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I just watched an episode of Casualty where everything happened. BASICALLY EVERYTHING. The only thing they were missing was a zombie uprising and a volcano.

Vague, minor spoilers for Skyrim )

Meanwhile on Saints Row 2, I've started getting a bit money, so I can buy more (customisable) clothes, and I learned that you can just steal any car in the street and take it for your own, rather than having to wait and buy them, and I learned about the car customisation services. So that's what I'm spending quite a lot of my time in the game doing right now. It is wicked though. Hurrah!
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I went to Wakefield and Leeds today, and I bought some earrings and some nail polish. And I tried on some perfume from Lush. It's very nice, but it turns out for a proper bottle of Lush perfume it costs about £32. And even the atomiser costs £15. Also, Jon Burgerman has designed a new tin for Lush which has bath bombs in it. This also costs about £30. Hhrrrghksjdfkdsj.

Anyway. Other things I have done as well as watch Harry Potter:

  • Watched the last episodes of Case Histories. Sniff. Vague character spoilers that no-one will probably care about )

  • Watched the first two episodes of Single-Handed. Sometimes when I am busy loving Jack Driscoll, I forget how genuinely really bleak Single-Handed is. It reminded me in these episodes. And now they have another evil ex-Garda come in to make the community more awful and make Jack Driscoll's life hell. And this one doesn't even love him, like his father. Jack's life is truly awful.

I've been thinking a bit about my fandoms lately. Especially with Connotations coming up and everything. At the moment, they mostly seem to be soaps, webcomics, and weird British/UK detective shows. And films, sometimes. I don't know what the detective shows thing is at the moment, possibly just the fact I've been watching a lot this spring. Most of them don't even have an obvious pairing. At the moment, my head is like a weird little detective agency. Filled with very competent people, who will get the job done, but might just fuck everything up and fuck their own lives up while doing it. Still, at least they have EACH OTHER. Which is often more than they have on their own shows.

Maybe I should focus on Danny Phantom, which has actual fic, and only has ghost, murder and underage issues.

Although I did watch Coronation Street tonight. They made Ken's gay grandson a calculating conman, and then GOT RID OF HIM. I know it's good to have positive gay portrayals on TV, but given that a lot of soaps now have gay and lesbian characters, I'm quite ready to see something outside the general gay and lesbian characters they have. Like villains. Hollyoaks has had a gay gangster for ages, and I know it's Hollyoaks, but they're doing quite well with it. Anyway. But no. He's gone now. Also, Gail got all jealous over people trying to date Nick again (I think they have to stop doing that, at some point. Or make it canon). And Gary is going crazy, and Izzy has to put up with it. Oh well.

Also, I watched a bit of Emmerdale last night and tonight, and I feel like I might be able to start watching it again. Except, as well as pairings which are just sort of starting out and then someone dies, one of the most annoying things for me is watching one half of one of my OTPs just be swanning around without the other one. I think that's half the reason I still go on about Toby De Silva and Toby/Jordan sometimes - because I watch Casualty sometimes nowadays, and Jordan is STILL THERE, being really clipped and brisk and slightly short with his colleagues, and then maybe finding out he was wrong and having to go apologise to them, and running the department on his own no matter what problems arise. And it's so easy to just imagine how much better things would be if he had Toby just quietly standing next to him, watching him, and when he'd had an argument with someone smoothing things over, even if just with his presence. And doing spare paperwork, and being lovely with the patients. And Jordan would have someone supporting him, and someone to take care of, and someone to shout at sometimes eventually leading to a heartfelt apology while Toby didn't look at him. And it just feels very much like it would improve his life. I once had a plotbunny, when all the actors and/or staff were leaving Casualty, about Toby coming back for some reason and finding Jordan running the department literally single-handed, except for maybe the paramedics bringing patients in, and helping to run it with him. That was a lovely plotbunny.

Anyway. My point is that it's weird watching Declan wander around and get on with his life when Nathan isn't there. And how much EASIER his life would be if he had Nathan to mock and argue with, and then jump in to help maybe when Nathan did something TRULY ridiculous. However, Declan's awful wife and not that brilliant daughter are apparently leaving soon. Maybe that will make things easier. Mostly I want Carl to have pushy, not-explaining-the-whole-truth arguments with Aaron about murder, and how at least Aaron had a good reason. But I don't think Emmerdale is going to give me that somehow. Hmph.

I'm sorry if any of this is coming out weird. I didn't get much sleep last night, and now my head and eyes hurt. I am TYPING THROUGH THE PAIN.
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I am slightly achey today, but much less achey than yesterday. Hurrah.

Some things I did last night:

  • I found out that Scott Adams, the writer and artist of Dilbert which I used to read as a kid, is a massive dick. Spoilers for the article I guess )

  • I made tiny weird banner of fannish woe:

    For use in similar situations.

  • I downloaded every track of the Vitamin String Quartet's tribute to Lady Gaga, which with some vouchers my dad gave me from his beer bottles, I only had to pay for one track of.

  • I watched the episode of Casualty where Jordan, in the middle of an operation, randomly talking to Toby about the Godfather, and the episode of Casualty where Dr Jordan and Toby seem to eventually be the only doctors left in the ED, and Jordan slowly starts to have some respect and regard for Toby. Oh. Rambling about Casualty and Toby/Jordan )

    Probably one day I will stop mourning Toby/Jordan and keeping a vigil over all of TV for ever for any sightings of Matthew Needham. Maybe.

Then today, I don't know if it is Shark Week or Shark Day or something, but the Discovery Channel for full of shark documentaries. I watched Sharks: Are They Hunting Us? (the presenter concluded that no, unless we are acting like injured animals or prey or something they want to investigate (ie bite), they don't care), and Shark After Dark, which I think they mostly made because of the rhyme. It was a WONDERFUL WAY to start the day.
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Oh God I love Toby De Silva and I miss Toby De Silva. I can't believe that Nick Jordan came into it just to be ill and sort of get rid of Toby, when THE OPPOSITE should have been true. I go through periods of forgetting about Toby and Nick Jordan, and then periods of remembering and thinking about AUs where Nick is a vampire who gets captured by a vampire-hunting sect that Toby's sort of involved with and they want him to tell them about other vampires, and just to mess with them he tells them he'll only talk to Toby. And thus follows Toby's attempts to interrogate him while Nick messes him around and plots his escape and sort of seduces him through the bars, and then they FALL IN LOVE. I went looking for old Casualty episodes on Youtube tonight, and I found tons of them. Here is the part of the first episode where they meet (starting at 2.47). OH GOD. TOBY JUST FREEZES AND NICK JUST STARES AT HIM AND DRAGS THE PAIN OUT AND THEN LATER SMIRKS ABOUT HAVING FOOLED A YOUNG DOCTOR AND TAUNTED OTHERS WITH HIS BAG OF MYSTERY. Oh God. They do have plenty of good pairings on TV and in soaps sometimes, but I still can't help feeling they MISSED A TRICK with Toby and Nick.

Toby's SO PRETTY. I can't believe he hasn't just been on TV or in plays CONSTANTLY since leaving Casualty. He didn't even get to be Sort of identity spoiler for Sherlock 1.03 ), and THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING. Oh. ALSO THERE IS ANOTHER MATTHEW NEEDHAM OUT THERE STARRING IN PLAYS AND SUCH. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? It makes tracking him down VERY DIFFICULT. I ONLY ASK TO KNOW WHAT PLAYS HE IS IN, IF ANY. That's all dudes. God.
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Internet problem of the day: When my dad decided to put some extra security on our wireless network and decided not to tell me about it or that that was why I couldn't get a signal for about an hour or two.

Things I have done this weekend include:

  1. Watching Strictly. I think I might be in love with Felicity Kendall. I thought I was during the first/introduction show a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be because she was wearing a colour I really love. But I saw her again on Friday, and no. Still kind of love her. So that's who I'm sort of rooting for. In other news, Matt Baker was suprisingly good, as was Gavin Henson. When I saw Patsy Kensit in the introduction show I thought she looked really uncomfortable with her partner, but having watched them since then and seen their training and stuff, I think she might just be a bit nervous in front of cameras, maybe. I feel a bit bad for her, she does seem quite self-conscious and stuff, and she didn't dance too badly, so I hope she relaxes and maybe does better in the next few weeks. Also, she was wearing an AMAZING dress. And Paul Daniels! He did magic! And sang along. He was quite sweet. I hate Bruce Forsyth.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the 'show without voting' thing. On the one hand it seems like a way to get rid of the complaints about people having to go after just one show, and it not being fair because they were nervous, when it's a dance contest and everyone's in the same boat, really. But on the other hand, it might stop things happening like people voting to give people who've performed badly another chance, and having slightly better dancers go out first. Hmm. I'm interested to see how things play out next week, anyway.

  2. I watched Casualty. Casualty )

  3. I found out Nathan Wylde from Emmerdale has a birthday. I was wondering if he officially had one, since he's been in the show for about two years now, and we've seen quite a lot of the Wyldes' private lives, and I'm pretty sure they've mentioned it before when it was Maisie's birthday, and I knew something had happened years ago when it was Mark's birthday, but I couldn't remember them ever saying anything before about it being Nathan's birthday. But there it is, on Wikipedia. 4th September 1984. I cannot blame them for not making a big deal out of it though. I think last year it was about September when Nathan was told his father had had an affair with Faye, possibly? And this year he had the whole murder cover-up and his sister accusing him of killing their dad and stuff to deal with, I think. Not exactly the best times for celebrations.

  4. Bedroom tidying - some. Mostly tidying up the mess I've made since the last time I actually tried to organise it a bit.

  5. Watching the stuff I said I would watch before Connotations/ever - none. I should proably get on that this week, maybe.
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So. We've been having some problems in our house with the internet for the past few months. My dad has a wireless modem which he uses in his office, and I can get internet from in my room upstairs on my laptop. But every now and then my internet wouldn't connect and I'd have to come downstairs, or sit on the stairs and do it, and sometimes it wouldn't pick up a connection until I left my laptop in my dad's office, near the router, for 15 or 20 minutes. And sometimes my dad's computer couldn't get the internet either, for a hour or so, and a few weeks ago my dad was changing some lights/light fittings and he had to turn all the fuses off in the house for half an hour or so, and then the next day he had to do it again, and every time he did the router would stop working for about 5 or 6 hours, I think. So he decided to try to solve the problem and get a new router. Which is installed, and working fine, and he's getting the internet on his computer, and on his laptop, but for some reason my laptop is not picking it up. He thinks it might be something to do with my laptop only picking up G-something, and the new router is transmitting N-something. And maybe we can do something so that it picks up N-something as well, but we don't know yet - my laptop is about 7 years old at this point. But basically at the moment, I can only go on the internet in his office. Which, when he's in the house, he's not always happy about. So basically, my internet access is a bit restricted at the moment, and I may not be around as much as I have been. Which in terms of how much I've been posting and commenting will probably not seem very different. But in terms of how much I've been on and reading, will be VERY DIFFERENT. :(

Anyway. So many things to say. I saw Casualty over the weekend. Casualty )

And I have to go now and watch Hollyoaks. OH HOLLYOAKS. It's still as kind of shit as ever, but at the moment Ste is busy not approving of any of Brendan's criminal activities, but apparently pretending to be him when he thinks no-one's looking. And Brendan is treating Ste like a son, and a hooker, rolled into one. IT'S A BIT BRILLIANT.
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Last night, I watched Casualty, spoilers for this and future episodes )

And I booked for Connotations this year. Woo hoo!

And tonight I watched BBC Sherlock, episode 2 (spoilers for this and last week's episode )

Also, it's the Nottingham Riverside festival this weekend, and I was half-thinking about going down, staying overnight in a Bed and Breakfast or cheap hotel or something. It only yesterday occured to me that I should probably decide now if I actually want to do that. And indeed, book now, if I do. Hmm.
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Soap characters I love at the moment:

  1. Nathan Wylde from Emmerdale. Oh Nathan Wylde. He of the pointlessly turned up jacket collar. I love him. I love him. He is a pathetic, spoiled, angry rich boy who's mostly trying to cope with the fact that his mum killed his dad and then covered it up and refused to confess to the police about it, and now mere months later, has a new boyfriend. He's mostly wandering around sulking and fuming at the moment. The other day we started a scene with him just laid on the couch, fully clothed, curled up staring into space, and it was mostly so his mum Natasha and her new boyfriend could come in behind him and not see him and act all lovey dovey before he could be all 'I AM HERE AND I HATE YOU BOTH'. It was brilliant. He is taking his anger out on his family at the moment, and especially getting mad at his mum, but we do also get quite a lot of scenes of him just stood around staring on his own, so he is clearly having a difficult time with it, not just pitching a fit.

    Meanwhile, his actor is giving interviews and saying things like 'he seems to be feeling a slightly inappropriate emotion towards his mother', and it makes me very happy. It would make me more happy, but I really don't like Natasha at the moment. As much as I disliked her husband and was happy that she shot him, I find it hard to be on the side of a woman who told her son she'd killed his father ('accidentally'), then told him he was talking 'nonsense' when he wanted to tell the police so they could like, dig him up and give him a proper burial, then tried to emotionally blackmail him into helping her cover it up. No dice, Natasha. I kind of ship Nathan with her new boyfriend Declan, because he does stand up to Nathan and Nathan probably needs that, but he's also kind of a dick. So I am left just loving Nathan, oh Nathan, I love him.

  2. Lenny Lyons from Casualty. Lenny is a junior doctor who grew up largely in care, and is not very good with his social skills, and tries his best to cover it up if he does have a regular emotion. A while back his old friend from a care home came into the Emergency Department, and Nick Jordan found out while asking him about it that he used to be in care, and then decided that he was going to mentor Lenny. All the junior doctors had to mentored by an older surgeon, and Nick decided to mentor Lenny. And I love them. Lenny mostly just tries to jump around and get his attention, partly for his career and partly, I think, because omg Nick Jordan. And Nick is getting all enamoured of the idea of having children, because he is settled down in a relationship with Dr Zoe Hanna now, and he has a brain tumour and probably only about 5 years to live. She wasn't entirely sure about having kids, partly because she hasn't told him she's pretty much infertile, and he was trying to talk her into it a few weeks ago, and convince her that she was perfectly nurturing, and Lenny turned up wanting to help out on her interesting case and Nick pretty much encouraged her to take him on and take his hand on the case. He basically wanted her to mother Lenny. THEY SHOULD JUST ADOPT LENNY. He is already full grown, and has no parents to speak of, and would clearly LOVE TO HAVE NICK AS A DAD. I just watched last weekend's episode, and Spoilers ). So yeah. I love Lenny and Nick Jordan. I mean, it's no Toby/Nick Jordan, but it's INCREDIBLE all the same.

So it's mostly jerks that need father figures I seem to be loving at the moment. Oh well, at least I have a type.

I also went to see Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time today. Spoilers )
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On QI tonight they were talking about a "Vampire Squid from Hell" (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) which lives at such a depth in the sea that instead of defending itself by squirting out ink, it squirts out a small cloud of bioluminescent orbs/mucus, and defends itself 'by dazzling'. And suddenly I knew where Stephanie Meyer got her inspiration for the vampires in Twilight.

On the other hand, Stephen Fry was really pleased because he talked about a weird, little-known fact about a Buddhist cult, and everyone thinks that Buddhism is quite a sane religion, but it just proved they too were 'weird'. And fine, religion being weird, always a nice topic. But of all of them, Buddhists actually have quite a nice outlook on life and set of beliefs. So fuck off, Stephen.

On the other other hand, the guests tonight included Jack Dee and Sue Perkins, which was lovely. I had to put up with Jimmy Carr, but whatever. It's odd, I don't even really like Jack Dee's stand-up or comedy 'persona', but I still really like him, mostly based on his time on Celebrity Big Brother quite a few years ago, when he baked bread and shouted to his wife and kids that he loved them from the open doorway of the house during another person's eviction. If Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother gave me nothing else, they gave me that series.

Also on tonight was Casualty, and I hate Casualty. I can't believe they keep mentioning and having on the show the counsellor that Toby went off with. THEY SAID HE WOULD NEVER WORK THERE AGAIN. THEY SAID IT. And I know they have a slightly odd policy with the staff being able to leave and come back again, what with Nick Jordan being able to come and go as he pleases, but honestly. And it makes me think that Toby might be coming back, because it doesn't seem to make any sense to have him around unless Toby is eventually coming back, or sometimes coming back - although I realised tonight that it probably makes sense because the actor who plays the counsellor is either seeing or married to the actress who plays Ruth. But still. THEY SAID HE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO WORK THERE AGAIN. And it makes NO SENSE that he would still be around and able to tell Toby that yeah, one of the doctors he used to work with has lost his baby and his wife left him, and Ruth can't be a surgeon now and her life's in a mess, and that Toby wouldn't RUN IN, and be all "Dudes, dudes, dudes! You have FALLEN APART without me!", and hug them and comfort them and make them some tea. NO SENSE AT ALL.

I am forced to assume that Toby has left the counsellor man, and gone on ahead to the seaside town where Ruth will eventually run away to when her life becomes even more unbearable, and they will end up fighting crime. And to which Dr Jordan will follow them, and take his mentee Lenny Lyons with him because who else is available to mentor Lenny is his absence, in an attempt to bring Ruth at least back, and they will all end up fighting crime together. THEY WILL BE DOCTECTIVES. IT WILL BE GREAT.

And that is the TV I have watched tonight. I must now move on to tidying up my flat and boxing up some of my things for my dad to take back to Yorkshire tomorrow. Sigh.
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I think I might have found new love on Casualty. Casualty )

In other news, I'm a bit worried they're going to have one of my new favourite characters on Emmerdale kill his father, like they did with Carl King. I AM TIRED OF THEM DOING THAT. Emmerdale )

While I was looking up Nathan Wylde and the storyline however, I came across an LJ community for the actor who plays him, Lyndon Ogbourne. Which is where I found this interview. And oh my God, dudes. He's TROUBLINGLY ATTRACTED TO the women who play both his mum and his sister! He was ADDICTED TO CUSTARD! His aunt called him 'FATTY FATTY LYNDON"! He used to make ends meet between acting jobs by being a nanny! He was with one of these children when he got the call about Emmerdale, and terrified them by alternately CRYING, SCREAMING, AND CALLING EVERYONE HE KNEW! I think I'm in love! Oh, Lyndon.

In other news, I'm an idiot. I've started tracking the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme in the hope of catching any Sherlock/Blackwood slash there may be on there. Which makes it the second kinkmeme I am tracking, besides the Watchmen Kink Meme, which has a very established OTP and which sends me about 20 comments I'm not interested in to wade through to get to anything at all about the pairing I am interested in. However, since Blackwood and Holmes actually met onscreen and WERE a bit slashy, there is actually some Sherlock/Blackwood fic being written. Which is not the case with Adrian/Rorschach, sadly.

Also, it is introducing me to some internet things I have missed. I'm probably late to this party, as I'm late to most internet parties, but I am very much enjoying Lonely Island's I'm On a Boat. Except for the bit about sleeping with a mermaid, obviously. But besides that. THEY'RE ON A BOAT.
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I went to my parents' for the weekend. I don't think I mentioned that. Anyway, I'm back now.

I don't really drink, but I'd like to say that I've never been more tempted to buy wine than when I was getting a TV mag at my local shop, and spotted Red Dragon wine, and then Pink Dragon wine. NEVER MORE TEMPTED EVER.

Anyway, I have a few things to say. Mostly about TV and other things I watched. And here they are:

  • Jimmy kissed Carl in Emmerdale last week. He and his fiancee and baby were out having a drive in the car, and they got run off the road by someone who said their brake fluid was leaking. Jimmy's fiancee blamed Carl because he'd bought the car, but it was actually the person who ran them off the road, Carl's girlfriend's son, who had unscrewed the brake cable in the first place, because he and Carl don't get on and had argued. Anyway, Carl knew and told his girlfriend, but Jimmy didn't, and on Friday (the day after the accident) Jimmy came downstairs while Carl and his girlfriend were talking and Carl apologised again. Jimmy said it was okay, because no-one was hurt, and it had made him realise what was really important. Carl's girlfriend said "Life?", and Jimmy said "No. Family", and then he leaned over and kissed Carl on the cheek. Carl smiled and was like "Okay then". It was very good. I love Emmerdale.

  • I watched some snooker over the weekend. Unfortunately I always had somewhere to go or something to do when a match was starting, but I saw a bit of the Robertson and Higgins match. I love John Higgins. And I don't really like Robertson, something about his hair and eyebrows and eyes makes him look a bit not-human, but he is a very good snooker player, and I sort of have to respect him because I think if I was playing John Higgins, I would just constantly miss shots just so he could get up and I could watch him play. So well done him, really.

  • I went to see Up with my mum and my oldest nephew on Saturday. It is great, I very much enjoyed it, and I'm pretty sure he did too. My favourite character was almost certainly Doug. And I really loved the short before the film too.

  • In Casualty, Ruth is having angst because she accidentally got pregnant and then took an abortion pill without telling her boyfriend because she didn't want to ruin her surgical career when it was just starting, and Jordan is recovering from an operation on his brain, trying to cope on his own, and sort of thinking that his life isn't worth living. Now is the PERFECT time to bring Toby back, as a recurring character maybe. CAN YOU HEAR ME, CASUALTY PRODUCERS? PERFECT. They probably won't though. I hate them a bit.

  • Over the weekend, I also watched the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Francis and Spangler have a long talk in Spangler's office about his early life and his mother. Oh I love Francis and Spangler. I had partially forgotten how much.

  • I also managed to see most of the Futurama feature film Bender's Game. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny a lot of the time, but I'm almost tempted to get it at some point just for the sake of Hermaphrodite, the loveliest of the Centaurs. I also saw part of The Wild Green Yonder, and I am intrigued enough to want to watch more. I think maybe the feature films, even work better split into half hour long episodes.

  • Thanks to my parents having recorded it, I saw the first episode of Emma, having missed it last week, and then the second episode last night. I'm actually quite enjoying it. I love Johnny Lee Miller, I know that he is a bit rubbish sometimes, but I love him. And then there was someone else in it that I thought I recognised, but I think I was mixing him up with someone else, and then someone else came along who looked familiar, and it turned out to be Rupert Evans, or John Myers from Hellboy. Which was quite nice.

  • Then last night I was mooching about late at night looking for something to watch, and lo and behold, I found Blackadder's Most Cunning Moments. With Tim McInnerny! And Percy scenes! And Darling scenes! And I love Percy and Tim McInnerny and Darling, as some people may be aware, so that was quite nice to just find on the TV. Yay.

And now to catch up on Adam and Joe and a few other things. And then probably bed.
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Hello. I'm still around. I'm also an idiot, which should suprise no-one. I spent most of the last few weeks telling myself "I can't apply for jobs right now, I really need to tidy my flat", and "I can't tidy my flat right now, I really need to apply for jobs", and in fact, doing neither. I did manage to get enough actions for my Jobseeker's diary though. And apply for at least a few jobs. Which is a plus, really. I haven't posted Mohabattein back to [ profile] whatho yet. I'm really sorry. I'm going to do it very soon, honestly.

What I have mostly been doing is looking for Rorschach/Adrian and Rorschach/Comedian Watchmen fic, and tracking the kink memes currently going on. With a slight dabble in Harry Potter Petunia and Pansy/Luna fic. What I have mostly found is that there isn't as much Rorschach/Adrian or Rorschach/Comedian fic as there is Rorschach/Nite Owl fic. To a pretty high degree. I was considering setting up a Rorschach/Adrian community, as there isn't one and it would be nice to have all the fic together, but suggesting it on the comms gained mixed opinions, so I might put it on hold for now.

Anyway. Besides that, I did have my birthday on Friday. Which was nice. I went back to my parents' on the Thursday, as I'm still not working, but it turned out we couldn't do anything on Friday until my dad got home from work and my nephew got out of school anyway. When they did, we went indoor, glow-in-the-dark-painted Atlantis/Mummy's Tomb mini-golfing. Which was fun, except for the part where we had to wear clear-ish 3D glasses which did, indeed, make the paintings on the walls look 3D, but made everything else look wobbly and out-of-focus, and basically made us feel a bit dizzy. But it was good. And then we went to Pizza Hut for a meal, and I got a medium pizza for the price of an individual because they had no individual Italian bases left, and then we went back to my parents' and had cake, and my nephew stayed at my parents' overnight even though his bedding and room weren't ready because he/my sister insisted, and it was slightly daunting, but alright.

What was less alright was the part where it turned out on Saturday that my dad had booked him and mum in for a test drive of a car, and he thought it would be fine to leave me to look after my nephew for "an hour/not long". Ten minutes after my parents left, my nephew decided he didn't want to watch cartoons anymore and wanted to read by himself on a couch. I went to the bathroom and told him I'd only be ten minutes, since he runs up and down the stairs without us all the time anyway and doesn't need watching all the time. I was in the bathroom for about ten minutes, and then I heard the sound of my nephew running up the stairs, and then the sound of something falling down the stairs. I rushed out, and he was laid at the bottom, crying, saying he'd fallen down the stairs and hit his head on the radiator. A quick call round revealed that both my parents had left their mobile phones at home, and I was left checking my nephew's head, asking him which stair he was on, which he couldn't tell me, and asking if he felt sick or tired and trying to check his pupil dilation, which he didn't want to let me do. He was fine, pretty much after about half an hour, but it was still quite scary. My parent's finally came home two hours later, and I made a bit of a big deal about them leaving their phones at home. But anyway. It all turned out okay.

We went out for Sunday dinner on the Sunday, and then I came back to Nottingham. Since then I have mostly been trying to run around and register with a new agency and pay some bills, and decide what to spend my birthday money on. Both of which are going fine this far.

I have Casualty news from Saturday. A porter man was going around trying to sort out a leaving do for a nurse who was leaving the department, and trying to get a leaver's book filled in for her, and he went into the men's toilets to speak to Mr Jordan. Jordan said something about the man following him around, and the porter man said "I need your entry", and then they sort of looked at each other for a minute. JORDAN IS AS GAY AS ANYTHING, AND WHERE IS TOBY? WHERE? Nowhere to be seen. Hmph.

Tonight Eastenders made me cry for the first time in a few months, and while that's an achievement I suppose, it still seems like a pretty rubbish way to end that quite high profile, quite drawn-out storyline. I had sort of heard things about this possibly being what was going to happen, and about the particular episode that made me think it was going that way, but still. And particularly the way they ended up doing it, which was a bit ridiculous. OH GOD Characters that are spoilers ). Oh God. In my head they get an alternate ending and spin-off where they go off and fight crime or demons. Oh god. Dude. Honestly.
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Let's Dance )

Casualty )
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Note to self: be less rubbish.

Which I'm working on, honest. Lots of things happened this week. I came back from a con. My debit card did need things doing with it so I could use it, it turned out. I went to see a dance thing on Thursday, which was great. I had to do food shopping on Thursday as well, which was less great. I found out I'd been paid by cheque two weeks in a row, and I can only assume I got something from Jobseeker's Allowance this time, because otherwise I don't know why I'd have had money in my account. Things went off all at once, sort of.

Plus there was Coronation Street. And I was thinking, there should be cons in lighthouses. And cons on canalboats. The only thing that stops me thinking that's a grand idea is the fact that you can only fit about six people in a lighthouse or on a canalboat. Unless you had a small fleet of canalboats. You could hold panels in the pubs the con passed on their way. The lighthouse you can't really get round. Unless people were willing to sleep on the beach.

My current favourite idea about Coronation Street is the one where Tony Gordon notices David Platt hanging around being evil and unemployed, and decides he needs a new underhanded PA. David would have to do filing and wear a suit all over the place, and he could silently lord it over Gary that he had a job. Then at some point Tony would find out that David used to be a hairdresser, and would need him on hand AT ALL TIMES, just in case he has an emergency meeting or someone he needs to impress, and has to look his best. Hairdressing is one of my favourite things that David does, and I didn't really actually watch it back then when he was working in a salon, maybe he has no skills but was just very good at sweeping up hair. In my mind he can at least do a trim pretty well. Eventually Tony would probably take Gary on as a new bullyboy/"assistant", but would still want him to look his best, and David would have to cut Gary's hair as well. While fuming. It is an idea I quite love. A lot.

Select-A-Disc is closing down in Nottingham. That's really quite sad, but it does mean they're having a closing down sale. I made a couple of discounted music purchases. It's a shame though. When it closes, Fopp will be the only music/dvd alternative in town to HMV or WH Smith or somewhere. And I do quite like Select-A-Disc. Oh well.

The TV Choice has a little headline on the cover for Casualty this week saying "Jordan's BIG mistake". LETTING GO OF TOBY, is clearly the answer to that one. Maybe this is the week he realises.
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No-one wants to write David/Gary slash for Coronation Street. A quick search on Google has sort of confirmed this. Although given the fact that there's now a court case in the air, and they're playing it as an actual love triangle sort of thing rather than Gary being a twat at David's girlfriend and David being jealous, it's not entirely a surprise. The people on the forums only seem to want to talk about which one is the least attractive and the most horrible. It's quite rub. Probably the show is just building to it, and I should be patient. They can't bring the Ultimate Teenage Criminal Team together straight away. But, dudes. This is the episode where Gary stalked him, with all the rubbish/irrelevant bits taken out. THE GAY IS VERY CLEAR. Probably a fandom will leap into being in the next week or so. Probably.

My secret pairing of Tony/Maria is apparently on the cards though, according to the soap magazine covers. So it's not all bad, I guess.

I’ve been a bit rubbish at LJ in the past week. This was basically my week:

Monday: I got to work and the heating was broken. Apparently if the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius it's illegal conditions. It was 16 degrees all day. They said something about getting some heaters in, but the man meant to be scouting out the place to see where to put them never arrived. Thankfully, they started working very weakly at about 3 or 4 o'clock. The next day it was back on properly and we got to work with our coats off.

Tuesday: Work without having to wear our coats, as I've said. And in the evening I went to the cinema, and had a whole screen all to myself for The Secret of Moonacre. Which I thought, coupled with the adverts, would be related to its quality, but it was actually quite good. It had Dakota Fanning, being a better Dakota Fanning than she was a Lyra Belacqua, in my opinion. It also had Hornblower/Ioan Griffiths in it. And Tim Curry. It wasn't brilliant - although the costumes very often were - but if you want a good, gentle fantasy film, I'd recommend it.

Wednesday: Things probably happened, but I can't remember what they were. I think I had to wash my hair, so not much. Possibly looking up a bunch of videos on Youtube, as I recall.

Thursday: It snowed, starting just before I left the office to go home, as I'm sure it did in many other places. They were doing Light Night taster events, so I saw a light show near the castle as I was coming back. I went to the train station, in snow, to get my train tickets for Redemption, abut was told they would be about the same price on the day, so there was no point booking a time. Then I went and had cake, because I quite like having cake in a cafe/cake shop when it's dark and snowing outside. And I've been in there before, but Lee Rosy's Tea seems to be leading the way in ambiently-lit cake and indie music shops in Nottingham. It was lovely, anyway.

But by this time it was about half past 6, I remembered I'd forgotten to do my little letter to go with my Jobseeker's book explaining that I was now in work and couldn't be bothered standing around on the street doing it, so just went for the bus. I went to the bus stop where the cheap buses go first, and there was one in, but it was out of service. They're usually pretty regular there, but I waited about ten minutes in the cold, and nothing came. The fact that a Light Night woman came around handing out glow sticks because she wanted to go home made it only slightly better. As I was stood three of the more expensive buses I could get went past, so I started walking down to that stop. And then the cheaper bus came. I ran back up, queued, and just as I was pretty much about to get on the driver said the bus was full and no-one else could get on. I walked down to the other bus stop again. I got there about 5 to 7. I was 7:30 by the time a bus came. And I'd been standing there with wet feet inside my boots. I could have walked home more quickly, but I thought it might be slippy on the pavements because of the snow. There wasn't that much snow though. The buses could possibly have bucked up, in my opinion.

Friday: Was the last day of the week, and the first day I'd been paid since December. And it was Light Night. And frankly, I think in the matter of festivals that are completely made up, I think Nottingham sort of wins. There was definitely a lot more stuff on than last year. The first bit was slightly spoiled by a man sat near me shouting a bunch of racist stuff to do with St George's Day, but eventually I moved away. There was the big wheel, as usual. Also a robot roaming the streets, people on stilts, jugglers doing David-Bowie-in-Labyrinth tricks with glass balls, roaming story tellers. The castle grounds were open for free and all lit up, they had a hot air balloon they kept lighting so it lit up, and a dragon made of LED lights mounted to a bicycle roaming round the place. And then there was a Nottingham goddess parade through the streets, with an accompaniment of young rhythm dancers who did a performance in the open space by Marks and Spencer’s. It was pretty great, even if I did look for where people were getting glow sticks from all night and never found out. I found one in the street on the way back home, though. That was fair enough. And it was good. I got home, shivered while waiting for the heating to come on, and watched NCIS.

Today Adam and Joe were on doing their Valentine's Day show, and Adam was quite lovely towards his wife Sarah. I didn’t know his wife was called Sarah. His love CAME WITH A MESSAGE THOUGH. He and Joe didn't declare their love to each other, but probably they do that off the air. And then I wandered around town trying to get stuff done before Redemption. Massive queues in Thornton’s and various places. Valentine's Day. It gets all over the place.

Casualty without Toby is not as good as Casualty with Toby. It's a huge shame.
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I went to my first (new) Jobseeker's appointment today. They seem to be expecting me to do a lot more this time, or perhaps I was doing more to find work last time besides going to see them. Now I have to fill in a diary thing, and my next appointment is Monday. Previously I had 2 weeks between my initial appointment and the first proper Jobseeker's appointment. Which means I sort of have two days. I need to update my CV, mostly. And find somewhere to print it, since I don't have a printer. Which I will do. The lady I spoke to today printed me off two or three jobs from her computer, so it's not that bad.

I did get a letter today saying that I was behind with my Council Tax payments though, and if I didn't pay within 7 days I would be taken to court and have to pay fees. I thought that January was one of the months where you didn't have to pay Council Tax. I was wrong. Blast.

I was watching part of the pilot of Lost the other day, because someone reminded me of the joy of it. And I know, plot development and explaining the mysteries and all that, but I do sort of wish it had stayed a show about a bunch of survivors living on a beach/in some caves, vaguely afraid of what was in the woods, but mostly just getting on with things and catching fish. It reminded me of the time I mostly wanted Sawyer, Sayid and Claire to go leave the others and just live in the woods together with Aaron. Not because I hate the other characters, particularly - although I do hate Jack and Kate - just because I thought it would be great. Sawyer could steal supplies from the others, and keep a secret stash just for them, and Sayid could do useful things and pointedly be quiet at Sawyer when he was pissy, and occasionally they’d hear a noise in the woods and all tense up, and get their guns. Claire would have a gun under her bed. I fully believe that. And they would have to hide her and Aaron away from Charlie and Locke, but that would be fine. And occasionally Rousseau would wander past, but stay a certain distance from their camp, and Sayid would go out and try to talk to her, but she wouldn't stay for long, and Sawyer would ask what her story was, and Sayid would tell him all about Alex, and Sawyer would feel quite sad about parents being separated from their child and pretend that he didn't, and she would be great, and he would sort of pretend she was his mother, running around being super in the jungle with a rifle. And Sawyer would read to Aaron, and Sawyer and Sayid would go hunting not always with great success, and Sayid would be all "And this is how you hunt without a pistol", and Sawyer would be all "Quiet before you scare away the boar!". Claire might ask to learn about hunting, but I imagine they'd insist she should stay with Aaron. Probably she'd learn a bit. She could go out for a bit with one of them while the other stayed with Aaron. It would be great. I should catch up with Seasons 3 and 4 really, and see what actually happened. Probably nothing like this.

In Casualty on Saturday we learned that Nick had some sort of degenerative disease. I'm going to post about Casualty at some point. Probably.
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Things I have learned in the past few weeks about Toby De Silva:

  1. He can sleep anywhere

  2. He dances sometimes.

  3. He likes Ruth. And his voice can possibly bring people out of comas. As a bit of background, the person he's talking to is Ruth, a fellow student doctor who tried to kill herself and is now in a coma. The book he's reading to her from is her diary, which a senior doctor got hold of and leaked to the press when the NHS tried to make out Ruth was unstable and that she wasn't under huge amounts of pressure at work. Toby is not the first to have read it.)

  4. He doesn't always enjoy being a doctor.

  5. He doesn't always know how to pick his moments.

  6. He and Ruth are beautiful together.

I can't believe Toby left me. I miss him.

You know what else I miss? Fantasy Pirate League.
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The internet connection at my parents' comes and goes a bit. The computer in my room tends to get really slow if you leave it on for say half an hour on it's own, and it doesn't have any software or anything to play dvds with. It's a little bit maddening.

So while I have the chance:

  • I saw War Games today on the TV with Matthew Broderick, and they didn't believe for a while that he was a young computer hacker who'd stumbled upon a secret set of military games in their computer system, and thought he was a Soviet spy particularly as he "matched the profile", and now all I want to read about is bright underachieving American high school kids who agree to become spies for the Russians. Them and their handlers. Preferably in the 80s. With lots of Russian.

  • I have festive spoons, on the cheap.

  • Also, people who watched last week's Casualty might wonder whether I'm concerned for Toby. I actually know spoilers. Potentially spoilery reaction to those spoilers (although not really) )

  • I have, however, found a rather lovely picture of Ruth and Toby from Casualty. Here it is:



Dec. 27th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I'd heard that he did some things that were less than socially great this week, and I thought they might be a bit awful, but I didn't expect it to be BRILLIANTLY AWFUL, HILARIOUSLY GREAT. I thought that he might try to kiss Jordan, and wasn't sure how that would go, but no, they settled for brilliant interaction instead. It was all a bit good.

I made an executive decision not to come back to my parents' on Friday last Friday, and went to see Twilight (also a bit brilliant but more awful) instead, and tried to get my Christmas cards done and pack instead. I did not get my Christmas cards done, sorry about that. I came home on Saturday instead, and started my period on the train. Thankfully I had Mefanemic acid tablets in my bag, but I did pretty much spend the rest of the day on the couch. On Sunday, my mum had some friends over who live in Majorca and she hasn't seen in a few years, and over the course of the conversation you could hear her voice going, and I felt like I had a bit of a tickle in mine. The next day I woke up with a sore throat and a cough. But, we were going to see the Snow Queen in Leeds that night, and I had to do a bit of Christmas shopping still so I was going early. Except that I didn't go early, and you had to go into town to get the bus now, and I had to go to the cashpoint to get money, and then the next bus was twenty minutes late. So in the end I only had about an hour to do my shopping, and they had closed down or apparently ripped out a lot of the places I knew in Leeds or wanted to go to. But I got my nephews' presents and went to see the Snow Queen, which was good. And Laurel from Emmerdale was there, which was good as well.

On Tuesday, my mum said she was going into town and then maybe to Junction 32, a nearby outlet village afterwards, did I want to come? And there were a few things I wanted still, so I said yes. But town was packed, half the stuff mum wanted wasn't there, being outside did nothing for my cough so I kept spluttering up and down the aisles (and sometimes she did too), and having to stop off to buy big bottles poof water, and then in Tesco's I had to wait with the trolley while she went to put another ticket on the car, and then when we finally got to the checkout, the gammon she'd got instead of one of the £28 ones from Marks and Spencer’s, had lost the seal on it's film lid, and she and the checkout got covered in honey glaze and possibly gammon juices. When I went back to get another, four of the five left had had the seal on their lids broken, and I too got a bit coated in honey glaze. But after we packed the stuff and got disinfected and the checkout was cleaned, we managed to get home. But by this point my cough and the headache it had caused and probably the five hours of sleep I'd had were making me feel quite ill, so I laid on the couch under my coat with the fire turned up for about an hour. We decided not to go to Junction 32.

Wednesday was fine. I wanted a bath in the evening, but my mum needed to go to my sister's to take my nephews' presents (from my sister and her partner) round, and I went with her ad helped her deliver some cards, then had to stay up wrapping presents. I still had a cough, but it was okay.

Then it was Christmas! My mother got me up, and I cam down and we exchanged gifts. I have a digital radio which informs me it is a Rock digital radio, mainly for Rock, and some DVDs and a Radley purse, and a CD and a book of photography. It's all very good. We watched films about Santa, and then just as dinner was about ready, my sister called and said she and the boys and her partner were ready. They came round, and Jack and Ryan had their presents from my parents and me, and then we had dinner, and then we played with the toys as a family, and hurray, Christmas. Still a bit of a relief when they all left though.

They came back yesterday for Boxing Day, and it was a bit more fraught, but it was fine. We played with Jack's new scalextric, and he took some pleasure in switching cars when people were beating him or his car went off the track.

But it was fun, and we did have a good time, and we've certainly had worse Christmases. I had to go off every bow and then to cough and try to breathe a bit better, but it's mostly gone now. But other than that, it was all pretty good.

I hope the rest of you had great Christmases, and holiday seasons generally. I grope the food was good and the presents were great and the company was similarly great. Merry Christmas!

If I was running Yuletide, there would be way more Emmerdale and Casualty and Green Wing fic than there is. But I'm not.

Also, I love David Morrissey. I hate Doctor Who. Hurrah.
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