't just expel a pupil like that - there's a process, and they hadn't done it, just sent a letter. So then the governors all met, and decided he wasn't suspended. But he had to go to the unit five days a week instead of going to his regular school (at all), until after the Easter holidays. Which was a shame, but we kind of assumed at least there's be no problems, since my nephew loves it at the unit and said he wished he could go there all the time. But now he is there all the time, he's started playing up there as well. My mum's had to go collect him a couple of times, and it's not as close as his old school. And then last week, the final week of term, he was suspended for two days for attacking a teacher. Scratched her arm and drew blood. We'd already planned to go the cinema, so I called and said if he misbehaved again I couldn't take him, and he didn't. So.

I'm sure he sounds like a little monster from all that. And he is, some of the time. But he's so lovely when he's with us, and so sad when he gets left out of trips. If he had gotten into trouble again I would have refused to take him, but. I'm glad I get to take him. I don't know why - he barely ever sits through things, and I actually want to see the film tomorrow (it's the new Snoopy one). And I don't think he's particularly interested in the film, he didn't even want to see the trailer, he just wanted to go to the cinema. I'm hoping Snoopy catches his attention, it looks like the film's going to be fun. But then my mum said something about taking my ON too, so she could be around if my nephew starts acting up and could take him out of the screen for me - and when my ON heard that he started insisting he wanted to see the film. So we might have both of them tomorrow - and then when I was talking to my MN on the phone tonight about both of them coming, my YN overheard him and said he wanted to come. Which we could maybe do - if my dad comes along, so there's an adult there to look after every child. My dad's doing something so he can try to become a chartered engineer, but apparently he should be done by tomorrow morning. He didn't sound enthusiastic about coming to the cinema with us, but you never know. It might be a proper family outing. Minus, um, the kids' parents. But you get the idea. It's Christmas.

I'm having to keep an eye on my money at the moment, though. It's fine, but I do keep forgetting a little bit and having less than I think I do. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow, and it'd be nice to pay my own way even if my mum or dad do come. Then the Nutcracker's on in Leeds, at the Grand Theatre, and I've been trying to get to see that for the last few years. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping. And I'm going to Lancaster for New Year's. And computer games continue uncheap. But it's fine. I can control myself. I'm getting paid again on Wednesday anyway. I also need to remember to buy a calender. I was looking at them the other day, and then thought "no, it's too soon". And then I realised.

Another fun Christmas activity: trying to get my prescription refilled so I have enough to last me over Christmas. I called today. I called multiple times. It was always engaged, until 3.15, when the automated message informed me the prescription line was only open from until 3pm. Will try again tomorrow! Hopefully with better luck.
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I've asked for two things for Christmas, but all I truly want is this.
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"Christmas Wolf ate my family"
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It's always Christmas husky. It's never Christmas Wolf.
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Ugh. I'm trying to work my way through a computer game at the moment. I've got about 3 new ones pre-ordered for this month that are probably going to be expensive (also you might not see me for a little while), and then I got hit with a £40 customs bill on Friday and spent £90 on winter work clothes on Saturday, so making a little money back where I can seems like a good idea. I finished the game in question on Sunday, but I figured I'd try to get a few of the 'easy' Trophies while I could (little achievements that don't help you beat the game, but they're fun to do. Sometimes). The game's a stealing game, and you can get a trophy for getting all the Loot Items and Special Loot in a single story mission. I picked the first one thinking it was the easiest. I missed 2 out of the 64. I killed every guard so I could take my time looking around and scoured every corner and completely used up my special ability that highlights loot items when you look around, and I still didn't get it. The Trophy is called Obsessive Compulsive, and I literally have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I still couldn't get every goddamn item, which they sometimes love to just hide around doors and places you would never look, for no reason, and ughhhhh. This is why I put the game down in the first place.

Should probably just get rid of the second one, but that also has some very very straightforward Trophies, like distracting 15 guards, so I will probably try to get those too. I don't know why, I don't have any online friends to show them off to, and I've never really bothered trying to get EVERY trophy for a game. It just niggles me when trophies are little and gettable, to just get them.

I once thought about starting a blog for video games. I was gonna call it OCG, and talk about what it was like to be a gamer with OCD, especially in our current culture of ENDLESS COLLECTIBLES. Also I would have talked about feminism and how female characters are dressed or not so much. It never came off though.

Had to cry off a shift at the Hospice today because of my period. I was going to wait and see how I felt - and I've been mostly fine all day - but I remembered that the main, paid receptionist leaves shortly after that particular shift starts, so if I couldn't make it the desk would be unmanned. So I thought it would be better to just not go and let them get reliable cover. I'm planning more and more to go on the pill when these tests about my spotting are done. This is annoying.

I bought my first Christmas gift on Friday, too. I'm a little ashamed of myself - I normally deliberately don't think about Christmas until after Bonfire Night, but. I saw something in a shop that would be perfect for mum, and I don't get that feeling from a gift very often, and it's better than going back in November and finding it sold out. So. I'm vaguely prepared. Also I know pretty much what I want for Christmas this year. So it should be an interesting one.


Dec. 27th, 2014 12:46 am
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Christmas was - well. One of the nicer ones I've had for a while. Maybe I should have a weird health scare every year before the big day, and pop some of the tension. But Christmas day was like, I got a bunch of stuff I wanted and hadn't gotten around to buying myself yet, then watching Football's Funniest Moments with my parents, who liked their gifts from me. My sister and the kids came down, and sometimes it was a bit manic, but mostly it was fine, and they played and didn't kick off, and we all had a pretty nice family dinner together.

We had a few blips - my dad screaming at my ON for nearly scratching a new tablet he'd just been bought, and making him cry, me having to argue with him about it. My sister claimed two presents were wrong, stuff she'd ordered online that my mum had picked up - she said they weren't what she'd reserved. My parents went back to the shop today to ask about returning them and the woman showed them a shop record that said she had reserved those exact those, and when my sister called and didn't ask my dad brought it up, and made it sound like she'd messed them around or hadn't done it right. They had a small argument and then hung up, and then she called back to complain about how dad was treating her like she was stupid and being awful to her. But other than that, it's been pretty straightforward. My ON decided he wanted to stay last night and this night, mostly just to play Skylanders on his PS3 from home in the little bedroom - but we watched Arthur Christmas, and had a Boxing Day meal in the fancy dining room we're usually barred from for being too common, and tonight we had snow. Beautiful snow. So all in all, so far it's been quite nice.

Coronation Street, some spoilers for actors leaving )
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Presents gathered and wrapped.

Christmas achieved.

I keep thinking we'll be able to rest tomorrow morning, like we'll have gotten to Christmas morning and it'll be over, we can just enjoy stuff. I keep forgetting my sister, her partner and their three kids will be coming down, and the house will be jumping until well into the night. Oh well.

ETA: Also, Merry Christmas everyone! I didn't send you a card!
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I went to a Carol service tonight, for the first time in my life. I don't hear carols sung very often - carollers don't come to our door very much, I think due largely to my dad - and I wanted to do something Christmassy, since at the moment I'm spending most of my time in Dragon Age world and it isn't Christmas there. It was quite nice, but I think I was expecting more of a choir performing for my benefit, and it was in fact a service. It ended with a slight tinge of anti-semitism and islamophobia, and we had a slightly disturbing reading where the response to every line was "But that did not stop the birth" - mostly a warning to low-income pregnant women than anything, but the carols were quite nice. We sang The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came, which is my favourite, and you don't hear sung very often.

Oh Bianca. (This has become a The Apprentice post). I was very happy she got through last week - it was slightly impossible for her not to when Roisin didn't know anything about food production and Solomon's business plan was pictures. But it was a bit of a shame she didn't know anything about hosiery production and wasn't willing to listen, hopefully she'll do well in the future. Mark chose a team of all men, and the woman who thought all businesswomen should wear short skirts, "for some beauty". Quelle surprise.
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Other exciting things that have happened this week:

  • My sister broke her foot. I would say she's incapacitated, but it's not really like she did a lot of things in the first place.

  • My MN called up last night. He was meant to be staying overnight at ours, but he'd heard his mum on the phone to his dad, who was at a Christmas works do, and she'd said he was drunk and had been thrown out of a club, so he was begging my dad to go get him then, before his dad got home. Mum and me sat working out how worried we should be, and if we could somehow bring all three kids down for the evening in case things kicked off between my sister and her partner if he was that drunk. Eventually mum called my sister, asking what was going on, and it turned out her partner wasn't actually that drunk, just drunk enough that people were asking him if he was alright to get home, and she'd said "they should have thrown you out" before he got that bladdered. So everything was fine, ultimately, but it was still a fun half an hour.

  • The drains on our street got blocked today, so my dad spent a good part of the evening with the flags up from the patio, dragging things out of pipes and into plastic bin bags. It has been a fun Christmas rollercoaster.
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I went to Leeds today, and on the way back I passed a sign for a beauty salon, and I couldn't tell if it was called Fantastique or Santastique. I imagine it's probably Fantastique, but if it's Santastique, that is the best Christmas-based pun I've seen in a long time.
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My parents went out to a work do last night, and stayed overnight in a hotel because it was quite far away. Apparently my dad was sick on the floor, and my mum passed out in the bathroom and ended up bleeding all over the carpet. Fun times.

Other things that happened this weird week included our central heating suddenly refusing to be turned off, so I spent a night in December sleeping with the window open, under just a sheet. I went to pick up a new Mefenamic Acid prescription yesterday, only for the pharmacy to tell me that it had been out of stock for 6 months, so I'd have to get an alternative. I don't know if that means a different drug, or a different type of packet, or a different strength or what. I went right back to the doctor to tell them, and apparently the pharmacy has my new prescription waiting for me, so I guess I will find out if I'll be taking an entirely different drug from now on. I'm a little worried it will be different and either won't be as good or will have side-effects that are no good for me. But there's no point worrying about that now really.

Also yesterday my sister called the house, on my Youngest Nephew's birthday, to tell me my Middle Nephew had gone missing and could I keep an eye out for him. I hung out in the living room downstairs for a while, so I could hear if anyone knocked on the door, then called my mum where she was picking up my Oldest Nephew from school, so she wouldn't be completely taken by surprise by the situation when she got to my sister's. I continued to wait in living room until about an hour after my sister first called, when my mum got home, so she could tell me no, my MN turned up again ages ago, they both just forgot to call and tell me about it.

On the other hand, I went to Wakefield and did most of my Christmas shopping, sort of. I had to go to get my YN a birthday present, and ended up getting stuff for all my nephews, and something for my ON's birthday in January. Which just leaves mum, dad and my sister - my sister's just getting a tenner in a card as usual, dad's getting booze as is now usual, which just leaves mum. It would be nice if my parents ever wanted or liked things, that would make this easier - but they probably feel the same way about me. I'll go into Leeds this week and get mum something, and pick up dad's at some point, and then it will be sorted. Hurrah.

Emmerdale is hella and so is Coronation Street. I suspect both will be having very depressing Christmases though. Alya should run away from home and go live with Carla and be her apprentice.

Apparently Cruella De Vil is going to be in the next series of Once Upon A Time, I might have to start watching it again.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition )

DECEMBER. Deck the halls, and etc. I don't know what I want for Christmas - I don't think I particularly want anything. I bought pretty much every video game I wanted lately, and the others aren't out till after Christmas. But I can probably come up with some things if I put my mind to it.
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