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I went to Redemption. And then came back from Redemption. It was v lovely, though also freezing a lot of the time. We saw Virginia Hey, and I saw Man Of Iron for the second time in my life, and we planned for TrainCon, and I got an inflatable air guitar. The hotel did seem to be falling apart slightly, but hopefully they can patch it together with sellotape and glue and it will still be there in 2015.

In more recent days I found out about all the shitty things that had happened at the Oscars this year. Well done, world.

But I digress. I watched a bit of Coronation Street tonight. What I mostly like is that everyone is telling Gail she shouldn't tell David about Nick and Kylie because he has a chance to be happy. Rather than explaining to her that "Gail, you can't do that. He'll kill us. He'll kill all of us". Which is the only thing that makes sense. Rather like Spoilers for The Following the other week )

And yet more spoilers, for The Following 1.06 )

I also wish:

  • Eastenders was just the adventures of Michael Moon. And not at all about zombie Phil. I would watch it all then.

  • Carl in Emmerdale comes back at some point as a MURDEROUS GHOST, protecting his son and niece the only terrible way he knows how. Emmerdale doesn't have enough ghosts. Or any.

At Redemption I also managed to avoid getting spoilered for Mass Effect, even though there was CONSTANT DANGER OF IT. I have finished the first game now, and started the second. I'm not going to spoiler anyone - I know how terrible that is - but I have to say it is kind of ridiculous the lengths games with specific storylines but lots of character generation options, have to go to to make sure you have ALL THE OPTIONS at the beginning of each game. KIND OF RIDICULOUS.
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I have to go for a bus in about 15 minutes, so I must be brief, but:

On Sunday I watched the last episode in this series of George Gently, which was aslkdfsd. I wish there were other George Gently fans on my flist. Maybe I should go and find some. At the moment the main person I have to discuss TV with is my mum, and her way of doing so is to look at me politely until I stop. Then I watched the episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy where Nick investigates and gets kidnapped by his former Navy SEALs commander. I was worried it wasn't going to be as good as I remembered, or wasn't going to be as slashy, but no. Gay as anything. It all seemed a bit rushed though. Like, they had to fit Nick's past with the guy, the guy's supernatural thing, and his attempts to get Nick to join him into one episode. I can't tell though if I only feel that way because I could have happily watched 2 or 3 episodes of Nick being tied up in a cave with his former commander who loves him. Or 24 episodes. Whatever.

Season 2 of PTL is weird. They've made Derek make more sense, but because he makes more sense I just hate him more when he's a jerk. And the CONSTANT ROMANTIC INTERESTS, I can't believe them. And then they try to make me care about him and I don't, and it's just irritating. Philip doesn't trouble us as much though. And the stories - when they aren't about Derek - are often a lot tighter and more interesting, and the main cast sort of make fun of each other and love each other more. So it's odd. I can see why I loved it, but I can also see why maybe I didn't watch Seasons 3 and 4. Although I'm pretty sure I stopped watching them because there was a rumour one of the main cast would die in Season 3, and I was so afraid it might be Nick that I sort of cut myself off emotionally from it. Because that's how I roll/ed, with emotional over-investment.

Also last night I watched all the soaps, although not all of Emmerdale.

Emmerdale )

Eastenders )

Coronation Street )
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I was in Wakefield yesterday, and the day before. We had my oldest nephew on Tuesday, and my youngest nephew yesterday. I just came back from Nottingham last Sunday, and I'm going on holiday with my parents and both nephews tomorrow. I really want to do nothing today, but I probably am going to have to pack today, and possibly wash my hair. Although I'm probably just not going to wash my hair.

There's a big part of me that wants to say I'm going to stay home for the week. We've had some problems with trying to house the dog - we normally leave him at a local kennel, but we arranged for my sister to have him this year since we're taking both kids so my parents didn't book, and then last Sunday my parents took him to their house to see how he got on with my sister's dog, and my sister's partner (who'd apparently forgotten they were having the dog) said she wouldn't be able to cope with them both, now she's pregnant. My mum has been ringing up kennels and possibly the RSPCA all week, with no luck, so my sister's basically going to have to have him. But if I stayed home, I could look after him, obviously.

I probably won't though, I'll probably end up going. I'm feeling a lot better about it today than I was yesterday, and I was going to discuss it with mum today, but she's working till half 8. So. Yeah. I'm just not really looking forward to a week of looking after both kids and running around, and then getting back and having to unpack and catch up on soaps and all the programmes I've missed. Emmerdale has sort of just started getting good, with Aaron getting all self-destructive over killing his boyfriend, and Carl sort of being almost nice about it, because he obviously understands guilt over killing people. But I probably will end up going. It seems a shame to miss my youngest nephew's first holiday away with us. And I've already discussed with my parents that if I find it all a bit much I might just need to sit out of looking after them or being in the middle of things and stuff. And it's only for a week. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just been to Nottingham last weekend, and then had two appointments this week. But it's not like I could rearrange the Riverside Festival. So there we go. Also, I probably won't need to pack much - we're going to Wales, and with the weather being like it is I'll probably be dressing much the same as I always do. And we're going to a caravan park, so it's not like I'll need to be dressing up for dinner either. So today probably won't be that bad either.

In other news, I finally got the second series of George Gently on DVD yesterday, so there's no point in watching it now. Will have to save it till after the holiday. Sigh. But I do love Single-Handed and Jack Driscoll. He's like a terminator. And I like him a lot better now he's proved he's a terrible boyfriend, because he's a good garda. Also I'm really liking Emmerdale at the moment, especially if it continues in it's current vein, even if Carl is still being a twat. Also I love Seth in Hollyoaks. Yay!

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I went to Wakefield and Leeds today, and I bought some earrings and some nail polish. And I tried on some perfume from Lush. It's very nice, but it turns out for a proper bottle of Lush perfume it costs about £32. And even the atomiser costs £15. Also, Jon Burgerman has designed a new tin for Lush which has bath bombs in it. This also costs about £30. Hhrrrghksjdfkdsj.

Anyway. Other things I have done as well as watch Harry Potter:

  • Watched the last episodes of Case Histories. Sniff. Vague character spoilers that no-one will probably care about )

  • Watched the first two episodes of Single-Handed. Sometimes when I am busy loving Jack Driscoll, I forget how genuinely really bleak Single-Handed is. It reminded me in these episodes. And now they have another evil ex-Garda come in to make the community more awful and make Jack Driscoll's life hell. And this one doesn't even love him, like his father. Jack's life is truly awful.

I've been thinking a bit about my fandoms lately. Especially with Connotations coming up and everything. At the moment, they mostly seem to be soaps, webcomics, and weird British/UK detective shows. And films, sometimes. I don't know what the detective shows thing is at the moment, possibly just the fact I've been watching a lot this spring. Most of them don't even have an obvious pairing. At the moment, my head is like a weird little detective agency. Filled with very competent people, who will get the job done, but might just fuck everything up and fuck their own lives up while doing it. Still, at least they have EACH OTHER. Which is often more than they have on their own shows.

Maybe I should focus on Danny Phantom, which has actual fic, and only has ghost, murder and underage issues.

Although I did watch Coronation Street tonight. They made Ken's gay grandson a calculating conman, and then GOT RID OF HIM. I know it's good to have positive gay portrayals on TV, but given that a lot of soaps now have gay and lesbian characters, I'm quite ready to see something outside the general gay and lesbian characters they have. Like villains. Hollyoaks has had a gay gangster for ages, and I know it's Hollyoaks, but they're doing quite well with it. Anyway. But no. He's gone now. Also, Gail got all jealous over people trying to date Nick again (I think they have to stop doing that, at some point. Or make it canon). And Gary is going crazy, and Izzy has to put up with it. Oh well.

Also, I watched a bit of Emmerdale last night and tonight, and I feel like I might be able to start watching it again. Except, as well as pairings which are just sort of starting out and then someone dies, one of the most annoying things for me is watching one half of one of my OTPs just be swanning around without the other one. I think that's half the reason I still go on about Toby De Silva and Toby/Jordan sometimes - because I watch Casualty sometimes nowadays, and Jordan is STILL THERE, being really clipped and brisk and slightly short with his colleagues, and then maybe finding out he was wrong and having to go apologise to them, and running the department on his own no matter what problems arise. And it's so easy to just imagine how much better things would be if he had Toby just quietly standing next to him, watching him, and when he'd had an argument with someone smoothing things over, even if just with his presence. And doing spare paperwork, and being lovely with the patients. And Jordan would have someone supporting him, and someone to take care of, and someone to shout at sometimes eventually leading to a heartfelt apology while Toby didn't look at him. And it just feels very much like it would improve his life. I once had a plotbunny, when all the actors and/or staff were leaving Casualty, about Toby coming back for some reason and finding Jordan running the department literally single-handed, except for maybe the paramedics bringing patients in, and helping to run it with him. That was a lovely plotbunny.

Anyway. My point is that it's weird watching Declan wander around and get on with his life when Nathan isn't there. And how much EASIER his life would be if he had Nathan to mock and argue with, and then jump in to help maybe when Nathan did something TRULY ridiculous. However, Declan's awful wife and not that brilliant daughter are apparently leaving soon. Maybe that will make things easier. Mostly I want Carl to have pushy, not-explaining-the-whole-truth arguments with Aaron about murder, and how at least Aaron had a good reason. But I don't think Emmerdale is going to give me that somehow. Hmph.

I'm sorry if any of this is coming out weird. I didn't get much sleep last night, and now my head and eyes hurt. I am TYPING THROUGH THE PAIN.
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Coronation Street )

Ah. Anyway. I also ended up watching Emmerdale tonight. Emmerdale )

In other news, bah. I have been playing a lot of Folklore recently, and I thought I was nearly finished. There are five realms you can visit, and I had completed four of them. However, there are also two characters you can play, a young girl called Ellen, or an adult man called Keats. When I first started I genuinely did alternate, playing a chapter with Ellen, then the same chapter from Keats' point of view. But then I decided that I didn't like Keats much, and it was kind of annoying, just finishing one chapter, and then basically having to do it all over again with Keats. You learned more information from playing both characters, but still. And the game guides seemed to say you could play as Ellen or Keats or both, so it seemed like you didn't have to do both. So after the first chapter, I decided to just play as Ellen. But now, like I say, I've just completed the fourth realm, out of five, and now it says to complete the fourth realm properly, you have to play it as Keats as well. So I have to go back and play through three realms and do the chapter I've just done again, just to move forward with the story and with Ellen. Pah I say. Pah and bah.
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So. I just freaked myself out trying to buy something online (long story short, there was a webcomic offering itself for $5, when I got to the checkout shipping turned out to be $13.50, I immediately tried to cancel and then - having signed in with Paypal as it recommended - couldn't tell whether I was signed out or not or how exactly my Paypal account was tied up with the site). But anyway, I went into Paypal and changed my password and there's no activity in my account, so I think I've done everything I can to fix that, if indeed there was a problem. It was a very confusing site I was trying to buy the thing from. But anyway.

In other news, I almost can't watch Emmerdale at the moment. Emmerdale )

On the other hand, Coronation Street! Coronation Street )

And I've been playing more Heavy Rain. I think I'm into the last third or quarter of the game now, and it's getting harder, obviously. Spoilery thoughts )

In other news, I think a bit of a rehaul of this journal is in order. Nothing massive, just getting rid of some of the deleted journals from my flist, update the interests, go through the icons and get rid of the ones I don't really use. It's a bit difficult because at the moment I mostly like stock icons, not having many current fandoms at the moment (that aren't soaps), and they're the kind of icons you kind of love and upload and then hardly ever use, in my experience. Maybe it's just me. But anyway. It's needs doing. Whether or not I will actually get round to it anytime soon is another matter, of course.

Also, I totally went to my appointment yesterday, and then this morning I got up at twenty past nine to go to today's at ten. My mum drove me to where it was being held at, at a community centre that's pretty near our house, but down a bunch of weird streets on an estate I don't normally go to. She said she'd wait outside for a few minutes and if I wasn't done by then she'd go home, and I could call her there if I wanted a lift back. It took about five minutes for the woman to even come downstairs, then we went upstairs and she briefly outlined the course, and said something about it being completely voluntary, but if I agreed to doing it I'd be committed to doing 10 hours of stuff a week up there. Then she asked me, just to check, if I was on Jobseeker's, and I said no, I'd just signed off and gone onto Employment Support Allowance. And she said whoops, the course was only open to people on Jobseeker's. So I couldn't do it obviously, but she told me later on, when I was feeling more up to doing stuff, I could call her again for some other courses. Anyway, so I came out at about quarter past ten, my mum had already left, and I ended up trying to find my way back on my own. And getting lost. And briefly climbing a dirt track up a hill. It was like a really elaborate April Fool's joke the world itself had played on me. But anyway. I'm not going on that course, obviously. And at least I went and checked it out, I guess.

TV, mostly

Dec. 9th, 2008 09:15 pm
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I haven't watched Heroes in two weeks. I've been sort of sucked in by the Devil's Whore and Casualty. They have - acting? Acting where you can tell what might happen sometimes from what people are doing and how they look at each other and stuff? And plotlines that make some sense? I'd forgotten about that a bit. I'm going to catch up with Heroes eventually. It might take some kind of Angela-Peter-Sylar taskforce. I'll probably catch up. At some point.

The Devil's Whore finishes tomorrow, I think. I think things I like will happen. I barely dare to hope. It's a shame though, because it broke up the week nicely. Ah well. I only have one more week left at work anyway.

Tonight on Emmerdale, Matthew convinced the fiancee whose father he secretly caused the death of to give him some money to keep his business afloat. Possibly he really was reluctant to ask, possibly he wanted to seem that way so she'd be more likely to give it to him. I love how awful he is. It's a bit great. It turns out he told Carl about the whole thing the day after her father died, and they sort of discussed it and the best way to handle a secret accidental murder. The King boys are a bit great. I may have mentioned that before. They remain that way.
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Hello! I went to my parents'. I saw my nephews. They are both great.

A few things:

  • I am very happy that Rachel won Big Brother. Very very happy. This is not just because she is called Rachel, I think. It was slightly enhanced by the fact that she wore a lovely red dress for the finale.

  • I saw an epsiode of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois said to Francis that she hadn't been a good enough mother to him, and it made her really sad that he didn't have the mother he deserved, and and he was quite happy, but he didn't feel any better, and it was everything he'd ever been hoping she'd say, and it didn't make him feel any better, and he started hyperventilating, and Lois ended up offering him some money from from her purse, and he took everything she had except what she needed for a bus fare, and he asked for her tic-tacs as well, and I love him, and I love her, and I want Spangler back, Francis should only be with people who aren't quite good enough to him, oh God, oh God, I love them. They should all have to fight monsters together.

  • Currently on Emmerdale Carl King is torn between his head and his heart. I'm enjoying Emmerdale quite a lot at the moment.

  • So I have a bit of money at the moment. Enough to buy that CD I've been talking about. How to people feel about buying stuff over the internet from small sites though? I know https: is meant to be a good sign, but I'm not sure what else to be wary of.

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Past spoilers for tonight's Emmerdale )



Sep. 2nd, 2008 05:50 pm
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Spoilers for tonight's Emmerdale )
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  • I had a flat inspection today, and it's really quite wonderful having floorspace. I've managed to clutter up some of the surfaces, but I can probably fix that when I take out the bin.

  • Cornwall's off, due to no availability, which is annoying actually, because I haven't really had a holiday in a year. Possibly two years. Not a proper, wander around doing what you like holiday. Mostly my trips have included travelling long distances on most days of the holiday, or on some occasions, both days of the holiday. But what are you going to do?

  • I did not see Doctor Who at the weekend. But I did see In Bruges, which is a great film, and contains some of the best hitmen I've ever seen. By which I mean loveliest. And occasionally mean best.

  • I also saw Higniffy, through the magic of iPlayer. I love Jack Dee. I know lots of other people don't, but I do. I love it when Paul makes him laugh. I love it when he can't help smiling on the "Webisode". I love him. And Paul. And Ian.

  • Last week on Emmerdale, people were taking it in turns to stalk Carl. It was great.

  • Also over the weekend, I remembered that there was a film I liked Heath Ledger in other than the Batman Begins Dark Knight trailer. I got a free DVD with one of my magazines full of trailers for the summer, which had that on there, and is great. But anyway, I watched The Brothers Grimm again. I love The Brothers Grimm. I love Jake. I love Will. I love Cavaldi. I can't believe there isn't more Cavaldi/Grimms slash. That's just a bit pointless. But there is plenty of Will/Jake, so hurrah. Oh. Yay.

  • And now I must go to bed because it is late and my hair is still quite wet.
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Will Ferrell clip

I'm pretty sure I sat near someone yesterday who had that.

I'm very tempted to go on a coach holiday to the Eden Project and Cornwall in a couple of weeks. My mum's giving me some money out of her semi-retirement package, and I would really like to go see the Eden Project. But my spring is pretty full up as it is. There's a jewellery show thing on next weekend that I was going to go see, and I'm seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (eee!) at the start of May, and then Simon Amstell at the end. And it would mean taking two days off work (I think) before having two bank holiday weekends and having to take at least half a day off to go to London for the Nick Cave concert. Still.

Last night on Emmerdale, Matthew was beautiful and went round to Carl's to quietly apologise and make him a cup of tea, and Carl just wasn't having any of it. And last night on Dirty Sexy Money, spoilers that I know did not get revealed, but I don't think they're doing a very good job of hiding them. Also, Nick went to see a spy to find out what his dad was looking into when he died, and the spy turned out to be Chandra Suresh. Probably it's only a matter of time before he turns back up to tell Nick he has superpowers. Or everyone else in the show.
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Emmerdale )


Apr. 10th, 2008 07:10 pm
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Tonight's Emmerdale! )
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Last night on Emmerdale, Matthew talked about the new old businessman's marriage breaking up as though it was the same as Carl leaving them. He said "It's a shame when families break up like that, isn't it?". Tonight on Emmerdale, the new old businessman was saying how Matthew always plays dirty, but at least they had someone who knows how to handle him. Matthew then went on to have a conversation with the new old businessman's son in which he almost exclusively referred to Carl as "my brother" and "my little brother". And implied that Carl was just the best thing ever. I love them so much.

Hello. I've been away. And had to deal with rent and bills and things. And a new job, which is going fine. Mostly they gave me audio typing for which I have to look up medication names, and if I need to do anything else I have to ask someone how. But I do have a window and a bit of a view, which is a plus over my last job. And I finish at four, which is quite good.


Mar. 12th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Recent Emmerdale )
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I got a rather beautiful leatherbound dictionary from the Book People today. This is one of the reasons I love the Book People.

It occured to me that I didn't say much about There Will Be Blood that wasn't chock full of spoilers. Basically, I liked it. I liked that it was set in lots of desert, as it kept reminding me of Carnivale. I think I like things that are a bit sandy, and have a sort of Wasteland feel to them. It didn't feel like an overlong film, although it was long, and there were a few times when I thought "How many hours do we have left now?". And it is a bit dense in places, you will probably spend a lot of time going "What? Did he just...what?". But it is a good film, with some great acting, and I really did enjoy it. In conclusion, if you like your period/oil-drilling films complete with regular religious showdowns and the occasional spot of mud-wrestling, you might well quite like it too.

Work has been manic as usual, but not quite as manic as the last few weeks, which is nice. Last night I was out in town and I saw one of the offenders selling the Big Issue, and another helping a woman in an electric wheelchair into a restaurant. Which is much nicer than when my fellow receptionist sees them around town and they tend to ask him for any spare change.

I taped the Emmerdale omnibus over the weekend at my parents, and it missed off the episode last week where a new old businessman tried to seduce Carl King. But I did catch the hour-long episode I missed where Matthew threw Perdy out the house and she was wearing a little cardigan, jeans and trainers. That was quite good. Although I still don't know quite why he did it. But the trainers were good enough. Also he suggested that she should go off and find Rosemary wherever she was still alive somewhere and move in with her. You can't tell me he didn't.


Dec. 27th, 2007 09:31 pm
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I have been at my parents and EVEN WORSE AT LJ THAN USUAL. Hello. Mostly television won at being itself, and my family weren't as horrendous as it all could have been. Quite good actually. Ten games of Lunar Jim are alright, really. And there was Yule Log, which always improves things, really.

Anyway. Telly. OMG. First there was Sold )

And then there was Emmerdale. Oh my God, Emmerdale. Emmerdale )

And then there was other stuff. Last Sunday there was randomly a Big Fat Quiz on about Channel 4, with Jack Dee and Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell, which was lovely. On Christmas Eve there was a Comedy Connections about Red Dwarf, and then the first ever episode, and Christmas At The Riviera, which featured Reece Shearsmith running around with beautiful glasses on. Then there was the Hudsucker Proxy, which I'd never seen all the way through before, and about which there seems to be no slash. They put the Lemony Snicket movie on as a Christmas movie, and Dustin Hoffman turned up in it. Then on Boxing Day there was The Old Curiousity Shop, and Bryan Dick randomly appeared in that too. Derek Jacobi tried to tell him that he was a wastrel and a scoundrel, and he was all "Excuse me, I think you'll find I have a hat and a cane". He wasn't in it very much, he was mostly just there to get Swiveller into the plot, and the I wasn't too taken with the rest of it, but it was lovely all the same. And yes. It was all quite good and beautiful.

The Hudsucker Proxy was mostly useful for putting off opening my presents, as mum had for some reason decided to work on Christmas Day. But it was fine anyway. My nephew Jack really enjoyed a lot of it, as you would expect, and we had a lot of fun. And now I am back at home in possession of Heroes Season 1, the first four series of Red Dwarf, a graphic novel of the Looking Glass Wars Volume 1: M. Hatter, the Hoosiers album, and a book about Angels. And some chocolate. I have to work tomorrow, which seems wrong, but then there's the rather lovely part that comes after Christmas, of trying to decide what to spend your Christmas money on. And checking Yuletide. And trying to catch up with your flist. Rah. I do have to go to bed for work though. Anyway, I hope you all had merry Christmasses, even if I didn't keep up with them. And I love you all. Merry Christmas.


Sep. 27th, 2007 07:59 pm
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Emmerdale, hour-long special finale )

It turns out my TV only picks up decent reception on ITV now if I sit about 2 metres in front of it. I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work.


Aug. 1st, 2007 06:39 pm
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You know, it would be nice if there was Psychic LJ. Because I totally compose posts throughout the day, as I'm doing stuff, and then when I finally get to the computer I've naturally forgotten what they are. Take note, services people.

Oh, Heroes. This is quite, horribly late. Thoughts on Episodes 1 and 2, having seen the rest of the season )

And a thought that has nothing to do with the rest of the season )

Tonight is more Heroes, and new [ profile] the_sc_files. I spent most of last night doing the washing up, since I had no clean plates left, so tonight's plan is for dinner that won't create any. I did finish all the washing up though. Which gives me great hope for the rest of the tasks I need to achieve. One of which is watching the first three episodes of Supernatural S2 before watching the fourth on Friday. Hurrah.

Emmerdale was great last night. There wasn't any Carl in it, except for the fact that he and his fiancee used to go to bars where businessmen needed entertaining together, but they made up for it with Perdy. Rosemary's drugging her to make her go mad, which would be lovelier if Rosemary didn't seem to actually want her to go mad and go away so her son can marry someone who can have kids, but she still stroked her face a bit to make her calm down. Then Perdy started running the streets in her bare feet, eventually crawling on the cobblestones, and Matthew ran over to her and hugged her, because of how they slept together once. Then he sat with her while she looked a bit catatonic. OH HE IS BEAUTIFUL. He should make her an honorary King. She'd love living at the big house, and I like to think she'd get on with Carl. And they could give her gun lessons. It would be great. Mostly my plan is for everyone great to eventually live with the Kings.

A thought I was having: I was thinking about a book I read when I was young with a girl called Tuesday in it. Then about Wednesday Addams. I just started the first Thursday Next book. His Girl Friday's a bit of a stretch, but I'm willing to take it. And there's a Sunday in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Can anyone think of a Monday or a Saturday?
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