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I am 1000 pages into IT, and I'm so proud of myself, and I sort of don't want to talk about it in case I ruin the magic somehow. But I also don't want to not talk about it in case I make too big a deal of it in my own head and ruin it. I don't want IT to be one of those things I don't finish. But also I am tense because it is finishing. This is it. I'm going to get answers and find out what really happens. But I'm also going to get answers and find out what really happens. When I was about halfway through the book, I estimated it was about 1400-1500 pages, but looking at it now I think it's closer to 1300. Which doesn't seem like enough for all the stuff I know is going to happen. Spoilers )

But I am getting close to the end, and I am excited. But also, at the same time, I read Tommyknockers as a teenager and I remember there was one bit where a character went into Derry to get some more batteries and thought they saw a clown in a storm drain for a minute. And I remember thinking at the time "that's a reference to It", and now I can't remember what year The Tommyknockers was set in. It was after 1985, I don't even know. They better beat the damn death clown, Stephen.

It's so cold lately, it's September and it's sunny, but it's still cold. I don't understand why. I felt like after the not-summer we had in June and July and then how hot it was in August, it would just continue to warm for another few months. Now I'm worried we're going to have a really cold winter. I don't do so well with the cold. Or maybe we'll have a really hot one? I don't know.
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Our dog is not well. After pooing on the living room carpet on Saturday - which I told my dad was out of character for him - he's had bloody diarrhoea for the last two days. Including some times where it just seemed to be mostly blood. This morning he looked super unwell and lethargic and skinny, but my took him to the vet and she said the vet said he wasn't dehydrated and didn't have a temperature, so it wasn't too worrying. She's given us some antibiotics and probiotic paste, and we have to take him back if he's not better in a few days.

It's so hard for me not to just livetweet at you all my thoughts about IT. Thoughts about IT ) If there isn't a fandom or something for IT when I'm finished, I may cry. I'm ready to join a cult.
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The Let's Players I watch do a podcast every Sunday, and this one is entitled "Besmirching the honour of clowns", and now I'm paranoid to look at anything on the internet in case it has spoilers for IT.

Spoilers for IT )
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Pennywise is like the Nicki Minaj of horror villains.
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I've come to terms with the fact that I won't finish It before the film comes out. So all I have to say is; if you've read the book, please don't spoiler me. I know you probably won't, but please don't. If you go see the film and you spoiler me, I will get you. I'll Pennywise you. I'll come up out of a stormdrain. I won't rest.

So. Just bear that mind.

I've talked to my mum about the dog, and it turns out I was doing way more of a walk than was necessary in the evenings. She just takes him out around the street for five or ten minutes. So, if I can give him a bit of a walk on a morning - or at least most mornings - that seems a little more doable. But I still feel like those two weeks are going to be hell - my sister will have the kids, she's more likely to turn up at our house for some reason or another, or to ask me to have one of them over so she can have a break. Whenever their dad picks them up, he tends to do it from our house because my sister doesn't want to see him (understandably). she going to still want to do that, or is she going to have to see him, or is she going to book a bunch of taxis? On top of all the stuff I'll have to do to keep the house running without my parents, suddenly, around working, and never mind what I'll have to do with the dog. But. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

I had to get my cat some more cat food this week, and I decided to get her Whiskas for a change. But I accidentally also got her food in gravy, rather than in jelly like she normally has, and now she won't eat it and I am :(
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Meanwhile for Frank it's been an endless game of "how can I get under Rachael's desk to sit at her feet, where I mostly love to sit with people?", when there is absolutely no room for him under my desk. He seems to have mostly taken the consolation prize of sitting under the end of my comforter and quilt where they spill over the edge of the bed.

IT )
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I started It yesterday. It might not have been a great idea to read a book that literally starts with a 6 year-old dying, given that I have a 6 year-old nephew, but I powered through it. And it is amazing. Stephen King is such a good writer, like, I struggle with reading a little bit these days, because of the OCD. I often feel like I have to go back and read things again, because I haven't 'gotten them' properly, which interrupts the story. But Stephen King's writing just flows. I still do that a little bit, but mostly I don't care whether I've gotten a bit properly or not, because I want to know what happens next. It's weird that people put down his writing sometimes. It's also weird when you think maybe you're just not doing well with books at the moment, but it turns out you just need better books.

On a vaguely related note, talking point: do you think George RR Martin is who's ruined stories for us all right now? The reason why people are so happy to just enjoy a story for what they think is going to happen, rather than what is actually happening? And put up with stories that just go on and on and on with no end in sight?

In other news, I can't believe the new Confederate show they're going to let the guys behind TV Game of Thrones make (the guys behind TV Game of Thrones). Wow.

This has been a slightly odd weekend so far - I was looking forward to it all week, because I was working, and now it's here and I don't know what to do with it. I finished Wolfenstein. That's a game I was playing, about an alternate universe where the Nazis got magic technology and won the second world war. The best part of it was when you were in a museum, and there was an exhibit about how the Nazis had put a man on the moon, and the main character said "fuck you, moon". It's very tongue in cheek like that. The sequel's out in October, and it looks wicked, so I wanted to finish it to be ready for that.

There's a new Lord of the Rings video game coming out as well. They've made Shelob a woman. A sexy woman. I feel - I don't know. Blank-minded, about that decision? Like why would they do that? But I always sort of liked Shelob, with my limited knowledge of Tolkien, so I'm vaguely interested in a story that gives her a talking role anyway.

I'm going to have a bit of a Michael Keaton-fest, based on how much I loved him in Spiderman Homecoming. I have Beetlejuice and The Other Guys. I feel good about both of them as film choices.
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I'm all wound up about my sister's stupid phonecall now. I've been having conversations with her in my head all day. For fuck's sake. Then I started worrying about how her and her asshole-ish, sometimes abusive partner would be doing without the kids around to 'keep things civil' for - and then I started thinking "what if they have a big fight and she turns up here saying she's staying over for a few days, since the beds are free".

Hopefully she won't. She always seems to turn up whenever mum and dad are away on holiday - but I don't think she'd just turn up expecting to stay. Especially without calling mum or dad first. Unless she was drunk? But hopefully she and her partner are just staying out of each other's way, especially without the kids around to chase around after.

Anyway. Happier things. I cleared out the drawer under my bed full of books. I figured it was a good idea, if I wanted to take some books to the library soon - and I think I was a little afraid to do it, in case I decided I loved and had to keep ALL the books once I saw them again, and didn't get the space I was hoping for. So I decided to get on with it. And got rid of most of them. Some I kept, old books that mean a lot to me, one that I still would like to read some day. It was weird, because some I knew on seeing them that I had to keep them, some I knew I wanted to get rid of, and some I still felt very strongly about, but knew I could get rid of, because I needed the space. And I probably wasn't ever going to read them again. It's weird realising that you love some things but don't need them. Sort of liberating and sad all at once.

Anyway, after all that - I managed to get exactly TWO boxes in the drawer. These are like my Playstation boxes and polystyrene boxes for ornaments - things I might need again if I'm moving things or sending them for repairs or something. The PS4 box and the Wii U box fit into the drawer - alongside the little stack of books I was keeping - nothing else. But it gave me better access to the bedside table, and it turns out the PS3 box fit in the 'cupboard' part of that, and my laptop's box fit in the drawer. So much for using that for anything else. Then I managed to fit a few boxes inside each other, and presto! Almost a clear space next to my bed. It needs a hoover. Badly.

Then this evening I was drawing my curtains, and I've been meaning to take one down and adjust it for a while, because since I put the blackout blinds up it always seems to pull really hard on the outer ring when I close them, as though I made the blind too narrow, and it doesn't cover the side of the window so light gets in, which it doesn't with the other curtain. But! They're drawn now and it doesn't seem to be pulling as much, and I turned off my light and I think it's wrapping around the side and keeping the light out a bit better. It must have been getting caught on the boxes. So tidying my room has seen an instant improvement. Hurrah! Curtain adventures.
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I also finished the Dragon Age prequel novel I've been reading for a bit. My expectations were low before going in, then it was really disappointing, took a sharp detour into misogyny, and the ending was STILL a complete anti-climax. So. Well done David Gaider. I guess.

AND IT HAD NONE OF THE INFORMATION I WAS LOOKING FOR. THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET TO THE CAPITAL CITY. OR DESCRIBE THE PALACE. I know the palace has gardens and the King's chamber has a map carved into the door. That's it.
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I was away over the weekend and now my laptop is backing itself up forever.

I was away over the weekend. I went to see [ profile] jekesta, [ profile] slemslempike and [ profile] alicamel, it was brilliant. I watched Coronation Street with someone who truly appreciates it and I watched the first few episodes of The Invisible Man, and learned exactly how quickly a man could get over the death of his brother. Also little Rita was there to lick me forever. It was great.

I'm so tired. I don't know why, I had some VAGUELY early mornings over the weekend, and today on the train I had a moment of dizziness that instead of happening and then going away, lasted for about thirty seconds. While I was sitting still and the train was sitting still. I'm going to get some sleep tonight and hope it goes away. I'm considering just getting up around 10am from now on though, rather than about 12, and letting my body get used to it. I'm getting kind of sick of this now.

I need to sign up for Dragon Age Keep and see if I can pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition at my local games store and see if I can pre-order Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at my local games store. Also I should probably email my volunteering dude and see if he's back in the office yet, and maybe wants me to come in soon. For some forewarning.

I hate the Dragon Age prequel novel and want it to die and want Maric to die and want Katriel to die (I think I'll get my wish with her), kind of want Rowan to die (next book) and kind of want Loghain to die. I really wanted to like it because I do think Loghain is an interesting villain and wanted his backstory, but. No. At this point I think I'd prefer a really dry recounting of all the Fereldan battles and a genealogy of all the noble houses to the endless double love triangles. At least that would have some facts I can work with.
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Snagged from [ profile] rei_c. It's International Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status.

"'If we die, we all die together'"
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And in fandom news from the past few weeks:

  • Allie Brosh's book is apparently available in October. I assumed, what with how ill she's been, that she just wouldn't have been working on it, but no, apparently it's coming soon. Which pleases me. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, so in case you're interested and hadn't heard, there's the link.

  • I'm getting on with the main plot in Fallout 3 again, and you know, the more I think about the storyline, the more annoyed I am about what a wasted opportunity I think Bethesda had. Spoilers for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas )

  • I have been listening to this fanmix, and I want to rec it, because it makes me really happy. so maybe it would make you guys happy too. I didn't even know Electro Swing was a thing, but apparently it is. Also, it's a fanmix for Benny/F!Courier from Fallout: New Vegas, so if you ship that, you may love it doubly hard. NB: I cannot be held accountable if you don't love it.

And I was going to talk about some of the animals my cat has been bringing in as 'presents' lately, but I remembered in my last post I said I wasn't going to make another post about animal death for a while. Suffice it to say, I'm half horrified and half impressed.

And in the last few weeks, I saw three films. Three whole films.

The first two weeks ago was The Internship, which I saw mainly because it had Vince Vaughn in it and he looked like he might not be a dick to people in it. Which I was correct about! Although there were some slightly odd things in the film, overall he and Owen Wilson were both quite nice, and quite nice to other people. It was a slightly odd film - a lot of the scenes sort of felt like they were ad-libbed, and maybe they should have done more ad-libbing until they got something better/funnier. And the ending was basically a big ass-kiss to Google. But overall I enjoyed. And I somehow got a fluff pairing out of it. Mild spoilers )

Unfortunately, Vince Vaughn has turned out to be the latest actor I liked who disappointed me horribly, mainly by having fairly shady politics. It's nothing that would make me want to stop watching him, but apparently he's agreed to make a conservative TV show about his politics. So the night is young!

Speaking of which, I'd forgotten that the next Mark Wahlberg film I was looking forward to also featured Denzel Washington trying to do a comedy role for once, which I wanted to support. I may go see it. For Denzel.

Anyway. Then last week, I went to see Now You See Me and Pacific Rim.

Now You See Me, some spoilers )

Pacific Rim, some probably pretty big spoilers )

I think that's all my fandom news. Also I have started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, but I think I mentioned that in the last post. Also a few other things. But these are the main ones I think.

I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with my mother, because we are going on holiday with my two oldest nephews in less than two weeks. I need some holiday clothes. But I don't know exactly what I need or want. So tomorrow will probably be interesting, to say the least.
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5 questions from whatho )

That was quite fun. If any of you want any questions of your own, feel free to ask, although I can't promise they'll be terribly interesting or incisive. But incisive might not be what you're looking for anyway. So ask away.
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Hello. I've been meaning to post for the past, um, few weeks. But I've been keeping myself on a pretty steady diet of Skyrim, Saints Row 2, rewatching about half of Season 2 of Oz for Peter Schibetta reasons (who I love MORE THAN EVER), and watching American Dad, for humour and intergenerational het incest reasons. THE BEST REASONS THERE ARE. Also, I managed to get onto the jewellery making course in Leeds for a second term, and I've been going to see my employment coach again. Christmas is truly over. Even if all the sales aren't. So I haven't really had a lot of time to do other things.

Some nice things that have happened to me lately:

  • My new nephew came home from the hospital on Monday, yay!

  • On Saturday in the post I got both a slightly gloomy, but lovely, card from [ profile] jekesta containing beautiful stickers (thank you [ profile] jekesta), AND a letter saying I'd won a premium bond, for the amount of £25, including a cheque for it. It was a good day for post.

  • I got back on my jewellery making course. I was lucky to do so, really, in a slightly sad way, because I was only on the waiting list, and they didn't call me the morning of the first lesson like they did last term. But I called them and they said yeah, come in, so I went in and enrolled and went to the class. And then the tutor took the register and realised one person - who had also been on the course last term - wasn't on the register, and there were 13 people in the class when the maximum was usually 12. The woman who wasn't on the register said she hadn't signed any forms or spoken to the people running things upstairs, she'd just come back to the class. She and the tutor went upstairs to talk to the people in the office, and then the tutor came back down and said the woman had had to go home, because there wasn't a place for her. So assuming she wasn't on the waiting list like me, I probably ended up with her place. Which I did feel slightly bad about. But not entirely, because assuming I don't win my appeal - which I don't think I will - by the time the next term comes round, I might well have less money to spend on courses, and no concessions, so it would cost £50 instead of £5. So mostly I'm just relieved about it.

  • My Oglaf book came in the post today, hurrah!

Some bad things that have happened to me lately:

  • Yesterday at my jewellery course, I managed to cut my thumb with tin snips, which if you know anything about tin snips is pretty hard to do, but I managed it. I also burnt my fingers quite a lot while trying to polish things, scraped my elbow on part of my desk, and get hit by a tiny drop of boiling water while someone was quenching another piece. It really was not my day yesterday.

  • I got a call from the Tribunals service today (and yesterday). It turned out it wasn't about anything much, though, but still. A reminder that it is coming :(

Hmm. In other news, Skyrim's wicked. The only problem I'm having with it is that there are so many quests, SO MANY quests, and you don't have to take them all, but I always worry that turning them down WILL mean you don't get to still do them, or that I'll forget that people are offering them and miss out on them. But now I have probably about fifty 'to do', and it's sort of stretching my own suspension of belief that people would not be upset that I took a few months to basically take something to another town for them. So I'm trying to work my way through them at the moment. And basically running into and getting more along the way. But still. It's pretty good.

Further adventures in gender included a quest where I had the choice between taking the side of a woman in hiding or the side of the men hunting her for supposed crimes, and taking her side led to the men accusing me of being fooled by a 'pretty face'. However, Minor spoilers for Skyrim, maybe ). So maybe Skyrim/Tamriel really IS meant to be a world where it's perfectly okay and accepted to be gay. In which case, well done, I guess, Bethesda.

Adventures with gender in Saints Row 2 have been slightly more confusing. By and large it's fairly straightforward or not mentioned. But there's an activity you can do in the game called "ho-ing". Which, as far as I can tell, is where you gain respect by going to strip clubs and "pleasing" - strippers, I guess - after which your sexual prowess is known throughout the land, or whatever. I went and did it as part of another job though, and you don't actually get to see any of the act, but you hear voices, and my character was definitely in there with a man. So. I don't really know whether I earned or spent money after that activity. Was it a male ho? Was it just some random guy and we were using a strip club as basically a motel, without paying any of the actual people who worked there? Which is kind of insulting if you think about it. Apparently you can earn money as a pimp by ho-ing, but I don't know how or if I did. But it sounded like a good time was had by all, at any rate. So fine.

Saints Row 2 is getting a bit tricky at the moment in that it's got to that sort of middling part of games, where you're quite good at it, but not super-good at it, so I'm feeling a bit cocky perhaps but the challenges are getting slightly harder and I can't just breeze through them like I could the earlier stuff. Which is a little bit aggravating. But I'm still really enjoying it. Especially now that I've figured out I can steal helicopters if I want to. Even if I can't quite fly them yet. Still.

I haven't really been watching any TV or anything lately. Although I did have dream the other night about hanging out with my awesome nana, before realising, in the dream, that she was actually Rita from Coronation Street. Which led to a weird dream about an alternative Coronation Street, where David Platt had a cat he walked on a leash, and Karen was still hanging around. Good times. Anyway, other than that, nothing really. Other than Oz and American Dad. YOU ARE FREE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT PETER SCHIBETTA OR HAYLEY SMITH IF YOU WISH. I love you guys. x
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Hello. I went to Connotations this weekend, but now I am back. It was lovely, even if the hotel did put us in their ghetto, aka Riverside Block. It sounds lovely, but it kind of isn't. And mostly you have to get through a maze of corridors to get to it, and then back again. But it was lovely. I saw people, and also the first episodes of Once A Thief and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which were both good. I even co-modded a panel, and tried to give people the benefit of my extensive, grinding experience with them. And...there were other panels, but I'd have to look at the con schedule to remember them. Fandom fails, rare pairings, and fandom reboots, I think. But yeah. The people were lovely, the people I was staying with were lovely, I completely accidentally picked up the one book I was missing from the Night Watch series in the book mooch, and we played the new version of Slashtrap, which always completes the weekend. It was very good.

And then today I went to my first session of a jewellery making course in Leeds. It was the second week of the course, so I had to catch up, but it's really practical, so that wasn't hard - basically the tutor tends to show you some thing and techniques at the beginning, you buy some metal to work with, and then go off and practice it, so while the other people were practising the new techniques, the tutor showed me the ones from last week. It's very hands-on - the first thing you have to do to get a piece of metal (copper in this case) soft enough to do things with it is to anneal it, which basically means standing it up on some stone blocks, and then heating it with a mini-blowtorch until it goes cherry red. By which I mean, that's the colour it is, not like until it is literally red hot and glowing. But you still have to grab it with tweezers and put it in a little trough of water to make it cold enough to touch. But yeah, it was good. I learned how to cut copper, how to anneal it, how to print patterns on it with a print roller (I think), how to hammer and press patterns into it, how to use a domer to make it round, how to drill it, and how to saw it. Next week we're learning soldering, and the basic idea at this point is just to practise the techniques, experiment with them and see what happens, and then eventually start making actual pieces using them. It is good though, it's kind of amazing what you can do with the right tools. How much I'd be able to do when I didn't have a mini-blowtorch to hand is still questionable though. Perhaps they're freely available in the right craft stores.

And yeah. That's it really. I'm tired, and what I mostly want to do is play Oblivion. I think I might be shipping my character with another character, or at least have a crush on the other character myself. And I've levelled up a bit, which I think means that the game is trying to make things harder on me, but also means that I'm getting slightly harder, better quests. So hurrah. But my nephew's here, and dinner's in a few hours, so I'm probably best leaving that until I can actually do it and focus on it. Oh well.
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Pairing Post

Book - Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney: Megan/Lannie

Hello. A while ago I said I was thinking about doing a thing where every fourth week instead of doing a film pairing picspam I would do either a post about a non-film/non-visual pairing, or a picspam for a film I like but don't have a pairing for. That was a while ago when I was still (two weeks in) doing these posts every week, but I'm trying to get back on track and I decided to do the non-film pairing one. You're getting this a day late because yesterday mostly involved sleeping until 4pm, trying to get up and get wash and dressed and cram in at least two meals before midnight, and then watching Comic Relief for most of the night. And I don't really want to put it off till next week again. So. I'm doing it today.

Freeze Tag is a book I bought when I was a teenager, from the Point Horror range, which I used to read a lot of around that time. People who know me very well will probably be unsurprised to hear about that. Anyway, the pairing is probably a lot more to do with things I made up in my head than things that actually happen in the book - I only really started considering it is as a pairing a good possibly 10 years after last reading the book, when I was thinking about pairings, and femslash pairings I might have. I reread the book a few weeks ago to make this post, and it really is not as good as I remember it being. This is VERY MUCH not a rec. But I still quite liked the pairing, and I wanted to talk about it anyway. And it's the only pairing I've done any sort of prep for at all. So this is what I'm posting about. Also, this is a pretty fucked up pairing. Just in case you were wondering, or haven't learned to generally expect that from me.

Pairing Post: Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney - Megan/Lannie. No pictures, but probably a lot of rambling, and very spoilery. But I will warn before posting about the ending )
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This time next week, I'll be in Spain. Assuming there are no more clouds of volcanic ash. At any rate, I'm not quite prepared for it. I haven't done any holiday shopping, but happily, I have been buying new tops recently. Unfortunately some of them are those new tunic tops, and I don't really have anything to go with them. But I do have tops. And some pretty new jeans. And my dad bought me some new trainers, because he wouldn't let me take my current ones which are black with flames up the side. I can't imagine why. But anyway, I've got some stuff. No swimming costume, and no night wear, really. But I'm sure I can pick something up and get it all packed by next Saturday. Probably.

A thing I have done is finally paid off my final bills from my flat, emailed the paid bills to my landlords, and got my deposit back. Which is probably the last thing I'll have to do about my old flat. My deposit turned out to be a lot more than I thought it was going to be a few months ago, at £365. My only problem now is what to do with it. It has quite nicely paid off my overdraft, so I could just leave it there and switch to a regular account that I don't have to pay £7 a month for and one I wouldn't have to pay off if I wanted to switch to another bank. But my mother has suggested putting it back into my savings account, and given how much I have been taking out of it lately, that probably wouldn't be a bad idea. OR I could keep it, and...spend it. There's a lot of nice stuff I want. Nice nice stuff. The possibilities are not endless, but difficult to choose between.

DVD talk for a bit )

One thing I DID try to buy earlier, though, was Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox by Victoria Finlay, which I'd seen for sale at a month or so ago. I finally decided to buy it a few weeks ago, but when I went to, it was out of stock. I was worried that it wouldn't be available anywhere, but it was on sale at, and at I ordered it from, and the web page said it was in stock, and 'usually dispatched within 24 hours'. I waited a week, and never got a 'We have dispatched your item' email. I thought maybe my order had gotten lost, so I cancelled it, and ordered it again. And again, I didn't get a 'We have dispatched your item' email, and when I checked the page again after a few days, it had changed to say 'usually dispatched within 6-8 weeks'.

Not wanting to lose my chance at getting it at all, I didn't cancel my order, but looked around, and found a seller on selling the books, brand new, for not much more than would have charged. I ordered it - and recieved no 'We have dispatched your item' email. Something I'd ordered the day before came, the t-shirts I'd ordered from a few weeks before came, and still no book. Finally, last Wednesday I checked my email, and there was an email saying they'd dispatched my book, and it would probably be there the next day. And sure enough, the next morning it came. But my mum has my youngest nephew over on Thursdays, so I spent most of the day with him, and then I was watching TV in the evening, and then our internet was on the blink that night. I managed to get on my dad's internet the next day, but I was meant to be going to get my oldest nephew so he could come to our house, and I forgot to go to and cancel my order. That night, I went on again, went to, thinking I would probably be okay since they'd said it would be 6-8 weeks. And what happened? They were bastard packing it, so I couldn't cancel the order. I can't cancel the order. So I'm going to have to wait for this book to arrive, and then send it back, which I've not done before.

Unless anyone on LJ would like a brand new book about the history of colour, and the travels of the woman researching it, for £7.49 plus postage? I haven't read it, so I can't say much about how good it is, but it looks pretty wicked. Alternatively, I will swap it for a DVD of Brotherhood. Or Danny Phantom.

Anyway. Enough of my capitalist woes. One thing I did buy without too much trouble was a little guide to British wildlife, in WH Smith reduced from £7.99 to £3. It is quite good, and I have also realised while reading it that the cutest baby animal, in my opinion, is fox cubs. Part of it is that they are adorable, part of it is the colour, and part of it the knowledge that when they grow up quite a lot of people will probably consider them vermin. But still. Fox cubs.

And I also realised that the more I learn about pikes, the less I like them. When I was at university part of our university handbook had something to say about the pike in the campus lake, and the fact that skinny-dipping wasn't a great idea given that it had been known to bite off fingers 'or other body parts'. The next year they brought out a new handbook, and made no mention of the pike. Naturally, I smelled a cover-up. I actually did a piece about it for the student radio I was involved with at the time. And the research I did on them for it gave me more than enough extra reasons to fear them. Check this out, from the new book: "The pike is a vicious predator that hunts alone. It lurks motionless amongst vegetation, waiting until its prey is close enough to reach." And, "At breeding time, the female is courted by two or more males and will eventually lay up to 500,000 eggs"(!) And, "Once they have reached three centimetres in length they begin to feed on small fish. From then on they are fully carnivourous, even eating other pike or fish the same size" (my emphasis). As far as I can tell, pikes? Are out to get us.

I was considering making this post just a big list of all the dvds I wanted to buy, but couldn't really afford. Count yourselves lucky you didn't get that.
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And I've just gotten back from my parents' again. It was Jack's birthday. We went bowling yesterday, and had a big takeaway/cheeseburgery meal.

But what I mostly did over the wekend was lug books about. They're doing a production of His Dark Materials as a play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in May, and I remembered buying the trilogy once, years ago, in a couple of 3 for 2 Waterstones deals, but I couldn't find them in my flat or on the bookshelf at my parents'. Or the first one, which I read. Mum said there were some in the drawers in the little bedroom, and indeed there were, but not those ones. I remembered that I used to have some in a drawer under my bed though, so I checked there. And there were. It was full. Full of books. Imagine a drawer in a chest of drawers, but bigger. Of books. Books I'd forgotten I had. Books I'd been thinking about recently and wondering where they were. So I went through them, and brought a load back. I just need to find a place to put them. I might need to wait for a furniture store to go bankrupt and get a new bookcase.

Dancing on Ice has the exact same rules as Strictly Come Dancing. I didn't know that. Jo from Emmerdale is going to skate, but not till next week.

Whenever I go to my parents' for the weekend I tend to watch NCIS when my dad has it on. After hating it for a good few months, I've decided that I love the computer expert junior agent and the female Mossad liaison agent. Which is annoying, because I still hate the two main men, and the way they write the woman who runs the agency. Hmm.
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I'm not sure I made my position on Twilight clear the other day. I have absolutely no expectation that it will be any good. All I feel I might have been missing out on is THE CRACK. I'm interested in going to see the movie mostly just to see just how bad it's going to be. Although by most accounts, it's meant to be slightly better than the books. Or at least makes a bit more sense. Anyway. There. Just in case my reputation has been dragged through the gutter at all.

The dancing is going to be on soon. I'm pretty sure Jodie Kidd isn't going to put on silver and do a jive for me. Almost entirely sure. Hmph.
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Friday nights are tricky. They're a combination of freedom from work and having to get up, and having to try to schedule around various soaps and late-night comedy. But anyway.

Wittering about Cape Fear )

A few weeks ago there was Post About Your Favourite Female Characters Day, and I did not post anything for it or indeed join in with anyone else posting about it. Today I tried to make a list of my favourite female characters, based on characters I love and characters I wouldn't mind or would want to read fic about on their own. I'm not sure entirely what I came up with, but here it is, along with any others I remember while I'm typing:

  1. Debbie Dingle (Emmerdale)

  2. Stacey Slater (Eastenders)

  3. Perdy Hyde-Sinclair (Emmerdale)

  4. Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family, films)

  5. Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events, book series)

  6. Raksha Keller (Witchlight, Night World book series)

  7. Mazikeen (Lucifer, comic book series)

  8. Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

  9. Lindsey Bluth (Arrested Development)

  10. Maeby Bluth (Arrested Development)

  11. Ann Veal (Arrested Development)

  12. Rita-Sue Dreyfuss (Carnivale)

  13. Selena (28 Days Later - it was going to be another character she played, Tia Dalma, but we all know how that turned out in film 3)

  14. Juliet Darling (Dirty Sexy Money)

  15. Letitia Darling (Dirty Sexy Money)

  16. Selena Coombs (American Gothic)

  17. Heaven's Fall Sword (Seven Swords)

  18. Fang (Seven Swords)

  19. Valerie Lambert (Emmerdale)

  20. Tara Maclay (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

  21. Bad Wolf (Doctor Who)

  22. The Wire (Doctor Who)

  23. Trixie (Deadwood)

  24. Niki Sanders (Heroes)

  25. Drey (Half Nelson)

  26. Eleanor (The Fire Sword)

I know that I have more than this. I have a big list in my old notebook, but I'm not looking at it yet. I know for a fact I have more fandoms than these. My mind has just gone a bit blank. There are also girls I love who clearly need another woman looking after them, and female characters I thought were great but just don't personally love, and various others, but this is my list. In which I go into detail )

There's also a meme, which I'm stealing from [ profile] jekesta:

You're in a shopping centre and zombies attack. You can choose a weapon (with unlimited ammo), a song to have blasting over the loud speakers, and a famous person (real or fictional) to FIGHT ALONG SIDE YOU.

1. I would have to go for a shotgun. It's a classic, it blows things up, and movies and TV have taught me that anyone can use one. Also it's a bit super-cool. If you got skills to go with your ammo, the Heaven's Fall Sword might be a second choice. Probably not great for keeping the zombies at a distance, but pretty win, I think you'll find, my friends. It would totally be the number one way I'd want to keep zombies off my back. Aside from the shotgun.

2. Music is hard. It would have to be something that motivated you and got you fired up, but also kept your mind on the situation at hand. Possibly Souljacker Part 1 by The Eels. Or Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. Or Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits. Any of these. Maybe they could be played on a loop. I don't know. Just pick whichever one you like best. Music is hard.

3. I'm going to have to go with Sherlock Holmes. He could figure out ingenious ways for us to defeat the zombies and get out of seemingly impossible situations. And having to keep him topped up with morphine and rescue his violin would add drama. Also, you want to see him with a shotgun. You know you do.

And that is my very brilliant and not at all unfeasible plan to escape from a shopping centre zombie attack!
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